The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1940
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VOLUME XXXVII—NO. 3. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOHTHEAaT ARKANSAS AND ROtmiftAl* «n«nnm — ^*-« f f K^ Blythevllle Dally News Mississippi valley Leader ~ ~" ~ __BWe_\.|ne_Courler BlyUievmc Herald HLYT11HVILLH, ARKANSAS, WKDNKSDAY, MARCH 20, lil'HI KpDASKD BritishStageBiggest Air RaidOfWar SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS FRENCH CABINET Bomb German Island Base For Seven Hours; Retaliation Expected LONDON, March 20. (UP)—British scouting pilots weiv reported today to have informed the air ministry thai the mass Royal Air Force bombing attacks on Sylt Island ro suited m tremendous damage to one of Germany's most important North Sea air bases. Tlie pilots were understood to* • have reported that it was almost certain that little of the operational part or the base at Honmm on Sylt Island was left standing after the devastating bombardment by perhaps SO British bombers. The German hangars still were blazing when the scouting and photography pilots swooped over Hornum at 9 aJii. and the barracks were smoking ruins, It was said. The slipways were severely damaged, the British pilots reported. The Hornum base was the starting point for many Nazi aerial raids on British shipping. Lord Straboigl estimated in the House of Lords that almost one thousand British bombs had been dropped on the island during the raids. He said that was more bombs than were dropped on London throughout the World War. Reports on the surveys by the pilots were received while the House of commons was discussing the raid 'and the threat of future Tegular" raids and counter raids which First Lard of the Admiralty Winston Clmrchlll siiid must be expected. German View—One House Was Bombed BERLIN, Mar. 20 CUP) — A high comnmnd communique said today (tint several British airplanes Attacked the Island of Sylt up to 2.--1Q a. m . today and struck one house, At .1:24 P. M. Today: Spring! BLnSIDT I MI Three Men Killed In Explosions At Baton Rouse Plant BATON ROUGE, La., March 20 (UP)—An investigalion was underway a I the $10,000.000 E 1 Du- Air .Minister Sir Kingsley Wood pout De Nemours plant four'miles told.. Commons that the scouting norths of here today lo determine pilots h'ad'corJirmed the.success of Ihe ca'use of three- blasts lhat klP- i tho ailr-nfght British boniblng at-, ed tlu>e men. mjured five othei-s „'."•!• ,. •• and-caused damage esllirialed at Each bombing- plane was in the more thsn 51,000.000 air 12 .hours and they roared over ; . The plant was built to manufac their objectives with time table ture Elliyl chloride, a volltlle com- prceisloh, aviation circles reported, pound for gasoline The attacking waves were schert-1 Chemists nl the plant were un- nled so that some of the planes. able to explain the explosion were back at Iheir bases as others i General Manager Harry M Fisher reached Syll, (said the tetra-ethy] lead was not' The raid inaugurated a new phase inflammable, explosive or combust- of Ihe wav and German vengeance 'We. The only possible reason lie was expected. Air ministry claims could give for" the blast, was diem- 1 lint Itpnvu Aiimno-n VuiH hnon /In'ttn IPiil H pen inn no it!«», ^.u . __.... FIRLETSIYSHE ; This is spring. The season of birth, of new HID, ii.e w - lei and planting, of baseball and bunnies,'of Insiiion and^ilc of dealh-of weapons nnd 'war/'.of disease nnd, desire' 'fcjf- u like a change from these pictures, so wc'mndc tills"coiupusile'' »»». i m ,« .1-1 ™ °' determined. His left leg was also . 