Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 29, 1954 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 29, 1954
Page 11
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* «• ^ i jP"° .rsr,f* MOP! STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wednesday, 29, *if. r- ^ . •ste-l*-* torn. Want td, aftklrt rf ic ttlfht chfcS Were already "* ifd capacit i fit jhe fcv 'ev * MinftcapoUs fhe bliiislt'Ww Year's eve fifiss Irt Wsferfy* v'hile Crowds fiv*i1* BftM list year's were predicted Jn tttifef *Jlle& TUe 4 usual fnidnlght (Jemonslra- th»S wffi Jatft. ftew tTbrk's Times Sdualte afid lesion'* Main street pitted to stfreli the „,—.„,demonstrators at Miami and on las, The t6p . set price for an eve *»5fig's fun i-makl ng was reported \fy Hollywood's Ambassador Coc<r>- liut Grove where a jingside talfie &osts $36 ft .head. However, the Wll Inolucleii drinks, food) favors and a flodr show. At Philadelphia the Broadwoo'l Hotel said it'Wduld servo its pat' rons all they could drink of any kind Of fiquor for a flat $15 Some of the stiffest price;, wore Mated at Miami Beach, where the '( §&••» oore Bros. rving You Since 1896 EE DELIVERY — DIAL 7-4431 -ClOSED JAN. 1st French Ponder Continuea'from Page One litters alongside him The deputies have been called en to vote twice today. An adverse vote either time would force tha resignation of Mendcs - France aiH might lead the United Steles and Britain to forge ahead with the rearmament of West Germany without' respect to France's opinion on the recruiting of a h a 1'f million. German troops for Western defense. The Premier was expected to in_ but by even narrower mar- ns, than Monday's 289-351 ballot asassaBggs^wg^KaEattiirc^^ —— — FASTEST ON RECORD r- Ut. Col. John P. Stapp, chief of the Aero-medical FleWLabora, Telephoto •. : j • • .-' MARKETS ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOC'KYARDS, in. UP) Hogs 9,500; -moderately active; weights over 190 Ib 25-50 lower than yesterday's' average lighter weights steady to 35 lower! sows' -mostly steady, few 25 lower; choice 150^210 Ib 18.50-19.00; largely 118.75-85; 210-240, Ib 17.718.75; 240-240 «.b 168-18.00; 270300 Ib 16,25-17.00; sows'400 Ib down 1535-75; heavier sows 13.50-15:00. Cattle 2 00, calves 00; fairly.'active inquiry and initial pales strong utility and' commercial ccws, 10.013.75; banners -and cutters 8.0010.50; bulls steady; utility and commercial 12.50-14.00; canner and cutter bulls 9.00-12.00J good and choice vealers 2400-31.00; commercial and good 17.00-23.00. . Sheep IjSOO; market not established. WALL STREET NEW YORK LflThe stock market burst "forth with a freat forward surge today in extreme 1 y heavy trading. Ga,ins of 1 to around 3 points W.ere found frequently in key areas of the Jist while losses were hard «ncJ. Trading was at a scorching pace with the firsf hoyr the heaviest of ny hour if- nearly • fo'tr years, , All sections of the market participated in the advance, including a good representation from soma minor-divisions. , , POUL'TftY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO ( UP) Produce; Live poultry: Market steady. 31 trucksi • v Chicago poultry board price changes since yesterday. Hens: Colored over 3 Ibs 18 cents a nound; colored 4 ]bs and under 19>^: hybrid, bareback, leghorn and No. 2-14. Ti'.rkej's: Hens 31-32: toms under 20 Ibs 22; 20 Ibs ard ever 20. Butler: 908,249 pounds. Market pasy. 93 score and 93 score 59 cents a pound; 90 score 58'A; 89 score 56&;carlots; 90'score 59: 89 peore 57, Eggs: 13,349 cases. Market firm White large extras and mixed large extras 30 cents a dozm: mediums 31; standards 29; current receipts 27; dirties and checks 21. v to admit he Bonn government into the North Atlantic Treaty Organi- zntio. In theory'no debate can precede a French vote of confidence, but the deputies can explain their votes. The rules say that only five minutes can be allowed for each explanation, but this rule is interpreted so liberally that t h