The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on January 27, 1945 · Page 9
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 9

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 27, 1945
Page 9
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THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER SATLIUHY, JANUARY 27, 1943 .30 a. m , church achool; 10 ii as worship and aartnon, "Why Men Bill.' fa nv vtiutb rioirch HOME GUARD RELIGIOUS TOPICS Marks 25th Year As Church Pastor Silvarloti -itav. William Cross; at 31 RELIGIOUS NOTES t rn rhurch srhool; worship snd ssrnion. a. m.. criurt-he acnooi; 10:4s a. m , wor-alill nnd aeimon, "The ltntieiiahaltle Tiuth:" 7 p. m , vouth aroupa. linadlnc UKkiaml- Kev v. A J"hna'n: 'Ta Whom li'lona ritiurer BAPTIST. Our Saviour B. I M t KSM INT. I" Church of Oaklty . J. O Whin: st I :S" . IB..! rthtD ant! nrt !at v;l a m., church a'houl. 10;jn a m , Rev tl II in.irnuin Jr : at 11 Of Reich Is Called rhnrrh arhiH.1: 10 4S a. m. Snoildy : at S communion: 3 First a. .. irshlp and sermon, "Tha Author- a. m . church school It a m . prayer Ity of Truth oiiis 1 roup and sermon; S:S0 p nv, yr Toung People's Day will be ob sarmon, "Whir Bs Christian?'' 4S p. m , B Y. P. V.; T:5 p. m., worship. Evansir-n-Rsv. J. lths: at IflSfl l. m . worship and ifrnwn, "Don't awtrt- j. Moora: Church ol the Advent K st s a. m . commiinlon; lis. m.. church served at First United Church at and women In the armed foross, aid lor prisoners of war and emergency relief in mission fields. Ms J. W. B. Hood, Air Forces Chaplain, will spenk at the 7:45 p. m. service, Before becoming Chaplain, Major Hood wss a missionary In British West Africa, Nigeria, where Capt. Paul Ketchum, former assistant minister of tha local church, is serving as Chaplain. school, prayer and sermon. Yoath Movement Stressed Ntin Vli," 1 SO n m , topic, ' tin Hssrt 11 a. m. tomorrow. The following 10 Below Zrro." it -phen s- Rrv. O. A. nieslar' at in m . church school; it a m . prayer aod worarin and sarnin "The DlsaseU Man, ? P m , vouna iple. Sttrwood l'r. W. T Paterain; at 10 43 a m . W'.rahtn and sermon. "Religion and KtioemtManre " Vt. Auburn-nr. H C. R"ters: at It a m . worship and srrmon. "The Chrlatlsu ale-sage " Haven! h-Rev. C. E. Williams; at 11 a. m . worahlp and aarmon, "rive Waya In Which l.d Helps Vs " Kennedy tlelcbls-Rev. ta. T., Kemper; at :in a. m , chimh school- 10 : a in , worahlp and sermon, "rllnce Christ la r i y I ni I Wish S lno a. m , worship M ssruon. aarmon. ' Churcb-Oolng Sins. " 7 p ro . young people. Christ Church-Rev. N. V. Burmuihs; at I. :3n and K S m.. terviras, 11 7:30 p. m.. topic, t M To uw and ns laovea ; eoclsiuina o trlnkin." young people will take part In the service: Betty Fuller, John W. Schaefer, Georgia Williams, Jessie Albrecht, Albert Fuller, Peggy worship and sermon; a p. bv i4 f Hydt Park Rv, H. A. Bulsnn: at It a m . wnrehln and srrmon. "C'nntsflnn of choral evensong laird youih by Kev. V. la. Raer g p. f Error," and tnsiallstlon of ntw dsacona, 3, a m i Ik , ru wimi aa rv 1 1- a PI. saicnaei ana All Anpeia mm. n' . low mass; 9, JO a. m . church school, 10 tS a m . anna miu and aarmon Latter Day Saint. Haefnsr, Robert Eversull and David progtam. No! i h Rev J M I.ukens: at IS a. m church school: II i. m worship snd ser Calvsiy At gam, communion: IS J t a. a, m.. church school: g:4lt a. nv. confirms ttun. "Mtnre Christ la laord," I and 6.i3 f 1 lion claas; II a nv, prayer and sermon Muraoka, New officer of th Church s. nv. vouth kcoum. At Covington Church Th Youth Ksllowship of tha First Church of God, 15th and Bankllrk Strsets, Covington. Is sponsoring a "Youth For Christ" movement, with young popl of all Covington churchss requested to cooperats In a two-wesk program looking toward evanKcllsrn of youth. Miss Nellie Fields, Indlsn-apolls, youth worker, Is to he guest speaker. Youth meetings are to ba held at l.i 5 p. m. vry dny except Saturday, beginning tomorrow' and continuing through February 11. Mt Waahuistoii - Rrv Milo Bersn; at ;ln a. m . church school- 10:ln a m Rnitlawn Community Rsv C. T. Boyd, at s 30 a. m.. church s-hiol: 11 a. m . worship and ssrmon a' Rosslswn Thsatsr, -Tha Truih Auoul Htll." P. m., youtn groups. Lincoln Park At 10 45 i m , worphlp and tirmon; ?