Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 28, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 28, 1954
Page 6
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-jwpjild.be 'Lyf ^^ HlW 1 , STAR, HOPE, Aft KANSAS n iM apartmeht ;«,« yul 0 ,«, Am ^ Ddctoi-s said later he had ,-been dead pbout tfltrhpur". Plboed tmdfeV' pdlice \ E u?trd at offotiiOft. JMiplt&l^as- James Mor- ttsdri., M. v>ham ;fc6lice said Had ijcased -ftdrh prison three nontHs ago 'after serving a 1 term f or bijrglnry. , i , Moii-iSon, according to Niohdll *pp Weise, WHB removed fr'Om the Vhecteige of a ..small English se~- dnh that skidded on a downtown -;t»eet! corner ,ahd .crashed Into a r ck .wall a .few blpcks from the ihurcH and Dr. Bissdll's apai tment ibput 2:30 a.'m. They quoted Morrison, a e saying he had been drinking la it night! Could not remember what hardened, bat thought h'e had been njurdd in a fall. Morrison wtis aands and face and a back injury. .Police searching the wracked car ound cords indicating it tnvnod "by Dr. Bissell. They LKS—This lofty cdhversatiOn of .circilsi.per-^ \ ,ivi>ticia > V i uuimui^England, is aided by stilts and' a 'ladder. ;• tef{ to''right • ai-c: Juliet Foster,* Jacqueline Rev.aV. a -trapeze f fvJ^-'-'arlftst.'anel '(Bep'oi" Juliet's gtilfrvplking partner 1 .Q.j J / was also v/fiite and . —, _ .wristwatc'ri .,— ats leather str?p torn. Watch gnd strap were bloodstained. It v vas loiind a 'dlergyman's nurple, stdle, and a %it The Wild River by 'EDMUNDS SLAUSSEIL Prior cSpyfighf, StanJord PubncotloM, IIK. ,Her eyes *were warm t,with grati- ow^r spli'ther^ „ ^ftowei w/York '4epu-j * ' ^ : - 1[Hm*ti " — • - youjre safe' „, to "get Tin" tliere"- "They threw me overboard," t*« '*h~,,*.a « ti^ if it. t i-ner eyes Tvere warm cwiin gratl- im-J? Z?.H T 9 / ^ Wtot-bot- t ude as,she scanned'his'/ace 1 "It omed .Chair and .had half risen « ,•_ '_.^__i _- _'. T 4. _. t? there is eVer 1 any way I can repay you. Anything, Ca.pfauT grbtchJtJ'' , Premomtion sti^l.- £rumb';e4 and' ground through mm, making'him grave. 'sThere js M'he nodded,and handed her -,the _, ^lat^ envelope., "We'll be -running ,/into < when k w?e .reach Ehrenbprg. t ^ might get it .into thei^ 'h^ds' ,to search you. Wear -this -Wfh,ere , a man's not likely to ,.fmd";it,;' , He r eyes lit up brigtly; .at .the same time ,she gave him a ts\y-jft smile. "I have ,just,,the placeisfoj it ( " x ](i ' -.' , (Ehrenberg was a port the Colorado had spawned overnight .to ^answer the demand of .muleskinning freighters and general roustabouts. The navigation landing was more practical than La Paz, apd thus iEhrenberg was destined to put- live the earlier camp. 'Amador had taken up most ot the,space at the crude landing. Before the last turn had beeh t^ken on the moortpg ropes Jamison stalked aboard. He had with him a short, ungainly man familiar •to Crotch. It was Duey, the engineer who once -had fired -the San Diego's boilers. The old San Diego Crew had drifted after her. beach- ,, Already Crotch ,was rac- 4il''4Un *—Il_iu_..^_ n_ i.ii * ( 4hat (fellow in,the riv- ,-j—iy^ptp*^ J ** a e**^ ahead 1 toj%tai)>ds,ard, ^Picked .out *• a standing h 1p deep near TMM,»».v/Jbaalc. Crptch's facial muscles pulled up tighter. The ma- roofled f " man) stood on a sandbar, euppartirtg' a'dog pack .with both hi$' arm? artd .shoulders. *'He has Rpbert! ^Alnld! the (thers" Lilly's dry cahie pinched Jn-ifixcitehient. Crotch gave her his alinvn'" K*tat»a nt^rl . nl*A *._ B >_I«.J_^ i sharp"«tare dogs, and > she explained. t _oi difln'4 waste your time rfiscufng dogs .from the river; it iWas raorje ^than likely they could s.wjm ' 'bptter, than the, > m a n. Cf'ptch's lip curled. "Where do dogs J it into this*' •"They're part of my act—little (Robert comes across the wire to me when I snap my" fihg'ers. But ihow 41d 'Father get -$here" "•Crotch'had never experienced •anything go ^incredible along the length of.th^e river. He went down (he companionway and hurried toyer the rnain deck while the General $eath, drifted, slowly nearer. a fP$}° y n e H,§rtman finally plunged in^o the, ch?nn.el striking or the >x ""t',s rsU.Yflth his dogs swimming or Auto Leads Vestgiating a mihof auto trSt-iy -today fowtd the essi3ta lor of tJJe Old St."t jjal-tehtirch briilally ' - 'ejrth in his bachelor aparftttehl. -- ' * *«icoiniGn » w—£^*i i4»iuiivjj. *i wevei' \\eise said ihe brdy of R8v. Dr. fienjhmJo^H, Bifeel),,,! was dlad only !M ,a 4vsK|flf wh 1 ' ' fpund hirnvsprjiwled'^f] a bi Tuesday, December 28, 1$S4 ifturder -at, .ST.