The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1940
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MARCH 10, 19-10 BIA'THEVILM'J (ARK.)''COURIER NKYVS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily laic per lino for <:onsecu- live insertions: One time per Jinc I0c Vwo times per line per clay We Three times per-line per riay...ow ttx .limes per line per day C5c Month rale per line COu Cards of Thanks 501; & I5c Minimum charge 50e Acts ordered for three or six limes and slopped before expiration wn| be charged lor Ihe number of limes the acid 'appeared' and afljtetmem of, bill maae. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons redoing ouv- aidc of the city must be accompanied by casli. Rate.-, may be cus- u.v compuieci Irom above lauie. Advfriibinii ordered lor im-gumr insertions IHUC.S the- one limb rule. Ko rcspoiisiUilii.,v will be IUKOII for more until one incorrect. nisiM- luui ol any classmcu au Wauled lo Ren I : Couple cteMies furnished npnvt- m'ent for period of four or IH'e '' months. Address Box I.MS. c,'o | Courier News. . Hi-pk-20 i — ... Repairing Kxperl gun repairing. See 15, M i Damon nt the Ulylhcvillp M-IH- I'ory on Wednesdays mul Thursdays. ~~~ FOR MARCH AND APRIL ONLY Thai's the offer we mak* to pfove how far we go lo put you behind the wheel of a tetter cor. Our big stock of used cars has to be moved at once. Values ore way up—prices are way down. It's a great op- portUntly For you. For a better buy-^-better buy now. We Cull For & Deliver Bicycles, Ii'ons. Funs. TOilstfrs, Hoi Dales, runups. Upholstering, Fur- nitiire. Slip Covers or imythjng j you might have. Notice TERMITES Wink \\-liilc Vou Sleep! Woke up Wore llie.v dinnnge your properly, Ten Woe Inspiclloii Call S92-W. Walker and Archer •suite Ucens<-d Onernlors MULES iDp Kin-nil iiru feast Main 61. Business OlAimillCn! Driven Jess .. Practically WANTED—Man, own and operate route fifty niachinc-s, vending | Iltishey and olhtr popular candy Has IfMO burs. No selling, no soliciting. Pays up to $25 weekly or better, siail required. Write, give phone, address and. state if casn is available. Box "AE" e/o Courier News. ago. 'CHKVR'OhKT 'COACH titan 10t)0 niilcs new Car '. 1938 FORl) DteUJXlB TUDOR ^k'cnsc. Iteiutiful gray finish, low mile- C/IC4 Party to im-est about 51000 in 16- cnl business enterprise that should pay equal returns each year. Investment practically eiuvrantecd. May lake aclive part in management if desired. State age, present occupation and other information about sell. For interview address Box "ICO" c/o Courier !\ews. It's a poach, if (here 'ever \vas one I!).'