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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 29, 1954
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HOFf If A*, HdfI* ARKANSAS , Wfed fdrfllfet cafaa JMrt, "iTfeyd H (Mrs. Hubbard had chat ' 3&j ra~ v fi'S^Z?* amouf Cllnle IUCING tMULA: e now eafl WpOtt reduce •v*n *d- of »*ollen» itchlnfr, «ad even pat off *urg- ' , with ointment for- by staff of temoui Clinic. Thig ...u. . il group'* records on tatM ctual clinic and hospiUl vn what is really n«ed, effectivo non-surgicu heae doctors know when ; needed — when it to r of prescrinuon shrinking pilM al way. So, get thta by this specUl- group— «k *f ic's pile treat- store— oint- PRESCOH News covered with ft cloth. Ctoenety and for* . itied the Centerpiecfr. A SithU Claus bowl tilled With potatd cliips gave te*. y included Caroline Strong Few Awards fir Various TV Shows By WAYNE OLIVER a gay fiev. W. <3. presided. |ie Clark and Mary Yantey Cox,. . . . following ttife song ?'«loy to The World," f. fc. Logan l«d ih prayer. Marion fcucbahan. read Bible adillgs 6hd » l-Chfistmas pocrii was fiiven by Joan' i)<iVore. "Silent Nignt"-was sung T>yUhe Away te WACID0* ** wmwwj — — *-—». ..—T, — -•- v was stml V& Mr*. JocrttrHsmimm and Mrs. Bensberg.,Mrs. Max Kit chcns read the script for the cd slides tit the Christmas, that were shown. tfope and Jim McKchtie, Vjkndivtr tfeMfc ,,^,, YOftK W! More than .... different lists of television awards afe announced every year, s bone laiHui/ TjMiuiTtii more shouldnt do any harm, and'John RobeHJ .this list is the result of a com- 'reddie'wMoberf and Kno*|ji«hensive poll in which this col i ,,,-v r~ /y ar brough and.juhinist cast the only ' " ' ~ Sandra Eastdrlingjfe^ults: c s an ... . .. JWwardBryson, Virginia Clarfe :<Srahd award f.,r new contribu and^Oeteif-Riggs, Dolores tioh to TV Walt Disney for his scare"*" ana"^at' Male, Marion fcifeneyland on ABCi n andfiWflliam Roy Ward • story, The high light of the evening was the arrival of Santa Claus Who distributed gifts to the 100 that were present. Younger Set Entertained With Dsnce Mr. and Mrs. Jess flays and Mr. and Mrs. Carl, Dalrymple entertained with a formal dance at the Lawson Hotel on Wednesday evening honoring their daughter, Virginia Ann, and son, Ca*rl. The columns we're fehlwined with greenery and dufingMhe 'evening refrejifrrn«ftfcv-wet'C g^rvcd from,, a 4>*» J.—JT-fl/ML^.Si-*V*« »,*T.*y»?v. C -^M^TV ^ ;f Barbara Mobetg and .Johany Langley, Amelia Harrell and Martin OUfrert, Rita Warren, and Dewayne Ihibw, Nancy Gullcy "and Johnny tilnes, Nancy (Lewis and Jimmy Worthington, Hershel Hooks and Buddy Fottnby. 'Dramatic show Television Mrs. Wat W. White Sr., of Little Rock is the guest of Mr. and Mrs". A. B. Gordon and other relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hubbard and their guest, Miss Thelma Bruce of ILittle Rock, spent Christmas day With Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Bruce in Blevins. , r JL/rUlllalii; aiivw • . Af4*;v*.o»wi Playhouse on NBC Sunday night in *' J close one mainly because it' presented oftener than the Theatr Quild production on ABC on alter riate Tuesdays. Comedy show Jackie Gleasp on CBS. His new two-year. six million-dollar contract with Buic is really award enough. New comedian George Gobe on NBC, so there you are. . : New comedienne Nanette Fab- ray of the Sid Caesar show on NBC. Family-type show Mama on CBS in a close call over The Er- Loss of Wife Big Blow to Fred Astaire By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (IP) — On Sept. 13 the wife of Fred Astaire died. To day he is ulill trying to put together the shattered pieces of his Jife. •;. •,:-•? v stories iri'^icettt years have ARSON-MINDED DOG WEST LOS ANGELES, Calif. tf> Arson investigators had a bone to pick today with Boots, a Bel- git n shepherd dog accused of touching off fires which burned two dog houses including his own. Neighbors told officers that the owned by Mrs. Sarah Sum- ivneu uj *'*»*» . 81. pulled A mouthfu of pup, iners, —. smouldering refuse from —.-.