The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1940
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 1040 BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN •VI CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consecutive insertions: One time per line 10c Vwo times per line per day OBc Three times per line per day...OCc fiix limes per line per day 05c Month rate per line 60c Cards of Thanks 50c & 753 Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six times and stopped Ixjfore expiration will be charged for Die number of times the add appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted -by persons residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above tauie. Advertising ordered for Irregular insertions lakes (tie one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more thun one incorrect insertion of any classified uu Business Op'luuities WANTED—Man, own and operate route .fifty machines, vending Htrsiiey and other popular candy bars. No selling, no soliciting. Pays up to 525 weekly or belter. WtO tequlreil. Write, -give phone, address and state if casn is available. Box "AE" c/o Courier News. . Repairing FOR MARCH AND APRIL ONLY That's the offer we make fo prove how far we go to pur you behind (he wheel of a better <ar. Our big stork of used ears has lo be moved ol once. Values are way up—prices ore way down. It's a great opportunity for you. For a better buy—better buy now. Expert Kim repairing. See 15. M. D'liiioii in the Blylhcvilli! Armory on Wednesdays niul Thursdays. WE FIX ANYTHING ; We Call Tor & Deliver ' nicyelc's, irons. Fans, Toasters, Hut J'Jilles, lamps, Upholstering, Fm- Jiilure, Slip Covcivi or unythliifi i jou might huve. Hlylhcville Fiii-tiilurc Co. l-'C East Mult! St. Farm Loans 1 M!) CHEVROLET COACH Driven kss than 1000 miles Practically new' Car Large or Small At Low Jntrresl Hail's. We arc equlpued to handle Ini'BG | or small loims on any sized (Met (Of fiirm lomi, iu low cost, and iv< 1i) Ijiv Interest rule. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY '' Wolniil SI- Ulylhevillc. Ark Party to invest about $1000 in local business enterprise that should pay equal returns each year. Investment practically guaranteed. May take active part in management il desired. State age, present occupation and other infor- Rialion uuout self. For interview address- Box "100" c/o Courier News. Welding EXPERT ELECTRIC & ACETYLENE WELDING Drag line and heavy wcJdlng a Barksdate Mfg. Co. i'jione iy or Kcs, IU18 Electric ami Acetylene IMS FORD DELUXE TUDOR Has 19JO License. Ik'autiful gray rmish. low mile, age. It's ii peach, if there ever was one 1930 FORD DELUXK SEDAN White Sidewall tires, color black. A car that will suit (he entire family 1937. FORD TUDOR Color lilack, Radio & Heater, City driven. Is i.i clean? You should .see il 1935 FORD TUDOR ' Has 1940 License. In .irood condition. A clean car, at a bargain price 1038 PLYMOUTH DELUXE COACH Beautiful hoige color, dual equipment, Clean throughout '.:..'