Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 28, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 28, 1932
Page 3
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Telephone 821 tree heve quits its place, ask'about a ftcWhbor'* care. A thing of majesty Snd grace, Whdste leafy arms, stab raised In prayer. j' If utands two hundred years or more, Against the storms of winter stout, While man is broken down before • Hie sands of seventy years run out. Platleht, untroubled and aerene, v A tree with age In splendor grows, " Because on It no grief hat been Such as the fretted Mortal knows. Poor man,must roam tnS'^oVld afar 'Ahd give his strength to many needs; ' P>lde, pomp and place and pity are Forever spurring hlih to deeds. 1*he spfin of mortal life is brief, The 0a1( tcco long outllvbs us all, Yet better 'tis to suffer gSief; to weary oft at duty's .Wilt To wear our strength and courage out Agninst the tides of human fears Than live and never nsk about The cause of sorrow's blinding tears. ' —Selected. •A Rare Treat for the Entire Family! -With— JACKIE C0OPER ROHEUTCOOOAN ROBERT SEARL —Plus— . "Of all the People" \ ' Vitophonc Comedy Ij'Roscoe Shipwrecked" 1 Cartoon i NOW SHOWINCT SUNDAY-MONDAY ' Marilyn MILLER —In— ' * "Her Majesty Love" %bln and William Bundy of Hendfix College. Conway, will arrive Friday night (o spend the week end visiting with home folks. SATURDAY ONLY •Ken Maynard Nevada Terror" Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Porlerfield have moved to their recently completed home on South Main street Mrs. S. L. Reed spent Wednesday Visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Hervey In TexarJtana. Mrs. rf. f. Qwiti was hostess on WednegViay afternoon to the members of the Wednesday Contract Bridge Club and an extra table of guests at her home on West Avenue B. Early spring flowers brightened the rooms, and .attractive prizes went to Mrs. O. Frank Miles for the club and to Mrs. A. K. Holloway for the , guests. It being the policy of this club to eliminate refreshments, a donation went to the fund for United Charities. Friends will be glad to know that Frank LoWthorp, who recently under- ment an operation at the Julia Chester hospital is now convalescing at his home on South Elm street. Mrs W. P. Blackard of Longview, Tex,, is the house guest of her mother, Mrs. J. W. Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Judson Patterson and Mr. and Mrs. B. C. McClellan 'of "Camden visited with friends In this city on Wednesday'. Roy May of Henderson, Tiixas, brother of E. N. May of this city, underwent an appendicitis operation at the Julia Chester hospital on Tuesday morning. Get Rid of That Cough No cough should ever be neglected. Coughing is bad for you, runs you down, spoils your rest. Do something for it and lose no time. We can supply any of the well known cough medicines for which you may call. One, in partciular, we can personally recommend because we know all about it .... know what it is made of and how it acts .... know it Is a very effective and thoroughly reliable remedy for any freshly contracted cough. ,' ,-j ,\ Ward&S6il The Leading Druggists , "We've Got It" PHONE 62 <. w .Motor Cycle Delivery ,,.• -^ aih't fffit up H He find* a tot of fault, h« do*«, pefusinl ft all night. '> Me «ay» theta ain't a single thing» in it worth while to read. ' And that tt doeth't print Oil kind of stuff the people need, He tosses it aside and says it's strictly on the bum- But you ought to hear hiftt holler when the paper doesn't come. He reads about the weddln's and he snorts like all get out, He reads the social dotn's with a most derisive shout, He says" they make the paper for the women folks alone, He'll read abou the parties and he'll fume and fret and groan; He says of information it doesn't have a crumb- But you ought to hear him holler when the paper doesn't come. He's always first to grab it and he reads It plumb clean through, He doesn't miss an item or a want ad—this Is true, He says they don't know what we wont, the durn newspapers guys. I'm goin' to take a day sometime an' go an' put 'em wise. < Sometimes it seems as though they must be blind, deaf and dumb; But you ought to hear him holler when the' paper doesn't come. —Nashville Democrat The many friends of Mrs. Ralph Berkson of New 'York city will be interested in knowing that she has recently received her master's degree from Columbia Unvlersity. Mrs. Berkson will be