Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 4, 1932 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1932
Page 6
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-* LtttfiN Rodfe in iion: of the Banks Sfysefiaffeyr-although- one ,. .hold,the r* iifflrtanair -jmAjjLii'l^ •uQcftvJr ggilfffttl) ^o£ the best legal including United T. .Robinson.'as To- Bifisf'the _ will mutit* s»v* erSlWl&"'lMS ; b*lieved, hoWevfer, be somfe ttan-.ht court'* opiafon lt v iatf**& fc«t £|., general's offjce JfaritUbty, assistant attorney , general history of Arkansas. During- tto«e years he ha». handled ap|«oxlmatelj{ half o« the crailmtap. peat casfei reafihtng the>:suprtme cout-t. His home is, In Little Rock and he obtattted- his- higher eetucation. and. legal training. at Hendrix College,, the University of -Arkansas, and the. Ark- ^nsaa Law School. He- is- now instruct tor' in criminal law -at the test 'named college. of January Washington. ' ' lore, Paimos, and Mass Hour Skin &P •Ifc^tti* •****?!. ^U^I hBGE.fQBESrt new .wonderful '.Powder is used .admired for their Stays on long.___. noses. So smootfe life naturally with any gives a fresh, youth- est powder known. '.'poresK riever irritates "ftdtoday.*'" and Gea W. vBobison Jae • Morgan ar*hMrs. Eunice Coop, both of Hopev ' T. B. Qibfcn? and Miss Lillian Smith, both: af.'I>aimos. E. C. Brown aid'Miss Dove Portre- fleld, both ot Hope. Colored: r£ A. Harris-and L. M. Brantrey,,Hope. »"? • , ' , Brown Johnson and Carman-Mooife, Mbpe.' i \ ••':,Haywood MtFadden and Annie Poster Hop*. ; -> Wlllard Cannon and-Oneda Sbaw; Hope. Coffin His Bed .LONDON.—Thomas Thompson, 75- year-old hermit of Derwent Valley, would,rather sieeft in. his. coffin than jn bed. , Thirty-five^<ear* afo h«» Irft his wife and fami^ aft«ar » qjianel and set himself up a cabin in the woods, where he has lived by-himself. Fifteen years, ago he though he was going to< die> so he bought himself a. coffin. He now spends, much, of his time reading a Bible and Steeping' in the coffin. , fat«*r» Witt iBttt ftStt&lfifowiWl oftli* .. „ di _ Oft'every hotePafid' MSStiurant bill of flyh^ ftV^RWh^tJWk wttfiSIb^ n!f!j$& A dAy, will 1* fouttdt in ittimVrOi. pfitato*9s Likewis*. on every iami% t»bie~clt», «sw% «jfe <Kra&t*$*Hgtt&{6«$> -in some form should find a plafct hi. the 8aily diet, le franttti alway* be so, but it would be better fee the famUy and! th* geewew of potatoes! if* it could bfcsov Ma«t el. the fartoe» will grow potatoes for theJr o.wo use. Mtmy gea thertt fw th* market Those for hon» Us* wilt consist ol ipatohte, while those grown for the market ill b* in, latg*r acreages. Regardless of hether potatoes are growiv far home use or for the «nw- kefc, better teimlta will be obtain** by using commercial fertiliser. Barnyard mamit6 does not do. so well on potatoes as. on, Jtield crop*.. It is, not a properly balanced fertilizer for po> tatoest Bsinyard manure i» also like, ly to^scab o* otherwise b*;hurftul t6 potatoes, and no barnyard manure) unlwa well ratted, shouli.be applied to' pobitoe* If possible- to obtain commercial fertiliser foe the potato crop, it will pay. Those who grow, potatoes commercially should by all means use commercial fertilizer, and use'it liberally. It Is, the safest plan to use the ready-mixed fertilizer containing {our per cent ojt nitrogen, eight per cent of phosphoric acid; commonly known as phosphate,, and six, eight or ten per cent of potash. The potash content may be varied according to soil conditions. .The- application should be made at- the rate of not. less than 500 pounds per acre. The rate of application may be governed fey the type- of- soil and' soil' conditions! • On some soils as. much as one ton per acre will pay well. By using a well mixed, commercial fertilizer id Compilation of a city director for 'New York, is expected to give, about ;iOO,0<$ working days to the uneraploy- .ed. . ':• ••••••• An All-Expense ,Week-End Vacation in Little Roek fi;%--i r t,^'- !c » i . ''T " rti F l« II r i .V Just $&00 for Two, or $4.50 for One Including All Expenses .' The Albert Pike Hotel offers you an ideal week-end vacation to the capitol city. On arrival you may pur- the special week-end; card entttBag yow to— %, Room (twin beds if preferred) and private bath. 3, Car storage-jn Albert Piker