Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 10, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 10, 1932
Page 3
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*'W, .-^'Y ' ' '4 mm S*A|jgb DAILY pftmjg?c OCIETY. NE\VB Sid Henry Telephone 821 a bart tf the sun in ari apple; . . a gart 4>f the flamihi Pleiades n eVery feat that grdw». )ut of the vasf comes nearness; for the God whow love we sing tends r little of his heaven To every living thlng.-Seleeted. | ---ttw » Me* W. ft Blaekerd and little Haughter, Martha Eleanor, who have been guesta of^rs, J, W. Anderson and other relatives for the past two weeks have returned to their home In Longvlew, Tex. Mrs. Ernest Wlnffteld,Vires hostess to ihe members of the Tuesday Bridge Club and a number, of extra guests on Tuesday afternoon at her home on North Pino street? Barly spring flowers decorated the rooms arid bridge Was played from three tables. Guests other than the club were Mrs. Plnley ward, Mrs. G. Prank Miles, Mrs. W. H. Hutchlnson, Mrs. A. M. Key, Mrs. B. M. McWllliams and Mrs. J. P. Gor- Jn. Prizes went to Mrs. Tully^Henry, Mrs, A. M. MoWilliams and Mrs. T. S. MoDavid. Following the game, a delicious salad plate was served with hot tea. Mrs, Robert Campbell will present his First National Institute of violin pupils together With her-private violin and piano pupls n a recital on Tuesday evening, February 16th at the auditorium of the high school on South Main street. Miss Marguerite Taylor has returned from a few days visit with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wood in Malvern. H. Levine of the Lorch Manufoctur- Co., of Dallas, Texas, was among out of town friends attending the mineral of the late L. S. Thomas, conducted from the First Methodist Church in this city on Tuesday. The Ladies of the First Christian church will serve a chili supper, beginning at 5 o'clock on Thursday atfernoon at the Christian bungalow. The menu will consist of chili, pickets, crackers and pie and coffee. The proceeds will apply on furnishings for a room that Is being, sponsored by the ladies, of the Christian church in the new Julia Chester hospital. The Woman's Missionary Society of the First Methodist church held their February meeting on .Monday afternoon at the church, with 75 members and visitors present. The meeting opened with a song followed by prayer by Mrs. D. B. Thornpson. After the devotional given by Mrs. Henry Hltt a short business session was held, gvU big the treasurer's report. The pro- &rom opened with a duett, 'Come to • Qur Hearts and Abide" by Mrs. John P. Cox and Mrs. George Ware, with ,-MrK. R. ,T. White at i the piano. An interesting article was read by Mrs. J. H. Arnold. Hed subject was, "The Home as a School for the Training of Citizenship," bringing out "What can the Home Do to Help Make Good Citizens," In the first place it is important that the parents confronting the church today is the evident decline of religious teaching in the home, for It is a fact that no institution, not even the church can ever replace the home as an agency for religious education. The meeting closed with prayer by Dr. J. L. Cannon. ; Mrs. J. L. Meyers, Mrs. Carter Johnson, Mrs C. C McNeill and Mrs Nick Jewell spent Wednesday visiting in Texarknna. The party which was announced foy Tuesday evening by the Alathean class of the First Baptist Sunday GALA STYLE REVUE Latest Spring Modes to Be Modeled by Hope's most charming daughters. Extra Added THE KENTUCKY ' SERENADERS 12 Colored Marvels 12 —SAENGER— ' Friday Night ylL.* ;S HOLD TIGHT TO YOUR SEATS! No Thriller to Banal 14! "HELL DIVERS" -With- The Greatest Cast Ever to Assemble in One Picture Wallace BEERY Clark GABLE CLIFF EDWARDS DOROTHY JORDAN JOHN M1LJOHN NOW! "Perfect Model" Tries Movies school has been postponed until Friday, February 12th at the home of tfrs. J. S. Gibson, Jr., on Grady street. The WomanlesS Tea sponsored by he Vourig Women's! Circle of the First J resbyterian church on Tuesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey McRae on East Third street was a brilliant success in every way, thoroughly demonstrated the fact, that the men could select and wear costumes ranging from the sublime o the rediculous, and do the honors most beautifully on