Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 3, 1932 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1932
Page 6
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ft* ath of Kl f a vtslt i;aj«ther, Mrs, Alice MaWt short ednesdiiy and, relatives 1ft "3/1* w" t -' J ' ***i ' JM}ssJdnar> a S«iiety of Ian Church held, their lig on Monday after- Jhomtf of Mrsv & M.-Mc- ifSast Third street The . of business was dis- a meeting, of time a nurn- p5*rteinlng to the year's ^""aed. Bitting the s6- tehipting dinner was Llhda* Watktos, above, Hollywood Mat, ls~ the bride of Gabriel attorney. They , irtre' married ' . , ca^ with ontf friends as witnes&s: ' at their Wat- WnS.is 22, has blond hair and blue Jap Interest* Sell in Cotton to Caute Drop and Miss Eliza' ._ left Wednesday f6f a two ixvHtb; feierida and' relatives of Malvern ar "foV,a visit with Mr. .^ Young sad Miss Mar- returned from i trip to Little Rock. - ' 'i towq friends and the funeral of the ' was conducted .___ were Mr?. N6t? -Ctebb^WJlsoh, Mr. , of Columbus, Kan., •r, John John•"' Wilson of ;Mc,'>.and Mrs. George f Little Rock, Mr. and Mrs Mi^Mrsi' Carpenter, 'Mr f-Dbdsbn aticf Mrs. Morgan .and Mr. aqd' Mrs. Steve Little River QOuntry ' o; I.-"- «w.««l|i.o*ul>3 H iiti. f East Times Wednesdaj ';*, GRETA GARBO "' f RAMON NOVARBO ''^W***£ with 1 tewis « i " B *~ in 1931 Years There Been Entertainment that packesd more J Spontaneous laughs, iascinating 'beauties, emotional thrills, lav. ^shijjcenes, than you'll, see In N H ATT A N r PAR AD|E" ;. , y, • ' •The fastest, funniest, most hil- 'arpus hit since 'Cold Diggers 'if Broadway." NEW inter- _._ Smith A Bale &,"'&« all g W»* rwerth. SAfUWJAt ONLV pr6|MnV«fi6b Custer in l*w « th* Mie Gtande." Also "PenfOd and S*m." Added sh6rt sub* jects. "GalJoping Ghost," and Cartoon, Pot) Tax Payment* Large in Cast County fexas.—Poll lax pay- merits W«>e Myoftd expectations, in Camp county. The collector's office was open Sunday. Until 10 days ago, Only about 990 poll taxes had been paid, but there was a continual rush alt last week, and when the office closed Sunday almost 100 per cent of the 1900 voters had been receipted for poll taxes, With more than 100 exemptions. Auto tags were bought freely, about 85 per cent of the cars of the county being tagged with 1932 plates. Some few residents of the county have put their,cars to stay put, not being able t opay, and a few more will pay .yet ^s i^l W 3?.".'^ ,01 15^ "'% ^s- 1 V. k-,' fe^ ( - Montgomery Taylor, upp« rt|kt ig w _ ._ InrvUujElH J._- . tog qic ffavlty of A* iHuxiien, uifBfl that the flood control battle be taken ov«r by fhe United State* wtps / Wom*ti SUln; Thi \VounJe -l'wo uftldanttf men wanted Into an opnrlmeM in? Brottt Mtotrfay night, whipped tevotveW, snd shot two men an t» dlatth They also wounded ' otMer tfertotil the i NurM of Jefferion ' It With Pacific Fleet ^••>5|^^ia«h)5aaK)|jogajBajij^ "-WIM^M . ith Japanese troops lavUMf Shanghai, th* U. S. Navy* flwt ,in th« Pacific ; is «Wndlng by. 1U»? Admi«il ' . . , o< th« Aatatle 8*ctl«iW the fleet which to awaiting order* *t Ma«lta Bay. Four destroys hW been <£&<*«» «• !>»«*<» }6 Shanghai. Navy planes, ready to Be «*taiMU*d ,Tw«*.-MlM Sva C, Todd, ol J«tt«f«6ti, wh6 Is supethv tendent of rttlr*« on the U. S, a Re« lief Ship, h« notified relaUvcs here : tfl&t SitHf ttlloQ llfOln Sfltt ffTftnClSCO: Oft f or ffawall, Sealed order* will be received In from the deck of the flagship Hotist&n at thi Ailatld fleet, are shown at the upper left The destroyer sh6w« In the | mid-ocean with the ship in all readU lower picture is the Stewart, now wUhhf 4*0 milts of Shanghai. ' . ' " —'" " -' ^" '" *"*— u -' ness to sail at once to Shanghai. fled; do wh the stairs and elea an atitotnoblte. t»oU« believe the shooting was 6t»tgf6Wth of a beef waf. ?