Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 17, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 17, 1932
Page 2
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u andtftetei lw^iWr% DON'T MONKEY WTM f HE. SAW) ^a Tlie Stmr 1 ! Platform * **Wtr plant (to dtotfrp Un ImprwH Mitifttiy CMtttfM. fa, 1 Ar New banger French Glider Club if***.* S>«:v4 'fW*ii£i|jy afconven New Orleans Greert WBB C. Mcfiantet ffodes' Fufnltufe the business e of Itte If ope Carriage 1 'V^rttteAoo ....™ Stella Shelton hag • returned home, afters vUll to friends at Lew- tt. H. Hlggason, merchant of was to Hdpe ok business" today. v Louisiana. -., -- <# Job for more than a middle-western newspaper the «—*•„- , -. . Waphshthe.remarked: KBSWSS^i* your.Jast % dollars going, no hope of ft&JliYL* f*,^ »K~ ^ a damn> y()Ur ^u^^ jj^^ !$^4% tn i* bitterness and hate. financialTembarrassment." to the heart ninatea, that i%part of,the entire depression. - - v- what is going on under our jiuaco. nt change in the emptional background "* usually recognizable only after it'has ,... beginning" to become evident that uri*-' conditions change shortly, we in the United "•-! built u pa class, comparable to the prole: a class that jatitks to the bottom rung of »»(•*«« ,~.4{—A ny higher .and looks '" above 5 it.* * PARIS.-Glldin« in France ia reach- Int a peak of popularity almost equal to the favor that sport holds in Ger- Jnany. The, AVi» Society, national gliding organization, has established headquarters Jn. the Auvergne Moun- Banne d'Ocanche. ft is with gliders, are being carried on, Warns Aviator* WASmNOTOM.-U. S. . contemplate going to China for posi tions should think.twice before they go, the U. S. Deportment of'-Com. rnerce warns. Col. Clarence M. Young, 'Assistant Secretary of'Commerce for Aeronautics, reports that. the • posters apperaing -in various sections oi the United. .States,. and, Canada, offetjrtf promising positions, are. raisledaing. Pilota Si,ow;increase . of were ( more'llctnsed Mrplane in tho-Unltedt.Statesvthan there we» plahes a'repwt from.the Aero- nanctis Branch of the U. S. Department of Commerce'shows. There'were, more'than, 17,700 ^licensed pilots, and only 19,780 planes. New York had the largest -number of planes-and Call fotnla'the largest-number of pilots. •!•*•• *»tf*v .uww una as ft I Fh " Up *' ^L** 6 **** Arkaiua. Man Will Make Unique Campaign ' MBNA, 11 . Ark.~A unique', campaign for congress in the fourth-Arkansas •dwtriet-is, 5 , promised this year. Dp, W. E.. Zeuch,' 1 former head of 1 Coftlmon- -wealth college,, now traveling^ln Eu- fojie InHhe'lrtteresas of'workers' edu- batioh.,on a;OuggfenheIm fellowship, has announced he .will, seek the dem- oorfitlc r nomiriatleh. He iwill not. be here .to "conduct' a personal campaign, ,but will' depend^ upon •friends ' and advertising, -to' present'hls, platform of Issues ; SvWch lnclud"es; mbdlflqatlon of liquor laws, unemployment' relief, old age penslons,.regulatloh of'public utilities arid .strict, federal control of banking; 'increased inheritance taxes and no cancellation oTKlnternatiorlal debts so long as de'btdr nations spend huge sums on war •preparations. ' Stop Stunting WASHINOTON.rrStunt flyers led all others:in,violating, airicpmmerce regulations-during, 1931, .the U.: S. Department : of. Commerce reports. • There were .58•: violations of -thePacrobatic clause, and;'52 of ithat on low flying. **A * * ' • j* EndsJnS f«irnie> Weftlthy Trie* to Recoup Lou in Hold-Up LOS ANaELEa.-(^-An to r«emt(> « |SOO,QOO fortune his «lid he lost in a Florida bank fallurt W«s blamed Monda^ for th« death of Anton Christ, fto, accountant wfho kill* ed himself In B Los Angeles b«nk when a robbery plot was frviHrated, His widow, Mrs. Elizabeth Waters Christ, « lecturer, said ChHskjMd been despon*d«nt since ha lost $2WwW In the Bank of Bay Blactyne, Miami, Fla., in 1928. Christ walked into the real estate office of A. J, Marts and thtust a black cylinder Into Mnrtz's pocket, "It's a b6mb," he told Mart*. "Give me.your money or 1 will blow up the place, t have the battery in toy pocket." Martz said ho had no money. Christ femanded he take him to a downtown bank to draw out his savings. MarU complied. Inside the bank Martz cried 'or help and leaped away from Christ o break n connection between the battery pnd the bomb. ' As J.J. Fitzpatrick, special bank pd- litfeman. started toward' Christ' the ac- wuntant drew a-revolver and : : shot himself, throi»gh the head. , Supreme Court Fails to Decide Cotton Tax WASmNGTON.-yp)-The supreme court held Monday that a suit chal- cnging Mississippi's tax on cotton luyers had been improperly. brought nd it set aside the action of a federal -ourt in Mlssisslpi enjoining collection if the tax. The court sad that J. 