Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 2, 1932 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 2, 1932
Page 4
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*"• I" ! aKffifciW tfUitt^tal y«fl fee) as ' *• » * aesV said etiier: then, But illy; .rather, and said, istunnedi I'm flat. this for i*f<vsttr< You made s 1 , j^ijtr we're -Let me see *ea had, it v ln my, *-" one," 'She an- news, and added, 12." Ann said. If we can't ,flnd a them together fim," ,Cecily sug- J^teiiBho'tte to the boys. W time to get hbme." "T;*aid Ann. p'Cecily. T «;OHl& we say?" Ann "lean—what could we Where [olng to say much of if dared to get oft ^ _ she did not pinch n, going to bo- sort of ' i leaf from Rosalie's eellng too silly for will ( loathe it. OH. fell,him to come oa •Ufi, <)' " rid Ann, and,stood, "i '" . telt Phil—" > .. o$ his ifie aria oi Rosalie's Uf& KSd 6W b$fe<| to see thelf dar- ttiafVied to good, worthy men love'd the"ni tfnd whom they fit rettfrli, &j ftffleK wtt& true ,te.Wfte*ft, fitft—fcoiog rffl •B? had said that (t was r, titan tin expensive hotel. It combined the qualities of .M HdtetS aid,i&8 best-private SS and 'was aeltner., that It beautifully htfnfshed, with a S$d & temperature, of 72 )«t Hie wtatSr, dhd & charm- Attaint dining room with wee fcfwitfAi and larger tfjbles, if deatfed $ieffl, and each table had a sweet mile sink-shaded light on it. t-~lte had intermpted somewhere abdut there, and had remarked that irtook quantities of money to buy "ftn'&j W N iflace^ of thttt sort; TTnheedingly, Orand had gone on Shdidn., Perhaps Ann had ndt attended as well as she should have attended,. She yas tired out and . Ho flud Roanle- iitt,^ waited now, patiently arfa IdHjf, f fcey Bltt paid the mofioy tor thS-lfvlnls If May, at a time when tSo vacancy had occurred, and &i, in time when ttielr darlings' futures fiad 8eetfte« planned and seorifs. They had waited, they had not cotriplaltted. ' sleepy. ,For years and years, Orand had said, Rosalie and he had gltdtf, more than gladly,. Indeed, made a tidme for their, girls. • l"liere had been so much of. that—so much of the hbme that he and Rosalie had gladly made for, girls who haffloVed their home so ^dee^ly 'that 'they were reticent about leaving'it; "Timid feet," he had said. And soon he was 'being stern about timid feet and reticence, and was comparing them with self-reliance, and had seemed to confuse self-reliance with love, and ladies who knew their own minds, and, stiddenly, had roundly denounced from out -of whole cloth, coquettes and flirts. Presently Ann had noticed that Cecily looked odd, and ^ink, and pucker Triced, though Grand had Said only, in so far as Ann had h'eard, that he and Rosalio were >ast middle a^e. Ho went on to say, as Ann listened more intently, that they feared, aye, almost dreaded another winter in this great, cold, draughty place, with the hardships and insufficiency of fuel. He eared for Rosalie's.health. Rosalie eared for his health—a recurrence )f lasf winter's serious, all but fatal llness. Fear, however, would not orce them, to evade their duty. Jever had their duty been evaded. Chfty were not, now, evading it. As tfr. Carmichael had pointed out- one must be able Jo discern where ntirt'o t*«fi I At* *••*» 1 A** ' * one's real duty lay. 'Et-slss pushed their eaglets from timidly across the I the nest, but" flew beneath them with exact spot on the 'utstretcboH wings to catch them Grand had stood, ^ oultl they fal1 - The home was ov0r the fourth M, • t i* .* wear vest, his round white !iy! 33 * o'oneath them should their grow "weak—ready to give ad- them should they ,.. ' nodding his periods. He g gently with his words I Vlco ' to he 'P , so recently 1 ffcttlded con cernldg reticent Bad, here spoken right otft, "Yott hate pale the ttio r Hey for the ftvlngs 1 ? Paid it Ifl M(iy? Wd they give you a receipt? May t s'ee Itf Grafld had tftfeeh tfae paper from hid 6ld bill folder faud hftd shown it and Ann had read it *0rd for word w^th her own eyBB. Mf. Carmichael, h'lS friend, hia dear frlehd, his ifood friend, had advanced the necessary amoitat. tfcbusahd 'dollars!" Cecity Mgasped. "J&ut why should he— W.tiy would. he lend'.such a lot of money?" • Friendship. Kindness^. Solicitude for hte friends' health. Generosity. The Goldei. Rule. •• Any number of reasons. Grand added, howevpf, tfith a sort of light pride, that he had insisted upon Mr. Cnrmlchael's taking the mansion and the grounds — the eqtire estate, in fact — as a pledge for the amount he had advanced. Rosalie had said, "Merely a plfedge. Not a mortgage -nor — urn— Anything disagreeable of that sort. A, pledge. You'kffow, dears, yqu understand?" . • The dears either knew and understood or pretended that they did so. Ann had thought, "All the tim«— I wonder for how long— they Have hated it just as Cissy and, I have hated it. That is funny. Or— is It fuliny? Odd that Cissy doesn't laugh. I must not laugh. It would be rude to laugh. I'll wait to laugh." Ann had said, ''Yes, Grand," and, "Surely," and, "0£ course," to his plan concerning Mary-Frances. Slie' would, -.he. 