Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 27, 1954 · Page 15
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 15

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, December 27, 1954
Page 15
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- y>, :<£?« ARKANSAS Cay Bef6f« PubllCitiot RATSS deceptid fhs eccoun* li payable (J tfftieted. r. BATES i for tile 1.50 3.00 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 ttfiie ?5c pet inch • 3: fifties * We par Inch 6 «rrtss ~ - SOc pet . Inch Rat«i quoted above era for con- SecutivS (nations. Irregular or skip- dote ads will take the one-day rate. At) >daily classified advertising copy will be accepted until S p. m. for. publication tht, fol)oiyln0 day. Tn» publisher* reserve the right to fevlse or edit all advertisements offered for publication and to reject objectionable advertising sub- Flols of one or more letters, or figures such as house or >pHbne numbers totfit as one word. The Hope Star wilT not be responsible "for sfrors In Want Ads unless errors ore colled to our attention 'ifter FIRST Insertion of od and then for ONLY the ONE Incorrect Insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 The Negro Community ... to MIM Funeral Horn* Sffi; In! & Funqrol Directors Mr. and Mrs. McKinley Ray and family and Mrs. Dorothy Woods of Omaha, tfebr., are spending the holidays with Mrs. Maggie Hardy, and other relatives. Mrs. Sett Pierson is spending the Christmas holidays visiting relatives arid friends in Chicago, Hebvie* Meef in Bow Tonight William Harris of Detroit, Mich., is spehding the holidays with his parents. Mr, and Mrs. Tom Harris. Fred D. ? Colemart of Helena is spending the mother, Mrs. other relatives. holidays with his Cora Ragland, and Czar of Rhythm of Pine Bluff will give a-dance at the American Legion Hut Monday night, December 21. Advance tickets $1.00; at door $1.25.;The public is invited. URRAY YOR K \ffi Heavyweights Bucceroni and Cesar Brion bet tonight in what could be led as a bettle for survival at New Yof k's St. Nichola? Arena (DuMont-TV, 10 p. rn, EST). Although neither has been doing well cf late they still possess formidable won-lost record?. Bucbero- ni, of Philadelphia* has a 48-5 slate with 30 knockouts, BHon's record is 43-10 with 20 kayos. The heavyweight el&ss being What it is today, it doesn't take more than two good showings 16 get back in the rankings. It Only took two v/ins by Charley Norkus to get back in the money, and Bile- ceroni and Brion hope to do the same. Wildcat Billy McNeece, a crowd pleasing 22-year-old middleweight from islip, N. Y. takes on veteran Bobby Dykes of ' Miami at Brooklyn's Eastern Parkway in the other TV show tonight (ABC-TV). 10 p. m. EST). Winner of three straight, the rangy, blond wildcat f is rated one of the best prospects in the boom- ng middleweight division With a 13-2 record. His aggressive style is rght up Dykes' alley. Bobby, a tmar^t, boxer, likes his opponents to come" 'to him. Dykes' record is 95-.15-6. : . . ':-•:• , ' ' OAKCJRESTK FUNBBAL HOMB INSURANCE . . . AMBULANCE 2ND A-HAZEL . .'