Garage, ,4. S^eourse dinner in main dining room Saturday night. : $. IPawe tickets, Silver Slipper, 609 Main Street, Little -* Bock's newest bail room—«r— tickets to the leading theatres. in Coffee Shop Sunday morning^ or Continen- served in room. u : 4'hote luncheon in main dining room Sunday. ah»ve- accommodations and enteftainment IDE two $8.00. for one, just f&S& Please do us this favor— fte «V«M 4d*r on snivsi, write or wire for advance reser- -' o4 wnttw, "Special Week-end \watton." Ad- «pi«8tre«t» W^1 Little Bock Arkansas Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! With HOPE STAR WANT ADS mote you The quicker you seH. 10c per line. minimum 30o J insertions', Tc- per Hae> minimum SOc 6 insertions, 6c per line, minimum $1.00;. 26 insertions, 5c .per' mininium J4.00; -' (Average 5V4 words to the line) NOT E — Want advertisements accepted over the telephone may be charged with the,, understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement,, the? day of first publication. Phone 768 STRAYED or stolen, black horsei about 11 years old, scar on breast Write Chester Almond, Rosston, Ark., Route 2. ' l-3tp. act* WKft rffr i«ft*trtS«t «* No*, ttfcs ft, a$suted, -ftfid tite* at* oni* tRftt jell on the tnamt. Other tstjck crtps that are ly ift tfw sipfiflf, to ship of the nwrtat aftdtild also be well tillttd. Trifefc crops of Alt kiftds' rt ampfe fWtiltew to qualfty products, Ih addition to ef**J* to yfet& N*J farmer can w6U afford to tnfage in growing truck without using ffcftllim liberally. Th« fertlUter gives'Increased yields snc! erodum a- htghat quality. In .ttuqk- ia& remember that it la tb* 4M*Wt» tf«tt«*t.*nl» thai will command ptfcefe that ate profitable to the grd^aw. All kinds of truck are more or less jXrlshable and, are sold on tf highlit competitive market, jFhe consUtftw-i pick over teut various lots and BttJJ the tost, leaving the lower grades .b*. Hind t ohecome a drug on the market, those- who grow truck for the mae- ket will moat likely find it to, Uielr advantage to buy ready-mixed ferttl- ' " w"••*"* there sh«W te ulfcd Sbda 6* really |WJ nitrogen-, seme sufotorte perhflps, ami ftotftk ofjiuiio, form Of nitrogen such as eotfOfiseed meat, tattkaife, etc. ft is ftot ftlwaj-s c»w- venlent to buy <Mf assamble all of these different ingredients, proportion and mix thetfr properly. M It Cannot be done at » substantial saving, it is better to get the ready^mlJced fertlU izer in the proportions regarded as the best suited' to the crop to be grown and the soli andf soil,conditions! Even the Indian*! ALBUQUERQUE, N. M,-This style of painting fingernails has spread to the Navajo Indians. Burton t. Staples reports that some of the Navajos watched a Woman passenger on a train gaint her fingernails a bright red. The, next morning a. delegation of them, walked in on Staples and asked to have 4 their nails painted blue! Not 9*«k Will Political whel* ate stewly but sura* l y setting late motion, and it look* a* if befor* long the old boat will b* sufficiently stsattwdupjot the 1932 trip Candidates are popping up every day from all sections ol the state and t)ame Rumor reports that they will soon be making their appearanca In Hempstead county.' So far only orte format anno'uncament has b*en madfr In this,, county. State candidates ate not being so backward, and to date there ar$ contenders for All the major offices. There is a fairly" wide-spread rumor current In state political circles to the effect that Dr. Charles Hllmatt Brought wartime governor of Arkan* sas, will be a candidate for United States Senator to succeed Mrs. Hattle M. Caraway. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court W. F. Klrby this week repeated Oftt.. Atfe* 1 $al f t JMM ef «F*0* j» ttfiit t»f tt pt 1ft thkyWMs.thfll of cteey for w«wnl«io«e* of ifljtt*k ufaetum aad agM«ultuW, and «p««ts to appeal tfr tta peojil^oft a ptfttf£*m of brlngUnl more inrftUrtrfte to the state* Frank M*y, fc*n»riy a* thi* eotii«y, and at present trti- ployed i» tite stfttt treasurer'*, office announces that K* will not beboitte a candidate too* auditor of a ate as has been eumotedt He says that he has decided not to seek office this year but that ha will probably run for state treasurer in 1934 K. P. Hotter, unsuccessful candidate fbr etata land commissioner/ two* years ago. announces that he will be a candidate for that office again this year. ofTtte was abolished by »«!»» In lit whitt it,/' 1*A UN b* His Genii* Wff * &OUSTON, Texns.