Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 28, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 28, 1932
Page 2
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&<$3«jlf '% 1* M * . Cream to ^t^^^ste^^ui^pHiffri^ , , , Wrf it ««•« e#fci*« pWemntetrt thresh ffc* Memories in Ke«p«akes • ~ r a cadi of gold, silver or prcious excavators who were preparing" a site for a in .Portland^ Ore., .the other day turned up dit "a 4 different kind—some moiildy old chests buried 60 years ago i bjr members of a high satins class beneath a tree'th^t the graduates had ,. c _ Befits were opened, a revealing light was ;n"e kind of things, valueless in themselves, that prize—especially young 1 people. iWe^e,' for instance a little blue vase,- & tiny cup ^ J a little locket containing a Jo,ck of someone's V a, small model of the ship Constitution, a marble, 2 horseshoe, a handful] of old coins, a-newspaper " ".682—and .so on, through a long list of little ,._ one of .which had its own significance^its own 9 this chest .was buried 50 years ago. 1 imagine just how gladly the p^opT^ who , .___ would reclaim them now.,,Ai;teir,Jialf a ;the commonest ,objec£ can fake on •deep.-aheaning. of hair, for .instance; what-gawky and Mrs. fi. M. Evnns 9pe«V tuestfisy of last week with -M.t*Jtott JMtowm at Het*. ^0. L. lUflSv An* Jlwt Bowfe e< Hope Were business filter* here 1«K week. ' Misa Eathcl ftobertson spent the Wtek «fti Wth her (waits, Mr. and Mrs. &'$, ItobertwSn «t<0zan. T. H. Sfuwrt wai^i btuffles visitor to ToxaskWdk Friday. ' M. and Ms. C. «.' fioyce of Bright Star w«r% gu«sfs StHtday 6f Mr. and Mrs. K. G. Dudfi^i Mrs. Jo« WlUon ftnd baby Emily Joe ar« tp*rtdltt| a few d*ys with relatives in Wasliit&tti, 'Mr. and Mrs. P. ft Booker spent the week end with Dr. fend Mrs. J. R. Autrey. J. O. Johttton WAS a business visitor o Blevlhs Tuesday. Mrs. R. C. Stuart and Mits Mary Galnes Autrey will go to Texarkana Thursday fc* a tew days vlstl with rtl- atives. Mrs. J. R. Dodson and Miss Dorothy Gray Dodson of Texarkana W*re week end guests Of Mrs. J. C. Kill and Mrs. T. C. Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Jackson were isltors to Hope Saturday. Mrs. Jim Wilson. Jr., Is the guest of Mrs. S. H. Brian t and Mrs. N. T. fewell In Hope. Miss Mary Galnes Autrey spent ,the week end in home the .guest of Miss Selma Lee Bartlett Dr. H. H. Darnall made a professional visit to 'Saratoga Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. White were visitors to Hope Thursday night. V. J. Green, Jr., of Shreveport is visiting with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Green. •'* - J TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO George Sandelur's old black, mare got to feeling gay. Wednesday afternoon, and while George was collecting water ,tax on Main, street, she ran down'the street about two' blocks to 'the City Drug.Store, wlttre she is us-' .ually hitched'wheh deotge fe'not riding! her, When She reached^ the hitching post m' front'of the'store, she was •Students fo Northwestern •University-are going to grade their professors. To be accurate, of course they'll have to'be absentminded. "Charley Dawes is quitting as saclor to 'go back to banking. With things as they are now, he's got' a long vi/ny,to go 'back. '' " . ... • Mayor Moore of Philadelphia wants the people of his city to be happy, but will enforce the : dry law. His prede loollad, prizing his keepsake from the world's sweet-1^,,*, and .she began to sifce. w,i c, put it there? , And,,where is-he now? Did he marry she'dia stop 1 her body J waV haifj *<Kd each forget the other^before two more years had through the ^nt door. She r Bt'stea'jt <•"* '**nn*Jt • t •• • ".