remembered as Miss Mary Hortense McCorkle formerly, of this city. Patrons of the Hope Library are kindly asked to observe that the library hours close at 5:30 and your co-operation In this will be greatly appreciated by the librarian In charge. . Rev. J. O. Reese, pastor of the Church of Christ In this city, under- ment a major operation at the Josephine .hospital on Wednesday. Dr. and Mrs. G. E. Cannon, Mrs. Harold Ward and little son, Robert, will leave Thursday night for -St. Louis, where they will attend a meeting of the Missouri Pacific Hospital Association at the Jefferson hotel. Mrs. T. D.' Brown and little daughter, Jane of Little Rock and Mrs. Harvey 1 McClaln 6f Dallas Tex., will arrive Friday for a week end visit with Mr. and Mrs. Carter Johnson. Dr. G. E. Cannon spent Tuesday in El Dorado where he attended the bedside of his friend, , Dr. Sheppard Moore of Arkadelphia, who was seriously injured-in an automobile accident on Sunday. About 30 varieties of soybeans are grown on. farms in the United Statse. It i sestimated that there are more than 2000 varieties of this bean, a^na- ttfr of Cfifia. *"*,?. j" SALE OF SPRING WASH FROCKS CLEVER—BRIGHT PRINTS—JUST RECEIVED TO USHER IN THE NEW SPRING SEASON You'll want to see these smart new Springtime styles in wash dresses and dressettes. Charmingly designed, of new prints, with gay embellishments. Smart styles—becoming lines. Fancy color broadcloth and prints. Featuring the well known Faye Frocks, in all sizes from 14 up. In two price groups—and both are real savings. Guaranteed fast colors. 49c and 59c THE FAMOUS POLLY PRIM AND 8 O'CLOCK WASH DRESSES High type frocks, so smart you'll want to wear them almost everywhere. And priced so low as the cost of these excellent materials. Carefully made—fetchingly designed. All are strictly fast in cdlor, Real values at 98c Little Misses' Dresses Smart little dresses for the younger miss, too. Sizes are from 6 to 12. Designed and styled as carefully as big sister's wash frocks. All are strictly fast in color. And ;n some of the prettiest fabrics we've shown. Specially priced, your choice 49c WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS Geo. W. Robison 6- Co Hone- "The Leading Department Store' Preseott Nashville aft d whim- Cooem In a 'ftftfy ( titled "Sooky." ft p ttut* o£ this type, 6( teallwti ftttrf rt)ln«MB of childhood h«p*. 'cptifSite *hd optimism, l» not rtmtthifef fo M done adequately with atofttdtldtMt thihft like a ' It ywt llk*d "Sklppy," you can't be in "Sooky." the same same director, the same atoty *taff, rt*«ftMdate, Crosby with , was, the chief wi life. Shi iteid, after a < of ttw martial difficulties eftfldWrt »we ex suggested that his him home so tha'i he «&uld h». and .settle the tfotible. , ft was,brought out at the trtal;tbat Phllpbl previously had been"a«iuittea e* A teurder charge in the death, ei a nigfe,/ < > " Many character witnesses, includ* ing city aftd county officers, testi* fled for Philpot. Norman Taurog, to pretent seventy minute* of entertainment in the fullest sense of ihe ,woitt. Nof Oft young C&ttper and Ceogan the only ittembers <>f the original cast to project their characterizations in new experiences. Wltlard Robertson, tnld Bennett, Helen Jerome Eddy, Guy Oliver and th»e ebullient pest* Jackie Searl, renew the parts they treatedIn'"Skippy^ lo*"Sooky." Dogs, trinkets, mothers and fathers are treated with typical boyhood earn- estnew in the n«#>story, which re- OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES Do You Know Thai- Oliver Wendell Holmes, who resigned from the supreme court of the United 1 States at the age of 90, after 50 years as a judge, 29 of which were spent on the Nation's highest tribunal— Student at Harvard under Ralph Waldo Emerson, was graduated at 20, year the Civil War broke out, was commissioned a lieutenant in a Massachusetts infantry regiment, was wounded in the breast, neck and foot at Balls Bluff, Antietam and Fredericksburg and later became a colonel. That for many years his secretaries have always been young Hnrva'rd students? That one critic called him "the wisest man now speaking and writing the English language.", ;' .v' f ; ." ;»y 5 t.That'-.the retiring justice !o,rice pro-* tested .that he was wasting too much' time posing for a ( portraint painter; his wife promptly' told the artist to take al the time he needed, saying "If the justice were not posing for you he would be off in a corner reading French novels." That Mr. Holmes is extremely unas*. suming, he lives quietly, but is knowii for his fighting qualities; that he once said, "After all, the place for a 'man who is complete ih all his powers is in the fight." - : •.