Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 27, 1932 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 27, 1932
Page 5
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Poultry Grows at Blevtns H«l<Ut th« Hffh Auditorium iuiih .interest U tolng- shown In , breeds of fanm poultry flock* ot Ms Urn*, espwtally in the Blev- In* community. , '« Flint Nichols, of DtQuetnr who is In charge of ftfeeVftUttftr WW-K in the sttft ha* twfert In thli sfetfifti tor die ftttt s*Vferal' day* A nttrhWr Of rttfofts KM* fcteVr Kicraaifea by Mr. Ntetorts, white wtifefal ather term flocks hfcve beta)' trattfed tor uw a* farm uUlity blttte and these fUfck* ar« «*0«bt»d to b» accredited nefct fall. ,MMiy rwMentft of this swtfmt ar* planning to purchase chicks from Accredited flocks this spring. They plan, la Mil their mixed breeds as fast as possible and start into the business iwlth pure bred birds. Mf. L, Nelsbrt hflg' vUiteW Several flock owners with Mr, tflchols and expressed an opinion that there was more interest Being. sh'owrt in pure Bred poultry than .ever before in this 'section.* 'A-public meeting, attended by a representative crowd' Of poultry raisers? and interested-citizens, -was held.Tues- day night at the Kevins high school. The people of this section are assured of a market for their products and now they'are reaidy to begin poultry raising on a .larger scale than ever 1 Before. Safety First 'FORT: WORTH, Texas.—Although he was under the well known influence, a local automobile driver decided the streets were'too dangerous to drive on' and* took to the bumpy railroad fracks. Full speed ahead on the ractks he went and only wound, up when the wheel's became caught in a swith frog. Police and trainment had to use crow- tvs to pry the car loose. Two trains Were held up. - . •'«»•»' Probably ono solution' for those tquirrel,pcsLs would be to teach them to eat wheat. Several ptatl <rf S«lta CJtepel munlty alftndid Ufc WbWol of Mr. J. M, Gumming*, which was held at Midway Sunday, Janirtry 24. Bells ©lapel k Y.K S. are pse* partng. a program to be presented at Caney, January 31. . - r Do not fer*et pttyt* meeting Wednesday ttHht at thlt plaw. Everyone k . „ .. , H» Mown and wife were dinner guttrts of Mi'.'Snd Mr*. Totfc ShaokleWrd Su«d«y, , • tt ' Mr, arid Mr*. Rlley Cuttliu o* Detroit, MlchH are vialtlftt M*. and Mrs. Jt. A. Cullira, ' Mr. Erwln and son bf Afi»ona, are fitting Mr. Erwln's sons, Alvls and Troy of thl« community. Miss Grace Key of Sparkman who ha* 'bwri visiting Mitt Mattle Cullins- w j has relumed to her home. aW. Bond* and sons, Watt and Dale attended the ball games in Hope Friday and Saturday night. Th$ farChers of this community Have; so far, had great success with then tbmatoe hHt feed*. They expect to Have early plants. Mrs. T. T. Bailey spent the after- i noon with Mrs. H. W. Bonds W&Hes- 'day. : Etffery one is Invited to attend services at Marlbrbok every third Sun! day and Sunday evening to, hear Rev. I DoUglas .Williams of , (Jurdon. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cullins spent 'the night with 'Mr. and Mrs. Harvle Bon Saturday, Wdl Armed WASttIfoGt6"fr.-the new-Curtis* A-8 attack planes, 13 of which the government has- ordered, are trim lit. tie fighting craft. They are said to have a speed of about. 200 miles an houn and carry six machine guns. Their motor is rated at about 650 horsepower. Some Parents Arc So Careless ' "Speaking of signs," •.writes*W. P., ( 'I reWiember once standing in-, front •of a grocery store and notlckfg the «|gn, 'A Swindler,' on the window. Entering, I asked 1 the proprietor if it wouldn't look bettor if, instead of 'A,' he printed his full Christian name. " 'No,' he said, 'It would look worse. My First name is Adam'."