Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 28, 1932 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 28, 1932
Page 4
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a decent enough .»..„.,— lesat/and not'a drinkennor like lfie ,iwfd.Jhl8 bills, if ^/anything around'the :to • know ; Tll-b^stettlng 31-think m startiseoat^ Heard, 'Iroin; : the make of the car." Don't give up hqpe. • -i. V 1* 1 bhoneCbell." „ ' ; J i,'f nnintruae. s»ys said he ~~ ' Wftlflttt 5«46^ coutd JliSt.sBfl titfiltiwits ^fellow "TH* ittM dlitaTW* olosad, <9lttf.il mwi tiT'ittir"iWl«»ho»rtl. "Not-Aa intTWftaTit'aB gttUng ^fiaatB atatn. 'Kb. *H6tr-•"—" . .W^QUdear—yeJ. ->MOi&.._ tant, la>some ways. ;lt4*n't.« the dldnU have- to 'ga oa<wlth -.-, life/and her school and so .ttti rfigat here In PdcUantt," Vve'.had t unity >l»ke)y-»»l',ye, ^.- tlrely, ithls A evenIng to accept it. 11 can :t*kes iftt'Mflgne^lace .where^t^ has nerer-Aeelk4bij«rdfof. We can; - ^, tthottgfltlthat from (the Jflrst. Kow, twbat 1 >w«8 "thinking was , ttatltnttgltt «s well come In and tdvofJJoe^and—well.^klnd 'of put this (thing fup tto ithe {police laStWf,'all/*Jftti«at'W«9 'them paas- litgfthYOUg^i^here'ln the yellow car .theyJre'headedifoT^DettTer—but it Jan'ttgiilngUo dD'maeh good-for m«;toftrall along a"tter'them, three hours behind,.tn.tHiBibroken down oJdibMt of jntae. telegrams igali r-jjjot ( a~.road .map !here-««o on. get Jn touch Vlth^the.po s VBut4ih6's.x»nly?a child, and keep her happy and sweet, forget I wantrso much to' ra, bter, Ifve|been thinking i I «%ie|p4when we'get- ^There.muat.'lhave" been, time." "Well, I'll tell you what. You .wait till you "Hear from 'tha*tolks •at ' Ttlnamnnnt' >-<Plui»t'a7-B Antt'a ttt Blu^mounC dog's ., chance .tromvttbat .AUecflon. ?F waa^yon, ^ , or Ohaney iad*««khl. : OT>she doeatf t. 'She Woiildn't! I-could fcafee.her'awny AitMrightened, crying,stt«bped 4 ^AVj\A'nA tlifttlfIliiy^aluifrft Inn* anywhefe. 1^can', take good oare "1 kn6*w..'^ut;*ilffl( is'So youtttg. And ..scan'dals'* ftd follow—comt up—" '•'Only, you % ,-see, -Mrs. , Ann's voice was 1 low,and formal, "scandals don't matter. You—she ls.n»y>alater. 'My baby-slater. tYou gee—thbt'ISuall that^mattera. !She is my ba.by sister. And I have-to get her back. I.have to get>her with-mo ana'take-care dfCher. IYo« take .good care lot tErmlntrtrdie Mary-Franees is my baby slitar, and—if ' ' > "Dear^-'l'know.' I know." Mrs Hill was.ctflns aSata. "Bllt It-is her 'life, not yours. s You haven't bear'd from, ,B 1 u e m o U'n t, of course?" , ^ • "No but——" 'SWalt, ;ait: least, 'until . f you do >Wait until Joe -comes -tack, and •wefll .*all italk it cover -agahi -to gether. 'Pleaae. "I'm (Older ithan you fare, rsudi'tthiagg—I— Well I'll call you later." , 'Ann called. . The .Wlephone tbell. ft lliong -Fenw^t "I am Miss Fenwtckr o. Hello, i your party. 