e talk sometimes goes on for hr.urs. • The Assembly must doc'de today on two vital question?: lEritry of West'Germany and Italy into an expended Western European Union. This was turned down by the Assembly early last Friday, 280-259, but Mendefc-Frafico brought it up again as a new bill and hopes to. get it apprvoed this time. Telephone Exchange to Be Sold in State LITTLE ROCK 1*1 A state Public Service Commission hearina has revealed tentative plans foiflj the sale of the Quitman Telephone which serves Pangburn, Damascus, Hosebud and Greehbrier. The owner of the firm, Douglas Pletcr-er plans to sell the company to Hufih' Wilbourne, who recchtiy formed the Allied Telephone Co, California red\*)od heedlhigs have been sent from Los Angeles to be planted along the highway betweei^ Copenhagen and Kastrup AirporUnW Denmark. • <r)MKlflHH PROTECTION PLUS- Swedish soldiers will soon be . equipped with bullet - proof •waistcoats now being: tested -in Stockholm.- Padded with layers of nylon and flexible glass fibers, it is designed to protect the wearer from shell splinters and bullets of rifle caliber. Brinkley Chief of Police Answers Critics Tells of Seeing Continued from Page One lingham was in Alabama 'at th time of the crime. "At least Mr. Gibson is gottin him closer to the scene of th crime for us," McKenzle sail. Th bheriff also discounted statement by residents of Forrest City • thi Willirigham was seen in that town a short vvhil e before ' th crimed was committed. Hall and St one first idontific Willingham by newspaper picture they saw of him. They made th identification more positiv e b coming here yesterday with Gibso to take a look at the suspect. Hall said he was on duty at the small Memphis hotel when Willingham entered the hotel lobby. "The boy paid he was not very well acquainted with the town and wanted to get to Highway 78," Hall said; "I asked him where he' was .going. He said, he was going to-'Alabama to get his wifs and then go back to Arkansas. He baic, 'My wife and I had a little trouble, but I think she'll go back with -me'." Hall said an Illinois Central Railroad engineer, M. M. Turner of Water Valley Miss, was in ; the lobby, at.the time and that he asked Willingham what part of.Alabama he was going to. : "The boy said Oakman and Mr. Turner said he tised .to.have a rui through "there," Hall naid. "I told the boy to go down;, to 1 Third Etreet, take a right turn, and walk jjow'h-'tb 'Crump Boulevard which is Highway . 78 going o.ut. 'I didn't think he had any money and he didn't ask for any." . Stone w.as standing nearby and ciffered to take. Willingham-to the corner of Main'and Calhouh streets r.nd put him on the proper bus to get to highway 78. . said 'Turner might also NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK W Cotton futurc-s were lov/er tpday in dull trading Scattered profit taking and Jipht heding met only limitec", trade demand for both mill and export accounts. Late; afternoon prices .v.'ere, 15 to 40 cents a bale lower than the previous close. March 34.78 May 35.Q6 and July 35,18. BRINKLEY UP) Brinkley Police Chief Frank. Henderson, who has figured prominently in the official' investigation of the slaying of Mrs/ Milton Fuller,, answered critics last night who are- seeking his" removal: A Citizen's 'League for Better Government,' organized here, has called for Henderson's dismissal LaWrence Minor, commrnder of the local American Legion Pest, charged that ' the police chief bungled the. investigation of the death, of the yoimg' Brinkley mother. Henderson said he has been assured, by both Mayor Jack Cox and the City Council that, his job was not in danger.' He' also said representatives, of . the American Legion told him Minor was not speaking for that organization. Two hundred people; Henderson be asked'to testify in Willingham's trial. ' said, called him expressing their confidence. • Meanwhile, the 19-year-old Alabama, youth; who has been charged GRAIN -AND PROVISIONS CHCAQO