The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1940
Page 5
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•1- WEDNESDAY, MAKCH 20, 1040 BLYTIIEVILLE (AHK.) COURIER NEWS Its foreign obligations,. Mexico replied by reminding Britain of Us war debts to Hie United States. Then, tlie Mexican minister (n London was recalled, and England Imd to do likewise. Consulates in tlic two countries are still 'maintained. German Sympathies Not As Strong As In 191418 Camthersville Society—Personal V. W. A. Meets Mrs. J. E, Brown and Miss Lois Allen entertained the y. w. A. of the Baptist Church at (lie Brawn rcslrtence Monday evening. Hisses Mary Elizabeth Hedge ami Mur- Jorle Cullum were guests, and 11 members were present. Miss Joy Stcphtm conducted the business meolinj, at which time it was decided to send gifts to Julia Conncly, at Barnes hospital In St. Louis, whose parents are missionaries In China. Miss Marie Lynn Imd charge of the program entitled. "Heroes of .lie Homeland." Those nppmhv on the program were: Misses Es- :hcr Lee Binge, Jane McClanahan. Katlieryn Thrupp. Jb'y Steprranan, Mary Elizabeth Hedge. The hostesses served Ice cream Pie and cup cakes. The next meeting will be a potluck supper, to be .ie!d in two weeks. Monday Contract Club Mrs. Jimmy Tlpton Jr. entertained the Monday Contract Club at her home this week with Mrs. John White as guest. High score prize, hosiery, was LVOII by Mrs. Floyd Cain and Mrs. Iverson Mlclilc brldgoc:! and received a pair of vases. After the james the hostess served a salad .•curse with hot rolls and coffee. * ' => * New Monday Night Club Meets Siturdivy for Tucson, Ariz., where she will spend the Easter holidays with Mr. Arnold. Mr. and Mis. 11. o. Bennett of Little Rock, Ark., nrrlvcd here Friday to visit with their daughters, Miss Mary Jano Bennett ami Mrs. Harold S. Janes and family. Mr. Bennett- returned the following day, and Mrs. Bennett remained here for an extended visit. Mr. and Mrs, W. S. Hnluerl loft Sunday morning for Rochester, Minn., where Mr. Halbert will 30 through Mayo Brothers clinic. You've Heard 01' The Cat's Pajamas, Brit& p"-——- i~t TTT- H-I'-ITII i ilr't'mjnrnir i in 11 ir» .- , 1J _^. • , .. V .'. : , Charablin Motors Will Sell And Service Studebak'cv Cars Miss Mary Myrtle McArthur was I „ .. M .. jucst of the New Monday Night i - 0lly N _» n '«% returned fro,,, Jlub when it met this week at the Claude Nelson resilience with Miss Janice Bright as hostess. E.ister decorations wcro carried out in tallies, table appointments and ;uore pads. High score prize, hosiery, was won by Miss Elizabeth Brent and Miss Tennc Tiptop won lingerie for bridgo. Candy Easter novelties were given as favors to all the guests. After the games served s.indwiches, the hostess frozen fruit By WILLIAM If. LANDER Unltrd Press Staff Correspondent MEXICO, D. P., March 20 (UP) —People In Mexico are considerably mixed In the way they feel about the \vav In Europe. Things were different In 191418. Gen. Vcnustltmo Carranza, In power during most of that period, was pro-German, and so were most of the government officials, generals, and probably the majority of the people who had opinions en Ihe subject. There was, of course, an Important pro-Ally minority,'and some officials resigned their positions because of differences with Carranza on questions cf foreign policy. Today it Is extremely difficult to gauge how the majority of the Mexicans feel on the war question. Some people say that now the majority Is pro-Ally; others that pro- German sentiment is really much stronger than one realizes. One person put It lluis: one-third does not care; one-'third is pro-German, and one-third is pro-Ally. At any rate, these observations wiil show (hat there is no overwhelmingly preponderant feeling