Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 27, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 27, 1932
Page 2
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Stag >f>lO V,. JR. r Wfio' Wag Mlled in an auto ac- unusual.and ..„ ..„____. . Lak a Rose," and it tto Amertearts or any- ^flt be hettce r or twt) cen- ..as n $ tadajr; for it far one Of thosfe simple, fn- -ftf+Jfi* i »>4ulii.*£ . "l. * .*. , «J , >H ilvi'^f u. ( H3LA- Jb * ._ .«<•( littfe poems tfeat say what aff of us would has- a way of making: such sOfltf? live-, whether orntot in swcfe matters It may be Lf3f" +Wr±l 4t^fcM 't* this oW of Stan- not fo 1 say that popular 1 fias Httfe to do With t& o prefer "Lyefd ^SMbpteHttle** yBrae/'aridtfiel ftnaf we-ffcei^l •****& ftot - 1 •«* «i 9t#nd and Kwfc, They are,Dimple, the'way b»ei. to Do You •'has fete them, An,d tf they' st fee expressed 1 in simple and | _ r 1 ' we turn to something like "Mighty Lak a Hose," which fights eff angels about a drowsy little head, and of inrpse of heaven tftatcan be seen in a child'* blue eyes; ll, dnhekoV, tftatf tfiese are not just words, but tnat yi~_ «ij j. 'tj i •!«. *e>c ^ , j ,. t,f » ft "it * i» j» t TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO •Joe Rosenberg visited in Little Rock. Wednesday. * -, ' C: S. Bell, of Morrilton, has removed to Hope, and 1 has- accepted a- position with'flie Cooper-Cry er Grocer Co» .' Tom Gilbert,iwho drives .the e*pjess- wagon, was in a run-away accident Thursday afternoon, ^8 horse becoming 'frightened' and 'running a short dsitance .overturning. the wagon. Gilbert fell underneath, but escaped with, only a few slight bruises. ,, .TEN YEARS' AGO Henderson '-$« Jiorl;am i> wfll opfin theit, attractive new^Btoie ort ls Miiin. ' -*^-™- ^ Street on morning. pfestslimethfBg inaan who^wrote true and profoundly beautiful. ]fitfghty Lak a Kose?' ia dead,, and ,^^,'b&y-ab<iat'whoitt the poem was wrftten—grown to ftoDtf, afnrf ttiarrietP-te dead, too; bat the emotion that .born when'tlte poet fooked down-at his*steeping son still aftd thousands ofpeople find it as fresh and as strong ever was-. And is, as we sometimes suspect, we are r . all r only'saeh stuff as dreams are* made at— Well, we take comfort; fer such'staff as dreamsnowiiisoGnsers te con%fort;for dreams, expressed hi song; can live for i rorig time. Price *f the; "Fi*" „_ pHghtrof Chicago, which has been slipping nearer nearer to the edge of downright baidqruptey, otfght to final warning, a last object lesson for the American the evils of municipal party politics, ., Judge Jarecfci the other day threw put the, tax as,„__ roBs-of 102& and 1929 with the remark that in* evi- nee 'of fraud blew into hif court "like a BHjszard,'. 1 h0 jtddedi ^'flftal bit of"*v»ienee ! t6 prove that partisan iWHtres <Jan- Hi altogether too expensive; a luxury for a modern city, '.,. The present government of Chicago is doing all that it do to f remedy matters. It is acting wisely and with en* r. But most of the damage has been done. Chicago today fs paying the prfcfe for years of will handle a\complete stock of men's ap^rel. - * Dr. H. H. IferAalL.p^BMent of the Bank of Columbus^a'tUTa leading, citizen of. iaiaecominu^as in Hope yesterdsir.,' ' Miss Louise- Ware has returned-fr'om ^ at Stephens. •• i . Mistf Opal Hay U visiting relatives af Texarkana. ' 3 /<jence in role' by unscrupulous politicians. l ? tl*e dffe$r v of nationwide interest is-the And what makes; fact thai Chicago < magiufies conditions that are present in nearly every American city. Chicago has done what most of the rest of ua have d°ne»^njy,pn a, bigger 'scale. EQlttie^rVur4%sMmo^ •injep4*able from