W A majort^iy o f crain 'contracts tUted lovver on the Bpard of Trpde today although Fsep were not Inreo, Feed grains, particular)/ corn, were weak from the start. Offer- jrigs of cash grain, by 1Jie country wore heavy with bookings being pJaced at 450,000 bushels, Oats eased with corn. Wheat was firm early but retreated }»ter in sympathy v/lth the rest of tho market. Soybeans also ' gave up early gains. Bye was quite firm at times on buyin? stirred up by ves- terday's n?iles of css>h rye to Denmark. Wtyvat closed IVa to 3 cents lower, March $2,31&-, corn -U/w lower, March $15 , oats %•% lower, March 79, rye to 1 qent'/a higher Marc h lUPft. soybeans ?V4 lower to '/* higher, January $2.86-$285'/ z Wheat: None Corn: No .3 yellow 150! I*P. 3 150^-57; No 4 J48f50^, Rye: No 3 plump 139^ Oats; No 1 heavy white 8U Soybeans oil: J8-, soybean meal 69,00-70,00, . , Barjoy nomtn^J: Malting choice 15H3; feed UO'19 Ue<»islative Group to Qpflit Office with the fiital beating ; of Mrs, F ulic-r, w^s identified by two Memphis hotel employes as "the hoy we talked to in the hotel lobby the morning of the murder;" . The witnesses were ;• Brought to Clarendon Where Biljy Ray Willingham was held, by defense Attorney J. S. Gibspn. Officials identified the Witness as W. L. Hall, clerk of the DeSpto Hotel and Max Stone, a porter, Offjpers quoted Gibson as paying he went to. Memphis as a result Of unsolicited letter from Hall. The two men told police that Willingham was its the hotel lobby between 0:15 and 6:,30 a. m. the morning of the murder. Mrs. Fuller was found by her husband the morning of Dec. 18 unconscious on the floor of their blood-spattered bedroom. Her skull had been crushed by a single blow. Colonel Who Led Fight of Jets, Killed PINOLA.- Miss. (UT) Col. Cy Wilson who led his jet Air Wing on a" trophy-winning non-stop flight to Krigland, died in an apparent attempt to Uind an F-84F jet on a highway near here during a rain- ptorm, authorities rcnorted today. Sheriff Garrett. M«lliAS said Wi 1 .n crashed into a field beside Highway 30 three miles west of here last night on a flight from Bergstrom Air Force Base, Tex., to Turner Air Force Base, Ga. i The plane went dpv/n -on the highway with its landing genr down after circling 'this Mississippi farming community several times to the rain and founded into the . field,-Mullins said. Wreckage Was scattered a quarter of a mile. 1 'A spokesman at Turner where commanded the 507th Stra- i-sfs-f^T^ir v*' 4i^^' tfi^s&^JK •Hi3ft? 1 «JJ».^>T£-* '\'ML 4 tegic Fighter Wing, said a board of. inquiry i-ill be convened to 'determine '. the cause of the crash v Wilson in 1953 .-..••-. command of a .. „, flight of his 20 F-84 Thunderjets over the Atlantic from Georgia to England. ,wit .hair-to-air ing, whic-h won the Air - MaeKay Trophy for the outstanding flight of the year. Wilson is survived by his wife, Charleen. and two children, of Albany, Ga., end his mother. Mrs. Myrtle B. WiJspn pf Bryab, Tex. The bison, .'KadJak or Alaska brown bear, and the Alaska moose was second 'n record-breaking refuel Force's Willingham told officers when he ^^ ^erMvVst »ata rf was arrested as a vagrant that he ^ r ^\ m ^ a ;, swung the fetaj blow. He later denied it in an interview with a reporter, but officers said the next day- the youth had signed a state- reaffirming his original story. IN QRgEK QRAFTON, W. Va, ip Four toys fou^d a strange-looking crfca ture three feet in diameter wiggling }n a creek here yesterday- They took it to the county jail, where- a crowd of sightseers gather*! alter officers identified Jt as an actopu was no explanation how got in the »l Bep (IMP) gmjtb, the of the 19$$ Ar&njos f RcresentaUyes, he? to open 8 Jan* 8- The , i || i s i « e e y the WHAT QQ YOU in Filling Preujriptioni John S.Gibson AFTER XMAS CLEARANCE SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! ENTIRE STOCK FALL AND WINTER COATS Full Length Styles " '• ' " ' ' As Low As 18.00 Others proportionately priced. Save big money on these all wool coats. LARGE GROUP FALL SUITS As Low As 25.00 Save up to $25,00. All wool, good selection. Get you one now ; : '•• f;." • ' •• WO^LJERSEY BLOUSES 2.00 As Low As Save as much as $5.98. Many other prices in effect. FALL Wcdncsdety, December 29, 1954 ' HOPE STAR, ARKANSAS* SOCIETY .Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M, and 4 P, M. Calendar* Thursday December 30 The holiday dance for the senior high school members of the Hope Country Club, and their guests, will be held at.8 p. m. Thursday., Dec. ember 30'. Hosts .are Mr. and Mrs. George Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Lex Helms, Jr., and Dr. and Mrs. Sam Strong. The '47 Friendship Club will meet Thursday at 2:30 p. m. at the home of Miss Wilma Coleman, with Mrs. Y. C. Coleman as co hostess. Iff. McDowell Family Entertained Mrs. Aubrey Collier, Jr., and her Sister, Mrs. Dennis Crafton, entertained the following members of their families with a .dinner on Christmas clay: A. A. McDowell, A. M. McDowell Lawrence McDowell, .James McDowell and their families of Fort Worth; Mr. and Mrs. J. S. McDowell and Mrs. Collier. Engagement Announced Mrs.'.,Alber.ta O'Steen announces the engagement : and approaching marriage of her daughter, Wanda Sue, to Charles iidgar''Stone, son of Mr. and M.rs. James Orville Stone of Na.shville\ The wedding will be an event of February. Coming and Going Mr.- and Mrs. Herman Sachs and litUe son, Stephen Mark, have .returned to their home in Helen, N, Mex .after spending the holidays with Mrs. Sach's mother, Mrs. Silas Easierling and sister, Bonnie Sue. Mr. and Mrs. Abe Morton and Mr. and Mt-s. J. T. Honeycult and Johnnie spent the Christmas holidays in Lovington, N.. Mex., as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Morton and sons. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Still and their daughter, Mrs. Ophelia Bolls, and their sons of Long view, Tex., visited their daughter .and sister, Mrs. D. B. Edmonson, and Mr. Edmonson in Kingsvil^e. Texas, during the Christmas holidays. Capt. Clinton Jones and family of Fort 'Smith spent the holiday week-end with Capt. Jones' parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Jones of Patmos. Mr. and Mrs. Robett Akins and twin daughters, Linda and Brenda, and little Miss Patsy Deaton, all of Little. Rock, ,§perit Christmas, day with Mr and Mrs. Bertorl .Ellis in Emmet.. For Gifts of Distinction Shop at .Pillow's Gift Shop 305 S. Laurel As Low As Many to choose from. Sizes 9 to 15, 10 to 18. All area real buy. Large Group { SWEATERS SKIRTS PRICi iREHGER * NOW *" •' FEATURE TIMES • 2:30 - 4:43 - 6:56 - 9:09 Mrs. John McGee and little daughter, Marcia Lynn, of Independence, Mo., will arrive Thursday for a month's visit with her parents, Mir. and Mrs. H. E. 'Benson. , Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Ervin Momas, Wilton, Ark., Mrs. Alice Clayton, Hope, Mrs. A. L. Ross, Hope, Mrs. Ada Gorham, McCaskill, J. K. Rosenbaum, Saratoga, Mrs. Era Jones Hope, Mrs. W. H. Gunter, Jr. Hope, Sue Ellen Wright, port, Lay, Mrs. J. W. Evans, Hope, Rodney ..Beckham, Hope, Luther Bishop, Hope, Elbert Williams Hope, Lula Benton, Hope, Juanita Bishop', Hope. Continued from Page One We particularly wish to point out that under the present setup, the County Democratic Committee has two sets of boxes, one for the ballots and one for the stubs. In 1954, there were three elections within six moriths; since the ballbts !: ahd the stubs have to be kept and retained intact for six mbnths . after the election, it is an impossibility to do so with just two sets bf'boxes 1 . Therefore, in view 'of the fact that the General Eledtoin is paid fttf/by the County, the County, should buy another set of boxes for the Get\er- al Elections. We believe and recommend,. and strongly urge 'the officials in charge of the conduct of the elections in the future, that instead of using locks on the boxes, that an identified seal with a number