--• MSr^°v er » i^ * iiSsati ^i so fast that the brakes wouldn't C essors have done quite a bit in this A_ J _V*t 'l^Ai'vn*-! ^^ ellMt* '^tTnoTI ji«r_ _' !•'_._- * _:_. j.i_ t __ i^ «._<__ *" •mn* ' •* it""*- * i j i *»•• fj y T iw, jprobab^ly,-have a secret stare, of odds-and iikld,,ithing8'ihat would look very .odd and ^ro- __,.._. j%»:ne-else-«ttw "ttiem,-but that^we ourselve»--cher- |4eeply. There -<ti usually a faded dance program or two, •When way 'scrhm- arounH 1 where she waited for George L anoffi«r TEN YEARS AGO '•somtf day's stroll along a'lake; some yellowed theater stubs; 'io no one but, ourselyes would the collectipn mean 'ajny- » * t • • . "..'" • f\ . V " .--. -'•:•' ' -. -. ,1 _, ,each 'of us has to fight his own battle with time, .devours youth and hope; and with bur oddments of ^'" those Tunearthe'd , iir Oregon—we keep old lories R V '.'3U Byers, town "tnb rao: Miss'"Einma Washington, was In on business. T Wilson has return- Overalls in Church . Kitie Methodist Church at^Trioji, Geprgia,, voted adopt an officia\ garb of overalls* a^d printed Cotton for its Sunday services hereafteri it^took'a very and an exceedingly literal interpretation of the Gold- ' ' -!- ' poor people in the church. Probably ed, from a visit to relatives in Littl| ^ ock --v^.^.<^. • : G. C. trunday,*"m former citizen .'of. Hope, now superintendent of the L. & A. railway, with headquarters at Stamps,-"was here yesterday. •;G.,.Sullivan, now doing c'on- tracting and b^l^i'^IWork at Shre^ve- port, 14,, spent'tnVSreek-end with^his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Sullivan. Cleve Dalton, formerly of this city, who has resided at Winnfield, for the past few years ,5s visit- Jjtft ing relatives here. '; of thettt^fwSWdike to attend tibe services in fine clothes, $ perfectly human desire, ana there are congregations, ,4 and f&ere, in which one suspects that that longing to ; ex- bit fineWainfliient is what really got some of jthe. members ihtp Ife^ir pews. • > ••'.''•' •"' ?: '•••.. »"j*t*if* af iqt, 0 f the people in this Georgia church;had to "' or cotton dresses—because they possessed no „,_„., .^'congregation, in voting to make those garments r ^e regular thing for Sunday morning wear, must have had * y '—*--» "%bat pasjage of the Bible in which going into the til God in shining raimet is mentioned; for that of CQusse, refers to things of the spirit, not of the ., ^J.overftBa'and cotton dresses can qualify very easily. The step makes one feel that these people in this smtfll- ,t*v»w W 4 eKujreh. must be both friendly and level-headed. They } '" ,are' going to have, in their not over prosperous church, a of< fellowship and good understanding that many a ' with stained-glass windows, rhythmic cadences of -,_ choral music and many candles has sought and never f ctund* • < 1%KJH$Qiry of the widow and her miHe has always been one 0J the besWoved stories in the New Testament, Something of that jpirit seems to have prompted this action about the overalls an4 print dregsea. And it may be that the little south- cbureh, where the men wear blue denim and the women > thirij-beat gowns, just because they don't want the embers to feel badly, will Uve longer in the memory th#n seme c^urehes that are wonders of masonry and arch, „«, wwr ..