the fix. The ir fn evidence 1* aliftost eyery department of moat city nts, 'If yov klt&v^ the; right n^an you can get a traf- taken carelof, YOU 4»n,.g«t out of jury duty, you tfa, that te«fee otftw little feV^r 5 awf if your friend tial epeuip, you can get your real 'estate assessment ruanged a»you Would like to have it arranged, "•" From-the way business, and nations are economizing, it appears they are saving everything but the situation. La Belle France refuses to give up ; reparations.. So, after all, it isn't the Woman that pays. Now that the presidential movement is on, many a politician would like to go to- Washington^ But many voters wouldn't be that specific. A man went to bed in a Canadian hotel and didn't w£ke up for a week. Must have thought he was hearing another prosperity sermon. Sfluirrela are reported destroying California crops. In times' like these Capone Nemesis Eewarft in Arizona at bad t Th« PtKtl War* w*H all. Mf . ftftd Mts. Horti«r Nicht»l» .,_. (he twrtns ot Miss Idat Wednesday night And•enpoyed By with 1 Internatiohalty .Known Fi•- rtarflcier Stftsctrinb* FoK lowing Short Illness PHOENIX, Ariz, — (/P) ~ William Wrigley, Jr.,- owner of tile Chicago cubit; baseball club; chewing; gum magnate and internationally known financier died', at his winter home here Tuesday. ; •.,.;. " . WrigFey-" was stricken January with indigestion followed with a heart attack. ;. He was 70 years old. TrareU 7110 Miles During Year ," Arif^-TravBllng a dfetr- arice equal to* encircling the world three times,' Lester 'SoUter vf Bussey was not absent k day* whife attending Magnolia. A. and M. College in 1930-31, and was" late to cfasses only three times. In .driving; to arid from school; he traveled. 7110 miles during the School year. ~ -._. ,-T:-. J' At ~uriMtfe fAtirtfo'M J-fTntlU-Tfalin ttwnillr oOnuBy aluBrnOvn. atiiMb. Btw Nichois. . Mlites Mildred May artd ' L*wls spent Sunday afternoon Mtss« Fern and fcourwi* Nichols. Miss Oda Marlar spent Thursday afternoon with- Mrs, Lais W)hbwry; Miss Pearl Wlnberry spent Sunday With., Mrs. Lula Munn. Mr. and Mis, Harry EM*6h ,sp*rtt frlday with Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sindli tvt. Mr. and Mrs, Ott6 Mattison sj>*nt Saturday night with Mr. and Tom Lowe. , Mlw Dbvie 'Lam spent Wedhe*day Ami with Mit« Peatl Wlhfewry. ,, THe p*rty given Thursday at Mr. otiA Mrs. Btoconv Taylors was well' attended and, eni^j*d bj» all. » Mrt. MUlnia Kaaterfing and family sbwit IPuesdiy fciffemodn with Mrs. 3. : X^Wrtyv^ ^ Miss P»ari pfthDetty spent Friday 'Inberry. Listed of Ctturchet , A'ustralia.-O^ 1 )—T"* farces of evil'have never before obtained such a powerful hold on the c»tnirrt\inity, satij'the annual report of the council of churches which was presented to the Baptist' assembly hire. Especially bad, according to the report and speakers who supported it, are the dole, Hlms, Sunday sport, mixed hiking parties, gambling, taxing arid wrestling matches, liquor advertisements, cheap excursions and communism. 60 Men Laid Off, Shed Damaged by Dynamite MALAKOPF, Tex.-(/p)-The lumber shed and. feed storage house of the Malakoff Puol' company .was slightly damaged about 2 a. m. ^Sunday by two heavy discharges of dynamite. . .. • While officers who began an investigation did hot fate an arrest immediately, it was stated more than 60 men .had been, la id off Saturday by Ihe company. ••>•' A Mexican dince hall Was dynamited at Malakoff several months ago. Judge James H. Wilkerson; above, of Chicago, who received nation-wide acclaim for helping crush the powerful Capone gang in Chicago, has received his reward—nomination by President Hoover for judge of the U. S. 