-LOUIS LIVESTOCK RATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. W) .Hogs 8,500; higher; bulk choice 1G6-210 ib 1875-19:35; largely 1900 up; 1<» 25 paid', mpstly. for uniform 170-2CO lb and for' sorne scahrg above 210 lb, most 210-240 lb -18:2-19.00; few down to,- 18.00; 240-280 lb 17PO-1 16 00-17 25, rows warned. T >alf an hour. ' "Itfs a'-trick," Melott 'Keep your e-yes open." Crotch went-down the gangplank •ackins Jamison out of his way as he advanced. (Midway in'the block he found art rdcbe building .over <wWch a new cign had been hung. The lettering vps still wet: JUDICIAL BUILD- JfTG; EHRENBERG 'C O U R THOUSE. He went inside. 'The room was Ion? and low- ceihnged and carried a marked >dor iof "kerosene .lamps. A number •f -rotjgh befnches had been placed ikar, , the entrance. iBehjnd these v^as jhe xjjidical, desk. Two brass ^stopd on either end of the ,thcse. Crotch Jench. . ooked into the .inalevolnt face of h £, j \l dg ?- T ?l e man was Captain iladdix.I of the packet Crotch had >roken'. "When in 4hc ,courtroom " Maddix spoke solemnly, "yau 'will re- nove ypur 'cap " l • ' * , . weire a cloak to go with his office. (TaadiK nodded.^ -"Where is Mr. Duoy l^as , l>e served his wai- J Against' ( a sudden silence Crotch dropped his voids. "I slugged ,Duey with a pistol." Behind him' he serseji others en- erjng Jhe, byildin^^ Many of these rper wopld rem.ajn\ loyal, i- Hfefally at her tfeet, Ipvely^ Leom'a-Naiighton shows; the''radiant i^ smile, charm anp good §gui'e that won her. ','Miss National Press ; Photographer of 1954." A coed at the University/ of Maryland, ; Leoma wort the award in Washington,,D'.^C. •'- ' j 380-535 ; " it? lb down :525-75; heavier sows 13.50-1.00'; boars 100-13-00. '•} tattle'' 3,700,. calves 700;''a few good and choic esteers 23.00-26.00; t-bout steady; cov/s utility and commercial .10.0-13.00; cann.ers and cutters ' .00-10.50; light caft- ners below 8.00; :;bulls 50 Jiigher; VtiJity and -commercial 12.00-14.00; canner . and _ cutter, bulls, 9,00-11.50; vealers again in msall supply and 1.00 higher; a few piime individuals, to 32.00; good and choice in wide spread of 33 00-30.00; commercial and low good 16.00-32.00; Sheep 2,000; trading not established. large extras 32'/ 2 cents a dozen; mediums 31; standards 29; : current receipts 27; dirties ; and checks 251 NEW YORK COTTiON - . NEW YORK- W -Cotton futures were <easy today .in: Flow dealings. 1 New -crop months sagged,on'-profit taking. followin£-a .-brisk---advance on -Monday.. ..-,-.- . . -..< > •.'- -,-'.. ... • Late : afternoon.•.prices were '.unchanged.-to 50 -cents- a.:balc,:lower than 'the -preyious close. -March 34.84, -.May 35.11 _;and- July.. 35.34. : GF?/\IN /AND .(PROVISION ; Wheat:. No. 2 -yellow -h'ai'd Corn:'.No.-2 yellow POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO (UP) Produce: Live poultry: Market steady. 12 trucks. 'Chicago pooltiy board price changes since yesterday- Hens coloif-ci over 5 lb* 17 !£ cents a pound: colored 5 Ibs 'ntid' under 19; hybud, b&reback, le<?- norn ana INO. z i3'/2. Butter- 863,94fi pounds Market mixed. Of score 5yi/ 2 cents a pound; 03 score 59~'/-i, 00 score 90 scora • L ' ' - 58, 89 36>/,; carlots 90 scor» L eXtUeS f ° soctlon of the IM wa3 W j thout deliberately willing rt, .>9'/ 4} 89'score 57. depressed. - ; , Crotch Jifted'hisjOaR.'HU solid jaw, .Eggs- 7418 cases, Market film, .V ho «,L,x, h ,,> „ "i , Wdnu^iaxm^ surprise. -"You'ieSvhite large extras and , miveJ ,*„„!?? ™ ^T^ °f, CBSe ! he judge." v _ . ' of me asles land h o£ whpopngi cough .Assuming'; djgnity as though rt ^^ „,„„ „,.'.,.._ ._ ',. I*?™?' 19 ":*?" "bout BO per cent rfter these .discoveriss that officers went to Di. Bissell's apartment: . N'b. 3 .1.58; No-. 4:151; No 5 '1.38- C'/ 4 ; sample -grade 128-56V,. Oats: No. 1 heavy • mixed- 87}4; No. 1 mixed 83; No. 1 heavy white E-7-68V,; No. 2 white 83V4-87. Soybeans No. 1 yellow -2:84% (Track Chi cago ),'-; No. 3 2 82'/ 4 Itreck Chicago), Soybea n oil 17. Soybean meal 68.50. Barley nominal: malting choice 330-52; feed i: 10-1-9. NEW YORK STOCKS ' NEW-YORK Ml The 'Sto ; ck Market advpnged today in the early pftcrnoon\ following a one-day prof- it-takih? .interlude. Prices wie .up bet\vpen 1 and 2 points IT a number fo instances. Losses were generally uhdei a pdint) ' Among major divisions going up cjiemica's,- aircratts, tobaccos, and textiles No section of the list was depressed. is Continued from Page One ler at her home last flee. 12. eon- LITTLE ROCK M Go v . Francis Cherry and family left here to- r at ner nome last JJec. 12. cay for Oklahoma where they plan -A Mrs. .Fuller, 25.. was slugged with to visit relatives before going to'w & heavy place of Wood as she lay Dallas for the Cotton Bowl gait>e ••• in bed. She di,^d at a Brinkley New Year's Day. :'.. ••'•-- ' Prers, radio and television, reporters were breakfast giiostb- _o£ the sovetnor and Mrs. Cherry" on their" last day at the gcvernor's mansion here. .Cherry told the newsmen his , family would move to a Little Ropk hotel until about Jan. 21 when hs would enter pri /ate law practice, at'ilonesboro. : ,ks. hospital without [regaining E;c-Jousne9s. ' "' 'These "witnesgeK, \viff state that Willingham -Was -in : Memphis at C:30 s.r.mi- on. the 1 mornlne-of bee. ' -s*id -CJltsoH;; ilarid that 'is about thtfti 1 , > if.it!' es- ti where; . . itd 'driVe 'to, Clarendon -fnil- ,'C-halrge--of-first- degree :.