-:-Vt*. erator anil deposited it against the walls of the two dog houses. Botts who wasn't even tinged, • " three fire were one of the happiest of couples •••^^•^^•MM^^^^^ I I R SALE i • CLOTHES LINE POLES , . ._50 GALLON TRASH BURNERS CATTLE GUARDS f | FEEDER TROUGHS | fny other welded pipe Items for-firm »nd home ( DUCKETT STEEL & EQUIPMENT CO. atn f Street ,„" Phone . M. Sharp.'Mrs:.Puke.and Cathy. Mrs. Clara B. Stone and Miss_ Luella Stone are tht> guestfl, of Mr. 'and Mrs. Bill Storie arioft family in Oklahoma City, Okla.'V • ?! , • Tc TO STOP—A new truck, designed to grind its way through rubble-laden streets is tested in Bonn, Germany. Designed fOT use to the event of any possible air raids, the truck carries a huge tank full of water and is equipped with several pumps and many lengths of hose. wins on ABC and Ethel and Albert on NBC soon to be dropped. . Medical Medic on NBC, which .proves that • serious sebjects • can be popular on TV. ; Children's show Disney again. ;j'Science . Johns Hopkins Science iReview,on Du Mont. ' Musical show Hit Parade on NBC which continues to be more ' - — —^ ' ; NBC which continues to be more Mr. and Mrs. 'J. W. Teeter, Billy ii s teanable and viewable than most rorn . . . . and Jphn Jr;, have returned frorn Jonesboro where they were the spectaculais. .What's My Line on CBS - onesoro were -ius .as y ne o csts of M*. and Mrs,; Jim Sloan|^ es pi te tn - c abundance of plugs for nvtrt • -tnmtlv -• • ' , ''<; " ' - '•.'/l : '' • • .; -'*•• • ' ' . . ' ' and family. / .. ' t ' ' .' *•"•-." , ' , .' - - ' *\- '; •-' ' '. . ' -. •-". Miss Virginia Johnson, of Little.- Icma i nc drf O r a longer visit. Rock is the holiday guest of her ., parents, Mr., and Mrs. Clifford ' Mrs> -A n nie McGcehan of Scran- Johnson. : " : . -• "1-ton, Pa.v-ls visiting her mother, ' '•••'.•'.•• , .Mrs. Jack Hamilton, and other re- T. H. Duke has returned .tQ-hatives." Benton after a holiday.-Visit With (Mr, and Mrs.Jess ether lines of the panelists. Sportscaster Mel Allen. Ho ttill talks too much, but wno s better There's one special feature that will make these awards unique. The recipients are hereby excused from giving free promotional plugs on the air to acknowledge them. But the list isn't quite complete; it should include the first annual srickbat awards. The list is too long to include here but some eading candidates include canned lanchler. the endless free 'plug_s Two Killed in Wreck at Fouke TEXARKANA t.fl A four-ca collision near here has taken th lives of a 5-wt-.«k-old girl and he grandfather, end injured thrc ether person.?. Dead are Lelia Mae WiUiareso and Charles Williamson, 58. c Fouke, Ark. State Troopers Charles Boyd an Clarence Gibson said the accider cc'cUrred when tvfff cars collided c Highv/ay 71 • three miles north months illness. is*"- "--", with tcars Astaire is working in 'Daddy]eyes were filled with tcars. Lpng Legs," and I paid a call on We music stage where, he was listening to the orchestra play a number from -the-film. I asked him about reports that he was going to retire again. "Oh no," he replied. "If I re tire again, I'm not going to announce it. I don't know what I'm going to do. I have a contract for >ne picture here at Fox and another for one at MGM. But I don« know what the films will be. "I'm not going to make a picture iust to be making a picture. . . . [f I do another picture, it will nave to be something really worth while. "After my wife died. I didn't want to do this one. But'they talk- his his xti s :LOSEOUT! %iNjrER JAC;KPTS jijf Lined Gabardine! ^-KiewPlasticj Jackets! •dine Surcoats! \f Lots of Sizes! /.*; AND. , ".f« '.-;•-r,\' .INVENTORY •f t i, '- t I ( * -UP Mr. and Mrs. Norman Whitaker Jr., and- Whit of Smackover were [holiday, guests of their parents, Mr •and Mrs; Norman Whitaker and Mrs. S; V T; White, Jr. *aUte**«-*-i f fc**v» *,••**»•»•*•• . *. -• taken from viewers 'times for products donated as prizes on giveaways, actors on strike against the barber, commercials with a boosted sound volume that blasts you out of the chair, and al 1 the agony shows. It may be unfonded, but there's a' rumor such devices are thought up by undercover ploters from radio. Fouke yesterday, and two other cars crashed into the wreckage. Fouke is 13 miles southeast of here. Some stars are 10 times as hot as the sun. . Injured were the infant's mother, Mrs. Evelyn Williamson, 24. cf Fouke; Joseph Kusin, 78, of Monroe, La., and Wayne Grizzle of Texarkaria . The state trooper ssaid charges of involuntary manslaughter have . ed me into it, and I'm glad I did. I would have been a fool to pass it up." • • " Astaire siid he isnt able to . tell his future plans "because Lhave run up against a stone wall in my personal life." He said that activity on the picture has helpec liim to forset his loss. 1 but tha merely keeping busy won|t help i. 