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Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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ports of the effected showing tha id westward the dark and only font of Jier, I pray, Dgrow perfect powers of happiness wher e'er her feet may go; j.a Truth's urightshieldandLoyetsstrongBrm pro- ico! her from all earthly harm." tliere should be eoine other thing, better than nit the rest, jut I have failed toi ads," I Bald, gi ve Thou the very Iwst i': every good what Thou dost deem better thau aiit'bt I hope or dream." fi lies- before-me still and pale; the roses that I Mit'lit Uoom along her path or life are'on her tiogorn laid; C.JIVDS rt with strange wrapt calm Ehelies, like one uiiidi- dumb liy sweet surprise. could ask or was my iiraver, audnow jwt fibe'is lying white andstffi with God's peace on hT brow, I sobbing, sore dismayed, if this be that ivhich I prayed. TERRIBLE CYCLONES. 1 01 I WISCONSIN aggregate at first towns and were Tisited, and an are over loss of life and hamleta in mourning A family ta- STEPHENS SEEBS' livery stables, at Tma Ibis city yesrda dowtl MTeral nouses, insurance small. ap factory, Grand Bap- burned on the 21st inst.

insurance, 34,500. men, employed by the cotton harvested" whe'at'm the vicinity. The damage is heavy. June about noon, a cyclone struck the southeast Ba J- City, doing much damage. A bam belonging to Frank Fitz- hughwas torn down and a colt carried Joice was also completely de- Mrs.

Delos Goster was badly alling timbers, and a girl named dashed feet away DES MOISES, June are few jac-w developments to-day from the de- euactioii by the cyclone at Grinnell No fm-tiier deaths are reported to-day, but to 11 clock forty-one deaths had occurred at Grmnell, and twenty-three at outside points, seventeen of them at Maleom, and in that vioini'iy, and eight in 'the county northwest of Grinnel) The doctors say that or seven, and more of the wounded at Grinnell will uot live twenty-four hours and some of the physicians put the final roll at Grinnell at one. more than iifiy, while some fear it will yet reach as large as seventy five. Of the wounded in dmt city, there are now over 120 known cases and some eighty of them more or ttl ii'ss serious. In the country there are also 1 held on the 21st inst awa trom where she stood, striking against a fence, injuring her so that she probably wJldie A small boy named John Carroir had his skull fractured and will probably die, while Mrs. Joice, her daughter and another of the Carroll boys were badly bruised.

They were all lu the Jojce house when it was demolished. ihe track of the storm was about eighty rods wideband ia its path fences, trees, were swept away clean. SpEEfSFiEij), June Heavy rains in this vicinity have done great damage to cornfields lately. Wheat and oats are also affected. STATE SEWS.

MoxEOE.has decided to build a new school building in the North Ward at a cost of $15,000. THE thirteenth annual reunion of the old settlers of Walworth County was -ftl the bay. MOBBISON'S large paper mfll, at rone, Blair County, burned on were in and Bint Kingston, Ont, we being wiile sailing i Ty- the W)0 insurance THHEE scais of Duncan Taylor, at Brussels, Ont, aged 8. 6 and 4 years, respectively, were smothered while playing in an oat bin. Two boys, aged about 12 years each, sons of Samuel Martin and Andrew Mayer, were drowned in Hurricane Creek, near Hoopyville, on the 18th inst JOB MANSFIELD, one of the old settlers of Grundy County, IUL was killed near Seneca, on the 17th by being the occupants land.

The thrown out of neck. wagon, breaking his one hundred. It is now sisty- K.IU- as Lave it There were e'ix iit-aths and last night, among (lie rest that of conductor Diegnon, of tbe Rock Island One hundred find forty-three is now. estimated as the mimbc-r of 'dwelling- houses destroyed by the tornado. In the city of GrinneU ir is estimateed that this entails a loss of half a million dollars now, which is nearly a total loss, as hardly any of them are iasured against tornadoes or anything but fire.

Mr. J. B. Gvinnell states that fifty of the people in losing their homes lose all that thev have in this world. Outside of Grmnel), at Slalcom, and in the country, there is also an immense loss; probably the aggregate will not be less than three-quarters of a million dollars.

BfBUXGTOx, Iowa, June Saturday night, at 11 o'clock, a terrific Btqnn in a southwesterly rlii'ection over Moinefi and Henry Counties. -In r.urliugton -only rain and hail but UUP mile south of the city the 'down barns, houses and orchards, ft till destroy ed a vast amount of projjerty, uo people were reported killed. The tit trieal display -was remarkable. The was aglow constantly fortwo hours. At Mount Pleasant, twenty-eight miles the hurricane was very destructive.

