The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1940
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MARCH-10, 10-10 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS How Many Farms Does America Need? Program Is Put Fonvarcl! To Sliifl Masses From London IJY IlUAIKlt .IKNJi.S Unitci! 1'rcss SlalT Corrfsponilcnt LONDON, Murcll 22 iDP) — A pout-war "United Suites of fcng- liind" has tiecn proposed by competent planning authorities lo I'ouiiteincl the ever-increasing concentration of the country's population In and near London. Under ilie suggested program, I Hie country ivould be divided into ' 10 regional arras, sjmilur lo (he ] tlatcs of the United Slates. Each j region would have a capital, such as London, Birmingham, Bristol Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow. In sunpori of this proposal, "tunning authorities say thnt it is s> recognized fact thai there always i-s n drift of population to a big center—In this case London—but if 11) regional capitals were set up Here is one of Ihc ironies of the American farm problem. Trie Department, of Agriculture makes studies which indicate thai one- hulf American faims arc prosperous, Ihe other half poverty- stricken, and that. Ihe prosperous hnlf could do the whole Job ot supporting the country citonc. At the samo (lino the U. S, Murom of Reclamation proceeds will) projects like the one nt this lettuce (arm In Ooachella Valley, Ciilltomln, whore a brunch of Hie All- AincrlcHii caiwl will Irrigate 13V ,000 acres of land now n desert. and each properly developed, (lied this drift would be .spread over Ihe whole country, Charing Cross Is CinUr The problem first was raised by the Royal Commission on the nis- By BRUOB OATTON WASHINGTON, March 15.—Jolin Steinbeck's "Grapes of Wrath" wus a shocker aimed at tho fertile valley randies of California. iSiil. In the minds of many of Hie Department ol Agriculture's experts, U is n symbol ol something that Is happening to American agriculture as (rlbulton of the Industrial Popula- a whole. lion, which recited that l[ the This something is the growth of present, tendency continued, 21-1 what 01)0,000 persons, twice the present' population, would be living within ' kind miles of Charing Cross—geo- 30 graphical center of London. While recognizing that nothing concrete can be done until alter the war. planning authorities are urging that their plan at least be considered by Parliament immediately so that as many preliminaries as possible may lie settled. Would Rulrit'l Industries it wa.s painted out. that ;i law would have to be passed prohibiting industries (rom locating in London unless they could prove tile necessity for doing so. . Advocates ot the plan warned (hat (lie present tendency to con-1 cent rale industry around London is dangerous from the military as well us the socfal and health standpoints. Concentration o! population, lot. alone industry, leaves an obvious target for enemy bombers. The transport problem and the necessity for work under crowded conditions also would be cased under (lie proposed plan, it is argued. Industrials would benefit, in that lliey would not be forced to pay such high rentals as are demanded in the London area. Snme observers have .suggested mat a ministry of reconstruction should be 'established immediately to anticipate this and other postwar problems. pen In many other localities. SHIiS SHRINKING CHANCF. TO "WORK 1)1'" Until recently, he declares, a hard-working, Ilirlfty man could begin us 3 tenant or "hired man" and wind up a farm owner. But now "a large number of persons gainfully employed in agriculture— probably not far from one-third— have more or less tixed labor status as wage workers or share-croppers," Dr. O. E. Baker, senior economist In (he Bureau of Agricultural Economics, remarks that farming is split into halves—half prosperous, half poverty-stricken. He adds: "As tenancy nnd mortgage debt have increased, there has been a tendency lo extend the borders of the country characterized by poverty." Here arc some ot the figures Dr. Baker dug out: In 1029—a prosperous ycnr— view of what is beginning (o hup- half the farmers in America .sold they believe lo bo a new of agriculture, in which a farm is a crop-producing factory, not a way of life—and in which some