Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 6, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 6, 1932
Page 3
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; iftt ttedw yeu have heart, thtf hairty unkind word, l|W quarrel and the cause, at the whole affair because it It !s the only way; "' the storm of yesterday. -. those with the tour fa«, Ftpfet and imlle In any place, Fwgtt the trials you have had, Forget the Weather if it's bad. F4rg*t the knocker, he's a f>eak, ,£<Wflrt him seven days a week, fW* you're not a millionaire, IWrtet (he gt*y streaks in your hair, fwget wherever you may roam Fqrget when, traveling pr at home. _^_ -M. M. D. \ Mf> find Mrs. John P. 6ax have.had as" guests this week, J. M, Bulger of Oktahwna £ity,,0kla,, and James NeUl . of i^assau, Bahama llslnnds. Mr, and Mrs. E.ii. Cowden have as hou« jniests, Mrs.' V. A. Griffin, Mrs. E.1/. Wflles and Miss-Mary K. Heliums all of tittle Rock.- ' Mr, and Mrs. Sam McMath, who hive tj«en guest* of Mrs. Alice Mc- Mflth and -Mr. andi Mrs. Sid McMpth . fqr .the past week left Friday for a wwk. «f»d visit ,wlth Mr. and Mrs. John Green .before returning to their hpme in ElPaso, Tex. jFriends will be glad to know that »|iss Mildred Valentine, whp has been very ill nt her hofpe qn l^st Division street for the past month, is reported ns improving. »Mr. and Mrs. M&* Cox will spent the week end visiting in Fulton. M r i and Mrs. Mac iSuffie have os house guest, Mrs. Duffle's mother,. Mrs. J. A. Rankln of Russellville. Mr ^and Mrs-A B. Cobb and little daugh ter, Caroline Juno Of Little Rock, wll arrive on Sunday for a visit with Mr and Mrs..Duffie. Mr.^and Mrs. Harold Lawrence o Texarkana will be week end guests of Mrs. Lawrence's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. King. Sam, Hall of Longview, Tex., was a business visitor in the city Friday. Mrs. J. T, Hicks has returned from o few days visit with Mr. anjl Mrs J. B.^Shults and Miss Nannie Jeff in Fulton. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson were hosts to the members of the Emnnon Club on Friday evening at their home on South Elm street. H. M- Stephens of Blovins was a Friday , business visitor in .the city. Mrs. Pat Casey left Saturday to at- tend the bedside of her father, John Jackson, who is seriously 111 at'his home in Toxarkana. M.r. ,and Mrs. |^rl White had as Friday .guest, Mrs. White's sister, Miss Esther- Stephens, of .Blevins. Mrs. J, F. Pprterrteld was hostess OR Friday afternoon to tho members of the Friday Contract Bridge club at her home on East Third street. Early spring flowers brightened the rooms and Contract Bridge was play ed from two tables. .The high score favor went to Mrs. Jack Bush. At the conclusion of the game, the hostess served a delicious salad plate. at the hoiu» pt MdUe os Iflst recaption: is.belftrf Women'* >„ ... church- the BublljS Is cordially Invited. Sliver offering. A ffi<?eting" 'of th* L T. L, will fee held Sunday afternoon 3 t 2 o'clock at First Baptist ch>reh, ^ -)h th$ following prtatra;m: Ot(r .terpes, Clyta ™rop A«e; Dsvot jnaF, Frances Slmrns; 'Piano .Solo, fr f, tuok; He Watched Lincoln Write His Name, Janet Lemiey; Washington a Temperance Man, Tompie Faye Tolandi >tory of Frances E. Willard, Clyta fcrhe Agjeej' Paying {he Qame, Mure! 'ane Webb; Bible Stdry, Miss Helen Belts. •'•'•' C •'ft L. Entpn, Pastor 0, \V. Bailey, S. S, Siipt. Sunday school 10 a. m. Special service Sunday night. The pastor will .be with us for this extra service at 7:30. Everybody Invited. Preaching— Fourth Sundays at 11 a. ni. and 7:30 p. m. . Sipglng every Sunday night except Feeding Houie PlanU and porch Bpxeg Glirlst Church CranbroOfc of ftloomflcld Hills, M|ch. ft precious nrt. a tresalire 'ourth Sunday. Junior and Senior unday nights, 6:30. ' B. Y. P. T. C. Prayer meetings,' Wednesday nights, :30. The Womanless Reception, which was advertised for last weej<, was poptponed until Tuesday evening at -SATURDAY ONLY- DOUBLE PROGRAM BOB CUSTER "Law of" the Rio Grande" —Also— "Penrod and Sam" -SUNDAY- JACK HOLT MAKER OF MEN THE CHURCH OF CHRIST John G. Reese, Minister Bible study at 10 o'clock. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Mid-week Bible study Wednesday evening at 7:30 p. m. Ladies Bible class Tuesday after,noon at 2:30. A cordial welcome is extended every one to all these services. FIRST METHODIST CHUKCHI J. L. Cannon, Pnsfor to Centuries of traditions are bqllt into Christ Church Cranbrook in Blpom- field Hills, near Dgtroit. The church Is new, consecrated in IBM. But arts and crafts of centuries known as the Women's window. It is it a venerable mellowness. In the benutlful singing towpr is a 62-bcll carillon. The bejls were made in Loughborough, England, and were dedicated by Anton Brees, fprmcrly of Antwerp Cathedral and now.bell- master of the Bok singing tower in Florida. „ ___^ Christ Church is a $3!oQO,OObl3othic edifice. One of its interesting highlights is St. Dunstan's chapel, dedicated to the patron saint of artisls.-and craftsmen and to 'all who labor with their hands and give true and laud- r.blc service." « * * In the walls is a stone from the abbey at dlastonbury, England, where Dunstan was born in 921. The weal window of the narthex is known as the Women's indow- It is a tribute to Womankind, showing wo* men leaders throtjghout the world's history. ' The progress of the Christian church is delineated in a vast fresco in the sanctuary. Kathrine McEwan worked more than tjiree years on it, working the colors into the plaster before it dried. It is one of the largest and; most important works of its kind In America. ' » « * In the baptistry is a stained glass window of 13th century origin. It was brought from Amiens, France, mosaic with a cover of enamel and copper gilt. High on the north a/id south fronts, .carved into the stone, are a number of statues of 'dawn men," selected 1 because of their contributions to the advancement of mankind. Among these are Eycliffe, Luther, Tyrtdale, Cranmer, Marquette, Penn, Washington, Lincoln, Phillips, Brooks, Charles D. Williams, Gutenberg, Columbus, da Vinci, Balileo, Copernicus, Faraday, Pasteur and Wilbur Wright. Sunday School nt 9:45 a. m. Preaching'at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Board of Stewards meets at 2 p. m. Epworth League meets at 6:45 p. m. Prayer meeting at 7:30 p. m. Wednesday. Christian Education Institute at Prescott on February 10, at 10 a. m. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Sunday school at 9:4S a. in. Motto: Each taechcr on time nnd prepared, and each pupil present with a fertile brain and a loving heart. Prof. Croxton of Ouauhita College preaches at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. All who .can come. W. A., Lewis leads the prayer service ta 7:30 p. m. Wednesday night. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH W. R. Anderson, D.I)., Minister 9:45 a. m. Our Sunday School meets in departments for the study of the lesson. We have a place for everybody. You are invited. Come and learn of God. 11:00 u. m. Morning worship anc sermon. Subject, "The World's Only Hope." There' will be a self-dcnia offering for Foreign Missions. 7:30 p. m. Evening worship anc sermon. Subject, "The DesJ>uction of Babylon."—By request. 6:45 p. m. Young People's Society Minnie Anna Pagett, leader. 3:00 p. m. Monday. The Circles of the Ladies' Auxiliary will meet as follows: No. 1 with Miss Annie Allen, and Mrs. Lloyd Spencer at the lome of Miss Allen. No. 2 with Mrs 2rnest Wingfield, No. 3 at the church. . 4 with Mrs. J. L. Myers. No. with Mrs. Mac Duffie Monday at 7:30 p. m, 7:30 p, m. Wednesday. Prayer meet- ng. 7:30 p. m. Tuesday at the home of Wrs. Dorsey McRae Circle No. 5 will ipld a Womanless Ten. Beautiful costumesand lots of fun. You are invited. Gurdon Eastern Star Officers Are Installed GUHDON, Ark—The officers of the Eastern Star here for this year were elected and Installed as follows: M rs Fay Marshall, worthy matron; J. A. McAtee, worthy patron; Mrs. Frank Roe, associate matron; Dave Ryan, Associate patron; Mrs. S. P. McNeely, conductress; Mrs. Floyd Bailey, associate conductress; Mrs. p. 0. lj>ull, secretary; Mrs. A. McDonald, treasurer; Mrs. J. T. McLain, marsjiall; Mrs. Harold Williams, organist; Mrs. Clara Mao Powell, chaplain; Mrs. Marvin Wright, Ada; Mrs. Winnie D. Wells, Ruth; Mrs. V. C. Stephens, Esther; Mrs. C. W. Jenkins, Martha; Mrs. J. R. Smith, Eleotra;,Mrs. Bert Lowe, warden, Mrs.;J. £• Smith;, sen.r tinel. _,'.