•.."•'•'; That after recovering from • his' wounds in the Civil War, Mr, Holmes took up law practice arid became ,• a professor in Harvard law school, was* named to the Massachusetts supreme court in 1882 and became its' chief justice in 1899. , ' > That he attracted the attention of President Roosevelt, who appointed him to the supreme court in 1902, by a .'decision in a picketing case in which Mr. Holmes commented whlmlscally on the contention that it could be unlawful for people to combine in an act that any one of them tould do lawfully as an individual. ••! •..' v That'Mr. Holmes Was bora in Bos- Itori on March'8, 1841', the son of the late Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes,' the poet and essayist; that he married Miss Fanny Dixwell of Cambridge, in 1872, and they were famed for their 1 marital happiness until her death three years ago. . Citrus Growers Seek Protection for Crop LOS ANGELES.-^-Citrus growers, seeking protection for their crops from the danger of frost, were again forced! to resort to the use of smudge pots Tuesday morning as temperatures fell below freezing in several sections of Southern California. The danger Monday night and early Tuesday, however, was not ns great ns on the previous night, when the mercury recorded temperatures as low as 20 degrees. Action on Payment of • Pensions Is Forecast WASHINGTON.—(#>)—Favorable action by the house veterans' committee this week on legislation to grant pensions to widows and orphans was predicted Tuesday by Chairman Rankin. The Mississippian said the bill had the support of the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the Disabled Veterans of the World War. Washington Mrs. Joe Wilson and daughter of Columbus are visiting Bob Levins and family. Miss Mary and Nobie Wilson and Ruck and Lyn Wilson of DeAim spent Sunday with their sister Mrs. Sadie O'Steen. Luther Caudlo and family of Bodcaw spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Card. Mrs. W. I. Stroud has returned from a visit to Little Rock. Bob Carrigan of Ozan was in town on business Saturday. Bro. W. H. Stingly married Miss Ida Auterberry and Mr. Clarence Mc- Brewer Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Pruett arc on a visit to Oklahoma City, Okla. A few of the young people enjoyed a party at the home of Mrs. 3. W. Butler Friday night. Will Boyett and family of New i Hope have moved to the Ellis IIOUSL'. | We are glad to have them.» | Mrs. Daltun Hulsey has relumed from a visit to her parents in'Fort Smith, Ark. We are glad to report that J S. Monroe is able to be up again yitcr a serious illness. The girl Scouts hiked out to tin.' i>;i.->lure of W- E. Elmore and lu>d a picnic Thursday afternoon alter sviiuol they were chaperoned by Misses Hull and Smith. W. P. Mason received a death message of his son in Mobloy Mo., and left immediately. Jots Around Shover Quite a number of the young ladies of the neighberhood visited our school Friday afternoon. As luck would have' it, Milton Otwell had wagon, team and wagon cover at the school house arid during the time the rain began to pour. So Milton with his load of 20 started out, to say the road was bad is just putting it mildly for they were stuck in the mud, but with heroic effort they finally got out and made the rest of the way without more trouble. Jim Garber and Opha Spears were visiting old friends in this vicinity" Saturday night and Sunday. We are sorry to hear that Mrs. Ida Rujrglcs is ill again. > Friends of Miss Forrest Ruggles are very much pleased to hear of her improvement from her recent illness. P. P. Otwell has had for week end guests his uncle, Mr. House, from Chidister. Miss Pauline Sanford spent a short while Sunday evening at home with her parents and sister, Mrs, Bee O Gray. Mrs. J. R. Gray has been on the sick list the past three or four days, he is better at this time. Hump Huett and family of near Pat- mcs were Saturday night and Sunday visitors at Harold Sanfords. Wilma and Ermadene Arnold and brother, L. D., and Harlev Vines were calling on the Otwell young folks one evening recently. P. P. Otwell and uncle, Mr. House,' called on H. B. Sanford's Sunday afternoon. Woodman Circle to Install Officers Tuesday