Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 5, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 5, 1932
Page 2
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A ' •' .j -nr 'I > -u> »**»plia* •»*»•<**« $b>t 4 «, ' fimilMfe ft* ftsion there detnandii the of repara- ,^, —_„ _-», tomake itttKT«paneae itabrogHo, with -^ [ttri^t,;. w« havis the? Qsneva, disarmament are related., Tackle one, and the Settle one, and? you have corns. Try te ignore one> and the more^difficuft. eat, it!» the relatibnBhip between and the trouble^ in, the Orient tf^v^f*. \ ** •• |m "™T^* "^ *** -1L ^ ^*lS''rrf **^*''P*ii^*' ***»''/ wanted.to see armamen^redUced sonjg quarters this deaire ig something like 1 The ordinary people of the world do>ftqfc war, a»d they are not enamored of the proa^ hundreds of millfona of dollars, at a time; hungry, to stipBqrfe antof^and fleets. . on the eastern owned ato*k toant^ f menacing, i, fop usinesB trad* now that te force o: we aurrei try to _ Or shall ational understanding sundly difficuife or another, ns; and they^tnuat er, ^?"S a ' can New York criurt which held tliaVa/man can be under ' without being- ac^plly intoxicated. 8 In the cold off a man who, having; been , hi» auto white under the influence of of hla driver'Klicena«T-the official who f«lt, apparently, thafclieimj under the aame^s being Iii rulflft th&t t , , too; but w rMWe of a man be a qutatim dlstinc- steering Aiar automobile A. very f aeuttiea eattv b» enough to . m iwft«B« totirt this wfat** ft*: . up a newpaper nowadays yoi* ,, oi another mmtim, JuKt&nMtUiiw^liiltti ,,. t^so not more than tw««ty or thirty wtrt cwrre out Thursday, and tu 1 write this It ling wound hottw aitd not Mave to g«? to fe Ifc* _._ „ ,__. And ;ft Would tot funny to> the judge*, tc% _ ate fin- mon 4 H luinohad- ask tfemltt old can't see anythinff to** stark, tragic dfoaattr g&fcfti, , *y to-the taxpayer* tathi«:» ' . . over four years ago, the State of Arkaitta* bonded) state road protram 'In whi6h the pwf 1« to stand an increased g&soline tax for which tftiy new highway construction aad relief from the iiot taxes, new. Th« weren't long ui)tftfrsituation, "Phay juntpetf oato-th* state, saying, "If L i. we'ipe going to got ours." They demanded, and ! r Cant cult oabond issues—and last year hfjadt- for an additional cent on the gasolene ta*' The people 5 of Arkansas met these demands with a head bloody, but unbowed. They guessed what was. happening. The political office boys from out in the seventy-ffva counties had iaH«n the.atate capital by'atotm* With, cajolery and threats "compromise they made themseLVes boas for a day! t leave ifc to your imagination to picture the scene in the Arkansas legislature—the county judges of the seventy- five counties bringing pressure to bear against vacillating anil Apparently it did not occur to the legte* men .as mere county off Mala had no and should have been present only by occur to the law-makers-—or if it mid lawmakers. ,tors that these- standing in Little iftvitation, This ...... did* they chose not to make a potent political enemy in of" fleial circles back honie; and they gave ku have it from the record of the criminal conviction of Judge William Sibeck, of Pulaski county, that the president of the County Judges association, J. G. Ragsdale, of Union, contributed $2,500 to the $17,300 slush fund which put over the 6-cenfc gas tax. Ragsdale refusing to talk, we are left to presume that this was a jack-pot gotten up by all the county judges.. It was worth their while to do so. JudgegjL. F. Higgason, of our own county, thought enough of'it to attend the lobby meeting at Little Rock a year ago—and while he says he voted against the 6-eent tax, you will note that the tax became 1 01 law and; that ?1T,QOO additional was returned to ataadiflountylaattyear,,to be spent by Judge Higgason, T^ti^r/h^awnsaafa^yA , • . • county judges' Wi&m boss for a day—but what a , Their justfffu&tion of the outrtf** *»fanlttcd at Little „„ ---a^JWBibteWWkJl if i vate oitiirttt raboftojt agaftwt ft moQfiiam at all. A sample of tfwsttrff th< jndtfw-ar* or extra-cent gits tax, appears in what Judge J .j county, Mid after tMs wf&te committee med "If the Highway Department wafttt to take the cent tax I aid te fafer of fitting it the three-ffitll coanty road tax also «nd requiring th« state to maintain aft public road* of every