'dlriciUlt court of appeals, seventh district, Wilkerson is the judge who, told Al .Capone that he couldn't bar gain wiih" the court for a light sen. tence-ij^hidif-pleaded guilty to income tax frauy^sln'd,liquor law violation. New Grapefruit Use ORLANDO, yiai—Grapefruit are now making r th(fir appearance on the bowling green.. Enthusiasts here have discovered thatigjapefruit make an ideal substitute, ifo'i"'the wooden bowling balls. Several tournaments using the that's a tough way to treat tourists, fruit for bowls have been held here. ' .. i* what fcftppenetf fe Chicago. Tax assessment rolls fixed and Ifted, year after year-^uptil, final' t&rew them o^t and <Jrdeired*the job <to«e <m» Fwttw interfered with the new aaaflsment, an* now wn ottt likewise; ara^J Chicago f s finances HIS CURIO US WORLD ..... . t Son of Magnolia Minister Preaches MAGNOLIA, Ark.-JToe Pred Luck, 20, son of Rev. 'and Mrs, J. B. Luck, delivered his first sermon on "Life" at the Central Baptist church Sunday night. .The house was filled with his schoolmates of Magnolia high school and A, and M. College. Lieutenant A. K. Noble Transferred to Hawaii WASHINGTON.—Second Liuetenant Arthur K, Noble, native of Texarkana, now assigned to the 23rd Infantry at Fort Sam Houston, is scheduled for transfer to Hawaii. He will proceed to Sari Francisco, and sail on the trans, port scheduled to leave that port on or about June 7, 1932, for Hawaii. Tfieye iaivl s^ythmg surpriainir fn all of this, ^A fatt aad joofle with Chicago''^ city go son In fhe govBrnntenti H a Owr Living Standard long §walti4 report on eowparative living costs i Al*e»ea» a»4 Keropea» workmen, compiled fay the In* ^rwitiQiial fcabo? Off iee at the req^eist of Henry Ford* who wanted to know bow much he should pay W» igiropean pjoyea to put them on, a, par with his workers fn Detroit, at last been made public. If is a highly interesting docu Uvmg costs ijt Belyeit are shown to be substantially higher than those abroad- Those of tto» ?ari» S&faty haad, tor instance, are only about 80 per cent of those of the De* troiter; in Manchester, the Berlia, slightly Ulow W ?& Wage* are &&n 19 by h^rfor Ii »&»*# T& pep cent; in Part oi America's high in the American's iSMifctifeSsS&fcfltsSaa Guernsey Friends of Grandma Houston are Sorry to know that she has been ill the past week and hope for her an early recovery. Burkett Williams of Cleveland, Ohio, was looking after his farming interests here recently. Miss Dorothy Mclver was the Saturday night and Sunday guest of Miss Genevive Franks. . Mrs. Mollie Walker and son, Ches ley of Hope, spent the past week with Mrs. Winnie Davis. T. E. Logan was a business visitor in Hope Saturday morning. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Franks of Hampfion Were Wednesday visitors here. Mrs. R. L. Byers was in Hope Saturday shopping. The P. T. A. Was well attended Thursday night. Miss Margaret Hicks spent a few .days with her sister, Miss Floy Hicks of Prescott. Harry Garnet yf PeAnn urday night with Marvin Po S«t- 11. Co»t 85 Cents to Put Rheumatic Cripple Back To Work Again NOW JOYOIKfeY While all his family looked on in as- nwiwnent and alii hi* friends were amazed, one man toote «Ut th« pain, swelling and agony from tea tortured joint* w 48 hours and did it wife Out famous rheumatic prescription known phjraMAists as Alteaju— you can This' powerful ye* fafe fly guaranteed to do M almost nmgicai Just «et one 85 ceo* feoWfl 9! ienru ffora B/iant's Drug Sto/e of VW $*» *wwM-H««v ii «* '4 in « kwr* y«« yqu get you* Negro Shot to Death. . : After Marfhal Stabbed HUNTSVTLLE, Tex. — ((P) — Varee Smith,. 