Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 29, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 29, 1932
Page 3
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our driam* d*ny "what's trie ttw of trying," and ftflttAt 7 TT ™fc£_l T —— — — — -— KIT— • •»—.^ Swill jbu miles away from beslhass f ' wnfcft the good times (feme Wtftin. 'Ohi it's best to keep on strtvlhg tho • ' tfte dlotrds are hanginf low And it's-'best- to brave the! tempest when the wind* begih to ttow. ,r*or the "What's the use of workfnl," WllFl6)d dihers In their places wfoerY i thVgood tithes come aMfni '. ' ; ?o, li (mit4 of wind uttt vpaiee and ' < tae hardships of the dWt> * Vd) better keep on, battfilf lj|l the steums shall pass a way; for th* "sit and wait for orders" and ' - ' ' ,M , «.,„ * Will toe six month* tale discovering - that good times are' hjer* again. it " —I. A, G. ; Rev. and Mrs. W. R. Chandler left ,» Friday for a week end visit with Mr. ; and' Mrs. Roy Cotton and other rel- ntives in Little Rock.. > 5 Mrs. James R, Henry, Jr., and children, retamed on Saturday from a Mrs, J. Ifc Simpwn of Coffeyvllte, Kan., who has taht tffe |u«Wof tH* family ejf. {wrwn, Brand N. ShumarA gone Id Shwveport for a visit to 'Miss Anna Nttrtc t has spent the fart few days'lit Ttxirkana gttendlng Slsfriat meeting of the Southern fee indj UtlllUea compc.iy. The Hope Library Association., held their amjlftl msellnS on Thursday tcrfioort In tfie library room at the * yfcnll; wUJt itae presldeht; Ms«. J. A. Henry pWsldlng, During, the. bus* 'fflesT period, * number off things per- tfoent to? the growth, and success of the library Were discussed, among them war the lending of books to nlh- membefs, and fines on overdue book*, and ways and means of financing the library. The following rules were adopted! a fine of twenty-five cents would be levied against any member found lending books to anytfcdy outside of the member's family) and the names of members owing overdue fines would be posted in the library room foe three Weeks, atfer which they .would be published. The foltew- LAST TIMES FRIDAY A Picture You,Can't Afford to Miss! "SOOKY" -WUh- JACKIB COOPIIt-ROBERT COO6AM And AH Their Pals of Shantytowrt FWday Night Family Night ; Entire Family Admitted 1 For Limit 5 SUNDAY-MONDAY MILLER '-In-'. . : "Her Maiesty Love" -SATURDAY ONLY- DOUBLE PROGRAM Ken —lit"Arizona Terror" rSTORES LOCALLY OWN£OAND OPERATED ^•••^•••^•••••i^i^^^i^^ r-.'^S^T 7 ^ ^^T^ Lard (Limit t Bucket) 8 Pound Bucket 55c Lettuce Head 6c Fancy—nice size Apples Dozen "Kitchenette" CORN, can .... 8c Ivory .Soap FLAKES, pkg | "Evaporated" j Apricots, 2 Ibs... LARD, 2 Ib. bucket 19c Fancy Triumph Potatoes, 10 Ibs. SUNSHINE WAFERETTS CRACKERS -I 71 r 2 Ib. box I I 2 C DelMonte No. 1 size Peaches DelMonte, unpeeled Apricots. Butter 16 Oz. Jar Pure Cane Sugar 10 Pounds 45c SPECIALS FOR SATURDAY SHOPPERS Armstrong's Whole or Half-Found ' I 1Q BACON Decker's Korn Kist, Sliced Rindless—Lb. 19c BEEFHOAST Any Cut Fore Quarter—Pound f NECK BONES 4 .-. 