such a social occasion. The McRae homo, so we'll adapted to entertainments, was aUric- tivcly decorated' with a quantity of pring flowers, with the red Jnponica )lossoms used at every point of vantage. The same color note was used n the beauty table decorations, where he tea and coffee urns were handled most gracefully by ttoo of Hope's bus- ness men, dressed in latest spring evening models. The outstanding costumts worn by different represen- ative men of the town were so numerous and ranged from the rediculous o the most modern styles now being worn by the opposite sex,. that it would be utterly Impossible to select a prize winner. The program consisted of readings and songs that were well rendered and revealed the v fact that here was much latent lulcnt in our city. Gurle Andre, above, a charming )lond and the most photographed and lighest-priced artist's model In Amerca, has accepted a lower salary in Hollywood, Calif., on the hope that the will develop into a film star. She las been called the "perfect model." Garden Plans Made by Magnolia College MAGNOLIA, Ark.—Magnolia A. and M. College's garden for 1932 will con, slst of seven acres of which two will be for sweet potatoes, one Irish potatoes, one beans, one cabbage, one cucumber, and one acre of tomatoes, peas and other garden crops, according to Lee Bearden, farm foreman. The school maintains four acres in an orchard consisting of peaches, apples, pears, grapes and blackberries. All fruits and vegetables growns will be use dby the college dining hall. The school garden produces vegetables at a minimum and at the same time affords work for boys. Got Money's Worth DENVER.—Ethel Large, 11, and her brother, Jack, 13, went ot the movies. Midnight came, and the two children hadn't returned ot their home. Their frantic parents enlisted police aid. Officers went to the show the children attended and hammered on the doors. Soon the \wo sleepy-eyed youngsters appeared. They had stayed through two complete performances, and then fallen asleep. Aircraft Carrier As Talkie Studio EpUodei of "Hell Diver." Filmed From Deck of Giattt Ship Transformlhg a giant aircraft ca rier of the fiavy Into a huge floating Bound studio was one of the feats ac* compllshed in the filming of "Hell Dlversj" JMetfo^Goldwyn-Mayer's sensational drama of life with flyers of the navy, now playing at the Saenger ' - • • - . .. . . Through the *wttle^ maneuvers at Panama, 'during the passage through the Canal, and through varied other thrills, cameramen worked aboard the great ship, or from planes in the air, to transfer to the screen a .mighty document of Uncle SanVs activities in the air. v> Aside from the thrills, including hundreds of planes In sensational evolutions, diving two miles in less than thirty seconds, the landing of a giant Zeppelin on the deck Of the carrier, and Such details,,runfl a vivid romance. It tells the story of the struggle bet Weert! old and new ideals In the navy, from the viewpoint of the enlisted man. It depicts a romance, which has actually .something heroic to it, of a grizzled navy veteran and the keeper of a Panama resort. It has a ncssational rescue, a dramatic sacrifice, and untold intimate touches of life at sea with the eagles of the fleet. Wallace Beery and Clark Gable arc co-starred in an elaborate^cast in the huge production, which was directed by George Hill, famous for "The Big House." Among the players are Conrad Nagel, Dorothy Jordan, Marjorle Rambeau and Marie Prevost. DeWitt Restaurant Proprietor Killed Helen Spence Eaton, Courtroom Slayer, Questioned by Officers DEWITT.—(#•)—Mrs. Helen Spence Eaton, the pretty 19-year-old girl who a year ago shot and killed J^ck Worls during his trial for the murder of her father, was questioned at a coroner's investigation Friday into the death of Join. Bohots, found slumped under the streering wheel of his automobile near here. , , Bohots, a restaurant owner, had been shot twice in the chest. The shots were fired at close range. Bo- hots' pistol, of the same caliber as the bullets that killed him, was found under the car. . ' Coroner Howard Morphew said it could not have been suicide. Mrs. Eaton denied she was with Bohots Friday night or had any knowledge of the slaying. She was not arrested. Coroner