on it be purchased to use "on each ballot box and each stub box; that the numbers on the seal be registered with those in charge; that a record be kept whereby each complaint made later is made, and if it becomes necessary for a box to be investigated or gone into, it can be determined where the fault lies. We wish to recommend that before each election that the election officials be advised as to what the laws are concerning elections, which hiay be called to their attention, and whiph they may need to know during the day. and while they a_r,e, holding and conducting the election, or.; whereby , thejr may be able:t6 follow, the wprdin| 'of the law, as \\;ell ; a's the spirit" of the law. If 'this is but under IT'S NOT SO NICE TO CO HOME—It might look like a dump to you, but this dwelling is home to these children'in Paris, Fiance. The building has been condemned, but 145 per*on"; ( ino'mling 30 , . children, continue to live there for lack of anywhere else to go. DOROTHY DIX PLA&t cAt .-.•-'- JL : f ; *'' VEftNQtt, B. C., fllKJh plane, piloted t# 36$ (M ... m&de an emergency landing »rt & highway tear hwe Sunday. ttfstSt tr!d cnimpe-i the bacfe , of Albert Wernfcr's car, ,thfe fti«twif; #16hced JQifraL . *lJBis,,'tfat A was tfMtMshefl ^ilft^fclift sptitteflrtg MW! "It seemed to hs me alt-d I ccuidn't get aWay f>offl it," Werner said. Oiant lobsters weighing tip td 23 pouftdS"and taken Well at beWg' used to an eScper ..... breed size nto the New f ,En$tend lobster. Honest-But Not /nLove handing put meaningless sweet talk. escorts. (live Up ahy thought of turning to a convent for consolation. The religious life is not a refuge for broken hearts. In fact, the arduous requirements for adequate ,fulfillment of a nun's life take a ihor- oughly strong and whole heart. Dear Miss Dht: I/ast week I Went to visit a friend for the afternoon j and her mother persuaded me to stay for dinner, then Tor the night About 11 o'clock I called my mother to tell her I would not toe home, and she was quite annoyed..Ldidft'4. the 1S54; You may be sure if he docs make a 1 get home unt ii e o'clock -the declaration of love, you can rely on ]owing even ing and my mother has " every word of it. The possibility forbidden me to see this",ffi,enjJlTa- unfair^ don't ' think Beyond the torrents of the treacherous Los Concheros . . . beyond the land of the Black Sand . . . lies the Garden of Evil. Cursed by the heat of the Mexican Sun . . . spawned by the pgssions men live by . . : named by an ancient Holy Man as a warning . . . that all who comes here are touched by original siri. GARY COOPER SUSAN HAYWARD RICHARD WIDMARK IVIL U ,TECHNICOUOR 1. Donald Duck Cartoon 2, News of the Day Discharged: A. P. Clark, Hope, Rt. ,-3i • Ervin : Momas, Wilton, Ark., Sue Ellen Wright, Shreyeport, La. Norman-Grant, Hope, Mrs. Sarah Rushing, Hope, Hershel Martin, Hope, Esterine Booker and baby girl Washington, Sarah Jones and baby girl, -Hope.- ; Mr. and Mrs. .A. L. Ross .have a baby girt born Dec. 2$ 195'&* ; Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Gunter, Jr., announce the arrival of a baby girl, Dec. 27, 1954, 3:30 a. m. Branch ' *" Admitte'd: Mr. George Raschke, Rt. 1, Hope. : our present election laws, a number I of'irregularities that now occur injj this County as well as all other counties will be eliminated. We wish to recommend that the collector of taxes of this County comply with the* law in making ac: curate poll books. We believe that in order for this to be done, and as the law provides, that, at the time of the purchase of a poll tax, the correct address should be placed thereon as well as the voting precinct, and'this should be listed in the poll book as the law sets out. Shreve i We strongly ui-ge that -caution .and cafe be used In the preparing of the official list at the close of the paying time on October 1 of each year. We realize that we are not a legislative body, but wish to make this recommendation and ask that a copy be furnished to our representative in the State Legislature: that the .closing date for paying Dear Miss. Dix: Three, years ago.