Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 13, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 13, 1932
Page 3
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m tit* trot*. y it all befcfe, with eaftw We. ' we know and they that no warning; For lave IB God's own antidote tor frtt, Folkft hunger so for loving at the , night time, When wearily they take them home to re*t— At slumber sfeng and turning-out-the light-time - ' Of alt the time tot loving that's the best. , fc'olks want a lot of loving every mln and their In "High Society I «* The sympathy O t other* smile The sympathy O f others nnd their •mile! Till life's end, from the moment, they begin it, Folks need n lot of loving all the while.— Selected. Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Brown and son Arthur Thomas of Baton Rouge, La., arrived Thursday night for a visit with Mrs. Brown's parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Thompson. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Gorham were Thursday. . The Woman's Auxiliary of St. Marks Spiscopal church will meet Monday afternoon at 3:30 at the home of Mrs. C. C. Spraglns on South Hervey street. Miss Mary Love Doyle of Conway is the house guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Presley. Mrs. Jack Sullivan was hostess to the members of the Friday auction Bridge club and a number of special guests on Friday afternoon at her home on North Main street. A quantity of beautiful cut flowers were arranged throughout the rooms, and bridge was played from four tables, with the George Washington motif being stressed in the bridge accessories. Prizes were won by Mrs. C. B. Presley j with hot coffee. Out of town guests nnd Mrs. A. B. Presley. The George Washington motif was furthei observed in the serving of cherry pie were Miss Mnry Love Doyle of Conway and Mrs. R. L. Bunch of Little Rock. of Thunder afld Lightning Causes Girl to Go Wcit Flying high both in society and aviation circles is fair Felicia Flsk, New York social registrite,, Here she's jictured at RooSevelt^. Field, Long island, just before a sky -ride. She's a relative of former Senator Freling- huysen "of New Jersey. Saturday to spend the week-end vis- ting with Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Thompon and Capl. and Mrs. R. A. Boyett Mr and Mrs A B Spragins hove as louse guest, Mrs R. L. Bunch of Little Rock. Mrs. R. M. Ryle of Gurdon was.shop- ping in the city on Friday. The members of -the Friday Contract Bridge Club'were guests of Mrs. Hugh McGaughey on Frdlay afternoon at her home on South Elm street with Mrs. Eugene Johnson of Fulton as Mr. and Mrs. Ruffin Boyett and chll- Spe ^ ia f *", est S ? rnys ° f Ja P° nicn wer <; - - - used in decorating the rooms and (Iron of Little Rock, will arrive on Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! With HOPE STAR WANT ADS The more you tell, . i The, quicker you seU. 1 Insertion, lOc per lin% minimum 30c 3 insertions, 7c per line» minimum 50c , 6 insertions, 6c per line, minimum $1.00 26 insertions; 5c per line, minimum $4.00 (Average 5V4 words to the line) NOTE—Want advertisements accepted over the telephone may be charged with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, the day of first publication. Phone 768 FOUND—Two Black and white setter clogs. Caliar on one. Apply to Hope Star for information. 13-lt. FOR SALE FOR SALE—One or three fresh Jersey cows. See L. A. Foster. 10-3t FOR SALE—Winter and summer sprays and insecticides. Monts Seed Store. 0-6tc. FOR SALE—Practically new washing machine at bargain. 