•. A women also was Wounded, She was Identified as 1 Vlttcifurrl, and was expected retorts saldr- i the dead were Patsy Del Or Emily Pamella and Feorla Baslle. two men wounded, less seriously u the Vlnclgurrl woman, were Lou Bastle, 89, and Joseph Petovone| All live In the Bronk. Police salt).,, the victims were mf bers of Glncent Coil's gang. Orleca, they said, was the Bronx leader's lieutenant. WARNING ORDER In the Hempstead Chancery Court Emma Paxton „„ ..... Plaintiff, .vs. Willie Paxton . Defendant. The defendant, Willie Paxton, is hereby warned to appear in this court 'within thirty days and answer the complaint, of'the plaintiff herein. Witness my hand and seal as clerk of,said court on this 2d day of February, 1932. WILLIE HARMS (SEAL) " Clerk. Feb. 2, 9, 16, 23. '' ests, recently the heaviest" of the buyers in thefeottoh market, turned sellers Tuesday and price broke sharply. With the" switching of the trading position May contracts declined to .W cents' a-pound or around 90 cents bale below Monday's closing quota- ions. The general market closed with general fosses'ranging from 83 o 95 cents a bale. < At the opening of the market Tuesday approximately $1,000,000 worth of cotton was sold by brokers who handle business for Japanese clients! '.A reason for the-selling was advanced >y some dealers,. Who pointed out that, the origina) operation is to sell Japanese currency in the South and as a teding measure, later to'.sell cotton utures .to .serve a?'protection until inal disposition ir made-'*of «the ac- ual cotton. „ < ^'' - ' ^ " ! ^ " ^ '. * ' ,. Oklahoma Woman and POTEAU, , > NOTICE Annual School Election, Tuesday March 1, 1932 Notice Is hereby given that the Annual School Election will be held Tuesday, March 1, 1932. At this elec- tion'school tax is to be voted, school directors and two' members of the Hempstead County Board of Education are to be elected. County Board of Education Hempstead County E. E. Austin,'Secretary. Jan 27, Feb 3. , . Sweazy, 2t, land (ff>) —A Mi s. nton Ellis, 33,' were held in jail-here 'Tuesday in the 'fatal shooting of Charlie Hudson, 35, a Shady Point miner*- -at the- woman's home near Spiro Monday midnight. Joe Foster, deputy •county, attorney, said a murder charge would .be filed against Mrs. Sweazey, who,. he said, shot Hudson after a quarrel between Hudson and Ellis. New Low Records Made in Raw Sugar Market YOBK.-(fl > )-New low records were established in the raw sugar market Tuesday when sales of 12,000 bags of Porto Rican for! February arrival were confirmed 1 at 3.02. : This represented a' decline of two popts from the previous" close. How German Treatment Stops, Constipation Acting pn 1 BOTH upper and lower bowel,.the German remedy, Adlerika stops constipation. It brings put the .poisons which cause-gas bloating and bad sleep. John S. Gibson Drug Company. -Adv. HowCAROUl f i/»t--in tk doujli, cv«n. rou «§n n in fwt POWDER SAME PRICE i ;:/ u o v t H 4 O y fc A f * ' Ml WAS passing through » critical time In my life, i and I suffered a great deal," says Mrs, Mat Howard, of Qullan, Texas, "i unproved very much alter J had. taken Icardui for a while. Since then, I,have given Cardul to my live daughters. AS each one of them arrived at worn* anhood, I gave her Cardul for several .months, i found, they were less nervous i felt stronger. All of th have continued the use Cardui in their homes. Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! With HOPE STAR ADS , j : The more you tell,' The quicker, you sell. 1 insertion, IQc per lino . minimum 30c 3 insertions, 7c per line, minimum 50c 6 insertions, 6c per line, , minimum $1.00 26 insertions, 5c per line, minimum $4.00 (Average 5Vi words to the line) NOT E—Want, advertisements accepted over the telephone may be charged with the understanding that the bill is pay able, on presentation" Of statement, the day of first publication. .. «,.',,- • STRAYED or stolen, black horse; about 11 years' old, scar on breast. Write Chester Almond, Rosston, Ark., Route 2. l-3tp. FOR RENT FOB RENT—Six room furnished house. 406 Spruce Street. Excellent neighborhood. Modern, convenient. Mrs. J. E. Schooley, Fhone 1638-4. 