-3Wp. m., ifrroon. Ml. Auburn Rv. H. I. Woodard; at 9 So a. . . church arhnni; 10.30 a. m.. nrhlp and acrmon. "Ettandina Chii-t'i Kinnlom;" (:30 p. m , young ptuplt.; T:4 p. m., topic, ' Civilian Vt'arlart." worship and sermon, "riima Clinal la Board of Philippus Evangelical and try nev. j. iioiuatsr i-ncn. rvANor.ucAL Asn RrKtiBMrn. Hon R.v B M. Herbater: at 15 a. nv, rhurch school: lfl:30 a. nv. worahlp and sermon. "Hod's forgiveness and Ours." Phlllnoua Rav. W J. Wilt: at a. m . 1 nrd." g p m . dtnnsr and addrsas by Kev, Roland Skeel. lmmanurl - liev R J. Nettlni: at 11 CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS M?4 Victory ParlswBjr Kldsr A. B. uiliiam Bundav School, 10 A. M. SACRED CONCERT AT 1:30 P. M. Y MENDELSSOHN -Public I ra iled Aaslllary Meallnga Wednesday F. M. Reformed Church will be Installed at 10:15 . m. tomorrow. a. nv, worship and sermon, "Youth uvday school' 10 :1H a. m.. worship and sermon, "luto the Psep;" inalsllsllon of oitlcars. Norwood Rv 1.. 3. JDWtT 10:S0 a m worahip and atrmon. "vihln Pori FIRST INITUt, iht uay:'' 7:90 p. m., rmon py iwi ), R. Lunnford. a. B Congregatlnnal-Presbyterlan Rev. Musie by th Asbury Collage male quartette, Wilmore, Ky., the Salvation Army Band will feature the service at the Cincinnati Home for Aged Men tomorrow afternoon srvas." rirat (Walnut HIHsl Rev. J, E. Smith; at S 3d a. nv. church achool: 10 a. nv. men s group; It s. nv. worship and sermon "Whst la Qod I.Iks?" Covananl-Flret Pr. r. R, E'der; at 11 g. m., worehlp snd isrtuon, "Our lltshest obliaatlon:" 7.4S p. m., addreai by SlaJ. W. B Hood. Westwood First RsY. K C. Mnorhssd; at HA a nv. church school; 10 40 a. m , worship snd sermon. "Cliriat and Tan Mil worshlo and Youni Peo- men; at 11 Columhla Rv. Harlan uiir; at 10 sermon, ' TailhlulnaM To pie's pay; r.hrlat Shrlst.' a. m.. cituron arnooi; " o a. nv, wornijj Unitarian. First Unitarian v-f ; 3d p m , BYF, p. m.. topic, Cjuaa under auspices of the Salvation tlnnl nf tha Snul BtiiirwMf, iniiriiifi) LrTRERAN. t. Paul's (Msdisonvlllei Rev. Welter Uttmann: at t a. nv. worship and terman; 10 Ifl a m.. Vundav school lackland- Rrv. B. H. Hillard; at 10:48 lion Youth." g 30 and 7.13 p. m., youth Army. Adjutant David Moulton will speak on "Th Promises of Concordia Rav, o. C Bsrth; at :1S groups. Rri.imni s acirNcr God Are Surs." a. m. and 7:30 p. m , aarvini. C'HRINTI AN, Tantral (laaao M Win Tamnla R C. J. Mabaattan: at : a. m.. BIMa school- Presbyterians To Give To Wartime Service Covenant First rrssbyterlan Church's share of the $l,!3t,000 to be rnlsed by the rresbyterlnn Church for its Wartime Servlct la to be contributed at the U a. m. service tomorrow. The fund Includes spiritual work for the men At 11, Bttlllng with a Pen M-lvin Unit Welke, Minister, Rsv Vomer Hena - At 11 a. in., worship KKV. J. STANLEY MATHEWK The Rev. J. Stanley Mathews will begin his 25th year as pastor of Evanston Baptist Church Sunday, February 4. He is Moderator of a. m , nuiionv scnoov io jg a. ni., service; g p. m., circuit maetina Calvary-VWCA rtev, fnog Bacon; at B:Sli s. m , Sunday achool: 10:4ft n. m., worship and sermon, "The Falling Mantle. 10: Jr Am a-orahlp an1 aarmon. '1 m., The choir of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will combine tlan f.nilaavrtr Maillat-nvllla Rev O. R ana scrtnoii, ivteeiiipg ivun year, RorKDAlE AVICM'E TIMI'I.K. At In. .10 a nv lodav, sermon by rr Victor E. Kelehert, "Th. laord Snail Reign." TRITH I'B.VrR f, Rill P. Burs-aa: 101 Heading Road with the choir of York Street Con METHODIKT. Walnut Hllla-Avondsle l'r. J. M Ver- alu. O aa. - nt aliiih .I...aI' 11 and aennon. naiinariia or l -uwi.uun ,8 :S0 p m.. young 'PI; 7:30 gregational Church, Newport, in a sacred concert to be presented at a m.. worship gnd' tarman, "Nothing Nondenomlnatlonal. Ha r'umaa Alice C (Iraier At 11 a. m , tuple, "TTle