• . i ... i • ..-»_.-. 'evi- ji f,tf ixTm-vt*.^,**! .vij<r t*o -M- • ¥ n>^i tnil II I vf ITT pplkje v <d|-aghet > ffltt 1 iip - after ' fttr •*. Ejujler's Idealhif Police "said lie • admitted slugging «h??f tmd displayed suspicious knowledge of details not generally ,known. But .Wililngham, in an interview with Associated Press Reporter Ray Stephens, later -denied • 'the t lugging. He said -he /agreed to the statement because .officers *inpped Kim - around. - , Then Sheriff McKemie . wuil Will- Jngbam had : Detracted ,his .denial bfld sign.ed . • a hew . stjstemerit ad- mfttinp; kutlt. '•'.';. '^' '•. " ' ' : Asked -wtiy ,Wnlint?Kam -snotilii nd- - the : 3laylrijE!; -rGiba!)n> Jiid ' his client: :i Sl ;a :. illiterate, ' l . .,. , gOod-na tyred; ? bby : ' who > would ' coil' 1 fess ito e'nythjn'g -he 1 «y/as rv -acfci.tspd of after',30, minutes '.of 'questioriing." -Willftihm' '^" ; ,, -WillftiBham's ..'av ' ' whaj ; .. , police' 1 -'callefi '-"cbrtfessEion' 1 . Was : ' a sunJfis^'break^inhbnMir^bas 1ST 'purfcen. ...• . Negro schodlf iris : .made:-their. debut last -night at 1 - the" - .Willard ho'tel The formal party; Was - the first of its kind in memory at a dbwritown hotel.' f i The girls, all 16 and 17 years eld, \vore traditional White gowns and elbow-lenpth white gloves and carried bouquets of red roses Their escorts wore white ties Some 200 guests attended the party, held in the Crystal Ballroom of )the Wiljard, a "capital landmark often called the den^s of Presidents." A few of the guests were white peusons". ' " MES. Jennie M^WalbijrE fnother of ^.one of the gir)si and a teacher pt iinoolh Junior 'High 'Sahcol in neajfby ORockville, s <Hfd.,' arranged the party She. said &H£ hbped it would inspire "othfer girls icrf otir race to pattern their lives in such 3 mannef that<thejr "parents would :e warranted in paesqntjng them ^ For-the second consecutive vv ~-, _ — 1D54 fall registrations <pn American whpopngi eoughj campusesjset an npwajpti trend.-This, idurmg ,1954-was about 50 per cent is in contrast with the preceding {greater thffnfin tt>e year before, five years of descending enroll- L but deaths remained at a very low ments fbllowihg the exodus'of Wor- Ievel - ' ' '-«*<«*i™ War II velera'n^uaents, ' Cherry Plans td See Dallas Game Wreck Injuries Fatal to Man LITTLE ROCK I/PI A LittJe' {Rock jeweler died here today after his car had crashed into, a liglit pole and .officers theorized that', a heart attrack might have indirectly caused the .death. He was • identified as Ruby Baum 65, owner.of jewelry stores ;n both Little Rock and North Little Rock. £; Investigating offieerp Leo Harrison and Elmer Johrtsdn s-aid the man apparently lost control of the ear .before the crash. There Was some evidence, they said, (hat he might have suffered a heart at- tt-.ck and la'er died as a result of multiple injuries suffered in - tho accident. • ' They said an autopsy woi.ild bo performed to determine the cause cf/.death. BOB'S GUSHMAN SALES 2016 New-Boston Road TEXARKANA U. S. A. 'Marfy Yeors of Good Service in Filling Prescriptions ! John S: Gibson 5 'iV' ^ *" ' Drug Co. Phone 7-2201 ing, ajid men> crafty-,.-as. : thcbe'.ed..officer,'.'/Clyde. H «,UUJ* » should be kept under .thumb.- Shel was. thick 'with 'Venpm. -;In by-Cajhoon .had gone into' mjning nn.y 6f Vw ishoiild-'think he a SntYI*»U/Vnari» nInniT IVlO i't'IJClV Vvnf *«* , Iti o /-n»»A -i nafinn t <•« -fViir! 1 nU^.*vi Lei-ing past favors. But there , thers in Ihis rbom. Tl.p Cocopahs who had worked as decklands on Clyde Maddix'3 packet. His own -rew, led by Goss, had given these :ovs a severe mailing. 'We will start in by preferring of- as?au)t anainst an elector,'.',. Clyde MaJdix's voice caso let the dogs . . ,and the prow animals |rpm the water, ' . were hauling wet ' ,was ^ holiday for the -*Cro,tcb bent |ar dpwn »in man .sipthing, in his bleck .tte »nd Jong eoat a n d rf &»y stripe. Anger bub- Pled thrflugb him and shone his .eyes, He rid himself of a hfuj (^ water, J 8 id his hand* 9» 'Wlly's shoulders as soon as he man - the shin?' a Jew times f>t the dpg §( » he p* i ^ Jy tf> Qn*ift- "^4ter there «,'ajs «p rppm fp r us pa the in -the past Crotch but sej- the iWhJte lo^g 'ears ' loijg have you been I w| 5 Dy-Ca^joon >hafl gone into mjning nqy 6f y<»\i 'shoiild-'think he makes somewhere along the ,rlve'r, byt'ofiljis owA jusfice'm this' chamber," Captain Maddix, her excaptain,' he iWaddix o6nf,inued', • slidng a gun had lost all trace. ,llntll now He c^to'Jh-? 