-.< '•'"'"' Special Service to Be Held at Garrett Memorial A special service is announced at he Garrett Memorial Baptist church rr Sunday night, beginning ut 7:30. Rev. T. L. Epton, pastor of the church, will preach. All members and the general public ro cordially jn,vited to attend this ervice. ON THE STAGE HOGAN HANCOCK Phelps E»te« REVUE 23 AND HIS NEW YORK REVUE —With— Three Harrison Sisters ARTISTS" A Melange of Song, Dance, Melody, Pep! -ON THE SCREEN- WORKINK QIRLS PAVL JUWfH WPOpr-KUTH HALL SAENGER Monday Manager DENVER, Col.—Guy D. Duncan can give ft and Earl Wettengel can take it, and' fight managers might find a gopd prospect in either. Both men are lawyers, the latter District Attorney. In a recent libel case, they got into a hot argument. As Wettengel turned away" from Duncan, the latter .swung his right to Earl's jaw. The prosecutor doubled his fists and was ready to let fly in retaliation when the judge or- dercd them-to quiet down. Arkansas Man Is After Stubbing Affray FAYETTEVILLE.— (/P) —A charge of assault with a deadly weapon was filed Thursday against Ryle Brumley, who was said by officers to have stabbed and 1 wounded seriously Clyde Brown, 26, at -.a dance near h,ere pn Wedpe$day • night. Brown, officers said, had ..struck Brumjey's son and the-father intervened. He is in jail. — '. ;• »V- Injuries in Accident Fatal to Arkansas Man • AUgTINr-Tex. i^OP)^-Proposal' of Congressman Mavjn Jfones of Amarillo chairman of the.agricultura.! comniit- tee of the national house of ''representatives to obtain a federal appropriation for cotton research laboratory in Texas was endorsed here 1 Wednesday by the Texas cotton cqm.mittee. . • • PI Wedding Free ROME, Ohio.—Lawrence Johnson is Wlndpty 3o*es ajid House plants Need Plant Food grpwn in boxes and eli- nourishment fro tfnpunts of soil. sdon exhaust the soil atto* water. In order to this toed, K>ils used in boxes .should be in good pfi dltiort and hold large qtla water, ' ' A Soil Of «opd -physloal may be made by folxirjg thj'W 1 p of lo^fti, one paH U deco?|i]Msl4 (*- ganjc toiattek such as pe»t m< ported mate«tfll, or leaf inoid, part of s^rtd &f sifted coal aishes. If one prefers, good potting soil may usually be,fibbed froin a; ftprist, Physical cpiidltlqn of the soil has little ;tO do with'plantfodd cpn^nt, pjc. cept that a friable soil jfi necastery for prqper root'g^o^rth, [and stfdk rqot growth makes possible the absorption of plantfood. But a frjable'soii may still be unfertile. To assure an adequate supply of food in the spil, a corrjpAaint food should be mixed with the, .spil before H Is placed In the pot at the rate of'one heaping tablespoonful'per gallon of soil. ' t Plants established in pots or .bo.xes should be fed at t^ie rate of ot\e 'level teaspoonful for a six-inch "pot. For larger containers apply plantfopd at the "rate of one level 'tablesp6onful per square foot. Application should be made approximately every fix weeks during the growing season. This quantity refers ot the highly soluble commercial plantfoods of balanced content and does not apply to much slower acting organic materials. Theatfe, atari <jl a of ArftKrlean Cromwell as hl« «6ft struggle of be a craVe^"aUTi1s*'ltfiK6tTwlll-1ir find his rrianhood in spair , .to , Which him? These are esting questions .piit .f swefed in "Maket nal ' story ( £&*> Cromwell by Edward r of , , n M\rs1i,',q - doing all he can to swell the ranks of the benedicts. T|us 21-year-old' justice of the peace, newly established here, has offered to marry couples for anything they can pay—"from nothing to, just a little." Despite h}s tender'age, Johnson is married and has two children—which probably accounts for"his charitable outlook on couples willing to be married. "Ye Muley Cow Case" (Clipped from a Lawyer's Magazine) Ane evening as the sun sank low On rural scenes, where daisies grow, A muley cow, in thotless mood Stood chewing on her evening cud; And without thot, in negligence She sought the road and took her stance, And there a car,*of flivver size Ran into her between the eyes; The muley's looks were ruined, most She then and