Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 1, 1932 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 1, 1932
Page 4
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f ">. ^ ~ HOPE JCw** mftajMd HIU Murder I by 'a circuit.court rof-IfasfceUDaV- triardtt ;WHh intentto kill ^ s ^ Hsf'companion. Th* , t j» at Sharp's home, and ftiointgrowth of a. quarrel "..iyT-j. f . ^^^ai»«^ifc- , %Jltipn Agent WU1 Atterid School IV . Febtu of develop- aUonal work especi- 5Plrcitib members and , wiH.beleltced Icoimty -to accompany Miss. ?l«*g L %ffl return with in- *.-Although' he's getting a „_._, __^ -Alfred Arnold, 103, thinks |le i can make as great a success in he |tnjovfes|a*>Tthe young fellers." He's " i>dy bad parts 'in iflms at Elstree, hopes to be'the featured actor e, soon. Although he claims to ,.,-'been born in 1828, he does not tloolt.to bVover 70. . produces about 48 per cent the- world's output of sulphuric X ^ , l.lMMAIM* ilttan ^eck<Moore, slender little 19- ftri6ld-S^rench-Ame)rlcaJi mbttier, had herJieTftible'detision to'mSKe, attd she ma*fe,it --. - , * ' , _Sdrge6h3 .told her.there was only.a l(K»-i chance of succeeding in an op- e#$i«h 0& her ' svkbihorriial child, Dfisfha. If the operation sucdteded, Diana would be a "normal, healthy, happy, girl. If iUfailed, Diana would die. If it Was, hot attempted, Diana would live as an'idot. . -Mrs.-Moore hesitated,-all the moth* er-Ibve within her tearing 'her to shreds. "Tfieri* she* deciaffd. . "I'd take the'chance if it were one in a million," she said. "Diana-can't lose anything.. Go ahead." Mrs. Moore and her, mother have given .Diana loving care during the 13 moriths.0Mier,life. She is a very.fat baby (how, wfth a heavy thatch? of dark hair on'Her too-Small head. She a drama of -science and mother loVe, isihelplessr cannot hold herself up for more than a few .seconds and physicians claim that she- will not even be able to do that much longer. . She will never Walk, or talk, they assert, un-> less an operation can expand Her skull so .that she may. develop enough brain to make her normal. _ Among many messages that Mrs. Moore has had commending her, are many; signed by fathers, as well; as mothers. Some are by parents whose children have never developed ;siidi who wish now that they had had "the courage to try surgical aid. "Diana has nothing to lose," Mrs. Moore repeated over ( and over, ih a, calm, completely . self-possessed way, though her, face is^White withiworry-- ing. "My baby would have no life at all, crippled and ati^idiot. If the operation is successful., she will -to like other little girls., lf.it isn't, she won't have to live 'an urfiiatural life.. She wilb be better off, *ip matter- hiow< I feeL" . ', . , Woman < Me aSif • i» Still Rltid ,!• MEMPHIS, Tenn. — (/P) — Evelyn Tucker, .22, who jiid she came here about* 10 months' ago from Ardmore, Okla.,' was arrested here Wednesday when_ police seized a 750-gallon capacity still oh the outskirts of Memphis. Officers said the still Was in operation on the second floor of the two-story house at the time of their, arrival. ie Pan American Route in Mexico (FlJAttVTHptJCH the Fan America • -£\. Highway between Laredo, Texas, •-• and Mexico City is rapidly nearjng ^obmpletfon, it is not to be recbm- ,im«ndeil at the present time, for its > entire diiiance, for the average run 'of Boulevard Tourists. This was ; 'thegeneral note of the: lecture on the subject given by the Mexican Cham- j^r of Commerce of the United > State* at New York City, / -. From Laredo to Monterrey, Mex., ? tjjf highway has an excellent oiled, ; •otface with modern iteel and con• erete/bridges, which compares favor* ably with any main highway in the 1 ynited States. South from Monter^ •,r.ty, a* far a* Victoria, there.is good 'gravel which is rapidly being oiled. There are good bridges over the many creek* and rivers. TTje balance of the route, to a |»Hrt about seventy kilometer* north v of Mexico City, «* .the- scene^ of feemeodoiis construction activities. Mountains are literally being blasted out qf the way and grading and gravelling gangs are to be encogn- at nearly every turn of the To quote the Mexican Chamber of Commerce with regard to this section; "We do not advise motorist* to F f enre 3,11 the w»y down to Mexico Y > Grty* but if 0>ey cannot keep away - wish to tell them that the TRIP statement covers a !pt of r t Jt cover* road* which are, tn f»«, nothing more than narrow ledges ewt out of the'side o| pre- «tg»(tpu* mountains without gr qr »«rfatwi? ss4 » wrfow 1 ":?»