Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 11, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 11, 1932
Page 3
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for to Be Improv* . HOH»r Burke, of Texarkana, was t visitor In this city Thursday Btauty In the passing shower, Btatily In the storms of winter when they beat with frantic (lower. Oh, th» earth is itvins good Irv Itfr every chnngtrig mbod. I, - It were well we team to tove It as we move along id Heaven, Ltt tu learn to laugh, my brother, And the scornftil Wtttf to smotftef, Ami to helpt a«d tev* ««h athttr, we hope to b» forgiVen.-W. 0. Ladles of VKe Firtt Christian cHurch will' spohsr* a chill sapper Thursday evening beginning at 5 o'tlock at the' Christian bungalow. A supper wyistetirtK of. chill, pickles, crackers, pie and coffee can be Had for & cents/ The' money realized from this «Upper Will go toward pUrchaa- Farm Blacksmithing Plow Laying and Sharpening Moldboards and Landslides Made and Repaired Wagon Building General Blacksmithing Low Prices Work Guaranteed Ark. Machine . .* ,. *. . Specialty Co. HOPE. ARKANSAS ftto P*tt«t,d*c. Mrs. Q. C. MeEachln. whb has been the.fUWrt vt m. 6Hd Mrs. J. M. Hou»- m to rgiis past W«sk has returned to h*r home in Uttle IbcU. Mi». John ». Bart» i 'hns returned from a visit in Hot Spk 1KS . Sn of OuJchlta. College, -, Jtehl th» Week end vis- m—a ar7.v."" P***W*> Mr. and Mrs. V* J9ardt4 Wafd- »«« mother, Mrs. 0«t ( «jtJ!. C«H}(fo Were HSWrit visitors With Misses Whltffeld.ind Josephine CMinori In OUachlta college, Arkadelphia. Mrs, Cart Brown and Mrs. Olen Coker bf BleVlns were Wednesday shoppers In the city. ' The Women's Mi^lSnary Sotleties of all the churches In the city will Observe "World Prayer Gay" with a service of prayer and praise at 2:30 at the "First 7 Baptist church on Friday afternoon. Mrs. J. H. Arnold, Mrs. R. L. Gosnfell, Mrs. R. M. Brtant, Mrs. Don Smith, Mrs. P. H. Webb, Mrs. C. D. Lester, Mrs, J. L. Strihger, Mrs Stjth Davenport, Mrs. Ox A. Graves, Misses Ida and Mollle Hatch, Mamie Brtant, and Dell McClanahan and Dr. J. L. Cannon attended a Zone Meeting of the W6maa's Missionary Society of the First Methodist Church in. Ozan on Thursday afternoon. The Wednesday Contract Bridge club were guests of Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp at n series of games on Wednesday at her home on South Elm street. A quantity of beautiful spring flbwers brightened the rooms and bridge was played from two tables'. In the morning games, Mrs 1 . J. F. Corin wbn the high *core i favor, and in the afternoon game, Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp scored high. At noon a Snost 'tempting luhch' was served by an aluminum demonstrator. Mrs. Chas. Haynes dnd Mrs. J. A. Henry were visitors in Washington on Thursday, as members of a committee pertaining to the Daughters of the Confederacy. Mrs. Tully Henry, Mrs. Terrell Cornelius, Mrs. Hayes McRae, Mrs. R. T. White and Miss Frances White Will attend' the Ladies Golf Tounament at the Texarknna Country Club on day. - fcocky Mound Hay Rocky Mound school is td present a. play "Mother 'Mine," nt the school auditorium Friday night, February 12. Special numbers will be given between the acts. Wttttffft Pfeyer Ratei *• Ate of Tf !ck Movie Kea Wayward exhibits some of trick riding that made him a faa attrition With Rihgttng Broth*s' CrattS 1ft hfc new Tiffany Productions A-aWfl, "fiftmltd Men, 0 which wlll.be on the bill at the Saenger Saturdafr. Even among his rivals in Hollywood, Ken is recognized as one of the best trick riders in films. Riding Is his chief sport and hobby and he ownti a stable of horses, among them a sltlhg of polo ponies which he personally trained* Maynard has always been a rider. Raised on a ranch In Texas, he coiild do" 'the ordinary cowboy tricks as,' a boy. He rbn away from home when h*' Was fourteen to Join a ctfcBt But was brought back to the par4nf!al roof after three glorious weeks with his, heroes, the trick riders. When he was old enough, he gairted h!