To Keep Order Among Fleeing Refugees. Panic Is Reported In Berlin Traffic Is Snarled As Reds Push Closer. London, Jan. 26 (AP) Germany'! volkssturm organized to defend the Reich wat called out today to help keep order on the bom front ai the mass of westward-fleeing refugee awelled with ach mil of Runian advance. While Nazi propagandist warned the people to "prepare for more disappointment" and tried to whip up their resistance by threats of their fate under Red domination, the German radio reported the home guard had to help handle snarled traffic at jammed railway stations. A Moscow broadcast told of "chaos and panic" In Berlin. Tackling Its toughest propaganda job yet, the Nazi press and radio sounded a theme of strength through fear. A radio announcer warned Germans to "make no bones" about Russian planj for their mass deportation if Germany was conquered, and told the story of a Hilesisn mothor with four children who made the arduous trip to Berlin declaring "th trip to Siberia surely is longer and more strenuous." "We do not want to gloss over the seriousness of our position," said a spokesman for Paul Joseph Goebbels, Propaganda Chief, "the names appearing in th German high command communiques show us more plainly than a (lance at the map that our very existence is at stake." Adolf Hitler's own newspaper. Detwi-cn."' has just concluded four term as .'X-Rav'w "whan Whlta Oak Rav WWW. Parry; at :n Nondenomlnatlonal. 2524 Victory Pky. at 7:80 p. m. to Clifton Rev. R. c Vandegtlff; at :1.1 Only True Hod." I NITr.D BRFTHKEN. a m. Blbtt acnoni; 10:45 a. m , voramii mnA rmnn. "Tha Priority of tha Spirit ual;" 7 p. m., Chrlatlan Ftulaavor; 7.4.1 . m tnntn "an r tna H ndtiaaa Enton R U. C. Cola; at 10:411 a. nt,, wir-hip and aarmon by rr. l,ewta H. C". Smvtha. "t,"hnatian Convictions In Clifton Rev. W. I. I'nderwood; st 10:30 a. ai.. woialup and sermon. UNITARIAN, First Rev. M U Welke: at 10;4B a. m,, cburoh school; tt a nv, worship and sermon. "Haniine With a I'm " Mt. John's- Rev J F. Krolrifar: at 10:13 Truth Prayer Group Sll RACE RTRICICT iS0 A. M. Nwnday Srhool II on A. M. TIIK M V TBI K HOD " Itank i'onsrrallnn Allrr ('. (.rater Wednesday. II A, M. Cix-aUer Altor r. Grater Wr TimaK " RELIGIOUS SCIENCE SOCIETY SI NIIAV, 11 A. M. "Wrestling Vith Fear" Vrntrr Httw. MlnUlfr IKlTr.l. HI N TON a. m., cnurcn scnooi; 11 a. nv, worsnip and sermon, "Comfort In Religion;" 7 p. m., youth groups. Auburn- Rev. H B Weldt; at P Ifi a. nv, church achool; 10'3u a. iiv. worahiii nnd sarmon. "l.ilr's Ureal Paradox;" g:3ii p. nv. ynuna people, Griice Kev. A M. Shenefell: morning warahip and sermon. "Servant of tlod. Annetiong- Kev. H. C. coliiflower, at lli:vi a. m,, worship and sermon, "ror- rlBll Neighbors." imtlwcll - liev, K. O Roeaaner; st g-20 H ni , chvrch achool; 10:40 a m . w:r'itn and ernion. "Tna Hacrat nf chrlatlan Coiir morrow. Th program fill comprise selections from Mendelssohn. Th Rev. William E. Bensch, pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Reading, will speak at a vesper service at the Children's Home tomorrow afternoon under auspices of the Cincinnati Council of Church Women. Walnut Hills- Rev. X. . Moraland- at 11 4fi a nv. worahlp and aarmon. "Tha M.. ni nf rhrwtlHiilt V " President of th Baptist Church Union. He has served also as President of the Greater Cincinnati Baptist Ministers Conference and as President of the Norwood Roard of Education. Since ho assumed charge, membership in the Evanston church has grown from 30 to 7iK'. Under his direction a new church unit was erected at a coat of $30,000 and there is $25,000 already reserved for postwar construction of an Norwood Rv W. H Mcl-itn: at la a , .hiir.-li acNiol- lO.I'.O a. m . worahlp Congregational Fresbyterian. nlid aarmon. "Chnatlan Humility;" 1 m , youth aroupa; J: JO p. m , topic, 'Tcraotial (.rentneaa." ( IIHISTIAN SClKNcr.. NondsnominationL Flrat Church. Walnut Hilla-At II a 'Truth.' and 4 3d p m . tonic, HicuiiI Church, Clll iliton Ai 11 Oakley Unity Church will have a prayer service for men and women in th armed forces at 8 p. m. UNITY CENTER B BUST IJIVITi:i Rradln Road at ! 