The storms met over town at 11:30 clock, and, accompanied by ram and irnil, broke in fearful fury, demolishing the Baptist Church, which cost lifting the spire from the Pres- bvit'riaii Church high in the air and inverting The point struck' the side- v-fcik ia front of the and was the ground many feut, Tow- fii- roofs of all the churches in the p'aye were torn off aud otherwise iL.aiagt-U. Nearly every business bouse iu city was unroofed find damaged, the park in tlie public square was with' tiuioofs, rolled in bunches, likt! wads. 6'f paper. Tliexaiu.damaged icufh merchandise and lasted but forty mimiti's. Three hundred dwellings are ULroofed and damaged, and not a single ey is left standing.

Three large school houses are in ruins, but the buildings being protected by fine groves of trees in the campus, which are nil down. Only two prisons are reported killed, a mother Mill son named Scott, who live near the iiiy. Xone were seriously injured in the toKu. The insane hospital with 600. in track, of the storm, is '-o- The loss in Mt.

Pleasant if Fifty freight cars staging on a side track one mile east of Pleasant were carried upon the. Inif.and a Chicago, Burlington and Quiiiov freight train collided with them, Wt-ckiag them completely. The en- M. Parmeter, was sligl.tlyin- CrDAK KAPIDS, June tr.irk of the recent tornado in Iowa be- Jefferson, ninety miles west of auil goes eastward a few miles ami parallel; keeps that course to Marshall County, where it turns-south- and straight to Grinnell; tupape; to Iowa Kidge, fourteen miles of Brooklyn; then it-took a southerly turn to Henry County and 'tioiice to Mt. Pleasant where it stopped.

Ijitf distance from Jefferson to Mt. Pli-'asaut is 200 miles and the velocity of storm was a bout 60 miles an hour. vho has just returned from north. fosfern Iowa, says: I find this town in One-fourth of the population is wtirely homeless and destitute. Every mau has suffered severe many business houses were destroyed.

-N coo here are able to assist. Every and public building is destroyed. art; obliged te hold "funerals in Send contributions to W. E. il, cashier Mulcom Bank, or J.

H. ss, mayor. M.ODJES, as estimate of the damage by 'the 28,000 80,000 50,000 Conntf 80,000 nL 100,000 600,000 Pleasant 700,000 180,000 100,000 -twago and 41,000. Vs Central. .10,000 805,000 Total.

35 years of age. HASELTBTE Co. 's saw mill at Weston was destroyed by fire on the 17th inst. The direct and indirect loss will amount to $50,000. AT the State University exercises on the 21st the Lewis 'prize, for the best oration, was awarded to David F.

Simpson, of Waupun. A WOMAX who gave her name as Mrs. Mary Hartley, and stated that her husband and three children resided at Waukesha, was arrested at Jimesville on the 20th for stealing a watch. XiiKooiiN CotwiT (Merrill): An eel measuring thirty-seven inches in and weighing five pounds, was caught in the Wisconsin Biver above the dam on Thursday evening. THE following Wisconsin postmasters were confirmed by the senate on the 21st G.

S. Marsh, Depere; Henry Strong, Beloit; John H. Briukerhoff, Waupuu; Frank D. Harding, Hudson. BETWEEN 1 and 2 o'clock on the morning of the 21st iust.

the jewelry store of Hamlin Eaee, Westbridge Street, Beloit, was entered by burglars. The safe was drilled and, and about worth of diamonds and other jewelry, besides 8325 in casli, taken. WILLIAM ALLEN, living in East Wrightstown, had bis barn struck by lightning during a' sterni on the 16th iust. Mr. A.

and hired girl were milking iu the barn at the time, and were knocked down by tbe shock. The cow tbe hired girl was milking was killed. A man named Leouhardt, living in East Wriphtstown, had two horses killed. BELOIT OUTLOOK: A few days since Dr. E.

N. Clark left bis friends in this city feeling in high 'spirits, and anticipated a large amount of happiness in future life. He went to Detroit, where be was manied on Sunday to a Mre. Conaiit, a highly educated and refined society lady, whose home was in Ogdensburg, N. Y.