4 d.PS)r Before him "this, hadn't been certain of wh^i'e Duey llMte persuader is GUI Black- had gone, non°-" u Crotch ,sw,ung the weight of his '/You're Jjo judge," Crotch f Jay- look to Duey and felt shoqk pass «i liim bitterly, »'You're' only p along his spine. There* was ,a sta>v n ( V"r pi-'a^e " shaped badge lacked to Duey's The mifiistrate 'vas smiling, con- breast, and between his chunky it«nt in his 'knowledge he held tlie fingeis he flourished a-folded pai- -"••-"— ' !11 --'- *•'per. , Goss's words fell again, sardonically: "They're talking abov»t impounding the Heath, Irv, do you figure the 'beaching of the San Diego has got thpir dander up" "That's not quite' 'the point," Jamison cut in primly. XX turned on, him the fu^l benp- fit o fhis leer, "I'm an officer. The landing hpld an election and I'm sheriff. I'm serving my paopi, which mpkes you just about through-" "No, yov're not impondmfi us for anything " Crgtoh t >>nounced, Fipm the edge of his glpnce he saw Leipoyne ttartman siding up to them. He wished Hartm,an would stay out pf this; and worstl'pf nil Ijilly was coming up behind her father. Now at this moment Jamj?on wheeled and grasped jjep ther ^ , "Let go. Jamison! I'm taking my belonging!, pff your boat." i "Ypu're not going anyvvherf" «pyjswuug his shoylder, strikins? the man savagely under ^he chin,' The blow had been expertly jie- livened, catching Hertman off bai' pnoe. He tripped 'himself on the gangplank as he went down onto the dttpk. ' Crotch flipped h,is Ristol with ,a ieH ijp and down movement S»d acked Duey against 1he 8i4« of the head Wien the m»n fell, -his gjanee leap,e,d toward Jamison ''After you," i ^securely within his gragp. He said in a Iparned way, "The main charges stem about a contract for hauling ore barges. You are (forcing a payment of $10 per ,tpn for coia'ying jLa. Poz ore to the river's mputh, The company charges you obtained the contract vnder misrepresentation and outright perjyry." "There's nothing off color aboijt the contraqi," Crotch said evenly "We agreed to tow their ore down- jiver for the ,prico you mention It's my lookout«to keep the channel c-pen as far as their Jandipp I keep two men diggim; sand Jrom the river all the time." -Waddisi'-sVeyes glinted. "The milling ..company claims you jumped their rates." "And that is a lie.' Navigation wonts -to void my contract so they DOUBLE S&H GREEN STAMPS (ON PURCHASES OF $2.50 OR MORE) SEE WEPNESPAY'ftjfAPifR FOR WEEK-END AD SUGAR w jth 'yo« won't , . hav* enough le/t 4« set out Pi this " country." • #£wke can fiver. ,-rapped briefly for order . -the Jja.rrel Qf his Rjstol. "Navigation Company has nothing what- 4o «<JQ with these propeed - ings," he s^id polJtely. "I demand tbftt yw prooucp your eontiaot Coui't wl}l ttxdmiae the proof." •'You, won't see my contract, dix. I'd like to face someone if^Raii MU'-ing Company with that story." "And so you s,hjU-" Judge Mad- ^mtted and naddpd toward the rpem l 6 -tear. Hju smile was t<?e- th? (fpnvietjon shinng plainly hs fjpe thet he held Crqteh thin man came forward. H«t*0bvJwsJy pai-fied P good}y mixtyre of <blop4 in his veins 8WiJ *t« uPyej? vw^^'f lacked with red I MRS. PARKERS OLEO Lb. Bag Lb. Bag 5 'the #tithprj*9d 1*w» or* . -f Ws MIRACLE WHIP SALAD YiLlOW ONIONS MAPI^ECREST FARM VTHiSC AR fMfiy, becer-noer 28, If54 T * tr"" t «* ' -- '- J -** » W * -> H 0 l» I It AH, iff H, A * It AN IAI Phone 74431 Between t A. M< December 30 »,...;e''holiday dance for the senior jyin.'jScnool members of the Hope -y Club, and their guests, will f. held at 8 p.m. Thursday, Dec- ember'30. Hosts are Mr. and Mrs. 4S|pf£e Robinson, Mr. • and ' Mrs. |P? Helms, Jr., and Dr. and Mrs: S#m 'Strong. ,,,._..„.,.... Lilac Garden ' "' |,Ha* Christmas Party ;,l,The Lilac Garden Club of DeAnn irpfct Tuesday night, December 21, m''.th'^ home • of Mrs. Carl Coffee, p)rV.its"ahnual Christmas party! XM?:S. '." Carlton Samuel led the fbup: in singing Christmas carols,' ' fcMiss Salley Timberlake gave f' ; Christmas story. Misses 'Joy >ffeo>: Sandra Burke and Peggy sang ' "Winter • Wonder- j^t.;-the Conclusion of the meeting, (t^'-ttrere exchanged from a light- j'Christmas tree. At this-time-se- •bt p'al-sisters were revealed. Jthc;' hostess served dainty re Mhiiiqnts from the dining table Ifilchl was. covered with . a green lijth'larid. was centered with a-huge «fcn-Ghristmas cake. ' . - .