Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 29, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 29, 1932
Page 2
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e«itf vo«n«» (turn. Mtwy«Pt««H!t>i. Wrfti »w« of a busK league new: to pan-t I tftink aBotit a wa?e doesn't mean a-thing. What _„_„ is thai if Out warships are mfles west of Californias and war V'then we wilt have brotrght down jurselyes. We witt nave been the aggressor Qfaf-Cn fl Vj_-.£ t * •* •" is jforming in some-bf ^my read- clu»on: that the imlitery parly of Japan-, similar to the Kaiser's iy "sought to conquer Europe, difference: Europe is reEatedVto us. from there. A single nation conquer- Vably be oi its way to conquering when we entered the World war. laK aleiQ continent. If Japan- wishes Asia— i.t f « * — " no more military business in, Asia ltdve on the North or South American a mattei^oWapan ^ some of the South American republics. »*,, darling. .Where are you?" Artfl asKed, frantically. "I'm down here at the Union Station* t haven't any money tor darfars not anything 1 , The lady here' is l&tUng* ma use the tale- phone ott her desk."' "Are yoii—alone, dear?" Course I'm alone. But I can't walk home, and; t harentt any money,'tortcaftaite. The lady—" "Mary-Frances, are you—are you, alt right?" "No. Via not I'm hungry. I'm Just naturally starved) And f haven't any money, and—" "Listen; honey. You go right outside the station there, and you'll see* some taxlcabs, Get into one of them,, and tell»the driver your, address—'" "Ann, I haven't a money—" " -"That doesn't matter.. Do just aa sister tells you. Get into the cab and tell the man your ad dress, I'll be waiting- on' the porch, and I'll pay Bun when he gets here with you." "t hardly thtot he'll do it> "Ot course Be will. That's the way to do. Peopla never pay taxicabs until the end of' the ride. Icon do 'that, right away, r now. Will you!" "Yes* if it is all tight." " "It,la. dear. That la the way people •• always, do. ' And — dar- cent of " Are you — are yon>— ." J :•'••'•' i ; fit about to happen at the port of Shanghai; bepeen; Japan; btt 'the one hand; aid "the other hand, over'the right*&r>aH'-na*ioB8' . terms m Chfna 7 Japan cannot exclude other iog inta trouble. But Japan isn't ,pre~ entire civilized world> and she wont. She 33tpch of Chjiuuis^bft .can; handle con- a matter strictly between Japan and ^ 11 illf-t-"jfjilit tare undWy alarmed,|fi« China's sake, go read •t'*_*x. ., f^M .AV^jl>f i__l_J.j_ .i*'.-.!;*._.u " ..•!*.?**"£« ' YiTn* 4**l*A might tell the man to driver ratner.-.faat. Not too fast, dea*; • Just rather fast." Ann littng < '~uif" ihe" 'Vecelver aifd leaned Bgafti8«f,§!e wall and closed Ber eyes. ' , §«( USX" *«*<* .^ ., t Phil that I the ^(ju until t§8 taxlcW) com 'NO, S6aTV I BWS6S fWJt aore wtterff yftu Bit t hurt to tte alone with Mary^rancea whet* 8h& gets here-^that'8 all. t Wtsft thef* ware- some way 1 could get word to Glssy. poor Clsey, Ohi aty wordt t forgot to "telephone tO i Mrss Hilli Whdn Ann returned to the Dorch Phil said, "Deateat, it you could listen, luat ft moment—" "They are aa good," Ann said. •1 doa't Know how we can ever thank them—tho Hills, I mean- tot whaftnejt've dona. II It had been Ermintrude, Mrs. Hill couldn't have beett a bit happlev. She waa so aweet—crying and all. And sue is aure that everything Is all right, or Mary-frances wouldn't have oome hornet Surely the child couldn't have talked iu that mfltter-of-faot way about being hungry, and so on,. If she'd had 1 a very unpleasant experience. Dear, do you think she could' have?'" "Surely not surely not. I've told you over and over, Ann—you sttll call me 'dear.' You let me put. my arms around you* You cah't have stopped loving me entirely, Ann. You must stilt love me a little." "Yes, t suppose so. I must I always .have. But I don't wish to be Bothered about love right now." "Would it bother you, beautiful, it I told you how I felt when r came.lit this evening, tired and miserable; and lonely, and the} clerk at the desk handed me that slip of: paper with, your, telephone number on.it?.". "That's* all right, dear. Poor Mr. HB1 and that sweet old Uucle fchaney—out hNinting for her. I wish" T could get word to them. Mr. Hill couldn't have done more if it had been Brmintrude. Mary- Frances, was just cross and funny —not