The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1940
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MARCH If), 1940 Spring Fever (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Flying Squadron Make Mosl Of Acl vantage In Forecasts LONDON. (UP) -The nrULsli Royal Air Force enjoys an impoi- tam (ulvnntnge over Cicnnnn aviation in the matter of weMlier Information. Normally, wentlirr changes from v.' to east. Drltlsli jnctcoiologisls know Germany's weather because Britain has lm<! it first. German observers arc not in a position to be well informed about British weather. Hoyal Air Force nrnllicr cxpcils jjrcjiarc forecasts, aided by inlr!- catrtv co-onliiuueil information. Daily and hourly reports from obtxTvation stations in ihe British Isle;: and other countries pour into a c-cnli-al recording station. Lal'st .Map Usei! Tile airfield "met" officer, with a pile of messages before him. works ovt-r a map of Europe a yard wide. The land contours are marked in varying shades of green. The .sea is light blue. The map is clotted with small circles denoting weather -observation stations. Around these the mcterological officer draws curious symbols, some like musical notes and others like signs of the zodiac. They represent wind direction and velocity. amount and nature of cloud, visibility, barometric pressure and temperatures. So small are these symbols thai on a square centimeter of tliis mail, there is for the trained ey« a complete picture of the Iocs! weather conditions in that sector. Forecasts Arc I, walked His information complete, the meteorological officer is able scientifically to estimate the future weather in his own locality, am over the areas where Die aircraft of his station will have to fly. Meteorological officers at Coastal Command stations have a particularly heavy responsibility, for they have to forecast weather in areas hundreds of miles from Ilie shores of England, which are patrolled by reconnaissance aircraft During the severe cold wave the Coastal Command experienced difficult flying weather. At a succession of "fronts'— m e e U n g places of masses of air with different, meteorological properties— aircraft were tossed about like cork; in a rough sea. Snow often formed solid curtains, and clouds extended down- tp...sea^level. / The.- 'various types of "de-icers" were rigorously tested as ice formation on the wings was an everyday occurrence. More inrtijn Twins GANADO, Ariz. (UP)—More twins arc born among Indians than white mothers, according to Dr. C. G Salsbury, superintendent of the P'a»e Memorial Hospital here. SMs- bury said a study over a 10 ye.r ,s,... ,..,-jrt- V.MS one nml- tiple birth in cvevy 19 among " ''iios while ihs incidence among \vhltc mothers was one in r.O Washer Need Tuning Up? JUST (JIVR US A CAU- FOR EXPERT WASHING MACHINK SERVICE —All Makes— PRONE 233 We have secured the services of Mr. Phillip Trie, a factory trained Maytag Service Man. HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO, Service On All Makes Radios—Refrigerators 7M VI. Main Phono. 