17» negro, was- shot and lulled here Saturday night by F. C. Crtt- tenden, police chief, after City Marshal Ben Small had been stabbed. Smith was fighting with another negro youth on a side street a block from the courthouse and the officers- attempted to arrest them. Smith resisted arrest, inflicting a severe wound in Small's back, said not to be serious. Smith was shot in the thigh by Small and in the temple by Critten- I den. The latter shot caused instant death. Among th« prominent Democrats at the winter colony at Miami Beach, Fla., who marked the Opening of the 1932 campaign with a "Victory Ball," were Mrs. James J. Walker, wife of the Mayor of New York, and Mayor Anton Cermak of Chicago. . ' tiitthVR9rtttic Primary Feb. 25) POP City Clerk FREb WEBB For City Attorney PAT CASEY* Matthews Speaks For Banking Bill * . Little Rock Real Estate Man testified Before I). S. Senate WASHINGTON —(/P)— Justin Mat. thews, of Little Rock, testified before the senate banking committee Tues- 'day that support of the Watson bill would create a sysUIn in Home Loan Discount banks. He declared that the small home owners must be protected. Cop Is "Bogeyman" BOGOTA, Colombia.—Mothers wishing to curb the unruly spirits of their offspslngs have put the police of this country in an evil situation. The mothers insist that the cops .are "bogy men"' and that they'll "get" the children if they aren't good. In an effort to relieve this misunderstanding, police have made a hbiue-toi-h'ouse canvass,, during ^vhich they distributed ;15,000* toys to children. ... , . Not Safe in Jail CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.—What's the world comnig to? H. C. Leonard and Morris Rollings-worth were lodged in the same cell at the city jail, both on a charge of being drunk,, N6w Hbl? lingsworth is faced with a charge of theft. It is alleged that he stole $100 from Leonard while they were jail brothers. Hyde Answers Charges From Senator Gtas* WASHINGTON — (>P> - Secretary Hyde Sunday turned the leaves of ag. ing government documents to President Wilson's administration made post-war loans to Europe wifhouf legal authority. Pointing to- printed page and paragraph, he answered Senator Gtess' description of his original charges as "a malicious fabrication," Froug Stores Sold at Camden and Pine Bluff LITTLE ROCK.—(/P)—Joe Nichols, Pine Bluff banker, Monday purchased the Froug stores at Pine Bluff and Camden at a bankruptcy sale here conducted by tSeorge H. Adams, trustee. His bid for all assets was $23,900. Nichols said he would continue operation of the stores. At the time they were placed 1 in bankruptcy, assets were listed at $158,871, including stock in trade, $96,467; fixtures, $11,477; accounts receivable $41,978, and real estate $2,805. Gull Is Ring Thief SAN FRANCISCO. — Mrs. Joseph Robinson left her purse on a dresser while she took a bath. While in the tub she heard a seagull flapping about in the room, having flown in her^open window. She went to investigate and found the gull just flying out the window. Her purse was open on the floor and a diamond ring as .missing from it. It is supposed the bird' knocked the purse down and, atracted by the flash of the stone, gobbled it. Sleep of the Deep DENVER, Col.—When Harold Layton imbibes, he gets sleepy. And when he sleeps, it's rather difficult to get him awake, firemen have found. He fell asleep with a cigaret in his hand. It fired! the mattress and the flames spread quickly. Through it all Harold slept, waking only when firemen and spectators broke into the room. He was in the city thsi morning and a drunkenness, Duck or Fish Story KEREMEOS, B. C.