The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1940
Page 6
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tAGE SIX Progress In Housing iniR HONES TUESDAY/MARCH 10, 1940 Building Interest Shifts Toward Homes For ' 'Middle Man' fi Private industry not only can build sound small homes for families with low incomes but is going to. build them in greatly increased volume Ihls year. Administrator Stewart, McDonald has predicted. The last few years hnvc seen it shitting emphasis on the purl or the building industry in the direction of hoines costing less than $•4,000, Mr. McDonald said. "This trend is running strongly ai-eud," he' added. Homes are being built in grow-. ing numbers which cost only $•) lo $6 per room per month to own, the: Administrator stated. This means that well-designed and constructed homes are within the purchasing and owning power of families whose annual Incomes are $1,500 and less. Gains Support Prediction To support his prediction of a rapidly expanding amount of this type of residential construction, Mr. McDonald polnled lo striking year-to-year gains under thcPHA's program lir this field. During 1039, he said, 10,563 new homes constructed and financed under the KHA plan require payments of less than $25 a month to cover all mortgage charges, including gradual ; reduction of principal. This number represented more than one-half of all mortgages on r.ew homes Insured by the FHA during the year. U was a gain of more than 50 per cent over the number of homes in this category : built under the PHA plnn in 1938 and n gain of more than 275 per tent over the comparable 1937 figure. Mr. AicDonnld also cited Impressive gains In the number of homes built under the FHA program valued-at less than 3.509. excluding < land. There were 34,539 of these homes built in 1939, or approximately one-quarter of all individual new homes fiimnccd under the FHA plan. 'Trio'payments' on a $3,800 loan are only about $20 a month. This total represented n gnirt of more Iliazi 40 per cent- over Ihc number of such homes built under the FHA' plnn in 1938 and In announcing the Federal Housing Administration's new simplified ong-tc-nn plan to finance the purchase of .small homes In the $2,500 :lass. Administrator Stewart McDonald said that the plan Is In- c.'i.-lwl as u supplement mid not as ,i substitute for the J-'HA's liome- iwmu-shlp program fu operation ."ring the past five years under I'ltte 11 of the National Act. of spending 1037 figure. y FHA Influences Trend "The whole emphasis of 225 per cent over the corrc- Ihc building Industry has teen clinng- ed as a result, of the PHA's operations," Mr. McDonald said. "In 1938 amendments to the.National Housing Act made FHA-lnsuretl mortgage terms more favorable for hoines valued under $6,000. Down payments of as low as'10 per cent were permitted on new hoines in year payment period, while larger JJ" U being made in the solution of America's housing problem when a home of this type can be built below the J5.000 mark. There is sufficient unfinished space on the second floor for two beil- roohis .such as arc drawn in the second floor plan. A mortgage of $4,500 on this property was insured by the Federal Housing Administration and will be repaid hi 25 years with monthly payments (if about $2G. This does not iiidiute tuxes and hazard insurance, ' uces Flexi- ibility To Serve As Aid Fo Families Questions and Answers Will you Inform me us to what through which the valve stem slioiilcl be used for wood i and how Hie lath should be latl) should be five- sislccnths of an inch thick, spaced lot less than one-fourth Inch nor lore iliait three-eighths inch apart. To avoid defects wlilsh may Impair Uu> linish plaster, Hie ijih should he straight and free from large or loose fenots and bark. UU 1S should 11- nailed with lather's nails at each bearing. Wood lalli has a stand- iinl Icnglli of four feel. Placing ihi- laths so that a continuous Joint , Q, j n the coastruction of a house c.Mends from oor lo celling or <vhat precautions should be taken to IIITOSS the edlmu will result in ' - uti.iiw.nio plaster cracks at this joint, fiy Daggering the joints every .seventh ur HijIHh lath