20c CHEESE 161c SPARE RIBS ?ound lOc Pork Shoulder Roast Pound 11C „ 6f fotW^n anjioufiee the Edward. Win Cannon will b» 4 f« mtrtbered By, her friend* la thft city, as Mill Antoinette DeLony. Or, J. H. WeaVer°and fir. PlnfcCaf* rlfan left) Friday night for. St, L«ul*. Where they'win atbenti a meetlrtg of <he Miwouri Pacific Hospital Aijboia tlon. Mrs. S. Q. Norton and Mrs. A, C. Whitehxirst visited In Texarksna on thursaay. Circle No. 6 the Young Women'* Cir cle of the Auxiliary of the first Pres byterlan church will entertain at "A Woroahless Tea" on Tuesday evening February 2nd at 8 o'clock at the home Ot Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey McRfte on East Third street Messrs. Nick and Carter Johnson attired in Worth's latest spring models Will preside over the coffee an dtea urns. Mrs. A. C. WhitehUrst and Dorsey McBae and Silly Duckett left Friday morning for a short visit with Miss Loraine WhKehurst in Hazen, Ark, The members of Just a Mere Bridge club were guests of Miss Martha "Martindale. on Thursday evening at her home JTI West Fulton street. Mrs. W. W. Conipton and Miss Selma Lee Bartlett were .special guests. In the score count, Miss Elsie Reed received the prize. Following the game* the hostess.served a delicious' salad plate. The members of the First Baptist church will hold open, house Friday eveniri'g as special compliment to Dr. and Mrs. W. A. Bowen, who will leave on Monday for their new home in San Marcos, Tex. The public, is' cordially invited. (Continued From Page One) mately $130,000. "I made the contract with 555; myself in anticipation of a farm-to-market road program," Sibeck testified with reference to the payment by the county of claims of. that concern for about $20,000 worth of tires, tubes, parts, etc., that were not delivered. A refund has been made to the county by 555, since Sibeck relinquished his official position. . . "The interest of Kern-Limerick was in all the counties," Sibeck said in explanation of the testimony of R. C. Limerick that Sibeck solicited the $2,500 for the County Judges- Associa- Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! With HOPE STAR WANT ADS •" ; The more you tell, The quicker you fell. 1 insertion, lOc per lln% ' minimum SOc 3 insertions, 7c per lln«k minimum SOc 6 insertions, 6c per line, minimum $1.00 26 insertions, 5c per line, minimum $4.00 (Average 5V4 words to the line) NOTE—Want advertisements accepted over the telephone may be charged with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, the day of first publication. Phone 768 FOR RENT FOR RENT—3 room apartment. Apply 1116 South Main. 28-31 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, two or three rooms, connecting bath- Private entrance. Mrs. R. M. Jones, 314 South Shover. 2913tp FOR RENT—Two furnished, rooms for light housekeeping, down stairs, near bath. Phone 315. Mrs, D. T. Chamberlain, 717 S. Main. 23-6tp. FOR RENT—Four nice houses. One close in, just remodeled. Telephone 606 or 607. 26-6tc WANTED WANTED—General houae work by middle aged woman. Phone Mrs. Davis Broadway Hotel. 28-3tp. MIDGET HANO BARGAIN. We have, a new Cable Midget Piano in the High School Auditorium, loaned to the P. T. A, for the play a few weeks ago. .Will sell at a big sacrifice on account of this little use. Easy Payments. Write for price. H. V, Beadey Music Company, Texarkana, Ark. 27-3tp FEMALE HELP WANTED-Sell Vel- vetina toilet products in Hope. Quality beauty goods. Highest commissions. Permanent. Address box 98. 