nervous nor anything. I all the ftattt it to help you s&td, "J5n> Ann, 1 must lay! "88 lt'8 tte, Ann,;y*»u §6t th«fmftfc. ftftldhWI. pay the mftrt," "Across the safe sweetness Yfltt, ol Bh'duld'er, Mil's I've attended to if, Aan, bother." ' - "fild Cissy c6me hotna all ttow'8 Qrarid? t thought Ctssy could come home after Bushing Grand over, I could, atter making just a big, mistake. Yes, 1'lt t«n you alt about that tu a minute. But you raid, Ann, that nothing I'd do would make nay difference. I—Ann* do you think GiisV will be awfully mad? t left her bag at Mendel Springs, It was lirthe hotel lobby, t guess t broka ft promise. I anyway, Ann, don't Know. But* t couldn't starve, could I? I'd ot died. The dining room was closed tor repairs. And something waa Just opening and shutting like a trapdoor Inside of me. I 'spect it we'd write a let' tar we'd get the bag sent bank home all right. I hardly think Earl would take it." 'fPPhls— Earl, dear? Ha wasn't —rude to you nor anything ot that sort, was he?" "No, he Wasn't rude. Just Inconsiderate, All he thinks, about tS'hla old stomach. He wasn't hungry: Inconsiderate. I don't think real true love would let another person starve. She ate like a little wild animal; tearing the cold chops from the hooes, gulping great swallows ot milk, her eyes, glaring at the food on the table before her. Color began to ebb into her cheeks and Into Ann's at about the same , time. "ff don't know Jnat why I went, Ann:- You keep interrupting all the time. 1 don't know why— I Just kind of did. But, • anyway, like I was telling you, he said 'Ell drive the car around to the garage, and you watt here.' And I said, 'You can't/ and I kept tell- he couldn't, 'cause the can't think what on earth is ing that tasl. Tnere seemed to be nothing thB matter with Mary- Frances except that She' was Jiun- gry=-4md didn't have carfare. How odd that she didn't hare a cent of'money. It Is a gqftd thing, after all, that we dining room was closed. He sale missing, one meal never hurt anybody. And, Ann, he never even offered to buy me salted nuts nor chocolate Bars nor anything, and '1. ^cttuldn't ask &im. hardly, tt seemed funny for me to, when we weren't so very well acquainted „.., .. _ _._n't go He'd had tils lunch, of course. I straight' to the "police. "Another hadaVhacTa•bfte.aU" day, , Not a thing we haveUto thank thaf JSllla.-liltftw -§o then, when spite ot all"! toe. Phil, IB that'll? "Yea^--tliere I Sard ihe went-right stubbornly to Ufct rose, mstefwr Rtlea 6tt to P 8flnt» ftd Alt, 'Me'« Wlle« hoattht. 'Ite'iUJlllM "T&efe was ft i»{a .„ an* Bftrt hadi m £ tetit 4] Pttdffitff** Mfiybs It wan jtitf aottethlng at ntL,_ _eiffrwBa homaf And tto Attd-then t Jttit w«nt o_ _._ „._ hint the truth, Ann. t dan't know —t luat fait like tening him tho ~ ruth, m wag fat and" ntod, afld ha was coming hotna and etory- thing.. I told him I'd eloped but changed my mind. Ho ecettie«- ery much surprised, and he said, Judas prtestt Are you marrledt* t said, 'No. I changed my mind. 1 want to go home/ go h« sold, Hop on.' So then I had: to tell ilm how t didn't have any money, 9ut he said, 'Hop on,' 30 then, later, in. the train he cam* along and gave, me hia flame and address—It's in my pocket—and h« said that my folks could pay him, (f they wanted to, 'cause he'd paid my fare personally out of his ow>u Backet, go you will, won't you, Ann? He was very obliging, and i seems he has a couple ot daugh- »rs around about in; age. H* ;old me to take a taxlcab horns, ;oo. But I waa afraid he didn't know, maybe, being a brakoman on a train. So then the lady la the. uniform at the station said to mo, 'Have*you friends in the city?* So t told her I. lived here, but I didn't hare any money for car- tare, but 1 could telephone homer-"- ' t * • ' * r ttrtABLINGI How did you hap* ••-''pen to start off without any money at all? Yon always have, a quarter or so, don't youT" "I got a few little things this morning—a lipstick and an eye* brow pencil. It came to more than I thought. I had to ask the man to take five one-cent stamps. And I never dreamed-, Ann, that Earl wouldn't buy me salted nuts nor chocolate bars nor anything. Just goes to show I" The telephone bell rang again, and Ann answered It. She had some difficulty in making Kenneth .understand that she had no message for him