Yesterday a telegram was receceived in Beloit from the doctor, stating that his newly niade wife had died quite suddenly at Evanston, EL, near Chicago, where they were enjoying a visit with friends. MBS. MAGDALEXA HILLE, residing seven miles southwest of Waukesha, was poisioned on the 21st by a mistake of Dr. Philler, of Waukesha, who gave, her morphine instead of quinine. The doctor discovered his mistake and hastily ordering his team, procuredu stomach- pump and antidotes, and drove as fast as he could to the Hille residence.

The time of his arrival was about fifty minutes after the morphine had been administered. He at once used the stomach- pump and applied his best art, but ail- to no. Hille was beyond all help, and died soon after. Dr. Philler.

is in great mental agony over his horrible blunder, and claims that in all his long years of practice, this is his first mistake. Silk Culture by Women. fFrom Mrs. Phebe Preston, of. Little Britain Township, Lancaster County, is engaged in the production of and cocoons.

She has obtained a small quantity of eggs of the ordiuary kind, and is endeavoring to secure eggs of 'the two- crop worms. Mrs. Preston cultivated the silk-making insects forty -odd years ago, and has still in her house a fine hank of silk from cocoons grown in the days of the multicanlis fever, and reeled by her own hands. Mrs. Preston is fully posted in the business from days of "auld lang svne and knows all about the large cocoonery erected at West Chester, but which has long since disappeared.

She is now much interested in the revival of the work, and is seconding the commendable efforts of the Women's Culture Association of this city in introducing the industry throughout the country. Fatal Accident. BAM3MOBE, June Mam Boboss, Lewis Solemn and Barto Saulmeyer were kffled, and Jacob Baker and Frank Patterson Berioualy mjnred by the falling of a bank of earth and stoneat Mt Vernon Cotton Mills, Baltimore County. Boyle Sentenced. CHICAGO, June 6 the counterfeiter, was sentenced in the federal court diis morning to 12 years the Cheater.

HL, penitentiary. Oj estimate the loss at over ATCHISON, Kansas, Jane mau and travelers bring more accurate WILLIAM GAOLEB, of Ithaca, N. labormg under tiie effects of spiritual aberration, attempted to enter a neighbor's house through a window, and was shot dead. A FEBB at Willis, Bremond County Texas, on the 16th inst, destroyed twenty buildings, nearly the entire busi- nes portion of the town. Loss, S75.000- insurance, $24,000.

A riBE in GUmour mill yard Trenton, Ont, on the 21st inst, destroyed five million feet of lumber and six houses occupied by mill hands Loss over insured. A PIEE in Cambridge, on the 17th inst, destroyed a large barn belonging Sawer's Express Company. Two hostlers, who were asleep in the hay, and thirteen horses were burned to death. THE 'iig, tanks and. 6,000 barrels of oil were burned at the Anchor Oil, pany's well, Cherry 'Grove, Warren County, on the 20th mst.

Ed. Gibson was burned to death, and John Hughes seriously burned. FIVE laborers were drowned at Paspe- biae, near the sulking of a boat- The rising tide at the Isle aux Grues'drowned two children named La- pointo and Harvey, covering the islet upon which they weie at play. AT Kelley's tunnel, Tuscarawas County, on the 19th inst, while men were blasting rocks, a premature explosion killed one man, broke botn arms and tore out the eyes pi another, and seriously, if not fatally, injured several more. AN Adrian, dispatch savs seventy-five people have been poisoned there, by eating a certain brand of cheese.

All of the victims recovered. Microscopic examination showed that the cheese was filled with some unrecognized parasite. THE buildings at Eagleville, of the Gastenbury Knitting Company, burned on the 21st ins't Loss, insurance, Charles aged 14, Lulu King, 12, and Gracie King, 13, were burned, the latter probably fatally. NEW ENOLAKD, New Jersey and all parts of New York reported heavy storms dm the 19th mst. Eichford, reports five washrouts between there and Aber- eorh.

The partly-erected walls of the Seymour chair at West Troy, N. were blown down. MBS. ADAH SEISGLE, a resident of Dnbuque, during the prevalence of a hail-storm, on the' 16th inst, STUB so alarmed for the safety of her children, who were absent from home, that she fell in a fit, from which it was impossible arouse her, and she died. FIRE broke out at about 2 o'clock on" the morning of the 20th inst, in the vicinity of the old ferry slip and depot in San Francisco; and the bark Great Western was burned to the water's edge, and a number of vessels were injured.

Loss on wharf and vessel $60,000. THOMAS McOoBincK, George MeCor- mick, Willie Shorey, Merry Meggett, Daniel Kelly and Charles Duplesis, all boys, were drowned by the capsizing of a boat sailed by John King, watchman of United States dredge at New Orleans, on the 18th inst. King and four-boys were rescued. A SAD affair was that in Norwood, on the 18th. Javis Gay, an old veterinary surgeon 79 years of age, was called upon to attend a sick horse.