701 South Fulton. ' 8-3t. FOR RENT FOR RENT—Five room house, modern, convenient and close in. Reasonable. Robert Evans, Box 211, Ashdown, Arkansas. ll-6tp ' FOR RENT—Completely furnished four or five room Duplex Telephone 576. bridge was played • from two tables. The George Washington motif was observed in the tallies- and scoe pads and delightful punch was serVed throughout the game. Prizes went to Mrs. J. F. Porterfield and Mrs. Johnson. At the close of the game an ice course was served with cake. Mr. 1 and Mrs. W. C. Munn and daughters, Carolyn and Mary were Friday 'guests of Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Neighbors. Mrs. Gray Carrigan of Ozan was shopping in the city on Friday. , Mr. and Mrs. Carter Johnson were hosts to the members of the Emanon Club on Thursday evening at their home on East Stcond street Mr. and Mrs. George W. Robison returned on Saturday morning.from a ten days stay in St. Louis and . the Eastern markets, where they purchased spring stock for' the George W. Robison company stores. Winnie Llghtncr says dread of thunder, lighting and wind Is responsible for rcr place In the movies—she went (o California to escape them and now she's a star! By DAN THOMAS NBA Service Writer HOLLYWOOD .— Winnie LIghtner doesn't like thunder, lightning; .wind or banging doors and. as a result, is in the movies. We have heard a lot of reasons why this person or that invaded movieland but Winnie's wins the purple velvet derby. 'It's the wind and- banging doors that I mind the most," Winnie told me one day. "But since they usually accompany thunder and lightning. I don't like those either. Of course, I have a reason. "And it's not a long story. I once had a vaudeville partner who never went though a door without slamming it with a terrific bang. Nobody knew much about him, because he always rudely discouraged questions pertaining to his past. "This fellow had a habit of entering doos suddenly, as though he had come on a run. 'One stormy night it all came out. He and I were on the stage doing our act. One of lines was, 'You New Hope Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Cox of Washington spent Sunday with Mr. nnd Mrs, Claude Cox of this place. . Miss Jettie Watkins, who has been teaching at Spring Hill" for the past month, has returned home. She reported a very pleasant month. Mrs. Ella Gold and Joe Ella of Washington, accompanied' by Mr. and Mrs. William Hulsey of that place, spent n few hours with A. J. Arrington and family Saturday night. Lester Watkins attended the play given by the young people of DeAnn Friday night. He reported a very good/ play. Mr. Doc. Samuels of DeAnn, filled his regular appointment here Sunday. Every one enjoyed his sermon. Wo are very sorry to report that Mr. A. J. Arrington is on the sick list this week. We hope he will soon be able to be up. OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. - Gov. William H. (Alfalfa Bill) Murray will IBIU- a|ln °unce his candidacy for the demo- 10-3tp ! tratic presidential nomination from the floor of the state democratic conven- ———^——^——^—— »»v*u* \ji me aiaiir uciuuiiuui; uuiivcll- FOR RENT—Five room modern bun- lion here February 20 or 21, the gov- galow, newly papered, first class con- ! ernor's friends said Friday, dition .902 So. Main, corner 9th St. E. G. Slaybaugh, phone 816-2-3 (9-3t FOR RENT—Modern unfurnished duplex apartment. Living room, bed room, breakfast nook, kitchen, bath, glassed-in sleeping porch. Hayes McRae, care Bensberg Music Co., Telephone 762. 8-3tp FOR RENT—Modern six roo|m house, hardwood floors. Convenient, close in. 507 So. Pine. Phone 59.9. 9-3tp FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, two or three rooms, connecting bath. Private entrance. Mrs. R. M. Jones, 314 South Shover. 2913tp NOTICE GENERAL CONTRACTING - Free estimates on painting, paperhangin|, ull kinds of building. Phone 567J Or 518W. Collins & Harrington. (13-30tc NOTICE—Any watch or clork repaired for 5 bales of- hay or four bushels of corn. Work guaranteed. L. W. Cullins, Blevins, Ark. 10-3tp A LITTLE PEPSO-GINGER WILL end your indigestion or your druggist will refund your money. 