- ..; aflfii-e-were 16 members and four ujcst.S'present.- .- , • .','.-;;> ried at Id a.' -ift^ J)f idjs.y, Deeehibet 1 24. th« .Rev. EdthUhd , . frefidletdfi; read the' ImpfesSiViftf ceremony at the Fifst.ChrUltiah Church, ; ? The bride cliose a dress of pink silk shaBtiiflf'*ith inatchlng bolei*ii and black 1 accessories. Her hat of pink satin was trimmed in pearls and rhlne^tones, and she carried a colonial bouquet of centered With "a pink 'fcattellla. Miss Jean; Hyatt, of iBehton, was maid. of honor.-. §Ke; ware? a powder blue taffeta. dregsiWjth \black ac- cessorieSj and tarried a pink gardenia nosegay. . . • Tom WHght,. Jr., of Dallas, brother-in-law :of the groom, served as best man. .. Luther, Hpllamon provided nuptial music and accompanied Mrs. James McLarty Who. sang. The church wa,s decorated Muhicibai Court of Hof)«, Arkanas DeCembef 2t, 1954: 6lty Ddeket frahkie B>ewn, Drunkeftness, 'orfeited $10.00 cash bond. Thurrnan Lindsey, Assault and Battery, flea guilty, fined $10.00. Lihdell Bumgardner, Passing in restricted zone, Forfeited $5.00 ' , floor basket^ of white Bladioli.and chrysanthemums. ; . ~ : ' : After a short .Wedding • trip, . th» couple will be ' ni -home temp.brarily in Hope until -the'; groom receives his assignment from 1he Air Force'. , ri—Stewart ' '''.'• ; ' i(edding Solemnized _. . , Mis,^ Diane .Bryan, daughter of fav. l^t'e' Mr. and. Mrs. Charles Bry- Y^rjd Kenneth .Stewart, son of frs:-;:O'dessa Stewart, were mar- ^ r'Gifts of Distinction' '-. Shop at I \£ Pillow's KCSift Shop ; 305. S...Laurel: ','' Cortling^qnd Going The; Rev';" and Mrs. .-'-.Earl: Allen-, Mrs. Qenev'avLowe and s6ns,- Archie and .JTiinmy, 'of Celeste,-Texas, visited relatives. and friends' ih Hope during the .holiday Weok-end. Rev Mr. Alleni! is. ; pastor of "the ; Firsl Baptist Church in Celeste.: • Col. C." F, Garrett^. pf • Seattle Washington, -has" returned 'to his home after spending' the' Christmas holidays with his mother, Mrs. H J. F. Garrett.'.,- •,-..', ' : •.••:•:'•-..••••• - -. • Perry.-Ea'sterlirig of ,'pall.as, Tex., spent the. weekend.with'h'is parents Mr. and ; .Mrs. Fletcher : Easterliii;g -' Mr. and-'l^rs. Henry ,Taylo'r hav(| a;s : their, jgu.ests,; Itfr.. and-Mrs.-..!!!! lary ;tayjor.'- Mr.^and, Mrs; 1 Hbmt;'- Taylor : 'arid'children, and Mi-, and Mrs.' : Winfred : Taylor ..Ofr-Dallas Texas. ;-.''-•' - .-.= -. '• -"-' : -.. '•-.'• '-. '"••' iSAENGER I|;TQDAYONLY* .'/^'. : »'FEATURE TIMES,,* : f i.2:00 • 3:42 - 5:24.- 7:23 -,9:22 •'COVETED LOVE... he revenge that followed! /#< •SHORTS • 1. Caspar Color Cartoon ••-:;•&'•'-'A Visit to Europe" •. H- "Born to Ski" '.; A-2c .Jimmy i !•.' lEastcrling of 'E Paso, Text, la- spending .the holiday With his'.' parents',-.-, -Mr.- . and 'Mrs Fletcher ' ! Mr. 'aiid' Mrs. IJqsey ! Garrett . p .Gastoniai "Npr.th Carolina.f'returnc to their :;hpme after sBt ; ndingth •holidaysi with ; 'his mother arid othe '"' ''''''' Howard Ston Court Docket - ,'M. iPflcc, j»etlt larcehy« Forfeited $25.00 cash bond and 1 day Ih'jail. Wfliiim Cook, [Running "Stop" lgn, : •tldrfeited $5.«) cash bond. it. JP.j HjaMttton, Improper lights, ^orfeited :$1.00 cash bond. Ike Stuart, ; Joshua Pratef*, No driver's-license, Forfeited $3.00 jash bond. E. J.' Carlton, Driving while in- oxicated,. Plea guilty, fined $50.00 ind.l.day in jail. Maurice Jackson, Assault and Battery, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Arzclla Freeman, Disturbing peace, Dismissed without prejudice. State Docket L.' M. Simmons and Woodrow JrCWer, operating for hire without ^ublic Service Commission author- ty, Forfeited $100.00 cash bond and costs. Gilbert Carrier Corporation, No dentification as required, Forfeited '25.00 cash bond. Querncr Truck Lines and R. D. Foster, Driver, No cab *»rd, as required, Forfeited $25.00 cash bond. Berry Wright, Earl Thornton, feckless driving, Plea guilty, fined 125.00; ^suspended. , Ma'ceb .Walker.Disturbing peace, Plea guilty, fined $10.00. ' . Brice'Scoggins, Driving on -wrong side Of road. Tried, Dismissed. 'Willie Lee Spearman, Failing and refusing to support his minor children 1 .' /Dismissed on payment cOsts. Quorner Truck Lines and R. D. roister, Driver, No identification, as •equired, ,: ••Withdrawn, on motion Prosecuting Attorney. '' '. ftuerner Truck Lines and R. D. Fpsteri Driver, No Bills of lading as: required, Withdrawn in 'motion Pros. Attorney . ... r . Quer'ner Truck Lines and R., D. Foster; Driver, Operating for hire without PSC .authority. Withdrawn on motion Pros. Attorney. (Civil Docket Feeders Supply Co., of ' "Hope, Ark., vs. William (Bill) Malonc, Action on-account for $181.00 Judgment by default for. $156.00. HIDDEN CpNTRA>AND SAN PEDT{O, .Calif. (^) Customs officials said''they found op- tgene' fiims; giins .