—Boston Transcript. Elects Of ficers McCwkill Church Group Form Org *nizatlon for Coming Y«ar - fn Sunday night January ? Ufa Ideal EpWorth League Met In business MM-' tldn ahd the fbllowing officers w*nr elicitd: OortHsn Pfesbott, pttsldeittf Harold O'drhani, vice-president; Mrs. Cft*rtar McCasklU, secretary-tfeasUBr; arid Mrs, John Galnes, Ep worth', Kra repr*sentatlv«r. It was decided at tills meeting to hdVe both ssnior end junior devlsions, Mfs. thefhla Brtic* and Mrs. Moore, were elected superintendents of these respective divisions. there seems to be more interest in out Legue, programs than usual, theft setrng to be more interest in our League programs than usual.. There was a la^ge crbwd at the services Sunday night, at which times the juniors gave a very interesting program. The seniors will pfesent a very inter«aln- ing program next Sunday night. A cordial welcome is extended to all to attend these programs. Ma.vfield Fnneral Is Held Wednesday Granddaughter of J. A. Wad* ftfeft at Wesson, Ark,, Monday • Funeral Services for George Belle Mayfletd who died at the _ horns bf her parents, at Wesson, ^Arkansas Monday afternoon were held at Warl- brook church-, two miles east of Blev- ing Wednesday morning at 0 o'clock. .She is survived by her parents, one brother, two. sisters and several other relatives. Mr. J. A.. Wade of the Marlbrook community is her grandfather. The funeral was conducted by Rev, iG. F. Hyde, pastort;of the Blevini : Methodist church. Subject For oTscusslbh at ttt Peptt ttMUHf w«* 'tffliur tiftf fctti.* All t«-«*rU A«fW*d to th* wttwterful thotitUti bf&ttfht 6Ut and boat wpettally dM «IK»* ** quartet "The,Bong of Love." afld M; at m . „ mftnlnV! . Her slftt*. Mrs, Ai» Loe ffomfty *»*.<mdMk 06* uel S-eUll cott were visitor* Jn th* tom% 6f J. R. ttuskey ftftlday. Friettd* and deftoot matte 1-eeri Husky will HifHt to aha was carried to th» day, to to opetatidwn tfri Mr. And Mrs. &c Mllttm plug in Prascott Saturday. CV1 Mbrrt* ar4 (ft*** Were trading in Blevlris tttuftfil?. for. and Mrs. W. T. — son, were dtmttnr gUesto, Mrs. Yarbem"s,,parentt, Sam Sewell Sunday. MlsslluW9*$W also visited tfillr ttrnobn. t > ' Quite -a- number of SWeethOrAe peopfe attendM the funeral of 'James Cummlngs of Blevfns a{ Ml'dway'Sun- day. Rev. W. H. Slirlgl'ey conducted the funeral-, services. I Mr. and Mrs. Sam .Yarberry,. and Mr. and Mrs. BrWYarberry:'visited rcaltlves near Hope Sun'day. ; Justice FoUnrJ Wfr-ong '' MONTGOMERY, Ala t —Six ' years ago O. W. Vaughn was partially Identified as a bandit who robbed C, Jv Pruitt. "Justice" delivered a verdict, and Vaughn went to prison to serve 'an 18-year sentence.. Two years later a holdup man attempting- ** ™> * lydrug store wns killed. Prbitt positively identified the body as the" mart who robbed Aim. Now, three years , artist* the Identfication, Vaughn has bete fee** Olen I.IU.CP* ftfid Intf£V Sjm MatUn, Mrs, Mrs.; Nat Yatfe, iWrs. -„ and Mrs. Floyd' Coop 1 - wdod.' .funeral, services. , were conducted Sunday aV Mraway ch'urcft, near t ntt hdrtie, followfed' by^uflal at Beafd^ Chapel,' near McCaskillX .^.a_-a^. BY GLiAyiRlSTRAWAN • AVN - *rii4 .. )Ar>. ••liporlcd r*n»?