Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 3, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1932
Page 3
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725 State ScMs Closed Due to Funds 36,866 PupUt Enrolled in Closed Institution* Reports Show LITTLE ttOdfcM/P)-Lack of op- crating revenues hag forced the closing of 72$ schools in the state up to Monday, n bulletin issued by the state department of education revealed. Reports from 53 counties which had closed schools showed that a-.total of 36,865 pupils were enrolled in the closed schools,. There are approximately 5400 schools in the state, having a total enrollment tills year of about 456,000 pupils. Estimates furnished by the county superintendents reveal that 1200 adr ditlonnl schools may bo forced to suspend before their regular year has expired. The bulletin showed 316 'schools are being operated on a tuition b'nsls. Schools'not paying teachers In cash in full totaled 1366, affecting 4928 instructors. The average length of term this year was placed at 3.9 months, against 6.5 months last year. ;Thc table issued by the department dtd not show 34 schools Closed in Morion county because of school funds tied up in closed banks. I (Conway county, with 34 schools closed, had the 'argest number of idle pupils, with 4900. Van Buren county had 34 schools closed, affecting 3200 pupils. The following table -shows the condition in South Arkansas counties; (first column represents the number of schools reported closed; the second, the j number ; of pupils affected, and the third the number of schools expected to close short of last year's term); Clnrk , none Columbia ,.' none Hernpstcad „„ 2 Howard , ? Lafayette none Little River none Miller 8 Nevada none Ouachita none Stars in Filmland's Real Loves and Heartbreaks OS 434 G35 1 30 57 9 7 none 16 12 5 Meet on Disarmament | Is Planned by Woman WASHINGTON.-(#)-Expression of feminine sentiment in the United Stoics for armament reduction will be heard February 2 at "World Dis- urmamct Day" meetings. , Resolutions calling upon President "'"Hoovcr'tolnstruct 'ihV American delegation to act for drastic reduction ip armaments at the Geneva .conference are to be presented at mass meetings throughout the country. These will be under auspices of the Women's International League of Peace and Freedom. Women from the different states will hand the resolution to the president on February 6. Arms Smith-and Dal* and the Avon Com* edy four, the team of comedians who scored heavily in the Broadway stage hit, "Mendet Inc." will arrive *l th* Sfiehger Theatre Thursday In the first feature length production, "Manhattan Parade," which was produced by Warner Bros.", , "Manhattan Parade" is heralded ai one of the funniest pictures to come out of Hollywood in years. An imposing cast of comedians, including Winnie Lightner, Charles Butter* worth, Bobby Watson and Luts At* betnl Join hands with Smith and Dale to earn the plaudits of press and public; in the initial engagements of "Manhattan Parade." j The story chronicles the ludicrous but human adventures of the brainy Doris -and her gallivanting husband, John, in the management of the Rob* erts Theatrical Costume 'Company.' An important personage abdut the place is the solemnly philosophical Wag, Herbert, played by Butterworth. Doris works day and night, While John (Walter Miller) lives the life of RelHy, entertaining theatrical 'producers, as prospective costume customers, ' . Doris with reluctance conesents to her husband's demand that she stay at home and care for their small son, (6 Parts with the secretary, Charlotte Qranitodt). Doris quickly gets tick into-harness,to save the failing buftifiteu, her principal prospects bfe- Irig the Delman Brothers, theatrical producers who need a director, Fate helps Doris biit by sending a maniacal director .{Luis AlberttI) whom she sells to the'Delmans aft a 'genius.' How Ihe 'genius' boosts the costume business ,and busts the producers- how the erring John returns, vows 'that he iii done with Charlotte, and tries to'grab back the business—how Doris foils, his plans-how Herbert the wag, manages to-get in his pennyworth—how the Delmans wrangle— and the actors make 1 rough-house— are some of the situations which make the colorful parade of furt and fashion one of the comedy .highlights of the year, •The Delman Brothers are portrayed with zest by Joe Smith and Charles .bale., Others in the large cast are Bobby WatsOn, -Charles Mlddleton, Claire Mcttowell, Ethel Grlffles, tolly •Walters, Douglas''Gerard, Mae Madison, Ruth Hall, Nat Pertdleton, Bill Irving, FrMik. Cpnroy, William Humphries, Edward Van Sloan and Hariold Waldridge. Lloyd'Bacon 1 directs with fine artistry, ,The piotiire is Jurdor"(Dickie" Moore)!' John elopes 'photographed entirely in Technicolor, Family,J(illsSelf Boy, Only Surviot, in St«« pot Three Day«, Re- < veils Tragedy HTOH mtXJE, N. a deadly poison into his wife, his 'two children; and hlmSelf, fir, Fredrick Low, 04, kilted all but the l5-year*olrf son, Frederick Low, Jf. ' The tragedy was undiscovered near, ly three days, while the'boy lay to; a stupor, Tuesday he revived, crawled to the telephone, and knocked the .receiver from the hook, A telephone operator obtained