37-3tc NOTICE NOTICE: Men's suist, cleaned and pressed, delivered SOc. Cash and carry 40c. Family finish laundry service 8c Ib. Hope Steam Laundry. Telephone 148. 26-6tc For painter and paper hanger. Roof repairing work guaranteed to stop your leaks. Call C. W. Harrington, Phone 518-W. 27-3tp NOTICE—New Spring hats just received. Ladies Specialty Shop. 27-3tc NOTICE — New arrivals; latest Spring millinery modes. Ladies Specialty Shop. 27-3te FOR SALE FOR SALE—Just received. 5 dozen smart, new Spring hats. Jl.aB to ^4.95. Ladies Specialty Shop. 27-Stc "f dtdkt, tow time, mwtiftg, Mr, Bailey," Sibec whBn\Ui& iSrofectrtof inftuif "ft that was a justifiable thing K» dd why didn't you. maks- otii a e«ii* for sefvices w^dered. ahd pay out of th% treasury IhoSe whom you saV wisre working ih the ittteresls of the county?'" The payment of $10.000 to Dr. MflJt* shall, close advlgef of Sibeck, for LAW* yet Davis Was oft what Sibeck termed a "contingent basis," but what conttti'-, gehclee It fcovered were,' hot qUft* clear. ' *' "Who made the suggestion that yo« raise money to fl«)it tft6 MoCaW biB?' J asked the pe&seeuUng' attortjfey,' " ' "Mr. Matthews (JUsUn Matthews, member of the state Highway Commission) came and "told me that the McCabe bill had' Just passed the Mouse and tt would not be'pefmittWi to reach the comiriltteft In thft SetwW?."' the defendant reified." Vh^y.,tA\l- roaded tfiat bill right on through, and Mr. Matthews said that we must kilt itj fhfit.lt would kno«k this county out of aboui $139,000 a year, "There wa's some discussion at a meeting: later as who was the Btisi man to get It killed, and. Wallace Davis was decided on," , "Who suggested Wallace?" Wallace Davis Selected "I think Mr. Matthews. As soon as W,allace Davis' name was mentioned, I realized the political position that he was In, and it was entirely satisfactorily. 1 thought thfct If anybody iri the world could secure the veto, he could." "Yoa hired him, then, because of, his .'political 1 position?" "That's right. If he'didn't get the veto, he was to give the |10,000 back and it was to be returned to those who contributed it," r • At another time, however* Sibeck said that Lawyer* 1 Davis agreed' ; to, test _ . _ oh ifi; 3et*embi)> had eJtRiaifted.Wflthe iu«ttsitM &«,,- flwr—in c«feney*~0ver to Wi M who was 'fs'takehbfifitr" unfll" _ , rtbr Jfernell vetoed U)d McCabe bUL , "TtoMl 'wits vetoed afid tnl' money wai paid M#, Ds«&" slbetk. dccla* ed. Included iri the Grand Jury test! . ?, «tot» was- the foU Phone 380 The Electric Number BACON ELECTRIC COMPANY ,_ .... „ . W to t>ti all ail d sWJaftdlddr to hold uri- /til the governc* vetoed; the bill, 4 It WAS to be tu«d to Induce the. •goVBrnot> lo. Veto th« bill? A. Yes,-Sir-. BoMlnger Wd tw Lobbyldg The $5.000, fee alljiweji Lflwyet Boh. ;llnger List A?i?Il llkfewfse; figured in thy oross-examinaUqh with regard to the lobby. Sibeck' intimated &: first yesterday that this, was'fou Bohlinget'^ efforts in "prombiing 1 legislation, but, In elaborating oh the maltef he said' half Of it Was for lobbying'services 'arid the other for legal services in behalf of the fil-fated $325,500 bond Issue. Discovery by a'Gazette reporter of the $5,000 payment, and the publication in the Gazette of the details of 'the transaction precipitated theljln- d.uiry. by Prosecutor'BAfley which tels jnihated in: the invalidation oi< the bond issue, Testimony of Sibeck yesterday revealed that he. personally had. cashed the'Bohlinger fee warrants at the sher- tl* of Mr. Matthew* 1 was'regarded as _ Thorn, 4 state partment employe, was _. cHMtt.