now; "I'll bet," Mary-Frances said, as Ann turned from the telephone- to her, "that If you went out with him he wouldn't let you starve. I'll bet." elaborated Mary-Frances, "that he wouldn't let any girl starve." For a moment she looked V "tf^tt ~6ff and 1« Run Over , M. art ettferfr mah,' dM fa If ThursdUy- «ftw«*h followin jittits. suftewA wjjttt a. teaefe oyef him IFhuttday morning 11 gs on- hiih oft Irt* HBMPSTBAP COUNTY , truck wt® fl^n«a ^ lh« TOba «r Coming up: a hill tht ftttek The driver; Hoy Hew, decided ttf, down to gat a n«w *tarfc fcahrmtt *»# a youngjttan, alt* on tft» baftfe* Be* came M$fi*ri*i' and jUttiM ell. iohfmer nUgftfed and Mo. A roar wheel passetf BVet His onW* M«ft with the tfuek said that he lived alone near the colmiy. He a»Red that relatives be not informed ot the accident and dfed without giving further Information; II whs said he had relatives In Iowa. Murder Trial at Booneville Begun Testimony Concluded in Case Agauut Kelly Sharp, Farmer BOONEVILLE — (£•}— Presentation of evidence In the murder trial of Kelly Sharp was completed Thursday night and arguments of attorneys begun. '' Sharp Is accused of killing Hoskell Davis at Sharp's home near here last December 9. The fatal shooting is alleged to have occurred after a quarrel In which Robert Maxwell, Davis' companion, also was shot, Two Forcibly Ejected From Mine Union Meet INDIANAPOLIS—(#)—Disorder and confusion arose Wednesday in the afternoon session of the biennial convention. United Mine Workers of America, when John Hindmarsh, Riverton. 111., forcibly was ejected from Tomlinso hall. Henry Schuster, a. delegate, from Scranton, Pa., also wai pushed out ot the auditorium. an< there were several minor rows anc arguments. . CITY OFH0PE •{Democratic Primary feb. 28)- C&yOterk like an yawned. angel, ' I'm and tired then ouU she I'm sleepy. I guess. I'll go on to.' bed J* "Sister's, babjl I'll; come up worked, but was indicted also for the slaying of the farmer's wife and the! two young daughters. Bodies of al were found in their oil soaked farm home near Berlin. City Attorney PAT CASIY For Alderman Ward. One L, C. (LEX) HELMS ROY AttDERSOH Ward Two, BOY STBPHErisON Want Four CtYEMB A. MONTS A. M. M'KAMEY Clark County Grand Jury Concludes Work ARKADELPHIA—The Ctaek county grand jury competed its investigations Thursday and was- dismissed. Upon, the- report tha January term of. Clark county circuit court recessed until Monday, having completed the civil docket this weak. The criminal docket comas up Monday. A jury trial resulted in a verdict for plaintiffs, Jim. Long and Lena Long of Gurdbn, who sued' the Brotherhood of Bailway Trainmen for Insurance on the life, of. their son, Romie Long! Missouri Pacific brakeman. The criminal docket will contain but one case-involving murder, that of a negro poisoning case. ,wlth Vou'.'" (To Be Continued), Do\bu |tg£if$fal^us river, iiaafBeenTiemmwlmby corir fctinre immemorial, only to tarn in its course and juvader so thai riot one vestige remained, t>pfe might conceivably conquer Cfiina^ un would destroy the Japanese identity erations. I rather think the Japanese' are more with the history of their neighbor, than judge that they are forewarned,, . . ., ..-; ;-f- ', - --,.,. J '•• •' •' The Auto ermnent has warned- that Saturday night is f tfr buy auto licenses without penalty—and „ _fHrti*er extensions, as granted in I9&1. jf the state will be as good as its word remains to ertwnly if it carries out its threat a good many „, .rittbe amsted-aiid finedrtmd 1 thousands of aqto- will be laid op until the half-rate is effective next •, wfco have been following our attack upon the s o&tne state for voting the extra one-cent gas:year, will recall that the. money from this one ,J by eaeh cownty judge would have gone a long ,,,, reducing the price of the 1932 state license. The gas tax money turned back to Hempste'ad county •VFR& approximately $17,000. It was dissipated in aiiies and building political fences. There are prob- r automobiles in Hempatead county. At an average fee of $20 per car, this represents $60,000 extracted "'"» one coonty. The $17,000 from the extra-cent gas; might have made possible a 25 to 30 per cent reduc- 11060$$ fees. Safe there waa no intention of this. The county judges ... . *w=-. r ^ tQgetflgp a j L rttte Ro( . k w h en the legfs- , „,.