—Charlie Armstrong went .duck hunting and came home with both duck and fish for supper. He shot at'a duck and, fin retrieving it, found a fish in its bill. The fish was 13' Inches long and weighed more than 12 ounces. Playing Safe At a party in England, the headmaster of a local school felt that he had partaken rather freely of champagne; he determined to be careful a avoid showing any of the usual signs of tipsyness. When they rose from the table some one suggested that the hostess exhibit "the latest addition to her family." She agreed and presently the nurse appeared with a dainty pink basket containia? twins. The headmaster was nearest and, mindful of his determination, he steadied himself and said as he gazed into the basket: "What a beautiful baby!"— Boston Transcript. BAKING POWDER It's U» to Her A Scotch woman was dying in Dunfermline. She exprest the wish that her body be carried back to Ec. cleiechan, where she hailed from, he- tbjw—its pause she felt that she could "not lie quiet in a grave in Punfermline." Of course, her husband could do nothing but acquiesce, and assured UwwaL- h»r "nae matter what the cost will be, il.ye canna He quiet in your grave ia -*- iine, we wi» tek« J* «»«* *0 but ( ttofc w« will try ye' tort in MaffftAna ^^W'JP'Hl 1 !^*** For Aldermaft Ward One L. C.jLfiX) HfflLMS BENNIE BENTON HOY ANDERSON Ward !Two ROY STEFHENSON L. A. KEITH Ward Four CLYDE A. MONT& IRA HALLIBURTON A. M. M'KAMEY Stop Night Coughing Ordinarily cough remedies do nol reach the conditions which cause nighl coughing but Thoxine, a doctor's" fam4 ous prescription does. It. stops thfl cough wlhtln a-few minutes direct to the internal cause, prcvent| ing further trouble. Taken before retiring Thoxine- abl solutely prevents -night coughing. If gives the same speedy relief for sorl throat too. Safe for the whole familj[ —guaranteed no dope. Money back not satisfied. 35c. Sold by John Cox Drug Company and all other 1 go drug stores. —A'dv Reht II! Firia It! Buy It! Sell It! With HOPE STAR The more you tell, Tfhe quicker you sell. 1 Insertion,. lOc per tin* i minimum 30a . 3 insertions, 7c per line; minimum SOc A Insertion*, 6c per line; minimum $1.00 28 Insertion*, Sc per line, mininium HOO (Average 5ft words to the 1 NOTTE—Want advertisement*. cepted over the telephone charged- with the undcrst that the bill is payable on pre tatldn of statement, the day of : publication. Phone 768 FOR RENT FOR RENT—Two furnished for light housekeeping, down near bath. Phone '315. Mrs. Chamberlain, 717 S. Main. FOR RENT—Four nice housea.| close in, just remodeled. Teles 606 or 607. FOR cheap. SALE-Good utility Also, farm for sale.' Cummings, Rt. 2, Hope. W MIDGET. PUN have a new Cable High School Audi P. T. A. for the Will sell at a big of this little us< Write for price. H,| i Company, Texarkanlfl FEMALE HELP WANW4-SeU Veil vetina toilet products in jfope. Qualit beauty goods. Highest, commissions Permanent. Address bo/c 98. 27-3tq Bargains in dependable used ma-I chines. Let us show\ou the best] vacuum cleaner in the wprld, the new I Singer. Singer Shop, VI Secont. St. . \ '- - ' ' NOTICE: Men's suist, c%)i^d pressed, delivered SOc. Cash; and carry 40c. Family finish laundry service 8c Ib. Hope Steam Laundry. Telephone 148. 26-6tc C For painter and paper hanger. Roof f repairing work guaranteed to stop •' your leaks. Call C. W. Harrington, £ Phone 518-W. , 27-3tp jj NOTlCE-New Spring Kais just re- S ceived. Ladies Specialty Sbbp. 27-3tc \ NOTICE - New arrival*! Spring millinery modes, i Ladies Specialty Shop. 27-3tc SALE FOB SALE—Jus* receive*' wnart, new Sorina hats, si Ladies Specialty Shop, | 61*. „ ,.,„.., «j~!~ >jjArl..»- A

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