The night was very foggy and the old gentleman lost his way. In attempting to arouse a family to inquire his whereabouts, the poor old man was mistaken for a burglar and shot dead. Ox the afternoon of the 19th inst hi the foundry at Pulman, DL, near Chicago, a large iron. carrier, containing about a ton of molten iron, broke from its fastenings while being swung into position, and turning over, poured its seething contents on the head of Charles. Greft, one of the employes, burning him almost to a crisp; He lingered in great agony nearly an hour.

OH the 17th iast Joe Snyder, living near Georgetown, nine miles from New Albany, having some wet powder, was missing at last accounts Eleven of the went down with the The captain was saved. The Gnitean Gallows. WASHINOTOX, June greatest object" of curiosity in the United States jail Just now is the scaffold on which Gniteau is to hang, a week from nexi Fnday. The assassin can no longer be seen by visitors, and they have to be content with a glimpse of the gibbei which stands in the northeast corner ol the prison. It was buflt about three years ago, and was intended to be used in the execution of James Peyton, a colored man, but a commutation of sentence saved him.

The scaffold was usea in the hanging of Stone, the colored wife murderer. It occurred April 2, 1880, and caused a great sensation at the time, from the fact that- his head was completely severed. from his body. The scaffold has been painted a drab color. It is built entirely of Georgia pine.

The top or cross-beam is of pis by eight timber, and rests on uprights twenty-one feet high and eight inches square. It is now pierced for two ropes, having been used lor tbe double hanging of Bedford and Queenan, in 1880. The nlatform is eleven feet square and is thirteen feet above the ground, being supported by six eight-inch uprights, braced by a number of heavy timbers. The flooring of the platform of two-inch boards, laid on stout mortised and bolted joists. In the center is the trap through which the.body falls.

is five feet square and swings by a heavy strapping to the platform. It "is held in place by a long belt. The rope, in the selection of. which great care is taken, is of the best quality and of about seven-eighths of an inch in It is run through one of the apertures of the cross-beam, to which it is fastened, and down to the platform, five feet slack being allowed for the fall. Another rope runs through a box and over a pulley, from the trigger which springs the trap-door, in a cell the executioner or hangman is concealed from view.

A Drover Bobbed. DETBOIT, June McCas- kee; a drover, living at Gladstone, Manitoba, on his way to St. Thomas, was robbed' of- at the Michigan Central depot, in this city, at o'clock this morning. "I BELIEVE St. Jacobs Oil to be the very best remedy known to mankind," says Mr.

Koberts, business manager of this Milwaukee Wls.) Sentinel. writing to Adrertlsers, please when writing to advertisers, WISCONSIN, lion the WEEKLY WISCONSIN DAVIS The Public is new and ed carefully to notice VVTicn writing to Advertisers please mention the WEEKLY WISCONSIN. A SAFE AND SURE REMEDY FOR Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Cramps, Cholera, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Sprains AND Bruises, Burns AND Scalds, Toothache AND Headache. 8OE1I BY AIX DIEOICIKB DEALERS. Louisiana State Lottery Company wlud reaepTO fund of over' $550,000 has since been made a port o( tie presmt ed December 23, A.

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KemofefeTan, Pimples Free- Moth- (HDWDASHINE place'd it in the oven of his stove to dry, and apparently forgot it, as an explosion occurred soon after which blew things in. all directions. His two children, who were in the room at the time, were struck by pieces of the stove and fatally wounded, the oldest dying ten hours after. The younger is still alive, but its recovery is almost impossible. THE steamer Escambia with a cargo of wheat valued at left San Francisco on the night of the 18th inst Owing to the empty condition of the water ballast tanks and the coat carried on deck, the ship was On getting outside she encountered a heavy sea, and the engines were stoppecL The ship, losing headway, fell off into the trough of the sea, and a sea boarded her, throwing her on her beam ends.

All hands rushed on deck. The water began to'pour in through the skylights and hatches on deck. Owing to the dangerous position of the ship, no one would go below to start the engines and get her head to sea again, and she filled rapidly and sank. The captain, engineer, and seven others got into one boat and nine others'took the life boat The captain's boat Swamped in the breakers on landing in Dobbins' Starch Pofish. An important dii- tovery, by wiich every fanuly may give their linen that beautiful finish peculiar to fine laundry work.

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