1'lare u. VAitnrTT Kit h, it, v., rastoi 11:00 A. M, The Sannoni DR. RICH Kpeaas m "FAITHFULNESS TO CHRIST" 111 Vouth Oroup Fifth and Broadway tomorrow. Th Rev. Effi G. Smith Masonlo Tempi addition to the building. Rev. Mr. Mathews is a member 11111- topic Truth." Kirst ''imreh, Norwood At 11 topic "Truth." , Chrlatlan Srlanra Hoclaiy. Price At 11 a, in., topic. "Truth." CHURCH OF HRIMT. Margaret Norwood, 1'astor of the Comity and Evangelism Com age." 7 p. nv, youni; iirople Trinity Rav. H K. Arrnacoul; at P::lo a nv, chnuith rchool, 10. 4ft a. nv. wnralnii and aarmon. "No Greater Love Than Tula.'" 7 p. nv. young people, Nhbi Memorial tuv. W, A. Boehnker; aii U : 1 :i a. m , church achool; Hi 30 a. m . worahin and auimon. "A Voice As An; kichn;'' T p. m , younB psople. Wesley Chspel Rev. R. C. Poison; l 10:4s a. nv, worship and sermon, "The Call To Oreatnaee;" 7:30 p nv, musical program: 7:4ft p. nv, evarybodv's mseiing. ter; at i:4 a. m , worship and sermon, "Why Belong To Church?" Bethlehem Rev. P. o. Wolf; at :1S g. nv. church .ichoot; in. 45 a, nv. worship and sarmon, "The Harvest Is Waiting," I p, nv. district vouth rally. Bond Mill-Rev. K. H. lackey; at 1:30 a. m., church achool; 10:40 a. m., worahlp nnd sermon, "Why 1 Ballsva In liod;" will speak on "Spiritual Adjustment" at 10:30 a. m. Mn. Earl T. Tweedy of Lucknow mittees of the Council of Churches Western Hllli C. A. Wllllamaon; at :30 a. nr. Bible achool; in 30 a. nv. worship and Area Chairman for the place Presbyterian. ment of ministers in Baptist churches in Southwestern Ohio. College, in India, will describe work at Methodist mission in India at Bnrt aarmon. "Prepare To Maet Tny ooo; (1:30 p. nv, young people; :3 p. m., topic, "The City of Gold." CHURCH OP OOD. Avnnrtnla Rev. V. R. Johnaon! t 10;4r Madisonville Methodist Church tomorrow. Shw will speak at 10:45 a. m. and at 6:30 p. m. a. m. and T:15 p. m., anrvlcaa. :.tti p. nv. vounc psntiiu, SUNDAY 11:00 A. M. "THE MASONRY OF THE BODY TEMPLE" WEDNESDAY 1 1:00 A. M. "IF I BE LIFTED UP" 8:00 P. M. "HEALING JOV' Brjl nlty Library Open 10 A. M. to 4 P. M.-Tol. CII Mm ( III K H OF JK.MUH CHRIST lit I.ATTKB Immanuel Presbyterian ("MlTtlN end BRVANT Rev. Rnht, J. Netting, Mlnlatel 1:0 A. l. Nundny Srliool 1 1:00 "YOUTH SERVES" AI g lupprr for all Youth llroupt Mrs. (. M. laitaprloh, Hpraker The Rev. L. W. Almy, preaching his farewell sermon as pastor of West Cincinnati Presbyterian Church tomorrow morning, will officiate at a communion service, lie and members of his family will be guests of honor at a reception in the church parlor at 4 p. m. tomorrow. Rev. Mr. Almy is to Mt. Auburn Rav. II. A. Rlmmnns; at 9:45 a. in . churili school: 11 a. m., wor ahlo and aarmon. "ReilKinn In F.xperlrnrr " Columbia Rev J. F-. Windsor: st 10:43 a. in., worahlp and aeimon. "Chrlatlan Kilters the c.ate;" 7:30 p. nv, topic, "Clod's Two Qrcat Oifts." 1'RKSBVTtRlAV. Bprinudsle Rev J. y Twiddle; at 10 a. ni.. chinch achool: 11 a. ni . worship and sermon, "Sine chriNi la Und." Fliat iCollege HMD IT. J H. Lamy; at 9:30 . m., hurch school: adult forum, II a. nv, worahlp and sermon. "Hhsdows and Sunburns;" 3 and 7 p. m., youth group. Plsasant Rldgs Rev. B. T. Judd: at POSITION IS OPEN. A position paying $4,428 a year, including overtime, Is open in engineering and allied fields in the examining division of the Sixth U. S. Civil Service Region, D. C. Whelan, Director, announced yesterday. The appointee will contact or direct contact with possible sources for recruitment In engineering personnel. No written test is required. Application should be made at the Civil Service office, Faller Building, Eighth and Walnut Streets. 11 I ail-1 1-. A B. oilllnm At 7:30 p. nv, eacrerl concart. t III R( H OF THE XAXAKENE. Korwonrl- Rev. M. R. Kltch; at :30 a m . Sumlay achool. 10:4 a. m , worship ami Harmon. "The Frontiers "I Ool ; :30 p. nv, you'ir, people; T:30 p at., topic. "Th- Fiiithfillncm of olllnc." lantnn Ave C. W. l'eir; at ;SO a. m.. chun-h school; 10 30 a. nv, worahip and aarmon. "Partnership:" :30 p. nv, younu people; 7:30 p. m., ioplc, "God Manlteat, ( DNtiHKtiATlONAL. St. John's Mt. Auhurnl Rev. T.. V. r.cikow. tt a. nv, cliurcb school; 111. 