23. of Plaquemlne. ako a i BlJ'llievllle is to have nn inten- Plpe fitter. isive "Clean Up Campaign" accord- , -— —- -= •••.The first of three blasts came at I ing '? Ma y°r Marion Williams who broken jast above the ankle. 1:10, yesterday afternoon, followed! 1 " 1 * im "' tc <t rcpresentalives of the by minor explosions at 3-30 t) in cit - v co " ncl1 . Chamber of Com- niid ^ p. ' warned 10 men working under him '" Ulc Ml -'" ! eip,il Court roocn of to leave when n fire broke out out- ' thl ' cit - v Hal1 - Althougli the meeting is called prlmnrlly to make plans for thc , decomposition about, which -•' • of Dallas, Hughes, 31, who had been nl. ., - - -, --..^ ..ou uttll *1 the plant since December; Clifton: Couey, 21-year-old pipe Utter fixim I Baton Rouge amid Henry A Kin- ! . . E. K. Aueohi, 25. Baton Rouge foreman of Hie building, said he — ---~ -..ujvt, UUU UUL- of the building. The first. tnnV of tetra-ethyl lead exploded while -• n-nu-tiu_>. ivim e.xpiocied while • •<-.".> .u IU^AC piitits lor Cue -----.. ...... ,,,.,, (1J j jimtHnouijeiienc- the men were attempting to ex j aninl!l1 one <!«>' "Clean Up," inter- „ llls homc 1UI( J took him ton lonely mqulsh the fire. ' !<-'sted groups are hoping to make JJXlV I WO To Be Chovn 1>0 . 1 whcrc lhc ^ «" vc ''I'" "^tl ~ . _ ithls the beginning of n renewed \\ r wr , "'' tcn " " cl " with Uls own belt Mam V^,.f /T ., !l>''ogram to clean up and beautify Alter Interviews With "Maybe now you'll go lo work. L\VW I OlK LOltOn | B1 ^li"'il e and Mayor Williams has IAA P Charlie." Schilling (juoled CDC of ! pledged his support, It is said ' ou ' Cl'SOllS the flog jcrs as savin* ' May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. Open High Low Close 1018 1027 90!) 953 10SG 1035 082 955 952 . 950 IOCS 1043 937 973 065 951 1056 1034 980 085 052 950 1062 1040 98G 972 965 954 939 lhat heavy damage had been done to one of Germany's biggest liases wns tonic In Its effect and the country thrilled to the bisjuest raid of the war. The British planes dropped bombs on the long narrow North Sea coast island from eight o'clock last night until tiirce o'clock this morning. The last -of the raiding planes relumed to base at 6:40 a.m.—IQ'/j hours after (he first bombs wc:-e dropped, It was announced. The first explosions sent people at Toender, Denmark and people on the Danish, island of Roeinoe, north of SyU, to the coast to watch flumes from exploding bombs, antiaircraft gun shells and rackets. Bomber unit commanders, reporting to thc high command, asserted, that they had struck seaplane hangars at Hornum, the principal island center, slruck a block of barracks and started fires at a seaplane slipway. They described the shooting flames from two hangars, and the angry burst.'; from German anti-aircraft gur.s. But, they asserted, they met little opposition from German fighter planes though the weather was fine and visibility wns good. Loss of only one British plane was claimed in & raid which meant the start of a British "two eyes for an eye" policy and presumably constituted n tacit invitation to Germany to start the totalitarian warfare it had so often threatened. Guided first by a bright moon and then by the light of fires they had started, the British planes flew more than 300 miles across thc North Sea in almost continuous waves, then flew singly over the Island from which German planes I take off to harry the British coast, dropped their bombs, and.returned lo home airporls. Ironically, the greater part, of the raid was effected while Under Secretary Sumncr Welles, whose tour of Europe caused so many peace rumors, was en route from Rome to Genoa to board a liner for New York and report to President Roosevelt on the prospects for peace. Britain had retaliated for the German raid on the Scapa Plow- naval base Saturday night—retail- „„,,„ , uted with Interest so usurious— Packard irom the British viewpoint—as to; Phillips ,„ mark a departure In war policy.' Radio I , 0 But lhc question was already being Republic st'ec'l ,„ , ,, asked here, and Ihe hope expressed Soconv Vac ??,"«. by some, that the government would filudebnker ' i, i not be content with mere super- Standard OiiVj'" I 7 n ' reprisals but take the war actively Texas Corp «!'