Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 4, 1932 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1932
Page 4
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Sfiw ftlro t£w WWu HOTW VBlHsHlilE 'IH " tjy motfWB ^VUlattea fit ft tadtutry, ttftuifc WWWy to furnish thist ch** tiptu'fiwgftttciit widen «bl« to tfovldfl ."-Cok ft ft McCormlck. Chtttges wffl fe« Made to* ill tribute*, dttdt wrtate, *o*<*J*itag th* degatftti. Cotmnweiid to ftifltws telumn* id protest their rwdttt roeworlalfi. fh« Star disclaims ! far fcetitm Of a«y unsolicited manuscript The StarVPlatform . — of tht municipal pottffr plant to d«c«top tft* r,«xrffll resource* of Hop*. fat tiSi, and itnprtwed sanitary condition* tt . , C7u»»»U>«r o/ CoTntnef ce, ' COUNTY I*o<f«m P^wWrta /«• tte conjunction of a road each yeot, to trroduftilv reduc* tto i. fdenttfic oprieultufti «#<#* jwdttfcai ttniftuto Hemprfead coiinf^* tffMtMl «f/ort the eountm u ft is in STATE °" program. A Clown's Sacrifice aerial clown, made one of the su- of the holiday season. Because he did, his act ifr Wiehestra no longer needs his cue. ^ 11 * ^Perform at a holiday diers' Home in Los Angeles. When e the clown was ill, confined to his bed. His nifn that he couldn't appear in his act. He told Do You try it, anyway. . d veterans had gathered for their party. They ; to be amused. Sitting around; day after; day, re, battles that nobody wants to hear about now, "•"".e. They leaned forward, a little more breath' ettas started his act. him. The clown was dangling by his teetti the stage,* "Some feat," the men said, as /*• * .'meantime, as he swayed in his comic role, was *** ,a httle.;more heavily than usual; Severe in- -r-.-* 2 na *png" his bodv - But he wouldn't give '•aetermmed not to end his act ahead of time ben the act was done, and the applause had died t """*""" 4 th ath^was paralyzed, T0ie strain had anC^eitfon» ateSitf" 4 * • '*• • :?•** arnfafgai$ say'that it was a useless Sacrifice. Per,But it was a glorious one, just the same. Roa chance to be brave and h£ took it back-stage scenes when he played the I otthe Big Top, a blue sky scattered thnll^that comes when the orchestra le^Ody that means the performance is starting these will be a little lovelier to the man who knows sfeact was his bestt TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO Mr. A. C. Whitehurst, of Oklahoma, and Miss Ethel Turner, of this city, were married at the.Presbytesian parsonage in Prescott on last Saturday evening. •- ' Tom McMath was home from Texarkana Thursday. Gus Brazell is at'home after a few week's stay in Texas. TEN YEARS AGO RATIONS for the ills that are afflicting the world ' are almost as numerous as the ills themselves, most intelligent, however, seems to have been •by Sir Philip Gibbs, the war correspondent and Current issue of The Golden Book quotes Sir Philip **: ,..••''. pi iersource of all our present troubles lies in the illusion Tare could live more luxuriously after the war than before •war, in sp|te of all that wasted wealth and the four ana sfcaji years devoted to destruction." yj^Riere is sound sense in that. The world is immeasurably ""because of the war. Is it any wonder if it is now feel- of the afflictions that poverty brings? Navy Football Proselyting <fl ** " ' [NliOUNCEMENT that authorities at the U. S. Naval £' Academy have given tacit approval -to plans for recruit" Wgh School football stars as midshipmen, in order to give Naval Academy better football teams, ought to be of con- ?»bje interest to taxpayers who maintain the academy, A good football team is a very fine thing, and a good .„ ,3tfc doubtless has many of the qualities demanded of a (VSl officer, But the Naval Academy, after all, is maintain- • >___:_i f _. . .* if 11 . i» • «• AMI _ .-. Moore Bros, and W V T. Wray, butchers of Hope, are todaSr shipping to St. Louis a carload of hogs. . At a recent meeting of the board of electors of the Hope NatiotiakBank, elected assis stitution. mere of that in- The Month in Arkansas January 'Arkansas begins 1932 in a cheerful frame of mind in unemployment Trivial increases during both November and December after many months during which large numbers of workers were made, idle, coupled with expectation that the usual seasonal demand for labor 'shortly after January 15 would materialibe, reasoh for optimism cited as one Furniture Mrs. J. B. Shults and Miss Nannie Jett, who were guests^bf•• Mrs. J. B. Henry and Miss Lucy Boyd, returned to Fulton yesterday: 1 ""' Spring Brook We had some good singing at the home of Mrs. Rogers Sunday night. There was a large attendance. Mrs. John Allen' spent Saturday with Mrs. Poole of Holly Grove. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ross and Mrs. Bradford and daughter, Estell spent Sunday in Emmet; < • Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ross of Emmet and Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Sinclair spent Sunday night with Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ross. Mrs. Jonah Terry is spending this week with her mother at .Evening Shade. Jonnie Samuel of DeAnn spent Sunday in the home of Mr. Wilson. Miss Flora Carnes spent the week end with Mrs. Malone. Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Sinclair spent Sunday with Miss Rosa Lee Rogers. Those being present at 'the party given by Mrs. Malone Saturday night reported a nice time. *m • a*. manufacturers at Fort Smith book sufficient orders at'American Furniture Mart in Chicago early in the month to" keep plants busy sixty days . . . . Cotton Belt Lines recall 350 men to shops at Pine Bluff ..... Missouri Pacific returns. 700 men to work Ih shops in North Little Rock .... Of thirten regional districts in the courtly American Railway Association esy timates only the Southwestern will require more'freight cars for handling freight the first quarter.of 932 as pcm- pared with same "period last year.. . .' Textile plant of International Shotf i Company' a't' Mafvern Increases forc"6 of workers and begins double shift operations ...... .• Fred,Smith,.Mlssissipp} County, wins 1931 Mid-South cotton grdwing contest, with yield'«f 13,138 pounds on three acres, the third successive year the honor has . been awarded that county Truck growers in Southwestern Arkansas begin preparations to plant spring vegetable crop , President Hoover selects Harvey Couch as a member of the Board of the Federal Reconstruction Finance Corporation .... Interstate Commerce Commission authorizes Southern Pacific to take over Cotton Belt.Lines . . . . War-Department begins .work on $125,000 . revetment project" at Helena to permanently protect the city against possible floods . . . . Federal Department-of-Agriculture r authorizes expenditure of $176,000 in trail and highway construction in Ozark and Ouachlta National Forests during 1932 Hendrix -Henderson College- occupies new 1150,000 science, building .... Construction of $53,000 post office building launched at Forrest City St. Patrick's Catholic Church .and School, North Little Rock, completes and occupies $50,000 structure .... Veteran's Bureau selecfcjMFayetteville'ias site for |1 V 500,000 hospital . . . . $36,000 post office and 'federal building completed at El Dora,dp ' '" ' '" -«-—•-•-• "— Crossett Chemical Com- jany announces plans for. establishment of 1125,000 steel and ironworking plant W Grdssett. ••'..'. ; . Elbert,'were shopping in Hope Saturday. • " ' ' ' •-' .-" Mr. and Mrs. Willie Holt of -Menay were' visiting'with his mother, Mrs: Mary Holt, also Mrs. Paul' Dudney the first of the week. Miss Ethel Turner visited in Hamburg several days last. week. Raymond Robins was in Ozan on business Friday. • We are glad to have Noel Wilson and wife from Clark -county move here. The yare domiciled with W. H. Stingley and family. Mr. and Mrs." Pruitt and daughter were over to Texarkana Saturday. W. V. Frazier believes in living at home, he butchered 2 hogs last Saturday and to these. several others previous Guernsey The church services were poorly attended at Water Creek Sunday, due to the bad roads. • • . The party given at the home of Swead Mayo, Friday evening was enjoyed by a large crowd. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carnes and small son, of DeAnn, spent the week end with Mrs. Carnes' parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Powell. The county health nurse was at the school Tuesday examining the gram- 1 bar grade children. W. E. Elmore was down to Hope Saturday. Baptist W. M. U. met in the home of Mrs. Willie Harris Tuesday evening* for their regular study. The title of the lesson for this time was Jermiah. The P. T.f A. had an interesting and well attended meeting at the school auditorium last Wednesday evening. Mrs. E. R'. Timberlake was program yeader. Next meeting will be the second Wednesday in February, Everyone is invited to come. Ardell Clark of DeAnn spent a few days of this week with Aubrey O'Steen. Atttioch' Misses Irene and Fern and Brady Cook spent last week end at Okalona, Miss Susie Hall returned with them for a few days visit. Miss Beatrice Crabb entertained uite a few in her home with a musical Wednesday night. Miss Irene Allen of- Emmet spent a few days in our community the past week. Messers G. D. Coxwell and Perry Dougan of Ktlgore, Tex., are spending the week with Home folk's, Mr, and Mrs. R. F. Gougan. Fletcher and Vester Jenkins called on Arther Dougan Wednesday night. Earnest Coffee was a visitor at Mr. Hohans Thursday night. Political Announcements for the purpose of providing Officers for the I Miss Beatrice Franks called on Miss Betty Schuab Sunday afternoon. Miss Aiiena wyiie, who is attend** sc °° n Hope ' SInt the ' Week and in selecting applicants for admission to the corps i the prime consideration must be each appli- WW.V." future usefulness to the naval service. -. Uh . „ -„,„ -^ ietaxpayers support the academy, and they can be ex- en ^^CS' Mr and Mrs. fcp insist that not even the needs Of football be put Luther Aslin move from our com- bf&e needs of the fleet. ~ Beauty Contests US 'father of the young French girl who has just been Pf "Miss France" for 1932, has