Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 27, 1954 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, December 27, 1954
Page 8
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MOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS V&FW.•:•:-; 'f*".->'J- < ifc ; ••''.".'* ' $&m l ' •, i ON:tHE KEVBo'Aftbr 1 A modern^ ,..-„.-,.-showfi.byirivenWrlRobert.Westling, of , ert^ 1 AS he sti'ikeS the-notesion:the pZand, letters light, , ' ' ' "''••""-• "•"" in the wall Heyboard.lbehind him.-* A:-. p the note looks in printed music. \-. a . t WSK&fiti&S^ MWi™*i>rli,-.---?-0;-«f" •<>. • m$x-S^t£&K^'f fr-vw, --f T.V'tW" -Sf ';." 1 --~j itiip^^^ miim®' : < ng to Be a Problem WASHINGTON (UP) Traffis problems in the sky are getting ttr b* -nearly as bad as those on the highways. ' ' As Atnetica taVes more to the Mr, in speedier planes, the space available in (he sky gefs'smaller and stna'ller. " ' . ; ' A' -federal aviation official . .6&M tedfty ithe problems at overcrowded alr|bhes is the most serious of tvU J }n ,the ir-tficate realm ;of aeronautics. T6 find a means of handling the problei-tt the Civil Aeronautics Ad> mfhlstNtioh is experimenting with traffic! cbntrol at its test laboratories 'in Indainapolis, Ind. ' The 'C.AA is, working on two project!;, an electronic brain' and a Ir.ciJk-uiJ .airpoit which imitates actual airport situates. The brain, ..still being, tested, can store vast amounts of informa- tJpn^aB'to what plane ic where at every : instant.. .On .request, it selects the , appropriate course for each one approaching .a field. ..-' The: mock-up oirport actually a map projected on a screen treats ;the, problem, with . human control : . ife 'an effort to. find tho best solution. : . The map may be of a few square mijse • or; .a .few' thousand, depending', on''ihe.'s'cdle desired It is projected i en .a large .screen at the end of, an .auditorium at the test center.,. , ', / "•' .'.."'•• The .'du^ie'nce'is 18 women, wives pf'meti'whc work 'at the test laboratories. Vor, at the adja'c'erit Indianapolis airport. ... Each> of ..the women ;sits at a painel of dials 'and'controls'.^, plane approachirigi the airport. The plane phpws oh the map' as' o' ; spot' of iigjit, which comes-'/from ..a. projector at each*-panel. 'Behind'the screen'is radar equipment ' which pickr, • up each plane. The radar operators with the wh'pje .problem .of converging aircraft laid ; cut in font- of them, direct movements'to a smooth and speedy .landing for" all. •They ,calT it a ."synaniic air traf- fic'control smiulator." ; Sb f^r,' itf has handled the •problems of Ns\v ;. York, • Washington, Fort -Worth-Pallas and. Norfolk, Vaj: among others. : : MbnJoy, deeember If, 1954 " Production of Crude Ofl Up WASHINGTON (UP) Guide cil stocks tctalec 26'. "93 000 bar- ie)s on Dec 18, an increase of 120000 barrels from the previous week, the Bureau of Mines repor ed today. \ Texas 1'od 120,E*)7,000 barrel, an increase cf 467,0<k> b.urels ' Olhor itock- en hand Kansos 8 i40 Of/0 barrel-t, up 3 14, '('00, Loui'iarttj 14,876,600 ban els, down 607 000; 774.COO uo 2-ijnoo down i9i," f , U _ Under „„„- __,- (*) - The Ru<?- aeiiVm'e gptirier} Senv.xcrat was to Vjdjtiqn today under new maHagementi.! i 'Sale of ; the paper was announced [last week'by its forrr.tr owner CJ E. Palme:-, of Texarkana. New .owners of the pap'u- are John Guion of Paris, Bob Breeden of Cleveland, Okla., Craig Lovesy of RUfisellvilie and Lovesy's rnotn- cr Mrs. Mae O. Lovesy. The purchase" p'ric-3 was not announced. -' ; France. It holds up to eight pasteooar^s. .•-.. ; .- : .\, Continued from Page One ,..,_,£ th'ie-Associated Press. v yTh:es,weliihg'-toll of. highway accidents- ; oyer','• the '.Christmas week- .crid'.i mounted. 1 Close ;to the National 'Satety .^^w'naiil'^ ^ ,pr3hoVc|4y,. ^|fV iiftpte,' aiter'aiready' setting a'rec- ord, ^fdr 'a two-day' Yule; 'holiday. Belate'd - reports : of accidental deaths ^between .6 p.. m...lpcal time, Friday^ arid ". r midnight last niRht might yell run; .Ih'e'traffic death total to the' predicted, 370: it; vya's .alreBdy:. 