Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 5, 1932 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 5, 1932
Page 4
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•}ft","'.. 1 :«..V-W. tfhift winter: j *>. i .j^.-o.i.vr"? *PL l fates had .difficul '" gnantly "of prpb- them, for irtTmite difficulties arising out of the _Jon ,tfcer6 is ttteWeAry tangle of repara- demanding settlement. Then/ to jmake comes the Sirio-Japanese imbroglio, with iibilities. we have the Geneva disarmament are -related. Tackle one, and the tsldereU •< Settle* one,, and you have com- •'fiib others. Try t6 ignore'one, and the become more'difficult. ittent/if is 'the relationship between 'ence and the'trouble in the Orient •-,»tv i ' -" ", "**" .r ' J,-. . * •A.-l'J-cJ.'-At-'ii->iUC'-.- -"- J-t - J-.'."^.!-' -.- _' fjjv>^ ste holding ttlirt this w up a newflape* ' another mMting* . —r-..^ „,.„ ..„ _J Rock this we*$,.btit It wag trtatu&lm miststfni-uso not mow ttiaft twenty 6t *&Wb« ( V'S- ,, t v" • » i3ttf K^^iftie out Thursday, and as I write this if r. roads might dry out enouph so the j ti-ftvetlng around home and not have to .ffefelft for a t " be funny to> tha udfeS, they are «fe jjartieular brand of politician who is «» fw mofceyginll 'Mft^t see anything but stark, tragic d '' ftif What**tfa»»y to the taxpayers, is this J« •• «- ( A little over four years ago the, State of Arkansas launched a bonded state road program in which the people were ask«tl*t6 stand an increased gasoline tax for Which tmfl -W6uld retfeiVe hew highway (fonstrucyoti and relfef from the old improvement district taxes. ••» , Here" fftta something het?. The judges weretft long kg'up tISfe aiituatiOB. They jumped onto the state, saying, ;' this is pie,' we're -going to get ours.'* They demanded, and got, a 12V6 per cent cut on bond issues— and last 'year hijack" fed ttte legtslatu¥e for *h additional cent On the gasoMfle taX-' • The people' of 'Arkansas met these demands with a head bloody but unbowed. They guessed what was happening. The political office boys from out in the seventy-f iva counties had taken the.state capital by 'storm, With cajolery and threats and compromise they made themselves boss for a day! ' , I leave it to your, imagination to picture the scene in the Arkansas legislature— the county judges Of the seventy- five Counties bringing pressure to bear against vacillating and timid law-makers. Apparently it did not occur to the legis* lators that these 1 gentlemen AS mere county officials had no standing^ Little Bock, and should have been present only by invitation. This did/jnot occur to the law-makers— or if it did, they chose not to make a potent politicabenemy in official circles back hdttife : rind they gave in. We have it froni the record of the criminal conviction of Judge William Sibeck, of ; Pulaski county, that the president of 'the County Judges association, J. G. Ragsdale, of Union, contributed $2,500 to" the $17)300 slush fund which put over the 6-cent gas tax. Ragsdale refusing to talk, we are left to presume that this was a jack-pot gotten up by all the county rfsonie quarters this desire is something, likje .<$?. fhe ordinary people of ihe world do, not War, and they are rtfct enamored of the pros- v hundreds of millions of dollars, at a time |%D hungry, tQjjtippprt armfefivand fleets. - ; , , on the -eastern •had frienda^r.'rel owned stock in Id find a menacing Shanghai, for Business tradr; now that cru; and soldiers do? Lwe bl |wder dry; states trusting force ,_ phe?' Shall we surrerid Sentiment 1 and try to go'i neighbor a 'do? Or shall ational understa; eat effort undJy difficult questions; and they^must Driving luc ^distjELclipite,that judges occasionally can _^ „ have been produced by a New York cdurt ; which held that-a man can be under |he in"--' without being actually intoxicated. * * came in the case* of a man who, haying, been "* r his auto while under the influence of , of his driver's; license—the official