Poplar Grove, No. 196, local Iqdge o{ the Woodmen Circle, will install officers for the year next Tuesday night at 7:30. This installation will take place at the Woodman of the World hall. Mrs. James G. Martindale will pre- j sent the following program: Jean Young, song, and dance; Joy Ramsey, acrobatic dance; Wanda Lane, tap dance; with Miss Harriett Story as accompanist. , volves mainly about the efforts of $J*t*M" SHippy, and "Sooky," his «(rmy, (6= outdo the highhat Boone Boys, a cadei corps recruited from 'a hitghborhood more attractive than ShantytdWn, "Pathos and humor are •diicreetly^ mixed, building up to a strong and Syntpttthetic climax. "Sooky" is how /showing at Saenger Theatre. '. the Schedule This Week Columbus to Meet on r'riday Night—Five ';.". '•' "" t "G*«n!M : FHjlay,., • ..•(..- ..' ." *. i An interesting basketball game: is promised, for fans who attend the Hope-Columbus garrte here Friday night. This ,1s ' expected to be one among, if hot the best games played so far this season. • Sautrday night will also be a night of baksetball at the; local gmynasium. Spring Hill will play Rossotn; De- Queen iwll play Columbus, and Spring •Hill and'Columbus all stars will also' play at this'time. There will also be agame -between the DeQueeh girls and the Rosston tgirls. The first game will start at 7:30. A large nutri attend. irst game utribcr of ' fans are expected to " ' '"'''" Story of Mord^r * Declared Untrue - ) Perry County Mountaineer Who Confessed Repudiates Statement* , t PERRYVtLLE.—' The mountaineer who told a tale of a year-old murder to Cheif James A. Pitcock of the Little Rock Detective Bureau last Saturday swore there was no truth to his story Wednesday as he stood on the bank of Fourche rives, whither he had led serachers f of the body of the victim.' "There ain't nothing to it," said Willie Lee McElroy, after searchers, led by Sheriff Oscar Brazil, had, failed to east ditch He find that > ms otwi searching f« him, bruises ahdtserat"' would- find the body of Wootisori Stevens,'! farmer,, in the swollen waters of the Fourche river. » Stephens has been missing since November, .1930, McElroy, arrested . An suspicion by Sheriff Brazil, was taken' to Littl eRock for questioning. He confessed that he had witnessed the killing of Stephens In November, 1930, on the bank of Fourche river, 'and named Gfover Htfl, aged 45, <as the slayer. He said Stephns and Hall had quarreled when they met during a squirrel hunt in the river bottoms and that Hall shot and killed Stephens,. Then, McElroy related, Hall forced him to asis tin weighting the body with stones arid rolling it into a deep part of the river. He 1 promised to lead officers to the spot. ' After a 'two-day delay^, during which Hall was arrested and lodged in the Morrilton jail, McElroy guided the sheriff and his men to the;spot where the crime was committed.. The river was at high stage and it was necessary to ferry across back water once and to ride mules across another overflowed place before they reached the spot described by McElroy. , The water there • ; was several feet .deeper .than, usual, and the current • was swift,'but an'attempt was made to drag; the Spot. No trace of the'body was found,/and McElroy finally declared: .-••;,.'• ' • .. ;.. ';.: ; "This is the place, but "there ain't nothing to the story. It wasn't so." The searchers returned and McElroy was rteurhed to the Perry'county jail. Hall will be brought back to Perryville for arraignment ':. ^,. verstty of Alabama /knowing whal*ti*1 > (death held fer'^hlnt . <f*i*f*f4- *i« lotititef •*^ 1 '^* a critical condition/^! ing shot himself j The, student, pf day and InV letter Butts ad Oouvener 'remind that, the first one to cue back and talk with';ihe' . sible. ' Bankers Pool' m r ~ + »i -r l Loans, Re CHICAGO.- nolds, chairman of, the b National Credit Cot ed Wednesday the! pool would cease its loaiufj work would be carried oftj billion dollar GfUM and BL< We are and blocks. Prices and. office. , specificat HOPE BAS Columbia Red Cross Selects Committee MAGNOLIA, Ark.T-The Columbia county chapter of the American Red Cross met Tuesday night and elected a Civilian Home Service committee, as follows; Charles Lewis, T. H. Westbrooks. Dr. P. M. Smith, R. Chester Green and W. O. Willisnjson. A county wide meeting of all Red Cross members has been called for February 9 by the president, J. O. Hutcheson. 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