'I've tried and tried to find a reason for it, but I am unable to," he said, speaking of his wife death. "It might make sense if she had led a full life. But she hadn't. She was only 46, and as beautiful as the day I met her. I ;ust can't figure it out." The orchestra was playing again, and he rose to amble through a number with Ellen Ray, who is him. I een filed against Robert Cuthell,. -— •-- - - . 25? a soldier from Fort Smith. | Leslie Carpns dance stand-in. The SHOPPING FOR BABY Time was when the baby was cared for by grandma with a little barley water and a lot of intuition. Tbday the doctor directs the care of the baby. Food, vitamins, powders, and, of course, medicine are specified by the doctor. Our drug store carries all these products for your baby. Questions about any of these products can be answered by "our registered Ph'armicists, Ward & Son DRUGGIST 102 W. Second St. Phone 7-2292 MEN'S :©RbUROY AND WOOL SHIRTS jfi'f 4 *'^'" "•' * v , v ^ s ' -"• Outstanding'ValuesK*'- f " 1 v t_v* 0 i*r' •wv>v* **• jr «•" t f * *A V •' ** • \, " " r * (* ' ['*;• ' ;'i^Mqst,AilSjzes! . t v .,• ' p.V V >-'4^ : . •• - -- r.a-.-v v^f^T.W -.,..* CLOSEOUT! MBN'S COTTQN ,NNEL SHIRTS Tremendous Value! Printed and Woven Styles! ''Sanforized Shrunk! ^ Sizes S-.M-L-XL! ' 1.50 CLOSEOUT! 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That's why we can "custom-tailor"every, drop for your kind of driving. •thtff Southern-made gasolinei assure you 100% Power, a* well as quicker startina, faster warm-up, fmopther acceleration and more miles per gallon- .fill/wl^ff /one. • '-,.>.: t'f?; . . ••-:••• ••• : ••-••• ETHYL 0uiVi«» 1OO% POWER ,.. All the powor cmy motor can develop ww LION KNIX-KNOX PIUVK. 1OO% POWER In m«l»M with I*M "Ocl9n» Ajn»*lll»" --—*•-'--- SOUTHERN wiNTin *• NIW »OfH Of WBJ I ***** ' C »»KI SMlKi WSHIt" »» ' • • - '. t ' Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor _Alex. H. Washbiirn How Car Prices Stock Up With Food and Wages Quoted ,There was considerable commo- on in a community out West when |lt appeared that a wire had fallen across the main street and was holding up traffic. No one dared ftouch it for fear it was "live." The news reached the editor of the local lewspaper and he acted promptly. |"Send down two reporters," he [ordered, "one to touch the wire sand the other to write the story." Speaking for the entire au- Jimobile industry General Motors lhas something to say about prices, |in the brochure which it published |to celebrate its 50-millionth car. Here is the motor industry's |explanation of prices: "Based on published prices for farm produce, average rates of factory pay as reported by the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and delivered-at-the- factory prices of cars, it took »3,100 bushels of wheat, or 15,0, hours of factory labor, back in 1908, to purchase the top car In the company's line. "But as of the fall of 1954 it required less than 900 bushels of wheat or just under 1,000 hours of factory ' labor, to acquire a current model of the cheapest car in the line — a better car by far than any of . the earlier expensive ones. Moreover, the 'price' of this [(ftcurrent popular model in terms " of wheat or factory work is lower than that of the 1940 popular model, and substantially befcw that of the 1929 middle-priced car." This may be presumed to be a factual measurement of how ca: prices stack up with commoditie and wages over a period of nearly 50 years. But you will note that Genera Motors took care to specifj ^delivered-at-the-faclory prices. 