Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 1, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 1, 1932
Page 2
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WFK /^S^TO tk " * ' " i' Award Long CoHhri on Mean, of Raiiinf&ihb Retain ORLEANS.- (^ -=8«tt. in ^u^na Friday * • N. Cyr-s i otttttF Wit *mifitt AWn King, who *a, l*ft M *« go chair by Long ^Wft he Wnt Senate. py' went to LflW ChATte frlday rom hit hop in tariiett* to «i he surt to Kihtfa htote tawft, ffe ar . tved after mm hid clmd but wat xpected wjBte.tti.nit l-, s ^! ***. ** ln Bofflta! feAtes and bankers tft mployes because (rf IKe low duHblvr of cash to thMreasury, When Long reached New Orleans he was m& to #&mtm Whe told him that the. state tfettwicwk -Oefttral was imjltned to make him isvoftt* sbn t&HdidAte for H«:.d]smtt»M,the idea as ," and said'the Louisiana delegates would be either tot Jack Oawer, Jfoe f, Robinson or Pat Har* ri«m. King called a meeting of the state , Jtf^y Advisory Board to be held in New Orleans Saturday at 2 p. m. to advertise; for sale additional highway bonds. H* declined tt confirm reports •"«»••*•«« »*» w««piw»MVWH w the foflowtni cwraftfMtt M adlon of the DenroctaHe tlon Augtitt i, 1BJ, ft* For Sheriff M. ffctft ( , above) ' those seeking t»a seng thte coveted Shane portrait prize. His is " The ^me- 8 K Wednesday the Hope Star. CITY OP HOPE Jpenf|<»B-atlc Primary l*eb. ^" For City Clerk WEBB , Ve & ^reason ,__ J.atDartrttoritpfJMii^fl ~ bfeWlfOot *. --- JT •/ fflolP ® *Wft '* ft$S*tn?f btj & itt ^ wfciwur prfsoft, and 5J?;<»nginaHy for the a6cflromo<iitti6n of WM,ir«i Idiftm, Tin* A« iu-i '?—± • / IT i .l"" 11 .. Y 1 yBPtUrea j»L ' ^r« ' > A ."M«* auwjimnoi to^SSLlf- ih / *******'* me xrapoieonic war increased ,&nfrlev" ,- ' Chas. McCain, cashier of the Bank ?&£f B *«ir^ e «namo; seamen enough, td hian tow * "Spy*-*. , fetrKSefaa^^^.^.^^.* 11 "' m£& tS^tSn V^>-y±^M'***^"" to feiwfflSigK'teKS 1 havil * bM<)aie "" NN^afWm^^,-^'---^--- lf *'^ t. H. Haifrell, autoih6bile dealer of «,. "^ • was *" Mo 8* on business this morning. > . **£ r 9 y &••• Burton, who was reared in Hope, and is now a leading-citiien of Lewisville, spent last night her4, a guest at the Hotel Barlow „-:-• -;•-"••"'E. Bills and ffafiCii G. McDonald, of Evanjjyille, ted. $ report ney have successfully mahutScturtd a Wtemln ^vitamihB^m a 'chemical Lifeboats on a new Canadian pas- enger ship are now equipped with hiotors and radio sets. The sets are powerful enough to summon aid in n »»«•**» Son Of Noted Surffeofl * ficath -vr.-.v™,—•"?••"»«•«• attempt to place $35,000,000 of the authorited bonds oft the market at the'earliest possible date, pfobably March IS. Senatdr Long said over the ratfto that the greatest single problem be* f&re America today was the reduction of the spread between the millionaire and the penniless man., It Will be necessary, he said, for the people of Parrar .' the Goldbeirgef, discovcrti- cau«e and cure of peikgra, e 1*UH*jr*t Emergency hospital short- y ^ ;?. was fourtd at hia nome with a bullet w^uttd through "hls~head".' Young Goldberg, a grandson of the late Edgar 'Farhtt, N«w Orleans an ° r ney, was found in a dying condi- rf^.