course, these cracks pusses. This will lighten the puck- ing and should slop Ihc leak. If the leak continues, remove the mil and replace the packing. If your house is heated by a hot-v:a(er system, it is necessary, while replacing the pntklng. to drain enough water from the system lo lower the level in the pipes lo a point slightly below Hint of the valve being repaired. If Hie system is steam, (here should be no pressure In Ihe toiler when the repair Is made. , . en: be avoided, Provide nailing surlsices tor tlie ends of nil laths .it the intersections of partitions The PllA's new p)an was devel- Cretin'/mTrr"' 0 lilths1lH ' 1 "'"" omf h ^' m * equipmcnfand floors ,,,,! i,, <,,i ,.,,,,,.„„ f .... .. i i.iimcumg- pnititions and walls. I under «Mr-o iirainr^ cim«,.i i. n insure protection against fire? A, Interior protection against lire hay.ards should Include the use of lirtstojK between studs to prevent passage of fire through walls and floors and proper protection around all pipe openings. Ceilings Mr. and Mrs. Klaas Buy Huntley House Mr. and Mrs/A. n. Klaas )».•? purchased the residence in which they are now living at UOli ilearn street, formerly owned by Mr. and Mrs. A. E, llnntly, w ho are nov. 1 tiulldiiig n new home on Chk-ka- sawba avenue. Mr. Klaas who is connected with the Ellis Implement Co.. has been here I'or <|U(te some time and will make various improvements, modernizing the recently purchaser, house. to introduce flexibility for the ike of modest-income families .visiting lo participate in Hie home- rscctmg- partitions and walls. I under space heaters should be pro giilyanizcO-lron corner beads to tected with a fire-resistive material jtvnershi]) program. Mr. McDonald explained. Unusual Opportunity Families who have heretofore been imncquninled wllh the advari- lascs ol the PHA home-financing facilities and who httvc ahvays • nili lln .., looked upon home ownership us an imaltainnble goal will now lie able to understand even more clearly the opportunity of obtaining livable homes under a home-financing sys- lctn which has proved sound and worthy in five yems of operation. As an example of the small- honies program in action, Mr. Mc- Uonnld described the position of n family that wishes to build a $2,500 home and already owns ti small residential lot. "If the building lot is valued at $125, that would serve as the required 5 per cent down payment," Me. McDonald said. "Then about SzU.OO a month would repay the $2,500 loan and the financing charge. Provided, of course, that the maximum term of 15 years Is allowed. Five, Dollars a. Week "Breaking the figures down makes it clear Hint a family can pay for a brand-new home with $5 a week," he asserted. Acquainted with the [act thai home ownership is wKhin their protect ' external corners and six- inch wire-mesh or metal-lath reinforcement three inches on each wall and ceiling surface at interior corners as a precaution against cracLs lit these points. re developed low can I stop this? °, f my leaks - tected with a fire-resistive material. Where living or sleeping rooms occur over a garage, the garage walls and ceiling nlso should be of fire- rcslslive material. Doors leading from the garage into the house should be o 11 fire-retardant type. Masonry chimneys should be well Good Construction Foe Of Termites Good construction methods will prevent, any serious damage to wood by decay ami icrmites, the Technical Division of the Federal Housing Administration asserts i" ndvislng builders on termite pro- lection. These methods are most economically used at the time Ihe house is being built, it is said, and are likely to be less cosily than Inter repairs. Properly constructed and maintained u-ooden buildings are In relatively little danger of damage by decay and insect attack. Houses principles of j-oort building practice can deteriorate rapidly and arc those most susceptible to decay and to attack by termites. Proper Colors Give Desired Effects Paint authorities continue to impress the home owner with Ihe Importance of using the proper colors in obtaining certain desired effects. Many fundamental rules help home owners to avoid mistakes. Among them: 1. Light colors always help to make things look larger. a. Dark colors help to make (hints look smaller, 3. Warm colors, such as reds, oranges, yellows, or yellow greens, seem to brinu things toward you. Coo) colors, such as blues, violets, bine greens, or blue grays, seem to push things away from you. Tne interior of Hie home may he painted with funds obtained from qualified lending institutions under the Modernisation Credit Plun of Ihc Federal Housing Administration. 