^H« (06k his seat In the- i ttrosecutlng attorney' h)s 1ft "•*---• Twlev* httttM stamps af6-t6 b«»i the portrait of Washington. CJHe wsy to meet the national, deficit wsKild be to-sell space^dn. ' (tiserfl, GUM LOGS and BLOCKS We are again buying gum • logs and blocks. Prices and specifications at our 'Office. i HOPE BASKET CO. CASH PRICES \ . " For Saturday and Monday 3 -i SWeet Potatoes tft* 10 pounds. *W- Irish Potatoes to pound's: Good Flour ACg 24 Ib. sack...' TW? Best Meal 10 panQds'. LARD., RGB IS ON GROCERY CO. f ^ Fourth & Washington Phone 670 You Can Depend On a Low Price a ElEFORE YQU DO YQUR SHOPPING watch the windows of yoUr nearest A&P store this week-end for rock bottom prices on staple merchandise, Sugar, Flour, Shortening, etc. We-can save you mon^y. Qur entire line is priced low. -, The»c Price* Effective Friday and; Saturday ., -pure cane 10 Ibs. 48c 20 Ibs. 96c LETTUCE^psfirMfaeads--^ ^c Nutley Oleo Margerine 2 Pinto Beans 5 Lbs. Package tore IQNA PEARS-in rich syrup 2 33c SPARKLE-Gtjlatin Desert— popular flavors, pkg. 5c SULTANA APPLE BUTTER-25 oanee Jar 17c . Grandmother's Bread Regular 16 ounce Loaf White or CM Whole Wheat........ wv Pan Rolls 5c Raisin Bread, Ioaf....l0c WHITE HOUSE MILK 3 Tall or 6 Smalt cans Watch Our Window* For Added Special* Silverbrook Butter Pound 27c Economy Oats 56 Ounce Package 12c Beanut Butter ™ T 15c QUART 28c A & P Coffee Service 8 O'Clock, Ib 19c Red Circle, Ih 25c Bokar, Ik. .„—29c , A Coffee T* Suit Xpur Taste Ground To. Suit Your Pot NATIONAL BISCUIT CO. SPECIALS 2 Ib. box Crack«r« . .19c Fig Bar«—2 Ib*. 23<c Shred. Wheat, pkg. IQc ' 1 |b. Prero, Crackers He Fleischman's Yeast—cake Brillo Cleanser—3 boxes Red Karo—No, l l /i can Scott's Toilet Tissue—3 rolls. Pacific Toilet Tissue—3 rolls. Candy Bars-—3 for Sultana A«st. Jelly—3, Jars Pink Salmon—2 cant Baby Lima Beans—2 Ibs, Quart Mustard . 3c 25c .12c 25c .13c lOc .25c .25c 45c Raisins—2 Ib* package I7c Blackeyed Peas—medi can 7c Life Buoy Soap—2 bars ....!5c Rinso—3 packages ,.,,,.,., w ...,..,2j5c lona Ketchup—3 bottle.* 25c lona Corn^—No. 2 can IQe lona Peai—'No, 2 can — , IQe Stringles* Beam—No, 55 can 9c K. C. Bak. Powder—25 o*. can 49c Calumrt Baking Powder—Ib. 25c WATCH FOR OTHER MARKET SPECIALS ON WINDOW SLICED BREAKFAST BACON pound 15c PURE PORK SAUSAGE 2 pounds 15c BULK SHORTENING 2 pounds 15c Veal Chops Lb. 12c I Pork Steak Lb. 12c Veal Round Steak Veal Seven Steak u 12c pound 106 'ouwlll.! k *,*, Candy Assorted Chocolate > f \ Pound Bo* Ct^sUl White 8 Burs For . I,/'/ Corn No. 2 Standard Two f w Oleo S A Rice Choice—Full Hea4 6 Pounds • Matches Celery IN OlIR SANITARY SPARE Ribs PORK PORK Sausage CHUCK Roast ROUND Steak THICK RIB Roast 100 Per Cent Puw Pouna ?«w«4 RINDLESS Bacon Pounds VEAL Chops I5C RUMP Roast I5C 'i.,,.,',

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