*£thin»«ift*rie*i*, . "rtO»AfcIE" fat "GRAND." Recante of I hi" flnun- elnl rkipoBillillMr, Ann, who In 28, In nnnble lo mntry I'llll, ECHO Yl», jronnir Inwyer lo whom *ha him been eaicnKed (or elcth< yenr«. CecllT. ^2, love* IIAHRV NcKKEL, •n engineer, bnt when h? propoic* •he refuir/i to •nra* tkelr ~ dn<e (or the iMme rcnaom nehaol, liellrrri herurU In lov* wllh EAni, DE AHMOUNT, vaudeville netor nhom xh» hn« met vrlthoat the knowledge o:P ker nUlerii, Ha urae* her «o leave home Hbd Income bli Ntnccr partner, Ann nnd Phil quarrel when »Ke hflirt I,KTTr KIWO, Who- worlcn In Phil', omce building., nddr«M him . with endearmentii, Ann trlrW tn I'hll by (colnpr nlionl with I:TI« 8MITIT, Hah «ntt at- 4enllVL>. - Mnrr-Frnnce* nvrceni In *t« «w*y with De Armoiint, Tbe innie <Jny Coolly diinrrvU with her trrnnd- (nther nnd driven nwny nlth Uiirry In hU rnr. , Kcnnt-Ui Smllh a»k* Ann lo mnrry him nnd Mho re'aie*. She . <-otn«» home t» Ind n note caylngf her KrnndpnreiHjr ttnvr BOA* to upend the day wl«M (rlend*. ,Al • OtlW Ort\\y arrive* with novrn that •he and Bnrry nre In be married thitt evening-, NOW GO ON WITH TUB STORY CHAPTER XLIII M RS. HILL was sitting In a wicker chair on the front porch reading the evening paper. Krmiotrude was on the steps wltb & book In her lap. Mr. Hill and Uncle Chaney were (n tbe yard bending over the lawn mower, which was turned upside down between them, The four persona, and the green lawn, and tbe white house, aud tbe pink rose hedge composed neatly Into an attractive picture ot suburban home life. Nothing seemed lacking; Mrs. Hill looked over tbe edge of her paper, and smiled and Stood, and held out her hand, and said, "Good evening, Miss Fen wick. I'm so' glad to see you. Take this chair, won't you? Honey, bring out another chair for mother." "No, thank you," Ann said. "I can't stay. I'm In a hurry, rather. (. came for Mary-Frances." "Mary-Frances?" Mra. H11 questioned, more aa If she had never beard the name before than as it Ann bad paid she had come fpr Bonnie Prince Charlie. "Yes. I want her to come home trltb me." "But, Miss Fenwick, Mary-Fran' *e» Isn't here. She hasn't been here since this afternoon." "Ob," sai.d Ann flatly, not as an, exclamation. "But-^sbe said |he was coming bora. She brought Cecily's bag. She—she must be here. I mean—but, then, whero fa the world is abet" '"Why, 'I djpn'fc klWWi I'm eui*. We »ske4 & e ? to stay jo» dJjn»er your grandfather wag 111 and that »bo was needed at b,o«i9," "Well. But—BBS'S too big to frftSffc-********* •* ? - 9 * ber »•»** •»• tt* WWW tre» wr» glln», « It were, down Into' Hersell. "Stop acting nire that, Brmln- qeY' Mrs, Hill said, "and answer at once. Do you know where Mary^Frahcw is?" Ermlntrude muttered. Ann eaned close. "She says," she construed for Mrs. Hill, "that, In a way, she does,' 1 "That's enbufb ol that,. now, Ermintrude. < You Will pleaeo answer at once. Wh'ere Is Mary- Frances?" Ermlntrude moistened her lips. She swallowed. "I—well, I guess I couldn't help it, could I? She Sloped? Sl'dpefdV said Ana, hunting a place for It, seeking a definition, pushing her fingers through ber hair. "E-loped," pronounced Ermln- trude distinctly. "E-loped off with a man." Ann took' Ermlntrude by the shoulders'and shoo'Ic her, not bard but back and forth. "No, no, no, no. She couldn't. She's a baby. She couldn't. Why do you say such a.thing? No, no—" Mrs. Hill went down the steps and put an arm around Ann. "Don't, dear," she said. "Joe," r,lie called, across the lawn, "Joe —come here. Joe. Come. Come quickly—Joe." Joe came bounding. He expected to put out tbe fire, to grab the murderer and robber, and to rescue his wife and bis daughter. In 17 years of married life only once before bad he beard Trudie's voice go insane. * * i S\N her way home, in Mr. Hill's " car, Ann