Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 17, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 17, 1932
Page 3
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*f«->" ," >> »•,< j f*t u» today dft something that thill TAi ttt« ' j AMltfle sadness from the world 1 * vast t fcd may we to lo favored a* to make n fay's too scant sum a little mote. fcvef meagre be our wordly ( wealth, lit us give *ometW«g thai shall aid , out kind— A word of courage, of a (bought ot health, Propped as we past for' troubled t hearts to'find. let us to-night look back upon the , span' Twixt dawn and, dark, and to our conscience say Because of some good act to beast or ; man, ' . ''The worty is better than we have I lived to-day."—E. W. W. i Members of .the, Pat Clcburn chapter, U. D. C. are asking for dona- lions at shrubs W beautify the grounds of the War time Memorial Capital at Washington. This will be done on Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, February 23rd. At that tjme, any one interested is cordially.Invited to go to Washington meet with the Washington people and take part In beautifying this historic spot. Oeorge Ware, Manager of the Experiment Station will supervise the planting and landscaping. Mrs. R. T. White will have charge of planting the trees in celebration of the two hundredth annl- Versary of the birth of George Washington. Those having shrubs to donate cnll either Mrs. White, Miss Maggie Bell or Mrs. Edgar Brian^ Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Bcrkson will arrive Thursday from New York for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. McCorkle. Mr. and Mrs. Stonewall Beauchamp Jr., of Little Rock, were Tuesday night guests of Mrs. J. T. Hicks, en route to Dallas, Tex., for a visit of several days. * Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Spraglns were called to Monticello on Tuesday to attend the bedside of Benjamin Hyatt, •who has recently undergone a serious operation at his home in that city. Misses Ida and Mollic Hatch left .Tuesday for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gbbdlett In their country home near'Oran. ; ;• .. . , The John' Cain Chapter of D. A. R. will entertain at a luncheon on Thursday at v the;, horoe of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hnypes'on West Second street. Out of town guests will be Mrs. Mar- tln.Steele, and Mrs. G. McCowari,' Mrs. Ti H. Rainey and Mrs. J. Collins, of I^eQueen v Telephone 821 .. „ . . Of .'the First, Baptist church was fceld In the home of Mrs. Fannie Garrett dS West Second street with Mrs. Kline Hugh Smith „. Interesting program Mrs. Jessee Brown _, _„—-„ the Bulwark of the Nation, Mfs. Alpert Jewell gave c very helpful devotional, using as her theffle, "Love That Never tfalleth," Following a delightful musical progam the hostesses served delicious .refresh mente. ^-.....i.. j»...... . ^ Mr, and MC9. C, H. Crutchflcld and Mr. .ahd Mrs, Jf R Crutchfield left Tuesday morning for a short visit in Dallas, Te^as Mrs. S. L. Bracy has as guest this week, hef niece, Mrs. William Alter, bettjr of Amarillo, Tex. The Woman's Christian Temperance Union will hold a Frances E. Willard Memorial Service on Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Jennie Hanegan 510 South Pine Street with Mrs. W. R. Chandler as joint hostess. 