Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 5, 1932 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 5, 1932
Page 6
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J ftOo la pr.ldfc She It r employer. lit her of r r,c 6 ehe in,,, ^, np*e ; ttlAa half a d6Ben ;4>ln',3Barclay, spent only nths a. year in the ;oment revulsion . ,,,,r actually diiiy. ^itt|bcoti7ig her and .hardly breathe. C herself to answer i ag important; say that It othing to me. at to yon. But lng that can't tell me?" 'BBen , ^ ?npatby, «i<$rt« need, f&r the advf' ,._ --— •ySaaan, waff out the rnsh o] mother TVbaby Mike, who cjtwnce; the-Brook {AM Ithe, countless .sthat beset ce on their •houide|)i the iwden of s ramlly 5 1 it »Hh * _ 8ft f*c» «!<mf*d 6* look h« ' . him luutttrtttift witt ,Mfof» Wi j^fttUd from ,Mf by. atwM <rf ispirltBftl dUtafi«e, dtt«l ffbtt JMtf by wany m M am *i»ith. VOT too *? ft Mi «»*' Wm ttbt u her J*#e. thought of a oeto- can't *- "Cerfaifllyt rion't look so as. totmded. We Mldbtn sell the gotta* tiutt the .ntorfcU' spear. you'll borrow <m<* ,«f tbcai and return it gdttfefit is over. 1 ' [**, i"*."; «SAe fowta i/ie And all thal^d.inpre.she poUredjQrtns; Bhe,st(>Bped J ''tit jakt in cpnsterna4 in.* Wliat r had she said,''lured by this man's .intent interest? "What; •'"^^ " her? h she see ft! concluded stiffly. '"Only the ^evening dress. I'm afraid dreadful picture. It's a-lair ot truthful one. We hive fun. We love each other, .would say that an'evening dress wasn't Important' ,"I wasn't going to say that," \\ • _/&fo, 1 wasn't going to say that," heurepeated. "I was: going to tell you,'something about, myself, some- thilJg'ithatfmigiit help you, or I hope it jrlli. t 'Are<*ybn ioredZ^,._.. Uekly, .assured him she She felt again and on* ;ly f aiii:)iuiet; spell, felt his t. condescension, his simple . .-^.jtion tatat they were equals uid, »s equals, could solve foer problem.-But how? What possible help could she accept from him? "Don't think, of t me as a rich man," he was. Baying. "Think of me as I was at your age, trying to rapport a young wife and a young baby on $15 a week in the days when tfs, a week meant more than it does JBOW, but'not enough more. My wife wanted-a dress too. She wanted a pink dress -with ribbons. She ,looked,,a -little like you, .had •$hat\B8,me aujck way > of turning her bead: And'they were wearing pink and,|ril)]bons;when she -wanted* the '- - '''«,'••' * ,' E LLEN forgot Jenny Elklns in the ' bjiseirieilt." She had not known thatBarclay had !been poor. It was lard to 'Imagine that distinguished, grsyjng'man'.who wore clothes so ijarejtuljy cut, so -indicative of wealth, in; such ( a role,, But she could visualize,clearly the young wife who had w&ated a pink dress with pink ribbons.- ,, "No one offered-to give her that dress,?'Barclay continued. "If any- But if other would '.found, her dfesi. one' hajdfl'nf sttra^a "both would have -• refused v it. ,We Were' proud, y6u undiSratand—jirpiidlas you are proud. 1 1 was going,' to become >a rich ntan-^ping to 4 buy her dozens upoh -'tT&'zena 6f oTreSses;" He hesitated and added almost roughly, "Slie was dead—dead with my young "son before she ever had a pink dress." * \ Ellen 1 gave a distressed tittle cry. ;','We>aft d ua too^'he, told her. . Much ; the same sort, of "fun you and your brother, Hike, and your sister, Myra; are v iaVlne'^' J —' H tfe'd.