. PHONE 7-2123 * - Mo. TF _ _Se HI befor»< (fjju—•"•- i r •• 'HERNDON CORNEWUS BURIAL ASSOCIATION Lsrgeit, and .Oldest in South (Arfcanjas; Cap -7-55P5 tor our •> :T7 - ','»«?pts A23-1 MO. Sam Moore of Little Rock died Friday^ December 24. Funeral arrangements are'incomplete. , Miss Ozaree ixnve is spending the .holidays -visiting relatives and friends in Chicago, Illinois.'". Browns Detroit by 56 to 10 Score By JERRY CLEVELAND Of, The Cleve- S«rvic«« Offtrad MATTRESS. renovation. «n4 loner. ] «P?Ing, work- Cpbb Mattrete, Co, " 318 Sou,tb,. Washington. Phone Mrs. EdiSie M. Tyus and son Gregory and ; . ! Roy Mars,ha}l of (Dmaha, (Nebr.j ahd Alonzo Marshall of Richmond, Calif., are spending'the Christmas holidays -with-their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Evans. 7-2«2a. f-tf RALPH Montgomery Market, Custom slaughtering. Phone 7-3381. " v , ,10-1 MO. J5QR water well service, any size ', or depth, see • or write O. T. ;.Clark, Cale.-Ark. ™ -*• 19-tf SEPTIC" tanks pumped out. Go -time, Phone Dec. 6-1 MO. - way .;wherej - any Pro^C.t 7-99S9, ..,.,„. 1—i— Mrs. Cora' Woodard of Monroe, La., is spending the'Christmas holidays witlv her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Chambers', and other relatives. . . Miss Tr'e'ssie Dennis and Miss land Browns today owned a rare second National rbotbal! League j 'ti- lle after an astounding 56-10 dethroning of the Detioit Lions which prpveti "j. Cleveland's "retiring", quarter- bf.-ck, : Otto Graham,-showed enough voltage at 33three . touchdown passes and three scoring smashes to warrant doubt he will quit pro ball as he says. 2. That you can't believe what you see on the TV screen (the gamerturning play favored the Browns after what appeared a.neu- Ma.rgaret Williamson of A. M.,^&|iraiizing double-infraction on TV> Sf. College are spending the holi- 3. That the same two teairis^play- dayp with., their -parents, Eld. and Mrs. O. N. Dennis fend Mr. and Mrs. S. Wr Williamson, -w ' ctorCo. Ark. ?6$& and' service. Clif- Bv»ns t ,2112' .ftinctipn ?(Ci/»d; f Bl r T?prado.- Ark, r^-^^ '•{ r ' -PEC. 17-1MO. l*".' '^f rn.], %use, .4 esstl 9ection. $J5 ,per •"bhn-pJ-iVesey. Dec-18-1 mo. if pun Now!! id Used house located- at 622 W. Division. 'Wade Warren, Phone 7-254? or 7-2065. 23-6t Americans Go ,t ^ Two^UpJn _ ^ •<! . . ^ t .. ing it 1 the same city or successive Sunday won't kill your crowd 43,677 appeared 20,000 buying at the gate, , 4. That statistics are little white lies (ihe Briwns had only a slight edge over 'the two-time league champion Lions). * There was much of the fantaste about Paul Brown's tremendous crushing of a Detroit jinx in yesterday's game, played under per- fpct (for DPC 26» Weather conditions It ended a Lion quest for QOy WIUL QRIMSLEY SYDNEY, Australia Ifl Amer- Broken .JW«f.c«i 3rd Striet o THREE roorn i\irnlshed apartment, private bajh, 420 Edgewood, CaU 7-3845, 7-2367 or "-7-2775 after sbc. 27-tf an unprecedented NFL title. , thudt straigfti V ica seized a ,firm almost unbreakable grip on the Davis Cup today when two long-frustrated veterans, Tony Trabert and Videixas, fought their way to almost identical four,set victories over young Australian foes in opening singles matches of the .challenge round Trabert, (tight-lipped and deter- decorated unfurnished . , , , . , _ ppartment. Private bath. Bills ™ned, cu£ dewn powerful Leu ,s T,n«A T>v,«« n i.oatat^ w™™ ii o ,Hoad m'the first .match, 6-4, 2-8, 2-10, 6-3 Seizas, scrapping m, to t 8_p, m, phone 7-9934. 15-tf For Sale , • APPLIANCES • Toasters • Mixer* • Waffle Irons • Steam and • -Travel Irons. • Electric lankets.- «, Everything .in,., 3-E Dprmeyer Mirror-mane OKLAHOMA TIRE & SUPPLY - COMPANY. J9477EEP, 4 wheel drive, heater, •gocid tpp. Phone 7- 5858. 