'An Interesting program has been arranged: America the Beautiful will be sung as the opening sond. The devotional will be given by Mrs. Vcsey-Crutchfield and after a short business period the following program will be rendered. "The Flower of Temperance Chivalry/' by Mrs. tJorsey McRac, Vocal selection by Mrs. Dabney; Pen Points, quotations from the writings of Frances E. Willard, by Mrs. T. R. King and Mrs. L. F Higgason; reading by Miss Lois Ferguson A collection for the Frances E. ( Willarm memorial will be taken followed by a poem, read by Miss Mamie Twltchell. Mrs. O. A. Graves, Miss Beryl Henry, city superintendent of schools, Mrs. Dorsey McRae and Mrs, C. D. Lester motored to Mineral Springs on Tuesday in the interest of P. T. A. work *" The Sunday school class of Miss Cornelia Whitehurst of the First Methodist Sunday schopl entertained at a most delightful Valentine party in the church parlors. The Valentine motif was observed *n the decorations and refreshments. Games -and stunts were enjoyed. Miss Whitehurst was assisted in entertaining by Mrs. Ralph Routon. Miss Thelma Tobln of DcQueen is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Johnson. Mrs. Tully Henry presents the foU lowing pupils in a'> recital Thursday evening at 7:30 at her home, 311 Soutii Pine street. The public is cordially invited: Minuet, Paderewskl; Prelude C Minor, Rachmaninoff; Luther Hpl-' lamon. Hungary, Koelllng; Winnie Lee Floyd. Lady Bridget, Bilbrp! 'Patsy' Anne Campbell. 'Duet, Festival Jflblbnaise, Mae; Marylin " Ward.jLu' Jfflg^HoUamon, Jr. ' ;da"prrde, FBphii; The Ddeamer, BilbroJ Bobby Nell Martin. My Violin, America, Patsy Anne Campbell. Iris, Renard; Mary i-rhurs.-Friday- Chained by devotion to a man, she forsook, civilization to live .in exile among "the savages of darkest Africa. Long after this picture is • gone, you'll talk about— I ANN HARDING -In"P R E S TI G E" Supported By Adolph Menjou •Mclvyn Douglas * SHOWING LAST TIMES WEDNESDAY "TWO KINDS OF WOMEN" —With- MIKAM HOPKINS / PHILLIPS HOLMES 'C STUART ERWIN DANCE ON THE STAGE FRI. NITE 10:30 Dancing Free to all holding Main Floor Tickets Music By HILBURN GRAVES' Orchestra The Best Place For Your Savings • Citizens National Bank Capital and Surplu.—$300,000.00 OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS R. M. LaGRONE, President. L, D. REED, Vice President. R. M. BRIANT, Vice President. C. C. SPRAGINS, Cashier. J. C. HALL, Assistant Cashier. GEO. W. ROBI30N O. A. GRAVES J. A. HAYNES Wm. TEMPLE A. L. BLACK 3 Per Cent Interest on Saving! Marion (Ark,) Give Op Probe of RexKtog MAftKW -£ (/p).- Sheriff n « W n» Curlln said Monday he thought murd er charges against C. Rex King, stf» eused In the torch-slaping of two North Carolina boys hear Marlon, Ark., nearly two years ago, would btf dropped thto week. j The victims'. Burton Hensfey 1 and Woodrow S. Wlfson, were found dyin'i in the embers of a camp fire below Harahan viaduct. King Was arrested at Asheville, N. C., and later brought here where he was held several days. At a prelim^ Ihory hearing he Introduced ah allbt showing he was in Texas at the time of the slaying. ';'•''• Jots Around Shover Mr. Dputhllt, Harmony school teach* cr, spent the week-end with his family at Hope. i Mr. and Mrs. P. P. Otwell entertained with a social Saturday night. Mrs. J. R. Gray accompanied 'her sister, Pauline Sanford, to Sope Sun r day afternoon. She expects to visit her sisters, Mrs. Violet Cobb and Mrs. Dottle Bearcfen v and brother, SUM Sanford and families before returning home. : Mr. and Mrs. Dixon have moved into the house with Mrs. Nellie Leach. Mr. Dixon expects to work her farm. Harold Sanford and fatrer, H. B. Sanford, were in Hope Saturday on business and visiting the families of Willis Cobb and 1 Henry Beardeh. P. P. Otwell and son, Milton, were, in