authorities foresee the rise of a permanent "casle" of landless (arm workers. One authority. Paul S. Taylor, professor of economics at Ihc University of California, testified before the La Follettc committee on California (arm labor troubles. Professor Taylor held that Ihc plight of the "Okies" offers a prc- HD per cent ot the farm produce nnd the other half sold 11 per cent. He estimates Ihc first group could produce Hint additional U ]>cr ccnl, —so (hat "half the farms of the nation are not needed to feed and clothe the noii-fiinu people," More than a quarter of the nation's fauns in 1D39 raised less ihan 5000 In produce, (The average European peasant, says Dr. Baker, docs nearly Iwlcc this well.) Nearly 1,000,000 farms produced less than S«0 apiece—and only n fifth o( these were part-time farnw. Farm tenancy has been Increasing. Dr. Baker says. Twenty-five per cent of am- farmers were tcn- nnis In 1MO; 42 per cent In 1035. nnd in some stales Die percenlasc was up to 70. The Bureau ot Agricultural Economics asserts. "It has bceouic in- creaslnuly difficult for tenants lo become owners. . . . We have the beginning* ot a permanent stralKi- rattoii of our furin population." "Hi COMl'ANIKS INCIiKASK tlOMMNUS Hearings of HID Temporary Na- iional Economic Committee, dc- imrtiuent expert. 1 ; said, showed how eood farm land has. pxsscd in( 0 ••'•rsiilp of big Investment companies. me 20 lending life Insurance companies today hold $520,000.001) worth of farm land, acquired through foreclosure of mortgages. Metropolitan Life, with 1,430,000 ucrcs in 7153 fnrms, Is todny the nation's blgfinst farmer. Morn Ihiin 8 per cent of all the land In loiva Is today owned by the Insurance companies. A monograph prepared 111 the. Bureau of Agricultural Economics reports lhat the cnully In the total larm Innd ol Ihc nation held by Ibosc who are cultivating Hit: lanil has dropped from 02 per cent in 1880, to 3D per cent today. Convoy Forms To Guide Seals On Northward VANCOUVER,, 13. C. (UP) — A ir.illlon or more fur seals under international convoy at different, points nave begun their annual migration [rom wnrm California waters lo Alaska breeding rook- erics. Wtiilc a few scattered wouls liave been figlitcd on the Wasli- Inglon const, the. main liorclc is htill far south. And their human j:rolcctoivs are guarding them from undersea enemies and poachers. The U. S. Coast Guard culler Onandago hus left Asloiin, Ore., in patrol the line of travel from Columbia river to Cape Flattery. At Flattery tlic Canadian fishery patrol ljcn(, HUhnal will lake over. ,'K^si.stcd by (he numerous naval eiaft that are now on wartime Sliiird duly in Ihosc waters. The Ct'nst. Ouard vessel tlcdwing will America!} Gir! Enjoys Teaching Turkish Youths lo 'Jilia-bug' ISTANiSUL. Turkey (UI'I—Uw- nil an ciiBiigcmcnt willi un Eug- ise Duke is a 20-year-old Atneri-l lish band nl tlic swanky SporlinR can gir! who would rather leach the Turks lo jitterbug than return to the peace and security of her Park Avenue home in New York. Louise was singing in Paris holies \vlien the war broke out. but she only laughed us Americans clamored for passage home. She ignored (lie cables from her father, James F. McNamarn, executive of Die International Nickc! Company in New York, offering to pay her fare home, ut any cost. But when the American government, stamped "not valid for travel in Euro]);" in her passport she couldn't luugh lhat on. tile same, Miss IJuke Just was (lie Kitimat in Canadian waters, On rpncliing Alaskan \valcrs tho seals will be cared for by cutters ul (lie Alaskan fishery patrol ol (lie United Stales. Each year (tic .seals face sharks, orcas. poachers and authorized human killers in making a round trip of the Pacific. From their Ala.4;<ii> brcctlins urounrls the.