3-ftp. ROOM and board to couple, extra nice bedroom, private bath. 413 South Main. Phone 367W. 2-3tp FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, two or three rooms, connecting bath. Private entrance. Mrs. R. M. Jones, 314 South Shover. • . 2913tp FOR RENT—Four nice houses. One close in, just remodeled. Telephone 606 or 607. 26-6tc NOTICE NOTICE: Men's suist, cleaned and pressed, delivered 50c. Cash and carry 40c. Family finish laundry service 8c Ib. Hope Steam laundry. Telephone 148. 26-6tc FOUND F O U N D.—Poekethook, ' containing money, owner may recover same by identifying nad describing. See Sheriff John L Wilson or Clarence Baker at Hope City Hall. l-3tc LOST LOST— Black Fibre tool kit. Return *n Southwestern Bell Telephone Co., Hope. Reward. 3-3tp I-OST— Black Pur«» cont=iinintr ghanffe, Jinen handkerchief, chiffon handkerchipf, and other small trinkats. Return to Hope Star. 2-lt WANTED man »nd WANTFIV-T.: .ran N»t'nn»"" seekin" m^n. 30 to S 1 * nw"i"pp» pmnlov- IrwaJJy. Harrl work '-fferino ex- oioo>-'Mnitv fnr ordinary (rive a«e. bus'"""* """oj-ifnce 01 !. Writ- ' H AU«a Oonaghey Bldg., Li't< • Rock, 26tp, com ew Brownkili S oe Opening Thursday, February 4th. $3.97 Stor $2.97 TO $4.97, • Sea-Sand \fBiack-iad rtn and Patent * AAA to E 4 to 10 $3.97 3 to 8 Pretty Beige Crepe Sp»rt .Oxford Brownbilt Super^Style shoes for women have no equals anywhere —at the very modest prices we ask. Every last minute style is in our stock. Also, we wish to call attention to a special Arch Shoe department featuring health shoes of style and beauty. $5.97 Men's Calf Oxfords, Tan and Black AA to C Walk-a-way $2.97 Wide Toe Calf Oxford—Black and Tan. $2.97 $3.97 $4.97* Men's Two-Ttone Sport Oxfords— Black and Whie-Tan and Beige— All Welt Soles!''* . . • ": •••••T*3 • ' 'i'i' •.. Men's dress shoes are featured ft $1.97 to $5.97 providing price groups to suit evqry- one. All 100% leather construction, too, ,.,'• Famous Better Maid Hosiery Chiffon Weight 97c Other Styles Sizes 6 to 11—AA to C The famous "Tread Srtaight" shoes are featured in our men's arch type line. They arc the newest thing in shoes and tho scientifically correct shoes made. Patent anil Sea Sand 97c TO $2.75 We have one of the most complete stocks of children's shoes to be found in the state and we arc anxiously to properly fit the children. Their feet need more careful attention than do adults, and Buster Brown Shoes arc the most scientifically correct shoes for children. TTiu new artd unique iho« »tore i» equipped to supply thl footwear apetU. (or .ey.ery, ocqation of every member of thl . /;,. ..•••' !•••; -••'• Jv * f'. "•••'•••• '.'•'- ' > J*«.'.' ; . <m family. .•.;''•••>"> -. v ,^ ! '•'' •> "; .: c •••••. "' i ' • . Browtlbilt Shoe Stort if *m independent institution owned an| pp$r£fed bjj Mip. ,IJenry Jiitt ^nd Mr. Ralph Bailey. In orde to operate as econoinically and efficiently as possible tt store Is to ^ture only the excellent and complete lines Brownbilt shoes for men, women and children and Bustcj Brown Shoes for boys and girls from infancy to college ag| These shoes are«nationally known for quality, 100% leath^ construction, style leadership and perfection of fitting. The| prices^are moderate and varied to meet the demands everyone. FREE On Thursday, Friday and Sat- urday we will give a souvenir whether you buy or not. You are cordially invited to come and bring your family and friends io our opvnln Even though you do not care to buy shoes just now we should like for you to sec ou new store, see the beautiful new shoes and get a useful souvenir of the occasion which will be presented to each visitor. From (he opening day en we want you to think o{| t>ur store as your "§lwt *t»r«." 259 H I T'f* S Shoe Store $3.47 107 West Second Street don't have to be rich to be stylish Brownbilt "Blue~TQbbon lr work shoes are ] far superior in appearance, comfort and service to many other work shoes selling at much higher prices. We specialize in work shoes at _. A > Hope, Arkansas $1.49, $1.07 and up to $3.47 ?' s

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