335 on the basis of-figures;a'yaJlab'le early -today in an.;Assbc(ated/Press : survey. T)ie;pcevibus record .for a two- day.-Christmasi weekend (54 hours) Together' with 57 .deaths in ires and ; ,,Sl' frbni a 1 variety of ; causes, the -.accidental death toll was 403. This vyas- far ah'ea'd of the 1948 total "from .all causes 396. It' exceeded ; in two " categories the -figures: compiled ; by The Associated 'Press in a test survey, for i'hc - nonhoHd,ay' weekend? of Dec. •104.?.' ThoseH'ere '-2^5- traffic; '39 fire'.;'an.d 67\ mjsce.Ug.neoiigj Iowa's" djeverj' automobile accident! fatalities dlirinf the 'Christma's.', weekend boosted the state's totpl for the year to 628, a new r.ecord exceeding by three the' for mer record ' set in 1951. Calfiornia's: diligent campaign for - safe i'iid sober .driving' during the Christmas week-failed to keep that state from the top of the lis wjlb'"-?«'• traffic; fatalities a total matched only by ^Texas. Pennsyl "" hod-25. ".-'•' :.'- -: •• jfic cheek points manned by enforcement ,agenciee Los .,_ 0 ,les County resulted in,the Arrest <jf 300 drunken drivers and fcbout 1,000: citations foi- other traffic offenssi . ' tu " ' Six State reports no deaths on their highways. They were Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, .Vermont and Wyoming. ... Stove eploosions and Christmas tree fires contributed heavily to the unusually large number of deaths from fires. The weekend's worst tragedy oc- cjred in a tenant farmhouse near Pakin, Ark- Eleven persons, including 10 children died when kerosene poured into'a wood stove i.xpjpded. Four persons, one baby, died in a firo which destroyed a farm labor camp building at Penn Van, N. Y. ' IT'S WO/TRASH-Shapely Pat "Wall,' of San Francisco, Calif., is proud of her unique wastebasket, which has mink trimmings. The glamorous Indian wicker basket is being sold by a California company, and retails for a fancy price. BEST PAW FORWARD—It's difficult keeping a good dog down.';/ BornAvith only threeTgs, -Hoppy" a four-^onth-old.part bea^ . . part terrier, manages to stand up for something to eat held by; her. ' master, Kenneth Wetib, Jr.; of MontouMville, 'Pa.- - - - « n ,,. , BEAR TO BE BOTHERED—While most of us. huddle m warm clothing, Ivy, the polar bear at the London, EnglanoVzap, finds the cold temperature just right for a snooze. Protected by h'er heavy warm coat, she looks comfortable as she curls up op the frozen earth. _.. _,_ - : -.^--i*i-i Ibynamite Blast Shakes Texas Town ODESSA, Tex.' UP) One hundred and 50 pounds of dynamite stored hr a tiny metal shack on isolated prairie three miles south of here blew up- last night, jolting a section of West Texas. The-only casualty reported was a woman knocked down wen her door was blown open. She was treated for bruisc-s. What caused the blast was a mystery. The-magazine was owned by the T. 'B. .Tripp and Sons oil end con- Jttruction firm. GIRL AT LAST CHICA ; GO, (UP) Mr?. Belle Shabsin said tcday a d-iushtcr had been born in her family for the til ft time in 200 years. " The- baby was born Christmas Day to the wife uf-.Mrs. Shabsin's son Edward,' an Air Force captain stationed at Boiling Air Force Base,-Washington. . "There never, has been a girl born to a Shabsin before that we know of" a nd the history goes back 200 years," the happy grandmother said. "."'-,.Mr$. Shabsin has another son end four grandsons. Her husband vas .one of four gons; his father vas one oJ five sons, t;nd his grandfather had no sisters. PEACEFUL QUEENS NEW YORK, (UP) The heavily populated borough of Queens was 'illed with peace and goodwill on Christmas." day.' For the.Tirst time in the memory cf court -pKicials. not. one of the borough's j,629,000 citizens was ar- rerted:oh a felony charge and M«3- irtrate':Albert Shnzer had the day off jusfUike 'everybody else for lack -of business. TAKES CARE .OF SELF SHERMAN-OAKS. (UP) A gun- tried to push his way into thi auto of Annette Hydcn. 