Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 12, 1932 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 12, 1932
Page 4
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..»•*!** *MH«** ****** cvrfewfty kitwf to tan," lunr f practice. It was nearly seren. Too didn't tett me his name," observed Myra, as she pulled over -Tr head * .dotted ~ Vtettng poto Mid at tbeLWo. TlocfaU cfarte on the &*un# from Arties, IfaKMrto — ««fc «* alter ttt» ,tta* *o- fle told m*. t* f r*. r««t*fc**fe«*». 4 —. ,' saapoM W want. >ed a aoBraer sweetheart wfefi* oft ;ftpn-iran waa awar." i ' " • * • j£LLEX laajhed mlrthtesaly, sat • dowjt, j>(rt OB tbe afeoea thai war* <jaite rood eaongh BOW, aa* ««letJy teleoted a drew to war. "Isn't it ftniay that Ma «*gag«meet would have been anaoanced Ia *** society «ohnta* wa«a b< told yoa he hadn't any sottey ot aar proapeets," Kyra said rathe. lr after a white, —Wly do yo» rappoM that tor* d*at kadw," Bllea aa- *wered, Hutleat and disinl«r«Bt«L "I always thought of so«iet> people as having lots of saosey. That sjbows Just bow isooraat I •»."* Myra said, exaggerating het self-deprecation to an attempt to mate it aamaing. Unen did not respond. Nor did she smile. "Don't yos think, EJteo, that maybe we^re sometimes too care- *I^^Wr «** OrecnLaaeter War* «». Sam . ftfr : a* .US* &MS* OM» «nd Jfeft JE1IU *} ** wctk «wt with, lictend* and aMNA* i* fete rw> Mto *A*a*«t Jfcwbwry S on Mrs, tE. B*tey atfcmoon. B*M«kn. Mattie Lou #U i»PteJt«««w««,tHe.jUMli TKlBNt**. «p«t*rtibj wife fem& Asa Cumbie. ;«»t.-ShMftw»aad Wylie Bfow«*.| $«•** SMsshKv nii*< with A. R. and and formal JL* ~~~ ***** ttto h«r tor $*»*'! war* lictl£falr, 'v^% tifi did," answocad ElJen him ,thja bring r ones. 14WTT," she said shyt Isn't that "Do t«« kn<rir him, Kyra?" Bien ,«a«lahoed, delight« "Waao»t.I r%it? laa't »«, _. . '&«r icfater Joofcad pate aa- and ttwd. Older than nsnaL 'T^f n«rer mec Larry Ha» gate," she answered In an vote*. i*n .why -were JOB so snr- Bton aak, and standit., _,,, She was not appreb«gwi»e, JMyra- sometimes bad a way eC >betas» mysterious orer triOes. Bnt a» the alienee lengthened she felt learn ftr "Jeoaw home «>«ft« really, t new*! "If you're'beard anything about fm that yon think would torn yon'ra wrong. ^ itbat yon bare. It's true." IWurt dM money 'paper ellpolngs that- she *ept in jber drawer of -th* «M-fa»htoned, > «rea» wJih^jnarnle- •eeoatcmed \ mostly * °»r- ward BP *a*.. , tbfi trait. think that being engaged Important aa we tbialf it is. e that's the way he feet* : it. People do think differ. about those thtags." . "I know what I think," EUen aympathetle to-!«ald in a'lerel, nnemotlonal tone Wow *b« - - fcad ed for A nonest oo A not. "tennis court. The man Is the «$rlp«d bfezer was XanT. lite Jff^, Mta|y« jfri who bad twined her ana through his Ellen had nercr wen. H*reye« Used on the caption. **-Ao Important engagemept Jto t of Mi* - fctafiSTaSwi! daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Bn» ,of Jfew Tork And Paria, *nd 4lr. LawreBce Harrow«ate. of Mrs. E. T. Barrowgata asd tha Jato Mr, Harrowgate. The wedding 1« set tor early fall. Mtas Bowea win be remembered . . . J< Ellen'* heart twisted rtckening- . . She did BSt speak and only Stood staring, staring at the pie, ," Myra aald closing .the dresser's peir drawer ,and turning aronnd Ui, "bosuwe I pnjy cut It opt TSwaday. It's an odd name." Elian roused, mechanically fold- d the; clipping and banded H back to h«r stetar. Myra did Jtot latmnt It to ier collecOon. . - atead she tore it to bits and flung a* ahe w«st on wtth th» that bad: beeotne to meaningless. 