! «„„ to Germany. y o qt ,-i 453-8 May us Steel 63 1-8 July It's sprliifi. We. Spring In - B America. ilMU. "My Name Will Be Pre- senlctl To Convention" S;\}'s Poslinastci- General SPlMNOr-'IEMJ, Muss,, Mnr. 20 11)1')—I'oslmasU'i- Ck'lH'ial J(imi« A. Fhrley, replying lo, charges lhat lie was nctlMg us a "stalking horse" for.President Hooscveil In ruunlnii 'is a candldnlc lor ihe Dcurocmlle .iresidenllnl nbinlnniion, suld loday "my name will be presented lo Ihe convention ill Clilea 8 o and Hun's tlinl." ley's slalemcnl was nuulo ... nn Interview while lie was confeirlng with Democratic Slate Chnh-iiiiiii Wllllani u, nurki' Jr mid Mayor Roger I'ulnain of I Springfield. Wllhoiil wnltliin fin- newsmen's tiucsllons Die postmuslei- t'eiienil made his sttilciuent "hi order to clear up whether or not j |i m sl I candldiitc for prcsldciil." lliirke is Jipomor of u full slnto of.candld.itcs for dele«ale,s nt largo and district delegates pledged lo Parley for president which will iiu- pcur on Ihe Deinucnillo ballot «t the Massachiisetls primary April ao Hcciuise llurke hud stipulated' that thc caiuUdntcs nijrec to switch their voles lo President llooscvolt should his name be presented lo the convention n group of Boston UcmocraU had protested thnl -Pnr- ey s name was being used so limL .the president would not have to declare himself.'for a third term - As Premier; Bitter Foe Of Nazism Successor Miami Couple May Be PareuLs Of Quintuplets lificalion Program Be Mapped To Gosneli Youth Hurt Seriously While Playing Harold Eubanks, 15-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Eubanks of Gosiwll. was seriously injured when he and a playmate collided while running on the school grounds about 1 o'clock today. Brought to Walls Hospital In an unconscious condition, he was believed to be regaining consciousness at 2 o'clock and the extent of a brain injury had not been 1) in - v CO""™. Chamber of Commerce. Blytlieville Garden Club and . any other Interested individuals lo attend :i meeting Friday afternoon Another Lashing Revealed Even As Investigation Continues . before Ihe convention: v ATLANTA, Ga., March 20. (UP) —Police were confronted with a new fins case today when Charles j S J"' 1 »P' J. Schilling. 42, reported lhat he'"'"" wns abducted and lashed last night by five men who took him to task for not providing for hl s family Pershing Makes Brief Stop At Little Rock LITTLE UOCK, Mnr. 20. (UP)— General John j. pcrthlng, making a brief slop here today, rcfnscil to talk about thc present war situation or American preparedness Pcralilne was In hl B h splrlk and nppnronlly in ^ooj i, e; ,iui considering his 79 years. lie alighted from "Is special railroad car only long enougli to pose for news phoionn- pliers and exchange pleasantries wltli Clmtlcs Kelley, national vice commander of ihn American Leon, and stal? legion officials Perslilng wns cnroiile lo Hot far n month's rest and "i at thc army and navy Pcrshlng i wn fichllllnif. wlio v/rus suspended from the Atlnrta police force InsC. fall for drunkenness, said tlic men pulled him Inio nil niiloinoblleiienr . . i s J - Bosscr Vcnnblo, World War pledged his support, It Is said. Prev j D!UC of llle all »ual one-day drive be tlecldecl upon Friday Thc 160 persons who have ap- which time reports will also be 1>lie<t for tnc J° 1)s ot census Inkers n.nde of the nuniber of trucks and f01 ' coropHIng tlie residential ccn- irivers which may be obtained for the work. . ... _...