1.1 a. it... worship ant ai-rmon, "The Becond Voelkischer Boobachter, proclaimed "thia is the final showdown" and utu 1 its loudest call for more f .h i rices. Of tha "many millions" outside the stricken areas who "remain more or less passive in the events Tlie City Temple leave shortly for New York City KNOX PRESBYTERIAN OHa.rvalory and Mlrhlgnn Avenues tint Aim . MiMiaiiN, Minlstar W iSO A. M, I huroh hchnol II :II0 A. M. Hennon "MHi's iu(;iii:st lWISTMKM" Ills P. M. Vouth Uronpa 1 to become a staff member of the of war," the paper said "let them look at the sufferings of the restIPresb'Urian 'Wartime Service Com- Universalist mission. tt; 7 p m., youns peopie. Ht. Pet-r Rev. J P Warner; at a. m.. church ari.oul; 10:1 a. in., worship and aannt'O "Tha N"M To Curry ('' " Jacob Vandermolen will speak on Bwedenborglan. Covenant-First Presbyterian "The Cost of Discipleslilp" at City Gogpol Mission tomorrow night. He is superintendent of the Mission's Sunday school. FIRST UNIVERSALIST l.SNKX ', NfcAK TAn Rl). Rev. lienrse II. Thorhnm ,lr., Minister 10:00 A. M. t;hiireh tiahnol 11 :00 A. M. "Thi Authority el Truth" All An Welioma Hold Ainu, Sunday, 11:00 A.M. "Who Are You?" Fourth irrmon in a irrlrt nf pertinent ijiissions lo Im folltmetl mil Feb. 4: "What Do You Do?" " 11; "Where Are You Going?" By tht Pailor, Dr, Harry Granloon Hill, A. M D. D. Suniliiy Srlmol 1 1 :00 a. ni. Ufa Adjustment (enter earn. M u:d-iy ant Vednrsdat Free Lfrdnrrs and Hound Talils on "THE AKT Ol LIVING" Wfiliii'mluy, 8 I. M. rDBMf) WKUOMK, AM. ACTIVITHM IS ALMS, AITOINIMENT BY I'HONE, VtMk 1H0. Mr. and Mrs. Y. D. Westerfield Sth and Kim Streets Frank It. Kldrr. Minister 19 A. M. I hilri li Mi IiikiI 11:1)0 A. M "Our lll ihe.t OIiUksIIop . Dr. Kld. r 7:46 P. M. lineal aioaliee Maor W, B. Hood Air f'orro I haplaln Irom India ftarvlee Men and Women U'elconie ::ill P. M. Vnulll llrolip ffiljt Deto-Cfjurdj Oak and Wlnslnw Hey. John W. Solera, Paitor 11:00 A. M. ANNIVERSARY JWEDENBORO, Te Philosephtr one1 7Aioegio of Asbury College, Wilmorn, Ky nd then judge their own doings end thoughts. Millions of Germans have lost everything overnight." The Nazi radio appealed to worried mothers "not to storm" evacuation offices for information cf their youngsters who had been moved to once bomb-free Eastern Germany. "Wait for news from your children first," it said. "We are working day and night under terrific tension and cannot heed individual problems." The Russians captured "only empty evacuation camps," and the children were moved to "prepared quarters in new reception areas," parents were assured. SOLDIER 10 BE SOLOIST. Sgt. Daniel Scholl, member of tha cast of "Winged Victory," will be guest soloist at Bt. Peter Congregational Church at 10:13 a. m, tomorrow. He was christened in this church, and last Sunday was sponsor for his young nephew. Daniel L. Schmidt, who was bsp-tired in the same church. But. Scholl has a leading part in the sinRlng of "Holy NiKht" with a chorus of 50 in the play. are to conduct services at tha Sal United Brethren. vation Army Citadel Corps, 114 IS. Eighth St, tomorrow. , tl I I P T A II MrMlllan W. I. I'NDKRMOOI), D. V.. 1'aator 3 Episcopal. ;30 A, M. Sunday School I 10:30 A. M. MORN IMG WORSHIP Wednesday, 8.P. M. PRAYER MKKT1NO Mrs. C. M. IaOtspeich, head ol Lotspeich School, will speak at a dinner for the comhined youth groups of Immanuel Presbyterian Church at 6 p. m. tomorrow. Young People's Sunday will be observed at tha 11 a m. service. Seventh Church Madison Road at Clelnvlew Etiv. layton i:. Wlllluou, Minister JO :4fl Church ("rhnol 104A Orsnn SP'liide Chester Mora'-h Orirdntst It A. M. KKRMO.S: "5 Wiyiln Which God HtlpiUt" BELGIUM CUTS ELECTRICITY. Brussels, Jan. 26 (AP) Electricity is being- cut off in the dny- hma in hnt n Krnaaala ant f!lin! St. Michael & all Angels Suit Beading Bd Avondala 8 00 A. M. Low Mass 9:30 