1 Rightly enough, the motor industr; disclaims responsibility for federal excise taxes, transportation' taxes; local sales and other taxes .which have been put upon automobiles by the people who buy them T^- not the people who make them.. Previous industry-wide surveys have fixed the tax content as more than 30c out of every $1 paid for a new automobile, although some »j!if this, of course, has been absorbed in the factory price. ^^^^v^^^^L J^^^^^^^ttgL • • Tm^m •'••'• "•-'•• • • •^•^^^•^•j ^^pm^^ _ ^mn^ig|^te * .^tfii^k. iWJLrf^ f A 4HBlRMBHMi . ^- WiATHIA <:*, * . to 56TH YEAR: VOL. 56 — NO. 64 Star of Mope 1899* tost 192? Consolidated Jon. It, 1929 tffebNESDAY, DECEMBER 29,1954 th« A*. Mil P*M Clrtl. 6 Me*, New Courtesy Mailbox Goes Into at Hope Post Office for Motor Patrons \ Rain, Snow Pelt Sections of Arkansas 'fy By The Associated Press Snow and rain fell in most of Arkansas yesterday and last night and continued in some sections today. The U.S. Weather Bureau of fice. at Little Rock said it would be fair and • slightly warmer- to morrow. Northwest Arkansas got the heav iest snowfall Huntsville in Madison County reported 2.50 inches of :now on the ground. Leecresin rawford County reported 1.50 inches. ""*.' \" Other points reporting snow this morning were Fayetteville, Flippin, Fort Smith, Ozark, Mountain Home, Bee Branch, Berryville, Eureka Springs, Behtonville, Marshall, Yellville and Greenwood. Freezing rain accompanied the snow at many points. Sixteen Arkansas cities reported more than one inch of rain for the 4-hour period ending at: 7 a. m. ioday. They were Fayetteville, Flippin, Fort Smith, Ozark, Pine Bluff Walnut Ridge, Clarendon, Mulber- j-y, Lamar, Mountain Home, Booneville, Bee Branch, Yellville, Bentonville, and Nashville. El Dorado reported .96 inches of rain and Little Rock .57, The Weather Bureau said it expects snow and rain to clear up late today. Fayetteville registered a nearly orning low temperature of 28 degrees. Flippin, Fort Smith and Texar- kansas each reported a. low of 33. •Arkadelphia's low was 35. El Do Irado, Newport, Walnut Ridge, Dar- idanelle and Searcy registered lows lof 36. The low at Little Rock and IPine Bluff was 37. Flying Boxcar Crash Leaves 7 of 11 Dead HUNTSVILLE, Ala. {UP )— An Air Force C119 Flying Boxcar crashed into a hilly area near here today and the sheriff's office said _at least seven of the 11 crewmen [aboard were killed. Deputy Sheriff C. D. Stovall said the state highway patrol reported the rescuers found bodies of seven persons. He said it was also __ reported that two other survivors y g61 ' V g g 'j n to co~mrnittces for the pur- ^ftBB Grand Jury Urges Cooperation of(Officeirs, Citizens in Fighting Liquor Sales in Hope In session only two days before Christmas the Herrtpstead County Circuit Court Grand Jury issued the following report! In The Hempatead County Circuit Court Grand Jury Report To The Honorable Lyle Brown, Circuit Judge: We, the Grand Jury, duly convened for the October, 1954, term of the Hempstead County Circuit Court, wish to submit for your approval the following report: "We have elected to divide our- Pyle Memorial Hands Out $4,000 were found injured. The deputy said witnesses re ported three parachutes were seen to blossom from the plane before it crashed. The Weather Bureau at Birmingham shortly before noon warned of severe thunderstorms and the pos sibility of tornadoes in the area of the crash occurred). A tornado was reported at 10 a. m, near Fort Payne, Ala., some SO miles from the plane crash area. .Two persons were injured and num jfer houses and barns were de fetrpyed. Jrhe plane was enroute to Brook ley Air Force Base, near Mobile, Ala.;; from Sewart Air Force Base, Terin;, near Nashville. Officials at Sewart said they had unconfirmed reports that three men parachuted NEW YORK MB to the University A $4,600 gift of Dsnver De- Claw Part of Nafil Oy United from, the plane. Lt; K. E. Becker, assistant in — Star photo This is one of the first Courtesy Mailboxes installed in Arkansas by the Post "Office Department; it is 'just now going into service at the street curb in front of the Walnut St. entrance of Hope Post Office. • . The photograph, made Monday, shows Miss Dana Cunning- hfam, daughter of City Main. Carrier and Mrs, J. W. Cunningham, depositing a letter'from the street side of the box wilhoutjeavmg her car _ while on the other