233 BUY Tireston*" STANDARD TIRES PROPORTIONATELY LOW /.' At Today's LOW PRICES! As f|||c I'er Week iMVf As ww On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone 810 War Of Leaflets B n Attacks On 1 Ionic Front PAGE Ho hum, twins seem to have a bad case of Hut. lazy feeling that shells spring. Make you wuiit. to yawn, too? The youngsters, Lauren and Warren (take your choice), are sons of Mr. tuicl Mis. D. L. Wlil- scnaml, ol Omnlin. Neb. So Your'Junior Is a Trial al Mealtime, Eh? Mamma seems to bo giving the frown to Ihe lone dissenter who breaks the solid line of hungry cocker spaniel pups—her record-breaking litter of ten. Proud mother Is Boots, owned by Mrs, Mary Mueller of Baltimore, Mil. MV MILTON IlIlONNKIt liA S«-n-l n . sialV (!orri>.s|)inulriil LONDON, March M. -- lli-rc III ivuriime ItrKnln— wliei-v i;ic-nt, piidi: liikwt In (he successful llltjlits <»i'r (JMiniiny );y Ihe Koyiil All 1 ivc-llicrc arc llmw In parlla- 'iiliny a,id literary circles who are oomphilnlnu bfcnusc |lu> plunks <l'i not drop bombs Inslead of Icaf- li'ls. "f\m bos had no ciicct upon (he ciiiiiiiljorluiii uovcriiineni. T)IU Piwi-is Hint be sue well snllsni'd. i| ihi-re Is to be :iny bumbhn; o[ mil's, (hoy me not iiolm; to shut Tlii'.v nre (ilcnsed when Hitler ''"iirs nl one of hk Jiiind-plrlli'd that he dues inn mind HilliKh dropping Ihcir "lillolic )1ili'l\" around. <:i:sTAi'o l--()iiiuns KI'MIUNd I.I.'AI'l.D'l'S lirilnln knows he does mliul, or else In. would not yelp about it. •Shi' also kno'.vs im jiiinds. bivausc bis (it'slnpo hanijs nviM tlip licnd ui I'M'i'y Clermnn llu: ilunit of dciilh or iiuprhcinmi'iii- for mullni! Hiiiish li-uriiiis, passlnu ihi'iu alon« t" a ncli-liljor or rtlsims,Iii)i them. Hy iiuiklni; thi.w lllKlilK, Hie >'"inil! U. A, I-', .sky writers become Inniliiir wllli air routes Una Iwul to Corman cities. They obtain lo- '.ution-: t:f (he most diiUKerous German iiiid-aiicraft nuns and search - llKllts. WAl.J, Ol- 1'ltOI'AGANDA KUKItOUNlLS CKIl.MANV - Cicriimiiy la siirioiiiKlcd by a C'hliK-se wall. The Ciennnii people iraci In their papers only what, llii! Koveininent would have them vend. Viu-y hear on (he radii: only what !!«• Nnxls wnnt Ihfiti to hciir. In Ihe view of the Hrltlsh ROV- ciiuuent, the saucy j-oimu ll.vei's of the n. A. V. have made throe I liipuolics In the Nav.i wall with lla'ir fiiuhis over Germany: 1. When ci German .finds in his front yni-d n Icnflct, cmi ilioi:ijh lie dare not read )i, hi; knows Hint Nu/i leaders have lied to him In minlnih.hnj the ability ol (be British air force. If lie lives In Berlin, he knows enemy aircraft linve lloivii 000 miles oi'fcr Cjcrninn IprrKory lo act. as paslnii'ii (or tliose leaflets. 2. WliL'n there Ls no report of (Iiese lirlilsli aircraft being brouaht down, he begins to doubt, Goeriug's toist Unit • Germany's defense against cnuiny bombers Is Improu- iinblc. s. The German knows that. If would lie sure to know they hml visitors. All Oils fjcliiu «i, jieltlicr llu! okoii eloquence of some pol'ciil members oS Ihe House of coin- Ms nor the powerful wrltlnus of clebritted novelist will move the HrJIIsh cabinet, to chr.iiite ILs policy. lii! word reniniiis: No bo;nWr,g of ticrmiiii clllos us long us tin.' Nnuls don't slnrl anyl)ilii[> of llml kind. Hillish llycr relciisr-s ninm- ijiiiiilii toilets over Ciermauy liisltMil r,r liomlis. tlio taijlrt hranhlns British or Kreucli cities, tin. enemy can iinike terrible rcprlsuls. lie ca fiislly lij>iire Dint the snmc nir iMiift whl«li dropped harmless leaflets can drop dcatli-deitllnu bombs. I'urllculnrly upsutllny Is Ihe fact thul In their lust night, flight over