„ Because of the financial condition l:< "°' tllstrlcl supervisor, of lhc city, no special trucks and TllC£C Interviews, (o be held ot drivers may be hired for this " ie American Legion lint al 10 sus of 1S10 will be Interviewed here tomorrow by R. Blaylock of Jones- project, according to Mayor Wit- ocloc * ; '" the morning, will be fol- Neil) Orlpaim rW//»»i liilms ' w ' ho is asking local'rirms lo luwctl '«' « school of Instruction •t-uita \juiiwi donat< , (|1C£C lo be field in iilythcvlllc during thc In the past several years the li! " 1 of "* xt week, the exact dates Prev. Blyllicvillc Garden Club has ot- !o bc nnnomiecd tomorrow. Close! templed to sponsor programs for I Tnc Sovenimenl will use 62 cell- May- July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. Open' High Low 1CC8 1014 10K6 1040 1054 983 992 9G9 978 9GO 967 955 959 1045 982 969 960 955 1073 1050 990 977 967 959 10591 Clea 103DJ 972' 954! be abandoned, it was "claimed rs or, bcautlfvin- the Slls takcrs "' «« Mississippi .jL.iinii^ n(, ajici ucautitymg tlie ' K.tvuio JM tui; Mississippi LOIIII- cily but lack of cooperation on the ty . cc " su s which will begin April I, part of Ihose needed to complete ' v '"' llle worl[ expected lo be cali- che programs have caused them lo l )ll;lert '" two weeks. At this ' time all residences In Stock Prices 0411 representatives of (his yroiip, which thc c° unt y <"'c to be vlsllcd by an yet has some money on hand which ° nicl!>1 worker who will ask qncs- was raised for a bcautificatlon pro- i Ucns o u '""ed in the official census 1 Jed. | blanks. The busincEs census in A T It T Am Tobacco Anaconda Copper Belli Steel Chrysler Cities service .... 172 89 28 5-8 75 85 1-2 bcnutific [oinnKs. The business census It Is understood thai Walker; Mlsslssl PP' County, (aken during Park, which has never been per- Ja " llar J'' February nnd March by maucntly maintained along beau- '< Hl ' 81 ' Nelso » Thompson, lor the tlflcalton lines except for work c »l<*i»5awba District and M. P. Idone by thc Garden Club will be Tom !*ins of Burdctlc, for the Os' included in thc clean-up plans'i ccolfl D 's"'lct, hns been com]ileted. 41 _ 2 j along with slreels. alleys and 1 lig 7_gp RC!U1 '. ' 0( - s °f the city proper. , General Eleclric \ 385-8 T"^ meeting has been called for ! General Motors ^ q_il^-^ o'clock. ] Int Harvester _. saying. Schilling was able to walk back town nfler reporting the lung he was Irentccl ul u.lios-,. «l for a half-dozen wells on his! ; -K. | , -- --- ....... >vt',,,/.u, tvullu VYIII veteran who reminded Perching of an occasion when the two met in Prance durinif the World War Perslilng remembered llie Incident. Miss Letitia Neal Talks To Lions Club Miss Lclltln Nenl, Inslruclor In lie junior high a-hool. discussed the . education MIAMI, Pin., Mnr, 21). (UP)— X-ray pictures liullcalcd Hint <m|n- ' """' *«' te 10 »» In May ( U|) >~''l>« BOToniment of Premier udiei' roHiffiied today and Paul Hcynmid a bit- cr iou ol Niimm, was nukcxl by. President Albert Ubnm response to <lemniul s for' M morc rtKjfvcssive 1 war policy. Dnladlci refused the request of Lcbrun to form a,now government lo meet demands for a more aggressive v,ai policy. ncyimud agreed lo consult wllh" leaders and-to.