there gave up the ghost; ' And ceased to be a live equation; But subject for administration. ' The owner of the muley cow Said, "I've have justice now, I vow. That flivver driver pays a bounty; She was the best cow in the county." So were the thots of owners bent As to the county seat he went; And sought a lawyer who would function With writ, demurrer and injunction. Things folks must do for satisfaction, As laweyrs say, "a right of action." So here we have a dandy row, All started by a muley cow. The lawyer, when he heard the tale Said, "We'll have justice without fail; I knew the cow, she chewed her cud The finest in the neighborhood. I've often thot, tho' it seem funny, She must be worth a lot of money: And justice will not fail to frown On one who cj-uely rode her down. Of such fine cows there is a dearth, Five Hundred Dollars Was her worth. But now that times be hard and thrifty We'd better say one hundred fifty." And so the plantiff made his bill, \Vell drawn, and prayed for judgment 'til The court should say in judgment .how They pay him for his muley cow. The flivver driver answered well; The muley's fault, as he would tell. His counsel slated, "I have seen A row's an obsolete machine. No muley with a safe abode Would amble out into the road, To there fiet hit, and raise the dickens With flivvers 'round as thick as chickens.' The court was moved, and stated how His sympathy was with the cow. How boyhood sentiment still clings; Hed lot a jury settle thiings. And su :iix talesmen in he hies To strike the scales from Justice eyes. Then counsel without questions leading, Presented sides with 'legal pleading. One told with feeljng an,d appeal How muley's demise made her feel; And how the plantiff's life-long station Would suffer without compensation. Defendant's counsel, drawn and tense Dwelt on the muley's lack of sense. And how the owner with a goad, Had driven muley to the road. He told cow history, and how O'Leary's cow kcked up a row And burned Chicago, caused distress Thou bovine, pure dee cussedness. He showed by tome and volume tall That muley's value was but small; And had she worn a gloden collar She wasn't worth a pewter dollar. The jyry listened to a man, As only learned jurors can. Debate is pleasant, when you see The prospects of a jury fee. But when decision time came 'round They disagreed, so it was found. So did deliberations halt: Was it the car or muley's fault? They loqked their horns and wouldn't bu4ge, And took their troubles to the judge, Who said, "I'm awfully sorry, men, We'll have to try this case again." Three other juries came to date, But none could judge poor muley's fate. The counsels pawed the earth and Mr; The judge looked bored and pulled his hair, Till Justice gave up in a quivver About the muley and the flivver. The old car still 'runs every day; And muley munches heavenly hay; The jury fees are dissipated; The witnesses all interrogated; And still the question rankled now, Who was at fault, the car or cow? 3o in this life our troubles bring Us Ipggerheads wHh everything. And more's the pity now that we The greater good for all can't see. The muley and the motor car Are not important things, by far. The mqney spent to try their fate Has helped us oijt of a lot to date. The judges' fees have bought his bed. The jurors children have been fed; And now the witness? shall not sorrow For he shall feed upon the morrow. The lawyers' fees were paid with thanks, And swell their savings in the banks: So to the muley, give concession. She's helped a lot in this depression. -Case and Comment. Texas Cotton Research Laboratory Idea Backed EL DORADO — (ff>)— Tymond, A. •Dodd, 18, of Louann, died in a hospital here Thursday from injuries he received in an automobile accident Monday in 'which S. T. McAnulty of Smackover also was fatally hurt. Dodd was driving the car, which over- tujned at a sharp curve. ; New Wonder Metal '^A new metal, ''M. C. V." has been developed in England and is said 1 to'be the -ideal metal for Industrial uses. It is as strong as cast iron, is much less .brittle, and js actually lighter than aluminum. It can be bent when cold without breaking, and can be readily ^rplled, pressed, stamped, forged or welded. Now a Barpness Seattle*,' Washington, chicken rancher a few days ago, Maria Korff, shown; here, became Baroness Maria MickQlpgskaya ^hen 40QO acres of her husband's land was discovered not tp be in Soviet Russia but in Latvia. Defining ,bpun4ary i lines, made the' difference". Baron Victor, her bus. band, commanded TiOOO imperial dragoons of Czar Nichols in the war. Too Late to Classify TAKE NUP—One red. cow. Dry. No marks or brands. Charles Kendall, poundmaster. It Budget iniiw Hufst ptk)Vide> an4 John Wayne are; a ' hu^ky col}4g|a%«, heqd, Jyqha^^ Brqcy JlaVf prftnMenf ^l,e ipii §t i»^(!ir.