who jtving felt, apparently, that feeing under fcally the same^s being intoxicated. court rules that there.if ^Distinction, is one, too; but whether'the distinc- the case of a man behind the steering may be a question; An Automobile be anything but cold lober. A very .of his faculties can be enough io judges.. It was worth their while to do so. Ju F. Higgason, of our own county, thought enough of it to attend the lobby meetiflg at Little Rock a year ago— and while he says he voted 'against the 6-cent tax, you will note that the tax became a .law and that $17,000 additional ,was returned to He'mpatead, county last year, to be spent by Judge Higgason, " 'his own salary. 1 county judges " ~ ' boss for a day — but w^iat a ' ' .. , Their jugtlficfttlon of the otitm*f R«k would be faimMft *veii to nowi aboflng againet a monnta illtld at LittW ._ a -and with thf oidfefetfthfeywlfl A Sample of tht stuff tin judge* tn ttsfnf te defend the extra*eem\ ps tax, appears In what Judge J ,Q, Hill, of Pope county, slid after this wWs committee meeting: "If the Highway Depftt-tment wants to take the one- bent tax I am in favor of giving ft the three-mill county road tax also and requiring the state to' maintain all public roads of every type, regardless of loeation, The three-mill tax in my county wilt not replies culverts and small bridges as rapidly as heavily loaded trucks and speeding automobiles destroy them." Another committee spokesman said that the judges were only trying to do what the newspapers and the state administration haa advocated for several years—build farm-to- market roads, . \ < < In both statements the county judges' committee is guilty of deceit and treachery, Judge Hill talk* as though traffic conditions on the county roads had changed all of a sudden since 1927. You know that they haven't. Beginning with the Martineau road legislation in 1927, the county judges began to draw a 4* * t i,, ' _. 4. i e_«_ *. .'-„.*»».,,.-_. i*. , i t _ MW_ ».. , WB.., ju^A.1 ^ _* A._ At i»&* ft ttflt White eafts'feeartas eattdfe*. Covers *ere fold line turn-brick fund from the state, This amounted to $ . a year in Hempstead county. Did this build any county roads thatyou$ijowof? ".'.'• In 19&1 the turn-backr-aided by the 6-cent gasoline tax "jumped to $45,000. Did this build any county roads? ftempstead county has received back from the state government $100,000 in road money in the last three years, on top of the $17,000 a year from the 3-mill road tax—an average of more than $50,000 a year. Five years ago the road revenue of Hempstead was only the 3-mill tax, $17,000. What county roads has $60,000 a year built that $17,000 a year didn't build? As for the farm-to-market road program, the judges themselves have smashed it. Typical oi locally-minded politicians, they grabbed the money and let the construction go. You, reading this newspaper the last three years, know what the original farm-to-market program was—a turnback fund from -the state, to be administered by a county road commission, an honorary body with the county judge as ex-officio member. The county commission would have hired or borrowed state engineers. The commission would have held the purse-springs. This didrft suit the county judges. They didn't warn) to build roads. All they wanted was enough money to shovel enough gravel in front gt enough voters' homes to get themselves re-elected. They defeated the state program, and engaged in the sordid business of building up a slush fund to put through the legislature a new high tax for their own hew high salaries and for the benefit of their local political omlchine.—" uii ve vnitvuvBt wvciAo WW4W '*"r* V*.