assistance from Harvey Hoffman, oper;- ator of a garage next door to the Low -home. Emi Flood Dlitrfei SUlw Lucille Williams Love nnd trngcdy In Hollywood's land of make-believe have turned to reality for these famous movie .stars. A three-year-old romance culminated in announcement of the wedding of Lucille? Williams, Actress, and John H. Harris, wealthy Pittsburgh, Pa., theater owner. Movloland is still talking about the marital break between, Estelle Taylor and Jack .Dempsey. And now Estelle is in the news again, this time as the result of an automobile accident which sent her to the hospital with an injured vertebra in her neck. Zasu Pitts, comedienne, seldom talks about her own affairs, and so millions of fans were suprisctf when she sued Thomas S. Gallery for divorce,; charging desertion. Constance Bennett maintained her reputation as one of Hollywood's best dressed women when she took a recent holiday in the mountains with her new husband, the Marquis de la Falaise. And doesn't she look stunning? The league announced Saturday, also,'that in many places ,churcji and school bells would! be ,tolled, ,at 11 a. m. next Tuesday ,to(,signnji?e the opening of the Geneva parley. New Hydrogen • New York.—You may4hink theft;'is only one kind of hydrogen, but there are two.; Professor Harold D'Urey and'Dr. G. M. Murphy of Columbia University, together with Dr. F, G. Brickwcddo, of the U. S. Bureau of Standards, have'found a new kind of hydrogen. It is twice as heavy us the ordinary gas and is about 14 limes as dense as air. : GULF GAS At the busy corner of Third and Hazel—on the new Broadway of America route, you'll find that Good Gulf gas station. Courteous service—full value for your money. Bundy Service Station Third and Hazel Phone 264 Woodcock Opposes Bingham Beer Bill Restaurants Might Become Saloons Prfhi Administrator Tells Committee WASHINGTON.—(/P)-Opposition to a bill to legalize four per cent beer was expressed before a Senate committee Tuesday by Amos W. W. Woodcock, director of prohibition en- enforcement and Dr. Joy Elmer Morgan, editor of the Journal of the National Education Association. Citing figures for pre-prohibition years, Woodcock said the'availability of beer in the past "did not decrease consumption of hard spirits" and could not be expected to make the task of enforcement easier. He added "any place where three or four per cent beer was sold on draft would be a guise for selling hard liquor there alsO." Woodcock expressed the view that the return of legal beer would bring back an institution similar ot the old saloon against which ,he said, "public opinion is farly well solidified." Even under the Bingham bill, which provides for distrbution of beer from warehouses to the home and to hotels and restaurants, he said. "You mighl have a- thing called a restaurant that might become a saloon." Dr. Morgan said tfiat (flrc|i the standpoint of the educator conditions have improved greatly under prohibition. He criticized what he termed "loose talk that has bene going on around the country" about drinking among school and college students. "Conditions among the students by and large are infinitely better than they were before," he said. Mail Carrier Held on Liquor Charge MENA,' Ark. —Chester Phinkett, mail carrier between Cove and Plun- kctville, Okla., has been arrested for making whisky, and taken to Poteau for trial in federal court. Plunkett was arrested by Polk county'officers after a moonshine still 1 had been fount near his home on the Arkansas-Oklahoma line. : Noise Ruins Digestion NEW YORK.—If you are a victim of nervous indigestion, try eating in quieter place. Dr. Donald A. Laird of Colgate University, has found tha noise plays a large part in causing this malady. Noise is said to cause a decrease in the flow of saliva in the mouth and gastric juice in the stomach. A counteracting agent has been found in sweet foods. Democratic Program to Aid Jobless Emerging WASHINGTdN.-^(/P)-A democratic program of help for the jobless was emerging Tuesday night from a series of backstage negotiations after a second day of demands for direct;federal assistance on the senate floor. Virtually abandoning the plan to return to committee the LaFolleUe- Costigan bill to appropriate $375,0000,* 000 for government aid, the democrats were considering a substitute proposal to authorize $750,000,000, divided equally between road construction and loans to states. • 1 The plan was advanced Tuesday at a meeting of the democratic steering ^committee and'will be taken up Wednesday at another meeting. ' Cotton Belt ^Business Gains at Mt. Pleasant .MOUNT PLEASANT, Texas.—The report of the Cotton Belt railroad for the last week of January shows an in-crease in business .originating in Mount Pleasant, There ? were 18 carloads of freight shipped into Mount Pleasant during that 'Week, compared with six .for the same-period last yera. Twelve cars.;were forwarded from Mount Pleasant while ''at the same time in 1931 there were only six cars. Mena Youth Is With Marines in China MENA, Ark.