22, and received: A broken barrel on his toy aim, an uppercutt to the jaw, a hay- n:aker to. the midsection and a bone-crushing jab in the nose. Miss Hydcn is a physical education teacher. ' MARKETS ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK ST. LOUIS NATIONAL TOCK- YARD. Hogs' neven; NAMSP PHILADELPHIA W Robert Lee Sherrod, Far East representative for the Saturday Evening Post, ' CRUSADER — Harry Oliver, who Ipves the desert so much that he publishes a newspaper abPUt it, has started a pne-man campaign IP keep it beautiful. He. pjosts apprppriate signs wherever he finds beer cans and ppp bPttles littering the grpund. 111. (UP* Livestock: 15,000. Moderately active; , barrows and gilts under 210 Ibs 25-50 lower; heavier weights fully steady; sows ?5 lower; bulk choice 150-210 Ibs 18.25-18.7; latter for uniform 170-200 Ibs; about :00 head 19.00; 210-240 Ibs 17.018.50; 240-2RO Ibs 16.50-17.PO; few to 17.75; 280-300 Ibs ' 16.00-16.50; sows 400 Ibs down . 14.7-15.25; heavier sows 13.00-14.0; boars 10.50- some salliiij; in near'' months against purchases .of later-'deliveries. Trade, buying 'absorbed >.most cf the 'offerings'.in' nenrby .March and May. ' ! Late afternoon prices were 10 to 55 cents a bale higher than the previous close. March 34.E5, May S5.13 and July 35.28. -:•(•. 33.00. Cattle 5,000. Calve;: 500. About DiAPER THIEF CHICAGO (UP)B urglars yesterday stole 23,616 diapers from the germ proof diaper service. 50 loads of steers with liberal supply mixed btcher ye a rlings; caw supply unusually small about 17 per 2ent cont ; few steers above average choice; most of ?ppjy high commercial to low will become the magazine's managing editor sometime next spring, the ppst disclosed las tnight. 45-year.oid native of Thomas County, Ga., formerly a war cor respondent for Time and Life Hi3gar.ines. will wcecd. Rpbeit who will becpme executive «4itoy. SHAH IN CALIFORNIA Pope Given a Transfusion VATICAN CITY W Ailing Pope Pius XII received another trans- furion of blood and plasma today after a"fairly" restful night. the enfeebled Pontife's doctors administered the transfusion as part of their general therapy to build up strength sapped by his wrious collapse Dec. 2. They have given these transfusions several times in the past several weeks Suffering from hermi of the esophagus he Pcpe was reported choice; some initial sales showinK uneven strangth at 21.75-26,25; few good arid choice heifers and mixed yearlings 22.00-24.00; cows active and 50 higher; utility and commercial 10.00-12.00; canners and cutters 7.50-9.75; bulls £0 higher; util-. Hy and comruercie.l 11.50-13.50; canners and cutters 8,0-11.00; vealevs in ery small supply and 1.00 higher; good and choic e22.00-29.00; prime to 31.00; commercial and igood 1.00-21.00; slaughter calves moderately active bu t showing some streneth: commercial and good 15.00-20.00; vtil'ty and low commercial 11.00-14.00 hcep 3,000. Supplies include fcbout 5 decks of clipped lambs; balance mainly wooled lambs; l,r;ee no tfully established; few lots goodjto prime vvooled ' '-steady POULTRY AND PRODUCI?' CHICAGO (.?) Liy e poultry, barely steady; Thursday's receipts in coops 61, Friday's 685;, 3,12463 prices unchanged: heavy heiys 17- Ib for both 'Jays; f.o.b. -.paying 18.5; lieht hens 12.5-13.5; fryers and broilers 21-25; eld roosters 1212.5; caponettes. 24-26. . •••:: , Butter firm; receipts i,5?,?.237; wholesale buyuiR prices 1 t(> 1'i higher; 03 ^cai'a AA e 9??5; 92 A 59.75; 90 B59, 89 C 6,; cars 90 B 9.5; 89 C 57. Eggs steady to firm; receipts 33,000;'whole .sale buying priceg un sections of- the heretofore parched winter -.wheat belt. Losses -at one lime run to more than- 3 cents- in contracts repvpsont- mg the -195 wheat crop. Cor' disclosed a firm ton efrom the start, aided by relatively small cash corn receipts, cn.d soybeans ' mpved" ahead toward the finish after early wariness. Oats were unable to make, any progress. "\Vhea t close d l%-3 ] 4 lov/er, March $2.31c, corn c-l l /a higher Miirch . $1.57-51.56, oats unchanged tp lower, March 80, rye .unchanged to 1 cant lower, March ?1,16M; sqybegns ' arc ,; 2 higher,. 