\ )>rocrcci across the .Bering sea lo J;t)nui and riovvn llic Asiatic coast When they rciu.;i south Pacltic v.'iilers they dally for n few weeks then head for California again In time to return lo the Alaska rook- crlcs in April or May. determined not lo give up tlic experience of being one of tho few entertainers remaining in Europe, '.a she signed a contract lo sing iiid lead the band in the Park Hotel of Istanbul, Turkey. The United States considers Turkey In Asia. Americans arc rare in these purls and Ihe Turks have taken the slim brunette girl to their hearts. Under her guidance they have become expert "jitterbugs" and Ihe all-refugee band which it in Iccli- Club In Monte Curio, since then .she's been billed in Paris, Brussels and Italy. When she ends her engagement, here she'll get mil her geography book and try lo find another country to which she may travel. She expects it will be Egypt where she lias already been oflereil an engagement, and after Egypt, home by airplane. But Louise doesn't intend lo return to tho life of society girl where she left off. Instead, she hopes to leave society on the oilier side of the footlights in some night club. she conducts arc swinging oodman regular Benny Goudrnan is the idnl of nique. Home Making On $25 Weekly Believed SaSe BUFFALO. N. V. (UP>—Tivriily- livc doJInr.s a week is the minimum Income for n "safe" marriage, in the opinion ol Judge John D. Hillcry of domestic relations court. Basing his remarks on ycnrs of' experience in arbitrating fnnilly disputes, Judge Ilillery says this about money and marriage: "A salary of .$2o a week isn't, much, bill in most cases it ought lo provide for those little extras without which a maiiiage is likely week they arc going to buck odds no mutter who they arc. "At a salary of $15 n week, I .should say they arc bound to hnvc biflev "arguments over tho subjec mid only n 50-50 chance, of keeping out, of domestic relations court. "The (,'i'ciit miijorlly of cnscs now appearing before me cnme from the very low Income groups. We seldom sec the ?5(J-n-wcck man or woman. This may be partly due to the fact thnt Ihcy would rather settle, their differences outside (his court, and have Ihe money to do il. Nevertheless,, they have a far better chance ul happiness than Ilielr lowcr-pnld c(5n- sins." Only 1 in 3 Carries Gas Mask in Britain LONDON (DPI—Only one person In three carries a gas mask hi llie streets in Britain these days. Note has been taken all over the country of Uin types of people ivho still have n gas mask complex nnd tho results are Interesting: More women carry masks than men. Mlddlc-ngcd . people me moro caulious than cither the young'or the elderly. The well-to-do and the mlddlo income groups 'apparently value their lives more tlin.n llio lower Income groups. A Gentle Laxative Good For Children Most any child who takes this modern Inxatlvc once will welcome It next, time sluggish bowels have him Mllous, •heudachy,' listless or upset- Syrup of ninck-Dratiglil's fine flavor appeals lo most, children, ny simple directions, lls notion Is usually gentle but. thorough. Principal Ingredient, helps lone bowel nuiii- cli.'s. Two sizes; 50c nnd 25c. Next, time, use Syrup of 'Black-Draught. Fleet Joyner Say: You Qlvo Me Tour Oils Iluslness i'il Give You Ihc "PRICE" —SAVE— JOYNER OIL CO. Suiiday Koasts Jinvcil FITTSBURO. Cal. (UP)—Mr. anrt Mrs. Howard Bliucoe would like to know ho\v to meet their meat, problems. One \vcckeiul II was the roast that burned in the oven. The next weekend Rh'nccc had just purchased a SI.50 leg ol lamb tor (he Sunday dinner, turned around i for an Instant lo chat with an acquaintance, and presto, it gone. Jas. B. Clark filcm'oc Huilding (ll.vllicvlllr, ArJ;. Authorized Mortgage 1,oan Solicitors for (he Metropolitan i.ifc Insurance Co. LOW RAT US HIOJU'T IXM'KC'TIONS LONG TERMS HKPAYMEST PKIVH.KGKK C'J;irk-WiKon Agency, Insur, Jas. B. Oliuk Hie Tiirks. I prefer Guy Lombar- j lo break up, rlo, mil what can I do," sighs j "Of course you can't set any ab- Miss Duke. '• solute minimum, since the sxtccess She came abroad ;i year ago to ot any marriage depends entirely ' upon Ihc couple. But muter $25 » Our Service IS YOUR Assurance Safe Driving! Safe motoring is the aim of even 1 driver. Then, wliy not assure yourself of this safety as far as your automobile is concerned. Drive in and let, ouv mechanics put your car In shape for any driving. The cost is reasonable and the work guaranteed. EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL WORK GUARANTEED -Cotton Kccd STO NEVILLE 2^ Experiment Station Tests Prcrc II To He Real Money Value Cotton For Mississippi County We tiavo a litniLrA supply of these sred wTikti are lirsl year Trow t'crii- Rrccd Stoncvlllc - B bought direct Irom the biccJcr. It wa? grown on local farius And Its