listened to him tell Ing her again that if Mary-Frances and that dirty cur were at Bluemount there would be no damage done aa long aa they man aged to keep it out of tbe papers. If her sister Cecily and ber friend found the child at pluamount, be did hope they, would fQltow bis ad vice and simply bring her home and let tbe man go. It would be the only way to avgid publicity, and publicity must be avoided. She said, "Yes, Mr. Hill. Barry and Cecily thought so, too." and listened to wbst Brmintrude bad said a few minutes before. "No, they weren't going to get married for a while. He couldn't, on account of his father's will, don't know. Several month* she said. They were Just going on their honeymoon and tben on tbe stage. I guess It will be all right. Mary-Frances really loved him, mother. She really loved him, deeply aad truly." "Be still witlj that, i will you? Answer dM tUat an you know »1. , they were going? Positively everything? Stop Drying &»4 aoBver me. Bluemouot t9»lfbt? You are sure ot Jbat?" % IM , now. Is t)t where We'll «t»rt at <jnc«, ( bour»' worry. We'll tear the> place down, If necessary. Mr. Hill Is right a&out keeping It" quiet, though 1 ." "But suppose," Ann said, again, W Mr. Hill, "that tfcey didn't go to Bluemount. Suppose be said that Just to mislead us?" "In that case, I suppose we'll nave td go td the police. (Slosh knows what good they'll do. Perhaps I'll be able to think of someone who has influence enough to keep It out ot the. papers* If we do nave to go to the police."' "Really, I—I don't care about the papers. Neither did Cissy, until Barry thought wo should.' I— J'd muth rather call In the police ii«ht aiway." SS FENWICK, we have to care What can the police do, now? Watch the highways—but ttvey left at 4, and we aren't positive as to the direction, I'll .flnd Uts garage and discover what make of car he was driving.' I'll go to bis rooming house—I may be able to pick up some information there, and around the. theater. It he's halt as big a fool as hfl looked, he has probably told where be was bound far, eventually. Uncle Chaney seemed to think that the desk In Denver might be a- lead. He may get trace ot them at the service stations on that highway," "Then—you don't believe they will be at Bluemount?" "I hope so with all my heart. But, remember this, Miss Fenwick. sooner or later we'll flnd her. I'm not a rich man, but every cent ( can rake and scrape will go Into this—U it needs to- Yes, "yes, Indeed, I am responsible. I am deeply responsible, Trudie and I reared Ermlntrude—." "No, Mr. Hill. For that matter, so h»v» we reared Mary-Frances," "You* are nothing but girls your* seiVes—busy girls away from borne all day. And your grandparents are—well, that Is to say, tb«y are very eld." He stopped the car on the driveway in front of the door aud said, as Ann stepped out of It, "I'll telephone lo you the minute 1 hear anything at all. Uncle Chaney will phone tf he bears anything. Don't break down now. Don't give Up hope." "I wish," said .mn, "that there were something 1 could do—anything, besides juut waiting for telephone calls. Something.. Anything." "Pray. Pray bard. Aud it you have any friends >ou can trust, absolutely, to keep their mouths •but now and alwaya, phone them «ad have them $o scouting about on the bigbvftyt ati Uacla CUaney U doing- It tbey stored for gas •*-eomethlng to eat—anything, we »|y get a IIU* T,b* gooner we sap get it tba better. ..'U flnxj out ftbout bis car tbs first Utlog and rotor friends that njuch. at least, ?w -.s; with tba deiorlDtlon of t&« k Fox §9 