ncillu the cheeky lirillsh ntnncu dropped their culling cards in the slwtfic of llnrcs, so tliat all the Nnxls in Untcr deu Llnilen and Wllheltnstnis.'ie, where Jlltler lives, COURTS Alh'Si'd violation of (lie fish nnd game imv iusl cictls llntlcn a tine o< $20 ihis morning In mimlclpnl c'Olirl. He |>)t>u(l(><l nut Kiillty to a elinrgc of M'llliijj ".short" (Mi or those not. of (lie leiiftlli required by Inw. Constipation Relief That Also •• Pepsin-izes Stomach When <'<]iisCi|Kiti<m Ininraon add mill KCStUlll, l>UialU1|>, dizzy jipflli ( ,,,s,cn'lliv] 1'iiiRiic, sunr tasic. utul bail Infill, y,,,, r Hfliiiach Is prnluihly lojult-d n|i \viih cc-i- iiiovc. Sti'ymi iH'cil'lmilu'i'iS'iui''!'!'"!'! hreal: up fast Hint ticli uiuli|i«le<l [i*«l i:i yiiurtlnnutcli, nnil Liixnlivuiieiiriii (011,111 lint tniiccr on those lazy bowt'i. C D It Lei GARLIC Help Fighl Harmful Colon Bacteria Out of «[>rl»1 itnrmfnl Uclrrh In necninu- Ililctl v^riHtp innllvr In your rnl'ln ntny be lioltjintnii run nn.l fnii«jiiu dlitrtnilnii JifmlMliM Nii.1 ,:,««iiiCTt. .Try IIKAKIIUKN tinrllc TiihK-H. Cnm(. t,, kini) It hns been estimated that more to till the gaps in England's police than 5000 policemen arc needed' force. Four thousand varieties of me produced in Japnn. rice IT TAKES MONEY TO MAKE THE MULE GO! farmers know that it takes money to grow a good crop Cash for crop expenses cnn be obtained at this bank through a Crop Production Loan. The in- leresl r;itc is reasonable and you repay in the Fall when your crops arc sold. Come and discuss your credit needs with a friendly First National officer. Your application will lie given prompt at ten lion and careful con- cideration. COMPLETE HANKING 8KUVICK 1. Crop Production Loans 2. Checking Accounts .'!. Savings Accounts •I. Personal Loans 5. New Car Financing fi. F.H.A. Title 2 Loans 7. Commercial Loans rilKB irNI /I1 C *V\..« Ai ,1 •"•4" iviitvy II ui fa\KLl distress. At (lie same time Ihis medicine wi!KC>ii|>l;uynervc9uiKlniiuc!i>9 in your - i n ou »wc-h to relieve ymircoiBllimllon. So «cc fei mlc ', 1 'i ct ! cr i 10 " S" 1 Vv laliliiR Hie •«• myi: llml also puts IVpsin {„ vv o,k on tlwl stiimacli discomfort, loo. Kvcn 111). iclcy cliildrcH lovu to luitc thin ntcinnnt family hsatlvo. lltiy Dr. CiMwoll's Uu- iitivc r btnua with Syrup IVjisin ui you,. imiSimt today Orfctly Deer Arouse Ranchers',. SALT LAKR CITY, Utah (Op) -An oriianlzallon with the purpose' of protecting privately-owned land from being KrazeU by wild game" animals, chtelly deer, has been Incorporated In the office of Bc'cre- ln;y of Stale E, T. Monson To Paint Your WTCHtH? WATBRSIMR BNAMKL provW.. color ii-lietnci thai will Jim let you "HrMn"' tg jjatnt your VUciien— or lollirooin-or ii!«yr<xan. Th!i daiMt flnhU It c«iy to inply, tool • It drfci evenly uiul tiiiootlify lt«vin« no Uuih. intuki. And uenii like lion. W*ih» nMlciOy ilrtn In « Jiff,.. CtsOMC your i Icorn t in l.cont enamel Iti.l .li IM In iKAirr, WV.lir, niity. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. I'iioiie 32 "Qunllfy, Variety and Value" DANGERS OF HEMORRHOIDS Hemorrhoids du not «mt cannot con-eel themselves Relict from ointments is llluslvu and Icnipomry. Neglect icsults In further and more serious mid dangerous conditions such »« cancer, Ilslula, llssurc, cryptllls, Ihromuolle piles, etc Prom develop the. following reflexes: nervousness sleeplessness constt]iallon, despondency, headache, back and leg ache etc. All types of rpctnl dlsiMisc.i ave taken care of In our office without hospltnliwitlon. All ncceplcd cases (ftwrantced. »H M.I,, 81. DRS. NIES & NIES 8lyth«.l(l,, Ark . THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN BLYTHEVILLE MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION AMERICAN RADIATOR -, CORPORATION NEW YORK PITTSBURGH : Con Iron 81 Steel Boilers IV Furnaces for Coal, Oil, Gai • Radiator* Pfumlmig Fixtures Et Fittings • Air Conditioners - Coal fc Gns Water Hrftim • Copper Pipe U Finings • Oil Burners ' Healing Accessories SHOWROOMS IN PRINCIPAL CITIES iht 19(0. Amiilnn IttJIitor A WimlJtil R«nt(irj Corporitlotj Naw, Effi(!en^ Bolleri (or oil, gai or coal There ore Boilers nrul complete AyTgjcAX Heating Systems for years of economical, dependable iervice, with any luel, whether Automatic or }ion<l- fired. Special provision is mode for domestic hot water supply. _ mOFMME Oil HKIIKC UNIT Jacket encloses burner. Smart Mtchin ilnfci for bvauly and •Hltfinty Kitchen work becomes a pleasure with a modern 'iStoiulM'tf sink. You'll liko Iho deep sink compartmonli . . . swinging spout t.. handy 551 ray hose .. . roomy storage space in the cabinets and oilier features. There's n ft'lftinliird"' cast iron enameled sink to fit your kitchen, your ———__—____^__ budget-mthccoloryoulikebcsl! n .^^a»^JMHCIIIIflSU$$JWK: voubsc 9ink compartment and dr&inbcafdt. -=^i"-.*»- "iimatiH" stussfit Gas-fired Air Conditioner, "SUNB!»M" worm olr ItBalTnj and air conditioning From steel and cast iron oir conditioning units to pine or pipelcss warm air furnaces, Sunbeam offers every type of equipment for ftcatmg comfort. There nre models for economical service with oil, gas or coal, automatic or hand-fired. Smoit bolhroemt for iviry h«m« Any bathroom can be beautiful with one of Ihe many groups of attractive •StomfwiT Plumbing Fixtures-available in white, and 11 decorative colors. Many complete bathroom plant «r« . shown in color in tho free booklet of. •$)u>hr<mumi>S*lirM,st f r fn* Book)*!) \Vtite Pittsburgh, Pa, Office today for thU colorful 64- pag« booklet that telli how to plan better Keating and Plumbing for your home. Or ask your Ke«lii)g arid Plumbing Contractor to shoW you our complete general catalogue. From Heating and Plumbing Headquarters tomes the newesr equipment for home comfort, home economy! XTO MATTER how little or big your budget or your home . . . whether •l> you nre building or modernizing... you're sure to find the exact type of Heating Equipment nnd Plumbing Fixtures you prefer in the really complete American Rndialor nnd Slnndord Snnitary line. '. You cnn choose henling with gns, oil or conl . . . automatic or hand- fired . . . Rndiulor, Warm Air, or Winter Air Conditioning. You can select Plumbing Fixtures to mnlch.your kitchen and bathroom regardless of Itielr design. For madcrniting Healing, or a combination ol Heating and Plumb- in£, you cnn now me our SUMMER FINANCE PLAN - No pay- incuts until October 15th! Plumbing alone cm be modernized on our Pit A Plan - No clown pnynicnl - monthly payments (o sforf 60 days train data ol installation. Both plans give you up to 3 years to [lay. Ask your Healing and Plumbing Contractor lor lull lads.

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