^only been,,J«' ' less-afraid.o'f the moil people, how,,much " u liave bee&."' ~ * , "Afraid?'" • 5 **J The heavy Rossiter browserose in twin peaks. "Young people haven't change^ much in, spite of all the shoutlne," Barclay observed obliquely. Still afraid, aren't they, to accept a favor to do-a ^greater f avorj? just as suspicious, just as tional and every bit as proud. You, I'm sure, -would never allow me to give you a.lift. You wouldn't ,«4- low me r would you, to give you one dress from a .store which has hundreds of them? You'd s rather hug your troubles to yourself, worry yourself sick, wouldn't you? You'd rather he selfish." '.'I'm afraid I would," Ellen admitted.' Barclay's smile was rueful. He made one .more attempt . ' "Yon know, of course, that you are depriving me ot a great pleas ure. Are .you sure you have that right?", , • Ellen felt confused. Was it pos sible .that she was too stiff-necked as he had accused her of being, toe conventional, too careful entirely' Then she decided, so quickly thai there was almost no pause' befori she answered, that even if she werj it was too late to change. "I'm: sure I have that right," she said. Her tone was resolute but . her; consent for granted, ho turned at once, to ring a oell. Ellen had neither the heart nor the wish to demur. Indeed, she felt her spirits rising. By so simple an'act. as ringing; a bell, SteVen, Barclay tad settled the problem of where J» Hoeslter rent was to come from. With the help of a borrowed dress It was .coming from Dreamland-*'"" i A few minutes later a saleswoman arrived with a. lovely cargo of evening dresses. Steven Barclay-had flipped away. Ellen was alo&e, <iu :he office. She appreciated the department Store owner's tact and his wisdom. Barclay's was notoriously a hotbed of gossip. The tiniest Incident that Involved Steven Barclay Was always of abnormal interest-to Us employees, v Fortunately the saleswoman who brought-ithe ;gbwhS was placidly Inctiriouw "."•' The next 15 minutes wore sheer heaven for' Ellen. She had never owned an evening gown, "evening gowns being one of the items invariably missing from Ajmt Myra's boxes. She had -not knoWn^lt - would be'such fun to select a ;gown only because :it made her beautiful. »••; • She stood before a long ju.iiyi- and held up before bera$f}i;^na/jBy'? one, gowns that she was - cpjijfi^'-"' were the loveliest In ' ' was pure bliss to see .-„,,„_., „.. line and color seemed^'.^HJmbstf Jo change her personality a*'; they did change her appearance, not even tbo trying burnt orange orMth'4 deep _ -,«!»her clear skin or deaSeti ** < n«ight hair. ft f »w»n she came upon the. gown of nrory taffeta she knew she l.ad found her dress. • It did'not SinTte' her an ingenue. It did pot make her a duchess, it did not: mak» her mysterious. It only'made hpr Ellen Rossiter, a girl of 20, clflsV eyed and clear-skinned, a girl with slender .hands and slender teot, beautiful, but more than that, a girl who was genuine and ( secure in her own personality. There were no ornaments, no frills on Ellen's dress. It. was only white taffeta falling to the floor. But It had been made in France by a great couturier who called his creation "Jeune Fille.". ( Barclay returned after Ellen had Been the other gowns carried away. He glanced at the ivory taffeta over- her arm. He hesitated and then said: . "I'tt glad you selected that ono." As Ellen looked into his eyes she saw with a little sljock, halt ot tear and halt of strange .pride, that life was suddenly becoming exciting. (To Be Continued). ft • Secretary of State ^Sponsor Real Pals FORT WORTH, Tex.