23-3t ONE male Dpberman Pincher dog, 2 years old. Owner leaving for overseas duty. Selling for best offer. 906 Diary. ' , 24-61 PURE bred Holstein bulls from high<'prqducing registered , Hoi ^tew) cows. Everrett Ward, 'Pres cptt, Ark, . 27-J21 Wanted JOOO 33USHELS of ear corn. Hope Feed Cq. Phone 7-8547. 23-6 Sports in Brief • By UNITEp PRESS 31- enr-old United ''States champion, vened a • Jong- and ^embarrassing in^ by. trouncing little Ken Rose vrll, 8.6-. 6:§,: Mi 6-3 ' Two down and three to go," said Bill Talbert, non- 'the :-Ja.ying captain of the Americans as she congratulated his -victorious thjetes in the dressing i com ( "We'll clinch ,the 3UR' tomorroy h the doubles And then Wednesday's fjna.l- singles, n-iatch • will fce just a formality" , : • Only .one cither time .in Ihe history of this stories^ in.ternational lennis competitiiph dating bitck to 3900 has a -team - lost the opening two singles and. come back to victory- '. • • •"• In. tomorrow's doubles, with the United. .States leading 2-0, Amerir ca, will pend put Tralrert and Seixes again against Australia's ]I<?ad and. RosesyaU .The-•Americans,'. Wjho have •established themselves as- tlve best, in 1he : world ( will be ove'rsvhelmingly fayored 'Harry Hopman, a di-sapDointt-d Aussie captain has the choice be- tweon Rosewair ajjd Hoad or RJX Hai twig and Mervyn Rose, who nva a brilliant doubles record No Rest for Nation's ' Cage Teams By ED CORRIGAN Of the Associated Pref-s There will be" no rest for weary this Christmas Week, for starting today, no fewer than l4 mejor college 'basketball tournn- ments will be. played pitting an Armload of the nation's top teams pgainst each other/ Eight of the 13..undefeated • big- time teams will play in tournaments. Four others will continue their regular season', scheduled and cnly one* Auburn with five'' victories, vill not see any action, • , North Carolina State which has iom up the best record to date 9-0, swings into the Dixie classic at Rpleigh. Tv/o of the qther iinh.ea't- ens Dayton with seven-triumphs, pnd VUIan'ova with four, play-in the Eastern Collegaite Athletic Association's holiday festival -in New York,. ' : - 'I""*' Columbia, 4-0, playd.' in.' the Qupen City TournamenV'in; Buffalo, N, Y. Dartmouth. 4^0,-tiiidiCpnngo- ticut 7-0, are in the New •England Tournament at ''Storrs, .Co., Florida, 5-0, heads < for the Gator Bowl tournament at Japksonyille Pla., and Kansas. 44), is the favor, ite in the Big Seven event at Kan- pas City. SATURDAY » j,OS ANGELES Parry O'Brien, Jr,. former Southern California fchot put sjar, was named Southern OftWflrniP athlete of tl n year by tfce "Helms HaJl of Fame board. O'Brien Is the only man in history toss, the shot more than 60 fert. NEW ORI^SANa Epic King a ha&langth triumph QVOI Super Devi), to win the $9,000 CJiristmas^ Handicap tt ( Grounds. Tv/o Fisted rari third. GABLES, ious Store captured Christmas Handicap J»ark. ScimiUv was the $JM7 second and SUNDAY el PU Rico, of five Philippines jn th. ' r«un4 f of, a scheduled 10 Australia Tony l» , Of Eut both Hartwig, just up fronr xumps, and Ros.3. a lelthnnder of lifting lemporament httv« been • ( edjocre in practice this week and ppear certain to watch the dou- ics from the sidelines "I was very proud of both Tony nc Vic," said TaUjert, whose ridi- prediction of a 5-0 sv/eep ow looks like a good bet '-'Boi/i f them foj}6we4 our-.bkUle. plans Jmost