&aj4»y and his Revue, *n atraotien thq 'south's >a41p« e with the -famous Pl>elp6rEstes , will be presented a? a special ; stage attra.qt}0{i fit the Sjenger day <n pon^ctipfl vHth the 'r picture program, , "WotWpK with Buddie .Rqgers, JRa,ul Judith >Wood a'n.4 ;Ru0t Hft cock's 1 orch.estra.ppnnes to, Hope from a recprd breakjn.g tour ot ^he nation's leaping theatr!s| jn visited by si|k cently. Thftt, }i» &$g, unusual, b^t the ing th,e -Otjd/rei. stockings* ajid t^ien ,te}l wKich they preferred. It was found that'Colgate University' students,) in -trying V out salesmanship, were testing the theory that an ar%\e .perfumed will sell faster th>n one that isn't. One of the pairs of stockings was perfumed. Rosston Rt. 3 We are glad to report that grandpa Simpson is improving. G. D. Martin and family spent Sun- SatfdiijiUiii inter^stujg' proiraWf' Mr&S ROB IS Annual School Election, Tuesday, March 1, 1932. ' The following is an estimate of the expenses of the pub- Jic schools of Hempstead County for the school year 1932-'83, as submitted by the school directors in compliance with Section 97H of the school law of Arkansas: ti- "S d fc 18 Name of District Common Districts Clan s! V a] Qu 85 3. •d pa & H Is . 40 § S S 760 20| Oak Grove 291 Nolan j 33ISummon's Island j 871 Liberty Hill | 44I Stephenson I 49| Holly Grove 501 Evening Shade 51| Walnut Grove 55 Shiloah 56 Oakland 57 Harmony 61 Oak Grove 62 Academy 67 Centerville 70 Chestnirt Hill 71 Walker 77 Nazarene 78 Wesley Grove 81 Temple 82 Bradley Rural Special District 4 Rocky Mound 7| DeAnn 141 Providence 17| Piney Grove 18| Red Land | 2Q| Guernsey | 22| Iron Springs | I Special District I 1! Plevins | 21 Gplumbus | 8| Fulton 5| Hope 61 Nashville 8| Oaan 9| Patmos 10| Spying Hill Ul Sar&toga 12| Washington 215| 125 300 300 1000 150 75 25| 80 788 150| 125 150 75 70 100 10001 750| 700| 450| 75| 50001 430! 20| 151 25| 40) 451 I 30| I 15 20 25 50 20) 20| 251 25 15 15 - 450 380 450 840 850 450 450| 600| 200) 1700 610 360 150Q 400 450 550 i 400 100 165 275 • g^ O "o 10 20 20 30 80 50 Maintenance of PJant j 50 15 25 Auxiliary 'j Agencies • 1 V 751 15 20 30 15 25| 15 30| 40120| 50| 50 20| 25 25! 151 75| 45| 25| 25! 20 15| General Control 65 60 601 25 i 1201 45| 1500 1000 1700 2200 700 25 25 10 15 50 60 45 60 40 600QI8000 500| 151 25| 5 10 25 25 50 40 4511000 1000I1SOOJ 31881 300| 12000| 600| 200| | 3200! 901 5000| $451 50) 380 I 25001 300| 4850| 340| 50| Igl.SOOilSOOiSO.OOOISOOOl 20012500 3000 5$50;1400|15,000|1500| 5Qt)|400012250 | 500! 60! 22401 751 60| | I 50001 60| 6000| 75| 50| | I 6800' 75; 6000| 300| 75|1800| 115,548' 44310,4101 696| 10011870) 35 I 5200 ' 160| 65001 3301 155|1560| I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct flaent of the estijnated budgets for 1932-'3S, submitted to be by the school directors of Hempstead County. Pate Feb. 5,1932. Signed: E, |j. AUSTIN. County Superintendent. Feb. $, 13, 29 Majestic Building Geo, 4, Meadow«'Draugl|on Get the Best Positions A Superior School Catering,to-the Better Claw pjf Young, Standard Courses in Bookkeeping,, Banking, Higher AWWjW hand 1 , Stenotypy. Typewriting, Office Training, etc. large " staff, including Certified Public Accountant., Free,' Er "' partment-that keeps in constant touch with leading cerns, NQW is the best time to en.r.qll, e^U ph,one en.™.!, inf p rnwU ori. ;.•••. " • MEAD 0 W S4> R &\J <S HON BUSINESS COLLEGE SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA wr Jol/Qn will keep Citizens National Bank Cipitel »nd Surplu»~$3M,OOQ.OQ 9 f» q*»* jatwMt on n

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