Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 12, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 12, 1932
Page 2
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• '->*4 VL. '*,.?• waft well eryotw &WHIB n at 2 o'clock. Judge and" MM. L. P. Higsnson visit. ed Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Jones Sunday afternoon. Wrs. *. A, 'CamjAtll -and -SMbf*. -C. C, Browning visited Mrs. Mlltofi Sim*; , Jnoft* .and Jtfrn. Charlie JtebeeU Tuw , day afternoon. Mitt Mary Morrow* attd Alias Fay, Janes' spent a few tfffys at W«tedoo last week, „ . Jtfr*. Charlie Oovlnfiten vliHad Mrs. A. It Campbell -Mortfla^ aft««ioen. , Mr. and Mrs. Virgil No*ris spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Stradder "You be China, ,1'il be Japan, and we'll (fettle ,thls war right now," Eddie Qrlbbon, Hollywood •comedian, 1old a iriend. Home brew Is'said to have been the ammunition. When police arrived, the .Chinese .forces l>ad beaten « retreat. And 'here you see 'tfapaii" making terrible faces through .the jail bars. Police said they confiscated six cases of 'beer and two bottles of liquor. Mr. atld Mrs. Leo Kay and son, Jack, spent Thursday night with 'his parents, Mr. and Mrs. 3. W. 'Ray and family. Glen Campbell, Frank and Paul Simmons attend -the party at Green --, - - t'ta visitinf * , i, .S,,Jot»8 vtirted her gwttdl mdtltef, Mri. Smith, of nea? SpNft Hill Tuesday afternoon. M«. J. W. Ray visited Mrs, Sfeteman .Sunday aftefnoon. Jto. And MM. rf.'-M. WattOfl a* •b«by tfwnt totutdqy .ftMtt mil Sti. day With his parents, Mr. and Mfl «. *. WaUon. * , Mr, ,aad lift. Milton Slmmtes a ChHiteeti «g«nt ,Bund|y wlthihh po ent*, Mf. «bd JAM. A. r. Stmtttons. 666 IM liquid or'flfoMoU uwd lirterwill «nd M« Salve externally, make *1 W« plcte arid dledlvetreatmcMt fa* toWt MOST STEEDV KEMSOrcS KNO ' T DBCM -_,, «,,_. w .. can be seen by the tremendous j,feet««ai»ttwH and German figures onthb amount !w&i - JJktJt *T£ already been jtfnd. mam govexment published figures paid its former'enemies, anAcash total of more than $16,0001,000^- v^*y~f i '"~" « » ^hftndi the allies' estimates of. payments fix «**»^ -*H-erthttr $2^oo,DOo;ooo. ^ ,_j discrepancy there. Somebody** ig<;would,s««m«to,,be exceedingly faulty; and there ^—^tttf fiseaidhiosr any leal agreement on -reparations til som6 wwt'^'Ijannony <ca/h J b£ toad'on-'the Question of paid. earer and Yet Nearer tome the Highway Taxes i-?t ft* • "i • . • ', , . -aw ,* '• asS!|AR ^recent weeks 'has repeatedly "warned its f j *he dke danger that, with the course -that has' thfe-iifetrlct highway taxes -would ilikely come lands,and,homes,of the pebjile in something. -^ of ihe state. abatement "in the begiDninK^was based pbieMeved %> 1» -alair \mdeMBtanding <of •tiie'" „ ,.. a ;all jrraunded -upon the current statas of the f man- 1 State "Highway'Department. Then came of JS&te4Jeb±,Board inihe office .of the. Croverrior, a report of the condition of the Eastern bond Chairman Dwight H.^'Blackwopd.,. uestion of Governor Parnell, speaking; i—i-T-T— — - ii9 ! !tew-<congtroction of highways -be undertaken, e revenues for 1932 RETURN TO NORMAL, possible to meet the obligations of the depart- the year. • le/the above may not be the-exadt words of Chairman they most certainly and accurately carry .the true' df the .statement made by him.. outstanding points of the statement given above are, by the words in capital letters. At" that moment i not* man among those present who "had, given ithe , a thought but 3snew there was not <even a small aat 4he>e\^uesol the, Wghway department would etjjrn to normal in 1932. Conditions then indicated .that tiw. — 'on which license fees were paid in 1931 the ahelf " tn 19S2. One man in authority to make « fairly accurate estimate stated to : he believed that the license? for 19S2 would or' less, as compared wifih 185,000 in 1931. .This made certain a big loss in the amount of license fees eeled and «t the same thne reflected a -severe drop in the MttWit ,to he foUepted from gasoline tax. Furthermore .the 'cry -fact that 'it was known that highway construction would ie bought down to a minimum meant .that many hundreds if jgaj-s and trucks previously in active use would be idle, very largely the gasoline to be used and the tax iMH^ving the above information was based on a fairly summary of facts, The Star made a plea that ible step should be taken to curtail unnecessary ex- tha't the growing tendency toward using. Mghway fUftd^ for purposes other thawiitghway building, jnaintenance lent of inffebtedneas should