to th'e " letter and they howed great fighting qualities Basketball By The ApeocJatcd Prees Mib.neenoUs'87, Boston S2 Syracuse 97, New Yoi'H 9? <Qver- ime) - • ' '• ' Fprt Wayne 109, P}iila4elphia 96 Delight to Hay at Blevihs The Blevins Senior, boys basket' ball team will entertain the Senior boys team from Delight on the, Hornet court Friday night, December 31. Senior and Junior girls games are also scheduled. Experience Is in Favor of Georgia i If exnerience ; is Georgia Tech shbult MEET THE BEAK—All puffed up to beat the wintry blasts at the Condon: England, zoo is this pelican. The big-beaked W, seems to be wearing a fluffy while helmet with matching earmuffs,, DAt,LAS win the Cotton Bowl football game in a breeze aturday. The Yellow Jackets,: who* clh'sh with Arkansas in the . Dallas ieh lure, have been in iso .rnftnyi bjpw games they're as. common ab teg ulai season contests. This is the fourth straight year for Tech to play in a major bowl and there are three members cf the team who hove made all of them. These three are Larry Morris, the geat center;— Bliddy Jones, end, and Ben Daugherty. 'tackle. „,,,,. • Bill Brieman, quarterback, was on of the Diamond, the squad in 1952 when Morris, the team. After Jor.es and Dougherty, then fresh- entire team and men, played against .Baylor--in the Orange Bowl winning 17-14 ••-, Brigman, however didn't get in that grme. • . • • • Morris, Jones and- Daugherty have never known anything except victory in bowl warfare; because Tech beat Mississippi, 24-7'-in the 1953 Sitger Bowl and West .Virginia 42-19 in the'1654. Sugar Bowl. / Arkansas doesn't even have the same coach when it last' nppearec in a bowl ganie the Dixie., Bow: in 1948. . ; But Arkansas beat a lot "of teams with much more experience. .dur ing the 1954' 'campaign aiid 'won' be frightened by Georgia Tech'.: great bowl record. • In individua stars, the Razorbacks are as'goqc or better tht-n Tech. He'nryi'Mo.or«; the Razoback fullback, gained 067 yards riifhihg- compared to 442 fcr Tech's.top runner Jimmy Tho'rnp- son. . '. • • George Walker, the sophomore Btevins Grid Team Holds Banquet The Blevins High School Foot* «, ball team held its annual after season banquet in the Diamond Cafe last week. Superintendent Norman Jones spoke to the boys and announced that football would be continued after this year. Since this was the first time in fourteen years that Bleviftjs' had had a football team, and.We Jte.ct,that this year was the .telling ground' for future teams at Kevins, this ' announcement was welcomed with loud applause from the players. ' , ' 'C&ach Russell Stephens made a short talk to the players, and then preserved Captain Jack Lloyd with the-"Most Valuable Player" trophy, ;Each player was asked at the start of the season to observe his ellow ' teammate in regards to earn spirit, character on the field and ability, and a-vote was taken at the end of the season. Capt. Lloyd presented a gift of appreciation to Mr, Hnrvey, owner of the Diamond, for entertaining the banquet, the _ _ • Coach Stephens arid Mr. Jones were the guests of Eldon : Coffman at the Saenger Theater, LIVING PROVERB—It isn't often that a photographer is fortunate enough to .catch three monkeys .in.