!!) FOR'!) DKLDXK SUDAN While Sidcwall I ires, color hlack. A car (hat will suit t'hc entire family 1!W7 FORD TUDOR Color Black, Hadio * Heater, City driven. Is it clean? You should sec it Welding !9,'iS I Has 1!MO Uraiso. In ;>•««(! condition. A dctin car, ;t! a bargain price J!K!S I'LYAIOUTH DKLUXK COACH Hcantifnl bcijft! color, dual equipment., Clean throughout ; _ _ EXPERT ELECTRIC & ACETYLKNb' WELDING Drag line and heavy welding a specialty. Barksdaie Mfg. Co. Phlire 10 or Kcs. 1019 Kxpcrl Electric and Acetylene $591 t $294 $193 $432 Dairy Call -155-W-l lor orders of milk, ? cicam, or chtirnerl hnlter milk. All ton's t!overiunen( treated. llal- seiVs l^ilvy. !a-pk-'l-lL J Wanted Good looking yoniif; gins uj (rnvci wllh .show with rrlinhlci company. Sti'iuly. plcnsanl work. Experience not ncco.Wary. Must be of ngn and free to Irnvcl. Apply to Mrs. Shn>- p-.ircl, Sol's Liberty Shows, Fail- grounds, CfirnthetKvUlc, Mo. Farm Loans PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5(h & Walnut I'honc 810 TOW -APPROVE OF OUR 'AFPRAtSttS Large or Small At Low Interest Rales. We fire eoutpncd to hnndlc large or smnl! loans on any sized 'tract of farm lanci. i,t low eost, nnd ni i low Interest rale TERRY ABSTRACT & i . REALTY COMPANY ! 113 Wnlnnl St. Blytlievllle, Ark 'VIII truth- (in- Mules. Cwws, tlnfts I'lUllc, Corn, ||ny „„,1 i.,, n) | ll>r , l>el(ii Impleincnls, Inc. S'i'i' Moyil Slnilisnn 8-rk-ll Poultry llnllcry Itrolli-rs .ll.'lltll.VN IIATCIthllV """"' "'i ll.\\. (il Nortli IS-pk-lT) Baby & Started Chicks" Custom Hii(duni> Marilyn Hatchery Hl.vllii-vllh! |i|,v v . ( ;| jvwrlli Personal IN^'PJE CI1ANOEBV COUHT FOR TUB 0111CKASXW13A 'mS'l'lllC'J' OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS 'I'll* Oeor?ln stile tjiivlnns Assodatlon of. Siu'fiunah, u x'tirjioriilloii; Henry Blu.i, 'ITiistec, of ."juvaniiKh. Oeur- t' 1 " Pliilnllfts vs. No <t. H. Wright nnd his wife, 'i'lrglnin C. Wrlcjhl; K N. Wrlglit ,iimi his wire, Airs. WAKNlNli OKDWl The liefeiKhtu-s o.s, \Vi-ii{lii uufl Vtrginln c. Wright nre wsnied lo ii|)|)cnr In lli« Chiinc-oi.v -Co'iirt for Iho«'!)ii District o'f Mis. .>!>! Courtly. Alk'ii'iiKii.s within jllllvty lilfji ilny.s nnd (inswer flte I'oniplulnl of Ihc Dlnn'llll, TJIO Oi'or- ;h fJUitc Stivlnsh As«ot'lhtloil, el «l. WITNKSS my hand n.s clorh of iiilit bo'ui't nnfl'thc senl (hereof IIrts the Sti.'dHy of Febniaiy, 1040. HAIU'KY MOim'IS. Clerk Uvriwiri'Tir •"<• bile to rid yonrsoir ol CODSIJ. wiion. pns ., nU)s . , UK , Uml so| mink reeling. Tftko one box of KHtllV'8 A<,"I'IVK 1..IVKH 1'IU.S __ Me lit gj, Klrby storos HOODI ami Board . 16-ck-t-IS OP MlSsieSIlTl COUNT V Ah KANSAS; PtlOBATE DIVISION THERISO'P IN RB- THK,' BSTVrj-; OF J. J'. MOOXJSV, IJl-JOBASt;!) Notli-c Is hereby jjh'cii Ilinl lei- lers ol iidinlDLslmtlon were "Bi'anted lo ih'c imdcrsljncd, upon Ihe es- stntc of j. p. Moouoy, dcecnscil, on (lie 'Jlilh dnV of Finmmry, IQW, by the C'lnnccry Cu'mi, I'robiilc 151- vlslon thereof, of Ml.sstatiipi 'Coun- All |H'tv:oits having cliidns or dc- iiiiid;.- Hgitlnst liii'it) esliitc nnisl plr.senl ihein, <lnly iUiDit-iitlcnteri, lo Ihe nii'ilcrslmieil, -for nlloti'Hitt-e before Uie end of win your from the dale of j;ranlh\J! of s>ld Icllcvs, If not presoiit'ed within Midi Umc they will he forever b:\riTil; and flnims presented ' within sis months win imvc prlorltv oror those filed nfMr lapse o'f xh IDOIIIllti'. By -'J-5-ll'.Hl . Ell'/.nljclh niylho, u c Oplomc- In Blytlu-ulltr. Fitlcd Oirmlly HU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry find Clvaniiijj Service PRESCRIPTIONS^ Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. * Firs! I'hiine IN 'riJE CHAcfoERX COURT IOI{ I Dated thh, «lh das' qf THE fHll-V miUMl i 1-vTolvbT^'i. <n<k m "*' V MRS JOSEPHINE MOOKBY ^ AdmnhtidlrU o/ the estitc or J r Manny Ncill need, zi^i^jq' Ally.' for 'adliilhhtriilrlx.'