'Ju^ary $2-;8$r$3'.82. .Wheat.: none. Cqi-n : ;• No. lo-,y 4;5-f)q>/2; No. 4 yellovv ! ,No. 5 1 '13; sample Oats. No 1 white 87-87; No I 1 wiyte sample PAadgt extra ,hpavy whft4j >39 3 ynl- 1.4i',i- grade heavy : No meal Soybean oil^ 12. 69.. , Barley pomjnal: malting choice 1.30-2; feed 1.10-.19, . changed to 1 hUher; U. S. , large whites 30; mixed 30; mediums, 28; standards 28: current receipts 26; dirties 23; chocks 23. NEW YORK STOCK YORK, Pec. ?7 ,fcl ^J f» *V/*»**f •*•- ——• - • —- ' T**V stock market declined mqdej-^tely today in the face of tax sejjjflg and uncertainties of the french 1 political situation. Prices were down 17 around 2 points at the worst, P'.u? signs w<?ve scattered and though sonje vpo, t'P arowd Al- 'o 'final clay M«r>y Ye«r$ of Qpod Service in Filling Prescriptions John S. Gibson •41 •TV , fteeiAtfaf If, 19S4 HOP! STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS CIETY Phone 7-3431 6etwe«sn 6 A, M. ind 4 f». M.. Calendar Monday December 27 :Mr. and Mrs. Alton Jones will be hosts at the rehearsal dinner for |he Jones-Smith wedding party on tondajr-night, December 27 at 6:30 hthe home of Mr. and Mrs. S. L. day December 27 Children of the Confederacy will have -a semi-formal dance at 8:30, tonight. Hosts will be Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Foster. t . ; Practical Nurses : .'• ••] 'Have Christmas^Party The Tearkana School of Practical Nursing held a Christmas party on Wednesday morning at the school. Mrs*, Amma Woner, instructor, MiajfcRuby- Bond, director and co- 4rdfflator, • and Mrs. Maude Sim- dion, isecretary, were hostesses, 'i The -dining room was decorated ihUhfe Yuletide motif. The table, Covered with a red cloth, was Centered with a snow scene, holly and red candles. ;: Christmas carols were played a.nd gifts- were exchanged from large white tree. i Mrs. Woner gave the story of '.*Silent Night" while the carol was plaj^d softly. The invocation w given'by Lorene Thompson. ' Breakfast was served to Lorene Nichols, .Helen Ambler, Thelma ddyer, Nell Harrell, Bess Hicker man, Ruby Higginbotham, Alma liamb, Mary Lou LaPeer, Estel Lester, Gladys Smiley, Doris Tall rjian, Pansy Plumley, Lorene Thompson •• and the hostesses. {After the party, the class deliver ed; Christmas'baskets to severa ".adopted" families. Mary Kosloskl, 5, March of Dimes Poster Girl, offers a pal a bit to eat in New: York's Central Park. : and Mrs. Jim McKenzie. i Mr. and Mrs. Griffin ; Entertain ;Mr. and Mrs. Charley Griffin en te?tairied With a buffet supper Wed liesday evening honoring Mr. and Mrs- Verbon Sparks of Denver City, Texas, and- Mr. and Mrs. Leward Sparks of Lovington, New Mexico. ' '« The Griffin home was decorated Mayor and Mrs. Charles Bridewell of Morrilton, and Mr. and Mrs. Use of Name of Famous Star irksome By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD UP) Holiday grab beg Donald Crisp has a beef with Jackie Gleason. The veteran screen actor has sent a letter of protest to the TV comic ever the letter's use of "the veer-popular Mae Busch" as a comedy line. Says Crisp: "I flhn't think that veteran entertainers like Miss Bur.ch, who was a favorite of millions, should be held up to ridicule. > . " Oscar Levant was pacing back end forth on "The Cobweb" set. A bystander asked whey he couldn't utand still. "Don't disturb rre," he snapped. "The only exercise I get is being restless." Fernando Lamas is nixing Las Vegas offers, which get more fantastic as he continues turning them down. He's now making c musical film, but he confesses that he doesn't like to sine. He became a singer by accident He lost his voice while doing a play in Buenos Aires in 1949. The doctor said he'd have