— MftWffJfc* 1 * Mi* Herbert Oftffih of Hf- Sutft CteBtffflMtt, Gcorgs < and Mr. tad" Mrs, t. *f. Cleftdenifl. Mrs. G, ft Coffins M aUendttig the 61 H«r son, Charltt Who is sick In Saratoga, ,,, * tniroy fhomltfiwi of Fulto* Was a wtfent btfelittt* visitor her*. R. M, Ugwaie of Hop* w» a Visitor here last w*efc looking aft** his ftttftw. . . «, T, Brtant of Hope «M h«« last Week looking after hit farm. ' Mrs. Joe Wilson and baby Emily have-returned from a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Levins at Washington. L. ft, Springer of Mope was n recent visitor here. Rev. Leonard of Washington filled his appointment here Sunday at the Methodist church; Mr. and Mes, Chambers of Mineral Springs were visitors here Saturday. Mr; and Mrs. R. E, Jackson were Visitors to Hope Saturday. Miss Mildred Johnson lof Ueosh. Mo..'is visiting with Mrs. J. S. Wilson, Sr. Miss Mary (Saines. Autrey and Mrs. HEMPSTEAD CO! FofSlieriff In the Chancery Court of Hentpsiead County, Arkansas St. Louis Joint Stock Land Bank of St. Louis, Missouri, A Corporation ...................... ..;..... Plaintiff vs.' ' ' Ed. McClau&who has books for R^d-Broc., elft Ashdown, Wfterp ha has position. Miss Norma Hill, of Columbi a guest at the Barlow Sunday. Will Ethridge^of, Foreman, .«. ut» VfauUlTAM'tXratX 1 * VHfc«>ij4n ing his brothei Ethridge. Mr. have gone 't<*< to relaalves here,; oil nterests near Chas. N, Trail? Washington State jrv ton, was in Hopc&j morning. •ee Yates 'after a visit _ ,'seen'to their 'Mound. 4dent of the . as Washing- business this Reading the writing on the "Puiddler" Jim 'BiMfc turned w< Which mikes him a bigger puddler. in That's no Hither is'going to choose wives for .members of his personal corps. And ~" ' tfift at H, he might as well Capons, too. ^ -• y. to us* 4 hunt for copper.'' \>lace: for gold diggers, 4 W * f f> * ' .if^Bccording to custom, Korean men miist pass their wives on the street as if they were strangers. The jSWy difference here is that 'Anjetioin men walk with their wives, . A scientist has succeeded in 1 measuring a, 800 millionth of a'second. Just the* meaaure of time' for a Scothman to; change hut. mind -after 1 learning there's a catch in it. , - J British believe France and Japan have an understanding. If they have have an understanding. II they have, it's too deep for the rest of the world. Cash Goes Begging Okla.—Giving money away ,is.turning out to be a hard job for County Treasurer A. L. Carmichael. 'He has ,1130,000 in 1929 tax refunds to distribute, but the claimants are slow in collecting. Resting on his laurels is this prize- winning rooster selected at the recent-Boston Poultry Show. This tyrant of the barnyard won his honors in the boys' division, and is being shown by Thomas Yoeman of Wai-' pole, Mass. < "Wliy Mothers Get Gray" JLegi»lative Apathy; V f m-jyj.^ j -- - ____ -j ' being: dominated by lawyers, are apath- |8 for the impspvement of criminal 'play any Interest in projectfrfor re- and delfty.s from the path of justice r ^ r ., ~,-.^ ..... - Wi<*wrpham, chairman of Presidents Hoo- CTOrt Iv»w M l?ttforeement Commission. Mr. Wickersham, who made this statement at a meeting American Law Institute in Chicago the other day, in* l tfcat this apathy might arise because so many. of the IMwt r«pojfti«if iw have extensive practices in the criminal llpforta* a»4 find all of these technicalities very helpful to " Bomb Is Hawk EVANSV1LLE, Ind.—A package found Its way through the malls to the local po*tAfflce. Frani the package came ominous sounds. Officials, suspecting a bomb, opened the' package carefully ahd found—* chicken hawk , The .scratching i of the bicd on the 'sides of the cage Ifi'whfch it WM l prisoned led officials to suspect >bomb. ., Sarah S. Jobe, et al Defendants WARNING ORDER The defendant, Antoinette Delony Jobe Manlove, is warned to appear in this Court within thirty (30) days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff herein. ' Witness my hand and seal of said Court this 5th day of February, 1932. WILLIE HARRIS Clerk of Hempstead Chancery Court Feb. 5, 12, 19, 26 CITY OP HOPE (Democratic Primary Feb. 8$) For City Clerk FRED WEBB City Attorney; PAT CASEY •' , • For Alderman. L. C. (LBX) HELMS BENN1E BENTOM ROY ANDERSON 1 " Ward Two ROY STEPHENSON L. A; KEITH , Ward