A. M. Church School 10:45 A. M. Sung Mass and Sermon Nondenomiiiational. ChrlitUn Scltnc. The third in a eues ut in,i y;duB to , caa, Bnortago inten8i suppers and programs at Kennedy ;.led by veumg of barg canal. MISSIONARIES From China To Visit Beginning Sunday, gas will be cut Heights Presbyterian Church Is to be held at 8:30 p. m. Wednesday. New Thought Temple McMillan and Woodburn DR. J. L. FENDRICH, Leader PRESENTS off. YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO ATTEND A Church Of God. Guest speaker and leader of the discussion will be Dr. William Hewett, professor of economics at the University of Cincinnati. Young People's Sunday will be observed tomorrow. Mt. Auburn Presbyterian 101 Win. II, Taft Koail Henry C. Hogem, I. I)., Minister 9:30 A. M. Cliiirrh School Ernest O. Duiiltnn, Oritanlst 11 A. M. Sermon: "The Christian Message" FREE LECTURE M !" winijjiisii),ii)iiii.iuMJii ,ii'W v CHURCH of the ADVENT I'niteatant Kplieopal Kompi-r I.aoe and I'niaa Rwtori Rr.V. Fit AM IS JOHN MOOItE t X. M. HOLY COMMUNION 11 A. M. CHURCH SCHOOL 11 A. M. MORNINB PRAYER. SERMON, M. MOORE Mi SOIEIOE CHR1STI First Church of God 15th an4 Rank lick, t'ovinrt.m Hev. J. WlUard Chltty Minlnttr "Yciilh For Christ" DEVIUM ":rh ':ni"g nLlllMle This Week. ,:4 Mine Nellie Hilda, EvanieUat ti. -J" a. 2j IT";., 4 1 tt, e Mrs. Frederick Luchs, President of the Ohio Council of Church Women and a board member of the National Council, will report on the; recent Cleveland conference cn a just and durable peace at the local j Council of Churches Leadership Education School at Christ Church Monday night. ! Jf .. Su.v a ii a i a v n ml n A II NORWOOD PRESBYTERIAN Klnral and Washlnitton nil, tait I'ATmxtiN. Minister :30 A. M Sunday r liool 10:40 A. M. Sermon: Religion and Remembrance UHKI5 1 mutati 818 East Fourth St, 11:00 A, M. Morning Strvlct 5)00 Pi M. Choral Evensong (Mr, Hull) AvondaSe Church of God Savoy I'lnce and Mrllsh, off Reading ltd. Villi. II. R. JOHNSON, Minister 111:111) A. M t nlflid Service) 111:45 A, M. Sermon 6:30 r. M. Voiiiij roople 7:45 r. M. Kvenlnj Servlra At Evulsion Chtircli Today And Tomorrow Smyth Family IU'lurns From Orient. Dr. Lewis S. C. Smythe and Dr. Margaret Smythe, missionaries from China, will be guests of Evanston Christian Church today and tomorrow. They will bs accompanied by their two children, Margaret Ann and Joan, both of whom were born in the Orient. A dinner and program in their honor will be given at 6:30 p. m. today under auspices of the World Friendship Committee of the church. Tomorrow Dr. Lewis Smythe, who is supported entirely in his missionary work by the Evanston Christian congregation, will speak at the 10:45 a. m. service. Dr. Margaret Emythe, a specialist in lung diseases, will speak in the adult church school hour at 9:43 a. m and Margaret Ann will tell of har experiences in China before th intermediate group; Joan will be with the junior group. Dr. Lewis Smythe will lead a The Rev. L. J. Poe, pastor of Wayne Avenue Methodiit Church,! will speak on the program of the, local Council of Churches at 9:SD- ENTITLED "CHRISTIAN SCIENCE: ITS TEACHINGS AND ITS PRACTICE1' By B. PALMER LEWIS, C. S. B. OF NEW YORK CITY M-mher ' the B"ni of Lectureship of Ths Mnth-r Church, The Kl rat Church ol Christ, Iclnniist, In Huston, Massacliusstia UNDER THE AUSPICES Of FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST, NORWOOD, OHIO In THE CHURCH EDIFICE 203? WEYER AVENUE SUNDAY EVENING, JANUARY 28, 1945 AT I: IS O'CLOCK :-V C-; - -V -. Mr-.' J-g..-.. ... .- FIRST PRESBYTERIAN on Walnut Hills Gilbert and Tatt REV. JACKSON K. HMITII, Ps.lor 11 A. M. Merman: "WHAT IS OOD LIKE)" Other Service. 