Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 27, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 27, 1932
Page 3
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ii. Bf , 4 '1 tfi* f«i mcnwever see, .,.„ ..ttH they ittveftteel," said he, *"!I «Ktte wrong thejfentvet beat, . >• TnV potion they'thctflelve* prepare, !>m the shadow on the stair. i "I rtfve~ho Voice and yet I speak;, No stffettgth and yet I blanch the And leave the strongest mortals weak. 1 'I fem the blackguard mart* befriend^ H«d4 most, feeds, cherishes, 'attend* And '.galnrt all counsel wise defend*, /") life no gun, t make no cry, No Itidgtttf fcl&ce, In^idct have 1 ' "at 1 am the countless deaths men die. Mine Is a humor ghastly grim, iTje lamp of reason 1 can dim, ' Tno 1 am nothing But a whim. "1 am man's crudest, bitterest foe, Vet p«st his door 1 could not go, .Had he the wit to tell, me, "No." -E. A.'0. Mrs. Fanny Garrett has returned from a short visit with Major and Mrs. Chas Garrett and Mr. and Mrs. Hosea Oarrett in Little. Mrs. R, V. Herndon left Wednesday morning • for a few days visit with friends and relatives in Little Rock. Mrs. Charles Max-Harris a recent bride was the honoree at a most delightful miscellaneous sh6wer, given by the Thursday night Bridge Club at the' home of Miss Melva Rogers on South tiervey street Early spring flowers adorned the rooms and bridge was played' from three tables, with Miss Elizabeth Bridewell scoring high. Following the game, trie honoree received many beautiful and useful gifts. Guests other than the club members were Miss Charlinc Landers. iss Verna Stuart, Miss Doris Moses, Chas. Dana Gibson and Mrs. est O'Neill. Delicious refreshments re' served. o Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Young have returned from a short visit with friends In Little Rock. Qutie .a nice little sum was realized on Tuesday afternoon from the Benefit Bridge sponsored by the Brookwood Parent Teacherp' association at the home' of Mrs. W. L. Carter on South Elm street. For the occasion the reception suite of the Carter home was beautifully decorated with a quantity of early spring flowers, with the white narcissis predominating and Arranged for seventeen tables. Delicious home made candies were served during the game, and table prizes tempting home made cakes, were given to the following: Miss Melva Rogers, Mrs. Tom McLarty, Mrs. 3fll Smith, Mrs. J. F. Gorln, Miss Lucy Boyd, Mrs. .W. G. Allison, Mrs. S. L. Reed, Mrs. Hugh McGaughey, Mrs. Lex Helms, Mrs. Thurman Rhodes, Mrs. A. D. Brannan, Mrs. D. L. Bush, Mrs. Harvey Bdtts, Mrs. Mac Duffle, Mrs. R: E Carpenter, Mrs Sid Bundy of Fjiltpn., member* o* the ftm B»ptl»t chufeh will k«p open house en rrt- day fyenlnf January JWh, beginning at ti» at the thureh, as a farewell -'"-'MiMmt to Bfc, and Mrs. W, A. i who art leaving en February _ their hew Home in, Ban Marcls, Tex. The public l« cordially invited. Miss fraflc& Jane Hays of Little Hock Is the house guest of her sitter, Mrs, Lloyd 8p*neer and Mr. Spencer. The Womans' Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church observed their aflnualr Mission igtudy Day on Tuesday at the church. The study book, "(Juj* Church Face* Foreign Missions" combed by the Katlonal Foreign Mis. KlOftdCoftgrew was very ably end In* WrestWBy reviewed by Mrs,. Flnley Wfardi' -Fillowed by a program of mugo *£hd readings. At noon a most tempting lunch'was served With Mrs. J. L.,Meyers as chairman of the cot- mittei, i Friends will be glad to know that the Condition of Mrs. Garrett Story, who has been seriously 111 for the past few days at her home on West Second street, Is reported as Improving. Ed< Halter and James Thompson, both of Conway, were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Williams and family. W«lt*t ftittfffft 8*l«, who . HI*** «$ *teh uii <mr a M*hw flyW* A might u < «*t -* V d .drtfrm, ^Milled "Or.fl," 'Att fltertainMent you can't afford to ml«. •rtilM uottwtll glftd t* infoM Mf. Park that Mope Has alirlort a nilrtcle library,of 2700 i i l«M«nentt from ^ V6luni«& We. day thiracle because the library has never received a of public fund*, It) has been hm attd financed with Volunteer service and tow. that there Stattmente , fro«t rhernberiihlf) dues. ty spont about H. , Aircraft in Service WASHINGTON.