side of the mailbox Ernest Hockett, post office custodian, is inspecting the opening used by sidewalk patr ° n Hope Postmaster-Robert M. Wilson expressed thanks to the City of Hope for rearranging the parking, zone near the mailbox so patrons may approach and leave it in their cars without creating He asks that batrons co-operate by refraining from parking in the yellow zone around the box — and, also, that they refrain from using this curbstone box for circulars and bills or other volume mail which would tend to delay the handling of letters. The collecting tirnes marked on the box are determined by- the dispatching schedule tp meet various trams, and can be depended on. ARRIVES FOR TREATMENT — Linda Puentes, seven, Brooklyn, who for nearly five years has battled pain as result of disease of blood vessels and connective tissues, lupus erythematosus, 2rr1"S at National Institute of Health In Bethe.da, Md., *«>J.*«»*-. merit Accompanying Linda are her mother and father, Wilfred, who lost both legs in Normandy invasion. Assisting is Red Cross worker Mrs. Elizabeth Harris. ^_^ Post Office to \QbserveHQliday New Year's Day , postmaster Robert Wilson today announced that the Hope post office will be closed Saturday, January 1 in observance of the legal holiday. No deliveries of mail, either rural or city will be made Saturday and window service will also &be suspended. Mail will be dis- "patched the same as any other day and stamps will be available through the vending machine in the lobby. Friday, 'December 31 has also been declared a half-holiday by presidential proclamation, but a full delivery of mail will be made on that date and window service will be maintained until 5:30 p. m. as usual, with the exception of the money order and postal savings " 'ftd°ws u which, wi}} be. -'— J - i " ""- • 4 •MW $£X;.»-';H-> One Thing You Can Depend on in 1955 Is That Money Will Be More Popular Than Ever By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (If! What lies ahead in 1955? Smoke signals rising within our clouded crysta! ball forecast the following events but don't don't bet on it! During the coming year: The world population will increase by more than 70,000 a day. So pay no attention if you get the feeling of bees in your bonnet. The earth is bound to become more like a hive th 1955. The firecrackers in the Far East will sound louder, a lot of guns will also go off in other places. But no nation will start throwing atom bombs around like spitballs, and there will be no general war. The Westjnshouse people will unveil a niarvelqiis new talking re- frjgeyator snd Us first public, act will be tp endorse BeJ,ty Fumess. The motion piciur«| industry will bold adopt a fresh slogan "New iro\ies ere your best ' entertainment." Television will Stick.' $o it? tried-and-true fornwJa, "pja movies are your best enteitainment at least late at night." gportscasts: The Notre Parn; footbsll team \vUl !ose a game. Th,e Kansas City Athlcllps will get , ji ( itp the World Series (it they all formation services officer at Se wart s.ald the twin engined plane left Sewart at 7:16 a. m. Tells of Seeing Accused Youth in Memphis CLARENDON (T'P) Defense Ulorney John Gibspnuelaimed to- ay that minder suspect Billy Ray Villingham was cleared of the indhng stick killing" of a Brinkey woman when identified by two Memphis hotel workers ss a man r.ey, saw, in Memphis qn the' d *" y> * '-" lt -*"- on a routine flight Field, Mobile.Ala CST, to Brookley He said the plane must have been "about on .course". when it crashed and estimated the time of the crash at about 8 a. m, (CST). . ,He said a "majority" of the 11 men aboard were based at Sewart but a few were airmen returning to their bases from Christmas leave. pose of expediting our work. The Committees on Law Enforcement County Property, County Offices and Elections submitted their findings to the entire body. The Committee .Reports were fully discussed before being approved and incorporated in this report. Law Enforcement The Committee on Law Enforce ment has investigated all complaints called to its attention. We believe the laws are being enforced in Hempstead County On a comparable basis with the surrounding or adjoining