to remain quiet for a month. But Lamas had to start a picture in a week. So he began taking singing lessons and they restored his voice. . . I saw it in the MGM commissary. John Kerr, the Broadway sensation of "Tea and Sympathy/' was having lunch a cup of tea. Richard Widmark, who was with him, said he was supplying the sympathy. ... Rceommended holiday reading: "King of Comedy" by Mack Sen- rett as told to Cameron Shipp. Mack gives ,a sprightly account of the gay days of early movies. I finally got around to "The Drunkard" in its musical version. There was no hurry, since the i,how has run 21'/2 years end seems due for a similar span. It is ter- lific entertainment, as good as many Broadway shows. When Charles Bridewell, Jr., of Montrose, Ark., were the holiday guests of relatives in Hope. throughout the with the Christmas dining table, which was Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Russell, Jr., and son, Charles Randolph, of Dallas, spent the Christmas holidays with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. * usse ment of candles, holly, angel hair and silver balls. Guests were served from the buffet which was dec- fOrated with greenery, candles and choir boys. . Enjoying the evening were: Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Jordan and /daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Mc- Ijfe.r .aiid daughter; Mrs. Clyde Mrs' .George Dodds; Mr. and Lawrence Sparks; Mr. and for several days. . Fa JiT jrtrs. • LeWdrd Sparks and children; ;lkir. and Mrs. Verbon Sparks and 'jon; and the hosts. ;(ppming and Going ; Lynn F. Ross of Batesville, Is- spending the holidays with her daughter, Mrs. Jim McKenzie, and family.. ' .'..JwJ* Mr. and Mrs. E. N..May, Jrl, had : as their guests -during .the holidays Mrs. May's mother and father, :Mr. and Mrs. G. Ei West'of Odessa, Texas. ; .... • . ,. The Drunkard" first started hei-3, 60 companies sprang up all over the country. The tuned version called "The Wayward Way/' may have the same effect. . . Lillian Gish s campaigning hard for a Cabinet post to be called secretary of fine arts. She argues that most European countries have government agencies to encourage art, but this country has none. ... It will be interesting to see if audiences accept Bing Crosby A3 the weak-willed alcoholic in "The Country Girl." This is the first time he hasn't played the ingratiating Crosby, and brother, it's a shock. He does, a topnotch piece of acting. . Thomas Smith spent the Christmas holidays with relatives in Ft. Worth, Texas. /'.... Mr. and Mrs. Jack Strickland and daughter, Sharon, of Chicago, 111., spent the holiday week-end with' their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Middlebrooks and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Strickland. ., and Mrs. Leward Sparks children of Lovington, N. Mex.. and Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Ponder and jspns of Weatherford, Tex., have been the-holiday guests of Mrs. George Dodds and other .relatives in Hope. • Mr. and Mrs. V. Ashcraft visited relatives, in Ola, Ark., during the Christmas holidays. / Dr. and Mrs. Fred Pultz and sons ; of Louisville, Ky., are visiting Dr. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Yocum of Nacogdoches, Texas v visited relatives in Hope during the holiday week-end. ; . i; New Low Rent 4 ; i-*?>iV.ft-at.i.«-«s«'--«"' Houses Visioned By G. MILTON WASHINGTON KELLY PI Two Demo- Gifts of Distinction Shop at Pillow's >; ; . G|ift Shop A 305 S. Laurel Mrs. H. M- Daniel arrived via plane on December 23, to spend the holidays with'Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Hobbs and Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Hanegan. Mrs. Daniel will return home on January 2. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Petty and Susan of Marianne, and Corine Petty of Arkadelphia, are visiting Miss Olive Jackson. Mrs. T. L. Smith spent Christmas in Fort Worth as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Arterbury and children. ,„ , _.'. Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mrs. J. I Fulton, Ark, B. Mclntosh, SAENGER * l|AST DAY * • • FEATURE TIMES • 2:05 r 4:24 ' 6:43 - 9:02 •,V^JQHJSON Walter PlOGEON Donna REED !t SHORTS • Oartocii, "Unple Tom's Cabin" t 2, Uate. News Events Discharged: Mrs. Wilbiir Poindexter, Ht. 1, Emmet. Julia Chester Discharged: . -Mrs. A. L. Ross, Hope, Mrs, Chas. Garrett and baby girl, Hope, cratic senators said today they be lieve the next Congress will au- thcrize more new low-rent public housing than they expect President Eisenhower to recommend. The similar statements were made in separate interviews by Sen. \Sparkman (D-AlaJ a member of the Senate Banking subcommittee which handles housing leg- iiilation_ and Sen. Humphrey CD- Minn). . Each said the present law is too restrictive and that he will propose changes in it. Albert M. Cole, federal housing administrator, has indicated Eisenhower may ask Congress to authorize the construction of 70,000 low-rent public housing units in the next two years. Eisenhower this year asked a four-year program of $140,000 units but Congress authorized 35,000 units for each of two years. 1 Such housing projects are designed for persons in lew income brackets. The federal government pays to local housing authorities the difference between the amount of retjts collected from the tenants atld the cost of maintaining the properties. Saprkman said th e S5,000-unit limit is so hexlged in by restrictions that it is fjoubtcul whether more than 10,000 nmts a year could be built. TUISPAYONIYJ Has Degree in Music But is a Bartender By WAYNE-OLIVER NEW YORK MR Bill Nimmp took a degree in music with hopes of a career 'is' a concert or opera singer but has. ended up as one of the nation's "best known bartend- Los Angeles lies Nev. east of Reno, Jnging roles in operettas and also made solo appearances as a vocal- You can and'should make the most of jour natural lipline. lips are those with lipstick carefully applied With an upward lift at the corners of the mouth for a pleasant expression. Fofr best results, this girl (left) is using a lipstick brush. She makes certain her brush is well-saturated with lipstick before she starts. Next, she outlines her upper lip (center), starting at the corner of her lip, tracing a gentle curve towards the center flat surface of the bristles against her lower lip, she fills in With lipstick (right). Applying lipstick with a brush provides a clearly defined, softly curved Upline and greater color depth that "sets" on the lips after being stroked on with a brush. Lipstick brushed on and well-blotted is smear-proof, too. your cbUgh, chesicokUtt «aut«.t chitis is not treated, cktdi — quickanduseasdttecttid.Its throat aitd chest'&etttb and helps expel Befmy_ relaxes,systemic tension «1 nature fight tfafc-Cautt.of i« Creomulsion is goawifili*d to!f you or.dniggist refund CREOMU rell«vc« CMiftit, tt«t tM CROWN OF FAITH—Hundreds of old. watches, rings and other valuable jewelry went into the precious crown being placed on the head of a statue of the Virgin Mary by Rev. Daniel A, Lawless, of Pittsburgh, Pa. Altogether his parishioners contributed six pounds of gold, 185 diamonds, two rubies, two garnets and a star sapphire to make the crown. Arkansas Has 25 Holiday Fatalities By The Associated Press A tragic Christmas JT.ve fire, vhich wiped 12 members of ' Mexican tenant fArm families near Parkin > Ark., sent-the violent death toll iri' Arkansas skyrocketing to 25 for the. v/eek'which ended Sun day midnight. . . Arkansas '. highway ''accidents claimed .seven lives during the week with the death Sunday, 'pf f bur-month :old Maranda.