% f « t**W I*"*!-! , in » very few w it jKwibjf ' fte t, in for oi one car «>mi»f j. It cover* see. wMre, in dry w«t}*r, resemble* » o»n«^re anJ « fiyer ef rainy season. If _._ I er«ek» whkb matt tweks which h»ve inaJl pulled by cabtei #4 Of three cari «t » , _ A* | rttbtofag feature tf a cr«f* of ov« tea m The old road from'Monterrey to Mexico City, via Saltillo, is also passable, but it is nothing more than a cart track ami in weather at all wet is virtually impassable. The case of an automobile, specially equipped with extra springs and chaiiis, .which .took fourteen hours to drive a fifty kilometer stretch, was mentioned. There are no facilities for obtaining gasoline, oil, decent food or lodging. The Chamber of Commerce states that the National Highway, despite its present deficiencies, is preferable at all times. For/ motorists who wish to ship their cars to Tampico, by boat, there is a short connecting road to the National Highway. This is through a dense jungly country, and not recommended—although passable. The last seventy kilometers to Mexico City are very i;ood and excellent driving time can be made. From Mexico City, south, the «tension of the highway, which it is .hoped will eventually reach to the 'southern tip of South America, is good as fa.- as Oaxaca, but from that point on is absolutely impasa-. able in anything other than a caterpillar tractor.' There is little probability of thi» section being completed soon, as all efforts are being made to complete the Laredo to Mexico Gty road and nothing else will be considered until it is an accomplished fact. In the country through which the Pan America Highway passes are herds of deer, mountain goats and other game. The rivers and. stream* of the northern section are'teeming with fish. The rivers of the southr erfi section are, however, equally t«m)ng wim alligators. Motoring still' being somewhat of a novelty m Mexico it wi!5 be found that mt people living along the high•^ «$! give tourists every courttsy «n«deration. xi,e good old rjcan custom of cash in advafce [Of* ffte car i» pulled out of the (jam m» sot yet bf en imported Takes »p j n all, thr. motor trip to offers « interesting, *n4 naMly adventurous for anyone willing to put mi W»* »Jc4e»ate inconveniences and who wgardi new and different ccentjf V4 custom* as adequate compensation lot a i& well applied bumps. It DO|S NfW offer anything what- »o«yw to <M va«ti(Mi tourist woo wajits to '-6l« tlw wilt, Aunt the Insurance Rate Cut '- i ^ Sought at Atlanta -ATLANTA, Texas,—The city offic* ials and directors) of the Chamber of Commerce here are co-operating in an effort to reduce the insurance' key rate. Recent reductions have'cut the. ''key rate of 48 cents, and a special ef- for will be made this year ,to gei the rate to 40 cents, which will remove the three-fourth Insurance clause 1 in the fire district. A secret arson squad, which investigates the origin of all fires,'Is functioning. Reguar monthly inspections are being made by the fire marshal, and the Atlanta high school is co-operating in the" movement; Some superstitious- people in the southwest of the United States, in order to prevent a dog from straying, cut Its tail off and bury it under the dorstep. Thty believe the dog will never stray far from its tail. Backache bother you. A nagging backache bladder irregularities and a tired, nervous, depressed feeling may warn of some disordered kidney or bladder condition. Users 1 everywhere rely on Doon's Pills. Praised for more than 50 years by grateful users the country over. Sold by all druggists. DDANS Pin BEWARE THE COUGH OR COLO THATJANGSON Persistent coughs and colds lead to'. serious trouble. You can stop them now