-perfume silks an'd other contraband - hidden behind an altar board an 85-foot tuna fishing ./-boat. ' -They: seized the boat The Chal- A Moody • • -- * * - - -,J ".4r5 pbttertt' getting f« lahdlaa;' 1 '' ! WELL EDUCATf , CHICAGO , fi pfobabiy Chicago's ..best, jt| ; For her nioriiing and evening cleansing riiaal, this teenager (left) elects to use a foamy skin cleanser in .a tube.. It's clean, < unmessjr and easily portable. Others use zoap, cold cream, skin ' creams or special formulas., Knowing that no work on the>oirit- ( side of the skin will help unless she'eats well, 'she is haying breakfast that includes milk, eggs, whole wheat toast and eereUI> (center)., With the help of a cosmetics expert (right),,she « > having her'own powder blended to suit exactly her natural', coloration and to minlmhe her skin defects. With this program^* healthy skin can defeat the elements and emerge clear and lovely.' • proircssed through Wright" College, John Marshall £M&'! University ot Illinois'and^Roj University. "' 'V' "^ "He is now ttudylf University toward '4 , gree in elemfrntary.se ttnn * *- *' v * ! DOROTHY DIX Brains Succumb TQ Brawn Beat Miss Dix: I am a sophomore,; and .would be .attractive except fdr a freckled complexion,and my height, which is only 5 feet 2 incheS.--My problem is that I like a senior, our sta^ basketball player who could get almost any .girl he wants. He sits near me. in chemistry and in his eyes I am only a brain in that subject. You see, his marks are quite low while mine are exceptionally high. However he nev er asks me for help, of course. I wouldflpve to'give it. What can I say to-make, him ! notice ; .me as a person?- He's not shy or stuck-up, yet he/rarely speaks to me. He drives to.school every day and I'd like to know : if, it would, be all right.;to ask him .to take me; home; We both stay, late for extra-curricular acti- ing back to his wife him oyt with his belongings, and begin reclaiming your life r . Boyle Continued! from Page One mains 'to be. seen whether "-it." is possible to 'homogenize a -Frenchman. . The most . heartening, event; in - Mr."' arid i. and-sdns;'" vyed^! and 1 ; Andy .Garland;' Texas,' , spefyt • the .week; lenger, yesterday.: Sh6 is register- -'in-Balb6a,''--Cat)al"Zor?.e. : • Wed. & Thurs. • GARY SUSAN I COOPER-HAYWARD-WIOMARK ^ "%fL SST'^g. BNEMASCOPt T. V. Charlie by ^Vie^ Cobb it's ; t»nx*in,;CHor-;- : ley;^; .;fautj-still-think it- would' b>6 "cfieap*r 1 to buy ', one. .of '. • ifBose - •••- — -••>• r.from'.-V|c--'Cob|?. Radio & TV Service Phon«7-259i OVERCPOKED TURKEYS iEASTHAMPTON, Mass. .Wl Fire records ; "tbday showed three alarms were sounded .Christmas Day. .All" were. for turkeys burning in ovens. ',-•:..-.. end 'with Mrs. Stone's'parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Easterling. :''Mr. an;d Mrs. S: I/. Murphy had as their/holiday -, guests, their chil- dtcn, Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Trapp of Amarillo,'Texas, Mr. and Mrs. Steve 1 Murphy of Crossett, Dr. and .iirs.;.D..W. Hensley of Benton,. and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Martindale. IHospitdl Notes Branch .'Admitted: . r; J..O. Cox, Emmet. . . pischarged: 'Mrsi Berlin Jones, iPatnjbsi Mr. Bennie Cowtsll, Rt. 4, Hope,.. Sirs.: Sherman Wilson and baby:. girl, Rt. 4, Hope, Mrs. J. B. Mclr(tosh, MoNab, ..Mr. Cecil Kidd, Hope, Nancy Primus, Magnolia, ibis's Aliie Mae Munn, Dallas, Tex. Mrs. L ".M. Goad, Hope, Mr. Homer Beyerley, Hepe, Mr. J. P. Webb, Washington, Baby Joan Key, Rt. 1, Hppe, twict as much btauty « •- t <,jora dollar! I RIPAY-HP,M, -vies... ,- --"•" , -..,.-; .'-'- /:; ,.'-\' -'C. D. . Those."Basketbair.Heroes. Answer: .It's a.\shame' to 'think of all -the'very nice'boys plugging away at less publicized sports, such' as track, while; three-quarters .; of the feminine hearts•: at' your school yearnifOr the basketball, hero. Last' fall it • Was 'the. foo'tball-' star, and a, few'months it-will b.e; the home-fun king.-,Yet-all year; the harriers'; and': water : enthusiasts.-! run and - swirp. 1 with..neyer .a heart throb or sigh-to spur i, them . on. v ;ll : ; - ; i , Your, malady, is, of course,, riei-. ther unnatural.;nor unusual.:.Every girl (or"almost every v girl) yearns for romance,'to/be dated, to be the one-and-only ., of th"e x -.school's letter men in ; the I glamor sports. Naturally; the •yoUng'^men are well awareV:'of • .their,, prestige .