-ji Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mr.sV:;Hoyette Johnson of near MalverHi/SThe Vgivl died in a headon car-truck colli- ticn six miles south of "Bcnton 'on Highway 67. '- ' ' Besides the blaze neiajl Parkin, in' wjhich-'eWven ,'.ost their lives in a fJanhing tenant house and a 12th •\ictim died Christmas Day of In- ;uries, fire wf.s-the cause, e'ittier directly or indrectiy of>' six other volent deaths in the state", A carpenter, • 59-year-7)d Andrew Kyzer of near Little Rock, died Sunday \thcn his house burned iri a blaze apparently' touched off by a ; srass fire.^'A' Jonesboro rr.ari died in a grass fire. The death of a Ijoy in a Morrilton hospital was sttributed to burns he suffered when his clothing was ignited from firewoiks. Another person died of heart attack apparently brought on by a fire. , Smoke from a woods fire covered a highway near Tillar, Ark., and two persons died in a series of traffic accidents., 'Other deaths during the week included an accidental «hooting_ an accident hanging and one death was attributed to ijuries received in a street brawl. 'Democracy Voice' Representative LITTLE BOCK , ttf> A ?!-„ __old West Memphis high school student will represent Arkansas in the national "Voice of Democracy" contest. John Louis Sanders,'son of Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Saunders, won an all-expense paid rtip to Wa^hing- ton, D. C. for the national competition with his triumph in the state contest over entries from. 69 ether Arkansas high schools. The judges Oscar Alagood and Dale Hart of Little Rock and Dr. Mi.tt L. Ellis of Cbnway listened t five-minute recorded ipeechcs entitled "I Speak for Democracy" by each of the contestants. , . Saunders was named winner yesterday of tha contest sponsored by the Arkansas Junior, Chamber ,of Commence. In addition to the trip, •. he wll deceive a television set. State chairman of the cpntest was Addison Harris of Little Kock. In New. Zealand, sheep outnumber people 17,VS to 1." ' "LJAM THE CHIEF—The above presidential medal has been presentedto D wight D. Eisenhower by Treasury Secretary George Humphrey. Latest in a series of such medals, it has Ike's profile onTne side, and a portrayal of the figure of freedom, which stands on Capitol dome on the other. Designed by Gilroy Roberts, the medal is made of bronze, is three inches in diameter. Tenant House Blaze Kills One DENVER <ffl Four-year-old Annie Zell .Hysaw. died in* a fire that raged through a two-story apartment house in Northeast Denver yesterday. Her mother, Mrs. Alzone Hysaw, had just started a new job as ; a maid and couldn't be located for several hours. The child's burned body was found curled around a stool in a secondfloor bathroom. She apparently had'fled to the back of the apartment. The cause of the fire was not determined. PRESCOTT NEWS H^UfA ' || | ';•%'' "'I ••*•''«,* <4*1&Wf f Helena Rubinstein 2 Estrogenic r J r •* A J^ ' SAVE31 Foundation FOR YOUNGER LOOKING SKI AT GREAT SAVINGS ** LIMITED TIME ONLY!.', : SAVE 2.50 Face & Throat Treatment 1 wards off*dryness, wrinkles Estrogenic Cream,-—' reg. 3.50 Estrogenic Oil — value 2.50 6,00 Value Now 3.50 JOHlCP. COX We Give Eagle Stamps Estrogenic , Silk.Tone Spfjjia Estrogeni?- IT ' Euzellan S. S. Class Has Annual Christmas Party ber's by-laws. New directors who will take crs. Coveted Love . . d the revenge that followed! «•'/£ However, as-Bill the Bartender on the commercials for the Wedhe'sisiny nighti fights on CBS television ho is making more money tljah, jf"he had: reached his orig- ist. He served in World War II, coming out as a major, and then, starting in 1947, was for four years a jock of all trades on WLW's radio and TV stations. After that he decided to corns to New York to try his hand at network level. He barely mads expenses tl.e first year, but since then has been in ihe big time, He also does commercials for •one of the sponsors on the Jackie Gleason Show and has been doing naratiou for pro football TV films. Three years ago he did several acting roles, but says "I find I Members of -the Euzelian Sun-j their positions on the board Jan- day School Class of the First Bap-'nary 1 are; Vuel Chamberlain, W. list Church held their annual Christ-!R. Harobright, Dawson Henry, W. mas party in the home of Mrs.!c. Woosley and George Wylie, Edward Bryson, teacher of the' Each has a three year term, class, with co-hostesses Mrs. Mor- Retiring board members include rison McClelland, and Mrs. J. A. i past president, The 11 Hanning, Dan ! Pittman, T. M. Bemis, D. L. Me- MILK FOR MENDES ST. PAUL, Min h. (UP ) French Premier Pierre Mendes-France is going'to get an assist from Minnesota's dairy princess in his campaign to discourage wine drinking among his countrymen. The princess Eleanor.