.- ;.;' ; i''.}l} . . • i — — — T— — •^-.•.;c5'/i j' Rivers How Jrom .the lownrd Ihu interior : ' ' . : In ••Australia. ,ifT TERR/UNIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS Or, J. A. Saliba AunoimcTK the ronov'nl of his iitllwi from Hie InRTiMn HuUrtlng 'ID 121 ¥.. Kv'n'dirky. Kt-s. I'hono 111); Office Vli. tlH' H APPY H OUR I GBO.& "MKT. nt'u UKUVKHY 1«« W. Mntn SI, rhonr II Wcrl Optometrist "IIIC -MAKKS 'KM SEE" Over Joe Isrtrs' Slwr« '" Phono 540 VOII'VH (ili-il t'lfo Itcsl, Now Iry THE mm- «o\i LOWEST ASH—HtGHtST MEM ,[r. REDASHS1O.OQ D'lXIE QUALITY LP. S6.95 111,11 Sdl'KltlOll VA!ll>—I' PRESCRIPTIONS • Freshest Stock .;;:;. Guaranteed Best Prices' ^ Kirby Drug Stores Now l.wnlrd In (Mcnuop lloli-l Itlilg. ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KDWAKUS, I'ruprlctnr All Mnki'S (if Hrbiilll 'tyiiiMrlti-n,, AMilliis Miic'lilnr.s nfi lorN—Id-pairing—1'ur'ls—Klliliuiis Harchvare Dragline and heavy welding specialty. B W ' ' We Specialize' In SWEEPING COMPOUND Shouse-Hcnry Hdvv. Co. Phone 35 Avon has opening for ncaHippvar- ing Indy with pleasing; personality. Good pay. Perinanent. Opportunity for promotion to good salaried position. Write. Avon % Courier News. . 19-pk-2i Washing Wanted Mumbor. 22J-Tj:i. Owner may have fdine by paying eost of this «d. Courier News O/lice. Family Laundry. ed separately. Ukc. All clothes wash- Mra. Mick, 61G -l-pk-1-4 1940 Arkansas License Tag number 51-080. Owner may have sanie by paying cost of this ad. Courier News office. For llent 3 room apartment upstairs. :i ami 'J room npard'netus clownstairs. Newly decorattd. Prlvnlc biitns. ViD W. ASH, piionc i<tj. IOCK-M ion w.i Ib-el-.-U | Nicely Turntshed bedroom, Walnut, plione 102. 3 or '4 rooms for rent. Phone I7C. Nic« fiifiiishcd rooms Adjoining batli. : Innev.spring ntallre-vs. nti conveniences. i j nonc 036'. i Posilioji Wanted Middle agi;<! woman wants work as housekeeper, rjcrtie Sanly. 105 Franklin. . l8-pk-2i EMINENT STATESMAN ] HORIZONTAL 1,7 Late senator of the U. S. A. tl Valiiivu man. 12 theatrical pi S3-. M Toilet box. !G Native metal. 17 Photograph. 10 Eagle of Ihc sea. 20 Northeast. 21 God of love. 22 College official. 2-1 Paid publicity. 25Ap?rlnrc for coins. 26 Huge body of water. 28 Scraped. SO Bulb (lower. 52 AniirlH-. 31 Sled for hauling logs. 35 Combat. :»7Vcixbnl. 38 Chair. 39 Is compelled. •10 Exclamation. 42 Perished. 44 Land righ!. Answer (o Previous Puzilc -16 MasenUno pronoun. 47 Prcposilion. 49 Fire basket. Sll'ood eon la i nc i'. 52 CheslPiut horse. 54 Winged. 55 Soft mincnil. 56 He was an by profession. 57 Polished Jimcsione. VEHTICAL 1 Subsisted. 2 Anger. 3 Sec. 4 Dunce. 5 Circle parls. fi To entangle. V Naked. 