'ii It is reported that recently the Republic of china purchased from American airplane manufacturers more than $5,500.000 worth of air- A. To correct this condition, «rew down the six - sided nut construction should b6 kept at least two inches away from the masonry, with spaces filled with mortar or other fire-resistive material. orcctprl In ,inno« •••-"•"• "-"-...•> IIIUIL- man $o,:>uu.uuy worth of alr- ciecled In defiance of well-known jrnft, mostly of the training type. Home Ownership Reality For Low-Income Families home ownership is within their Dcnald added, "that private cnpl- ' slock at almost, all material deal- reach, families of moderate mean- Itu can necessarily solve nil hous- ers and may be easily installed lo may no wslu.-ly , 1n( | choose the iilin mis. The FHA cannot,replace tm ordinary door. Funds best suited to their finaneml cone National Hrm-slny Act'Sifor nurrhnsr. nnrl InvlnllnHn.i ,,r rilitr... 1 _i. : ,:. _ ,_ lul can onstrating need. It Its ability definitely nil this building homes not only for families with observe the National Housing Act's | lor purchase requirement of economic soundness •"" ' - -••' if it Insures mortgage loans involving families whose Income Is nonexistent or highly uncertain. Nor can the PHA solve the problems of slum clearance find housing for relief workers, unemployed, and similarly underprivileged Inmtllcs. "There is plenty of room, how-, evev. for private capital In tlie very low-cost, field, and the private building industry right now isdem- the Federal Housing Administration directing their drive townrd the mass of modest-income families, home ownership Is becoming an actuality for. thousands of Americans \yitl) incomes of $1.500 or less a year. While nhnost half of the 450,000 •fnmiUc'i now purchasing homes under the FHA plan have Incoines of less than $2,500 a year, it is be- Regular Check Of Property Curbs Dangers Constant watchfulness on the mfl of l ho "<""c owner will aid, hcved Ihat the market for homes represented by families in this and lower - income categories can be greatly expanded. For this reason the PHA recently broadened its program in order to encourage the flow of more capital into these new s:ul wider channels. Loans for financing new homes may now be obtained up to $2 500 with borrowers needing to own only a lot which represents at least 5 per cent of (he appraised value of the completed property. As in the case of all its operations, the Federal Housing Administration lends no money but acts as insurer of the loans. mirror doors ->J--- -"' ..U.W1U J1|»J "J-. J^«^ Jlltlll^ IltUlU] I oblnincd from private lending in- trntor McDonald stitutlons under the Modernlza- i lian Credit. Plan of (lie Housing Administration. dltlon and ability to mnkc"ni'ojUli!y "1 .", '"I 86 i» easl 'i'e, the protection payments, according to Adjninis- Federal New Water Heater Worn Roof Mars Home Appearance Basic theme of this year's spring «- -, ••— j ,.>... v .. construction activity h seen by of his investment. Consistent vigil- building leaders as the fact that ance will also ' safeguard him under FHA-insiired financin- low- ngainst the danger of accidents income families can aconire aUric occurring on his premises. jtiye .soundly constructed homes Adequate inspections, made pe- i w "» only small initial investments Hectically, will prevent casualties alld at monthly payments equal to (lint may result, through the falling j 9 r lcss than what they are accus- | of bricks, stone trimmings, and j lomed to pay in rent. [~ families of much less than aver age means." loans required _ ., mc-nls and were permitted only 20 years for repayment. "No;v the PHA is turntns the attention of builder; to homes In even lower price ranges by making more flexible .financing available on loans of $2,500 or less In response to the FHA's efforts, Indus- • Every woman wants a full-length lm V S P ?", S ° r bu ' u " n »- <">or mirror in her home, and now i with private capital, a much lars-jthat they have become relative*! cr number of minimum-cost homes inexpensive this desire may be fill-! this year than ever belore. j filled. j "This does not mean," Mr. Mo-i Mirror doors arc available in' A ,11,,, ., , , , , I"' "i«•-*.