'presumed, make her home with Philip and Ajin. He did insist, however, ho must insist that, as. often as onco.a week, at least, Mary-Frances should come to him and to Rosalie and present to them, as Ann and Cecily had always presented, her girlish problems (if any existed), her ybutliful hopes, her maiden aspirations. "And now, my darlings, my little girls—always girls to me, though soon to be women— " And. then the kisses, arid the blessings, and Cecily and Ann had been left alone, and neither- of them could , find a word to Buy 'until Ann had dropped her "JVell" down from a high place. Cecily returned on tiptoes. She looked dog-guilty and as radiant as a sunrise. "Barry's coming," she said. "I couldn't stop him. I tried to, angel, but I couldn't. He won't drive in. I told him to park outside the grounds and' walk up. I'll see j hltti only d miufltoV' Artn siild, "flat. shouldn't hate," tthd Won't to tha' telephone. "Phil's coining," Aflfc said, n fat» minutes later. "I couldn't ptop hlta. But t told him to patK oiltside tile 1 grounds and wnife up." * « . ,1 -', •*,• pfiCILY and Aim sftt wntfjflt oti ^ the porch. It W8ts eold' 6»ft~ there, so they huddled together. Ce- city giggled a little, all to he&elf in the darkness. , * ."What?" Ann asked. "Nothing," said Cecily, "Everything." "Yes," said Ann. "I feel like laughing, too. Only—I don't know, I'm almost afraid to think of how hdppy Phil and 1 are 6oi",7 to be. Now that it Is right here, it la almost tod big to look at t—*ondef how we'll stand being so hap'py; all the time, and still stay sensible." "Angel," Cecily condescended, "fion't you feel that way, Cissy?" "No. 1 don't suppose we'll be so very hSppy—much of the titrie. When two people have managed as much misery as Barry and I have r managed before we are married—I suppose we'll keep on with it, more or less. Less—mrtybe." '..'.. "I know," said Ann. ..jSKElft "H'um,".said Cecily. ' '' f * ' "You'd rather bo unhappy With Barry," said Ann, "than happy qjith anydne, else." "I, hope I'm not such-, an idiot. No." "But if you don't expect to be happy, what are you marrying him for?" "Not for anything. Just because ho is Barry." "H'urn,",said Ann. \ . "The Hills," said Ann, ''are stich good people, Cissy." "I knbvy." Ann nodded to herself. "Jtist,the same, I'll be glad to have Mary- Frances going to a different school. "We'll ilyq on the west side, hear Phil's office. I don't mean that Brmintrude isn't a nice .little girl. She is—a very nico little girl, but—" Someone was walking rapidly up the path. Ann said, "Listen. There's Barry." Phil had farther to come, and Phil was alw/iys late. Cecily said, "Yes," and jumped to her^feet, and shook her coat straight, and was, gone. Ann closed her eyes again and rested her head'back against the post arid waited. Cecily's laughter, muted, came to ler ears.. Odd, rather, to begin right off with laughing, as if some- hing funny had happened the first ristant. Cecily's voico came, with aughter in it. "Ann," she^called softly. "Ann. Here's Phil." THE .The "no smoking" rule in the Senate didn't feazc Senator Hucy P. Long (left) of Louisiana, for that cigar was still burning in his right hand when he entered the chamber of the upper house to embark upon his senatorial career. And the former governor smashed another legislative precedent when he was escorted to the Vice President's desk by Minority Leader Joseph T. Robinson —willi whom he's pictured here during the ceremonies—instead of by his colleague and political foe. Eenator Edwin S. Broussard of Louisiana. Wfeckat Horatio ftfo Others Narrowly E§cape DfeatH When, Autos Crash HCRAflO, Ark two people we« in a DcQucen hoipit.il, while I wo others narrowly p-senped death SinwV mortwg, 'he result of a car crash At the rtoratio city limits on Arhntws Stole Highway No, 41 lxit Lorena Heed, 20 and her mother Mrs John Reed. 38. were in* rtost seriously Injure! following the crush of automobiles driven by Mi-« Reed and Mrs Nellie Hill 40. nwjxr- ntendent of Horatio school*. Both tiachihcs were coupes. Physicians ound it necessary to amputate Mi*" Reed's left hand Sunday afternoon. She was also suffering from numerous bruises and shock. Mrs. Reed was budly bruised about the hend and hoiilder nnd suffered from shock. A third occupant of the Reed cnr. Margaret Ruth Reed. 5, was unhurt. (Irs. Hill wns also uninjured. John Reed, father nnd husband of he more seriously injured, arrived at Horatio Sunday afternoon after re- ii*ttA f *... j •WRWH in l wi&bW * tol Tw?fa2 gflssfldsssssa wlvlns word fit ployed. Ah ambuufUSt hospital in Couple Citiftftl Weddttt| MrNfrtAU Arl-WK ttM mr , twisn.iM nciitelscKlei, (*sM«nt» of cral ince Iftii, fli|>fcer*M (heir ' . . nt Minrfal The etfftW*fttfc with ihiMren grandchfUWBfl tad fri , poned the fay's f**tlvttlM by' i the mart offftmf by the F X. SirwAner, of Hope. A congressman Miy* If jt , 'l-<i\p lltjuor, Ota (jtr! of today ; kirk you in the pAfiW, Bu"t If i do. you'll get It in the n«ck. Woman Golfer Maintains Par Is Easy to Achieve • , ST. PETERSBURG. Fla.