—Among the U. S. Marines now on duty at Shanghai, China, ,is Kerr Cox, a corporal in Company A and whose parents live near Mena. MORE AND MORE EQUIPMMENT ... to Serve You Better and Better Hii.dly ahalf-century ago Electric Service was almost unknown. Toduv it is universally the most used and useful of utilities. No clement known ha rendsered such service to so many people-. There is not a room in the modern home that is not made moro livable, comfortable and convenient through Electric light and all-doing appliances. Each of them is as economical in operation as it is convenience-bringing. Your home should bo as modern and up-to-the-minute as the Electric Service supplied to it so economically and dependably by Arkansas Natural Gas Corp. A Cities Service Unit Six Persons Are Hurt in Bomb Blast in India LUCKNOW, India,— (fP)— Four sub- inspectors and two head constables were injured here Tuesday in the explosion of a bomb thrown at them outside the public park in the city's Busiest center, Antipodes Astronomy WASHINGTQN.-A study of the sky of the Southern Hemisphere through a huge modern boservatory is advocated by Dr. John C. Merriman, president of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, He urges the construction of an observatory in the Antipodes with a 100-inch telescope similar to the one now in operation at the Mt. Wilson, Cal., observatory. He thinks the southern skies might hold the solution to the "exploding universe" question.. RIGHT OVER THE OLD ROOF There's u "Bird Roof For Every Type of Building." Let us show you the color and kind best suited for your home. Don't wuit for a rainy day. It's economy to be prepared. HOPE RETAIL LUMBER YARD J. M. Harbin, Phone 178 Here's Co-Operation of Press and Pulpit STERLING, Neb. — Co-operation between press and pulpit has reached an unusual stage in this community. The Baptist church and the Ster. ling Sun are housed in the same building. On Sunday the pastor tells the community how they* ought to live during the week. On Thursday the Sun tells how they did live. The Sun is owned by Henry Pickett but is at present leased to F. M. Learned. WE EXCHANGE Meal or Flour for shelled milling corn, We'll grind your cqrn into meal. SOUTHERN GRAIN & Produce Co. Phone 248 FREE Finger Waves for MISS MAUDE LILE MRS. JOE GREENE SPECIAL FOR ?5. Pemanent Wave offer extended Ten Pays MAR1NELLO Beauty Shop Phone 314 HOPE TRANSFER & STORAGE CO. E. G. Coop, Mgr, $5.00 MEAL TICKET $4.00 Cash A discount of 20% Lunch 35c Less 20% on ticket 28c LUCK'S SERVICE STATION WASHING GREASING $1.50 jet your car cleaned up, now that the weather has cleared, up! We'll io it right. Phone 485 For Every Type of Motor That Good Gulf Gasoline For More Power Gulf No-Nox—Ethyl Stops Knocks Gulf Supreme Mqtor Oil For a Smooth Running Motor Gulf Refining Company M. S. Bates, Agent Phone 24 or 834 CAFE More Bread ° For Your Money Blue Ribb<?n Bread, and other City Bakery products, give you more ounces of better quality bread for the same money. Ask for the home bread at your grocers, and you'll save money! CITY BAKERY Bakers of Blue Ribbon Bread REINFORCED BRICK WORK Is a proven fact. Railroad Bents and Trestles are npw being built of reinforced brick work instead of concrete. Many houses in Hope are cracked because not properly reinforced. On new work we will absolutely guarantee your residence or business building not to crack if you reinforce It right. The added expense is quite small. 230 HOPE BRICK WORKS Finger Sginature , DENVER, Col.—A Jugo-Slavia miner who can't write'has hid a check Honored here signed with hi« finger, print, the check was Made but to Vid Sola as workmen's compensation after his injury, in a mine here. He returned to Jugo-SlaVia after,the accident and the check was forwarded to him there. He sighed it with a fingerprint, and a number of fellow citizens testified as to the authenticity of the pfrnt. PHOTOS By Day or Night. Cloudy weather or sunny days. We are equipped to take your portraits at any tune. The Shipley Studio Phone 359 for Appointment slon, Sdvfoed the money fyag 1 heeded ' istlag levee* and, 'to, property encfengfered byy GAS Sf tf . . < REPAlRiN' , . - .fjii, ^>>A, We rebuild and rcr^ all ** f 6f Let'tis*'cover yotir"! -. with NICKEL \ Radiator R \, HALLiflUir 1 • ^ Sheet Metal Wo Phone *- J m •m INCREASED USE BRINGS ^ . t ;• ,**j DECREASED RATES , If Electricity was Used in the home to the same advantage ' employed by Industry, every housewife would have EVEHXTJ electrical! • \ The man of business considers electricity a good 1 in'. —;f&x there any you can make for your own home which will pay the d»viV dends in comfort and convenience Electrical appliances do? 'Tn^ more of them you use, the less it costs for each service they perform!^ Snap the switch any hour, day or night, to command the service of your Municipally Owned Light Plant. - 1 '' Hope Water & Light Plant Dedicated to Service at a Low Cost DO NOT BE FOOLISH You are if you are feeding your cows cpttons(Bj when you can trade 1000 pounds of cottonae to us and receive 2100 pounds of cottonsefecNj meal and hulls which is recognized by the authorities as a better feed. TEMPLE Cotton Oil Co. B. L. Kaufman, Manager U. S. Government Bonded Cotton Warehouse Standard and High Density Compress Automatic Sprinkler System Cheapest Insurance, Rate in Arkansas Union Compress and Warehouse Company Q ? Kyler, Manager ITS

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