Morphew said he was convinced a woman was .implicated. The cleared space in a wooded section where Bohots was found was described by officers as a popular trysting place. Coroner Morphew said the fact that some money was found in Bohots' pockets indicated robbery was not the motive. Mrs. Eaton, a divorcee, was sentenced to five years in prison for killing Worls, but the Arkansas Supreme Court reversed the case and she is awaiting a new trial. She shot him from a front row seat in the courtroom, as he sat with his attorneys just IBS the jury was ready to retire to deliberate his case. She said she feared lie would be acquitted of the murder of her father, Cicero Spence, a river man. The coroner's jury in the Bohots slaying-recessed for two days to permit officers to investigate it more fully. Farmer Fatally Injured By Auto Struck by Car on Highway at His Home N'ear ' Marvell HELENA—J. B. Sanders, 61, farmer, living six miles west of Marvell, was struck by an automobile and injured fatally about noon Monday. The car was driven by John Howe, lumberman and planter of Wabash. Sanders had started across the highway near his home. Mr. Howe stopped and assisted the injured man, who was rushed to the hospital here. He died before reaching Helena. Sanders was well known in the community where he lived. He is survived by his wife and several children,. WARNING ORDER In the Hempstead Chnaccry Court J. H. Haynes Plaintiff vs. , ' • Robert T. Swofford, et al... Defendants The defendants, Robert T. Swofford and Lulu V. Swofford, his wife; and A. C. Cavender and Lillian L. Cavender, his wife: are hereby warned to appear in this court withlu thirty days and answer the complaint of J. H. Haynes, plaintiff herein. Witness my hand and seal as clerk of this court on this 9th day of Feb"" " ' REWARD For information leading to the positive identification of the person or persons who originated the maliciously false reports that I was connected or had been connected in any way with the recent burglary of Hope mercantile establishments. This.report has been widely circulated in an attempt tp injure me and, I am certain, was started by some who was afraid I might enter some political race in this county. I will double the reward, making it a $50 REWARD if the information positively identifies any official or employee of Hempstead County or of the City of Hope as the originator of these false and malicious reports. CURTIS CANNON Hope, Ark.aus#s. Married After 35Years After an engagement of 35 years, Julian Glasgow, 70, and Miss Laura Maude Eoff, 58, both of St. Louis, Mo., are married. Mrs. Glasgow did. not care to leave her mother, her husband said in explaining their long wait. They are shown above. Girl Seriously Injured By Car Auto Accident at Russellville Said to Have Been Unavoidable RUSSELLVILLE.—Wilma Sue Sullivan, eight-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. Sullivan, was injured seriously late Monday afternoon when she was struck by an automobile driven by H. V. Johnson, traveling salesman, as she alighted from another automobile, walked behind it and started to run across the street. She had returned home'with her teacher, Mrs. Woody Mayes of the Sunny Point School, and was the first to alight from the car, which was parked in front of the Sullivan home on the^ opposite side of the street., ". J ' She was taken to the hospital by Mr. Johnson and the accident was unavoidable. Both legs and her right arm are broken and she may have internal injuries!. Personal Mention Mrs. H. W. Fore, of Shover Springs, returned today from Marshall, Texas, where she has been visiting relatives. Former Arkansas Prof Is Claimed by Death WORCESTER, Mass.—(yP)—Dr. Harold B. Smith, 62, for 35 years head of the department of electrical engineering of Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a former president of the American Institute of .Electrical Engineers, died here Tuesday morning. Dr. Smith was professor of electrical engineering and head of the department of the University of Arkansas, Fayotteville, in 1892. • • • Negro Seeks Place on Capital School Board LITTLE ROCK.