(advise Le- brim by loniorrow rooming whether he would accept tho Imitation'to succeed Daladlcr. , ' It he accepts he snld It would,be wllh a view to completing quickly n'.nevt cabinet so that there lUl'ghl be no tnton upturn In prosecution of the uni. • Kcymuid's acceptance would be regarded as n chnllciigc to the imrly lenders to (.land by their demands foi a determined prosocu tion of the war, p obseners boVn .' of nn apprentice worker here, the Miami News mid today In « copy- llfhled story, The iHTOmx'llvc parents tiro Km- My CnllBlinn, 30, an apprentice Jiiine worker In « furniture factory — "•« >""• i-umrau ooseners .mil Iih wife, Karlluc, 22, who were sill<l "" ll 'MMilsc of iicynaud's iu- innrrlocl lust JIIIH; 17, [ llc Hnlclc ilciwndeiit political status he might ,.,,' I to '" « si' ouff position to hold Hie me News reported Unit X-rays |JolltlcnI wliecl horses In line In n possession of Jolin Hopkins inert- " !D f " tllrc once he hod overcome, Ol men showed i|illhlup!ets nilcht lllc difficulty of securing n nm- >>« expected. K j Jorlty In pinllanicnl , H wns icB.ndccl us 11 foregone conclusion thnt If Hcymiud becomes; premier he would tnnko a clean sweep of old method's nnd most of the old faces. As minister of finance In the leslgncd Dnladler Cabinet he had n iccoid foi fust and oy- I urcsshe action. Over Million Already Paid County Farmers 05CFOLA, Ark, Mar. 19-Farmers in Mississippi County havo received lo rtalo ,$1,001.441,64 for coin ply ing wllh the 1939 ngrlcul- tiirn) conservation piogram, Ij. Is announced till?, week by Coy E Sclfera, county, nrimlnlslratlvc assistant Tho total eslimaled payment foi llie county will be'ap- proximately $1,789,000.00 Mr. Scl- fers snld. Kneh pioducer who has not signed his pppllcntlaii should do so immediately In order to be eligible for payment, in no evert should a producer fnll to sl(rn Ills uppllca- llon later llinn March 31, 1040, as this Is llie closlJig date to be eligible [QI payment as announced by the atntu Committee. Mr. Sclfre.s said. Senate Committee Wants Repeal Of Foreign Purchase Program >: WASHINGTON, Marc), SO. (UP) -The" seimle linnkUiff n,,d currency committee today voled 14 to 4 for repeal of the. administration's foreign silver purchase program, lhc committee approved a bill by Senator John O. Townscml (Hep., ncl.) to end purchases ol JorelBii sliver which have been made by lhc u. (3. treasury since "ff^c of the silver purchase act Of ll/3'I. •J'lie action wns In conflict with llie rccoiiinioiidntloii of secretary of Treasury Homy Mortjunlhiui Jr., «'lio ndvlsed (he committee yesterday lo withhold a final vote until after completion of an authorized Inquiry Into fiscal and monetary policies. Moigenthnu snld rerwal of the buying program would Introduce another faclor of uncertainty Inio a confused world economic situation. Committee Chairman Robert R Wngncr said, the action probably foreshadowed approval of Hie rc- by both the house and senate this session. Patrolman Indicted On Brutality Charge ATLANTA, Oa., March 20. (UP) — City Patrolman Jim Galvln, former catcher for the Atlanta, nnd Chat- . tal lo approxrinracly 20 over n period of several years In the At- Noble. S. K. Garrctl was in covcry of the fatally-bshed body of Ike Gaslon, a barber, two weeks ago. Four men have been Indicted In connection wllh the floggings and at the inquest in Gaston's death several witnesses lir.fced Fulton' Chaffee Mo comity deputies who were also Ku ' 1CC ' 1MU ' Klux Klfinsmcn with thc "night- riding" parties. — O^ "' , M't 1 1IIIU1I l^lltlHL JU Miss Ncnl hns cloncl willle .Humphries, I- In f\,^ ..« i__i i . . . ' ' t»c r ... 