Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 9, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 9, 1932
Page 3
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I*. M Istald efitfimurtloti with all C li divine, 'tw!»t truth th*rt la a Uftisn i fiwttt aftd wine, ': Tft pttrflt bj> affllelMfa, reap * fpum fields of flc«<*, OflW W«r from contftsttdn, and fulfill God's ffhkhd design. W^ live to hall the season, by gift- «ra ones foretold, man shall live by reason, and alone by geld, ' When maa to man united, and*every WHmjK thlhg righted, The Whole world shall be lighted, -as Eden was of old-selected. *t M Friday Musle,' club will hold '--liar biweekly meeting oh Treaneeqey afternoon, the' Cfioral club meeting promptly at 2 o'ctp'ek followed by the Study etnb 'at 3 o'clock at the homo of Mra. 0. A. Graves on North Washington street. Mra. Ella Bright and Misses Lillle Mlddlebrooks and Dove Knolt* were Sunday guests of Mrs. S. H. Battle in Blevins. Mr«. H. D. Llpsoomb, Mrs. Jo Karner Lothorpe and-.Mlas MtiudeyLips- comb Will return on Tuesday., evening from a short visit with friends and relatives In Oklahoma City. Okla. The. Junior-Senior High Parent, Teacher's association'will-not hold their regular monthly meeting on Thursday, but will join in a Founders' Day program on Wednesday, PtjbrUary 17, at the Paisley school. Nat M. Harrison of Little Rook, wn» a business visitor'in. the city on Tuesday, , , t , The Ladies i of the Woman's Missionary Society of the First Christian church will serve a chili supper on € rsday, Feb., 11, beginning at 5 i. at the Christian bungalow. The u will consist of chill, crackers, pickles, pl'e and coffee at 25c per plate. The money realized from this supper will bo used in purchasing fxjrnlsfiings {or a room in the new Julja Chester hospital, The party which was announced for' Tuesday evening by. the Alathean class of the First Baptist- Sunday school has been postponed until Friday night, Feb. 12 at the h&me of Mrs. John Gibson, Jr., on West Grady steet. t,, • The Young Women's Circle of the Ladies Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church will sponsor a "Woman- Special! This Week Only Eugene Permanent $5.00 Oilier Waves . $2.50 up to 54-50 . "WHITE WAY BEAUTY SHOP PHONE 119 • Kentucky Serenade™ * A Colored Models 4 A IC Iii Person I ft '— SAENGER— FRIDAY NIGHT LAST TIMES TUESDAY Buddy Rogers —In— "Working Girls" —WHh- PAUL LUKAS DOROTHY HALL JUDITH WOOD They come ! Crashing Through (o New Triumphs \ Wallace B E E R Yi Clark GABLE Romance and Adventure to the Air In the Greatest Screen Romance Ever Filmed -In— DIVERS" —With— . CpNRAD HAGLE DOROTHY WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY GALA STYtE REVUE WVIWG MODELS ~ ~ -SAENGER- NttJHf Loyal Temperance Legion met at the First Baptist church on Sunday afternoon with a large membership and several visitors present. A most Interesting program was rendered. This . organization is for the young people up to the age of 14 yeaYs and is under the leadership of Miss Elizabeth Arnett and Ml«s Helen Belts, it Is not denominational but the great object and purpose of the Loyal Temperance Legion Is to educate and train the children In the principles and total abstinence, prohibition and personal integrity; that they may be greater citizens, able to build their lives, their honfeS' and their government in accordance with the: noblest ideals: The next meeting will be held on the first Sunday in March, at the I First Presbyterian church, and every mother is cordially invited to urge their children to^Join and attend these meetings. 821 lew *!»" oft ih* , on.Eetf ThWd sthet, Nlrtl Sftten o7"lifka'eleltiHla, form* erty n mymbtf of flit Mope High •chool faculty, was 8 Sunday visitor fit the city/ Mr. and Mrs. C, C. Spragtns and Mrs. Henry H. Stuai wcr(5 Sunday guests of relatives In Vexarkaria. Much to the tegret of their many friends in this, oily, ifr. and M«. C. Kewham, Jr., 4n<l little daughter, Nancy Lou Will leave Wednesday morning^for' their new home in Blf m- ttfghttn, Ala, Rocky Mound The Sunday school at this place was well attended Sunday, but let's all try and go next Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. George Allen of Nashville were, dinner" guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Wright. The K. I. S. Society rendered a real interesting progrpm at the school house Friday night. The tacky party sponsored by the P. T. A: Friday night was attended by a.