„.-. winter and persuaded it to increase the gas £&' fb ft cents BO the judges would have more money ,J lor day labor on dirt roads, and pay themselves IWgS!?^ est^eted this $17,000 additional tax from users of JJempatead county—and as a result, ta pay an exorbitant auto license, with a gaVbiU just behind us, / «•" ^^-^ . I —,..!_. •-.—— -....-. \ Philippine Independence before the House Insular Affairs. Commit- )nd«pendence Mission, whose mem- Weedom through & gradual withdrawal of in the islands, puts before Congress once and important question of the nation's TWENTY^FIVE YEARS AGO • Joe 'Greene spent yesterday at home. E. L. Smith, of Ozan, was here yesterday. Dav W. I. Stokes, of Spring Hill, was here Saturday. Vf, V. Thompkins was down from Prescott yesterday. TEN YEARS AGO Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bringman, of Dallas, Texas;, arrived ioi theeity yesterday and will make their home in Hope in the future. Miss Edith Lindsey and Mr. Wilbur E. Sherrod, both of this city, were quietly marred yesterday afternoon, ad the parsonage of the First Meht- odiat church, Dr. Alonzo Monk performing the ceremony. Howard Sheppard has accepted a position with the Hope Auto Co, Col John B. Fordyce, state high- 'way commissioner, was in the city yesterday, a guept at the Barlow Hotel Tariff Equalization Is Sought in Measure WASHINGTON -(#>)- Legislation designed to equalize tariff duties by. making; compensations for deprecia- :ion pf foreign currencies was introduced Thursday by RepreseKtatifire Hawley of 'Oregon, ranking republican on the house committee. ways and means Negro Slayer Plans to Appeal Death Sentence TOWSC-N, Md.—(£")-Euel Lee, ne- gro, Thursday was sentenced to be hanged for the murder last October 11 of Green K. Davis, Worchester cpunty farmer. Sentence was passed by Judge T. Scott Cffutt, chief judge of the Bal- timore county circuit court, a few minutes after he and his two associates had overruled a deense motion for a new trial. Bernard Ades, attorney for the International Labor Defense League and counsel for the negro, said the case would be appealed to the state's highest court. Lee was convicted only foe the murder of Davis for whom he had this qwefition, one should neve? forget. a& stands solemnly pledged to a it to thep, Io t «»» we tot to al! the rules of us i» not, "Shall we in a way that Not so grand when it goes on a rampage -* smashes things flat with a windstorm or tornado. Insure your property against windstorm tees witn thi§ agency. RoyAnderson&Co, Pbons 610 Hope, Arkansas pspSKn^R^!^ 1 *^*'^* 1 - 17 '' MK-JW] DARWIN STORE HOPE'S FIRST One Cent Sale OF GROCERIES—SATURDAY ONLY Toilet Ambassador Tissue 1 for 9c—2 for IOC POTTED Meat Eagle Brand I can 5c—2 for 6c Salt TABLE 1 pkg. 4c—2 pkgs. 5C Soap White Laundry 1 bar 4c—2 bars for 5C Syrup New Crop Pure Ribbon Cane Quart 39o-2 Quarts 3IC Beechnut Ketchup, 14 oz. hot...21 c Crackers, 2 Ib« 21c Coffee, 7 Ibs 87c Sorghum, gal 29c Oats, 55 oz. pkg. 19c Pork & Beans 7c Corn, No. 2 can 9c Peanut Butter, pint..!7c Pineapple, can 13c Macaroni, pkg •••- 4c Spaghetti, pkg 4c MEAT MARKET SPECIALS FOR SATURDAY Grain Fed PORK Small Rib and Loin Chops, Fresh Pork Steak and lean meaty Spare Ribs, cut from Heropstead County grata fed porkers. SMAJ4- POBK Lbs. 26c 100 Delicious Steaks Cut from Choice Meal-fed steers. 20c 180 17c CHOICE SIBLOiN HOUSE 08 SWISS Smoked Meats Fancy Northern Sugar Cured Breakfast Bacon, Independent Brand. 6 Lb. Average. BUY If BY THE SLAB-Lb SLICED BACQN Hams, g« Half-Lb. 176 19c 146 See What You Can Purchase for Your' Nicfelct ';• :-:-:];Sa^d»y*hd'Ali^ex|:Wed^v4: f .*-' 5-Cent Sale AT PATTjasQljl'5 GROCERY Beans Great Northern and Pinto t 10 Ibs. 49c—Per pound . 5c Potatoes Fancy Red Irish 10 Ibs. 19c—2V4 Ibs. for 5c Potatoes Smooth Yellow Sweets 10 Ibs. 15c—3 Ibs. for 5c Bananas Large Fancy 4 Ibs. 19c— Per Lb. 5c Toilet Paper—4 Rolls 19c Per Roll 5c Matches Largo Boxes 6 for 14c-«! boxes 5c Pepper French's Black lOc Box—Extra Special 5c Cleanser SUNBBIGHT 3 cans 14c—Can 5c Macaroni Or Spaghetti—Betsy Ross Brand—Pkg. Sc PORK& Beans Uncle William's Brand No. 1 Can 5c Tomatoes No. 1 Can 5c Flour Faultless Fany Patent Soft Wheat 4« Lb. Sack $1.05-24 Lbs. 55c R. L Patterson's Phone Free Delivtry

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