'Go aheaoYplease;" "Ann, they aren't at Blue-, mount^" . ,.,.. tiR*Mns and Mrs.iL. 3. in tftmi srtd two torn ptmm w, dieted fuisday by « fedMal 6n chaiffis of «n«pif«y life with ««d loin*, Chaflie C. tetifikuvMwi «»»*»* w»w* Una filS JSOTi* WUttft P. MeAtthtar, ol Ashford, <1Mta th* Other two iftdifcted. Each >ww placid on bend of fSOOO and ordered to appear, in court March t, to answer thechwfts. I Emmet Molly <Jrove -i Welf Ow«n*'*nd Wby Ktlfett were th* quests- of Mr. «« Mrt. W. ft Hoblns the past week eftd. •aUttHttit w.ffliw« aWK What "" iAMS'HjliWKwhat »* <JM Garret and Miss Una MdFftiM W«re married Saturday ish them ft long successful! life. Mttis Huby HA»d«n spent, the w«k' Mi-, and Mrs. Nick Ho&eiu svllte boy*, basketball, team emmet boys Saturday de- ttiet 19 to 20. , ' SHttfyflMnyard of Battle Field ^i«\t4 Mrs. W. t. Harden a 'few . '»We*iwAorry,to report that grandma tWUMtH Is on the sick list, Static Love and Beatrtce uesday night with MisS' lla Mae Harden. v a -Mae.Crabb , called *n ^Florence Jenkins Saturday. • ' ' The singing was postponed Friday night on account, of bad -weather. < •Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ro« visited his parents at Spring , Brook, Sunday. WaUaceburg News (Health .is «n6t/so - v*ry good at 'this .. filled his •**p*»ti«ent -at -the M. S. 'CJharch here Sunday and ;Sund(iy nlgHt. MM...Wekton Rye end little daughter, ,M*»y -Sue, have returned front « visit ( tti K«kh«iUe. jMr.s4Ml>Mw.,S.' > S. 'Robins were Visitors; to .TtbiOTkann Suwd«y . > Wilbur Robhis underwent an >« appendicitis at the-.BMk ,., -«»•». 1«« 1"u«*klyrttfiht with A. P. Clark Beftnte munliy. , WW$ve in this torn* , Dllle SVlns, Misses Lillian and •Vivian WttUft 'Mrs. . Martha HeijAbree and daughter -JPatiHno visited: Mrs. Moude Elliott Tuesday, „, Au'thOr 'Walker dt Paris, t*e., 19 Wvtrhert. ^ \ "ti, Lively spent Sunday- wiW f»auline «nd BeMrl&o ewitse.uv .. •<Mlss«<*' Annies and Hayse' Clark and ' « Gto'dys'WHHftms spent Thowday r. , !V,f;'Hetn Itef -in Jte*hvUt«," JUe . . In Hope 6 atflfday. We are tott^tt Hembree has Hoi b«ft Mis* Lillian Willis with her sister, , .>C. is 1184- , 'SUM .Staton Is ott J *•""" ' • I .-ran ito the 'door- *riU {pBILIP ECHO YD .was standing -••'there. He came "into'the ball and put his arms around. Ann. "You beautiful! -I've *Come home. Dear, dearest; 1 got 'your message, »rtd*li:<!aine?«t«mcB. -I'd liave s -Ann, cbwt It itook 'Ann-Bafd. ""Don't. 3 I wiwltalk- i ,llr. «wd.Tlfes.. r J. T. Toilet, Mr. and JMIrs. a.iDXGUWt and Mrs. J. H. Clark ..Were the dinner guests of Mr. -and Hits. R.'<C. Taylor Wednesday •Mrs. A.B.?H«rrU*has been very'ill the past week, but is improving now. Miss Fadra'Osburn >sperit' last Mon-: day'night with Miss "Ruth Harris. Mr. and Mrs. Docie Stephens and children visited Mrs. B. B. Stephens' last week. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson House and children of .Arkada were visiting friends anU 'relatives tif 'Wallaceburg I'Saturvtay atid-Sun'day. ~:. rr. Ctooaiett back to the dining room. >Phlllp followed'her andlward'her say. "No, it was only Ptill. ^Y«a. ires. Yes, tit course. *Z«B, rm^suw tit. ''Yes. "You know*how jiate- e'is'." i .-.. . Sunday vwlth Miss Myrtle Louis of Hill, tiear -'Prescott. •She'hung Phil put .his arms •Broniuft j her again. "Dearest — yourll -listen antt forgive me'? 'Give me 5one wore chattctf?. fa'ultV Mt. Olive iBro. Srwln ifalled .ito'iflll his ap- pointhtent here:8unaay-ion account of ithe'bad roads. IHealth "is >v*ry flgoocl &t ^present In i «.*«> -.= ,«««» this community. 