-and - often 1 become quite, conceited .over- it.. . LookCat the' situsition quite ff.ank- ly. Bignt- : now the 'boy is top mani After -,'graduation he -becomes .jiist another; hopeful'.'looking for .a job or facing-,College .with .the severe handicap/of' poor • scholarship. -• In other; words he becomes -one. of the mob -arid hist.glamor.-.', disappears completely.-Has-he-, other'.characteristics-/.^ , malje* him- appealing? From>vyou.r letter,'..; evidently: not, He's;-nqt•.particularly;•friendly> : "or sociable,- and he '.wpuid-- be . moire likely.;io, resent,ypu.r: .b'pains.'than t6 approve.of them.'.Why-npt look • a T round-ybur- classroom-and see how many other eligible young men there .are?-A cheery word or smile sent their way will be much more productive -than .- the' ones you're wasting now, ••---,. • ; Don't by any mqans/ask the boy to drive you home. The invitation should come from him and for that you will wait a long time. My conclusion is that it-would be better for you to pass up the basketball hero, and -turn your -thoughts to someone less spectacular but more dependable. . the field : of sports !was.- : the .3:58.3 mile , ruri ; by .' Dr. Roger .'.-Bannister of Britain. . This , victpry, 1 .^coupled with the : fact the Emprie; managed to send . two - so;ns .'.up, Mt; /..Everest the year before, led;: tp;. wild .-hopes the B.ritish. might : also, , pr.oduce, ' -a good .heavyweight boxer • during the second half of ther century.'. : .*>...- Condemnation ofMcGarthy Is Hailed ( i , .. • • 6y GORDON-BROWN WASHINGTON W) Sen. Fulbright :(D-Ark) .ranked the condern- natoin ^qf'- Sen. , McCarthy (R-Wis) as the'Senate's "greatest single a(icomplishment during-1054." "That, action-had (the effect of restoring the" "confidence of our pcople> in- themselves and in ou"democratic-'-institutions,', 1 he said in an interview,-.today;'.--.' .'. ITulbright, one. pf; -the leaders in the .-move .to., .censure- the Wiscon Lin. , '^enator^.,; saidlf a.- ^general feel ing'bf;\ccnfusiph"ajhd;-fer has aris cii' in - ther ..- t cbuntry-}' .but was dis pelled : b'y ^thejSehate's) action. • ; "Why;'! > "he 'sai&; ,-:"it- had gotten CHICAGO WPI . CPU, queen of tho HollyAVoqd -feb evue, is expected, to 1 return ,.$» he show today after^a 4wo-4«y» truggle with a virus infeption, J< Miss Scott former Olympic, fig- re skating star, missed 'the'f open- ng night performance ChrfttmaB nd failed to appear in Irtst' night's how which was televised" on tlxe-' Comedy Hour (NBC). OF ROSiS CUAN$ING CREAM, Our -nominations .for..,.'-,o t,h e r wards.,during-the year: v . . . • • Most inconsistent performer he. weather. ... ,...,' . .- ,,., lylpst consistent .performer .-the rice ' of steak. .. ,. - :,<'?< 'The- biggest'. disappoinln)ent,' v -in eience- , among -1,265-new miracle rugs,,it 'found.,'r.orie .,that:.vwouM : ure. or-'provent .baldness.--^''; •,;'-' ,T.he man .who traveled,-more>-iijj' 954.than ^Columbus-'did-in;a^life" ime .John Foster• Sulles.-.•-.,-,"./. The biggest Democratic- surprise. how did all those Hepublicans' manage to.stay-in office? • • : •/, The .greatest .'single- improvement n the; American- home;.'bur baby grew'eight'hew teeth. '.-•'.'' ' Dear. Miss Six: I am a high school • soph with twp boy friends. I have known' one of them for three months; the other is"a newcomer. I don'-t go -steady with either. We have a recreation'room at home and most of the kids in the neighborhood hang out there, The new boy comes over occasionally and my other friend seems' unhappy about it. -I like them both about equally well. . ; : - ••":'-• H. H. _Answer:: As you aren't ready to single any one boy Out for particular attention, continue being friend Jy with- both. The pleasure of having a -common recreation spot is. I arrj sure, enjoyed by the boys a: well as by pthe.r'yoi^ng people of your group.' Jt's 'fie bes.t way fpr you to be'epme thoroughly acquain ted with .both boys'and.perhaps in time you'll make a choice, *>0Uir * |«r<..N0WI Dear Miss.Dix: I am a single professional woman in my forties and have been gojng with a, mar r{ed man for about three years, JJe spends a]l his time at my apart ment, taking his, meals here; anc he also gets his laundry done. He is separated from his wife. He say he still loves her and that I am just a friend, though at the begin ning of 'our relationship he promis ' 19 divorce his wife and marry me. J" have givpn, up my friends family- and church, Wha Many, ladies 'Seem, to .feel; ,tha.t iberace was. thes.--in.an .of •the year. n television, but. bur;.ndminec'-'.is till .Charlie Chan.--He..'saw:• -him more often during ; 1954 -than,. we iJid hyone .else, just. asL : we,. h?d .. the ear b ( efore•••WeOare'. uh.abi.,e;eyen)tQ iscuss t.-Liberace'i'.intelllgehtly,; ^^ v ' have never.. sen, ,him-. ' .O'uK' et. just -wbn'.t -pick;him' lip. 1 - T-Dpn't now''-why.