'F. Rodgers,' if Clarksville, and other cotton denl- rs in Mississippi, made, a'.'mistake when they brought an equity suit gainst enforcement of the privilege ix. . ; The court said relief should have een sought by a suit at law in the tate courts, 6r a sut at law In fed- ral court providing the latter had urisdiction. • i^^^^juftihii^A '^aifc'ifstflfll J|^ itt^fc- vnraHwicv wrow$»«.iB »••» OMJ AU Itirt », IMJf HEMPSTEAD COUNTY * ForSfcerftf Y\ CITY OF HOPE (DemoeraUe Primary f eb. 23) For City Clefk F RKD WEBB City Attirnejr J»ATCA«fi1f W. S. -ATKINS L. C. <£k& fflftMS'' BENNIK BENTON ROY-ANDERSON E.-O. COOP • Wart Two ROY SXEPHENSON f. A. KEITH ' Ward Pour . ; CLYDE A. MONTS IRA HALLIBURTON A. M. WKAMEY Greek Air Show ATHENS.—The first aeronautical show to be held in this city Will open In Zappion Palace, April. 1 and'con- tinue for a month. The purpoie of the show, according to .American. Con. sul Edwin A. Hltt, Is to put.on display airplanes especially suited for tourist travel. class.- The old Amer- itfas one ^ff thevfinest-tradftions ever -h» 8 always been strong, even at the bot^ —-*•- "was always, a common possession of Everyone felt that thi freedom and equal, / about which we,.talk «6* much were more r,dreams. ^ , , . inexorable force of events is "beginning to The bitterness and -hate that this 'man 1 * to s P read ^ a «d ttiey are- spreading ion is losing its force. raal danger that the depression has brought thu »« to contemplate even than hunger and that are the lot of so many. We must . 111 * a greater readiness to help those who help, by making more determined efforts to protect those need protection. If we faily we shall have infinite cause ' . Where the JRub Come. ^ ••'-''•:..•••_::' . • : capita- cost of state government in Arkansas in • F$T d }° HY e been ?2<46> That means that it cost inhabitant of the state about two dollars and a half f o r *e support'of the state government. The repout-'goesron to show that this cost of state govern^ steadily, until tody it is $8,30. It costs f *"? state that much now to support state gov- ettfc K'you don't pay your part somebody is paying f» but that much per capita is being paid. , , Industries association explains that "such in the cost of -government would not be alarm- J* accompanied by a proortionate increase on the economic wealth of the state." But there is the rub. v, •'j»here<inTas much wealth in Arkansas subject to tax- atton today as there was in 1918. There is where the cart is ahea <Jof the horse, '•- - We .have increased the taxation heavily and not in- ejreaaed «ie wealth to be taxed, and with the taxes so much e»P«a, we will have a hard time increasing the , has invited resources, but before there is any development capital will ask » lot of questions. What is the , WK safe? And there will be another r «b. will be over some day. It can not last. it to last, And when the confidence bf the Mjf mitqrad, and a couple of billion dollars go out of iilm inveBtment, where will Arkansas come in? We *"t we have the cart, before the horse now, and that the high taxes will keep capital out of Arkansas „,.„ J0 something about it, Yo« $a»'t took for hope or help from the politicians. Jf flp»> anjr hope in the situation it will have to roie from an overthrow # of the politicians. And that isn't likely to hap^ people are not alarmed over the situation of this * 11 ? 8 ^* ol 8tatc government. They won't be un* WU it is too late to apply a remedy. It is rather low now ths Arkanaas In4ustriei» association is trying to get the of Arkansas to thinking out of terms of politics It an «pWJI pult It will take a lot of influence. 9O million dollar reason A,«CIION of » uo«n « mm TOM«P..WAIIHOWC WHEN IO.ACCOS The average Arkansas citizen should be grateful there atete wginMon of. this acre to start driving home f to the people. The institution is supported by perh» imjw* y«t it ia iw4tfHJiing a work that every citizen in Arkan*ft»,^/Jo* Just think what this means for Cheiterfield smokers. It means that the larger part of 90 mil* lion dollars is invested in Domestic and Turkish tobaccos that are being properly aged in N«. lure's way, and cured BO as to make them sweeter and milder. CHESTERREW) tobacco is packed in wooden cask*, each containing about 1,000 stored {or two years iw modern, warehouse*. THIY'Bi MUDlft * • warehouses, if pjuced end*to«end, would be about four miles ia length, From floor to setting they are filled with theae casks of fine tobacco, ageing in Nature'* slow but sure way, It takes a lot of money to wake a good ciga, —moaey to buy good tobacco* and money to «§« them properly, CBE^TEHFIEWIS we milder, Wld ta»te better ,., there's a 90 millioa doU*r ressoi) whyl trytbml • "Music that new Nat ShUkret'* piece orchestra and A,~, Gray, soloist, every nigbt except Sunday — entire Colwubiu Neityork~JO;30 Staudsrd Time. Sis A *-..'i.Tft*.«.,*;i., .',.„ ,

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