8, 9:30, 9i40 A.M. a. m. tomorrow over Station WCPO. Hiu topic will be "Will Some One Come To My Aid?" Christian. Salvation Army. ALASKA MAKES BID Baptist NINTH STREET BAPTIST EVANSTON CHRISTIAN I J REV. MVRON C. COI.E, Minister Brewster and Slaoey Avenues 10:45 A. M. "CHRISTIAN CONVICTIONS IN WAR TIMES" Ouest I'rcarher, Dr. Lewis tl. C, Hniytho a i 2 1 a F. B. McAllister, Minister 0:30 A. M. (Sunday Hrhoo! j 1 iaatiMLilniiiinan 10:10 A. M. "I HI Nil TO l.OVK AND MC l.OVKDI" 1:30 r. M. ") lAI.IZINO OF DKIMtlNU" THE SALVATION ARMY CITADEL CORPS lit K. EIGHTH PTKEET Mr. Y. D. Weilirllild, of Asbury College, Prtachinf Tht Asbury Mali QuarHttt Will Sing SUNDAY SERVICES 0:45 A. M. undny Srhool 11:00 A. M. Holiness Mi-etlne; 0:15 P. M. Yminu Peoples' Moetlnf 5:45 P. M. Evangelistic Hrrvlca VOW ARE 1NVITKI) forum discussion tomorrow night on "China's Role in the Postwar World" under auspices of the coworkers. The family will leave to m FOR FOUR FREEDOMS Juneau, Alaska, Jan. 26 (AP) A demand that the "principles of the Four Freedoms of the Atlantic Charter" be applied to Alaska as well as to foreign countries wan passed by the territorial House of Representatives yesterday in a memorial to Congress. It asked immediate investigation of the land policies of the Department of the Interior. It asserted the Secretary, while publicly voicing a desire to aid in populating the territory and In developing its resources, had withdrawn large areas of land and water from-he public domain and "created such a condition of con ALNUT HILLS CHRISTIAN MrMllInn at Inilealll morrow night for Chicago where he is teaching in the Graduate School of the University of Chicago He will return to China next sum Rev, Edward N. Mnrrland, Minister I) ;45 Sunday School 10:45 Jease Wulker, Organist 11 A. M. eiermon: "THE SOUL OF CHRISTIANITY" Evanston Baptist utland Ave.t East nf Montgomsr Hev. I. Itanley Mathews, rastor I0i30 "Don't Swoothoirt Mo" Ti30 "Hit Heart Wat 10 Below Zoro" mer, and his family will follow as soon as conditions permit. TO SPEAK ON INDIANS. Evangelical. WASHINGTON EVANGELICAL CHURCH RAfHtX AND SIDNEV AVENUES IK. KRKD R1I.KV. MINISTER 10:10 "CATHOLIC OR DENOMINATIONIST?" Miss Ramona Kaiser will stress fusion and uncertainty among the people that we Alaskans no longer IVY CRANE SHELHAMER of Loo Angelei Institute of Religious Science In a Serict of Lectures st Follows: MONDAY, January 2th 7 P.M. "Cause, Medium and Ef fect" 8 P.M. "Sequence of the Creative Order" 9 P.M. "Scientific Practice of Mind" TUESDAY, January 30th 7 P.M. "Dealing with Limitless Potiibilities" 8 P.M. "Scientific Technique and Treatment" 9 P.M. "Acceptance by Acknowl edgement" MONDAY, February 8th 7 P.M. "Meaning of Mental Equivalents" 8 P.M. "The Lav of Attraction" 9 P.M. "Manifesting Particular Good" TUESDAY, February 4th 7 P.M. "Spiritual Mind Healing" 8 P.M. "Realization of Divine Wholeness" 9 P.M. "Power of the World" ALSO SUN., JAN. 28 II A. M. "The Rowird of True Vision" MRS. MIKIIIAMt R, aipenlilns; Hear Dr. Fendrich's Radio (WKRC) Broadcast Every Seturday 7:15 P.M. SECOND CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST, CINCINNATI, OHIO, ANNOUNCES A FREE LECTURE OH CHRISTIAN SClEf.CE ENTITLED CHRISTIAN SCIENCE: DOMINION THROUGH OBEDIENCE TO LAW by ANNA E. HERZOG, C. S. B. OF COLUMBUS, OHIO Mitihtr of thu Bird of Lpiur!hlp of Th Mn(hr Churrh. The Kit-it Church of Chmt. ficiaiHiit, In Bofton, Michustt tl In SCOTTISH RITE AUDITORIUM Use North Entrance on Broadway between 4th and 5th Streets FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2, !945 AT 12:00 O'CLOCK NOON THE PUBLIC IS CORDIALLY INVITED know who owns the ground be neath us." Methodist Separate Bills Sent Oat .MT. AUBURN METHODIST "Getting Down To Brass Tacks" DR. A. V.. ( (lM KV at It A. M. M.plrwood Av... Around Comer from McMiILn St. HENRV A. SIMMONS. Pnstor the importance of the American Indian in our civilization and the Indian's contributions to art and science in a talk at the Art Museum at 8:30 p. m. tomorrow. Miss Kaiser is National Vice Chairman Of the American Indians Committee, Daughters of the American Revolution. She has written two Indian plays and a book of historical sketches of Eastern Hamilton County. A collection of Indian handicraft will be displayed. On Unf or given 1943 Tax Separate bills are being mailed ( 45 A. M. 4'lnin h E, u:oo a.m. "Religion In Experience" Fellowship, 0:30 P. M. Vouth to taxpayers who last March 15 FfljjYDE PARK postponed