^j 1 " 8 .brother, Joseph. Members of the family told boUce tdgar had ieeftdespohdeht lately because of bad lealth. • , Goldberger, an engineer, • was at"" - ' the se\vefa*e and water ^ going to come When the Wealthy Will have to be informed that it is live wlth ; less funds in , - • «•«**'«':««• People than in a tottering nation. Sardis ° Ur Slhcere ••--"«—- wui muvvre aympamy tO the fdrtlly and relatives of Mr. and . _-- ««.JUyln Hatch whose little son died law of Moses which teaches that prop- .tne.flttn and was buried in New Hope erty must be distributed and.reetis- cemetery. trlbuted and not permitted to get into .u **i d S- Cleave Mayton are the hands of a few. h *"? parents <* a 10 & pound s6n, 'Congress will have to take steps to ^ n - d jt,^^ n ^ 1 ? t i t , Mdther and ba °y return normalcy to America," he said. M««tnrt f»ww««f • i. «,'. ,..,.., "The $2M«KMX)0 national .finance thReek Saccount o SKM legislation *m do agreat deal of good with measfw g e floWever that good can 6niy be temU Prancine ft'ogert and Mavis Hollis porary. It cannot be a permanent | are out of school on account of "tek- E ^ s- We hope the y W 'H be well soon. Forrest Hamlter and wife left Won- For City Attorney PAf GASBY , For Alderman Ward One BBNNlfe BENTON ROY ANDERSON WardTww ROY STEPHENSON L. A. KEITH Ward Pour ~,YDB A. tRA A. M. "Congress -has got to find a ro>: aoor 'jllie tuimrtV rjiVim fefbAw \. a*^-.-. ^ t-VJ. ,~_ J ?'" 1 cuun. ; Gdcd Name for Thenuelve, and | w Their State Bf^^^J 33 * Con ^ ess Provided money ft* dwdth Idana goes :wrohj With the ,*, xrtrd of New Orleans, but came h'ome recently on a month's sick ffiWl^'^.ftKlibfa'ffii ters—lilkf ho<<niV«a xn*. .MkW^" -aijf.l ttrs—fuSt becauBS »1i* Waft* flldn't ^unBicne-iius gui 10 uua a perma^ i rorrest Marruter nent euro. Eighty-five per ceift of the day foi- Oklahoma, wealth of the country is owned! by M. and Mrs. Martin Maytoh an sbout six per cent of the people. Near- *oh. Riifus ere spending a few da ra9 5 Per cent have no wealth today. *1 * Mr. and Mr. CleSve Mayton. 1 Nations, as great as ours, have rls. R- **. Rogers made a trip to Patmo en and fallen. But there is ho record I Monday evening, of any nation falling except because * Irs - Homer Burns, Mrs. Roy Burns he wealth of .the land had fallen intol called to *«« Mrs. Ema Maytott Wed the handg of a few p66ple. .The time ne *day. Mr. and Mrs, Edgar Brient and chil IBARB .wJft. fn»*f»*t*t*, k MB" «M "ORA thlm flaanelm work out thW" one evening. "&>.» '- ''"' l "What Is ft/dear? We'fi frightened-^-horrlbly; ' Well toai'a over with. Just now we are both sort oruamanned with disappointment. But that will pass, too; and beove* With." • "Sur>ly it will. And then *e can -""• making other bland." "No. —, "-"O V "** » w Q habit Gah?t you say, twice, for a change? gBttttg Jnto a enfee or ' '•Yes. we could begin to plan i. and to wait. We cduld. But .you naven t Jived here and watched Atob and Phil as I have for years. ; Wouldn't do that to yon, Barry. Am I Wouldn't alldw you to do It to me Ahd there is your writing. I remember what you said about that today—how the unceftaiaty affected "Perhaps I was trying to bluff you, sweet." "No, you weren't," ).,*!•*: ...—._ ._, _._ VVUV|D BUU i«ury-rTan- fe 8t 'tof0ner? , I»dol finances-all tbatr I^wouldnt be ideal; but It Would be better, than a separation, better than waiting forever. Surely there s room enpugh. I could keep out from under foot—at least everyone^s foot—feet, but yours. We'd toeak away a lot and be alone together. I could build the fires In Be mornings, get the wood up— sayo.you In all sorts of ways. Sounds to me like a pretty grand, damflne plan." •'No, 1 * »9<*^<ruu...:..-j>arro- mayn't 17—was hoping to .persuade you to build a cozy heat foe tWo—you tWo-<else. wheriS?" "As to that," Barry spoke fight up, 'I want very much to marry Cecily. 1-y." "You Idve her?" This right over again from Grand. "You can BUD- POM her?" ™u of ,?P rln « Hill spent Surtday night with Bob Mayton and family. Mrs. Lucite JcQin^on,. Mrs. ,t,ona Rider visited Mrs. ^EnrtAo Mayton Tuesday evening. Vernon Hollis and* \ulfa e\t uin*AM spent.suhday wi* o^HoiiKd family. Mr. and Mrs. Sevier Mayton returned home Wednesday atfer spending a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Dock Taylor of Dodcaw. «»T w i ' JCrc 7 s and Nel1 M^ 10 " spent Wednesday night with their teacher, Mrs. Vera Reeves of Centerpoint. Cecily. This great - ^.»