counties. We are aware, and the public generally knows, that the liquor laws are difficult to enforce; therefore we Wish to recommend, with the hope of. receiving co-operation, that the citizenship of Hempstead County join in to help enforce and carry out the spirit as well as the letter of the law, particularly as it pertains to Intoxicating liquors. We sincerely urge that the County .officers and the City officers co-bperr ate and work together for a 'better enforcement of the liquor laws in the City of Hope. County Property The Committee inspected and re- partment of Journalism ('to bring journalism students closer to pro< fessional newspapermen" was an. noi'nccd today by thu Scripps- Howard Ernie Pyle Memorial Fund. The fund also announced a $1,000 i-.vard to Eldon Roark 4 Memphis Press-Seimitar coloumist and feature writer. The fund was created as a memorial to Pyle, Scripps-Howord columnist who lost his life in the Pacific theater while serving as a World War 11 correspondent.- Tougher With Asia, Policy of McCarthy By G. MlLTON KELLY WASHINGTON Sen. W. L. Hall, 58-year-old hotel lerk, .and Mack Stone, Negro ho- el , porter visited the 19-year-old Alabama transient in his jail ell here and "positively" identi- ied him as the man they saw in Memphis shortly after h a. m. Dec. 12 the date when Mrs. ue Fuller was clubbed 10 death s she lay sleeping in her horn t Brinkley, Ark. «• Doctors who attended Mrs. Fuler moments before she died have placed the approximate time of tha attack on her ,at about 6 a. m. Despite Gibson's statement how- iver, Sheriff H. K. McKen2ie said •e was still convinced that Wilingham was the man who killed VTrs. Fuller. . .. "Gibson will have to have a lot of proof to beat what we have got," McKenzie said. ' The sheriff pointed out that Gib~on said at a preliminary hear- ng before Brinkley Judge Jack Cox that he would prove Continued on Page Two Wil- Scientists Rap Excessive 'Security' BERKELEY, Calif. /UP) Some of . the nation's most promm e n t scientists joined today in an angry attack on "excessive" security restrictions imposed by congressmen they said created a "sickness of ti'spicion" in the country. Dr. Warren Weaver, president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, led the barrage in a speech befora the powerful organization's'J2lpt annual meeting here. 240 Persons Slated to Die New Years CHICAGO (UP) — The National Safety Council estimates today that 240 persons will be killed in traffic accidents dur ing the New Year's holiday this weekend. The council's estimate, based on past performance, covers the 54-hour period from 6 p .m. Friday'to midnight Sunday. It covers • immediate traffic deaths only, and does not include injured who died after the holiday period. Ned H. Dearborn, council president, urged motorists .to drive safely and avoid a repetition of the Christmas holiday record in which 380 persons were killed. "Don't let us sit in an office and predict with tragic accuracy how many will be killed in holiday crashes," he said. "Listen to the advice because , an accident can happen to you. "We .cordially invite you to start the'new year by making a bum out of the National Safety Council and its pre- holiday estimate." viewed all of the County property including road machinery, County buildings, etc. We -wish to' recommend that the County Judge make proper repairs to the jail. The plaster on the walls and plumbing therein need immediate attention. The County equipment was found to be in satisfactory condition and being properly handled. The Committee investigated sales-and purchases of County "equipment and found no evidence bf the such sales and purchases being handled in an illegal manner. The la>v requiring bids! advertising, etc., are in our opinion being complied with. County Offices Based upon the audits made by the State Comptroller, our Committee-concluded that all offices are t being handled in a businesslike and j satisfactory - manner,. However, relative to real estate tax 'records," we make the following observation and recommendation to the appropriate County officials: It has been called to our attention that there has.been several errors made in connection with the records of real estate