paying part of the "un-forgiven tax" on their 1943 Incomes, Thomas A. Gallagher, Collector of HYDE PARK COMMUNITY METHODIST OBSI RVATORV AT GRACE PR. CHARLES M. COtXTKB, Minister 8:30 A. M. Church Scnooi Rev. Richard W. Buckingham, Associate Minister 8:45, 6:45, 7:30 Young Ptopli 10:45 "Why Belong To Church." Internal Revenue, announced yes ami r. . ,! I0CKER HEADS COMMITTEE. Jesse D. Locker has been named Chairman of a newly-organized OEiUMBIR METHODIS terday. During the switch-over to "pay-as-you-go" Income taxes, Congress forgave in most cases at least 75 per cent of income taxes on 1942 income and added the unforglven part of the tax on 1943 income. r.nir, n i ,111 mu -a HOWARD ALKRKD BULHON, B. D. 9:45 Church School 11:00 A. M.-"A Contagion Of Error" Installation of Kew Driiron 4 P. M. Military Vespor Sorvlco ( ars 0H and H9 I'su The ( hurrh Citizens' Committee supporting enactment by Congress of a perma 8900 Eastern Avenue J. ENOS WINDSOR, D. D. nent Fair Employment Practice 10:45 A.M. "CHRISTIAN ENTERS THE GATE" 7:30 P. M. "COD'S TWO GREAT GIFTS" Commission Act. Several bills for Half of the unforglvetj part was such a commission are before both houses of Congress. Locker is to Baptist. head a delegation to confer with DOWNTOWN WESLEY CHAPEL METHODIST" ,oaVMoV "THE CALL TO GREATNESS" 1:30 I'. M. Miiilc, Violin and Orian 7:4 p. m. Kvrrv body's Mooting Sen. Robert A. Taft, Chairman of the Republican Steering Committee aeeking to determine his stand on 320 East Fifth Stmt RAS C. DOTSON, BHB Minister payable last March 10, ana the balance is due March 15, 1945. These bills should not be confused with the returns on 1944 income, also due March 15, Joseph D, Nunan Jr., Commissioner of Internal Revenue, estimates that only about 4,000,000 persons owe a balance on their unforglven tax, while 50,000,000 individuals must file 1944 returns by March 15. proposed FEPC legislation. CARRIER TO SERVE FRANCE, CHRISTIAN SCIENCE FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST. SCIENTIST, 2318 Tark Ave., Walnut Hllla Sunday School. 11 A. M t Sunday Service, tl A. Ma and 4:30 1. M.; Wednesday Meeting, 8 P. M. RmidinjE Room, 971 E. McMillan St., Walnut Hill Hour 10-9, except Wednesday, 10:00-7:30. Sunday 2:00-3:00 I'.M. SECOND CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST. Clifton and Pro-basco, Clifton Sunday School, 11 A. M.; Sunday Service. 11 A. M.; Wednesday Meeting. 8 P. flt JOINT READING ROOMS. First and Second Churches, 172S Carcw Tower Hours 0-9, except Wednesday, 9-6:45. and Sunday. 2:80-5 r. M. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY, Price Hill Masonic Temple. Price and Purer!! Avrmios Sunday School, li A. M.i 8unday Service, 11 A. M. Wednesday Meeting, 8 I. M. FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST. 2089 Weyer Av. Norwood Sunday School, 11 A. M.; Sunday Service. 11 A. M.; Wednesday Meeting, 8 P. M. READING ROOM, 4318 Montgomery Rd.. Norwood Hours 10-9, except Wednesday, 10-7:45 and 9:10 P. M. to 9:30; Sunday, 2:30-8 P. M. London, Jan. 26 - (AP) The American built escort aircraft car rier H. M, S. Biter has been WE INVITE YOU HocUIanb papttst Cfjurdj 826 MILL STREET, LOCKLAND H. II. Hillard, Tastor Preaching the Old Gospel in a IScw Age SERVICES 10:15 A. M. AM) 7:30 P. M. 1312 IX SUNDAY SCHOOL LAST SUNDAY Hear Our Broadcast Over WCPO Each Sunday Morning, 8:30-9:30, and each morning during week at 7:15 handed over to the French, the IVOTIIIiVfi I JET WEEN" DR. VERSTEEG, PREACHING 11:00 A. M., Public Worship Walnut Hills Avonriale Church Paris radio reported today. The Biter was assigned first to At lantlc convoy duty and her planes fought a five-day battle with a SOLDIERS GET MORE SMOKES. Leondon, Jan. 28 (AP) Tho cigarette ration for all American soldiers in the European theater has been increased from five to seven packs a week effective Monday, Army headquarters in London announced. U-boat pack In May, 1943. Her planes also helped provide air McMillan at Ashland cover for the North African in aslon

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