Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 27, 1932 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 27, 1932
Page 6
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. ,.—"ft*;; ; if Daughter Unbance J$«U*<a**>Jf Anni* Davis rta. Both r and it *g Jwyna ml »«*FT —»»»7 •«***»„ «• JliSt rtc^itiy that the ro- fef iri'^dhood was cul- "";feirri*|l*. Chase's wife jtnd' Mr*. Wftte has beert Sam* time. Chase is 75 J. Pore- head, on a city traf- utatid his perfectly he Mttct the city for <mfr, Joi; City At- iGr«nt iuled,that the responsible' for Election, Tuesday li 1532 „ -fl.-t*. /'fO * Jiven that the An- will be held cat. At this elec, p »to be voted, school S 1 *w» v i»ember»' of-the Board of Gduca- frBSanl of Education' " County _jAu«in, Secretary. AH. {, % * , ulong , * 24,5'* NG CO. Girl of 17 Shows Cfltton Growers How ...r—^-^M ,* , j»7,. .t . J j-> jg^v }S* " wAtf " **. ** Bales on Five Acres ELIZABETH WEATHERFORD AUGUSTA, Ga.—(NBA)—One of Georgia's champion cotton growers is going to give up farming to become I trained nurse! After Elizabeth Weatherfordj who grew mort in 1931 than anyone else in the county and ranked second in the Augusta district finishes high school at Blythe, iiext spring, she is coming to Augusta to begin training. If she keeps up her farming record as a nurse, she will be a top-notch- er. At 17 years of age, the' brown- eyed miss who can plough as straight a furrow as anyone, can pitch hay M necessary, and had rather sew and ifuss attout thtf Mtch«n making garden ftMdoet* delestoble than anything else, Has shown the gr*y t headed veterans what hard fcttrk intelligently applied, can do. Hot oily did she ,wtrt the otonty prize, but her recent is likely to get a state award, her county agent says. ' 5 i "" r ' ' With slx^cenl cotton discouraging other, cotton fawners she made a rtet pr6flt of |34J» per" acre after deduct* ing every knewn item, including: interest, her own labor cost, hired labor It labor from share croppers, and an extra 10 pier cent for overhead. . She raised 4193 pounds of lint cotton on five acres, more than eight bales. "And I entered** contest just for fun." she beamed as she told of her successful Venture Into contest farm- Ing. , "Harvey won it last year," she said, recalling her brother's triumph the year before in the district contest. "This year he couldn't enter because he got married and moved away, so daddy let me have the field. I Eiiess it was good luck as much as anything else, although I did .work pretty hard. In all, I worked 295 hours." Elizabeth modestly wouldn't say so, but her mother Mrs. M. A. Weatherford, says the girl did "just about everything about that cotton except plough it all the time.'V "She did a little of that, too," said the mother, "although the hands had plenty of time." « , In addition to cotton growing, Elizabeth has taken an active part in' 4-H Club work, having won prizes in sewing and cooking. Before going to school she gets up at 4:30 helps milk, cooks breakfaft and aids her mother, who Is not in good health, in cleaning up the house, and looks after the poultry. ' She is very much of a girl despite the fact that she his excelled at a man's game. Her hair is attractively bobbed. She is slender despite 135 pounds for her five foot stature. Overalls she wears about the place, not because she wants to,"play boy" but because "they'are much handler than a dress for pottering about a farm." Providence There his been no Sunday school oV slngini rter» tor several Sunday* fflrt account <* bad wither and bad rbtds. Friend* of Httl« Charles Hay, nlh«- teen months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo R«y, were very sorry to hear of tab death, which occurred at the JTose* phine hospital Sunday at 1 ,a. m.; alter an illness of only three days. Funeral services were conducted by Re*. Ws A. Bowen of First Baptist church, at the home of Mr. and Mrs.'BufgJiA* Johes of Hope, Sunday afternoon and interment was had In Rdse Hill cert* etery. • ' ' '' _ '',' Mrs. Nellie Moore of Hugo, Okla,, spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Zan aBteman and fam. ily. Mrs. R. S. Watson and .daughter, Ruby, visited Mrs. J. M. Watson, Tues» day afternoon. ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Browning and baby of Nashville were voting relatives here last Friday. Burgher Johes of Hope,spent a few days last week with his parents here. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Campbell Of Slevlns visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Campbell and family, Sunday. • •-' ' *' ' Miss Mary Morrow; of Waterloo spent Sunday with home; folks. • - _' Mrs. Milton Simmons and children visited her mother, Mrs. C. C. BroWn- ing Thursday. i • Mrs. A. L. Beegle left Friday, January 15, for St. Paul, .Neb., where she will make her 'home and which was her former home before coming to Arkansas 11 years ago." , Taking Time Of f From World Cruise B«tty>hwab few of h« ffkswfc *>Uh Friday evening* Kv«ryon<i repotted » DeQueen Utilities Man Moved to Texarkana DEQUEEN—C. L. Hopkins, who has been manager of the Southern Ice and Utilities "company here for the past eight years, has been transferred to Texarkana. where he will be engaged iri special work. J. E. Nichols of Dallas, has been transferred here to succeed Hopkins. f "* * Something Else Again Landlady—"So Mr. Newboard. has found something fresh to, complain about this morning." ' Main—"No, mum, it's the egg. Boston Transcript ?f. fi*.' i?*' <•> fa '$> "' GULF GAS ,» ¥ the busy corner of Third and Hazel—on the new Broad,way of America route, you'll find that Good Gulf gas sta- $on. Courteous service—full ""or your money. Bundy Service Station - -Raze! - Phone 264 Oakland Mr. and Mrs. Herman Stoy At;ended the Presbyterian revival in Sope, Wednesday-night. . . Mr. and ; Mrs. Lawrence Sallee and Family spent the week end iyith Mrs. Bailee's mother, Mrs. Maud Barton of hear Emmet. Albert Stuckey of Hope was visiting in this community Sunday.- Bro. Rister filled his regular appointment Saturday night and Sunday. We were glad to see the house filled. ' Mr. and Mrs. Reece Arrington of New Hope spent the week end s with Mrs. Arrington's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dutch Watkins. 'Miss Susie Lewis and Miss Pauline Ferguson visited , Mrs. Beulah Stoy Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Head of El Dorado spent the week end with Mrs. Head's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dutch Watkins. Ray Glanton spent Saturday with Bernice Lee Eubanks, Jr. Bro. Rister was the dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. Sid Arnett Sunday. We are sorry to report that there are several children absent from school last wtek with the chicken pox. Wilma Marie Soleman Is on the sick list this week. We hope her a speedy recovery. ' I I'll BIB Mrs. Sim Cornelius spent the day with Mrs. Grace Stoy Sunday. Bro. Ward will preach here Sunday at 11 o'clock and Sunday night, every one come and bring someone with you. Lige Ferguson of Murfreesboro visited his brother Bueford Ferguson .. „...- visited his mother, Mrs. J. W. Lewis Sunday. Misses Edith and Susie Lewis spent the week eifl with their aunt, Mrs. Grace Stoy. Henry Chapel Health in this community has improved greatly since last writing. F. J. Bailey attended church at Hope Sunday. ' Frank Simmons spent" Saturday night and Sunday with J. T. Turner. Mr. and Mrs. Otis Purtle and children of Rocky Moimd spent Sunday With Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fincher. Mrs. Carrel Turner and children spent Sunday afternoon with Grandma Simmons. , Raymond Jordon spent Sunday with Blakie Turner. . I. A. Fincher of Union spent, Monday afternoon with his son Ruffe a'rid family. ' ; '" Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Dodson and baby Margaritte spent''the week end '.at Lewisville with her 'parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Perkins. .Misses Alice and Mattie Lou and Denvil Ellis of Rocky Mound spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fincher. Willie Mae Johnston spent Sunday with Mrs. Frank Bailey. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hunt and Mrs. Williams of Rocky Mound spent Sunday afternoon .with Mr. and Mrs. Bud ' On their way around the world, William K. Vanderbllt, a member of the famous New York family, and Mrs. Vanderbllt were pictured in this informal,pose as they stopped at Cairo, Egypt. They're; circling the globe on their yacht Alva. ; Laneburg 4 - Little Barbara Gaustchc is on the sick list at present. Hope she wilt soon be alright. Miss Mattle Lou White of Button visited her sister, Mrs. Oma Samp-, son last week. • . ' Martin Woosley who has been working in Longview Texas is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Woosley. •Our school is progressing nicely, although on account of bad roads, some of the busses have failed to make their full routes. , Odis Hatchcoat of Bono, Ark.; visiting relatives and friends, here. > We are glad to say that the little grandson of Mr. and . Mrs. Oscar fJteed's who has been real sick is very iuch improved. Friends were sorry to hear of the death of Jim Fairchild of Mt. Moriah f John Thomas Andrews of Prescott sjwnt last. week, end with, his uncle, J. T. Hazzard and family. '.Several of the young folks of this community called on Sadie and Hazel Ea^terling Saturday night. '_ Bro. Crbpp, pastor of the First Baptist', church at Prescott preached an interesting sermon at the school house Sunday morning. Thursday of last week. Don Lewis of Hope Take It Right Along JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—Thieves who >roke int othe grocery store of Lem ner probably were stumped by the combination of his safe. Undaunted, hey backed a car or a truck against he store door, hoistered the safe into he vehicle, and hauled it away. It contained more than $280. Brother Collier of Okay and Tom Collier of this place visited Willie Henry and family a while Sunday afternoon. Glen Fincher and Faye Turner spent Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Jim Cumbie and daughter, Bernice. Mrs. Carrol Turner spent Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Lizzie Jord- Fuffe Fincher's house caught fire Sunday morning, but was discovered before it done much damage. Mrs. Lizzie Jordon spent Thursday afternoon with Mrs. A. B. Turner. Parrish Fincher was able to spend the week end with his brother at Union, after having the flu for the past two weeks. Guernsey Gettitif to thi M«*t , Real Tough Guy LOS ANGELES.^-Ralph King does not carry the slogan, "The Tough Guy from Chl, J> around with him for nothing. He was lii a battle with police here and was shot down. Five bullets entered his body, but none of them wounded htm mortally. , Hrtrlek «wnl the end with Mta BftiHw ***$*> .<.Mf. ami M». Cut Powell 8|*nt the week end with Mr*. Powell's parents, Mr. and Mr*. Btodle. „ } ,. u Giles Hatfleld spent Sunday with Pat Patrick. • „ . . Mrs. Morgan Patrick Is conflntd to her bed at this time. We wish for her an early recovery. Miss Pearl Gene spent Monday, night with Misses Bertha and Ruby Ratellff of Powers- Mrs. Oifford Byers and daughter, Miss Marjorle,» sp«nt Monday night with Mrs. Byers' mother, Mrs. Eula Gilbert of Liberty. Miss Margaret Hicks hns returned to her. home here, after having spent the past week as the guest o fher sister, Miss Floye Hicks of Prcscott. Miss Dorothy Mclver spent Mon. day night with Miss Opal Wise. The party give nby Miss Mabel Ros- cnbaum on Saturday evening was enjoyed by a large crowd. Force of Habit "Fill her up," said the absentmlnded motorist to the waiter, as he parked himself In the restaurant with his sweetie.— Lamplighter. jXCKSONVtLl.fi, Fla.-A local nvm swore out awi»r«mt! against « grtew; charging that hi sold him thfM arid three-ouarttr pounds' of meat arid charged htm for five. JJw MM •>• peared before Judw t M. Anderson, When question** about the roast, .th« plaintiff ta»d he hud served It (o*, dinner and had rio evidence t«t except the bone, For the Army WASMINOTOM.-J'. Trubee Davlson, Assistant Secretary of War, has ap* roved two contracts for new aircraft ngiius and spare parts for the Attny Mr Corps/ The edntracts will involve te expenditure of more than 11,408," 100, and will call for the purchase of 90 engines from two companies. Thfly will be Installed In .service, test and raining plahes. Big Chief, Many Scalps Admirer—"What a -charming necklace." Film Star—"Yes, isn't it adorable? Made entirely of my wedding rings." —Punch (London). FREE 1 ' Finger Waves for MISS MAUDE ULE MRS. JOE GREENE SPECIAL FOR $5. Pemanent Wave offer extended ' • ' Ten Days MARINELLO Beauty Shop Woman Rustler LOS ANGELES.