type, regardless of loeation. The thrwe-mill tax ia my county will not repl*«« culverts and sraolt bridges as rapidly tut heavily loaded trtwks and speeding automobile* ete- Anotlter committee spokesman said that th6 lodge* were tryfoar |p do what thfr newspapers an4 the state administration had advocated for several years—tmild farm-to- market toads. , • ' In both statements the county judges' committee is guilty of deceit and treachery. Judge Kill talks aa though traffic conditions on the county roads had changed all of a sadden since 1927. You know that they haven't. Beginning with the Martineau road legislation; in 1927, the county judges began to draw a gasoline tum-6ack fund from the state. Thia amounted to $29,000 a year in Hempstead county. Did this build any county roads fr i aiien, entrance ni»n, Usttart QrttStt at HBWS, MM aftd Mr. iHd Mrs, f. T, Ctendtnin. Mrs. C ft, Cttfflhs Ul tttMfMf the fcaittde «' few tth, Ctert» *»o i* way stofc lit Saratoga Jferiroy ThotftjttOh of fUttatt Utos ft KttMttitONH Htm A««t«t f, lt» HEMPSTEAD CO! FofShtnff R. M, trfgftofttt S* H«f*» W*** fc*re last It T. looking attte hi* of Hope wan h«*» last W*ek toofci»« after his tern. Mrs. Joe Wilson and baby Emily have returned firotn a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roti.t. Levins at Washington. L. D, Springer of Hope was a that IW Of? In 1981 the turn-back—-aided by the 6-cent gasoline tax •jumped to $46,000. Did this build any county roads? Hempatead county has received back from the state government $100,000 in road money in the last three years, on top of the $17,000 a year from the 3-mfll road tax—an average of more than $50,000 a year. Five years ago the road revenue of Hempstead was only the S-mill tax, $17,000. What county roads has $50,000 a year built that $17,000 a year didn't build? As for the farm-to-market road program, the judged themselves have smashed it. Typical of locally-minded politicians, they grabbed the money and let the construction go. You, reading this newspaper the last three years, know what the original farm-to-market program was—a turnback fund from the state, to be administered by a county road commission, an honorary body with the county judge as ex-of f icio member. The county commission would have hired or borrowed state engineers. The commission Would have held the purse-springs. This diditft suit the county judges. They didn't wanj; to build roads. All they wanted was enough money to shovel enough gravel in front pf enough voters' homes to get themselves re-elected. They defeated the state program, and engaged in the sordid business of building up a slush fund to put through the legislature a new high tax for their own new high salaries and for the benefit of their local politic«l»niichin€.—\ ftar. Leonard of Washington filled his appointment here Sunday at the Methodist church. Mr. and Mts. Chambers of Mineral Springs were visitors, here Saturday. Mrr and Mrs, R. K. Jackson were Visitors to Hope Saturday. Miss Mildred Johnson lot Ueosh. Mo'.,, Is visiting wiOi Mrs. J. 3. Wilson, Sr. Miss Mary Gaines. Autrey and Mrs. In the Chancery Court of enHMtead County, Arkansas fit Louis Joint Stock Land Bank of St Louis, Missouri, A Corporation _.„ Plaintiff vs. Do You Ed. McClaifgwho has hooks for RoMBftw., <dft Ashdown, v&u#» he has position. ' Miss Norma Hill, of Col urn a guest at the Barlow Sunday. U -^ Will EthritUte^ot Foreman, ia vWt- ing his brotKer^EK.athridKe. f Mr. andiMrs. JbKnjfltiuntree Yatea have gone tffsCaUIIWWw/after a visit to relaaives hwe, ,lj4vin«tse«n to their oil nterests Chaa. N, TrmWUfc, Resident at the Washington Stat»-p<n|c, aa Washington, was in H6pou(4n business thin- morning; ^ -aUl w Reading the writtag on the ttddler" Jim "Dftvte turned Wtleb nukea him a $gger puddler. ffitfer is going to choose wives for of his personal corps. And at it, be »W»t M wett ipons, too. "„,' jfc \ji5i to us* airplanes ia , . hunt for copper.' That's no 'plact, foe gold diggers. to custom, Korean men niust pass their wives on th* street as if they were strangers. The cfiaty difference here ia that 'Anjerioaa men- walk with their wives, , A scientist has succeeded in' meas- lUrinf a. SW millionth of a second- Just UM» n>eafl«e» of time for a Scothman tft. dUiB«a-.' ii«. mind after' learning thereV a catch in it British believe Franc* aad Japan have an understandixig> tt tlMjr have have an. understanding.'H they have, it's too deep for the rest at th* world. Cash Goes Begging . TULSA, Okla.