in favor of either side. German Sympathies Old •Germany always has had many sympathies in Mexico. The German Immigrant—rich or poor— generally has been very adaptable; often he marries a Mexican woman; does not keep himself aloof, or consider himself on :i plane above the Mexicans. Furthermore, .Mexicans generally have admiration for German efficiency, anc| Ihe German military machine. Many people who were pro-German in 1D14-19 may have unconsciously been so because of their Iv.iving been impressed by Ihe snappy naval contingent of Germany which paraded in Mexico City during the Centennial of Independence celebrations in 1910. During (he Spanish Civil War the Mexican government was pro- Loyalist, but the majority of the white-collar people \vere pro- Franco, so that Iliat period was a fertile one for German propaganda in Mexico, as Adolf Hitler was one of Franco's principal supporters. It was considered significant, for example, that Mexico City's one anti-Jewish 'riot should have occurred in connection with the Nationalists' celebration of the fall of Barcelona (January, 1039). The uerman colony In Mexico Is an important one. In Chiapas Germans control most of the cot- fee business (just as they do In Guatemala just across the Chiapas border). Throughout the republic they control the wholesale drug business, hardware store.? and import houses. In peacetimes, | where they have been vacationing the Hamburg-American Line ships 1 tor the past ten days. Mr. Hulf- plied between Vera Cruz, Tampico man remained in" Hot Springs for and Hambui'g. Some Magazines Anti-Ally Tlie German legation for many years has maintained a "press at- tache"—a post which no other embassy or legation has. This of? fice has worked efficiently. Most of the Mexican magazines and a few of the newspapers arc pro- German. Included among the weeklies Is the new one, Tlmon "(The Rudder), edited by Jose Vasconcelos, defeated candidate for president of Mexico in 1030. which frankly announces itself as "anti- Anglo-Saxon." Another thing which has helped pro-German sentiment in Mexico is the Nazi-Communist tie-up. Various German Communist and Socialist exiles resident in Mexico formerly were active in anti-Hitler propaganda work, through such mediums as tlie "League of German Culture." Now that organization is loin by dissension. El Popular, the pro-Soviet daily, gets most of its news from Berlin and Moscow, and has ceased all aiiti- Kict.i attacks which characterized H six months ago. T here Is considerable pro- French sentiment in Mexico. Ntwsrecls showing French troops probably get more applause than any others in Mexico Ci|y. Most of the Mexican writers'and artists consider Paris the ."spiritual capital" ol the Latins. Mexico also has an important French tradition, dating to the days when Ihe French troops kept Maximilian and Cnrlotta on the throne. Communist I'arty Active Tlie invasion of Finland by Soviet Russia has Increased the pro- Ally sentiment, it seems. Nevertheless, Russia has wide support .among the organized masses of Mexico. Tlie Mexican Communist Party, though compri'.ed of probably cnly 25,GtO members, is active and occupies key 'positions. Furthermore, it is now reinforced by important foreign elements. Great Britain probably has less Mippcrt in Mexico than any of the other warring nations. The war broke out at a time when Mexican and BrltisJi diplomatic relations were "in suspense." Britain In March, 1938, became angry over the expropriation of the Royal Dutch Shell's subsidiary — the "Mexican Eagle"—and demanded i hat President Cardenas give llin J pvopcrlles back. Cardenas paW no attention to these protasis. When' Kntiiiii begun to chide Mexico I about its slowness to meet some of Manila Society—Personal Women's Group Meets The Women's