-(/P)-Dr, G. W. Ish, negro physician of Little Rock, Monday filed his pledge as a candidate for a place on the Pulaski county board of education subject to the election on March 1. Killed By Posse Resisting Arrest Iowa Eccentric Mad At* tempted to Rob Rural Mail Carrier GUERNSEY, tft>-(#)~fiill ShuU, 48, eccentric, was shot and killed at hi* farm neat here Sunday when he re* alsted a sheriffs paste sent to attest him after aft attempt to hold up » rural mail carrier. . Shull barrtoated hlmaelf in hi« ham* chackle home and threatened Sheriff R> F. drfcjggon, Herman Oroff M Guernsey, the mail carrier, and b«e or two sheriffs deputies. Sunday Qregson returned " with a posse of about 20 men, including three Grlnnell policemen. The group approached the house and called to Shull to'come out. As several of the men attracted Shull's attention at the kitchen door, Policemen C. L. Coles of Grlnriell ap- proalhed a barred window at another side of the house and tossed (A three ar gas bombs. * Shull warned %e possemen to- "«6 away at I will kill some one." Meanwhile, Date Qregstm, father of the sheriff, rushed in the door, and grappled with the man who carried a double edge ax. Policemen ~W. Y. Highfleld of GrlnneU, fearing that the elder Gregson would be injured by the ax, shot and killed, Shull. Shhll had accosted the mail carrier Friday as he passed the farm and attempted to rob him of registered mail. Groff escaped and notified police. Shull was declared insane 17 years ago, but his case had been dismissed, authorities said. 23 Airmen Are Fired After Salary Dispute CHICAGO.— (ff)— The 23 pilots on the Century Air Lines were discharged Tuesday and the plane schedule was interrupted at least temporarily as the result of a wage dispute. The pilots had balked at a salary reduction which they said amounted to almost SO per cent and had made unsuccessful attempts to negotiate with the Century management. The reduction was to have gone into effect February '!,. but an "armistice" .was declared for 10 days. No agreement had ben reached on Tuesday, however, and pilots who \yent to work in Chicago Tuesday morning found the hangar locked and were handed letters notifying them their "resignations" .were, accepted. Pilots at various points on the Century's midwest route received wires telling them to turn in their equipment. 28 Persons Killed in, Uprising of Moslems •M&RINAGAR,; Iiidia:«.-(£>) —TNrtnty- eight. persons were reported killed on Tuesday and 30 wounded in a renewal of the Moslem uprising at Uri, Kotli and Handwara against the government of Sir Hari Smith, Hindu ruler who was onCe known in a blackmail case in England as "Mr. A." Three thousand angry Moslems carrying flags marched into Uri and ston- Too Late to Classify FOR RENT—Completely furnished four or five room Duplex Telephone 576. 10-3tp Rubbing Oil Best For Muscular Aches You Don't Catch Cold! No catching cold after using Emerald 311 to take the soreness out of stiff, inflamed muscles and joints. The penetrating, soothing warmth of this wonderful rubbing oil seems to soak right down through the tissues. It leaves no thick coat of grease on your skin, does not "open your pores" and does not make your 'skin sensitive. You need never be afraid to use it freely at any hour of the day or night. . « Emerald Oil is not a bit greasy and does not stain. And how speedily it banishes all stiffness and pain! Money back any time it fails, says Ward & Son. —Adv, Phone 380 The Electric Number BACON ELECTRIC COMPANY Hope, Arkansas Feb. 10, 1932. Mr. E. F. McFaddin, Attorney-at-Law, • Hope, Arkansas. 'Dear Sir: In reply to your inquiry of January 30, 1932, regarding the Water & Light Plant, will say I am strictly opposed to the sale or lease of the plant, or disposing of it in. any other way. There is no reasonable condition that could arise that would cause me to consider the same. 1 do not favor ever making any contract for the sale or rent of the plant without giving every voter in Hope an opoprtunity to vote on the question; and at that election, I will vote against the sate and lease of the plant. The above answers the three questions which you asked; but there is one other matter that is equally as vital; and that is the constant bringing of the'Water & Light Plant into politics. People who know nothing about the plant, and who do not even vote in the City of Hope, are in here cveiy day