Hope Saturday. Almadcne and Doyle Arnold spent Sunday night at Mr. Otwell's.' Mr. and Mrs. Kermitt Mitchell visited Saturday night and Sunday with relatives near Bodcaw. Mr. and Mrs. Sid Phillips visited last week with his sister, Mrs. C. B. Rogers. A recent letter from Mrs. Clint Martin of Colorado Springs, Colo., tells us tchy expect to visit here this summer. There are yet some very bad places in the road from this vicinity to Shover. • We certainly think our rural route carrier, Mr. Fred Peetree, needs a word of'praise for hiS promptness in delivering the mail regardless of bad roads nnd so much rain. ; Burning off grass and cleaning gardens, preparing foe the regular plant- ing'time is keeping rnogtv every one employed. No doubt the,tillers of the soil'will not Ipng be among the jobless for: a while. .-';,.''.;;, •• • i: '*.*.. *W >V$T£>W> C'SpPf^Y' -„.., ; «n i< V ; <f||>g£ /'I To Britain as . Erivoy Mr, Otwell sold 1 Mitchell and Woman Held for Murder , Taken to Penitentiary LITTLE ROCK.-(^P)-rMrs. Bertie Smith, who police said confessed to slaying her husband while he slept «t their home near Forrest City," was brought to the state farm for women near here Friday for safekeeping. Previous reports said she was held at Helena. ' , Elizabeth. Davis. Duet, Winnie Lee Floyd, Marylin Ward. D.ance Caprice,; Hnhn; Morjorie Higgason. Rustle of Spring, Sinding; Maryln Ward. .Reading, Bobby Nell. Martin; German Dance, Beethoven; Luther Hollamon, Ja. Fun, Marylin Ward and Luther Hollamon, Jr. . . , Lifetime Guaranteed GOODYEAR SPEEDWAY 3 Bach 29x4,40.21 la Pair* « « U I OYM»lft 30x4.50-21 28x4.75-19 29x4.75-20 BOxg.00-30 31x5.00-21 Frietrf f,2f §,4f ft?! i>*Jr* $4.17 4*.T7 S.04 S*lf TUNB IN WFAA" N .B. C, JU4J» Wed. S»t. Arkansai Machine Co, Secretaty 6f the Treasury $n three 1 cabinets, Andrew W. Mellon now has beeh,named by President H6oV«jrHo become ,U. S. Ambassador to--Gr66t Britain. Here Mellon is pictured,' ilf the time of his appointment, as he emerged from a conference with Secretary of State Stimson In Washing- tin. Mellon will succeed Charles G. Wawev who; resigned as ambassador to be V>me president of the' newly created Reconstruction Finance Corporation. : Mena Farmers Planning for Blackberry Crop MENA, Ark—Arrangements have been made to handle the'large blackberry crop expected this season ni the vicinity ,,of, Mena, through the cannery, at Wickes, managed by ; ihe Johnston 'Canning company.- With : an Increased.,acreage of the fruit being planted .Jhis .year, it is expectedVa cannery 'will :b> located in Mena Vfor ; cjFarm^.' r are;i : : taking advantage .pi fair weather to ^ start oats plaiitlnft «iWiii*C:-'.i'V''V-V'.- • " ; .'..:•')•'•;•« acidly;£rbw)i ha;/ 'crop,Is ruhnirig a hopeless fourth in a test'the University -of; Illinois college of agriculture is making on a soil experiment field to DetermineiAyhich.of the common forage crops a. most beneficial to thp 'grain crop which follows. , ; Alfalfa, red clover' and scyi , r all legumes, in that orde^'*flre fa? ahead of the non-leguminous timothy. The four crops: are grown side b side in a four-year rotation 'of corn, oats, wheat and hay/ How One Woman Lost 10 Pounds in a Week Mrs. Betty Luedeke of Dayton writes: "I am using Kruschen to reduce weight—I lost 10 pound's in one week'and cannot say too much to recommend it." , 'To-tijfce'off fat easily, SAFELY and HARMLESSLY—take one half tea spoonful of Kruschen in a glass of hot water in the morning before breakfast—it is the safe way to lose un- silghtly fat and one bottle that lasts 4 weeks costs but a trifle. Get it at John S. Gibson Drug Co., or any drugstore in, America. If this first bot'.le fails to convince you this is the safu$t way to lose fat—money back. iiut be sure'and get Kruschen Salts - i.Tv.tations are numerous and you .