-The number of licensed and identified airplanes in service In the Unfted States at the end of the year ending November 15, 1931, were 7512 and 3094 respectively This is contrasted With a total of 9918 at the same period of 1930. How One Man Lost 22 Pounds Mr. Herman Runkls of Detroit writes: " few lines of thanks from a rheumatism suffer—my first bottle of Kruschen Salts took all the aches and swellings out of my joints—with my first bottle I went on a diet and lost 22 pounds and now I feel like a new rmtn." . To lose fat SAFELY and quickly take one half teaspoonful of Kruschen Salts in a glass of hot water in the morning before breakfast. ' For your health's sake ask for and get Kruschen—the coat for a bottle that lasts 4 weeks is but a trifle at any drug store in the world and if after the first -bottle you are not joyfully satisfied with results—money back. John S. Gibson Drug Co. and alln— John S. Gibson Drug' Company and all good druggists will be glad 19 sup. ply you. • —Adv. JACKIE COOPER ROBERT, COOGAN JACKIE SEAKL . "Take it from us, we're taking to you—a rollicking tonic of boyhood, motherhood, and rad-and-dog-hood!" Puts a song in your heart, a snap in your stride and a stitch in your side, no foolin'! Adapted from the book, "Rear Sooky," by Percy Crosby. OOKY Last Times Wednesday "T h e S t a r W i t n e • •" —With— CHICK SALE WALTER HUSTON TWO DAYS ONLY THURS. FRIDAY PERMANENCE Serving Hempstead .County Since 1902 Capital and Surplus—$300,000.00 A««et5—$1,100,000.00 OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS i; M. LaGRONE, President. L. P. KEEP, Vice President. R. M. BRJANT, Vice President. C. C. SPRAGINg, Cashier. J. C. HALL, Assistant Cashier. GEO. W. RQPISON 0. A- GRAVES J; A. HAYNEjS Wm. TEMPLJ? A. L, BLACK 3 Per Cent Interest on Saving* Citizens _ «W _ called « f«ol, cornea the most town-eye witntfes ling events that ever/ He tells his Story tht < of every red-blootled I Thursday in^u "Sooky," Percy "Sklppy." This 1* drama'for young with the lives of! 4 boys, their joys, ftin. They take left off. Right off paper and n>agazltfe lion new boyhood; . , T living and loving, laughing and scrap* on aviation. It is .expected this ex- ttlng kids. A rolictngitftatc^foiki^K iie))dltdrd S»ill be,'daubled wh«n fig- hood, motherhood, ddd-'ahcNloeno^di brtfiiforl^liare shown. "•>:/.•). i"». 1 • .'V- . T . t ^»lltlcal i, and Mtt* t* paw fc .. _t t w1ten d«cUred M the course a tmbUe «ddrew an* t«f»tte« In'the general news imlUHMi. "I've got a yen tot you." "How much is that in American money "—Ohio State dun Dial. reward sometimes awafts business men who use the inspection service provided by fire insurance companies and local agents.When L the recommendations .of inspectors are followed, [4, safer conditions for- life and" property may bring c./J^PWt lower insurance,costs. We invite you to test ,'iHls staliement, wjthopt obligation. „ Write, phone or call for information Reprcsentins sound stock fire insurance companies Greening Insurance Agency PHONE 285 SOUTH WALNUT STREET Folks whd Iiv6 in able td ^hodse here—wher# smartness is'' with thrift. Dresses for all coats; footWeat, milllhery; r ing place of smart moderns. 1 tOD/£S QWDY TO WWB HILUNtPY SWOfS NOVf I rt "IT 5 SHOOT TO RE THRIFTY IOG SOUTH ELM ST. HOPE 0QK. PHONf / enoug ^ , , ^i , 1 - ' ! t'lT 1 •' -.'*i,U *• -j *rt" - V S 1 *" v^j * •.•,^P ' t- v%fe r *. [AT I know about making cigarettes...docau'i amount to anything at all! But I'm a good enough cook to be sure of this...You can't gel a thing to taste goocLt.wulecs you use fine ingredient^;, "And what's mora.t*y,uu have to know juut L 4.4 4*> ' v H k • '&'$$& ' , -.VIM T<A"! . ; Steam li, iiki.-n. iiit\ t k 4»ut liial ;; :, |.^aa»Ay.^l.Lo jpioof of auy cigui'ctie i'uCfc i ti'icJ Glujfetcrfields for the first time, , lku.,\^ ihat such taste and fragrance Iwd to come from gi-aiio A ingredients... to gay nothing of a carefully worked out recipe for combining them, "Then, too, I found Chesterfields milder. I didn't know a cigarette could be so mild and at the same lime so good-tasting. ; "'And have you noticed the paper? Pure while, I'm told it's the purest paper that can be bought. "Even the package is whiter and cleaner-looking, Little things, I suppose, but I'm cook enough to know that purity and cleanliness must count in cigarettes too," 9 And what« satisfying radio program Chester&eld b»s! Nat Shilkret'i Orchestra and Ale* Gray, soloist. Tonight and every night except Sunday at 10:30 Eastern Standard Time over the entire ColvunhU Network Real radio < • WRAPPED IN DU PONT NO, 300 MOISTURE-PROOF CEUOPHANE... THE IEST AND MOST EXPENSIVE MAOI © 19K. TT & M TowccgCp THEY'RE MILDER THiY'RE PURi THEY TASTE BITTii

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