.. PHiLLIPS MOTOR CO. 5lh & Walnut $645 $464 $591 $294 Notice TERMITES Work While Yon w«ki> up before they druiiayt- your properly For Free Inspection Cull 5D2-W^ Walker mid Archer Slate Licensed Operators Poultry Iliillory Droller* MAKJI.VN HATCHKKV ''""«• '12 It.VV. Gl North lll.pfc-25 Baby & Started Chicks" Custom Hutching Marilyn Hatchery iH'VlIll, III,.i.. i-l x... lll.vllicvllle Illivy. r;i Nurth Dai i' Cull J.M-w-l lor orders o[ mll'k, mum, or churned butter milk. All rows covmimt 1 ))! timlcd Jim- srli's I'lnlry. la-k-_l ) osiiion 'Wauled Middle nijcd vromim wimls ~vor)c "s housekeeper. ricrtle .Sillily, 105 Franklin, ll).'|)lt-2i Slovc s .Dor Fnnilliiri' C'», B17 S. Full . line slightly iiM-rl rioi'i-ni'.., a mi N CS( . O oil Slovrs. Oilier ik im— fin nlturc line. Ni'iir tills Itrollicrti' Grocery. 20-pk-2'l MULES Will trade tor Mules, Cim.s, lloj-j, Cattle. Corn, Hay nml Lumber. Delia Implements, Inc. Sec; Fluyil Simpson B-ck-tl Washing Family Lnuuclry. AH cloihr.s wnsh- ed .se|jainlcl.v. Mi-s. Mick. 016 Luke. RKW/Min for letiirn of "wlrcil white puppy wllli brown «nrs and | 11()W u spot on buck "•'i'1'U'il "Hhippy." K,I cook, ln B raiii ui™. or aifi Eusl Kentucky. 20pkH3 . Hi'iloclms.'i destroy c(ickio:iciies mid licetlr-s. I. L GUARD H'AltNING OKUKK IK THE CHANCERY COURT OJ" CJlICKrtSAWnA D 1 S TRJCT. MJ8SISH11T1 COUNTY, AU- KrtNSAS, Huby Miller, PlainlliT. vs. No, 1175 Eddie Miller, IMomUjnt. 'lire drfi'udaiit, Edtlle Miller, Is wurned to appear within thirty days In the court mimed in the enpllon hereof mid answer tho complaint of tlic plnlntlir, Ruljy Miller. Dated this 19 dnv of March, 1040. HARVEY MOUI118. Clerk By Elizabeth lilylhc, D. C, Olsiudo P. coopvr, Ally, for i>llt. Pcrey A. Wright, Ally, nil Lilcm. 20-21-3-10 Wliy of Flood SiolYPil ALBANY, Cnl. (U! 1 )—During HID Hoods here remarks wore uinde by Hie clthenry iihout tliu rnlculn- lions ol tlic cngtticcrfi who built llic Klorm Kcvver (ij'slpin which lulled lo furry otf (lie cxcew Icr. However, when workmen went lo the riooilcil Kccdon, oiicncd D iinnlinlc ntul reii.J/t'd one klitdt? cur, one niny wtigon niul oilc trl- i'1'clc. lotllii(j the wiilcr flow mil, lljelr rsllimilc of tlin cnlciiliLtloiib were revised. Ohio Mayor as Archer Rivals Robin Hood VEIIMIL1ON, O.' IUP)~When l.wiuivd Osljcru, inayor of Vcr- Dilllon, afnii-nt something he lii- Vdriiilily lilia Jits niairk—bccmise he Is a cinck nrclicr. He Willis five mows Into n EIWCC no lurger-tliBii a 25-cent piece nt n dlstonco of '10 feet, llobln Jltxxl liluisolf couldn't li.ivo topped tlmt. There Ja?l Isn't room for inoro than five arrows llierc. "It Is Bcnovnlly supposed," he nnld |« illsciisstng ' hunting, "thul mi nnhiul shot wltit an arrow will wander thvough the wooils with Iho arrow dnngllng from Us sl>lc. NotliliiK could be fnrtlier from lliu triilli. Aiitoiisles on unme killed by ' nrdicrji show iho arrow tip, .eut-l Ihig like n knife, kills much more ' himumojy limn « biillel." ' s 1 News Ori|lnal SAN FRANCISCO'(UP) - when llarbnra Uurrell and Miltoii ..stitt slipped across' the bottler ot Me'x- ico nnil wcie married, they look's new way of sniounclng the glad tidings. ; Photostatlc copies were mnrtc of Hie man-Inge certificate mid nulled to all .their friends.;* TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS Only Gi;ulii:itc Optuinc- trisl in fllyllicullle. Classes Fltli'il Correctly H APPY HOUR GRO.