« fathers consent and joined a circus, By this > time he was proflclint enough to' be recognized as a good performer, fdr his father, realising that the boy was determined on a career as a circus performer, encouraged him. Ken soon became a headline attraction; with Rlngllng Brothers, leaving the organization to join the Hollywood movies. He is always ' experimenting with new tricks -or perfecting old ones. Although he has taken several hard falls, he has never been seriously injured. He maintains a small ranch ahd stables in the San Fernando valley near Los Angeles, where he practices his sensational tricks in the saddle. kody Found by la Bathtub ot VftCiftt led body of Ma , found in th^ bathtab '6f A tatafflt bn the fifth floor of a tettftMlhrhlttfe TaWfflay night. fjjttee said she had; been 1 attaek'ed »mi bfeatcn to death wttii a ttfettt WH fttnn a (?rt hgatw. She had! befeti about'12 hours. AH Business Buildings in Town Raied by Fire MOUNT IDA, Ark.-^-FIre razed all of the business buildings with the exception of one In Oden, a village 13 miles northwest 6f here, shortly before mldnigrt Wednesday night. In- cendiarism was suspected. Practically ah the buildings destroyed were frame structures, the total loss amounting, to about $30,000. The' fire originated in the Plaster general cerchahdise store and spread to trie Hickory, Plemmons and Glen Hickory stores. A filling station and a garage also were destroyed, and the uost office and telephone exchange damaged. Personal Mention Mrs. W. B. Graves and son, Hilburn, Mrs. Bob,: Chamberlan, accompanied by Mrs. W. S. Combes of Paragould, arrived in Hope Wednesday night, after having attended the funeral of W. B. Graves, which was held in Paragould last Friday. Announcement Extraordinary! SAENGER THEATRE Presents "MODES OF THE MOMENT" With a Musical Background In Co-operation With the Smart'Shop FRIDAY NIGHT FEBRUARY TWELFTH A BEVY OF BEAUTIFUL LIVING MANNEQUINS And Vaudeville Specialties CLEO Oriental Dance Queen MONTAfiUE'S KENTUCKY SERENAOERS 12—Colored Marvels—12 SUNSHINE TWINS Real Entertainers NED DAVIS Rudy Vallee of the South JIMMIE SUTTON King of Tap Dancers ADDED FEATURE id Sidney Fox in "NICE WOMEN" Admission; lOc, 35c and 5Oc Stag* Show Arranged by The Smart Shop Jean Bort>tr« m D«fem! U.S.tndeor Net Title PABIS-^-^eMi.Bolrotra.Jont <! Fence's now Scattered "Thrte Mift- " " .of the termls codrts, (o leave fbt- the United States '. tuary 25 to fle'fshid his Indoor single* title. •• . , . f SdwtrB's appearance tn outdeor cohipetitton is unlikely, thbugh Pfench tennis fans hope to persuade hfm Ib participate IB thte defense of the Davis Cup, where it is felt he will be sorely needed. Rene Lacoste has definitely announced he 'will 'not W available, and wlth.Borotra also out' it dnpeBrs ihe chief burden will fall on ffenrl Cochet. Slayer Whb. Etc aped Ohio Jail U Returned HOUSTON, Tex.-(/P)lsam F. Alken, wh oescaped an Atlanta, Oa., dtath bell 12 days before the'date Of 1 his scheduled electrocution for a doubt* murder, was taken back to Atlanta Monday in the custody of two sheriff's deputies. Aiken and Fred Fair,. condemned slayer Of a policeman, sawed out of the Atlanta jail 18 months ago. Aiken, who was convicted of the murder of his .wife and a neighbor, came here dnd married again under the name of "Sam Shaw." f CARD OF THANKS Words are inadequate to express our deep appreciation to the 1 wonderful friends who came to us .in all their goodness .with sympathy and beautiful floral offerings when' our hearts are torn" and bleeding with sorrow over the death of our husband and father. We especially thank the senior class of thfe high school, Mrs. Tully Henry for the, lovely songs rendered and Bro. Anderson for his comforting words; the boys of the orchestra for their ..loyalty and Assistance as pall bearers; Mr. Hferndon for his thought- fulness'and',Dr. Jim Martindale for his faithful service. Mrs. W. B. Graves artd Son Hilburn. Amazing New, Double Sight Glasses 5000 OFFERED ON FREE TRIAL Readers of this newspaper are invited to take advantage of the sensational offer of a large Chicago spectacle house which has - perfected Ii • |W$ double sigrt spectacle. Tnese latest most up to date spectacles with large clear full vision lenses are guaranteed to improve the vision and' enable wearers to read finest print, work sew, see far or near. They are insured against breaking or tranishing. The Capitol Spectacle Company, Dept. N-132, 113 So. Dearborn St., Chicago, 111., are offering these $18.00 value spectacles at only $1.98 on Khday Free Trial, with the understanding that they will amaze and delight you or there will be no cost. Write today for 10 day free trial, giving name, address and age. —Adv, LAST TIMES FRIDAY Wallace BEERY Clark GABLE "Hill DIVERS" KEN MAYNARD -In"BRANDED MEN" —Also— Walter Huston -In- The Ruling Voice «*te Jfi*fcH { on the Dqkfttan. Thft slfiffeUry B<' state ' Wednesday* that ea«h«it of > the didate was ttdt necessary t E. H. Soviet, Wfrnef net*, said' h«i would titt in«tin» petitions in behalf of the 1928' aemocratie' sWrrdMI fctaref/and hop *d to fflejen- him % late SA the deadline tor such action. " ™rr *» f •«*^'*«*^«»« I* Oppoied by Hut-fey WASHINGTON.