-..Viz .'.lifeguard your health.' —Adv. Tennessee Banks Bank Official Wounded a* He Interrupt* Hdl& Up in Tenntifter mc,mx-iuo,~^/t-i—j/wo bank bandit gangs struck ^twfce In the Memphis .territory Friday, obtaining approxU mately |7,000 In currency In raids at Sherman, Miss., and Yorkvllle, Tenn., where a bank official was wounded seriously. v The first robbery occurred at the Bank of Yorkvllle, In Gibson county, Tennessee, between Trenton and New- 1 bern where $2500 was obtained by three men who polnteH plstols'at Miss Mary faek, assts lcaastnhter'»eouban Mary Pack, assistant cashier, at work in the bank, which was closed .In observance of Lincoln's birtrday. When Boyce Forrester, cashier, entered the lobby, he was shot in the arm and shoulder. The bandits fled In a sedan. A. lone, pdorly dressed bandit en* iered the Bfcnk of Sherman at Sherman, Miss., Shortly before noon. He held Cashier Wi P,. Brown at a dls» lance with' a revolver, took approxU mately $4500 to currency froni cash drawers and departed in an automobile in Which $'companion waited out- Slde. Both cars were reported as headed toward 1 Memphis and police Were patrolling highways leading into the city. . ; . , Levlfie, In custody, denied complicity In the crime, said Chief'of Detective fi. H. Thurman who announced Min- gdra's confession. Police admitted they still were dn the Ibok'oitt for Charles Arthur (Pretty Boy) Floydi notorious, Oklahoma fugitive, believed to have been connected; With the robbery plot. School .Students, Bus Driver Are Hurt ; Miss.^(/p)— Two school: pupils and the driver of their bus carry- Ing 35 cWldr'e'ri were Injured Friday in a collision of tre bus with a large truck. The accident happened four miles north of S,ummlt. Luther Brown, his 12-year-old daughter, and Jodie Parnell, 9, daughter of Mrs. Joe Parnell, received head cuts and injuries. The injured were brought to McComb hospital for treatment. f'S — 'I in Fatal Bank Hdldup i ** Kfltes pity bollcs ta aV e W (he bftttil tlayiftg of a mmtet 6t ths , guh buUeW a s he wufht » « darlnj bahk wbbtty pidl, faulted, Wednesday i ft thfe confessioft of one suspect. John (eiflckte)Mfngdra, 34, confessed jT 8 * SS? 6f £ e ,s tw6 &*&*** whe riddled dllvef P. Carpenter tHth al* fftdst a scere of bullets white the Italian waited for two companions to loot the Mercantile Trust company. Mitt- HIS?, idffttfif Roath, North j* vrnie a ment foc.the murder. Reduced Cotton Rate* Now Are in Effect LITTLE ROCk^^r-The Arkansas railroad commission Wednesday issued a notice, calling attention of all cotton, shippers to the fact that arestralning order obtained In federal court by the railroads to prevent rate reductions on intrastate shipments from becoming effective has expired and that the reduced rates now are effective as of December 16, 1931. .,;••!. The original order, fixing.'a mileage scale of rates;Which carried ah' average reduction) of aboui'll "a vbale on shipments within the state,' /would have become effective December; 16 if railroads -had not obtained'a i j-e- straining 'order. This .order- expired last week with further prosecution, by the carriers and the commission's original order became retroactive, it was said. . Officials... of the railroad commission said, shippers • are entitled to a refund equivalent,'pt Ihe reduce tlon on al shipments moved since