Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 15, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 15, 1932
Page 2
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wm -v* Jttfftttrt fa «tont Ktaiflffe fc«»fl» to Jftwitaui eftunty'* ' Wtfrtcav , effitoent gtrternment tbrtnigh db all the chores at home in [tfon>m the newspapers. t RJ& ifgb tMtfS Would have Seen rianewa i* such :, six miles to school? Ther£ were thousands of youngsters iff all, parts of thtftJnited States 'N^t^tfgfcdtitthe school yea*, and thought In many rwatl districts long hikes like that and not the exception. 1,1 cotits&, were the days- Vfiert 'HiB littltf ?e<i ^as a mote familiar institution than it is now. 'of CtfiftolKfSited ^ctiools 'then, nor of busses . _ e Cliildfreif. dxtTyihg theift off to school and ^mJbm again in the eveniifg: iftaj country school was a one-room, one-teacher ''ft* jitrttifk'frtont a radius of six or eigfit miles > children trundged b'ack and forth, thfbttgh ^winter, and-through i-alh, dost, «lud' of wind in" auftrtttri. Arid no ode eVef thotignt that those i^detgoing* hardships^ on the contrary, the Mtefo*ere'd e'x&emely luclqr to have education price of a little extended footwork. jated»< one-room school hasn't vanished yet> of fciii tfeet process/of vanishi«g, aifd^trig •it^vastly better frpfll^alfjStand '*"" dfe not'ti&ed now as; they used -; jfVeikfbetter training oitc'e theTscl arM uDy-planried^ If ttfo' Mi^ouri^bbysfhavft, ie\cOmfOrted, if''the^'wiSB ,_„—_Xtfibyv'attW d^ftfyinp; on a ltfa*^e —,. .-— 5*ya?e doing, now, most farm boy's haJ'to do a.few Square-Rigger Appeal , '.the oddest developments of the. winter fothe dis- *that there are hundreds oi boys in* 1 the tlnitefd I" Canada Who Would give almost ariythlng to' be) *t# aea Before the mast on * square-rigged sailing ar> stall' several square-riggers Operating iif th6 j between Australia and England., A. J. Villiers, one of them, has been trying to promote a race 'ships, and Would like to get an American ship i So , however, he has had to spend about 75 per, cent answering letters from yomig"rtien who would along as seamen. Froni all Carts of North America writen to him, begging that they be signed on, e offer to pay f dr the privilege. College graduates ered to -sign dn as cpoks, Girls have threatened to stowaways on the ships. All in all, it is obvious that has an appeal which the steamship can"' l.tfii tt.B -I* «m . /fttift TiJSsTluo^t to!M***y. TOe _.- tuktUC IMMtter Stohd*/ __ , when M«f|f; ttpt *n «h* «««>* «o- slahbor»» phon*. Bl" ' lit*, 1 " ** *** OO ON WTTH THE STORY »CHAPfER Xt oi the 1 heart wefe by no means uficOmmon at Dre*«tafld. Ellen had ao Idea that her misery was evident IM her face or bearing, but the moment she entered the crowded, chatterifag dressing rooifi, llttlS Tony spied it out. -She came over to whefd Ellen was dressing* "What's dating youT" she demanded In a tone that blended curiosity' and sympathy. "Kotnlng," Ellefl replied gplrit- lesaiy.-aff she kicked off her street thoes. "Meaning everything," the ithef • hazarded shrewdly. "Please don't, Tony." After a long, searching look* •fbny disappeared into the ballroom. Ellen stepped into the chiffon dress, adjusted the cunning little jacket and walked t>ttf of tb« dressing room. Site sat down at her table. One by one the other girls straggled to their positions. The orchestra tuned up, struck into the first dance of the evening. Business had begun at Dreamland. It was a dull evening,' Ellen looked aroiind in a kind of sickness, Sbe felt Ifstless'-and depressed, tired of herself, Ured of Hfe. After-a-While she- began on''thd tablet cloth. •"' v - ' * ' 'rests filoth k and then "EaTrjr Harrow- gate." After