-(yp)-May- be there'll be a chorus of "Oh, Yeahs," but Mrs. Daniel Simonds slicks to her story that any really good golfer can shoot any course in par. How does she know? Well, for instance, she's played 268 different courses in this country. France, England and Scotland, many of them in less than par. And then, she has 31 cups won in competition without handicap. One of the trophies was" a warded her lor. a 76 on the difficult Sunningciale course near London. Mrs. Amends, of Fitchburg, Mass., New Yoi'k and London, came here for a winter visit after the social season In London. This Is Speed! BERLIN.—Around the world in 90 minutes is the goal set.by Reinhold Tiling, rocket pioneer of Germany. He plans to build a passenger carrying rocket which will carry him aloft and transport him around the world in that time. He plans to have it completed before the end of this year. Good News For Hope Williams' Laboratories have nrrang- od to have a man in your town who will tell you about WILLIAMS FORMULAE, the New Formulae that Oiosp who have been fortunate to get a bottle are so enthusiastic about. This Formulae Is available in this community for the first time. Got your bottle now and sec for yourself what wonderful results it produces. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money rfcunded. GET BACK YOUR PEP YOU KNOW THAT "WONDERFUL FEELING" Recommended for stomach, liver and kidney disorders covering dyspepsia, biliousness. K'issy stomach, distress, chronic constipation, sick headache, neuritis, neuralgia, rheumatism, lame back and general weakness. Keep your stomach, liver and kidneys healthy nnd nature will do the rest. Get a bottle today from WARD & SON, Druggists —Adv. 666 UQUID-TABLETS-SALVE i G6(! Liquid or Tablets used Internally j and 6C6 Salve externally, make n com- ! plctc and effective treatment for Colds. MOST SPEEDY REMEDIES KNOWN. - "INCH BLACK-DRAUCHl "I had three spells of Indlgestlori, 6nd after another," writes Mr. John M. dreps, 002 Charles Ave., N. Charlotte, N. C. "I suffered a lot of pain. My bade ached and I had pains in my stomach frequently. It felt like my breath Was cut off In my chest. 1 was bothered this way for about a year. A friend risked me to try Black- Draught. I began by taking a pinch of Black-Draught after each meal and found that I soon got relief. We keep Black- Draught all the time." ;. - . Gel f/is genuine ' BEDFORD'S ;vi Black- Draught pa * 4> ^^ ( < iRiver, Believed Reached Crest if.-^Cache river, east of beJieved t6 have reached further rains fall ire ,,6asfcu The river is about -wide immediately; east of d below Highway 70 near iOf,th& rver. White and . spread across several , The rise is not ex- 3 Highway 17 between '&nd Brinkley, and the ? dump on Higfiway 70 been in continuous use has • only slight damage. Atlanta Is Planning to Grow Tomatoes ATLANTA, Tex.—The faTrners*"oTtne Atlanta trade territory are contemplating the growing of tomatoes as a cash crop again this year'. Three meetings have been held in the office of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce recently, and 20 acres have been pledged. Fotir cars df tomatoes were shipped from here last year, and much interest is in evidence again this year. ,. ~~"-^^^*^^^Stimson emphasized there is no connection between debts and reparations. Except that neither can be collected. * *"••• ^_ Tennessee—From Kentucky foniely J,9-yeajr-ol4 co-ed'from Fulton, Ky by students at tlw University of Tea? ascoBjDlis»8i(Wt9 jtrom this stand- the - THIS CURIOUS WORLD The GREYHOUND Uff, foBKT CTRVICB L ASORATORV lifetime Guaranteed GOQPVEAR SPEEDWAY Foil Overalzo 30x4.50-21 28x4.75-19 29x5.00-19 Price of Each *«*!' 4,37 Each in Pair* $4*17 4>*» 4.97 5.13 TUNE IN Gooijye»r CoMt-lo- NBC . MACHINE Specialty Co. «§. THIS was th-, choice facing Ellen Rossiter, a "dime-a-dance gir- i neve, k no W n to , es and longed for thcm . ^ ^.^ mate, was never serious. Steven Barclay, rich and middle-a^d off could buy. ^ d) ° H ^ — very happiness money Ellen made her choice and her story, "The Dime-a-Dance Girl," by j oan C1 ; It's a thrilling, unforgettable serial beginning Wednesday Evening 'i^ ^^ **"* "^ haPPened> *<; t" til

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