^ajay, will fly t oParis Sunday and present the non-wine-drinking premier with 48 quarts of milk one frpm eacn of the states. Coleman. Over the living room mantel , Christmas cane and a: y a™iougn. Rae Jr., T. E. Logan and R. F. a . And since the ' commercials al ways are telecast live from the city where the fights take place. iNimo 37, probably has traveled vr.ore'in hjs three years on the job than most people do in a lifetime. He averages 75,000 miles a year and scon will have been (he equivalent of 10 times arouud the world. He was born in Cincinnati where , don't have the time even a half hour dramatic show takes four days of rehearsals." hung Christmas tree designed with colored ornaments graced the coffee table. Other members of the chamber's governing board are: Bill Ward, JMrs. Elizabeth Hays, Dr. C. A. A Crinoline Christmas tree centered the dining table over with a Christmas cloth. The devotional was given by Mrs. J. H. Langley. Mrs. Sid Puv- tle told a Christmas story. Several contests were played af- \ laid ! • ficlan " 1 Guthrie, SHae, Jim Nelson and Tilman ter which Mrs. Coleman distribut-,e mia Ann Hays. Miss Caroline Strong of Hope was Wednesday guest of Miss Vir* kana spent last week with her mpther, Mrs. W, O, Hays, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Haynie of Smackover attended the funeral services for her grand father, J, Greet} Richardson, on Wednesday. Miss Kathryn Buchanan of Silver Springs, Mo. is the hoJUdjiy guest of her sister, Mrs v Carl and family, /• ed the gifts. presented a Mrs. lovely Bryson was; gift by the) his late father WiWa,m, Lpve , mo was 3 city detective $nd later chief of detectives, Young BUI attended the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and rcccivsd a degree in music from the University of Cincinnati. , A hwsky 6 feet }, took Life With Father on CBS television has been given new life after being scheduled for cancellation with tomorrow night's show. It will continue the following week at a new time, 8 p. m. EST, as Red Skeleton stitches o 9:30 and Pan -moves to 10- The 8 p. m. spot - ""* • for Adventurg| class. Santa Claus cookies, F.™ Christmas bells. ' Bob Reynolds Named Q. of C. President Miss Thelma Bruce of Little Rock was the Friday evening guest of salad andi Mr- and.Mrs. Floyd Hubbard, chinl! Mr. and Mrs. Darrell March and Johnny and Mrs. Clyde March of Birmingham, Ala. are the guests of relatives. Mr. and Mrs. J. H, Bernls are spending the\ holidays }n Brownfield, Texas with Mr, and Mrs,. Bobby Duke and will be JoiRed by Lt. Jim Bemis of Shepparfl, FJeld and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Pledges and daughters of Redwood, Calill. Mr. and Mrs. Jewell Roberts of of the Kijsh put that s shelved for the time befog aftej? CBS receiveo so many protests over plans to cr, With R. D. Reynolds has been named j Curdon were- Wednesday visitors In president of the Pre&cott Chamber fit Commeiee ncdds, a succeed J. ¥. Fore who assumes the office of vice-president fpr pne ycay ia accordance with the ch8»ft' Prescott. Cyiil Orren of Hope visited here Wednesday. Mrs. 'Ifctet Mrs. J. V, MpMaheq and-Betty Jane spent Wednesday fa Qamdeiv Miss Noma 'Eagle of Texarkana is visiting her parents, Mr, 90,4 Mrs. J, At Eagle, * AU- SALE! Dorothy Gray Cr A-)C B}H Force Base, N,- P v \ Ws •PwlUli 'JF^P ii.Wl Vfe$lv$j$$9$t9W1i

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