3i«tther gfci spoke for a long itme. J*3pr» ted opeoed &er mosth »*h«u» ^Ifcflre ffM a kooek on UM door Wn«rfre* by Molly's tans«tar anaadJor adialttance, . '. TWhat shall we tell hert" Myra's lips noiaeJessly Iramed UM words. "Ten her the whole thing, i don't care what yon tell her. Ton know she's bound to get the story out of one of us somehow." Ellen said, wondering bow long the pain ia her heart coald last. "In Juat a minute, mother," Myra called. On her way to the door she stopped by the chair where Ellen sat staring into space. "What are yon going to do about yonr date, Ellen?" Ellen gare a deep sigh and drew her thoughts away from the memory of Larry's laughing face. Her eyes were bright with teara. her month was drooping; to her sister she looked childish, pathetic, young, in her flimsy yolle dress. But eren aa the older girl watched, t&e square, boyish chin came np. 'What am I going to dot I'm not going—that's allf" (To Be Continued) said SecfiaB Hue Sanm Oft chain* and Kinrtj- t»* fink, to U* SotUb- —' rner <rf the Kortiwast Quarter ^_. of the Soutbeaat QoarUa- <SEI4> of Section Nineteec (»), run ;tbenee due West ooe O> dbain and twenty-four f2»J Bnks to center of Hope, Shover Springs and Falconi of said ?ubUc road eighteen »18> chains aad Jeventy-nine <T» Bnks. tomce East along the Soathenx bowndary liar of a parcel of land feee- , fa^e soW to J. ML Beeee. and parallel 'with the Northern boundary line of j the Northeast Quarter GfB%> of the Southeast Quarter <SE&) of Section Miaeteen O» Eght <» chains acd Seventy-sfac (W» links to the point of beginning, being all that part of the Northeast quarter tHE^t of the Southeast Quarter (SE*i) of Section Nineteen O3> lying East of Hope, Shover Springs and Falcon Road, ex-! vept four (« acres on the North and' heretofore conveytd to J. M- Bacee; ia in let item 0* Fightgents bk« the 7 em science. PaowerM Pleasant to take. Ko jAadrf if aar «« h 0 >lo C<lt : lm £ ac i a J FREE u"^ Kent ft! Find It! Boy It! Sell ft! WWi HOPE STAR WANT ADS Tte aw* you tafi, Tht quicker you sett 1 faasertion, Jflc prr lin^ 9 insertion., u per motimttrttSOe * bWtev, fe In the Chancery Court of Hemprtead Ctturty, Arkansas . Louis Joint Stock Land Bank of St Louis, MiMouri, A Corporation . _ Plaintiff VS. Sarah 8. Jobe, «t al ....... Defendajil* WARKUtG OJUMBB The defendant, Antoinette Delony » Manlove, ia warned to appear in this Court within thirty *30> days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff herein. WibMts'my hand and seal of said Court thi* 50i day of February, 1932: WILLIE HARRIS Clerk of Hempstead Chancery Court j Feb. 5, 12, 19, X ^ four w f>ve phone 57$. FOR HZMT-Five room modem J»nv _ o. Main, ilaybaugh, phone over with th« tb. is neok, Wtchan, teth, sleeping pc,ch. Hayes Mc- FOR SALE NOTICE *— Kalcb, « COMMISSIONER'S 3ALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIYKN, That in pwrsHance of the authority aid directions contained in the decietal order of the Chancery Cou/t of Hempstead County, made and entered on the Jlth day of December, A. D. JS31 in a certain cause (No. 2442) then pending therein between The Federal Land Bank of St. Louis, Misouri, a corpora- tton, complainant, and W. A. Nash, *t al, defendants, the undersigned, as Commiswoner of said Court, will ,offer for sale at public vendue to the highest bidder, at the front door or entrance of the Cdurt House at Washington, Arkansas, in the County of Hempstead, within the hours prescribed by law for judicial sales, on Thus- ] day, the 25th day of February, A. D, 1932, the following described real j estate, to-wit: The North Half (N%) of the Southwest Quarter (SWVi), and the Northwest Quarter CNWy«> of the Southeast Quarter (SEV*) of Section Twenty <»), in Township Thirteen <13) South, Range Twenty-three (23J West of the Fifth Principal Meridian, and: Also begin at quarter Section corner between Sections Nineteen (19) and Tewnty (20), in Township Thirteen (13) South, Range Twenty-three (23) West of the Fifth Principal Meridian, run thence South along the Section line between said Sections Nineteen (19) and Twenty (20), Three (3) chains and ten (10) links to the point of beginning, run thence South Betty Crocker's Chrominuna-PIated CAKE SERVER wafer mgr .feud •«& «& «***«»?