• No,'bur.-15\" or...sale.- '.':'\-C... • •'.',.. ••IV'-s hard to make up .ycjut- .mind bOUt'.th'e 'outstanding animal 'of 954.- J..•-Fred r Muggs,, carryingr-an xtra'.'supply' pf disapers,- ...became •je ; first TV .chimpahzee^star,'- ,.to ly around,the, world.- Oh."tiie.r.othiei 1 and -Native .Dancer_: one,.; of- the reatest thoroughbred racers,. r , re ired .to..a. career..of - planned .par- nthood at a fee of .J5.00G.:'. p.er- ngagement. . '.':.'. tcf : the; point jwhere, people were sus pieious'-qf •their schodls,, mistrustet religibus" leaders and had ho con tidence*C-in ;;.,Bpvern'ment -officials Those "are' the', very'foundations o pur, democracy." ;', •; ...-> • ;' -Fulb'f ight'-' said a j school superin tendent::repe.ntly_ admitted, to him ihat,- because • ,pf .the. general al jniosph<ere>'.,- "teachers '•, ojt his staf xvpre'.not -'allowed !to : ' discuss Com rrituiisrrt..? ; ' ' • ;"Qiice Jin' a vyWiile', an America: Legion'official .would 1 be^ invited t discuss-the Devils' of Communism,' said,, "b'u't the . teacher _ theni'selyesX;did not-, give any in stjruction on Uwhdt Communism, is how it operates- and the' evils -produces. yTheyv. were -afraid t lest they ; find themselves accuse of Vt.eaching Communism : and bein, called before an investigtaing com He ' s aid • he : had • also talked wit: religious-., leaders ^and found then -fearful., and: confused. •V When -I realized" what was hap penfrig, V ,he 'said, "I; determined t go -through-- - * witlv- this ' • censur thing.". ,;.-.., - ., - : i Fulbrisaid •• he ,-. realized was',-, fpfjtunate ,- because = 'the peo 'pli£.-ot«'Ai;kansas«'were, back of m dndi the 'press' of;my, state .gave m a f." lea sfc .; ; an " • e\'on - break . "p^r inte rny.side^of- the -matter.": ','I;' knew, .that : my -constituent wolildnit:- accuse -me of • being Commiinist,''. he ' raid, :. Fulbright: said -he feels -fear an mistrust.. ha ve weakened, the com try's ..position ,.in , foreign affairs Free 34 Years, Glad to Be Caught COLUMBUS, O, (UP) r- A 57- year-old taxicab driver, who • cs :ape from Oklahoma jail where he was being held for killing 'a man and ithen kept one step ahead of the law for 34 years of uneasy "reedom, said today he was "glad t was over." Greying, bespectacIes-Leon Sam Mohrlock surrendered to sheriff's deputies (Monday, He has escaped 'rom the Stephens County Jail at Duncan, Okia,, in 1920. . Mohrlpck, who drove a 'cab h c re for 20 years under thft .name of . , 3ill Freeman, said he had been sentenced to 12 years for slaying a restaurant operator, in. an .Oklahoma oil, boom town on.Opt. 16, 1020. The shooting developed dur ing a. q,uarrel .over a gun and a BARBARA SCOTT , Leo has eight cWd An amateur uraniumj cluh'is no East, composed; (' FORCED TO DRINK VANCOUVER, B, C.'," (UP) A Vancouver lad "got some Chistmap cheer he wasn't bargaining for dur- ng the weekend." » t • , Police reported an unidentified drunk grabbed George 'Saciriders ', hrcw him to the ground, and 1 poured a bottle of liquor down- his hroat. •* ''j*.*" The teenager-'was takenv'Jo' hospital to' have his stoihaclv pump-' ed. ' ' ."' •':", " ., Koleit -,L. t .W» Steam Ti \," H th,' Restores lustr «_« A »« Hazel r-f '- i \ For instance; he saidi 'govern- officials, in Asia were, afraid .0 show any imagination in'Vijrec- mending ways" to "deal 'w:th^the Communist threat. They/Vere,fearful he said that they v might>-1>o a'c- cused of being'soft on Communism/ called a security risk," or""^ ( summoned, beforev ai/cornmitt'Se''? to *^x- : plain. ' * '• ^-.*f ) , Baby's Colds i Relieve Suffering Fast-Effectively with. WICKS W VyxPoRuli NOTICE ; >' ,'fl"' 1 I have moved rny> C)*ntal Office from", 1 Second Street location at DR. SAM ,W. 514 S. ELM STREgT 1 rfc bill owed Uie .restaurant ' man fpr 'meal?» Mohrjock sa4d his past.; caught p with him -When a jealous relative spotted him at his father's funeral jn Chelsea, Mich,, recently and notified pplice. gANTA BRIN08 TWINS LOS ANGELES' M Ole being no poker perhaps, figured coi'ld do cr, Christmas what itork had done on Thanksgiving p years' ago. • So Mr, and Mrs. C%bert Berger* on now have'their spcond' set of twin boys. The eldest sons -are Clebert Jr. ' -and Gilbert born on Thanksgiving jj a y ANNOUNCING; THE ASSOCIATION 'OF GEORGE FRAZIER WITH ' ROY ANDERSON & CO, INSURANCE AGENTS ' 210 SOUTH MAIN' -* We are happy to announce that Geor00 Frqtfer be connected with us, effective January 1,1955* We invite you to come in and'vlsit him qt ne\y location.. He will be happy 'to help you with your insurance problems. ROY ANDERSON ?10S. V9W

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