•>. siane trimmings, and ft I i r L- V f '''"I" c ; c1 ' broken-down old . other materials which may become HtS Into Cabinet j™* can quickly lower ih c value of i loosened through age and u-enther- I- 1 llo '" e .- imsigliily and dc-|lnrj. Reasonable precautions, in the batu're of repair work financed with funds obtained from private .lending institutions approved by the Federal [lousing Administration under its Modernization Credit. Plan, will aid in the prevention of accidents and in the maintenance of the property in a satisfactory We Are Authorized Local Dealers For AMERICAN RADIATOR CO. Heating Equipment —AND— Standard Sanitary MANUFACTURING GO. PLUMBING FIXTURES AS DESCRIBED ELSEWHERE IN THIS PAPER "PETE" THE PLUMBER 109 N, 1st.' ,, honc 10 jj Designed for homes and apart- ia , cts from tlle bwiuiy of the mcnl's with limited space a "c'Enoorliood. ami many .times it kitchen-cabinet model automatic storage wntei healer was recently . ls !llso n <l n 'i2«rons fire hmard. fl "™ ctil 'c. protective, and .- . - — — - - - --«-, ••-.-. .,,..,1.., .1..., iwtmi> f I. *-^*. *t, IIIIM li)co;nes in Ihe average or upper placed on the market. The heater 1 "' l! " resi '>lmg roof may replace (he . it Is building good will easily fit In mi under-slnk i Ol<i . one wltl1 f ""ds obtninerl from >mcs nil over the country for -cmpartment, but it can be located ^""''J 1 " 1 lending institutions under any other section Door Length Mirror Is Easily — ,. , equally we n In , 01 the kitchen. • This space-saving feature ninv •Uo installed with funds obtained 1 from qualified private lending In- Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administra- ; i.on. condition. . credit Finn of the Federal Hous in-j Administration. Sordener Bill says; Wouldn't You Like a Home Like This One? This at ractive Colonial Cottage is j ust on, ° f ,''? ," y mtercst " 1 K small house plnm so popular among those who want five room C $ '" fOV J 1 ' ''° 0ms - Room « »•* *W for comtort, but pro,)orlioncd snnll f kC lh , G , bui W».K extremely S! year. "" C ' P y ° 11 ? lan - alltl btlil(l CONVENIENT FHA FINANCING THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 PUTTERN'ROUND WITH POOR EQUIPMENT DON'T OIT A PURTY 6ARPENJ ANY ROOM IN YOUR HOME CAN BE REDECORATED IN A SINGLE DAY Mnkc drab room, brigl,, aml gny wUJ , ,,, c magic Qf PITTSBURQH PAINTS. Will, WALLHIDE for walls and ceiling, KI.ORHIDE for painted floors, and WATERSPAR ENAMEL f or the woodwork «,id furnitarc, you can com,,l« c |y redecorate any room in yo>,r home between s«nri« and S1I , 1SC |, Asl . any pin - nting comraclor for detaUj • It is true . . isn't it? ... d, a t when you don't liave the proper tools and equipment you put ol! doing things in the garden that ought lo be done. And going at Diem finally you don't do them so well! So see us about the equipment to make your gardening more fun. And about the one very smart purchase you can make here to assart a finer lawn and garden— Vigora, \vc mean. WE RECOMMEND VIGORO W sumin ju m woo iiutNrs WIMO ItOM SOIlj M1UM1 »|. ««r>. * r nowcr«swm. Hubbard Hardware Co. L. K. Askraft & Co. Swift &. Co. Pert. Works WALLHIDE FLORH | DE WATEBSPAR ENAMEL HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. I'UONE 32 "Quality, Values and Variety" _Co[o«_by Natur* • p aints by Pitfsbura/i '«< MISS AMERICA* 1940 O PAINTED UP REPAIRED MODERNIZED Let^us help you plan your Spring Pain ling and Papering. Arrange for a good mechanic while there is time. Pay out of monthly income the F. H. A. way. Ask for our booklet, "A Short Course in Interior Decorating". E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. Phone 100 Phone 101

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