in this county, and that various tracts of land have been erroneously certified as being delinquent, when in fact this condition did not exist or occur. We therefore recommend and earnestly request that all officials in the three different offices that handle the tax books be careful, diligent, and check and re-check to see that all descriptions and all assessments arc placed on the books properly in the future. Elections The Committee spent three full Carthy (R-Wls) said today he is seeking a seat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in the hope of influencing Eisenhower ad- minisration policies in Asia which he regards as "disastrous." On the committee he would have a new forum to argue for tougher measures against Communist China. ' ' 'No Republican vacancy, on the committee is in prospect, and McCarthy conceded to 'newsmen that his chances of winning a seat are slim. But he said that to attain one, he is willing to give up his place on the coveted Appropriations Committee. He serves also on the Rulesan d Government operations committees. He said he ha&,,asked (the GOP Committee on Committees", which handles such assignments, to ar range, a ^witch , H , "' r ^ membership' on -the most :vicious , wintef clawed across j^ today, trapping hundreds' ists itv snowdrifts and Jsol tire towns - as' It I'' " munications end some secti6ns. ( ^ , In one lorm 6i? *torm raked thfex from coast to cdast as'Jt out of-tHe S6Mhi|n|vl ward tho ' ea stern states." The Weather" that the storm sill] the height af its It trapped himd in Oklahoma ' ah drifts, , sparked ^ fire in . CalltornW derstorms 1 and to jUred 20'attd: age *in ,'Dlxie, of snow on The storm * ._ a blizzard., sprendln tinow on the level? at such ns Fort S r cottffl The snow was s ! Soutliwest as swept 'aciros's'sa ing , directly * . , A bitjet. coldlwa in the, stornva-waK| tures over a'.vvift Great Plains to Committee. w{|l ije ;reduce'd v by one 4yj« u ,.b,vw- crats 'organize the Senate ,f next week. One present Republican member, Sen.'Ferguson of, Michigan, was defeated in Ngv'erri- ber. Thus no GOP changes appear in prospect. v He said the "cannot afford French Ponder Last Vote on German Arms By HARVEY HUDSON PARIS (ffl The French Nation al Assembly groped in discussions today toward its final decision^ Ebout the problem of West Ger-j of ^personal stflfishnoFs ar.d^of the man rearmament. The ceput i e s.j convened at 4 p m. for the showdown on the fate of.both tho Western Defense Alliance and Premier Pierre Mendcs-France's gov e r n- ir.ent. A heavy police force stood guard outside the Assembly to prevent any irass demonstrations while the deputies c o in e to the decision which they havp delayed for four science profession to disregard' 1 the "sickness of rumor and anxiety, of suspicion and distrust, and, at its worst_ of f.iar and tragedy." "In part this sickness is due to over emphasis on caution for the past rather than constructive' courage with respect to the future," Weaver said. "In part it is an anU-intel!ectualism, a strange and dangerous lack of faith in scholarly competence. In port it is the horrid result of political pressure, s. iTroquer resplendent , in white tie boiled ,gM't and tailcoat. sat in the President's chair on a platform to guide the aebate. Premier Menaces - France sat m the penter of the first yow of arrogance of de m a goguee wl.t.U. small and nasty irinds.' Weaver made his stinging attack last night in an address Introducing Dr. Edward U. Condon, retiring president of the AAAS, Conden, a physicist w/ips? security clearance recently was revoked by Navy Secretary Charles T h onias, made no reference to the controversy surrounding him in his talk, which was a technical disrertalion physics. "The itics fie Better/* foe to^d a conference earlier, "I've been dis- 20 Injured by Tornado in Mississippi LAUREL, Miss. Iff) Tornadio winds whirled into western Laurel late yesterday, dippad northeastward and cut a $500,000 path, of destruction for more than 20 blocks More than 30 persons were injured none seriously. The twister first hit in the Country Oub Addition, severely damaging several homes. It then cut across U.. S. Highway 84 and wrecked a wing of the