Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 28, 1932 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 28, 1932
Page 6
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lltibn is evidencet 'Congress to Jsec* « by the govern Se's tekgraphic in- ^Sflbe principal'cities i> be under the manage-: \sOjhA postoffice. . 'tfmSSH& ... it wot i provided the post a more < the- Management bt Jneumbent, it would ha^fworthless as the malls THE DUA sold- supposed to be of all professions in the dangers of t reason foe entering , : less destructive to l_ It ,wlfl be. consoling how•'those' martial'spirits who are engage in the Mexican war 'the profession of arms i'nitfre destructive of the b>-chances of life than the •pursuits. Accurate cal- "ittade with regard to the nation on the earth', _--^-'«rf England have fully de- B»dr,this .point It appears that »*-«-">- —jjy ^ fts gfgat among phy- among the soldiers, and among those devoted to the ,Uian it is among those whose sorms.' Lawyers are lass lives than seamen, and jrjengagcd Us the most peace- ^jptirsuits stand in no safer t some of the most hazard- The average of ,hum_ f'kept op among all Possible Oil in Howard County • , - -S'^V Oevelopment iA{^jrjfur'e Reported to Be^iiikely at Mineral Springs The Mhieral Sprhig$< VinT* of last week, reports that tfiei* is a good, possibility of oil development in the ection around. Mineral Spfirigs. Several operators are reported to ; interlsted in the prospective field and are now busy in obtaining leases n the neighborhood and in renewing rior leases about to expire. Locals ptist Missionary Society mst afternoon at the home of ate, with Mrs. T. J. , president, presiding at the session and Mrs. J. R. Card -e mission study. The assisted by Miss Bettie Sue and Miss Mary Margaret served refreshments. Mrs. T. L. Rhodes, of Hope, w days last Week with rel- 1 ; W.' Mason left Sunday for Salis, where he was called qn ac- death of his son, W. Jr.- ert Patterson returned Sun> visit with relatives in isOn • Wilson accompanied his lfe, Jasper Lively^ to Shrcve- Monday, • Gray, of Hbp^ spent Tuesday wittKAlpnzo and Olander Beck. A»"Y, Yarbroug:i and daughters and Estell ofi Hope, spept afternoon in Washington* Baw0, who is attending school ;Hope; spent a few hours here on Charlotte Matlock is visiting i in Mena this week. (£-E. Holt, of Hena, was in the city week. r^and Mrs, D. W. Holt, of Little . are the .guests of relatives here, t T. Y. 'Williams will present and Vivian Beck in piano re- "cial next Tuesday evening February 2nd at 7:30 o'clock in the parlor of - thie Blaek hotel. The public is cordial• f "Jy invited. > yrogs absorb water through the skin; ,nev« [irink it. They do not breathe, ?* jjiit swallow air. When the skin splits ks the frog grows old, he pulls it of] an<} swallows it. - A "fire bug" caused this. Only these* desolate ruins remained after an early morning blyaze of inctndiary origin raged through the All Saint's Episcopal Church, one of the most beautiful edifices in Worcester, Mass; • Our dear Emily Post has nothing pedal to say on the etiquette of eat- ig corn Off the cob; the main thing, tie tells us, is to "attack it with as ,ttle ferocity as possible."—Botfon Transcript. Woman Makes Escape From Prison Farm CAMDEN, ,Ark.—MrS. Pauine Moffett senteneced to two years in the state penitentiary on'a charge of for- gery'at the, fall term Of Ouachita circuit court has escaped from the state farm for women at Jacksonville according to information received here. Mrs. Moffett pleaded guilty to forg. ing checks on mail-order housse and was given two years. * CINCINNATI. — How disconcerting the pangs of conscience must be! Dr. H. H. Langdon, assistant superintendent of General Hospital, received a letter from an Irvine, Ky., woman who was a patient at the*' hospital two yearsago. She enclosed a page from the 1929 telephone directory giving in- structionsjgri use of the dial telephone. Sl^ff confessed that she had torn the page from, the book and felt "as though I stole, this dial information." CrtfersAi Crops. Advised Agalnit Planting Radishes (from the Nashville Mews) This annual meeting of the Mas, Truck Grafters Association was in the Howard county court ha week. Truck raisers In thai * bofhooa were very enthusiastic „,,,, the outlook for truck crops in 1932. . H. M. Stephens, of Blevlns, whfj is sales agent lot the association fta* the principal speaker at the Meeting, and talked along the lines of economy in production. He advised the gtow- ers not to branch out in their crops this year and recommended th&t only two crops be planted extensively. These iwo crops' are cantaloupes and tomatoes He says, because they* are both food crops and 1 the Indications ate that the market will be fair,; 'Mr. Stephens urged the grower*-to keep a sufficient number of hogs to use the waste from the crops, thereby utilizing this waste to produce food for home consumption. He also urged every one to grow everything possible for use at home for food nnd.feed. He says that the outlook for radishes is not good because of the, heavy acreage in other sections Of the cdun. try, and advises against planting. Mr. Bert Johnson is endeavoring to get up an acreage of strawberries In the Nashville and Bingen neighbor'- hood, Alabama Crutch Fiddle r CINCINNATI Ohio.