-large crowd. Mrs. Chas. Stevens and Mr. Alford Bearden won * the prizes for the tackiest; Mrs. Norman Taylor best reading, "and Mrs. Nelson Purtle, best story. Mr. J. B. Silvey of Willisville and Leward of Hype, attended the program Friday afternoon Mr. Silvey made an interesting talk which was enjoyed by'everyone. McNab Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hatficld .and brother, Giles. ,of, Hope, spent v the week-end with • S. L. Smedley and family. ».,.^^afcU, , .-...„.•-.'..• ,\ Ezra Singleton, Claude and Mildred Smedley are visiting relatives>in Mur- freesborp. We are sorry to hear of Little William Jones being on the sick list. Mrs. Mary Spates motored to Ogden last Thursday We have singing every Sunday night here. Everyone is invited. The world's oldest intact book is said to be a volume discovered in China recently. It. is composed of 78 wooden leaves fixed together with string, and dates back to 100 B. C."' Phone 380 The Electric Number BACON ELECTRIC COMPANY .and CUrk Gable Score at Heroic < Air Flghteri , ; , Hie thrills of naval aviation unroll themselves In a sensational parwramfi, as a background for poignant .•torr)- ance, and a drama of Heroism and and sacrifice that has something of an epic duality to it, In ^'Hell'Dlvers," which will be shown Wednesday arid Thursday at the Saenger Theatre, With Wallace Beery and Clark Gable in the staffing roles. Thrills "Bile upon thrills, and jail of them genjuhe thrills, filmed during the actual maneuvers' of ships and 1 planes at Panama. One gees the whale navy In action; firing deafening salvos at a "sham battle" enemy, sending planes aloft from a giant aircraft carrier to locate and attack a 'great Zeppelin. One sees the "Hell Divers," sensational combat planes, hurl themselves downward, two miles In less than hajf a minute, at their targets. Filmed with the co-operation of the navy, his p^urer gives a new idea of the navy in the air. Like a -silver thread, 'through the spectacles and excitement, runs a story of lovrf, f heroism and sacrifife. There Is the love of the grizzled 1 veteran, played by Beery, and the Panama dlvekeeper, played .by Marjorie Rambeau, that actually has something heroic in it. There is the .sacrifice, and the struggle between ^he ideals of the old and the ,new navy—in Itself a mighty element of drama. >, Many famous navy aviators appear, in addition to a huge and powerful cast. Beery, Gable and Conrad Nagel play the principal male roles splendidly; Miss Rambeau, Dorothy Jordan and Marie Prevost score in the chief feminine parts. One Killed and Four Hurt in Mine Blast FORT SMITH, .Ark.-(XP)-An explosion of mine gas hi .the Liberty coal mine near here Sunday morning resulted in the death of Bill Bramlette, about SO, mine foreman, and the serious injury of four other workers, f The injured, who suffered burns and shock, and were overcome by the fumes, arc in a hospital here. They are Charles Wahl, Jr., Carl Bram- •lette, son of the foreman, Arville' Pitts imd Henry Huver. |«rf'0ttM*t Hlek» rf.LitarV WW «Stm«« ftrtiitday ftlgm at Hofcr *" Of,]l, Jr.' Cin«on, Mis* Helen Green and ,fat#e«, dahjfcdn, bbth of Columbus, wew rfkef* ried\ Slturdsy night by fiev.Cahrton Mf. and Mrs. ftavid Sheppfttd',, fit ;Do«do. were guests Thursday a Mri and Mrs. G. J. Shenperson. They weifft flcfompanled home'by Mrs. Luta Shspperson and Elitabftth SheppefsOrt for a visit. . Mrs. J. R. Autrey, Mrji, ^Im WU«>rt 3t., and Miss Janle, Johnson wefts vis itors to Hops Friday, - Jbe L-. and 1 Eddie Stuart of El Dorado visited with relatives here Sun day. •* ' Mrs. Edward Lane of Hope spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs, A. T. Bishop, • v ' Mrs. H. P. Robertson, Mrs, Ball of Ozan, and Miss Thelma Robertson of Texarkana, wej-e guesta.of ftflends here Monday. Mrs, Fred A. Walker of Columbus, Kansas, is Visiting! with her mother, Mrs. J. C. Hill. B. C. Stuart went to Texa/kana Sun day to stay several days attending Federal court. M». Forrest Mlddlebrooks and children of Minden, La., are visiting