—w» calloused though it sometimes seems, has -£ hajhl^ ef a appreciating sincerity and humility. ' t f That Finance Corporation ff JS quite posiBible that historians a few years from now '1 will 4ftte the beenning of the end of the present depres- • «Jpj» from the establishment of the Reconstruction Corpora• tlpn^ — " money," alwajjw 9, phenomenon of hard times, seJfltow fcteeft mpf^ iri evidence than it has in the past Jt hji fe«en responsible for 3 tremendous amount of »te«jation. The new credit facilities now made by t^gw«p»ment should go a long way toward would a ur^ty Special Prosecutor Is Hired f by ^jurder Case MEMPHIS.—(jP)-Mrs. O. L. Sanders Tuesday eifcploypf WJU DaVis, Alemphis attorney, ttT assist the State of Arkansas in the prosecution of Warner Smith, Memphis lurriber in- spectator, on a charge of slaying her son, James Lambreth, at Turrell, Ar\c,, last Chrjs^nwi*. Eva, ^ <. direction, but this certainly is Moore. tnaiv^arrestedi)>y dry., agpnts was uitted when> it,was found he,hod his aupply of liquor before prohibition. After which it appears tKai'the best way to beat the d"ry law is tp buy. your liquor'15 years' ago.' An ethnologist ottered to take eight "tenderfeet" on an exploring adventure to South America for $5000. But Jhey would get moire adventure for tfi'ehr money if they let it be known they would carry it down some street in Chicago. Germany has stopped paying reparations. Wei, now that we know we're not going to ge the money, we can forget, about it and see what we can get out of the depression. home folks here. Quite a few attended the funeral of Mr. Cummins, Sunday atfernoon. / Elsie and- Nadine Poole spent a while with Mrs. Hines Sunday after- Miss Billy Joyce Arnold is visiting with hime folks and friends here. Rehersals have begun for the play "The Wild Oats Boy," to be presented by the young folks of this community. The date of presentation is set as January 29. DeAnn We were indeed sorry to hear of the death of Mrs. Elizabeth Samuels' father, Mr. Cummins of Blevlns. Little Coy Breedirig has been on the sick list this week end. Little Betty Lou Murphy is improving rapidly, after a very bad case of diphtheria. We welcome J. M. Hlnes and family, formerly of Stroud, Okla., into our community. The attendance at Sunday school was very small Sunday. To exeryone we extend a cordial invitation to come. O. F. Lloyd spent the week end with - fH/S CURIOUS WORLD - DUCK HAWk, IN , WAS T/MepAT , Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! With HOPE STAR WANT ADS The more you tell, ; t The quicker you sell. 1 insertion, lOc per lln» ; . > minimum SOc 3 .insertions, 7c per lino. minimum SOc . < 6 insertion!), 6c per line, minimum $1.00 26 insertions, 5c per line, minimum $4.00 (Average 5% words to the line) NOT E—Want advertisements accepted over the telephone may be charged with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, the day of first publication. Phone 768 n. day mofntot, OOtt to th* COJ» he Ml raft*!* swerai Says for tfta *fa|g r frJMi UFj^ HA)^ftft *T*TV HIIU mi^v^ iff i AVI i —,»—-— v a^*"*~* Saturday flight and Sunday with Mr. and MI* S**»l SlmjsWft, Bud JMfc? ftftd Uffllly urday to th* teih« bf A.; and UJtttty. Miss Alls Cattl nfeht wHH Milk Pfiuntte The ifctty it Saturday night Wfls that attend**' - %1 WlllUtvilte Olrls and toys* bfiU'teatng played Etnfnet Saturday afternOdft at Emmet aftd won both fame* The boys Went to Hope from there «nd played Spring Rill at the armory, and also won this game. . A Sunday school has been organized at Holly Springs church. Large crowd* attend. Lets every body come to Sunday school that can, with a good lesson. End Piles Quick No S«lve»-No Cutting Your itching, bleeding, protruding piles will go when you actually remove the cause—bad blood circulation In the weak flabby parts—and not one minute before. Salves