—Wesley Han- na has some schoolmates he wouldn't trade for the world. The 16-year-old boy, who helps his mother support OrosJean, U»l|taw>> Wtl- >'•!' •tf^j-r^- ,*r^ '' J . INE i r. XT URE in your cakes. ! C/ THE DOUBLE TESTED DOUBLE ACTING BAKINC POWDER SAME PRICE - N D S u i I O N Jvl I H f ' Ihto the- fi^er., fh* mule soon. CWl«H5eHa« erf Mar Afltlctch ctflted dr. Miss ^Dtlsy .Pahkey of this Sunctoy Stoy MoUaiid* WW .the Saturday guest ef Jtfk aiuLMrs. Walter Harden. 3Xe sfflgliigwas wett atttndfid Fri- daylight. MGOCQW.-No wonder tbfc, are noted for their beards, at>vf a'shortage 'of fatt jte ! and SoVltt chemists are *ewr«r soap .chemically'si, _,- the fats u3ed,ln,fflBkittjt tt. W«y ter all suSs 4.nt rftae vmteji 1 laundries and • restaurants.,. ,Sme tored atop is then treated Win aoS to separate the fats. The* at* ""' putttied and made iirlo Ftosters proclaiming a boycott of Japanese gb>as were displayed In tl* Chinese section of: the Mernajtlonal'Settlement at Shanghdl. Here you see natives readiag the notices, which were the principal reason for Japans military .operations in the city. Fosters of the type reproduced" aBove, representing Japanese marines as being rampant in China with bayonet and fire, were one of the principal causes of the Shanghai situation. These'cartoone"dt chgraes of Japanese aggression were widely distributed; in'-native cities. - ~ - •eiglit'children, was ,accidentiy .shot, in | the leg while hunting near his home at Breckenridge'.~;iJbitorsv88iafiJnly.a trip to Fort .Worth? antf the -hands 'of experts, cou^d save the.leg. ' But the Hanna family was poor,, arid Wesley's mother couldn's scrape up the money. His jschoolmatcs, however/ came to his t. *••* •.-.» •• c s- • "-•'•-. '_'.."-• ; •: aid and dug up a purse to send him i * " ' here for treatment. A Three Cent Sale !-^5aturday Only Hominy First Can 9c » Second Can for 3c PORK AND Beans First - Can 9c Second Can for 3c Extracts 3-fourths oz. Bottle De- Second Bottle • 3c Pepp er Black—First Can 9c— Second Can 3c M acorn i First Package 5c— •Second Package 3c Sardines 15 ounce Del Monte First Can 13c— Second Can 3c Soap Toilet—First Bar 5c Second Bar 3c Corn Flakea, 2 pkgs. IScSorghum, gallon Oleo, Z Ib*. ,..25cStringless Beans Corn, can .- :..:.. lOc Ketchup, 14 oz... 29c .lOc .21c SATURDAY SPECIALS HAMS , 12 to M Ib average—Poupd 14c PICNICS Decker's Fancy Hockless—Pound SPARE RIBS Pound IOC Choice K.C. Steak Pound' 19c BEEF ROAST Fore Quarter—Pound 12c Sliced Bacon Sw#ar Cured Rindless—Pound 17c Slab Baton Style Independent—Poun4 15c 3..20C flgfly Wiggly provide* a timple, .eauy going freedom. A *y»tem of chopping replete with privilege* to do ju*t a* yoiu please. Ai»le» well banked with popular and well known foods awaiting your choosing. Aisles that leaves your decisions strit- ly up to you without interruption, and ijn our Market you ifind Uie b«*i K C. Meats. FLOUR Country Club—48 Lbs. 75c Florida—Dozen COFFEE Cup of Cheer—7 Lbs. $i.do CANDY Fancy Chpc.—5 Ib. Box $1-39 LETTUCE Head 5c L4RD 8 Pounds Cocoanut Fihger-r- Fresh iStock—Lb. BREAD Country Club 5c CABBAGE Green Heads—5 Lbs.] I5c GRAPEFRUIT Four For IN OUR SANITARY MARKET DRY SALT MEAT Old Virginia Dry Peppered Smoked HAMS Half or Whole—Lb. Pork Roast Nice and Lean—Lb. lOc Pork Sausage 100% Pure—Lb. 7c 50 Ib. Can Silver Lei Pure Lard 3.98 WtMHVWHMVBHHMIMMVMHMVSMMVSi Spare Ribs Pound 9c «IMVOTaMP*l>lll|!!l!MIimm<PBM«M Beef Chuck Roasl Pound lOc SwifU or Armour's gar Cured Sliced BACON \7 l /2C Pork Chops-nice and lean, Ib. 12ic] &:?4 &,t .j..it v*tk?A.s-.ssi!j;

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