Untftftt, ftury'i •mocking." "Yes. A Woe drew.. I «ld ttti ' M T . J , , •Ann went Intcrtlft ttouse and Into tbd dining room and sat down in a cfialr. which sfie badf put directly undet th*'Mliii»hon^ and rubbed MW rHUtUst ftto the ••> damp palm of her left band, and waited. . ; ,- ' npHE telephone"bell. * "Miss FenwichT Tils it Jo* HIM speaking. Tha c*r to * im sports model Thrysler, M6alute4 yellow wlthvgreen trlirlmWgs.. No news as yet, aa I suppose?" '.. "A 1928 sports model Tbrysler, repainted yellow wltb green trim* mihgs. No, not a word. Not • word from anyone;" "Too soon yist to hear, you know. Keep up heartv I'll call you again, later. I'in going to sea his landlady now, and ftrthe theater." Ann dialed a number and asked for Mr. Philip Ecroyd. Just a moment please. Mr. Ecroyd did not answer. Ann dialed another number. Mr. Kenneth Smith was not et home. Ann'-waited. " The telephone bell. "Miss Fenwick? This Is Br. mlntrude's mother. I don't want to keep your .line busy for More than a moment, but Brralntrttd* says that be has been begging Mary-Frances to go with him for 8 month now; and that ottce he promised to treat her Oka a 'pal* "— Mrs, Hill seemed to spit at the word as she pronounced It—"and, another time, Ilka *> briJther." "Oh." said Ann. "Once." . "Yes, I kaojw," said Mrii Hl», M B,«|t — d e'a r — well, rtfaftfmtre.r, we're right with you,' We'll do everything, everything In our power. Dear, I can't tell you bow sorry— But we'll find ber, .We will, now. Qoodby." Ann waited. < •: i ^1 Tbe telephone bell, "Walnut B8*5? Ob, MiW Fe* wick. This is Hostetter speakibg. 0 h a n e y Hostetter, Has Joe phoned in yet about the car, what make It was?" "4 1928 sport* model Tfrrysler, repainted yellow with greeQ trimmings." "Great! Fine; Tfe»* oufbta be easy. Keep up ypijr »plrit», little lady. Bverythlug win turn out for tbe best. Qoodby." Ann waited. * ; Tbe telephone bell. "Hello, MUs FejiwUk. Tbla to Joe Hill again, fvi ce/^|bt bin landlady at last-»wf^e/§ |).eQtt o\)l for a walk. She lay* b« di4 bare a desk in bia room, knd tga* sh« heard him say be bf d W return it to Denver. It was In bU room yesterday and gone to4»jf. §a does seem to be " " " •'But, Mr. Hill. Blnjfl»*nrt U south. If they v«rt f ojgg to pM»- aitoirs fcr eastern Browning Downer tbfi Saturday to Lmtg ittHHi uftttiihd 5#< >< a, tif living t McCaekUl ',th« seventy'-grades English class planned * thrift program- for Wednes* day. Th* elite fiwt dismissed the mining. &< thrift % theri rendered their program Which included the dramatic ation of a tMrlft stovy^ The eighth'gradfe book club held its regular meeting Thursday'. Obets Wardlow presented the fifth and sixth grades with a> bo\vl of clay With which'they are having their first experience in Modeling. Secdhd grad«,folks ha^e made spelling booklets in which'they keep their weekly spelling- MnSOTC Then they see "which scores hitfVe'Bt,, • The ninth gridfe piflpllk are making transportation and 1 communication booklets in connection with their studies in cltlU^nshlp.' these Booklets gfve the history ot our transportatlbii and cbhimurtlcation from tHe earliest stages to the present' time. Tfie story 1 is told by picttiK* including 1Lt " data. Tn* 1 fifth and sixth ^rade finished banana plantation on'sandteble: THe p-rlJnary studtfits ar*; ; having clean, hand campaigns, •"','* T»st ah'd Second grirdejf Held star m\nt contest, Junfar:BHiafey '" winner. « l ' t ' , . thirty si*, bi: jttfe.nflK. ahW sixth grades hod perrefct • a^fendant*, last monnt.^ We i^moM at Sbugnl Wenonia Gentry!