that slpwly, slowly, »'M^s. lir*f efice Ha^rbWgate."' "Well, you're a* fin's one," said « familiar 1 voice; - "• Ellen's heart gave-a'great leap. Sbe looked up into Larry'a. half angry, .naif laughing eyes. "I waited for you all afternoon •—that is, I really waited more than half an hour," he was saying reproachfully. "Why didn't you; coma?" He dropped to the chair opposite. Ellen's breath came in quick, uneven spurts. Her heart hammered oddly.,With trembling fingers she .rubbed the cloth while he watched, a puzzled frown be- I tween his gray. eyes. ~ "Why didn't you ci this Is a bit puzzling, fo rthere is no question »i the steady disappearance of the sailing vessel has made* ^ whole lot easier for sailors. The sailing ships were to look at, but life aboard was very often complete Thft ^ork was hard and the food was poor, dangers many and living accommodations were, ^frequently, *»y*r ^•f.Discipline ransred all the wav from merely strict to if IghJbi'utal. Read any of the books written by the sail- Jijw, from Dana down through Conrad to Done and snbersr, and you get a picture of a life that Was almost hard. many centuries, that life has been largely terrors. Steamship Jack is ebtter paid, bette'r «j*ed; betffer fed and more decently treated than his prede- ever were. f the young men fall over themselves to get a taste _ 481-d oW Hfe an4 ealraly ignore the pleasahter life of tftt»nMriven merchant marine! * human raee, evidently, does not mind hardship, and pain nearly as much as it likes to pretend. An Intefflfting Experiment the west interesting experiments of the year is undertaken by a, group of people in Pratt county, feeae people have bought 100 bushels of wheat at f l.g& ^ bti«he>-^ long w^y $bove the market price, notice; and they have sent it to a milling company i^tp flour, after which $ baker will turn it into h is to retail at the prevailing retail price. p mwh will tJ» organiiseya of this little stunt 10*e _ loaf of bread? Or will they, jpwjfeawee, not lose any- ife all? WiH tteey even find it profitable to turn wheat M& &* prevailing prices, when th^ wheat eo»ts $1.23 a come •" he repeated. "I went to a mpvle," she an- awered truthfully. "I dlda't notice the time until it was too "Well!" he commented, discomfited. A dark flush rose under his tan. "You sorta made mo. think you loved me," he observed. "I did/' she said faintly. "You don't like me now?" "Why shouldn't'I?' 1 , "I didn't, ask if you should or shouldn't; l -1 ;asked If; you did. Have I done something that h'as made you chatigel" His gray earnest eyed were fixed upon her. she saw that he 1 was genuinely concerned. It wait' disturbing that he should Be like* this. She would have understood better, have been better able to rebuff him, had he continued to be flippant and-casual. • "Whatvhave I done?' r "Nothing," she faltetsd.' "I—• I went to the hotel to meet you but I gp't thereitoo tote." There! She,had ijaid what she had not'meartt-t.p ifty. ' • 'Then ever*?<hi»S'r-all right aafl you do Wame," ae-summar- t_»>' WL_ «..^ A :MA.'U&1 M .^A ..',?,• '• w a*« fighting". k<j *•" •< '&'* •'•'* * ; - he was. engaged. .But aa tie swept her. Iiit6.als a'ffts, as tt'ey glided out tb the; 'flobt, '.afco kfle* that,. ngagect' "df ' fipti 'phllande'f er or ot, .Xa*rJf/ "KcCrtfoWgata Interested . her more ttiatt any man sM had eve^mef Before; '; •'•••',' '• . ..-.-. •• .