Country Club. Moving to the northeast, th? ftorm ripped off shutters and roofs of many of the city's more prenteiv tious homes, levelled trees and tore houses under construction in a new subdivision from their foundations. The winds swirled into Watkins football stadium, but damage there was light. Klectric and telephone service were out in the northern part of the city early today and crews from Meridian and HattieSburg joined local telephone : and power company employes in repairing the damaged lines. The Laurel unit of the National Guard was called into service at 8 p, m. p^t was released from duty at midnight, Boy Scouts joined round-the-clock members of the Laurel police force in routing traffic out of the damaged area. Many streets were still blocked off today as crews moved tc clear uo debris and remove secondary tracted from phy/?jps But Cohens Stt$P ' ' ^ —" Ipng," oat days working on running down various complaints, checking the best that we could as to whether or not the complaints had any f9undation. We found, as is usually the case, that most of the rumors were un» founded. We found the over-all picture in connection With both primaries to be that the elections were held in a proper and orderly manner. There were a few irregularities, such as some evidence of voting without a poll tax receipt and some voters box in voting which oufi they of the were supposed to vote. This is a vio lation of the law, buf this wasn't of such great extent as to warrant us going any further into the examination of what had occured Continued on Page Three Seeks All of Soles Tax for School Benefit FORREST CITY Wl Knox HikCtdl •t, i * r » f f« * i*« Kinney /said today he wouW propose a constitutional amendment to allot all sales tax revenue for benefit of the public schools. Kinney said effect of his proposal, if it should be adopted, would be to give school funds the same status as funds for the Game and Fish Commission, now controlled by constitutional amendment, The lenislnture would be forMd- den to appropriate revenue from the seles tax or the related use tax for aiy purpose except fc.r pub- "ic schools. The levies yielded the state more than 29 million dollars during the 1983-24 fiscal year. Kinney said he would submit his proposal to the J925 Geneial' Assembly. If the legislators should approve, the measure world go on the ballot at the ,1926 general election, , CHANCE TO 'THAW DFNVER, (UP) Jack Frost, 20, \vas sentenced to two to 10 years in prjron yesterday "to thaw out" by District Judge Edward C. Day on bad check charge?. Judge Day directed his sentence be served concurrently with a sim* Mar sentence Frost received^ car. Her and warned "if you don't take advantage of this, we'll thaw you out but good." • All Around the Town •y Th» |t«r fluff Think the weather was a little rough during the night?.. . , actually it wasn't even freezing ... the Experiment Station reported a low of 33 degrees . rainfall total is that too is not as «>u?h as it seem-ed , . . of course, this section can expect any* 1 "'"? * n the way of weather and there were a few flakes of snow in Hope by 9:30 a, m. this morning, the three-day 1.27 inches and •Leo Robins said he had quite few Uckets left for the Cotton gap\e at DaUas Saturday, just tact him at his biggest power Unes of the Red Cross pjs- disappointment to local grid fan,s is the fact that KOH4C-TY prqbalj. )y won't carry much move tb,an last quarter of the suggestion is try Little Rock or Pine Bluff, perhaps it will be one of those days your set pan pick 'W up good. ttnd-Ore) Congress next W'Cent hourly Sffea 1 rtt$fe?' r He said.in.an intervje seek also to, hsye'^e <~ Standards Act appl|ed;t lean workers, "— " e.mpt, inpludi] _ , jobs do not dirjp state cVmnjei-""'* workers »rV( for t an • J minimum' wage, ^. ional sourse said todai pect Prwide proposed Mope" saW call fpp a m (1) lowwa^ ' in meetlq^j^' neap 4ta peak, <^ would >jp|fpl»tijrp^| p f d tto l t?o«^ base of Ajr^erjpar»,* - in mm ~~ Shortly before Chrisjmas. Clinton D.. Jones, son trf Mr. Mrs. C. p. Jones of PatO»os« awarded bpn with Chaffee, service Corr»maivi ' Commendation at fth, the , . te at Ft, fltt ! to

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