—Giving money away la> turning out to be a hard Job for County Treasurer A. L, CaoRichacl. Ha haa 1130,000 in 1929 tax mfunds to dl*trJtbute, but the clalmwtt* are slow '^ in, collecting. Proud! Beating on his laurels is this prize- winning rooster selected at the recent-Boston Poultry Show. This tyrant of the barnyard won his honors to the boys" division, and is being shown by Thomas Yoeman of Walpole. Mass. > Bomb Is Hawk EVANSVILLE, bid.—A package : fouod its way through the mails to the local postoffiee. From the package came ominous sounds. Officials, suspecting a bomb, opened the' package carefully aod found a chicken hawk. The scratching of the hted on the sides of the cage m : whfch ft war i prisoned led officials to suspect bomb. COMMKSSIOBIXrS SALE "Why Mothers Get Gray" .... ,, IS HEM5BY GIVEN, That in<pUrsuance of the authority'and directions contained in the decretal brdw of the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, made and entered on the llth day of December, A. D. 1931 in a certain cause (No. 2442) then pending therein between The Federal Land Bank of St Louis, Misouri, a corporation, complainant and W. A. Nash, et al* defendants, the undersigned, as Commissioner of said Court will offer for sale at public vecdue to the highest Hdctavat the front door or entrance of the Court House at Washington. Arkansas, in the County of Hempstead, within: the hours prescribed by law for judicial sales, on Thus- day, the 25th day of February, A. D. 1932, the following described real estate, to-wit: The North Half <N%> of the Southwest Quarter fSWW. and the Northwest Quarter UfWft) of the Southeast Quarter (SOW of Section Twenty t3fr), ia Township Thirteen (13) South. Range Twenty-three (23) Wast of the Fifth Principal Meridian, and: Also begin at quarter Section corner between Sections Nineteen U9> and Tewaty «<20), in Township Thirteen U.3) South, Bang* Twenty-three (23> West of the Fifth Principal Meridian, run thence South along the Section line between said SMtiooa Nine- tew (19) and Twenty (30>, Three (3) chains and ten <10) links to the point of beginning, PUA frh^ n< *^ South along* said Section line Sixteen (18) chains and Ninety <*» links to the* Southeast corner of ta* Msrtheast quarter of the Southeast Quarter (SBV«) of Section Nineteen (19), run dtwt West on* (1) chain and wenty-four (3D links ta center of tope. Shaver Soring? and -Falcon. Hna4 tttene* North along tk» eeatev of said Puhoc road «i«hte«n (ffl) ihaJiiBt 4iid 9W4mfey M HUPMt tTBJy HtifiPfi Kmt «f » pure*} of land a«re- tafgr*aoWt»J. M. B*«e*, s»od parallel Sarah S; Job*, et al Defendants WARNING ORDER The defendant, Antoinette Delony Jobe Manlave, is warned to appear in this Court within thirty (30) days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff herein. Witness my hand and seal of said Court this 5th day of February, 1932. WILLIE HARRIS Clerk of Hempstead Chancery Court Feb. S, 12, 19, 26 Mir (Democratic Primary Feb. For City Clerk FRED WEBB For City Attorney PAT CASITC For Alderman. Wart OH* L. C. (L«X> HELMS BENN1E BENTON ROY ANBEBSOtf 7 Ward Two ROY STEPHENSON L. A. KBITH Ward Four CLYDE A. MDNTS IRA HALLIBURTON A. M. WTKAMET R. C. Stuart have returned from a i visit with relatives in Texarteank Mrs. E. N. Evans has returned to i her home in Sheveport after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Ellen. win th» Sortbwn. boundary lint* of; thu Nosthiaat Quarter (NSW of the Quarte* QSiV*). «f dta|n» Mt«t«U that pa*t <rf the Qwrtar (^W <* OS* ^n«: EM! of Shavar Sanap and' Falton. Boadi, ««r OB. *• ta £ M. «M» ««wteio«m in or ****** te, «WKIH» » |ajcl *i « SYSTE STORES J LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED It's Saving Time. Select the Foods for your Sunday Dinner at the M System and save money. Pure Cane Golden Yellow Fancy California Oranges Niggerhead Oysters—can 10c Potted MEAT, 2 cans. PPFClBetty ™ w •• *SC h r o n i u m-RI a *«, CAKE SERVER ^ '' GOLD MEDAL CAKE FLOUR MILK—6 small or 3 large can*... BACON iax< Full No, 2 Tomatoes—can .„. Good Weight and Quality Brooms "Mrs. Wuuton" Pennol Butter Lard S»vJB«» All ft* Time—Your Pi Meat Market Savings ™^W* w* ^W^^Wr IMPiKRff^l^ ork SkeiWer Roast

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