^ fdeling Jol . me> and to suggest' I met a boy I really feir for. Hel^t we continue our friendly cor- lived a :few miles from my home, and only got down herd two or three times a month. Every time he came', however, he took me put. silly arguments several h j t along well . "^ other.girls and I . Q _ but al him Two years ago he sent to Korea. We corresponded regularly and in one of my letters I answer was that he wasn't'sure .of respbndetice. Now I don't know What to .do I love him so much I have even thought of entering a : convent to forget him. He'll be home in April and I'm almost afraid to see him for fear I'll let my feelings show too much and make a fool of-myself. He's 24.and I'm 20. SALLY Reliable Young Man Answer:- Your young man has been completely honest with you, which is certainly >perferable .8. H. .. Answer: Didn't .you realize' that with yoli, or a- you mo thcr would ; profaabiy and it's a good one — that he is g a i H . i thin anything but indifferent to you is j you' I'm 17 by the " ' ' ' ' ' pr< becoming pathetic to your charms, he would; be"qbite" Worried not "hearing .from have been frightened off and ended you all day? Also, you knew^she the correspondence -immediately, i depended On you to do "certain However, even with all these en-j household tasks. Furthermore,' 1 couraging angles, it wouldn't be i think the mother of yoflr friend W&s well to 'pin all your hopes on one quite inconsiderate not to have you evanescent sweetheart. Your many silly quarrels might be an indication that you really aren't suited to each other. Be interested in as many other beaux as come along; should you be disappointed in your soldier sweetheart, nothing will be so consoling as a backlog of willing'able time. call home earlier. In her anger your mother may f be a bit unfair in insisting that yOU give; up ydui friend, but apparently it takes drastic treatment to make you s^ee reason, Next time you visit, don't prolong your stay beyond a reason- misses an Association r Parents Deny Girl Medical Help LITTLE ' ROCK </P>'- The ,. parents Of Hl-year-oid Negro girl who refused medical aid for the daughter who later died .have denied that religious beliefs led tc their refusal. 'Deputy Prosecutor John T. Jernigan quoted Mr. and Mrs. William Hart of near Little Rock, v/no are j members of the Church of God in Christ, a fundamentalist sect, as saying, "We just didn't know the child was that sick." The Harts' daughter, Lora v Mae, died in University Hospital Monday after treatment was ordered by Prosecutor . .'Tom Downie. The Couples three other children -also received medical treatment. Dr. Howard A Dishogh, coroner, said yesterday that an autopsy indicated the child died of bron chial pneumonia, though tests were not completed. When police arrived at the Hart home to check a report of a death, the officers, found the girl surrounded by a group of people praying for her recovery. Reduced to Hurry Books Are Closed PgyFor Parole of One Man Revoked LITTLE ROCK Iff) State Parole Director Sam Cgnhon srys that the perol% of E. J. Minor has been revoked. Minor was sentenced to iife imprisonment in 1946 in the slaying cf Raymond Morris, a Mena drug? gist The convict's life sentence was commuted to 21 years in 194!)i He was paroled about four yaers later. Cannon said Minor has been' living at Snyder, Tex. ; but that he .disappeared recently without notifying his parole supervisor. We Can't Tell YQU t Title, but it's a MAJOR STUDIO PREVIEW CAT RETUR,N£P MILWAUKEE, W is., (UP) Thj-ee-year-old Cheryl Louise M<?e can return to her Connecticut horn? now, Her pedigreed cat has been found. Cheryl Louise, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Austin Alee, Old Mystic Conn., refused tc return hojne 'after her cat disappeared while she was SBfinding the Christmas holiday herewith her grand- . . yoiar poll