• •••; •", -£ r fjft t •+',; • ,-.. QONDAY, morning, breakfasts Ir, '-' the liossltei' honsfiiloia tffre InvariaBiy; .elastlb. ; My ra and-' Hllen Usually break- fastea in bed about n0on, taking turns preparing' the Bltetchy meal. This iriornlrig It Was' Idyra's turn. Already Ellen Was awake. She sat'up and yawned luxuriously as Myra came> in balatidng a tray containing^ fresh 'raspberries, top milk, wnderVjbife toast attd tfoffee that woald have" been good bad it percolated rive minutes less. "What Were you thinking' about for this afternoon?" asked Myra through a mouthful of toast. "Movies? There's a flew feature at the Grand. Greta Garbo." It?I you ctrne?" he repealed* "I've a date," Ellen answered la a •voider' tfhjch 1 stio Hoped wm» earelew enough. "fteaityt. ;WUh Steven Barclay?" "Oh Ho—not him"" Ellen laughed. She hesitated and said, "It's—it's with Larry. Now wait a mintita before you fly lnt» me. t didn't go to the tea, Just simply didn't go. Bttt he came to Dreamland last night and it's—well, it's all fixed Up for this afternoon." "Then you think he's not engaged at all?" Myra asked In a worried way. "I don't know what to think," Ellen confessed. "Bat anyway 1 promised to go riding 1 with bin?' 'this aftentoon;" l '•'••" -. •'••'•» • li/rYRA put down her coffee cup. •"•"• Iteif faeo was" distressed and disappointed. "But Ellen—" "Now don't be silly and' old- faahldned, Myra," Ellen Interrupted. 'I'm going oflt In broad ..^..fe introduced. VTh.e he's engaged to another any ' ot rS? business."' ^ his affair, not ours." , .They went on eating, in oppressive silence. •; ', "Olj, Myra, can't you under- siandf Ellen eald suddenly. "I wanted to refuse. You haven't any idea bow hard I tried. But all at once I just naturally beard myself accepting." ', "Y^s; I know hpw that is," 'Myra- admitted in a troubled tone. "Ellen," she began, flushing faintly. "I've been thinking a lot about you. And the more I've thought the more I know how wrong I was, I don't think Larry Harrowgate IB good enough or honorable enough for you no matter wlat you say. But the reason I was ; so upset about him in the beginning was because I had so hoped that yott and Steven Bar/ Clay-*-" "Oh stop, Myra." But Myra went stubbornly on. "I wa$ trying to rob you, honey, of the sweetest thing that can happen to any Woman, Just be- miiM Bert'ntid f—well, because t often think he's changed and isn't anitathe same—" every bit the, same," d»Ellon loyally. But Myra scarcely'heard her. "Whether he's the same riow doesn't' matter., Nine years is a long tlmo. But we had the grandest thing in the world together. Wo lovod each other so much -that nothing elso mattered." * . * * TIER cheeks were flushed and •*"*• her eyea were shining. She.' looked for a moment an eager U instead ot a tired 26. "If I had to start alt over again," she continued with unusual Tmsslon, "I'd have to love Bert in just the same way. I wouldn't change a thing. I wouldn't want to. I'll have that for always. Ellen, is that the wajr you feel about your Larry--—that nothing else matters?" "Yes,"-Ellen whispered., "I'm sorry, Ellen, and J'in glad too," said Myra, half crying. "I -»4tld hoped ryou didn't feel that way- because' I'm 'afraid".that you're going,to be hurt. .But If you love htm liko that it doesn't matter If he hasn't a dime. It doesn't matter If bo's engagad, to a dozen other girls—* you'll suffer afterwards wtuMnot- be too much to pay for thftfrjflrst part of it. I hope and pray'*&»t you'll be luckier than I." '* "I thought," Ellen said easMr. "that I might invite him here to supper. Ode of my omelets and maybe some at the Jelly we put up last vacation." • "I'm afraid mottief won't Ilka that," said Myra doubtfully. At that very moment Molly, rapped imperiously on-the bwh room door. > i; "Ellec, Ellon, are.yon »^»ke?"