with her mother, Mrs. Edna Hicks. Mr, and Mrs, D..W: Hamilton and Da»ny Hamilton visited Surtday with Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Bishop at Emmet. J>r .and Mrs. Autrey had as weekend guests Mr. and Mrs". Glenn Ellis of Saratoga, and Mrs. P. R. Booker of Texarkana. Mr.'and Mrs. D. B. Mitchell, Cora Abbott and Mrs. R; C, Reed were '.visitor? to McNab recently. Mr. and'Mrs. J. R. Dodsori and Jimmy, of Texarkana, spent the weekend with Mrs. J. C. H}li Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Johnson of Fulton were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs..T,- L. Johnson. , bulleU as he stood » ' Many Delegations at Percey Quin Funeral NATCHEZ, Miss:—(^—Delegations from every county >n the seventh congressional district formed part of an assembly of from five to six thousand persons attending the funeral services here Sunday afternoon for Congressman ' Percey E. Quin, who died last week in Washington. In addition to the congressional del* egation from Washington many menv bars of the Mississippi legislature Were present and each bar association of the district was represented. machine gun telephone booth, - » The shooilng brought Police' dom- missioner %tedsBey and l3tepUty Chief Inspectflj |o r hn''J, Sullivan to tna scene. Coll -was / absent from a BWMx apartment la& Monday ,fllght when a, group otffuhftlen burst into" the room and fired a fusillade at' a gtoup of COU'* followers. Besides the three persons killed ;twb other meh and ( another 'Woinan Were wounded. Coll, who wfcs'a-Mter* enemy of 'Dutch Schulte" jfTegenhefftler, rival ontender for the BrotiX'b^6r business, was out on bail pending' trial on a charge of engineering ja |1S.(JOO dairy robbery. He was 21' yeaN[.old4 His slaying revived a Btory, widely cjfc«» ated in underworld o,uarters lawly f that Flegenheimejf Aad offered ?SO,000 » anyone who would put, him oUt of way. t ' ^ > ( .^he killer, the sub-machine gun under KIs arm, entered the drugstore md told the clerk and patrons to 'keep cool and you won't get hurt." le "walked directly back to' the phone booth in which Coll, his back to the door, was telephoning. Withdut a work he swung the gun rito- position -and sent slugs . cutting hrough the thin partition and glass. Twelve bullets, entered Coil's body. The killer, with a menacing wave of the weapon toward the others in the store, backed out, ran- to the car, climbed 'in with his two Companions, and was driven away. • •• ; Mena Garden Club Plans Beautif ication MENA, Ark.— The Mena Garden Slub has started plans for the' beau- tif ication of parkways along the -new concrete paving recently laid on the" route of Federal Highway No. 71, through the city, 'PACK 29x4.40-21 BACH IN PAIRS you ftet b«cau*«i (MILLIONS more Apeople ride on Goodyear Pathfinder Full Overall* 30x4.50-21 26x4.75-19 29x5.00-19 Price ft Ewh 6.33 *.65 E.ch In Pain 6.16 6.45 ARKANSAS MACHINE SPECIALTY SHOP PHONE 257-—HOPE, ARKANSAS x unc xti N. B. C. Radio Prognun WFAA-Wed. 7:300 p. m., Sat.'8:00 p. m. INSURANCE I NSURANCE—-as written by stock companies—-brings to you not only dependable indemnity but the pledge of many services which prevent those losses for which money cannot pay. Leadership in fire prevention—better building $tandards~~the testing of materials and devices—the improvement of waterworks systems and fire departments — the prevention and punishment of arson; all these mean insurance to the last degree. STOCK FIRE INSURANCE actually fawres you the advantages of these activities. Stock firt lvw#nci Compattiet art reprneuttif by Capgbtt Agtvtiiu your (immunity NATIONAL BOARD OF FIR? UNDERWRITERS B5/«A« Street, NEW Y0$£ CHICAGO 3?? Put A<bmt Stntt t SAN PRANCISCO, M<r<ka*n Evb***, Uty, e KM Oiief, Assassinated Down While Making Telephone Ctll -JBW YOfifc-KM-VStteertl 6611, tt» Whtly acojuiited of Jth* Harlem, "tsaby slaying" in which a five-year-old boy ">as lulled by gangster bullets, was tot and killed In a drugstore on the Wr Weft Side Surtday night, The raallant escaped. • ' • Coll, who police v said was &£.target « an assasslria'tibil attempt that killed "•'- of his Hertehijien and a woman Monday night, was riddled with jftm*miF& -"""" ":\*m *t ggd, mining mlftes tW<fre •ing 1 la pay fUst /pajtfttfent Was ...UUB-mat'year, ™,t% (S 6feno» bectoe due ttt oW ft* SW,wOTsea>srbut tHe replied that the contact —i upon British currency. It'-Was pointed oat that ir wais no faMt- of, Colombia; wKlch adheres rig. Idly to the ftmdi standard,'that the pound, .forfHlrly; worth *— '-'•' how brings less than four. Is Subject of Inquiry . ',investj- gatlott" ihttf the" • depfcss«M value: of silver was r6rd«*ed' Monday by the house. The study Will be made by the house coinage committee 'urider- the direction of Chairman Sohiers; The hiojuiry will .be 'directed into the cause and effect of -the depressed 1 value- of sll^ei', the nwtiifery policies of all countries -and theft? relation to the value of«silver, Diejtn^bds of stabilizing the lvalue of'sjlve'r^ and the aU- r vlsability of iaK ih1ei*ationsl" conference to consider methods ,by whi«h, by internatipnal co-operation, the value of silver can, be' Stabilized, i The resolution authorizing>the stujtly was passed Without a 'record vote. WARNING ORDER In the Hempstead Chancery Court Emma Paxton t .„,.. Plaintjff, vs. i ' Willie Paxton „. , Defendant. The defendant, Willie Pa'xton, is hereby warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer i the complaint of the plaintiff herein. Witness my hand and seal as ctark of said court on this 2d day-'of February, 1932. , WILLIE-HARRIS (SEAL) » * ' Clerk. Feb. 2, 9, 16, 23. • Too Late to Classify FOR SALE—About 10 bales of good pea and soy bean hay. Also several nice pure bred Poland COhina pigs. See L. C. Sommerville. Phone 815-J. 1-tp m *pt uf, ,'his-Wjfe^ ftdraoh Ckft.-, Nina- OftlL terj fiiyu. F WBIT.UIJ HHUV uriuu: \0tubei/,t James <Edwa*d Cwtfirj-flobert G&tek 1 'tad each of them,' are Warned to'&p* pear 'to this- court -within ^thirty* day's and answer «the complaint v of M tiie Plaintiff,' ! The JFedeval Land Bttgfctof, St. Louis. ' •*•'*, Witness my hand and the seal of safd court this"8«i~day (Seal) Atty f PU£, " v E. Fi Mdfaddin, Hope, Arkansas. . 'l-U ill ••.•-J:'-_lAI"4i_l-r>--|-.— — r-h ' Jj* ' . ~ ~---• — "* .f..j-r* ..p. ..J J .; . tfAKMNo'tilttat; '•./ : lit the Heiriiwtead dbuky, - C3ittii^iy a Ci»tlrt*;,t r ,'; Margaret.Maxwell, Asigftee.,...\P4flintif f Va Mo. 2523. . . ' ,',', H. O. Gr,een, and-Mrs.' Willie; Green; his wife; E. L.-Carter, Trustee; Mrs, Cora Epps and 'Southwest Arkansas Utilities Corporatl6n,' a ~ • \ Corporation .,..l..l...,.... j j.J ; Dfefenaji&ts The Defendants, H. O. Green 'find. Mrs. jWillie Green, his wife, aVe warned to' appear in the Chancery Court of, Hempstead county, Arkansas, within thirty days and'answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Margaret Maxwell, Assignee. ' Witness my hand as Clerk of said Court and the seal thereof on ^this 8th day of February, 1932. WILLIE HARRIS, (Seal) Clerk of Hempstead County Chancery Coiirt. * Lemley & Lemley,. Attorneys for Plaintiff. . , 'Feb. 9-16-23-Mar.4 ihatthd publlcatteni "KJRff -' K!« !<*, R 40 .bates at;34(5\bate>4y A!_±'*''« ing <E, OH.' FOB ' duplex apartment -' glassed-inrsieepl Rae, care- phone -762. 507-So, Pine.', FOR ' RENT- two' or, three ,roonjs/(! Private entrance.' Mi.. 314 South Shover, >,j.- s A LITTLE PEPSO-GINGI end 1 your'indigestion^;^ " r., J8SJ, Ttie Ametlcw T(*»cw Co. »w ' ( • ''The extra protection to my throat" MIND IF I COUYift "JUNE"! Jim* U on* of New York'* "400." When the middlroittod it,do?en» of eligible Uichelpri went back Into circulation. Sh« ha* a coffca- pnd-cream cempltxipn, enough hgUtostortahat5tore,onday«nfor «QM<a0e. Shemadehiitoryforher- ».if in WARNER |ROS.' PICTURE, "ALEXANDER HAMIUON." For 4 years th« ha» imok«d IIICKIES. June Cpllyer gave thai nice slate- m»nt becauM ihe wanted lo, and net far money, which makes Hie makers of LUCKY STRIKE as hoppy a* a day with «'lt's the extra things I get from LUCKIES that wake me so enthusiastic. The extra protection to my throat, the extra fine flavor of LUCKY STRIKE'S choice tobaccos. And the extra convenience of the little tab which opens the LUCKY Cellophane wrapper so easily." /> .. "It's toasted" Your Throat Protection-ggolmf irrltetlQn- ON tUCKY STRIKE- 60 modern with ttevmrWt of tadny bammet (he now oftimiamm «*ry Tuesday, Tbvtsday and 1; *»

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