burst but with angry to the, newspapers protesting against all beauty con^ aj» degrading and insulting. Having, apparently, somewhat old-fashioned ideas about good for girts and what is not, he asserts that "to JPS #Ms around France and to other European cap- wjtfc pompous royal comedy, exposing them to the cur- of blase revellers, is an insult to honesty"; and there of American parents who will agree with In theory, a contest to select the nation's loveliest girl is arming thing. In actual fact, moat of the charm is rubbed W$g before the contest is over. This Frenchman is not his indignation. are planning a round-trip from Ireland to Amer- 8nd return. Foreigners uaed to ftopk to America, but the depression they juf| wa»| ts some over, ta^ke one »m flyback. munity. But wish them. success in their new home. Mis Idell Gene spent Saturday night with Misses Esta Mae and Violet Broeins, Misses Margaret Hicks and Arline Patrick spent Thursday with Missss Jna and Nedra Brint of Spring Hill. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Logan called on Mr. and Mrs. Mayo Saturday evening. Clarence Logan has returned to his home here, after having spent the past several months in West Texas. Miss Aline Thomas called on Miss Margaret Hicks Saturday afternoon. Miss Nellie Hays is suffering from tcnsilitis at this time. We wish for her a speedy recovery. Washington The Epworth League had as guests Sunday night the St. Paul and Ozan Leagues. On next fourth Sunday night the other two leagues will go to St. Paul Church. Dr. T. J. Robinson is at home for a O'Steen and brother, Hinton Miss Marie Thomas spent last week end with her parents of Texarkana, Mr. and Mrs. B. Thomas. Sunday school was well attended at this place Sunday. The party given at Mr. and Mrs. George Gibson's Saturday night was well attended, all reported a nice time, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Simmons spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. Vines. Hub Hollis and little son, Cannon, called on his parents, Sunday, Mr. and Tom Hollis. Miss Lillian Quarel called on Miss Edna Gordon Sunday. , Miss Gladis Thomas of Texarkana is visiting friends and relatives in this ccnununity this week. Singing v/as well attended at this place Sunday night. T. R. Gibson was visiting friends 'and relatives at Texarkana last week end. Clayton Miller called on Ulice Miller Sunday. Mrs. John T. Smith and daughter, Ora was visiting at Patmos Monday. Grandpa Smith is doing fine at (he present lime Remember singing each Sunday night at tiu» p^ce and & Pathos each fni&y night. The Star is authorized to announce (he following candidates subject to the action of the Democratic primary election August 9, 1932: HEMPSTEAD COUNTY For Sheriff SIMON M. SUTTON Druggist Hope CITY OF HOPE (Democratic Primary Feb. 23) For City Clerk FRED WEBB For City Attorney PAT CASEY For Alderman Ward One L. C. (LEX) HELMS" PENNIE BENTON ROY ANDERSON Ward Two HOY STEPHENSON L. A. KEITH Wari CLYDE A. MONTS A. M. M'KAMEV I • 'I ''VI COME BUY! STORE CLOSES SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1932 //e*y Fellows /Bet iiou a Million you'll say it's a Hawthorne D e Luxe $29.95 It IS a $50 Bike! Fast! Strong! Safe! .Enameled in flashing colors! Equipped with every bike accessory. Save Half on Motor Oil 100% Pure Pennsylvania In 5-Gal. Cans From Pennsylvania's richest pols! Refined and De-Waxed! The best you can get. 'Winter King" Auto Battery $7.07 Less 50c on Your Old Battery It starts a motor QUICKLY even on zero mornings! It's fiUsky, Guaranteed 18 months. The Greatest Value in a '. A <"' " '•* '•' " • ' ' • at An^ Price One, of AAmerlca's most famous tires. Guaranteed without' limit as to 1 *Time or Mileage. Riyerside Mate Prices 29x4.40 53.97 28x4.75 5.18 29x4.75..*.... 5.25 30x5.00 5.47 Riverside 6-Ply Prices 29x4.40 ? 6.80 28x4.75 7.85 31x5.25 9.75 33x6.00 11.12 FIRST TIME AT THISUQWPRICE : .22 Repeating Rifle $4.89 Ward's "Pt'emicr"! Shots as sure as your aim! Priced to save $4.50! Closing Out Price- $14.98 Here is a $10 gun! Never before could you buy its equal at this low price, only Ward's Closing Out Sale makes it possible now. Compare these features! The blued forged steel barrel is proof- tested to withstand the heaviest loads! New design rebounding hammer. Positive Automatic Shell Ejector! Chrome vanadium steel working parts. Walnut finished stock. Safety lock! Single Shot Rifle .22 caliber bolt action take-down model. Accurate! An $8 value ave 25%: LOO R ED H E AD 5 A $5 value! Has separte pockets for barrel stock, cleaning tools! Repeater Shotgun Fires 6 shots in 5 seconds! Browning design. A $50 value. 110 Down. Closing Out Price T hey Go Farther! . . . Hit Harder! 65 c Box of 25, 12 Gauge DUPONT Oval Smokeless Powder puts more power in Red Heads! New Non- Corrpsive Primers protect -your gun! You can't buy their equals at less than (1.15 a box! Save. Shoot Red Heads! MONTGOMERY WARD & Co Phone 930 (Your Nfi«fhb°r Save* Money at Ware* W Why If ope, Ark. YOH? ,;XA.,,

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