& "MKf. KEtK UKUVKKY Itl W. Mnlu SI, I'huiic 14 - PRESCRIPTIONS Sufe - - Aceiinile Your Prescription Fowler Drug Co. I'hiine HI Rend Cciirlcr News want aus NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry und Ck'iihitij; Service Wcrt Optometrist "HR MAKES 'EM SBK" : Over Joe Isaacs' Store ' , Phone 540 1'tmVo tiled (lui Kcsl, Niw try' . THE KKST.CJOAtt.- LOWEST ASK — HIQI1E6T HI£»T REDASHSSiO.OQ 1 DIXIE QUALITY LP. 36.95'01.1) NUI'KUIOK VAU1)~1'110NIJ •,$", PRESCRIPTIONS: Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices i Kirby Drug Stores Now l.uraltil hi Cileiifoc Hotel Illilg. ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU WON Proprietor AU Nnkes ol Hclniilt Tjimvrlteis, Ailillnj; Alarlilnc mil Caluulators— Itcpiilrlnj;— I'urlK— Ululioiis Hardware Dragline and heavy weld'ng our D. W. Dell, Ark: , We Specialize In SWEEPING COMPOUND Shouse-Hcnry Hihv. Co. I'hune 35 Nionc S-F-ll Female Help Wtd. Avon has opening for neat-appearing lady with pleasing personality. Good pay. Permanent. Opportunity for promotion to good salaried position. Write Avon ?t Courier News. is-pk-ai i n ouuu 1940 Arkansas '.i ton Truck license. Number 224-7 a. Owner rimy nave same by paying cost of this ad. Courier News Office. For Rent Two furnished rooms. Near bath. 701 W. Asli. Phone 299. 20-[jk-'ta 3 room furnished apartment. Private bath. Mrs. Wcrt, phone 357. 20-ck-isl Three apartments. Two- furnished, • one ^unfurnished. .1519 \V> Main St. • • 20-pk-Hb 19-10 Arkansas License Tas riuni-| her 5I-OBO. Owner may have sainu by paying cost of this ad. Courier News office. 3 room apartment upstairs. 3 and 3 room npnrlments downstairs. Newly decorated. Private batas. 719 W. Ash, unonc /as. luck-lf Koom and Board Hoom and board. Phone 8.13. lO-cfc-4-lfi Sewing Sewing & Slipcovers. Mrs. Smitii & Mrs. Blackwcll, Armorel. Phone 936. 7-ck-4-f 19TH CENTURY DIVA HORIZONTAL J, 8 Famous Swedish singer. .8 Genus ot ducks. 12 Right. 13 To root up. 15 Measure of area. 1G Garden tool. 18 faculty of vision. IB Circle part. 21 Embryo plants. 23 Definile article. U She was a noted star. 2G Either. 27 To bark. 29 Twice. 30 Ell. A'isivcr fo Previous Puzzle 41 Pulpit block. 43 Epoch. 44 To perch. 45 Let it sbud. 47 IVhisical note. 43 Preposition. 50 Pertaining lo heraldry. ,71 Church bench. 53 Provided 33 Punishable with death. 30 Grief. 37 Fence bai-.' SB Giver. 40 Sour in aspect. 55 Movable platform. 5G Nominal value. 57 Hops kiln. 58 Ever. 59 She was bovn in , Sweden. VERTICAL 1 Junior. 2 Celestial. 3 Indigent. 4 Year. 5 Entrance. 6 She wns called the .Swedish —— 7Pnin. 8 Rested on a chair. D Vaults. 10 Pearly, It Doctor. 14 While. ' 17 Whirlwind. 20 Musical note 21 She had a lypc o£ voice. 22 Baglikc part. 24 Lubricant. 