-this pose. Thejhree young chimps assumed the "Hear No Evil,. See No Evil, Speak No Evil 1 ' attitude at,the Hamburg, Germany, Zoo. \ Love Unflinehinfj ,'Buy a pup and 'your money will buy, love unflinching that cannot lie." There's no reason to belicys wrote thc-KS ago he was 'hat when Kipling words'many years Arkansas tailback, .completed .45 of 85 passes for 603 yards -compared .to'39 or 77 .doe 573.-,by.':Bri#man, the leading ,-Tech thrower. Preston Carpenter, Arkansas block, ing ba.ck, caught. 21 passes for -285 yards while Hcary Hair,- Tech's fine wint;man snared 24 for, 270.,-: General Rain : Sweeps Nation By The . Associat«d Presi Warm, wet air moving northward from the Gulf of' Mt'xicrf arid cold 'whose made Ihinking of" Christmas, 1954. when ;we think of the many people, children and. adults alike, ' Christmas . Day . will be merrier through the gift of a puppy, we will realize again that Kipling's words still ring ti'ue. • Perhaps those v>ho are lucky enough to receive a pup for Christ-' : qu| air settling slowly, southward of Canada boded a day ." .b^ snow and a ; sloppy' mixture of; both for much 'of 'the' Mid west 'today. -,. Lijjht i,ain fell -across central Missouri, southeastern Jpwa, • north- en Illinois-, and southern Michigan. Lightisnow fell to the north of the rain area. * '. ; . : The weather variety' rangpd fom flashes of • lightning-, in north central Texjis and I'OitJieastern Oiili?.- homa, .to unpleasant . themornetov readings 'of two below.- zero .at Grand Forks N; D:, and .eight below at International- Falls, -Minn There wns a .liglrt sprinkling of snow ih portions of North Dalot'n, Montana, Nebraska; and Colorado. It was rroslly -c!ear -in .the Far West, except for western Washington. . . . .' . . ..... ...:.'.' Early morning : reports included! rn.as; Will not know for'some time that-their gift .represents '.'love un- llinching that cannot lie." At first, they may be more impressed by their puppy's cute appsarence, by its sharp' little nyes, its playful manner. A dog's companionship snd loyally -'become more appar- • ent a's • he matures through the years.' It is when the frolicsome Christmas puppy -grows into the faithful family friend, the guardian of the household, the good companion of lonely one's hours that- .we finally-; realize that the> words •''Man's Best Friend" cannot • bef considered- an idle phrase. '. It has been said that the dog is the most adaptable of all creii assumed dif- lereht shapes : sizes and temperaments to fit himself to the varying needs of his masters. .But every dog has one thing in common, be he large or small. Maurice Maeter-, linck .'explained it this way: "He js born our friend; while-his eyes are still ' closed already lie ' ber iieves in us; even before his birth' he has,-given-himself to man," Perhaps all of us can learn lesson from'the dogs inherent honesty and devotion a lesson especi ally appropriate' for Christmas 1954. ' . . with sonic confidence, to. ruljng,,the TIRED-There were 39 massive St. Bei-nard 'dogs at this ov in Elyria, Ohio, but there was still room ^ anyone> to take a nap Stvetehing out for a snooze during the show is.Scotty Mc- AlbiE nine months old, who takes up a lot-less space than his pal, Sampson, who's eight months old. CONTRACTS AWARDED OKLAHOMA. CITY Amon? the other undefeateds..' Kentucky, the v/Inner of its own invitaijon tournament last week !,d the No. 1 team in'the country in the latest Associated Press pol), will try to vun its skein t<> sevun against St. Louis and Tempi?; 6.0i plays Pitt; Vanderbilt mith .4-0 goes aaalnst Stanford, and Seto'n Hall, 7-0, tackles Stanford and Gonzaga. Here are -pairings for tournaments-starting today: Holiday Festival (New York) LuSaUe.Syracuse; Niagara UCLA; puquesne.Villanova; Dayton- St. John's. ' • Southwest Conference (Dallas) Eiiylor'Alabama; Texas-T e x as A&M; Rice-Arkans as Southern Methortist-Texas Christian. Queen City (Buffalo) ForxmGeorgetown: Cclumbia.St. Bo- roost, . . Since Navy,'one" of'the most, glittering of the independents, ' "• has broken the ic.e in consentig to .