Society of Christian Service met al the Methodist church Friday afternoon for 111 1 ! beginning at (lie spring mission study using the book, "Right Here at Home", under the leadership of Mjrs. I r rcd Mcedhnm. i Contributing to the program and discussion were Mrs. Scott Wnllucs, : Mrs. Myrtle Pearson, Mvs. E. E. Byrcl, Mrs. Myrtle Brown and Mrs. I H. W. Cowan. | Preceding the study, Mrs. G. Mike led Ihe devotional assisted by Mrs. Albert Scott ami Mis, c. H. Aslia- brnuner. In the business session, reports of committees were heard by the president, Mrs. H. M. Flceman In whoso home the annual Bister meeting will b: held next Friday afternoon. Have Dinner I'arty Mr. and Mrs. C. If. Ashabnnrcr entertained ten guests with a dinner Sunday at their home. Included in Hie guests were Mr. and Mrs. Asa Tcrhune, Mrs. Robert Rod'ers and Mrs. L. Bernachl, of Memphis. + * « Miss Freicla McDonald and Miss salad, mints and coffee. Mr. and Airs. C. R. Dewltt and daujhter, Coleen, visited Mr, and Mrs. Doyne Bateman at Porlage- ville Sunday. Mrs. n. u Ward arrived at Cape Girnrdeiui Wednesday nighl to spend a few days at the horns of Judge ' t and Mrs. James A. finch. Charles Dayid Ridgley, 1 son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ridgley, left j Tuesday night for Johnson City, Tenn., where he has accepted a contract with the Cardinals as manager of the concession department. He sijncd the contract last week in St. Louis. Mr. and Mrs. John Garrett and Mrs. E. S..Huffman returned Sun- nijht from Hot Springs, Ark., a longer visit. L. H. Gale of Hayti Rock Sunday after having ployed with Ihe Jonesbcro basketball learn j in the stale tournament, ' j Mrs. Frank Isaac is spending this week in Tu|»lo, Moss,, as the gucsi of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Handle. Miss Almeda Berry, of Arkansss State College at Jonesboio, spent the week «id with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Villnrd Berry, and family. Mr. and Mrs. J. N, Hoiit and son, Dale, of Tuckerniiin. and Miss Mildred Hout, n student ot Arkansas State College at Jonesboro, were guests of Mr, and Mrs. B. J. McKinnon Sunday. Representative W. A. Button and Billy Downing arc attending to business in Liltle Rock. They plan to return Thursday. Dr- George Atkinson of St. Paul, Minn., is the guest of Dr. and Mr.v fa. S. Atkinson • this week. Ed Smith left Monday for points in California where he is to be employed. In the United Slates, about M.OOO workmen are employed In building aircraft—60,000 In airplane uuiu.uiaunr.g, 13,000 In aircraft engine manufacturing, and 20,000 in propellers, instruments and accessories production. The formal opening of Chambllp Motors, Jicwly appointed dealers for Ihe fitudebakci 1 automobile, will be held Thursday, H «•«« announced today by u. T. Chamblln Jr., head of the company. The new concern Is located In the building formerly occupied bv '!>' Greyhound Bus station at 123 West Ash Street. Tho bulidhg has recently been remodeled-, to accommodate the motor company and lins n spacious showroom In the front, offices and a large repair shop in the rear. Mr. Chamblln, who has been with Studcbaker since 1D34, formerly was In business in clarksdak', Miss., ami In Memphis, lie will now make his home in niylheville and will l;e in active charge of the business here. "We intend to give studcbnkor owners of this section the best IKM- sible service," Mr. Chambltn sal:!. " we will be able lo oulnln anything we nccil on short police- from the Sludeb.iker Corporation': $1GO,OGO parts depot In Memphis.' In charge of the repair department at the new motor compnn. will be A. H. Jenkins, well know UlythevWc mechanic who 1ms hnd IS years experience servicing Stuile- baker cars, The new concern will hole! "uiif house" Thursday