—For nearly,', a year Sherwan Harry Wiley has" Been an . invalid, a disease, having numbed his finger^ and legs. Wiley has played the violin since he Was 11, and his affliction was a sore blow to him because he could not.finger his.beloved Instrument. He has somewhat solaced himself by constructing a one-stringed violin out of his crutch. ^ This tjrjes not take so much intricate finger movement. •',• A camera and X-ray combination is now lowered into the stomach of a .patient suffering from stomach ulce'&rto determine the location of the sores. ..^A.Jt,, ' "'' MAtt , ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^jj^^jj^-"' ^^^^^O^^y^ ^^^^^l^^^^^U^^^^ CLOSE Mary> Mitchell, aboye, of Montgomery, Ala., has been named honorary colonel of the University of Alabama R. O. T. C. at Tuscaloosa. She is -\ member ot Alpha Gamma Jlelta'sorority. German police have equipped ttfiln- ed pigeons with a strap camera which, when the .'bird' is on the wing, snaps pictures of the fround. : ; > Left Holding Sack DENVER, Col.—Police caught Lee Hernandez after the theft of $150 worth of silverware from the shop of j Mrs. Louise N. Tasher 1 . They found a : bag containing the silver iri his room. Le explained that he was standing outside the shop when a burglar ran out and stuck the bag in his hands. Police didn't believe his story. Lifetime Guaranteed GOODYEAR PATHFINDER A Few Months Ago, $100 Was Considered a Low Price for a Mohair SUilc of this Quality and Large Size! 2-P'lECE LIVING ROOM SUITE '' j . Larger, more luxurious suite than we ever sold at this LOW PRJCE! 78-inch DAVENPORT, and roomy BUTTON-BACK CHAIR—in rich combination Mohair, with reversible cushions—richly carved base and .extra broad stump panels. $59.95 $5.00 Down—$6.00 Monthly Small Carrying Charge $31.95 9x12 Axminister Priced for Real Savings > $23.^5 $5.00 Down-JJ.OO Monthly All wool, seamless Rugs; Floral and Oriental patterns, colors charmingly blended. Essex Windsor Gas Range Equal to Any $50 Range $39.95 Beautiful marbelized porcelain enamel finish. Big oven, cooking top and broiler. Automatic Coil DAY BED Day Bed, Double Bed, Coudh — in One! Ifeiy Bed . . . Double Bed . . . ™In one! A COIL SPRING Day Bed at a price you'd! have paid for a link I spring bed, a year ago! Sturdy, I restful, attractive in appearance —cretonne-covered Mattress. / SAVINGS O and More / i"tr * . MACHJNfc Specialty Co. "My reason for smoking LUCKIES" THE QUEEN OF COUEENS Th»yKour«d Ireland—the FOX flicker follu—far a winjome colleea to play opposite that great Irish tenor in "Song O' My Heart." And whom thould they find bgt Maureen O'Sulli- yanl She arrived dressed at a waif —birf her trunk was full of snappy torit cloth.)}. How'* that for ki»h blarney) She's now going over big in RKO PATHE'5 "THE BIG SHOT/' ltdid./llgke hBrlonglopicklltfWK. and (he's been »moking them a y«W end a half. The only reward fof bW statement was our friendly "Top «' the morning, Maureen I" "My reason for smoking LUCKIES is that they are so mild and cause wo irritation to my throat. Your new Cellophane wrapper is marvelous. Just a pull of the tab and there are the LUCKIES." ^ /) /V0 .,. kKMUivML ^ It's toasted Your Throat Prot«ttlon-agqln$t irrita Keeps that "Toasted" flaw fvw Frnh Mo/sture-pf <»f 60 Wjfar* minute* with every Twi t dance orchettrai and Watty •Wiwhell, yhote «ow<|) «»4 SfHwfay fvening «F today become* 3-Piece Bedroom Suite Why pay $89.50 and more elsewhere when you can buy thsec 3 pieces at' Ward's at this LOW PRICE? Full size Bed . I . . cpacious Chest .... and graceful Vanity—of combination walnut $69.95 $5,00 Down New Table Top G a s R an g e Others Price It $80 $65.95 $5.00 Down—$7.00 Monthly Insulated top and oven regulator. Cabinet, work, table and range in one. Tbree*Piece BED OUTFIT Full 54-Inch Bassinette! Imagine! $15 Value, Only $9.95 Extra sturdy Crib that's large encugh for a 6 year old child! Hardwood in enamel finishes. Drop-side style. Save Extra. on Bed, on Spring, on Mattress $9.95 you can't buy a better Outfit for less than MONTGOMERY WARD & Co Phone 930 |Yanr Neighbor Saves Money at Wars'*—Why Don't You?! • «f y

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