-play. Mississippi on Saturday,' jt-is t^e next thing to a mortal cinch that Army arid "Notre Dame, will bei- come receptive to simila'r bids, in short, order. Neither of the •-latter schools has been quite,as dead.''sot against bowl games as one might think. A'H they needed was'a'little Oklahoma Turnpike awarded ' engineering yesterday on the 68 million dollai nprtheast Oklahoma toll road. First construction bids are expected 'to* he 'advertised for around 'March ••' Authority contracts s,hoving, really. * Army, as a" matter "of fact, would- have gone to the. Rose BoSvl in-a holy minute in 1946 if it-had been asked. That was the last y.ejar of the great Davis-Blanchard.com' bination, and West' Tbinf officials would have «liked to. e.fhjbit t£<Mr wondrous' scoring .rflachine bnv-the. West Coast. As We recall,' thoygji, the Coast. Conference already had committed itself to its ' fresent bowl pact with, the Big. 10 and could not invite the Cadets. ' • As nlmost" everyone must " be aware by this time, there is, considerable rivalry between our two service acadernies, Neither .school especially likes for the either to re. 15: - Nine firms .all from were designated to work with De leu w,' Gather & Co., consulting en- 'gineers who supervised the building of the Turner .^turnpike, completed last year between Tulsa and' Oklahoma City, PINT-SIZE ARRIVAL—"Pudgie," a year-old pigmy hippopotamus from Liberia, takes a. peek-around as he arrives in New York City. When full grown, Pudgie %vi» weigh only one-tenth as much as a full-grown hippo. Taking care of the animal is Betty D'Amove. an airline stewardess. TIES FOR RECORD AUSTIN. Tex W) Allan Shivers today tied th? record" for Jerigth o'f service ns governor of Texas. Shivers matched Coke Stevenson's recbrdrbreaking term of 5 years, 5: months and 13 days as governor. And the 47-year-old governor has fenother full two-year el-ictlva term s third starting Jan. 18. Caribou, Waine 23 cloudy; ypr'k 37'.clear; Miami 61 Brownville, Te., 70 cloudy; ver }fc light snow; Chicago 41 Cadillac, Mich. 32 light Fp6 -OVBfl UTAH SAltT LAKS? CITY ^1 A hpavy fog rolled into'- the- nwlhw«stevn llfysi pf irjah-yssterdayi ing a ' forecasters said. thai front ?ovto Of a\e thick log out navenVwra; Idaho State and Georgetov/n • Rt»y their first round eame-- Tw^day, Big Seven (Kansas City) Colo- Tuesday '? first rowd pairings are: Kansas Stitf^ftJKornia »nd Kfen*w«i«swft State. ' Ga otr B o\rt eovgia-Sprtag HiU; F State. Kentucky InYit8»tW»3>l Eastern Keptvwky'Wl»t¥m Ken.- His All-American SPORTS ROUNDUP By GAYUE TALBOT, NEW YORK The Sugar Bowl, by swee"CTalking Navy into making an appearance al New Or- Penn State; Detroit-Toledo. D^ixie Classic (Raliehg, N. C.) North Carolina-Southern Califor{ North Carolina Stale-Cornell; Jse' For,e§t-Mitinesota; Duke- West'Virginia. Invitation (Hempstead, N. Y-> Lchigh-Hofstia Coitland- DeJaware. St. Peter's (N.J.