8 Of Hie tiling. 9 Dined. .„.. 10 Genus of Irecs 50 To remark. 11 lie had a long 51 Taxi, and —— 52 Sun god. career. 53 Nay. 13 Mire: 55 Transposed, 15 He was noled .for Ms of thought. 17 Prick. , 18 The Orient. 21 Chosen by ballot. 23 Not involved in hostilities. 25 Short sketches 27 Biller dru'g. 29 Eucharist vessel, 31 Fish. 33 Old experienced soldier. 36 Secular. •37 Mountain pass. •II Owl's cry. 43 To obliterate. 4-1 Mops kiln. 45 To suppose. •IB ICntraiKc room. 48 Obese. Grain drill and tractor for rent, ticc Ben ' Crtng or Kiul tiyruin. 3 room furnished apartment, Newly necdrated., Gajagc. uioat, 1 in. 12u rjiigmi Street, 'Mrs. uct'ii: Wood. Comfortnble front bedroom, outside entrance. 1'lione aai, 5)5 W. Walfnit. ... j-uk-tl "2 room fnrnbhcd apartment. Kid! \V. Ash.. M- room modern furnished apartment. 1315 W. Main. 24ck-tl ]ALLEY bedroom, Lwin Large comforlable beds, 2 closets, steam heat-. Meni un-ierrca. 1'nonc 1, Mis. J. Ci. 6u«- J ouiy. 2i-ck-u j Rooms furnished or unfurnished. Newlv Hccoiaied. Reasonable. 914 Hcarn. - 2ii-pk-3-26 N'iee bcdrooai i-onvcniciil to balh. . Phone 280. ICK-II meant Room, close to, Walnut St. Mrs. Nolcn, 310 22-ck-tl Unfuntfshcd aparlmcr.i In Shane I Apartment Bnliainii on West Main Streei., Cull 571 or 191. 1-ck-tf I For Sale 5 room house and b,ill>. $1MO. IJ:<r- B.iin. 1C5 W. Cherry-Si. phone V59. Mr. Rollison, Moore's Hole). 19-| Tour liciul fine mules. Will sell clicaji. Wiley Smith, Burciellc. Business for- sale. Store fixtures. | Stock, building 28'x50'. Brick bungalow, 6 rooms, bath. Hardwood floors. All walk out. S'1500. One half cash. Call 159, Mr. Rollison, Moore's Hotel. l9-pk-2;j Part cash. 719 W. Aslt. IS rooms. •1 Imllrs. 2 servant houses. Rcni tor $105 month. Rollinson, phone 759. lf)-pk-'20 Sudan, mixed hay. $6 to .$S Ion. U. II. earner, Armorel, Art, Registered Dnroc Pigs. Thick lyiic. world champion blood line s. Sti'.nlon A. Pepper, Ell. I, Blythr,- villc. • 15-pk-22 - .ost Gas lank ca|) «ntl toys to 1929 Chevrolet. Keys In kathcr zip|x-< case. 1IJI3 W. Main. lG-ck-20 Sewing; Sewing A; Slipcovers. Mrs. Smith A; Mrs. Blackwcll, Annorcl. Phor. < > 93C. 7-ck-4-7 THE GIRL WHO Wi\S WORKIMS IH LETORE'S JEWELRy STORE WHY, THAT BE MAR60T LETORI WCE KID. 1 HER OLD OUTSIDE. WA6 Rap.ERISO-AMt) TR6TTV SOOW M.OH& CAME A PFLLA WEARIH& A WOWOCLE THAT'S TW£ DUKE. SAID TO BE INKED Wm! MOMPCUTTERS-- MAVC6S Hts OWN BUT -SAV, C/XP, 1 THOUSHT YOU WERE rfU'HI" TtlE AFTERMOOM TRAIV) HOME Unwelcome Orilcrw R&D, WE OUGHt(\ t=IMD VJIU.IE. ItlC IN! THA.T WO-GOOD OS CAR BOOM J) WHAT OM ,-—' ^ EARTH /XKE / AN^OS BROMSOU uf*i i ^—T. .,- I V/rsl I fi\ fi r-nccii i COME,CCOLA, LETS OO SEE WHKT'SKEEP 1N6 OOP SO LOW 6 1 THOUGHT I HEARD SOKAE- OME SHOUTIM6.. AMD IT WASN'T ALLEV ALL RIGHT, HERCULES, LAYOFF THAT ^^UG HE'S OME'OF MY PRIEMD' QH, HE S A PAL, i . EH? ) . T-V/IED STROMG ^AAM OF AfJCl'Efjr TIMES. YOU DOIM& VOU OLD POS5IL: HERE ? VI , . ' "V-tH WO BY lir* StTtVlCE. ISC. . W^W AMOVS- T-oa HY MERRILL BLOSSBK COLOSSAL EPIC IS (JUOER WAY—

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