tax be set back for a sufficient time to fiive the collector of taxes in the County ample time, to make an accurate compilation, of the voters, separating them into their respe'c^iv^ townships and voting precincts. "We 'believe, that in election 'years like this year, 1954, where the poll books close on the night of October 1, and the General Election is 'on ' November 2. that this does not give sufficient time to make up and have printed an ac- riirate poll book. • ' . We wish to call to the public's attention a few of the laws applicable to elections, narrating them as briefly as possible: Section 3-1518 provides for offenses committed by public officials, including election officials, making it a fe.lony and a pe'nitenitary , offense, ii they aid or abet or. fail to nrevent when within, their power to do so any of the following acts, each of which consitute's a felony: (•a) Fraudulent voting by a person not entitled to vote. (b) Casting of more than one vote by any elector. (c) Adding any fraudulent ballot. to fhose legally cast either 'by fraudulently introducing it into the ballot box before or after the bal- Ipts have been counted, or at any other time or in any other manner, with the intent or effect of affecting the count or recount of the ballot. (d) Withdrawing or withholding any lawful ballot with the intent or effect of affecting the count or Ve- count of the ballot. (e) Carrying away, secreting or destroying any poll tax list, registration book or list, list of voters, ballot or ballot box for the purpose or with the effc.ct of hindering or preventing voting, counting, recounting or checking of ballots or lists. (f ) Wilfully altering, detaining, mutilating or destroying election returns. (g) Altering any ballot after it has been cast. The law has been changed pertaining tp absentee voting. It is now the law that requests for ballots must be kept, and an accurate list made in the Cpunty Clerk's office, subject to inspection by any interested party, beginning twenty days before the election. This Jist remains open and subject to inv spectipn for six months after ^he election; also the list of voters voting in the absentee box is filed with' the County Clerk, and that along with a list of all the voters^ in every box in the County is a public record, and under the law is to be kept in the County Clerk's office for six months following the election. ' We wish to express our appreciation to the court officials, (Judge Lyle Brown, Prosecuting" Attorney G. W. Lopkadoo, and Sheriff Myrtle A neighboy found day two blocks "" Phfrxl kP,"l$e's and $lrs,, Upland turftefl it to V~~ yester- home of, Mr, Cook for their co-operation extended us during the course of our deliberations. The terms of office of Mrs. Cook and Mr. Looks^ d.oo will $oon expire ?nd we extend wishes for cpn- ghosep f.ields them our best :d success in ide" We our _ to submit this jfs'V'Hhar report a>d tbat *h e _W»:i. iiH* 8 * 114 Orchids to tne new 2Oth Ceptury-Fox 1 CinemaScope production AND. THE ALUSTAR CAST OF Bravo to Natlynn Jrs. for these inspired adaptations of the clothes Worn in the, new hit musical, "Irving Berlin's There's No Business Like Show Business" ' r See them in our Junior Department in the mostwanted fabrics " t and colors! Choose the Natlynn creation most becoming to you. Wear it to the movie premiere...your Natlynn will encore for every important occasion! POOOUN. .. ihape the neckline bodice. »c<>llop?d hip-llnf gglhered skirl. Blue, jnauve, gold pr beige. 5le> 7io 15- gf a prtlly prjnt in beige 9' white. $iie| 7 lo \S. B, ABOUT FA^E ... the polko-dot cvffed c«lli?r dips down to. 9 bareback l?Pk. W'th Cashed bow-He sleeves, sweeping skifl. Silk-linen. Navy, chgftoal, re,(i or brown /hlneilQn*. geally flar«d fkv*. live, p^lak, 9' coral. $i|e.S 7 19 BATEAU MAUTY,...h, ,, tenet 9! »iwpU«ily Richly linen with lo.w 0 : eckU«e, f. GINGHAM CHARMER... (or (UP in th« tunl

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