-Pollce found,] blood^spaltcd sedan and traced, tt a negro Woman, She said shi looking for her Husband and him With another woman, wheret she- hit him, aver the head smoothing; Uton. Then she tooK to the hospital for treatmant O way back the steering gear broke i she was, forced to abandon the car. FOR SALE FOB SAL&-Who in thia vicinity wants, a lovely Piano and would be willing to take up small balance which original owner is unable to continue because of unusual circumstances. Will make terms. Piano is in fine home and like new. Write or wire at our expense before we send truck for it. Pacific Finance Co., 1005 East Elm St, Dallas, Texas. 4-3tc FOR RENT FOB BENT—Six. room furnished house. 406 Spruce Street. Excellent neighborhood. Modern, convenient Mrs. J, E: Schoofey, Phone 1638-4. 3-6tp. ROOM and board to couple, extra nice bedroom, private bath. 41? South Main. Phone 367W. 2-3tp FOB BENT—Furnished apartment, two or three rooms, connecting bath. Private entrance. Mrs. R. M. Jones, 314 South Shaver. 2913tp FOB RENT—Four nice houses. One close in, just remodeled. Telephone 606 or 607. 26-6tc NOTICE NOTICE: Men's suist, cleaned and pressed, dejiveted 50c. Cash and car-' ry 40c. J%mily finish laundry service 8c lb.' Hope Steam Laundry. Telephone 148. 26-6tc FOUND F O U N PI—Pockethook, containing money, owner may recover same by identifying nad describing. See Sheriff John L. Wilson or Clarence Bakev at Hope City Hall. l-3t? LOST LOST—Black Fibre tool kit. Beturn to Southwestern Bell Telephone Co., Hope. Reward. 3-3tp LOST—Black Purse containing small change, linea handkerchief, chiffon handkerchief, and other small trinkets. Beturn to Hot* Star. 2-lt WANTED HBLP'WANTEB-Large Nationally known company seeking man. 30 to 55 y$$r* of »«« for cermanent --nploy- m*nt locally- Hiid work offerina e x f ^aordiMW opporiwtty for ordinary nwn. Give igp> business ex"-ri»nce an *M* Idfem**". Wri*« .1 '' •"-, f>on»gh*y Bldg., Little Rock, f T. R. Billings Dry Goods Stock So by Creditors BUlingsley's dry goods stock, the first door west of the Post Office, has been, sold by the creditors for a trifle on the dollar. We have bought this stock, consisting of V CLOTHING, PIECE GOODS, SHOES, HOSE, HATS, CAPS, SHIRTS, WORK CLOTHES* DRESSES, ETC. And many other useful articles whkh will be placed on the bargain block beginning Saturday, February At nine a. m. the doors will be opened to the buying public, the entire stock at almost give-away prices. Stock and fixtures must be sold in a very few days. So, make arrangements to be on hand when the doors open, to get your share of the bargains. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY SIXTH 9:00 A. M. Opening Specials LADIES SILK BLOOMERS Your choice 5-STRAND BROOM, painted handle, 50c value MEN'S WORK SOX Pair 'MEN'S HANDKERCHIEFS, Each C OR_SETS, Your choice NINE QUARTER SHEETING Yard GARRETT SNUFF, " Bottle . lOc lOc 2c 1c 10c 10c 25c New Stocks Added! We have added several thousand dollars worth of Dry Goods and Shoes to this stoek, and all must be closed out, and the store room vacated at once! A FEW OF OUR SPECIAL VALUES WASH DRESSES Ladies Spring patterns SILK DRESSES Ladies, choice LADIES FELT HATS Choice NEW SPRING HATS Ladies, choice OIL CLOTH Yard BROWN DOMESTIC Yard wide, yard BLEACHED DOMESTIC Yard ...-. SILK HOSE Full fashioned, pair SWEATERS, Regular ?2.00 values, Sale pric e •• MEN'S SUITS, values up to $25.00 Choice QUILT COTTON 3-pound roll '. MEN'S WORK PANTS Pair BOYS' SHORT PANTS Pair TOWELS Big Size 39c $3.45 15c 98c 15c 4c 5c 49c 69c $4.95 19c 79c 19c IOC Shoes! Roberts, Johnson & Rand brand of I shoes for all the family. All arej guaranteed to be solid leather. • 25c WOMEN'S SHOES One lot CHILDREN'S SHOES, Pair MEN'S SHOES Bargains starting at... MEN'S WORK SHOES Jl QO $1.95 Everything marked down to sell in a hurry. Lots of show cases, an iron safe,, an adding machine, a cash register and a desk. All go cheap. Remember the date, nine a. m. Saturday, February sixth. hand or you will-regret it. Be on WALKER SALES CO. HEX? DQQ8 WIST Q? POST OFFICE HOPE, ARK,

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