'It was all -my - .Mr.vend Mrs. .Garner. Atkins spent '[.Saturday-night and 'Sunday with Just $8.00 for TWG, -or I, The Albert Pike Hotel o«e»s >you an ideal week-end vacation in 1he capltol dty. On arrival -you may purchase the special week-end card entitling you to— <* Room ^twin beds if preferred) and private bath. .j^Carrtowge In Albert Fike Garage. JJta?0urse dinner in main dining room Saturday night. tickets. Silver Slipper, MB Main Street, Little newest bail roonv-or— Cissy, are .you <Hdliberty The many friends of Otis Gilbert, egre,t to hear of him getting his.leg ;Mr. and'Mrs; Clarence,Gilbert'were, shopping ini*Hope'Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. William Gilbert spent the week end with Mr. Gilbert's, mother, . '.,.-.' Miss Marie McCorkle spent Mon-j day night with her grand parents at Columbus. Mr. and. Mrs., Mack Hicks: ^spent, Thursday night and Friday with Mrs. John Winchester. ;'.,.'-'.i Nina Bristou spent Thursday • *' __i*it- ,.»jri—_ mff i «j.*«id '.'Nater mlnd,":suld.Anji,though ie stayed ^in-hiS'«rnui from Joug; h«bit. "vW« are In ide«p,'terrible trouBl».ati,HiMa»yr»»e.B<ie«. Cecily •oxf ulkof «o«f own iftVAjifgtoctad'W frightfully.. Andttonlght^—" . JThe'telephone^bell. •iHello." •'He'llo/rAnn—" . Ann fawayejdoa'.trlfle,»na,oaugtit hold of the telephone box.. "—this !is .Mary*Pr*nceB."- (.To Be Continued) . •spent iSurioay Afternoon Chas.' i Fred 'Fore . train'Button of B1U«» **f».»^w rs.^?—?-*'-:. •Grady TilurrAh »ana wife spent a while, Sunday 'afternoon at Jack Wat- •ers. . • - •'• "• , l-Edgar 'Bustin -attended -the 'funeral 6f r Uncle OimTab-ihlid at '-Mt. ''Moriah •Sunday. • , Walter Buston'enti'Wlfevvisited his 'parents V 86tv«4tey v nlgnt. Mr. .«nd Mrs. Owen Waters .and children 6t tpreseott -vltltey : Mr. iand 'Mrs. '-W. fA. L. <Wftters Saturday. ,:MM. -Alice iLlnley went to :hope, .Thursday-on-business. . •"'••' i .Mr. iand .Mrs. ".Roy Cornelius) were; shopping iniHope.Saturday, i. 1 Miss .Lillie Maude McBay was i visiting IntHope Saturday. 8, 'ffeeatee tickets to the leading theatres. f, Iwkfast in Coffee ShoBftwaa.y'raonang, or tel breakfast served jp Wm< S, room Sunday. , . The above accommodations and entertainment for two 18.00. For one,,ju*t *U«. Please do us this favor- »4vwce reser- and Friday with Miss Houston. ..."'. Misses Ruby Hvans and Majorie Houston spent Saturday .Wght <with, Nina Bristou. ' Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Colhoun ad .family, Clarence and Mary McCorkle visited Mr. Calhoun's brother at ; Providence Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Spring visited in Washington Sunday. Miss Mary McCorkle called on Mrs. John Winchester Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Gilbert and children visited in Washington Monday. Several from this place attended the party at Miss Malile Rosenbaum Saturday night and repore a nice time. Misses Ruth and Thelma Thomas spent the week end with their parents, Mr. jind Mrs. Jake. Thomas. Mrs. Aaron Bearden is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Dock Thompson this week. Misses Ruth Clendenon and Ethel Robertson of Columbus spent Tuesday, night with Mrs. William Bilbert; Spring Brook The singing was at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bainster Wilson Sunday night everyone -reported a' splendid, time. Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Sinclair and little brother Lafayette, spent the >w*ek end with their mother at Fairvlew Mr. and Mrs. Lent Powell — nelius .were, in'Hope .Saturday. :Norman "Qraht .of Qi|e»nsey )Spen<( Saturady night with Raymond Cor- J»«lius. • . . • .T. .^.';, l ;,,..I'-. _'• Henry Coleman-returned'hoin* Sat- urda,yafte.ri» weeks'visit.JniFulton. Mrs, Pearl Cornelius }vlsite4;(Uliss Myrtle Knotts ,and Her ;nwther Mrs, -KnooU Friday. . ••'..''-'.. Mrs. -Tomie MbBay .spent Tuesday, with'Mrs. Roy Cornelius. Mr. and Mrs. tLawience'McBay ana daughter, -Martha 'Lou, rowed across l the bottoms in a boat to visit ?J. W., .MoBey and -famib'. ; ' Mrs. Claude McCall stayed with'Mrs. Alice Firiley -while Mr. Coleman was. visiting in Fulton. , . We trade you -anything Musical for <ihe' tfollftw'ing: Sutton Friday night with her mother Mrs. Terry. 'Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wilson and little daughter. Edith Bell, spent the week, end in t£e home of Mr. and'" Bainster Wilson. Mr. end Mrs. John Rogers of , - idence «J» spending this week-visiting, relatjW* in *bis community. Mr. and fjrs, E. C. CaUxoon - ' .wltti Jfr. and Musical Mrs. S. A. 'Bullock's condition Id much improved. ' ' Miss Gladys 'Hoover, who 'has been town with pneumonia'is getting along fine. Hope <he will soon be 'UJi again. \ . Mrs. Annie Morris -was carired to the Cora Donhell hospital-last week for treatment, hope that she will-soon be able to come home. , Elder -A. H. Ij»mb«*t .en'd children have moved-in our community. We are always glad to have good -people move in our eommunity. He has moved in Mrs. .Jennie Button's house. Mrs. -J. W. «rwin spent the week end 'in Hew Liberty community, the .guest of her son,'Howard and famUy- Elder Chris Barhajn, preached to a small but a very attentive congregation at New Liberty Sunday, tfhe crowd was small on account of bad, roads .and weather. Hope when he comes back in February the weather and roads'will be better. A few from this community aw planning on attending the fifth Sun* day meeting at IWorris church Saturday and Sunday. • and children and spent Sunday ^ rSrs. Joe Rou and ebfl IteU Bradford spent with Mr. and Mr«. We«give.you the follow- 'ing 'for anything musical Peanuts $1.51) Sorghum. 4di' Corn. .5flc Imngine Thul •MIAMI, Fla.-^an ,you imafine a California editor $B0l4gizing to a Florida city? W4H, *e Long "new*"""" a* W 3?T~~ ijjiiiiM^iiii-iPJ^-rpf ~~ T». WW" • imuro rWdfig &$ when everyone ' «/PB • mniftail-n^ JillV u/ftniKay •SsS ^ ir /** ^ff^pMW JS^plpP'Wp' .^^ypffP^^*)- ^^yT^ sttM^T ftftpr\iBBrfl j^MHTftlted ihff'MflffliF vS^- saying it was a mjftele <rf ttp typt- accept most anything at Market Prices or Better. BEN'SBilfi MUSIC C«. setter, who got with tfaoee of Mito d The Jove he gave her belonged to another, but Ellen lorj fliat when Larry's arms were about her .Ellen was a "din a-datice girl" at Dreamland where any man who bought a <$ent ticket could dance with her, Larry had money, s dal position-and a wealthy fiancee. Though he lau$i< land danced and motored with Ellen he remained bound marry the other girl EDen gave him her heart, gambled with love-and the mil come makes "The Dime-a-Dance Girl" a thrilling serial. II begins Wednesday Evening in the op **&• '"

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