with Creomulsion, an emulsified creosote that i« pleasant to take. Creomulsion i»a new medicaj discovery with two-fold action; it soothes and heals the injiiwej membranes and inhibits germ growth Of all known drugs, creosote is reeog- ri?ed fortigh medical authorities a» on* Of we greatest healing agencies for per•fecal coughs andI colds wd other forw» of throat troubles. Creomulsion conl«iB». in addfttpn to creosote, other he^ng elfc menu which soothe and heal the iaf-*— 1 OWnbrwe.8 and atop the irritaiipn inflammation, while the creosote i on to the stomach, ig absorbed into blood, attack* the seat O f the tr»i W4 oteckj the growth of the gerrn*. (&»l»uJ»wn U guaraotced Wry jo the treatment of d coWs, bwucWft end other form* of and i* M«« Colege *JH^,' < ' Oldest Sftlltr At 7^, H^Sttn Navy Develop FfnmDBysof Clipper Ships If WltOAM WAims tn the* ' qgWUtt cffciil Speski at Ml «d IgftjilffcHhB -,.—«, _,„-„, OT IrlUlVVB 4t|te*fca uf f&fe ftttEtit* A iavmS ol;OTl n roUr At ; us «**,__ w«w Itottk ...Bt/ftfttlm A. haa t [«hftl6!J«**sfc*6, ill tit* ftNfttttii AS "^isT^hi'fcSy ka r \A». m ..* nwniDW jir VOVrB A, »wl M.> 1 W. ^Tt8h«M. «!Wl |! ay*?* A** w. H; it wf uOlHUrt ODvGuL 1 AkiiMijttC£& kA*i ,, "mf Sf** " *»*«Jf Aluluvwiiji mm tt C» jMc\2caTyj AsnoOwnj fit JML Stephens, HtsfcVUie, and H. T. Bfown, Semt. ail nifhbftrt of th« baiird ot tmtew of MhtDMkltA A. and M/C«U — w-- --— vv«a" Doro wvfVDvr v* th Amo, Wk, iftd tw# !« Or* MiiroK \. C^itlfe H«u ftM >theji«kt sWlt fimtnllgtrnwt, spent nr e Orl., ftiftd mftWWrt W tV ** th l»ii to MVNHNt i tI»W#6« tfurti* tJ* f h«W ftavitfi, however, StriK* Hiw ehttuM *» umieh at not n*vy to* I ^•AttA, iMJ by * oVwT IwUVtf Hw Vrtw tMMdjMt M DM A«Wbl»Uoh tw the Selena. *l*cted at th* at of It Medieil :j> 6«d UWWMfteB- tfve A staMlKoulht to W, w!hoK v 1* trying id ofestfUrt » cohJfrucllv Rii b*W~f here, a* flood waWr* ._ thwlr home, fbTtewIrig a !A<J^.* 4%l»j^ /JJjAlfa A •|itu nnCV Wl UUPf v* Hi«y wert *ubm*r|iNi whcrtl Jxwb Into ilw Irdnl^ xrofitlllfili ittin.lhifecn, %h« with hi< .» urs ruary 4th .w ••-.••.<*• a* 109 West Sie66rtd^et)h Hope, ft Srdwnbilt Shoe . 5f stores handling only fcrownbilt fend Buester Brown ; :••...-. '•'."'•' V;>.":'; ,''-n*'. r-'- ;-•••••.••"! ^"i;-';'f '.'-»'• r,-. .•.• HRloGatwn is new and will be owned and operated by Mr. Henry Hitt and Ralph Bailey, Who have-hiad many years experience in merchandising in ~" OU should be particularly interested in this new store. _1_ *»ll_ 1 • .^t, ^.A 1 i i * •. . . Ufck '.^ - tt will put at your disposal modern American family. VALUABLE souvenirs of the^ occasion ^vill be given with each purchase of shoes on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 'our format opening days. Also, whether you buy or not you will receive a useful souvenir gift in honor of the occasion. Bee our windows for Q, display of the souvenir** ROWNBILT shoes for men and women and Buster Brown shoes for boys and girls are nationally knoWn— are famous for their 100% leather construction— are worn by hundreds of thousands of men, women and children throughout the United States and foreign countries il OPE has never before had such a store. By our placing the entire business of this ri Btore with one manufacture you, as well as the store, reap a harvest of benefits. Every possible reduction is made in. our op erating expense. The manufacturers as^ sists i us in merchandising and advertising and makes it possible for Us tb offer our high grade shoes at prices as low or lower than some so called "sale prices.*' W E earnestly desire your patronage. The store has been refinished throughout, giving you a clean place in which to shop. ' A g stated in the beginning this new store is to have its formal opening Thursday, r\ ray, Friday and Saturday of this week. The Wednesday edition pf this paper will carrv another advertisement which will be of interest to you. Watch for the Wednesday ad and plan on attending the opening. y HITT'S See our windows for a diaptou of new Spring patterns. Shoe Store You Don't Have fo $e Kick To Be fat women

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