b« halted at once, and OtUd be jjecessary even to stop ^utterly the count .,_., ^moairtiBg to*everal millions of dollars annually. I w»« not suggested that the counties did not need the money Jfw rojad development, and it was «ot even hinted that a ^rood 'ideal # 4hjs money was not being used to the 'beat advantage, fit was merely that, following the existing system, there " flot 1» eno\jgh money to meet the already esteblishe- " iaeluding of course the district bonds, TV „ _.,^.» -Aflsociatioo of the state has since that time we&& meetings and vigorously denounced any attempt to de s them of the use of the turnback money, and it is pret ttBderetood th atthey have an organization that nas i* ' Stated ihe policies of the General 'AssemWy and that many a»e »ow convinced can control It is even stated that the organisation is ao stmaiarly is it entrenched in the state. jpiftBtar has stated previou% that large sums have been -4fQro the Highway |3tenajtinej& One item was |500 r *—"- extracted from highway lunds and turned ii funds of the state, and uaed- There is no any side that it is proposed to ever repay this dollars. It has been intimated that by other methods, ' at Least, |400,OftO mer« has been used for .like M&W neat swm of a2§,00e was appropriated to ^liansas." Two If^slstivje sessions have been oat of thf highway f md», *ad uow, m » late story .ancial difficulties of the State prison farms it in that $100,000 in highway fuada had been borrowed intaiffliBg such f arBP, f^ere is not even a straw ^-MC^ of th*^ww«wiJJ ^repaid to tbth rtment now or at any f ytui« tune. But thore wmfc on Do\bu Gordon Powell and Rufus Herndon spent yesterday in Z-ittle Rock. Mrs. J. A. Coudh and Daughter, Miss Mabel "CbUdh," of (Nashville, were hi the city Thursday. MRS 'Emma Riley visited in Little Rock yesterday. Hartad Jttag left Saturday for Winter Park, Florida, to enter school with the -BolUns College. . . . SmiOi, accomlpanied bf '• , John P.. Co^ ,'E. 'j: McCabe, Woodliff, .M. TV; Cornelius and! Herndon, motored to Emmet this afternoon :for the , party given by ( Mrs. Douglas McSwain. . H«nry Chapel Mm. Tlteoher jEasterling and children of Melrose, are staying with her parents, Mr. and "Mrs. -Andy for a lew days. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. .Turner and children, Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Johnston, and children spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. !R.;M. Fincher. (Bernicii 'Curable .spent Friday night with ;CWra Ellis iol .Rocky Mound. The party .given :at-the jome of the Misses Robertson's Saturday ngiht was well attended and enjoyed every onei reported. ; Trank Simmons of Providence spent Saturday night with Emmett Darwin. Mr. and Mrs. Fox from St. Louis tove moved'.into our community. Mrs. Ethel J*incher spent Monday afternoon with Mrs. E. F. Simmons. Mrs. Andy Jordan spent last week with her daughter, Mrs. Pearl Ellis, of Bluff Springs. Misses Clara and Denvil Ellis .of-: Eocky Mound, spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. 'Earl Fincher. RUffe Tincher visited relatives near Union "Wednesday night. Several from here attended singing at Rocky Mound Sunday, night. Mrs % A. B. Turner spent .Monday afternoon with Mrs. V.-C: Johnston. Faye Turner spent Tuesday dfter- •non witn'OIen'Tmcher. Mr. and Mrs. "Fred Hunt and Mr. and! Mrs. Dale Hunt -visited Mr. and Mrs. Bud Hunt-Sunday. Clara -Ellis of Rocky Mound, spent Saturday night and Sunday -with Cor- •nelia ^LewaTlen' Mrs. A. -B. 'Turner , and children spent Monday afternoon' with' M*s. :Glen T'meher. Mr. and'Mrs. K. M. Fincher and -Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Dobson visited Mr. and Mrs. A. -B.!'Turner a while Sunday -night,' •< * Bernice-Curable spent Sunday night with Louise Robbertson. . Ellen Byers spent Triday night'^vith Ruth-Cumbie. Bluff Springs ( j / . .'. . " ~,~; " t Health in -this community Js year ,good '.df -this wtitins, 'which • we all should be thankful for. Everyone certainly has been -enjoying, this j>retty weather. Eddie Carlton .and wife was called ^to the bedside'Of ;her brother, Lonnie .Ray Matison Saturday night. Howell iGoad and wife, and Mrs. Zula Morton were-the guests of L. H. Parris and family Saturday night and Sunday. ; F. A. Dilkrd* and family, Edward 1 Askew and -wife, spent .