Four CLYDE A. MONTS IRA HALLIBURTON A, M. M'KAMEY R. C. Stuart have returned from visit with relatives in Texarkah'tt. Mrs. E. N. Evans has returned her home in fiheveport after a'rvli with Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Ellen. that the ordinary layman has often |, however, 4oe« the charge come from po an authority. It is & matter that the American Bar on, and its subsidiary bodies, ought to consider very : an4 carefully, JiLjjUujiiiu..i..:.im»Mpijmiiu mi mil ' W»»hington'* Sacrificet )W)EN BOOK magazine, in its current issue, reprints the tefterg whish George Washington wrote to Martha Wash- whea the Continental Congress made him. command' ie/ <rf tke Revolutionary armie#; and it is extremely "~7 to iwtt«e that the step filled him with "inexpreagi* »•** m Hi** be wrote m wife that "I should enjoy 1 >piness lo one m®$k with you at home than " rst the most distait prospeet of finding abroad." That sticks jj> gpe'f aUfld, not only because it shows just f fett about th* re»pod»Ji»Uty that was given him, ,§s ,..,. „ W«l ->, ? man to whom » foneern himsell witfe »qwh la figbt and win the up thingi fo* COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That inypultsuiince of the •authority and directions contained in the 'decretal order of'the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, made and entered on the llth day of December, A. D. 1931 in a certain cause (No. 2442) then pending therein between The Federal Land Bank of St Louis, Misouri, a corporation, complainant, and W. A. Nash, et al, defendants, the. undersigned, as Commissioner of said Court, will offer for sale at public vendue to the highest bidder^at the front door or entrance of the Court House at Washington, Arkansas, In the County of Hempstead, within the hours prescribed by law for judicial sales, on Thus- day, the 25th day of February, A. D. 1932, the following described real estate, to-wit: The North Half (N%) of the Southwest Quarter <6WV«), and the Northwest Quarter <NWV«) of the Southeast Quarter (SEV«) of Section Twenty (20), in Township Thirteen (13) South, Range Twenty-three (23) West of the Fifth Principal Meridian, and: Also begin at quarter Section corner between Sections Nineteen (19) and Tewnty«(20), in Township Thirteen (13) South, Range Twenty-three (23) West of the Fifth Principal Meridian, run thence South along the Section line between said Sections Nineteen (19) and Twenty (20), Three (3) chains and ten (10) links to the point of beginning, run thence South along said Section line Sixteen (16) chains and Ninety (90) links to the* Southeast corner of the Northeast quarter NEVO of the Southeast Quarter .SEV4) of Section Nineteen (19), run thence due West one (1) chain and ,wenty-four (24) links to center of Hope, Shover Springs and -Falcon Road, thence North alpng the center of said Public road eighteen (18) chains and seventy-nine (79) links, hence East along the Southern Kwndary line of a parcel of land heretofore sold to J. M. Reece, and parallel with the Northern boundary line ofj the Northeast Quarter (N£V 4 ) of the Southeast Quarter (SEy<) of Section Nineteen (19) Eight (8) chains and Seventy-six (76) links to the point of, beginning, being all that part of the, Northeast quarter (NBY4> of the Southeast Quarter (SEW of Section^ Nineteen (19) lying East of Hope, Shover Springs and Falcon Road, ex- vept four (4) acres on the North and heretofore conveyed to J. M. Beece; and containing in the aggregate, 128^ acres, more or less, in Hempstead County, Arkansas. TERMS Of SALJ!: Qn a cwdtt of ^u-ee months, the purchaser being required to execute a bond as required by law and the older and decree of g»id Court in said cauw, with approved security, bearing interest at the rate of 8 per cent per annum f row date of «gJ# u»tU paid, anil » »e» being retained on the premises sold to s»ew« the payment of the purchase Gives muter my haad tW* 4th 4»y et Fthrwy. 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