nt which time tin public Is invited lo visit the showrooms and see the now siudcbnkcr models. Several factory representatives will be here. Mr. Chamblln said, and will assist in the opening. One feature of the day will be a earade of the new models through town, The very cat's pajamas In stylo »ro Uieso dog pajamas of polka dot llnmiel. Looking more bored than sleepy, this sealyham modeled them during recciu New York preview of canine Easter fashions. It Is reported that four of the $35 colleges participating In tn, j civilian pilot training program now Rrnd Ccurlnr News unnl ntls.' Lazy Insides Answer All-Vegetable Call You ought to know this simple wnj to rellpvc constijiiitjon nml its headaches, biliousness. Spicy, nromutlc, Dill-vegetable BLACK-DRAUGHT, taken at urtltlme hy cnsy directions, usually iillows ample Hi" 1 for sleep; nets gently, thoroughly in tlie morning. Mnln Ingredient of BLACK-BRA LIGHT helps tola inkstirml muscles. It is economical too; 23 to 40 (loses, 25c. Sign the New Register at the Ritz WED.-THURS. 20-21 A BEAUTIFUL YKAT WIU STIR VOUR EMOTIONS ... AND OPEN YOUR EYESl Read Cciirter ^fews want arts EXACTLY AS SHOWN IN ITS FAMED ATLANTA PREMIERE CONE WITH THE WIND STAK ' TUESDAY HIORMNG, iVIAH. 26 (O>'E WEERI • 'While this engagement is limited this production wil! not be shown anywhere except at advanced prices.. .at least until (941. THE WEEKDAY MATINEES WILL BE continuous performances with no reserved seals. Yon may come anytime from 10:CO a. m. up lo 2:15 p. m. and see a complete pertormanc3. For night shows and Sunday matinee ALL SEATS ARE RESERVED. RESERVED SKATS NOW! On Sale A t Box Office Foe Shovs (S p.m.) An Scats Res. Si. la ( n cl. Us Sun. Mat. (2 p.m.) AM Sexts Res. 91.12 Iticl. tax WceXday Mats, Continuous Not R". 75c iticl, ta-t DAVID o. SEUNicK's pr*t<ui>n ./ MARGARET MITCHELL'S "GONE WiTii°THB WIND" 11 TECIINiCOtXJK amir CLARK GABLE *< RA.-.V LttLU OLIVIA HOWARD • DeHAVILLAND VIV5EN LEIGH ., s,»r»,oif™ A SEIZNICK I.VTElCiATlONAL PICTURE 'imuitj VICTOR FLEMING A Mctra-GsVii; jn-Maytt Rclc«i Little Rock Man h Honored By Lodge O-SCEOLA, Ark., Mar, 10, — C, •lusenc Smith of Little lio^k, co-order of tho Arkansas grand "owicll of Royal and Select ,\f«s- cts, was tho honored guest and pt'iikcr at the special called mcct- of (lie O.sceoln Council No. 5V Kriilny nlghl, when six ciindl- lulcs were given llm dcsrce work J. B. Biinn, Ihrlce lllustrlotr mister of the Osccoln council, prc- •tded at the meeting In which the ollowlng men were resolved: llru.c vy, Myron NaUUim, llolnnd Green J. C. sixulock, Wllllnm Ellas, n, J. Dlrdley. Mr. llunii »nnounces the nest meeting for April no, when the special guest Is lo be John Kino- lunl of Povl smith, grand muster of (he Arkansas Grand Council of noynl and Select Musters. On this sumo dnte. ,l:iko Tlirall- klll, High IMIpsl of iho Osceola Royal Arch Chapter No. 57, announces n chss of candidates to ao given Iho degrees with Wtilter U. lllckman of LUUo Rock, Clvnnd Itlsh i> of tho Arkansas ginud chapter of Royal Arch Masters, ns lh<i principal guest. Combs six lo seven feet high are- built by the giant bees of India. Worms eomprlja the entire diet of tho Daoiidds/ a tribe In Libya. Thcsa pcoplo ure said to bp the, lowest specimens of mankind. Important for Women A wcnk, run-down condition often gives a loolhold lo runoljonal ilysmrnoirhoii, causing much poij- odlcnl distress, from , headaches, nervousness, cramp-Ilka pain for women, OAHDUI so often helps In, such cases, for It sharpens nppe- llte, boosts flow of (jnstrlc Jukes; to Improves digestion, helps b»l(il phye'lcnl resistance. OARDUI, tflk- eu a few days before and during "tho Hme," Is another way to help periodic distress. Used 50 years. . Mrs D. iSarker,- cjty,' Wnjltfli Mabel Bracklh, city, a'dmiitea,"y* . Victor Ivy, clty;:dlsrniss«d/ r ''v5X . Mrs.J. A.'T^sUiwr/cltyVWsmk'sfti' .Mrs,. J. .L. •Wlllfeiiui, 'cily;."'fi'&: ik , "i.'