« w ww ' JitM tA vtfniiv eosngtmtnt but ,fi r »-"« w their k** / Writing a Luxury f^A HTJiORS really can't fl ff n -^ T •* . " I ao ^ a ^ te ^ d™**, BmirKed; and > /i aSo ? 1fnJ?oXSk.^2 to t rS ^ *™d*y*.\ JSJrlft^n' 11 ^-**"• iVpf $*& PawItolSSSJiril? S?.^*""^ AsKociation I r S ln ,v" a SSL!* •**• ' nt ? WOW GO ON WITH TUB STQitY CHAPTER XLVII the parlor door had slid back. Cecily had clicked the lights on, and all the fat little cherubs on the celling, twining blue ribbon^ and red roses about through aoap-audsey clouds, smirked; and k&w WK ruoiwwg recently by Mra ln«- H-'i^rT*T^" WUI I^SSl^/^t' ^eof Ameriel^" 68 ^»' Pr6S Sfcjpaiu considering•**- * { — j — - • |U book, that man* ^fiexgrj. that -f-r* TT-—.-FW'. TffmfW**ii/fi TTTV**l-O L Ni ha^Tr^WMf^r^^WI 0 * 186 , W H88 a raaieat tinge, in that all tke east $$m»l&e!9t wto Riwt ** ifl * east straight him. "Well' * -'*— •"•»?!*, •*»»* AV^i VUC* if'5 *?».' »!^ we are taking behind Cecily and she said, "last act. Cur- .bqt there Isn't any * our call- plause." '[Don't make fun, Cecily, please." "I'm not making fun " "I know." , I^ff^r. yoi » . a ° understand? enough M «_ *" y arter tb 's with Mftry*Fr»nce8. But now that Poll -I can't d( waited eight y ear8 . S h e was "TVTO, I wasn't. But U we were engaged, I needn't be uncer» tain. Let's put romancing aside and t>e practically and conventionally engaged, for a short time at least, and—" "And then what?" what?»' d ° y ° U meaD ' >ADd then "After we've bean engaged for a i • , "T— —w.-..^« «uso firVtti cold, draughty house for Barry in the winter time. No sun*-no fresh Mr unless one froze while getting it. Hoover Administration Is Endorsed in Kansas TOPEKA.- W -Th e I^nsas repub- A Chicago surgeon says,, American! boys and grils are craczy for a good! time. A lot of stock market Investor^ have f6uhd out they were crtiy W nothing at all. ' twenty years ago the autowobllc, had no atcessoHes. Those Were the! days When a man told a girl theyl ^re out of gasoline she had" to believe him. The man Who saM the automobile i of 20 years ago hiia no accessories probably overtoofced the back seat A Pennsylvania astrologer predicts blizzards, cold weather and floods! SB- The man who wrote "Alice In Worn derland" would 1 have a lot more material today-now that '(everybody's ' n it. NOTICfi OP DISSOLUTION Notice is hereby given that the part* ership between V. S. Smith andSoy f., • \« / *4*c xvaiiflub repuo" "Naturally, I love her. And aha "can state central committee unant- loves me We can live, for a time "l°^ ly en dorsed the administration °f wh ? fc A am . makln * "ow. 1 aop» \t n^^tSXr"-"^.^".^- thdught that he 'was. The wo*k Hie thousand petty anndyafaces, ahd Barry's uncertain^well, tempera- taental ways. The financial burden. Suppose she >st her Job? Dump to keep "TF you won't go with me, dear; *if you persist In objecting to inything I may propose, It does get lopeless, doean*t It? I won't wait, rear In atfd out. I can't. But there s nothing I won't do, aside from watting, tn order to marry you. I'll i&cket my pride; come here and ive; allow you to keep on workpeople," said Ceqlly, and went o stand alone near the fireplace, can't be married feeling that way. to do better." Cecily took Barry's arm. "Come,* she said, an4 began to walk with him toward the door. ce res- dent Curtis Friday and pledged them support for renomination and re-election. The committee decided to hrild the If you please." Cecily pretended she had not o heard; but, at the portieres, Barry Paused, In aplte of her tugging, and . --.