„ A. XL BBS. HAWS ia MOTICE! 6 Diaen ffew Spring Dreeses made of efficient. USE fes Hun of brand*. LADIES SPECIALTY SHOP Thrifty Shopper* Will Recognize These Extra Values in F<xxi* of Known Quality acres, more or fess. Coanty. Arkacsaa. TERMS OF SALE: On a three nwntfcs. the porehomr besMi !?^_ to ._'?^ te a .»—« «**^f the - - - - * • —" . r « •••n-wgi ii irmrg date of sale until paid, acd a Sen be- tag retained on the ptemjaes sold to secax* the payment of the purchase,' money. COUGHS Whh GOLD MEDAL CAKE FLOUR. rac Two Pound Box I9c Extca Fancy Wine**p Dozen I5c Toilet Tissue Three Rolls For I9c Cleanser OLD DUTCH Two cans (or I5c Eggs OLBO—Ib. 10c Van Camp's Pork & Beans, can,.^ 6c Two Dozen 27C Mr. E. F. McFaddin, Atty. Hope, Arkansas. Dear Mr. McFaddin: to my stand on selling, leasing or renting our Municipal Light Sf Water Plant— J wish to explain myself as follows: I am not now, nor do I «wer anticipate being in favor of dJspos- <m ot the Light Sc Water FfeWt and I will not be responsible for it's a«ng ao issue bclote the voters of Hope, however, should the subject com* up, I would not be agreeable to anything other tran putting it to -t vote of the people and my V4»te at such time would be against ttw aate, Jteue or tenting of #mg. J JjeUeve that the plant should be per. BUO«i to reaimtain a »t# sufficient to insure a reserve at all times to tek* care pf any em«nttpcy «*•** operating expenses and I do not Hunk that the Councp sJuyiUl Jse radical in cutting operating ex- BB««* but as the pepnj» art fllBF 8 ^ to own this plqnt. they stewid be permitted ^ derive IPWt l»8^»«» other than service alone; this can be : done by altowiai the lrfi»t to produce tws wryice at a lower cost, thereby giving th* ttoafe^he advantage of a lower rate, j Pork-Beans Three Cans 19 , fSMniQaidly in favor, (he general public, I hope that this ,^ information/Is , J* this time, o f doing something tor views on th« matter thoroughly. piease comroan4 me, I am fftry truly yours, A. MONTS AMerman yajd No. 4, II Onion Sets, gal. Snowdrift, 3 Ibs. Hominy, can Tomatoes, 3 cans Sardines, can Navy Beam, Ib. Washing Pwd., 3 for Wheat Biscuit* Macaroni, pkg. 25r 49c 6r. 20c 4r 5c lOc He 4r Brooms, each Soap Chips, 3 for... Kraut, can Corn Flakes, 2 for.. Chili, No. 1 can Oysters, can Sardines, 15'o z , 2 for Sorghum, gal Soda, pkg ?rtr ?1r 4te -15c ..lie lie 13c ,29c 4r Kelloggs Corn 1 Cj* Flakes, 2 pkgs... ' ^** J Arm & Hammer Soda SELOX Package •••••••••VMiBM Palmolive BEADS, pkg. MUFFETS, pkg.. Two packages Full 01 oc. Package, Not the Small Size Three Packages lol Golden Crust Flo ur 24Lb,Sack..4< 48Lb.Sack..7( "CooWite," 100% Choice Cotton Seed Oil jLsrofO s Pound Bucket 57i Poodle* of Other SpedaJ—Com^ l n I i MARKET SPECIALS Hams Whaie w HaJf-Lb. i2V4c TORK ROAST Shoulder Cut Boneless—Lb. 11c SAUSAGE 3 Ibs. 25c BEEF ROAST Any Cut Fore Quarter—Lp. ,1U SLICED * W^BI ^^^pf .... tfafc t ,'**./•* ^f j ' OrX >**" *f "* "*, |S, ^^%?-V " -' r • .jp.... .v ^ f ..iffi. f -, ij^jsW^S^^S Meat Market Savings ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Wi^B^M^B ri^\/V\«^ Wh8|e ° r H»if-Lb. 12oC PORK ROAST. Cut From the Loin _ Lb 12c PORK CHOPS 2 Ihs 25c UM3® BACON Wndta JBM^T C««M* 15^ •MMMHilMI FULL OREAM-ftmnd f Dfy 3 Ik 26c •)•«•» 8c ME Kim pound ^ t "" ~' «|i|~ r "^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Bi ft& «iB •JifafV H-", 1-^ j

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