- sho' called. "Slip on t> klmona, and yun downstairs. There'i someone calling for you on Mr*, Clancy's phone/' "Oh help,." said Ellen faintly, looking over at Myra. "It miut be Mr. Barclay." (To Be Continued)) .v WARNING ORDER In the Hempstead Chancery Court. The Federal Land Bank, of St. Louis Plaintiff VSf ' C. Spates, et al Defendants •fhe Defendants, G. C. Schoonmaker, Mrs. G. C. Schoonmaker, his wife; Mrs. T. J. Carter; Thomas Carter, and Virginia Carter, his wife; Gordon Car. terj Phyll Carter; Nina Gill Carter; Jamefl'Edward Carter; Robert Carter; and each of them, are warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, The Federal Land Bank, of St. Louis. Witness my hand and the seal ot said court this 8lh day of Feb. 1938. WILLIE HARRIS, (Seal) Clerk. Atty. Plif., J!. F. McFaddin, Hope, Arkansas, —Feb.. 9-16-23-March 1. Kidneys -~ bother you. J-Jeed promptly bladder irreg- toritiw, getting up at night ] and nagging backache. They may warn of some disordered kidney or bladder condition. I everywhere rely on I 's Pil's. Praised for more than 50 years by grateful users the country over, Sold by all j drugg&» DOAN5 Pll A GOOD CLEANSING LAXATIVE ft Tor fully. 3d years I have, by using it, known Black-Draught! -ft be great medicine/* jsayg Mr. A, fc, Pone, pf Perfcinsfcm, MUwTV'I found Jt so satis factory; I haven't Been any to change, When I get constipated, l fcel aU out of sorts, and tired and sluggish, I tafce a few doses p| Black-* Draught, it regulates my bowels, and I get all rJgftt, it wiu cleanse the system and Uelp you, U you uw it M we have, Try this purely; *egetabie laxativei medicine which so many men a»4 WPwen praise and recommend, BUCK-D IW Ufifi MRABL un v™"' ™^rj||f Greetings TO THE HOPE STAR , Upon the occasion of its first issue printed in its larger and modern quarters. Success to our home paper. ' :'""*" "* Specials Wednesday Extra Values—One Day Only Butter Best Country Pound 33c Pecans Shelled—Pound 35c Co» ee BETSY ROSS Pound 28c Floui HELIOTROPE The Old Favorite 24 Lb. Sack 75c Fresh Country Dozen IOC Middlebrook 1 s GROCERY COMPANY Phone 606 op 607 As Near as Your Home On by State Corporation at Little Rock Meet ^iTtLB jRftOK.—(/p)— ftanttt wtfe* fttf iow» tram tiw'«&Ke Agrtetjltorttl Sredit Corf»owitl6n this year will t* NOTICE or twsso&tmoN OP PARTNERSHIP HfetWft \t hertby giv*ft that the fl«t* ershrp between V. fi. Smith and Hoy ones, operating under the firm nanw f CITY BAKERY has been dissolv- d. All debts due the said partner- hip flfe 16 be pilld and 1 thoW dtl* fro* he 8an)e di-fcnafged, at H.6 South Jain Street, in the city of Hope, Ark- nsas, where the business ^U big con- iedf undef the name of City Bakry, by Rdy Jones. This 2Sth day of January, 1932. V. E. SMITH, W. R, JONES, an. 2$-ftsb. 1-8-1S. pft«Jtm of S «* tfct ttatc's 7* <S«Dc#fr tl««.rtieetlttg: c lftiW Thursday iff «*H* «*««» wltf officials of the fSJdaMl n«Btt«tdl«tt Credit Bank ot St. LtfUl* wrffff slrtost Unsfilrtious In title oplnk* totttveni should Wake their tlvfftg «f Mf forms, «nd «llnilns«e t en* J 8 KtWMmw u» W afer ^rtiYcled,Bt the meetfi _ i ,_ i J M J,i^l^» a ^^^o..^-||^^^j^^|J|ip^j|^^^H| COMMISSIONER'S SALE flOTlCfc IS ef o* the, Chancery, Gourtof fnall*' Mid tffifteA l«ft Goad News For Rape Williams' Laboratories have afftoig* d to have a man in your town-who will tell you about WILLIAMS FORMULAE, the New formulae that those vho have beert fortunate to got a boU le at£ so enthusiastic about. This formulae is available in this community for the first time. Get your bottle now andLsee for yourself what wonderful results it produces. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money rfeunded. GET BACK YOUR PEP YOU KNOW THAT "WONDERFUL FEELING" Recommended for stomach, liver and kidney disorders covering dyspepsia, biliousness, gassy stomach, listress, chronic constipation, sick icadache, neuritis, neuralgia, rheuma asm, lame back and general weakness. Keep your stomach, liver and kidneys healthy and nature will do the rest. Get a bottle today from WARD & SON, Druggists —Adv. Bt the ftwft ' Qltiom Bank « HiiJW, iff ttie Gift « HefffpHtetftf County, AfltafisBs, the hotrt* prescribed by law for Judicial Sales, on Saturday, the 5th day:' efMftrtft 1832, the Mowmgdescrlfctf real «rt*t* situated (n HeHSpstt** CafinW, Arkartltes, to-wto '• A part of the Southwest Quartet of the Northeast Quarter- (SW% NEV<) of 8«tieh Thlrty*tltire« (38); in Town«- sWp TwelH (18) South, Ran«« fMtyfOur (24) West, more partte- ttMrlj dtscribtd as follows'. Commence at the tetwsecUcft of the east boundary line of South Main street and the north, boundary lifts of East- Ninth Street Ih the City of Hope, At" cnnsas, arid run thence northerly along the east boundary line of Main Street, 54 feet to a stake; the 4 point of be- ginnihg. run thence easterly 150 feet to a point 80 feet north of the North boundary line of tast Ninth S^eet, run thence .northerly and parallel with Main Street 72 feet, run therice wiestw- ly 150 feet to a point on the cast boundary line of Main Street 70 feet northerly from the point of beginning,, run thence southerly along the east boundary line of Main street W feet to the point of beginning-*less 8 feet. off the east end for an alley. TERMS Of SALEi Oh a credit of three months, the purchaser being required to execute a bond as required by law and the order and decree of said Court in said cause, With apM proved security,' bearing interest at the rate of tert per cent (10%) per annum from date of sale until paid, and a lien being retained on the premises sold to secure the payment- of the purchase money. Given under my hand this 13th day of February, 1932. WILLIE HARRIS Commissioner in Chancery. Feb. 16, 23, BEWARE COUGH OR GUI THATJAN8SON Persistent cough* and colds letfd t* serious trouble. You can stop them now with Creoraulsion, an emulsified creosote that is pleasant to take. Creoraulsion is a new medical discovery with two-fold action; it soothes and heal* the inflaoied membranes and inhibits germ growth. Of all known drugs, creosote i§ reto*. jlized by high medical authorities MOM of the greatest healing agencies for p*. slstent coughs and colds and other fornur of throat troubles. Creomulsion contain*, in addition to creosote.oiher healing el» men ts which soothe and heal the infected membranes and atop the irritation and inflammation, while the creosote goe« on to .the stomach, is absorbed into the blood, attacks the seat of the trouble and checks the growth of the germs. Creomulsion is guaranteed satisfactory in the treatment of persistent coughs and colds, bronchial asthma, bronchitis and other form* of resplta* lory diseases, and is excellent for building up the system after colda or flu. Money refunded if any cough of cold, no matter of how long standing, is not relieved after taking according to directions. Ask your druggist, (adv.) 666 LIQUTO-TABLETS-SALVK 166 Liquid or Tablets used Inienully and K< Salte externally, make a com-' plcte and effective treatment for Cold*, MOST SPBE0Y MEMEDIEg KNOWN. YO U SAVE §N BUYING BAKING POWDER You itvt in'udnf KCUMlESSUiinof hiSh priced IT'S OOUItt ACTINO MILLIONS OF POUNDS [IV OUR COVtRNME We Greet THE HOPE STAR upon the occasion of its first issue printed in its new business ?'\ home, While we are sorry to lose this •plant as our neighbors, we extend our congratulations upon selecting larger and more convenient working quarters. We pay tribute to this indication of growth, and service to the community of Hope's newspaper, We extend to them our best wishes for their •^continued success. Mope Furniture Co.

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