-the day with Mr. Roy Carlton .and wife. R. L. Furtle and family were 1 the .guests of L. H. Farris and family Sunday. •Buster Ghormley and family were the guests of .Joe Ghormejy and family Sunday. Olen Parris is at home after spending quite a while atDeAnn with relatives. Misses Ruth and Blanche Purtle were the guests .of Mrs. .Lizzie Carlton and W. U. AUnond Saturday night. Elan Almond spent Sunday with L. H. Parris. Heads PatroJ Shover Springs The past few days of -pretty weather has made us want to get busy and plant gardens. The .pastor of the .church at this place, M. J. Burges, was passing through the country and stopped oyer - THIS CURIOUS WORLD — arkana, visited at the V. M. England home Sunday ;al«o Albert Smith and wife, Sam Eglish and wife. All enjoyed .a -line 'dinner In honor of -the birthday of Miss Ada May English. Mr. and Mrs.,Sid Phillips of Greenville, Texas, have <been visiting the ipast week at ihe home of his sister, Mrs. Jfett Rodgers. They also visited at the W. A. Walker home. Jack Rodgers and wife of El Dorado, visited home folks the past week. Grandpa English was a welcome caller in the W. A. Walker home Sunday afternoon. Political Announcements The Star h autborized to announce the following candidates subject to the action of the Democratic primary elec fflbn August 9, 3932: Rear Admiral Y. S. Williams (above) cqmmands the U. S. naval patrol inear Shanghai. and preached here Sunday. Odis Fuller .of Bodcaw, and Miss Fay Beckworth of this place, motored •to Prescott last Saturday night and were united 1 hi marriage. Their many friends of "this place wish for them a long and happy life. 'Howard Colyer and wife visited -his, father at Oak 'Grove Sunday. J. S. Heed and wife, Edward Gilbert and wife, were -.afternoon visitors in the -home of Mr. and Mrs. John Reece Sunday. We are glad -to report Miss Forrest Buggies able to return home after a serious operation at Hot Springs, but sorry to report Mrs, Ida Ruggles still confined to her bed. We are glad to report quite a large number fro mthe Gurrett Memorial church at Hope attended church here Sunday and heard Rev. Surges, who preacred a fine sermon. We cordially invite them back. John Calwoll and family of Tex- HEMPSTEAD COUNTY For Sheriff SIMON M. BUTTON OntMlst ••Hope CITY OF HOPE (Democratic Primary Feb. 23) For City Clerk FRED WEBB For Ciiy Attorney PAT CASEY For Alderman, Ward One L. C. (LEX) HELMS i BENNIE BENTON ROY ANDERSON E. O. COOP Ward Two ROY 'STEPHENSON L. A. KEITH Ward Four CLYDE A. MONTS IRA HALLIBURTON A. M. M'KAMEY ANNOUNCING Tke Opening .of The HOPE FEED CO. The only cash and carry Flour- and Feed busi- f mess in town. Located at the stand formerly occupied by Moses Feed Store v across from the Frisco Freight Depot, on the Broadway of America, We will have a complete line of feeds for the cows, chickens and for the family. A fine line of all-purpose flour. We will go our limit to trade with you on all kinds of farm produce for flour and feed. We extend to sne and all, a special invitation to come and 1 see us. We will give you the best of service, and full value for your money. Faultless Flour e are now making a house to house canvass introducing Faultless Flour. This fine flour is milled from choice white Illinois wheat. Try a sack of Faultless Flour. Each sack has an unconditional and unrestricted guarantee. Middlebrooks Grocery Dan Godbold kon Sanders Grocery Patterson's Grocery Bo»well Bargain House Darwin Store Robison Grocery Moore & Hawthorne W. 8. Carmichal Cobb's Grocery H. V. Stephemon Kettig's Filling Station J.H.McO»niel Hope Feed Co* PHONE 356 He Will Fill Your Requi P.IGGLY WIGGLV ' • i • • . To shop with Piggly Waggly means .that you obtain your food 'supplies as cheap as is possible to diB- tribute them. And you are assured -of fresh merchandise, and good -quality. In <our windows .you find vegetables fresh from the Eio XJrande valley. Our isles and shelves are brimming full of fine canned goods, and in our market you will find K. C. •Beef, ^eal, Lamb, Pork, and fresh fish and oysters, Featuring Arniour's Climax'branded beef. Compound 8 Pounds Fresh Vanilla Wafers Country Club—Lb. 21c FLOUR Country Club 48 Lb. Sack Great Northern BEANS Five Pounds Gingerale 24 oz. Bottle Two For Country Club Apple Butter 38 ounces 21c Fancy Assorted Chocolates Pound 15c .Jewel Brand 3 Pounds Country Club Pork & BEANS 4 cans for Butter Milk BREAD 5c —IN OUR SANITARY MARKET— PORK CHOPS Pound 10 Vic NE€K 4 Pounds 19c Dry Salt MEAT Fine to Season—Lb, 7c 100 Per Cent Pure Pork Sausage 3 Pounds 25c Fresh Fish and Oyst«f« K. C PORK LOION ROAST Pound lOc SPARE RIBS Pound 9c Swift's Silver Leaf Pure Hog Lard 50 Pounds $3.98 K. C. BEEF ROAST Found 12 Brisket Roast Found 10c

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