.v ' ' •?'••• . • -a •, Mrs, E|bc;rt Huffman;, city, a'd- iiillte.d. • ; ; , ' '. • - v %•'• .; Lola Thompson, city, dismissed, fi Orvllle Elklns"Jr'., pity, .dlsml^'eti'; . Memphis Baptist HosplUl |. : : Marjaret Qot-.e Norman, city, ad; mlttcd. '•' ':'-.•• -'.' •' -K ' Now being tested Iri Italyjlsl^ mechanism that v.'lll> enqblc"vtji5 pilot of a /transport plane to dr'pfi his passengers like bomoj If dijijjer itflseS. Safety hooks, worJtcd by'^in Electric mechanism hpld theC&e»t» oiid epttre : cibln. The passenjeiij * are s.uppllcd with parachutes, Mid; I. 1 ! 1 moving n lever, the pilot releases' the passengers (rom the cnWfr fd parnchulc to safety. Don't Mis* The CRAZY SALE Full Details On itaning GERALDINE ~ RTZGERALD GUOY5 GEORGE -JEFFREY tYNN'OME FAOE Also News <fc Comeuy FRIDAY, MAR. 22 350 Good Reasons; Why You Slibiilil Attend HAl ROJICH „„„„.•, NOW, rX« TEAKS MOiT IMPORTANT PICTUH ofMICI 6yJOHN STEINBECK 11 KISS unarm'• Km mil • ion wmtt. Also Sclented Shorl.i Coming Tuesday, March 2Glh For ;i Week's Run "GON B' WITH THE Wl N D" ROX Tucs., Wed., Tluirs. I'al 2 adniitlctl for the price nf 1 fjlnuiiiil Lowe ami Ttnsr Ilobarl "Wolf of New York" Also Selected Shorts riU. fc SAT. MAU. 'tt-'M Also Comedy & Serial Kit Carson No. 13 LISTEN TO KLCN 11:00 a.m. —12:45 p.m. —4;30 p.m. Phone Riti 224 Phnne Koxj 333 , Mattarcraf < , • flashlight /'j BATTERIES I with nji/ irby Drug Stores iMuin n( Second—Hromlwuy—Division FOR CASH THtO WEKK KtSD CAN JUSTRITE CLEANING m >ii^, A.' Cdypou 19 MINERAL OIL 7fi uaMr, u.s.p, QUALITY ........ mm\f FACIAL TISSUES ortcTiori | Box 500 <C DR. WEST 2Sc TOOTH PASTE UMI7 2. PI*. S OEM RUOR IUOES SWGIF tocr. . 23 PALMOLIVE 911 BEAUTY SOAP LIMir? <jm* JLJi WOOLBURY 1 TINCTURE IODINE l-oi. fO BOTTLE. . JL «J EX-LAX LAXATIVE I 35c 19 3S< SIZE. HILLS NOSE DROPS «c OCo 5/Zf. . . AO Accurate, D 'SURE.TIME' ALARM CLOCK [colons 9o°, RHINITIS TABLETS Jfnprovfd ^% Botlfi 25 *• HYDROGEN PEROXIDE PINT SIZE. FBEEir, urn GILLETTE ,fiw. SOc FACE CREAMS UMIT 1 POTCLEANERS METAL MESH MMMHL_ 25c SIZE REVELATION Tooth • A Powder . . . 1V C STRAWBERRY SUNDAE tli, frier nJ. rl.r. li'i'MI. efoai. T FREE! i-oi; TBHHHC BISMADINE of 5 1,1. ill. «T'.5d Try BiH»«Ji"» ( H.frlUrp or f 1-Pound PKG. PSYLLIUN SEED (DflRK) ,, For Only . . J J c GLYCERINE SUPPOSITORIES INFANT **, or ADULT . . 2J C SOc SIZE PEPTO-BISMOL 4-ounce Bo«le ... LEON UBAINE COI^OCNES An £i««i'ri'(« Clfll IK TWO $4 mm .... * Your cl»!c> o! C«ra*U<n GIFT SUGGESTIONS FJo\ver &' Shriib' SPRAXS ; Dry Lime, Sul- phiir, "> Bord«i(ix '; Mix{ure, " 'B1»P* Leaf 10,- Arse hi(i' I^ad, etc. .•'.• . $1.00 Lucien . Easter Bouquet $5.00 Gay Blister IJoxcs B»(h Vowrltr for Easier WHITMAN'S CANDY YnriHty, l.uclcn Lc- Lcntlicrlc. Pour , Perfpmi\s and Flowers from France. Box 500 KLEENEX ;.cuMwiii TISSUES 28' CM;ANH. TISSUES I'crfcclion MOLLE SHAVE CREAM 1001) Sheets I'or $l$izeZONITE ANTISEPTIC I4-ounca BOTTLE . . FLOSS- TEX TOILET TISSUE 25c Sire Jtromatfc CASCABA 2. ounce BOTTLE . . Battle 2S OLAFSEH ATOL , VITAMIN (*6JG) WifSJIO NUJOL MINERAL OIL 35c FASTEETH PLATE POWDER SHAMPOO DAME NATURE ' LOTION 2Sc PROPHiUCIIC BONDED TOOTH BRUSH SOc IODENT Tooth Paste 'SOAP SAVE Wrisley 12 10c Bar^ 75 C . SIZE' FltCH SHAMPOO 1-OUNCf. SPIRITS o» CAMPHOR i5c SIZE SLOANS LINSMENT . 23c Bib, . Gtt 1 .Bar Box 12 KOTEX Reg, Jr. Super 2?39 C Carlon 50 BOOK MATCHES 8° KKVLOX Hand Kit C'rcimi, I'carl Hand l.olion and ,\li(- , 5.15 lens FIGHT MOTHS Apex Moth Cakes ... 15e Apex Jlolh Vaporizer fclcc, Fuutlgalar ? loc Size LUX FLAKES PINT WITCH HAZEL 24*' 50c SIZE MENKENS SHAVE CREAM c

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