or cutting can't do thi»—an Internal remedy must be used. HEM-ROID, prescription of Dr. 3. S. Leonhardt, succeeds because it stlmulatse the circulation, drives out congested blood, heals and restores the almost dead parts. HEM-ROID has such a wonderful record right in this City that Ward & Son say one bottle of HEM-ROID Tablets must end your .pile agony or money back. Adv. (Democratic Primary JVb. 23) For City Clerk, FRED WEBB PAT CASBY ' For Alderman Ward One L. C. (LEX) HELMS BENNIBi BEl^TON ROY ANDERSON Ward Two ROY STEPHENSON L. A. KEITH Ward Four CLYDE A. MONTS IRA HALLIBURTON A. M. M-KAMEY FOR RENT ' FOR RENT—3 room apartment. Apply 1116 South Main. 28-3t FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms for light housekeeping, down stairs, near bath. Phone 315. Mrs. D. T. Chamberlain, 717 S. Main. 23-6tp. FOR RENT—Four nice houses. One close in, just remodeled. Telephone 606 or 607. 26-Btc FOR SALE—Good utility horse, cheap. Also, farm for sale. J. D, Cummlngs, Rt. 2. Hope. 26-3t WANTED MIDGET HAND BARGAIN. We have a new Cable Midget Piano in the High School Auditorium, loaned to the P. T. A. for the play a few weeks ago. Will sell at a big sacrifice on account of this little use. Easy Payments. Write for price. H. V. Beasley Music Company, Texarkana, Ark. 27-3tp ^ffis^ Tg| FEMALE HELP WANTED—Sell Vel- ,/etina toilet products in Hope. Quality jeauty goods. Highest commissions. Permanent. Address box 98. 27-3tc NOTICE Bargains in dependable used machines. Let us show you the best vacuum cleaner in the world, the new Singer. Singer Shop, W. Secont St. 26-3tp NOTICE: Men's suist, cleaned and pressed, delivered SOc. Cash and carry 40c. Family finish laundry service Jc lb. Hope Steam Laundry. Telephone 148. 28-6tc for painter and paper hanger. Roof repairing work guaranteed to stop your leaks. Call C. W. Harrington, Phone 518-W. 27-3tp NOTICE—New Spring hate just received. Ladies Specialty Shop. 27-3tc NOTICE - New arrivals; Latest Spring millinery modes. Ladies Specialty Shop. 27-3tc FOR SALE FOB 6ALE-A few good White hens. Laying. Seasonable, box m. Hope, Arkansas. U new Soring hats. $1.88 to Specialty Shop. 8 L. C. Burr & Co. WEST SECOND STREET , ARKANSAS LAST CHANCE FOR JANUARY SAVINGS! J Ladies Hats For, Spring, have just arrived. We have abig assortment of colors and sizes. RayonLing^ie For Women, in all sizes aria colors. ' Step-ins} Bloomers or Panties. 25c DRESSES Were Priced $4.90— Now Offered to^Ysou V forOhly $1.98 Many beautiful, stylish dresses still left for you to choose from .... prices greatly reduced for clearance! COATS Were $14.75—Now JO .95 Men! Buy your NEW Coat now for next season .... Wear it the rest of this winter. You will save greatly at these— SACRIFICE PRICES! Spring Hats FOR MEN The New styles have just arrived in the newest colors and shapes. $3.50 Jersey GJoves This is an exceptional buy, in quality and in price. In brown only. 9c Tire Close • Out! I Ab«olutely Your LAST CHANCE to Buy Tire, at CLOSE OUT Price* Size 29x4.40 (Ford) $ 1.6R Regular Price Was $4.70 Size 30x31/2 (Oversize) $5.20 Regular Price Was $4.26 BURR'S Tire Price* Always Were Low- Now Look At Them Size Quality Reg. Price Now 29x4.50 36x4.50 28x4.75 29x5.00 29x4.50 4 Ply 4 Ply 4 Ply 4 Ply 6 Fly 15.32 5.40 6.34 ' 6.65 6.98 W-W 4.05 4.70 4.95 5.00 Size Quality Reg. Price Now 29x4.40 30x4.50 30x4.75 29x5.00 30x5.00 6 Ply 6 Ply 6 Ply 6 Ply 6 Ply $6.80 Ul 7.88 8.45 8.G5 $4.80 3.10 5.65 6.10 6.25 IMPORTANT NOTICE! Any Tires not sold by the end of this week will be shipped to another stere! .i,

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