purU? is insnrtd by special supervision and strlclcst soparaUon in planting picking and ginning. Oat fresher anrt imrcr seed now—-we wlU TJO gUd to Iradc for your seed or you may oblaln thcso deltatcA secrt for 52.50 per hundred. REJ5 TOP GIN Korl'j 61 AiVt. 3t)i & Walnut Phone 810 Holds Prisoners Due Credit For Furloughs HOOK, Alt,, March 10. (U)')— Allorncy General Jack Holl ruulcd loclny (list, the Ihnc a prisoner Is on tiirlpiigl) from Ilic sluto lieiUteiKluiy may , bo counted iw (line served, Ills ruling will elvo freedom to 15 convicts now on probation. Tlio 0|)iiiloii wns given lo Stnlfi'i I'nroli: uniccr J. II, Poi'lw In nn- swcr to Die question mlscri on «v- enil occasions during the jinsl six months ns to whether prisoners nolunlly hud lo serve one third ol tlieli .sentences in. tile pcnltenllfiry before Ihey couUI be freed un piv- iuK<. 'llic attorney general nlso ruled Dint when n prl/suiter's sentence expires wlicn ho Is on probation ii« is entitled to Ills discharge |ia- pcrs (rom tlio penitentiary. Among those wlio will receive freedom under tills ruling Is lor- imr siierlir Uo rtcld of Jnckson county, Kontenccd for failure to puy over public funds, 'G.W.T.W.' Extra Again To Fight For Canadians NEW WESTMINSTER, R. 0. <Ul>)—Not (iallsdcd wllli play-aot Inss as a Confederi>le soldier and n Union soldier nnd flghlliiK ta I'limders when he, was 16, J. A. lee of Hollywood has withdrawn 'Hie reason ftEEWOOT SAUSAGE Is belter limn other sail sage ts because ol the special attention KIven 11 In using choice cuts of pork, mid the uniform sea- scnlin! nnd grinding pulp it In a class all by itself. Made by— REYNOLDS PACKING COMPANY UNION C1TV, TENNESSEE •Ms iinuie from ilia ''extra !M" and. signed up wlU) llio New Westminster maelilnf gunner? The reality of ,tiie Canadian army in wartime Is aiot- i^w to Private j. A. Leo of the K«* Westminster regiment, He enlisted in Ihe, 70th Canadian Battalion' 1 M HnmiUoji, Onl, when he'\y»s 15 Before Joining ihp machine gun- nc'i'8 here, Ix;o wore Confederate Bifiy and Union blue In scenes In "Gone with the Wind."' Ho played |he part of a waifndcd solder: ly- IIIK In the Atlnula market eqtinre before Ihe elly fell Horn in Now York "about 1001," Lee fought In the arcnj War he- fore he readied mtumbod, For the pasl 16 yenrc Lee hns worked «s (i movie extrn In Hollywood. Last summer ivlicn lie wn$ 'not''on location ho wni> gimid at Die Jipmo of Vivien (8c»irWtf OTttrt) • L When the »ar broke out' U» ecptembtr, Let ukcd >|»t?'»toj}* bray, acting BritWi 'consul at LM Angeles, for twUtwice |nf«fail*£< ing Mowbrny tdvMd him to w»t« null! the war situation had developed. But Lee'waf (oo lmp«Uen}. I(c finally paid his- fare {o N«W Westminster to strye again »ith; the Canadians \ , Read Ne»* ails Try Oaf of Oer pcUcloof PIG SANDWICHES" Ole Hickory Inn Aero* From with Sdwol OH R SUPER CORCHI : j R»hx ai you rldo^-arrlve rthfthtd. Greybotuul '', Super Coachei tit w«nn-*lr conditioned. ' ,, HERE ARI LOW ONE WAY FARES 'Si. Jucktinu, Itll.ts. New Orleans . Miami, Flu. .. 51.30 »,95 1.05 14.30 8.95, , Kans** fjity .... 7,55 : Detroit '9.50; l.os Ancclct 3L24 BUS TERMINAL 109 No. 5th St. Phcnt 60(1 Mako Ihis your year lor a health vaeAtion in Undo Sam's oldest The World Bows to a WELL Man With health ail otiicr riclioa in lifa, quickly lollow. 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See the 1940 Line of CROSLEY ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS WASHERS and IRONERS i - ' ^ i They offer you m,oie for your money Crosley Electric Refrigerators HOTSPWNGS NATIOAL PARK Write for Descrfotive Literature, Address MlfFCf^If 1 PI HJ £ S £ I II HOTEL APARTMENTS d BATHS The only standard refrigerator in America with pll of these features: ; The SHBLVADOR providing exira storage space^ withiti (he door ^ the Freezer .Cold The Cold Drawer —and (he seven tones of Refrigeration. jjgi' Big G Ft. Box Crosley Washers One of America's finest washers lltat will wash ev- crything from dcHcHte luce curliiins ami silks lo overalls. See this modern washer before .von ))iiy, to Crosley Ir oners The Ctuslcy Ironcr with the Split Unit ami -all Hie other lalc-sl improvements provides you with ;i eom- lilclc home ironing unit. GAY & BILLINGS, Inc.

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