5-304 LOST LOST—Brown Toole Bab, containing currency and silver. Lost near Christian church. Reward. Return to Hope Star, 13-ltp wouldn't go back on a chap like me, would you?" Just before he came to this line a door slammed back stage. My ,partner.,'tvu;ned...white under .his make-up and said, 'You wouldn't go back on a murderer like me, would you?' "Then he ran off the stage and disappeared. "Late that night the police called and asked me to come over to identify a man from our company who had killed himself. It was my partner and he had written a full cnofession of ho whe had murdered his wife. In the last line of his confsesion he said, 'The wind blew all night,' I'll never forget that line." That's why Winnie is in the movies now. The only profession she knows is acting. Southern California is noted for its scarcity of storms. But there isn't much of a market for stage talent out here. So if Winnie wanted to get away from the howling wind she had to go in the movies. It's a weird story but the actress swears that every word of it is true. 'Garner for President' Tag Is Given to Texan WASHINGTON-(vP)-An old Texas frien dof Speaker Garner—C. F. Fowler of San Antonio—Friday brought the first, "Garner for President" automobile tag and presented it to the Texas democrat. With an orange background and black letters, it has a reproduction of the capitol in the center. Garner thanked his friend, but said nothing about his being a possible candidate. Reminded that he had no automobile here on which to put it, he smiled. It's open to debate whether its more dangerous to allow your wife to drive your car ,or to refuse to let her. As Southerners Met at Capital Jesse H. Jones. .Houston. Tex., capitalist, and one of tte two erners named on the hoard- of directors of Hoover's $?,<W«,OQQ,000 R 8 . construction Finance Corporation, is shown above shaking hands with Senator_Tbo,0)8S Cpujially, right, of Texas, nfter Jones' arrival Washington. Prof. Dlou demonstrates his By MlNOTT SAUNDERS * NBA- Service Writer PARIS—(;p)—A .humane revolver which Inflicts a knoekbut, but leaves no Injurious effects, is being tried out by the local police department. This "knockout gun" is the Iftven" tion of Professor Diou of Paris, an expert .on fire-arms, and consists of a cone-shaped attachment which can be applied to almost any revolver.'Inside .there is a powder of.chemical substances. The pistol is loaded With a- blank cartridge which, when fired, ignites the powder and shoots out a blast of smoke. No After-Effects The stort has a double action. The force of the explosion will topple over an ordinary man at a distance of three yards arid a whiff of the gas will render him unconscious for about ten minutes. The chemical also has the effect of tear-gas and after regaining consciousness the victim will be' blinded for another ten minutes at least. Otherwise he will suffer no injury or feel any after-effects. "Some weapon like this is what W£ have needed for long time," said M. Piacentini, chief inspector of Paris police, who is conducting experiments with the "Knockout Gun." "Grave risks of permanent injury, which we wish to avoid, are always involved in overpowering criminals and suspects, _ ^^ , 111K) „ but these will be eliminated if this woman's handbag. 'hufaane revolver" (shown in close-up) weapon meets our-expectations. • We think it Can be safely used to subdue a raving maniac, for example, who does not merit punishment, or a man who is fighting drunk. 'And it should be invaluable for a policeman'working in close quarters." Useful for Civilians Professor Dloii sees a wide range of possibilities for his gun, outside of its police application. ' * ."Take the case of a holdupj" he said. " Amah thus armed may save himself by firing at close range and render his assailant helpless until aid can be secured or an escape made. It will be an admirable weapon 'for a woman in fear of molestation. Marlfs- manship is not sUch an important factor as with a regulation pistol.'When fired at three yards the gun will shoot a blast of smoke a yeard in diameter when it reaches its mark and a human being—or a mad dpg—within t that focus will be putout. "But the most humane factor is. that the shot cannot kill or main the victim. We read every day of terrible mistakes made by persons handling revolvers. With the 'Knockout Gun 1 such mistakes are not serious, for explanations can be made later." Professor Diou sincerely believes that his, gun is a life-saver. It is a little more cumbersome to carry than an ordinary revolver, but can easily be slipped into a coat pocket or a Harmony Mr.faHd'Mrs. Kermit Mitchell spent thjB w^ek 'end with her mother, Mrs. George jRussell and brother, Kanny near'Bodcaw. Miss Bessie McMillen spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Daiigherly. • J. M. McWilliams ,and grandson, Roy, spent a whlel Friday night with' Thad.Vines. ..;•• ••,- -wWv: • .