> meets Lafayette end Marietta plays Wag- leans, not only has landed the outstanding attraction of the New Year's Day program but has scored a victory over its bowl rivals which could have a lasting and important effect upon the whole business of post-season football. By going its -own resolute way and declining to tie itself up with any athletic confeience, as principal rivals have gamble. A year ago it 1; i extended Ws for a J?ls$§efl, U. cive more than its fair share of publicity, and -thers is no question that Navy stole .a march. |n ; that respect this time; As for Notre Dame, there have been recuring rumors for several years that the Irish were about ready to play in a bowl "game if the right invitation came ajong, One hears that there has be«sri some pressure from the alumni. 1 So far ihe rumors htvt- been strongly denied as fast as they popped up but they rjnight nqt be. the next time. The 'naw cpac.0, Terry Brcnnan, being very young land ambitious, might feel §if|er- icntly about post-season e-ctivjtieji 'than his predecessor, Franfc did. ' . The Irish have not Rlnyed in a towl since Jftjfo, One of th« re^sgn? A^rmy advanced for not ajpcepUr^ kids recently waj ^at swpb » would deprive number? o| team of their, ghri§tma# Navy, wmt H?W• to4»y to fly. "now, EKPERT seruiie M I M _ Monthly, December 27, 19S4 H 8 M § t A ft, M6 P t, A * K,A tt S A § IFOR QUALITY and HI fill fhoit 1*r fr»m DEPENDABILITY Crescent Drug ^P^V W* PwM^RFW^l ififj%i' J " ^Sl< *v* %/ < ,„-( » ' "-Y*., ,• J:-*j?ti)s,i;. OIAftl til OVER MY BUDGET -'1 NEED-FIVE DOLLARS By J. R. Willlami OU1 OUR .WAY YOU CAN'T TELL ME'VOL)'R£ KJC*T CHEATlNS/ MOM/ COME HERS dHJlCK AMD SEE IF HE HIPING SOME CARt?£ BACK ^ to Previous" Punl« , . . HE D06SNT HAVE ACROSS ' 2 Prince Charles ' '• * m ° U8 V,i«,in 3 Mosf sensitive . 4 - and ruin 4 *.-„•.„ 8 - and tide * .and all 3 Century sKSped plant Q British stock .. 14 Russian river - 7 Kno - w i ed g e 15 Country hptel 8 Jewish ' 26— >- and 16 Food ' religious -liability. processing • -literature 27 Lawyer's • plants - 9 Eye part- patrpns _ 18 Accountant's 10 -L- and right 28 High notes : 43 Nevada city books . so to do- 29 Yesses and 44 For - and 20 Hindu social n otherwise- f— ".. - , 0 ~, class • ' 17 copy' 31 Weirder ., ^Price . 21 Hearing organ 19 ' chafes 33 Group of eight 47 " — -go 2 Profanity 23 Of a wing 38 Wound, . bragn l -L- and boy 2 4 Less (slang) 40 Bow., and 48 Roden Is 28 Associate 26 Arrow poison 27 Tin ' •-• ' and the "Divine Comedy" 42 In a line BBB qH^^ua.-"1 ^ J'^Jg ^ ^U -.».,. ^.^.^A-*..,*..,*,^ ;.<••" A.'^.y.^ifo-'*^' 'w**^ WHKT "T THWJfe YOO»v«f*,*R6l ' ' 30 Anoints 32 God of manly 35 Repeat 36 Place 37 Depend 39 Hardy heroine 40 Location OUR BOARDING HOUSE OOkT Z&f WONlDEE IPX nfl41 Daniel in the •••• ' - lions 42 Mountain. ridge 1 45 Strew 49 Turning back 51 Age 52 Heavy blow 53 Mail • 54 Ignited • 55 Weary and AND HER BUDDIES - 56 Poker stake ---vij/57 Abstract being DOWN 1 Wind up, as' a snake . CARNIVAL BUGS BUNNY Bv HerihberaM FUNNY BUSINESS ALLEY OOP inly do visit the water cooler often enough^ a m^n Wth a 116 boding average!" By GclbraiMi SIDE GLANCES masks keep, the j^ about the s teaks!" PRISCJLU'S POP SWEETIE PIE ' I 'reckpn i . m apQth«r ... T»ft-MR will - are put away • Qur Christmas tree $rows brown- THi ITORY OF MARTHA far g*t on* thtt ''That PJP« S t*f ^v.a ;•/, r _ w _ ?)W ^^ *^..^^A

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