25 Warning signal. 28 Small (ablet. 23 Tribunal. 32 Mental facully. 34 Blue grats. 35 Pedal digit. 3Q"To court. 38 Narrow wood strip. 10 To suffice. 42 African antelope. 44 Race horses. •1C Rubbish. 47 Row, 49 To sanction. 51 Singing voice. 52 Day. 54 Away. 56 Postscript. Nicely furnished bedroom. 1011 W. Walnut, phone 102. iQ-ck-lt j 3 or 4 rooms for rent. Phone 170. Nice furnished room. Adjoining bath. InneispriiiK mattress, conveiifences. Phone cae. 12-cln Grain drill and tractor for rent. See Ben Crnig or Paul uyrnm. ij-CK-U ' 3 room furnished aparlmciil. Newly decorated. Garage, close in. i 120 Dugnn Street, Mrs. Belle Wood, j Comfortable front bedroom, outside entrance. Phone 351, 515 W. Walnut. l-ck-U 2 room furnished apartment. 1601 W. Ash. 29-ck-tl Rooin, close In, Wainitl St. WASH TlWUfi COOD MOBHIHS, MV PEAR MISS ) YOU MEAH 1HE LETQEE, yob HAD A CALLER, / VOUW6 HAH WHO 1 HFAC 'I rfpt^ --( TRffio 10 HE , p ,. E EXACTLY.' AWO WKW YOU TEU THE CWVBNMU6 FELLOW 7 <3IRtl WAY CHAPS 6ETTIM& IH WV.HAIR. AHO BY THE WA.Y, IETORE, THSDE6 AMOTHER JOB TOR YOU ! LOOKS \ WOBOOV'^ /«,UH6 'AUNT IT LIK6 ZE FAMOUS A LOOKS UK6, UHPER'oT^TO !• DIAMOWP h TOM'T LIKE Ifa SHAPE ZAT WAS> STCLEM / yo'JS SO&'-i TO RE-CUT (T INTO LA?. 1 MONTH / TWO SMAU.EB WAMWDS A«D \ WHBVI YOU AMX) YOUR CUTTHROAT >. THE T6AIH LA^T VM6HT? We (lei You, Onii VOLJ SAID IT, (WELL,HE MUST BE, ) DOC--YOU BETJTO HAVE TOSSED ' "/CXJR BOOTS ( ^W i-"RIE-WD OOP HE'S THE \ AROUMD LIKE REAL HER- A_ THAT.' CULESJ _ _ HEY, HERCULES.' .STEP OVER HBRE AMD —WELL, WHAT THE....? GOODKEAVEMS...) :3UR6.HE'S Tl«ED...(-E CT'SRDID HIMSELF... HOOTS AND HER COO M'EAKl ,\? OOX ,1 ttX XOO WVart -\\V» W(NS V on. QO YOO ? )• Biirdslte. l!)-pk-4-19 \NT) HIS FIUKN'DS BY iMERHIl.L HLOSSKK "BMAT1I TUB CUH-S. UNITED IM DEATH.THEY UE ALOME---- GUITC :- AtOWS. COP-GET |M THERE ? WELL. ALMOST lie CUFFS. UNr«o A^*^ 1NEY UG- ALOME----OUITE-- >LONE^ 2 room modern furnished apart- meiu. 1315 W. Main, 24ck-tl! Lnrgc comfortable bedroom, Iwm bens, 2 closets, steum heat. Mui preiiima. I'none 1, Mrs. J. G. buu- i oury. 2'1-CK-u Rooms furnished or unlurnishcn. wu\vii' decoraied. Ueasoiuible. Henvn. 2u-pK-3-ili Nice bedroom convenient lo batn. Steiim heat. E>lione 280. JcK-ti Mrs. Unfurnlsiicd apartmcDt In Shane Apartment. Building on West Mam Street. Call 571 or 197. 1-ck-If For Sale 5 room house and bath. $1250. Bargain. 105 W. Cherry JJL pnonc 159. Mr. Rolliscn, Moore's llolel. l9-pk-23 Four licnd fine mules, cliroix v;i!cy sinltli, Busines.K for sale. Store fixtures. SWck. building 28'xoO'. BricK bungalow. 6 rooms, fcalh. Hardwood floors. All walk out. $4500. One half cash. Call 7o9. Mr. Rollison, Moore'. 1 ; Hole). 19-pk-23 Registered Unroc pigs. Thick type, world champion blood lines. Sloliton A. Pcppsr, Rt. 1, Blythc- villf. ' l;i-pk-22 Personal Arouse Sluggljli Liver, work off the bile lo rid yourself of constl- nation, gas oalns. and lhat soui', nunk feeling. Take ons box of KIUIIV'S ACTIVE KlVER VII.LS 25o at ftU Kirby Stores

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