-i' ••.-. ,,; •$ The party given at the home of K P. Otwell Saturday night was injbyecl by a large crowd. Austin Cox and Marion Daugherty of Stamps were Saturday night visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Daugherty. It was the first lime Mr. Dougherty "The Wild Oats Boy" a play, was dnd Mr. Cox had injoyed each others company for over 11 years, the two being first cousins. • .; We are glad to have Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dicksqn of Muleshoe, Texas, move into our community, •'!.'"•: ; .Mr. and Mrs. Grady Reece and Mr. and Mrs. Milton Caudle visited rel- atvies at Bodcaw Sunday. J Mr. and Mrs. Joe Daugherty and family are : Visiting relatives in Stamps .this'! week.. a whUe at ome Wecfiies- '' '" ' Washington ft& ~ 'Fftrj^T'ijneiafe aeak f mghf with Mr* ftfadfera. t Mrs. Joe%*» (fj&ut tJft .--at Sprlh* Hilt . Flora Carnes was, the efld guest of Miss Malohl. Mtt, fiaiUm Petre and, Mr. 'eft& M» J|cR Tefry, Mr, and Mrs, W. ffi .' oT.JBopetj spent Sunday in the of Mr. and Mrs, Ed Cusick Mf. and Mrs. Alvle Salhoon and fa , mi jy «J<* Mr. and Mrs. John 1 Rogers of Prvldence speHt the week end ^visiting relatives of this community! Mr* John Allen called on Mrs. Wes- sle Pool >of Holly Grove Thursday, home of Mrs. Rogers WednEIuUyEme Lafayette; Sinclair called at the home of Mrs. Rogers Wednesday night. ' Mr. and Mrs. Sid Houston and Mrs. Fred Petre of Hope spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Malone. Mr, aljd Mrs. Frank Carnes spent Sunday With Mrs. May Rice. Minto R6ss was a ooller at th£ home of Mrs. Malone Saturday night. Melrose No. 2 We sure are glad to see sbme sun shine, we hope the sun will keep on shiningi Mrs. Fred Petre and 1 children spent Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. 3,' F. Newbcrry. Mrs. Joe Huckabee and son, Ji D. and Bertha Zimmerly visited at Spring Hill. There was no prayer meeting Sunday night on account of bad roads, Mrs. F. C. Zimmerly has-returned after a visit with her mother Mrs. Lois March of Okolona. Miss-Irene>Huokabee spent Saturday night at,Hope. Mr. and f Mrs. A. R. Newberry, Opal Byron, Homer Glanes and Bertha Zimmerly spent Sunday at" the home 6f J. D. Newberry. given at the school .auditorium 'Friday night by some of the young people of DeAnn. Mr. and Mrs, Neal. Brewer and her sister Miss Deloney of Gum Springs spent the week end with W^ H. Weir. Mr. and Mrs^ Cecil Wallace of Saratoga were here Monday visiting Mr. and Mrs. Deal Beck. Missed Olen and Bessie O'Steen; and Elbert Aubrey and'Noel .O'Steen attended the ball game at Hope Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. E. R; Timberlake were shopping in Hope Saturday. Miss Lee Roberts of DeAnn spent Friday night and Saturday with the O'Steens. Several young people attended the ball game at the armory in Hope Satt- urday night. ' Miss Adele Bullard spent Monday night with Mrs. Alexander Smith, who lives .out near Holly Grove. Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Pilkinton were visiting in Ozan Sunday ;aftcrnoon. ", Mr. "and Mrs. 'Baxter' Bdck; ot ITex- arkana stopped here a while Sunday in route to Ozan. ""'' .