December "16; '•'' .' ' / ' WaS „ In hii parked automobiIe1[n"a : "sVclud- od place in the outskirts of North Little Rock several month! agft.! Ordination Service -• Planned for Deaconi MAGNOLIA, recenty elected for Central church will be ordained at i *p«lal service H at the church. Thursday at whicr time many visiting ministers will be present. Rev, Buchanan, of £1 Dorado will deliver the ordination sermon. The deacons are: Gdrdon Roberts, R. C. -MacDaniel, Dr, Roy M, Willis, W. C. Blewster, W. W. Sorrels.' Wade W. Willis, W. F. Burns,,and i. A. Warren. A. L. Burns, previously elected also will serve on the board. •'iTPTS , • /->! r' 5 :^ But i OcrStlc BIUUP HUH ii\i C .S fotdofV ? •"* IWJ r ??-u «•.<-> "Y^afosa; r< tt, **'"* ' ''.".Xfl'.l'ffl ***«&-' Thedeh and Lulu V., gtf***i*fr!« At C. Civehdcr i dei-i his wife; i appear tt.jBO day* and H. ^ oi Oils court oil" ton, i .„ ', li&i" " f .fay'd Feb. WANTED AT Fifteen*salesmen and solicitdfts^td ^, city, Experience not necessaryi^'iio Easy to sell. You can earn frbm-l^ per 1 day. , Apply at Capital HofelKet. m. and 9 a. m. Thursday, February 181 Mr. Graham. ,».^".*. NEW Back from the style centers, with the last word lin feminine fashions. The cream of iMI pnces far less than the average in 1931. In fact you'll find RobUon's prices in keeping times. See these stunning new styles. ' f. -" Silk Dresses New Hats ^S|LTRA-NEW STYLES IN •• . HIGH TYPE FROCKS $4.98 The pick of the style centers. Representing all that / is new and correct. Smart sport dress, clever "dress up" dresses, at prices that represent bargains. Dozens to select from in this great showing. IN OUR WINDOWS ' THE NEW SHAPES THE NEW MATERIALS '*My ,>*2g S?J £$ f' : ill New designs in rough or srnboth''. straws. And featuring the smart cellophane turbans which perch'V over one ear. You'll easily find ^ , , ^ the very hat tq go'with your new fc£li "t"^ Spring costume. And what val* '^T! #*3&® ues. $K CHANGE OF LIFE pOR over fifty years, worn- en have been taking Cardui (or troubles like Mrs, M, 0. Weatherford, Q| TaWequaU, Olda., describes below: l( Ihad speUs (during change of life) when I could not stand up. I had the headache all the time. I was dizay and had attacks of nausea. I read about Cardui, so I gpt a bottle to try. Jt helped me $o much that I continued to take it until I was entirely past the critical period of my We. I have give^ Cardui to' my girls. It has been a wonderful medicine In my home." Oardui to A o4W, purely vegetable tonic. ftt the gnjg store. «M Wash Frocks v A LIMITED NUMBER OF MESH CLOTH DRESSES $1.98 They are sure to become all the rage. Pretty shades, in clever designs. Large floral (lesigns, and bold figured prints. You'll want to see these crisp, new styles in a very serviceable dress. IN OUR WINDOWS ' -:«»& Included in the new dresses we * East, area ty dresses, made,"qf &* rough finished cottpn In your choice O f ent light shades, fast colors. Baby Frocks CLEVER DESIGNS Some Have Panties 49C-98C Never have we shown such clever wash dresses for the little tots, at such bargain prices. Strictly new designs. Strictly fast in color, every one, Junior Frocks NEW COTTON PRINTS, BROADCLOTHS, Etc, 98c The younger miss will go wild over these clever dresses. And what savings for Mother at this bargain price. Ages 7 to 15, The styles are simply stunning. Every pattern is a new one. Many of the materials are new weaves, too. Geo. W. Robison 6- Co. Hope LEADING DEPART MINT STORE" Prescott NaNshyillf <.•#/>• 1 : ^''•'tAf -* "jf^-tV

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