—Echoes of the old days of cattle rustling were revived here with the capture of three rustlers by deputy sheriffs from Newhall. They arrested George Mistier, his wife, Mary, and Albert Hickman at Palmdale. It is charge* they butchered cattle on the range and took the meat to San Bernardino for sale. Two Cents Saved we wonder, would be the reaption, if some Great Power to the many thousands in Arkansas who are now _ _. VriwitnAT, QAS—"As You Were!" of fueU! to ttW «MW»y t*4«>«» in tbe old not kitchen, just to 1ACK tp t&e ojd time under at wWrheated homes! toe oW M w»j4-Sh«r djysrrjaying in the season's sup- 'D, P- t^^WnCtfc* «&/» supply-carrying it in~ stove- bope * sow* far 4JMin*-f»tHfi You Arkansas Natural Gas Corp, TULSA, Okla.—Eli Collins, serving a county jail sentence, gave Chief Strawberry, who was being freed aft- r serving 30 days, a letter to mail to Municipal Judge G. Ed Warren. Eli saved two cents in giving the letter to Strawberry. The morning after the messenger was let out of jail he personally confronted Warren on a drunk harge and delivered the letter. Spend For Your Home in 1932 and protect your best investment. BIRD'S ROOFING i Gives you beauty, freedom from fire risk, and life-time service. RETAIL LUMBER YARD J, M, #arbin, Mgr. J78 * JL..1 . WE EXCHANGE Meal or Flour for shelled milling corn. We'll grind your corn into meal, SOUTHERN GRAIN & Produce Co, Phone 248 Phone 314 HOPE TRANSFER A STORAGE CO. E. G, Coop, Mgr. LUCK'S SERVICE STATION WASHING GREASING t $1.50 Set your car cleaned up, now that ;he weather has cleared Up! We'll io it right. Phone 485 $5.00 MEAL TICKET $4.00 Cash A discount of 20% Lunch 35c Less 20% on ticket 28c CAFE For Every Type of Motor That Good Gulf Gasgjjne For More Power Gulf No-Nox—Ethyl Stops Knocks Gylf Supreme Motor Oil For a Smooth Running Motor Gulf Refining Company 'f. S. Bates, Agent Phone 24 or -• More Bread For Your Money Blue Ribbon Bread, and other City Bakery products, give you more ounces of better quality bread for the same money. Ask for the home bread at your grocers, and you'll save money! CITY BAKERY Bakers of Blue Ribbon Bread PHOTOS By; Day or Night. Cloudy weather or sunny days. We are equipped to take your portraits at any time. The Shipley Studio ; Ph6ne 359 for Appointment GAS STOVE REPAIRING We rebuild and repair all makes of gas stoyes. Let us cover your kitchen cabinet with NICKEL ZINC Reasonable Price* Radiator Repairing HALLIBUR'TON Sheet Metal Works Phone 611 INCREASED USE BRINGS DECREASED RATES If Electricity was used In the home to the same advantage thatHIs employed by Industry, every housewife would have EyERYTHINa electrical! •• •• • .••.••. : ./ , , •i • The man of -business considers electricity a good investment Is there any you can make for your own home which will pay the dwi* dends in comfort and convenience Electrical appliances do? '.T)ie more of them you use, the lesi it costs for each service they perform! Snap the switch any hour, day or night, to command the service of your Municipally Owned Light Plant. Hope Water & Light Plant Dedicated to Service at • Low Cost To Our Farmers Got plenty corn now and some over. Why not plan to double crops next year per acre with drain tile instead of working so many acres? We guarantee it can be done, our loss if it does not. Its the only way to produce on wet lands at all, easily doubles on semi-wet land and increases largely on any land. Your Credit Is Good. Phone HOPE BRICK WORKS DO NOT BE FOOLISH You are if you are feeding your cows cottonseed when you can trade 1000 pounds of cottonseed to us and receive 2100 pounds of cottonseed meal and hulls which is recognized by the best authorities as a better feed. TEMPLE Cotton Oil Co. B. L. Kaufman, Manager U. S. Government Bonded Cotton Warehouse Standard and High Density Compress Automatic Sprinkler System Cheapest Insurance Rate, in Arkansas Union Compress •nd Wwrehouie Company H. 0. Kyis?, Manager , Phone Ss-jfcjiiSAsLi' .

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