•' Mrs. Luther Smith is having some improvements done on her yard. Bro. J. L. Lenord preached his regular sermons Sunday morning and night at the M. E. church. BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufer THEY ALL LAUGHID \VWEN pened; The Pirates were playing a picked team "at St.'Ma^ys, Qh'Fp.' Hans Wakner'and ?t fl W m *D mr * V etera » s *Nn and Max Oarey and "Lefty" Oopper Were ySters! L«£i m th * T r T g 1 nd at S* rne time th9 «•«" was one W* puddle, u*STo! w5 dust were spread about home plate and the bases. A broom w|$ provided sawdust leveled, The Pirates .took a huge early lead. Then, in a (ati • After taking two swings, he dropped his bat, while the homu. ; up, seiwd the broom and swung Vrom the hips. Thf ball ^topned' weakly i. »»,4 *u»_ p itcher seized it. But the cover was wet -->-•-"™™ q -.** y ' ished for second, The first ba home, and since everybody was - , ,._ . ttW« Miss Joyce Msrlflr Mini with fittte , L »V»*KTT Lee ana''tfoUti, vtsRed Howard f*irfcni^ St.} iL ftervis, WlBlams ufldaV irftethsoh at Mr. Hnfl M». Enie -™ while Saturday nignt'at . ; and Mi-«, T?rr e ! CatlglesV he* Ames, , Mr** .8i«ne -Smtfth' MlHses'Anine and' O urday at ^et fathers, Miss Cera Mae B urday night with Mrs, Miss Vanllta' Carlton spelit Sunday afternoon with Miss Cora Mbe Bustfal. We art soiCry td keow Lannle Hay Mattlson had ter be taken ttrtHfe-hdg*' pllal at 'Pr&seott Saturday night ihd was operated jertir Sunday fot* deiitls, He Is 1 getting alonf fi Gardenen seshrdlu shrdlu Mi 1 , and. Mies. Otis Purtle and faft* jly of Rocky Mound spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs. Enic Benson and family. Mrs. Jim Carlton and children visit* ed Sunday with Mrs. Ch&s. Carltdti and family* ^ Mr. and Mrs. John Ames of Hope visited Sunday with home fdlks of this place. Mrs. Olile' Sutton of Lone Star and Miss Marie Car Item was Sunday .guest of Miss Maggie Carlfon* New Liberty f .^^j^,^ * We are havingjsome pretty weather for planting. W» guess the farmers will get bnusy now ,with theh- crops. We are very sorry to hear of Mrs. Lillian Barnham Mtng ill, hope for her a quick recovery. "Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Aulds spent Sun-' day with Mr. and Mrs, E. T.'McGough " Miss Cornelia Barbara spent Sunday with her sister.-Mrs. Elbert Carl-' ton. , , ' 'Buddie Smith and David Fueston of Union spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Carlton. The Measles are getting plentiful around this community. Miss Pearl Clements spent Monday evening with Mrs. E. T. McGough. We are glad to know that Bright Crider and family are going to move back in our community. Mrs. Mattie Erwin is visiting grandmother Bullock. Albert 'Stark is sick with the flu. Battl^Field H. E. Reid left, Sunday for. Texarkana to attend-Federal coiirt. Ben Wilson and Kennie Atkins spent last Friday night with W. T.Vickers and family near Lost Prairie. ' Dorsey Watley land family from Hope spent Sunday with Mr. Watley and family. Mrs. Cora Livingston; and children from Prescott spent last Friday with her brother, Mr.'and Mnt Joe Morton. MrS.'Lula Yocom is spending a few days with H. E. Heid and family. ^\, Lr utta tha'ngtd on- autof ' S4ttoi^ Double! KB^AjBK. • '> W'-ff . ,, Aih--t;| 5 er Hu Walter Hu. ,\ ' * t 4 "Ruling Voi " ° t < The Star Who' . >./ Year Love-Making Up Mo n t "A. " 3. " Lovers Couraj " — Plus— COMEDY-NEWS ^ THE BAll WBMT ALL Tr\E BASES Majestic Building Phone 4644 . Geo. A. Meadows, B. Accts., Pres, J Meadows-Draughon Graduates Get the Best Positions A Superior School Catering to the-Bettor Class of Young People. Standard Courses in Bookkeeping, Banking, Higher. Accounting, Short- £1 hanff, Stenotypy, Typewriting, Office 1 Training, etc. Large teacmng"| ii staff, including Certified 1 Public Accountant Free Employment De-,^fl partment that keeps in constant toudj with 'leading busmesa con>< ; cerns. 'NOW, is the best time to enroll. Call phone or write " SPECIAL information. . •' ' MEADOWS-DRAUGHON BUSINESS COLLEGE SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA VJT..-1 C « I National Bank Capital find Surplus $300,000,00 OFFICERS ANP DIRECTORS R. M. kaGRONR President L. P. REED, Vice President R. M. BRIANT, Vice President C. C. SPRAGJNS, Cashier J. C. HAW., Assistant Cashier GEO. W. ROBISON O. A. GRAVES J. A. HAYNBS Win. TEMPLE A. L. BLACK Per Cent Interest on Savings

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