— (#) -43 e e * etary • told the house insular co'm- ...,.. T . \VeaneBtfay that because of the Political chaos in the Far East the iresent is Ho time to consider" libera- Ion of,ti» Philippine islands. The «fere1ar> of war *ald any IftW .Mediate, severance of pbllttcal rela- lions between .the United States and the Ptillitjpln^ might lead to anarchy arid fdv$utfon, "Ko final sdlutlon," he said, "of political relations can be undertaken at the present without grave danger W both the Philippines and the American people." He advbcated the restriction of Filipino immigration- to the 1 Ujiited States asian economic measure artd not one' based oh racial-grbiinds. DO YOU NEED A MODERN BUILT-IN TUB? Let us install o'ne and you pay, only 10 per cent down; the rest monthly. SHIVER BROS. , "For Plumbing" Qualified Cohtractor-DDSJers l^HONE 459 u,- wireon and ifttehua fllmtn, ne* Hem, |Head«d guilty to similar 5 rirtifges anrf received sentences of thret #6»rs m thfe*fBt charge and a year M the Both negtoes admitted that tbjy had been sentenced By Judg* Britt Wltere' ahd'Iiad been out of priitn Sbdut five months. •, ; fc/<jflrttti&s was jttlect by' A. J. ft< Andrews'.^ |gflnst the fWtfchle' c6mpa«S(. PJaintiffe'ask te. for ifljtifies .rfeceived wliAi a car in' which thfey weft ridihg cbllfded with.' a company iriicfe, Tr\al wai res^tfof Tuesday, 1 February 18. *la. a .da«iage,suit t&inct U»' T.- Plcfcler, -the plaintiff, & F. Mftyfield was granted JlOOO fdr bddily ,lnjury received Vfhen he flnd>ftekttif got info an* argument over Plckter's rela- tlijni with Mflyfield'fe wife frttm whom he foad-bten gepatsited for Some time. aftd. ftej»ther'J<S(Uf m*«',a' tni wwHs afid r. —_. fti^. J were tttidw ta&etic* ( I'MHJdlirig. Sat^t and te otefs fled a$£ ' had bfi6n fifed. AcdTor,«i«7 jua., ^^vn- erated the officers W( 4 ^* p1 " 1 ' ' A •'' f IftSt AID KIT k Home Necessity In every -tome, especially where there are Children, a well-stocked , First Aid Kit is. an absolute rtefies- ,sity. Instant and proper) treatment! of burns, scalds, cuts, scratches, sprains, bumps, and bruises prevents' infection and other ttbuMes. IP YOU LACk Af*Y Ofr TiEfflSE —Absorbent Cotton, Gauze, Bandages, Adlieslve tape, Court Plaster, Bum Ointment, Iodine, Peroxide, Boric Acid, Eye Cup, Atomizer- let us supply what is missing. WardA Son The Leading Druggists, "We've Got'lt" Motor Cycle Delivery PHONE 62 / We are We Still have tftefttfr'flf See for yottatelf. Yard Goods,, Regular 25c materials, yard ' Yard GooHs, regular , „ l5c materials,' yard .'...... ,; 111 Piece ^Goods, regular • ' t JOc matertals^yard .....'a ...,.t,j (Jjuilt Bundles, i assorted, each „..., <&UILTING COfTOSr ^'"Hk i Ib. rdlls for ..,,. *....:._•, I 9JB DOMESTIC, i Per proofs 8 oz., yard\....l DRESSES-Fast ' dolors, each Men's Stetson Hats Choice Silk Crepe' Dresses • ;C°hoice .....'..^. . Walker Sabs v c Next Door West of-Post Off ice. ' ., •\\\\\\u v .. 1932, Tt» Am«tl«o Tobictfl Co. "II I've smoked LUCKIES for three years" ^'ve smoked WCICIE8 for three years, I've* tried almost every other brand and found »that LUCIUES are truly the only cigarettes that do not hurt my throat. Talking pictures make it even more important for an actress to keep her throat in perfect condition. And I think the new Cellophane tab is slick." /?. 61 ^- WAS&V^^ "* It's toasted A TINY UTTIE FOX Sidney Fox ii |uit a fraction of an Inch gndw fiv« ftel and weight all of ninety-four pounds. In her first mo'om pitcher, Sidney occupied Hie ftar'; dressing room. She clicked Immediately in UNIVERSE'S "Strictly Dishonorable" and slay* 'em in "MURDERS IN THE We MQ8GUE." Sidney has smoked IUCKIES three years. She's not only been kind to her throat, but also kind to th» mokers of LUCKY STRIKE in do- noting that friendly statement. Throat Protattloa » ir t Itotlcin *» Ba tnU ay becomes the newt of tomorrow, everyTveaiay,

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