trying to tell the City of Hope what the water and light rate should ne, and who should be hired to run the plant. We have the.best plant in Arkansas, and we have a good management in charge, and our rates are as low as any rate in Arkansas, and we should keep the Water & Light Plant out of politics; and the people in charge of the plant should be put in charge, and kept in charge on the basis of efficiency, and not on the basis of politics. I hope you will bring this point out in your next letter. > Yours very truly, IRA HAU4BURTQN, m —Paid Political Advertisement. , to have bem Mltetf. ft jplftin whether the dMIa ffl ; t,crtfflri«l*fttt o* militicfy.hSd fired Into A 'hlifle 'throve ft! Mosltms a*rt«l with- Hatetete, swords and knives launehnsd 'aft attack ' to Haftdwdra, They iooterf shop* arid terfwUKd the populace and upon refusing to disperse we» fifed upon, by police, fou* Were killed /and many wsuftded. > turtle III So Woman Cannot Go to Church . come to church on Sunday, the Rev. John B, Hubbard wants to know why. He asked one parishioner why she 1 watf absent Sunday and she replied: "My pet turtle is sick." Which p-roves, Hubbard says, "that there la something aew under the hti'gftti Ji& toti §~toj(fc'fr t *ifl M a^-~^ji vnen an.aucpmoww m. wl j'edrlvinttoN«rOfi«iw c cI. : with anothei ear . - The ^ JOW RodrigWi, , . ftlce, in-cHHcml «mtttU*K MM '"""^-- No More Gas In Stomach and Bowels If you wish to be permanently relieved of gas in stomach and bowels, take Baalmann's Gas Tables, which are prepared especially • for stomach gas and all the bad effects resulting from gas pressure. ' •, ' , . That empty, gnawing feeling kt the pit of the stomach will disappear: that anxious, nrevous feeling with-heart palpitation will vanish, and you will again be able to take a deep breath without discomfort. That drowsy, sleepy feeling after dinner will be replaced by a desire for entertainment. Bloating will cease. Your limbs, arms and fingers will no longer feel cold and "got to sleep" because .Baalmann's Gas Tablets prevent gas from interfering with the circulation .Get the genuine, in the yellow package, at any good drug store. Price ?1. Always on hand at WARD it SONS Adv. PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM 1 BmUitjr to Gray and F«d.d H*Ir «»c.«n4|..c»«lDr!! W Uli. » iHUcotChem.Wki.Pitchoftf.N.t. Capital and Surpliu—$300,00o!oi) OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS R. M. L.GRONE, President. L. D. REED, Vice President. R. M. BR1ANT, Vice President C. C. SPRAOINS, Cashier. J. C. HALL, Assistant Cashier. ' ''i*\; Wm, 1 ' AiLJ 3 Per Cent lntere»t oh Saving* A'*4 jfi-S i < , l.-'ji./** SPRING IS Hili 1 i ^ *' • And the big store is presenting the new in style, fabric and dlesign'^^i' ^ for the wohian who. knows good style*.- '•* >• -•* '" • ^-. ^V-'^l^t; Mr. and Mrs., Robison are now in the Eastern market centers, mak- ( * 7^ ing selections, and new styles and merchandise are arriving' eacli ' ^ day. Prices lower than in many years. , <-".*•. ^ < y\ • * ( New Coats-Suits-Dresses ..'.'" \ ; ' ' . The Coat Style For Spring] as shown at Rbbison's, features 'new Tweed arid Bowie coats, in and fashions that are simply st Jaunty New Spring Suits ' • ' ' - -' Fashioned of woolen crepes',. Tweeds, Boucle cloth and weaves. Dozens of smart styles 1 lect from. : The Spring Mode in Dre»«e» New ones are coming in every day»j advance styles of the season, Fe^l ing the smart new silks and other,' rics, in the colorful new styles of/ new season. ' Presenting The New Springtime Fabrics Now for Spring and Summer sewing, We're featuring the new, rough finished silks and other piece goods you've reading about, especially rough sport cz-epes, Pretty, new patterns in Eponge Silks, Rochanere Silks, new Ratinees, Crepe Alure, and lovely new silk crepes, in pastel shades and spring designs. Also many new wash fabrics, New Butterick and Simplicity Pattern* for the Spring Seaion It's easy to select your Spring costume from these new patterns. And it's easy to make up several lovely new dresses with the aid of these new patterns, Selby and Enna Jettick Shoei for Spring Red Goose Shoes for Bsyi and Girls <5eo. W. Robison 6* ROPE "The kf

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