-„- BAKERY has been dissolv- d. All debts due the said partner* lip are to be paid and! those dVe from the same discharged, at 218 South Main Street, in the city of Hope Ark" ansas, where the business Will be con* tinued, under the name of City Bak<. ery, by Roy Jones. This 25th day of January, IMS V. E. SMITH, W. 1 ' Jan. 25-Feb. 1-8-15. short time." propVrlyTnT'conv'en"!' ™" "'^ «*1 8njrthto * y «» ™ tjonally. then wb« ah"» S"^I??.? »'»'**»• You-one, 1 mean, of wnventlonaJIy "Of course we you cheerily, to everyone. • * • <«AND to you, my boy," Grand ** said, "good night." Ann had almost reached the portieres, sort of sneaking away, before Grand's voice halted her, "Aria; It is my desire that you inform Ce- = clly that I wish to speak with her, and you, here and n6w." "She Is very sorry about this morning, Grand, she will tell you so In the morning, I am sure." "This morning is forgotten. Tnera Is, however, a certain matter which I naVe decided now to go Into, and without further delay. I myself am weary. And with cause. With cause. J may not be able to arist in time to speak with you both IB We wish to take this method of I thanking our many friends and neigh, i bors for their kindness to us in the iJ^f and death of our dear son, Charles Ray. We also appreciate the I I beautiful floral offerings. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Ray, and son, Jack. Grand, of that front dooro yours tonight ™Th ^ Who ba<l »* • hand and never see you^ again! ffi SLn ^ W f. nt !? Bn<1 waa restlng ber don't expect that YouS't wSflUfT 1 ^ W d _ w «.*»»«»J« ." '•« It. You can't. I'm the fog we don't wont ne * a on Ut dw n°t »' ri°.™ 7JSL*K *'**•> *• »«"rely- in this house when have not been granted as much as u »o IU g , lance f " elther ot y°v- H 's my it to | desire to speak v/ith you both. Not tomorrow. Not the next day, nor ^ —..-—«, ^.*. M *v»*9 'u^jjuamuie cDOUfiQ — — *"*•"* ' ""- - IB *" y ' ADB came out ^ om be Wnd| oeclly was standing alone In tb« ask" nrona * I bal !i' l °, 0kiD8 8t the 8 ^ uares " f co1 ' ask, Qrand went on, (ored glass In the panels of the "Way j ask," Grand went on, I ored 6 ><u>i> in me naneia of th» thta^JT ar f,u here at ° 7 home ' f» "o^ front door n An P « slid, "cissy! tots hour, with mv in>Bn^A. n .>.»i. I ><»»<.•» «~ __. ^j j, ^ ,y 0101* feel as if we were, "tarn afraid i have to." l-tf2«^Si«'fK J (WHr- mr ^ ^ *»» dfl?elna*nft Jn rotha* | Q *_ " <«[6, SPK 'to march *_$*** toe*- 'imns > '2iftsnjsy h -|IS¥£"* ««*»»•« i»|S."ri.« &* jS"4,'m >« aaAsss »tag fa"s-ja?'jjj ^ ts *««£® S£ff SS^e fi*. 1 ^TS2 iWiSTtofeaw^A'^tSr'r^siS* WEAKNESS TIRID PEELING OARDUI haa helped many women, as in a case described below by Mrs. B. r. Fogie, ot SuJphur, La.: "I suffered a great deal from weakness and a very tired feeling, was nervous and my back ached. I did not sleep at all well, so did not feel equal to my work when morning came. My sister told me that she thought Cardui would benefit me, and after I began taking it j could tell that it did help me. l rested much better, and felt better |n every way.. I took ai* bot* ties and it was quite a bjat, lit to me." «M Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! With HOPE STAR WANT ADS The more you tell, The quicker you 1 insertion, JOc per lltt* minimum 30q i Insertions, 7c per Jin* minimum 50c 6 Insertions, 6c per line, minimum $1.00 26 insertions, 5c per line, minimum |4.00 (Average 5H words to the lln«> I NOTE-Wanj advertSsements ac, I I ^^..^..''lephone m7y*b\ the bill is payable on * ement - the ^ Phone 768 or 607. , FOUND

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