*rfe v scjltcted as "(h* Best of thtt class for tfie, we*kV juirt ending. These papers wei* th* r flrKt of a series Being written dn stitijitaia in nihth'grade cftliehaWp. N •' Our Friday afternoon" assembly _ pram is becoming more interesting each. week. The outstanding ptirpbse ol' these programs is the motivation ot sdritool work.- We would be very glad to haye more of the jwtroris prestn't for these programs. Ruby Curtis scdrWIOO in algebra test last WMk. Those scoring 96 were: dprotHy Wardlow, Glenlyn Rodgers, Gentry anrf Wobdrow Curtis. Tokio News Events and Mrs. Roy Thompson and daughters were' business visitors to Mineral Springs Saturday. H. R. Holt wfts » business Visitor to NiMhvlUe Thursday, , Lee Stewart was a business visitor ,tq Nashyille Saturday. G. O. Wisdom; visited relatives at Bingen Saturday. Alonzo and T,.Sanford were business Visitors to Murfretsbcro Tuesday: Mrs, Monroe Box of the Corinth community Visited relatives- here Friday night. Robert Blackwood and Sim Sanford were Nashville visitors Saturday Bonny Kelly of* New York, spent Sunday with- the family of his aunt, Mrs, E. L. Warren. Mrs. Lena Sanford of Bingen is spending a few days with relatives here. Will Wisdom of the Doyle community was }n Toklb Fri'day. • Miss Anna Lee Stewart was shopping .in Nashvilte Saturday, t. rt. Hatch was a business visitor'' to Benlphiand Saturday, " Yemen Mctaughlin and Uttle r .3rs WondB 8tie of JNfbhvllle Sunday with relatives here. visited relatives *at WWe -„--. i f orthcomTnfi.''ln Girls'Basketball • * *tV' ' .' i#tx^ ft »' Prospects .for a Winning T«am Bright Accbrd- i •• * 1 m'*- 1 ' I* 1 > ing to Member* * fa The Bievln* Hl^h school girls' haV» organized a.baske'tball'l»sami-,and are expecting to' play 'many victorious games >with other schools in the county,' Since Christmas about fourteen^ girls have been practicing, rejrularly. Coach Lay has charge of;the giklB'.team and reports bnght-'prospecte'for a Winning teani. t v -. \ R«d*idlfcftt SHowlhg, Pretty Shop Girl—"Could 1 interest you in a.bdthjitf tfos&me sir?" M»-. Gray—"Y-oUf certainly/ could, >y,*,buT;,my-«W& ig\Ve«« there at e.i.gloye.' counter;"—Bbstoh Trans- M V" !« -Itf'C^Ji .. J ^*v* tm rv r: H i 'kri'Hfci!? ^ »'i, * MJ 7 **'j&. rVwat- j When -v-i .v fa ^!lH).t^#k iVlW ' (* ^ ^I'v.lV* V _^- ufoC,...^^ ! ' M> That big cargo of liquor was landed, all rights-hut it pame in undw.I/ncJe Barn's escort! For the laden rum-running uraft shown at trie U<ft were losers in a running jMttfight wttlv the Coast Gvwd boat at in a fog in Boston Harbor. When the rum boats went aground in shallow water, their crews rowed. &sh,|j confiscated cargo was valued at $195,000. Three Generations at Roosevelt Wedding lt was a business visitor to' Thursday. HwolW Butson of Belton is visiting relatives here the last week end. The Rev. H. L. Simpson of Bing«n filled' His regular appointment at Sweethont* Sunday. > Mv. and Mrs. Tracy Morris were s&opplng in Nashville Friday. Wm. F. Moris, Jr., was a business visitor to Nashville Friday. Mv, and Mrs. Claude Stewart of Highland visited Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Gooly, Jr., Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John D. Baker of Bingen visited relatives here Sunday. j. Ora Cooley retw»i*4 Saturday fro ma visit to relatives at Corinth. Mr. and Mrs. M- L. Stewart were visitors to Hope Sunday. Mrs. R. A. Sanford was a Hope visitor Sunday. Robert Sanford was a business visitor t» Hope Monday. Sheriff John L. WUawn was collecting ta^es in Tokio Monday. . .,*<•»

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