'cubody co education field at at Nashville, Tcnii. William Parrlsh of Memphis was the only guest. To Name Election Dies Here Today Prank Boohcr Jr., of Crmffce. ! Mo., died at Dlythevlllc Hospllnl ntt- • i «i i i eftr| J' thls '"ornnsf. UtflCials Monday Tl « four-year-old child, son of I Mr. ;uid Mrs, Uoolicr Sr., was nd- Galvln and Ms partner. Patrolman J. D. Adams, were charged by of; the Fulton grand Jury with striking irlcs, a negro taxi . - a blunt instrument with Intent to commit violent In- Jury on his person." Humphries wns arrested at hh taxi-stand by the two officers for allegedly Infoiinliif,' another cabman the police were looking for him. He charged that en route to the iwlice station Onlvln nnd Adams flailed him with a rubber hose so severely he required Hospital treatment. Bond for each of the officers was set at $500. Mrs. Sara Walden, 86, Dies In Louisiana Mrs. Sara Ellen Wnlden, mother of John Walden and a resident • of Blytlieville. for many years, died this mor'nlng, 7 o'clock, nt "Water- iroof, La., where she \vas wllh a daughter, Mrs. Grace Walson She would have celebrated' her 87th ilrthdny next Wednesday.' Thc wife of the late JohiV Nelson Walden who died In' 1019, Mrs Walden made her home with her sons and daughters after she be- 1 ' caino too old to live alone. She died following a brief illness J'lie remains will 1 arrive here tomorrow, accompanied by' Mrs. Wat--:-.on, nnd two of her sons, Mel and Jess Wnlden of East Prairie, - Mo who went there when her condition became serious. ••••'. Funeral rites will be held at Cobb Funeral Home tomorrow afternoon, 1 o'clock, by the Rev. E. B. Williams, pastor of First Methodist | church, with burial in Maple Groye She is also survived by a fourth son, Will Walden of Helena, and:,! second daughter, Mrs. Dora E. Stegg of Detroit, Mich. Tlie Mississippi county election', commission will mod Monday in' Osccola to select llie judges and i ' mlt(c<l to the hospital nine days The remains, accompanied by the Montgomery Ward ' 53 i N Y Central ,"[]" 'jj- i. 2 Norlh Am May July Chica.f/o Wheat open high low close 103 3-4 IOS 1031-21053-4 !013-4 101 1013-8 102 7-8 Chicago Corn Hogs—10,000, 0,000 on sale Top, 535. 170-230 Ibs., 520-530. Hulk sows, 425-480 Gallic 2.700, 2,500 on sale. Steers, 850-1025, some down to 740. Slaughter steers, C75-1150. Slaughter heifers, C50-1050. Beef cows, 555-625. open high 651-2 55)7-8 low 531-4 57 The world's trade in noils is a o seec lie juges and i , accompane y the clerks for municipal elections to' P- 1r «"s. were removed to Chance be held in the county this year, it' tor fll »c r «l services tomorrow, was announced b V. G. Holla .' ~~ was announced by V. a. Holland, chulnmti. Only Blyliicviltc nnd Osccola will nave elections this year. Edison Candidate For New Jersey Office „' of '' Is Facing Bad Check Charge NEW VO RK . Mar. 20 <«,„ _ i On Charges Here ! — ~~~~ At least four Blythevllle women are minus some money and police arc seeking Robert summers of Tlptonvlllc, Term., on a charge ol pre- hus- (UP) B71-2 nunlly. N a v y ball lis would scol: nomluallon as tho from Justice In will be w ere e ° R S who have salt) today. Dexter School Head To Talk To Kiwanians R. A. Lynch, superintendent of schools at Dexter, Mo., will be the principal speaker at a meeting of the Kiwanls Club at the Hotel N'oble tonight. The meeting will be n Ladies Night and inter-club event as well with Kiwanians from several Arkansas. Missouri and Tennessee clubs expected lo attend. Mr. Lynch will speak on the vocational guidance program of Kiwanls International. WEATHER Arkansas— Partly cloudy, slightly colder, frost : tonight, Thursday partly cloudy, sllghjtly warmer In northwest portion. • •;". . , • ' Memphis and 'Vicinity— Fair and colder tonight, lowest temperature" about 34; TlmwUy cloudy, followed by rain.-- . '

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