Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 26, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 26, 1932
Page 2
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nf Cotnmtret, coir**** l tiMftf* id ttemvtt*td w-<>peWi«t>e mn*eiled its mbgnif ic«mt new "bronze statue, ^. Lee the othet- day, onthe imh tfnnr^ersaTy; t4w»idred3i niah who has long siftCe -cfeasefl *to' a "hero of the old south. The famous son of; jr of the loBtX&use, belongs to -all the nation e Station, if it-is wise', -Will keep-him-on his pedestal VEAR9 AGO l.rtitj_ A. 8. %«-fc«ofl oWand! substantial Crctrefi "t» rreViWlt *ctft!Uityi *WSS Hi TWfflS jresterdfty, gussl of his ffleWl, "Dr. weaver. I 1 . T". Tftaflsey, the popular book- of ths<ttope Hardware Co., he* this TBHH ifcw dnys in SoUfhV fMlte* tfyftit, }of the Ozan Was In ihe'city this intoning, and & pleasant eellei- ft this office. AGO Born: Yesterday, a son to Mr. and 1 Mrs. Paul SlrtittM, of this city. Mrs. Blanche Atkinson, .who is teaching this • term at -Saratoga, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mln Atkiinsbn, ih this City. Friends In this city of Carter Waynes, who is appearing In a musical set this week at Loew's Palace Theatre, will be .Interested In *h e following comment In Oils morning's Commercial Appeal, "One of the delightful features which dwrocterbed the personal appearance ftt Loew's Fulace this Week, of Miss Edith Mae Pntter- son, 'thfc most beautiful girl In America,' Is the singing of Carter tiaynes, no'ted baritone. mm (bemofiratte Primary 1fcb. 23) j!s'$ilite unlike any of the 'dfhel- frefoes in tiur All 4he -others were sudcesafdjl^e was, by; ^ standards, a failure. . His career was 4tefeiit instead -df victory. And it is a tremend- iH&£0r as tb toave^a heto of ttiat kin3 in otfr, (BARB .. »5s a'fhlng we all stoive foiyand it is only natural 50tir Mstory a'rfd otfr 'tMVirdntttelft have corn-! he 'success story. T&Ut we have overdone, ftitb'ttfc -habit of believing that material) stinj#oes ; ehe'oiiiy gatrge tjy -which ft, prcfperly 'be •taeasuted. tc'iri^tfee sapffctfies a perfect xjofrective for this] fcav* ihimself to is'danse ^hat lolt. a'Tih^ Brilliance succeed^ A New York youth,was sentenced to 15 years for stealing an apple. Which just goes to show liow^mueh Adam and Eve got away with. Ye't, "New York now owes over two billion 'dollars. That's almost enough •to allb wher ithe -privilege of 'saying she can't pay. BrMdWay sh6ws trre flopping every day. One; of these day's Jhnfrriy Wrilk- sr is coming back to town and start reprisals against hud-westerners for staying: at 'home. Flyers are planning a round-trip from Ireland to America and return. Foreigners used to flock to America, but since the depression they just want to come over, take 'one look, and y back. Nevertheless, the Austrian archduke Who was challenged to four duels 'was lucky. In America he would have got a couple of black eyes. Cocoa is becoming more popular in Germany than beer. Seems that'Ger- mans 'are becoming cdcoo nuts. All that glitters may not "be gold, but 'nowadays 'there's no 'harm In 'to'k- ing a second look. France raid ehdte American dollar, and dry -agents raided Al Capone's brewery. Strange business, this-liquidation. . •.«. Young women -all-over the country are offering to -marry for : money. And the more, the marrier! »Years, ago women didn't offer to marry for money. They just married men for money, but now they've got to advertise to find out Who's got it. But now that women are openly marrying for. money, it has at last been proved that the American dollar 'goes -farther than Cupid's dart. For. lack of money, some cities are paying "their help in Scrip. TYOuble is, mostjj people will not believe what 'they see in the paper. Shover Springs Church was well, attended nt this place Sunday. M. J. Burgess filling his regular appointment. On agreement of the church the regular meeting days have been changed from the fourth to the thin Sunday in each month. Services Wil be 'the same. William McDaniels of Longview Texas visited at the L. E. Darwin home, Saturday riight. Mrs. being Mr. Daniels cousin. Some of the boys from this place have been pleasently 'entertained b; the Kiwanians club lately. Tom ani Linard Englin were their luncheor guests at a previous meeting ant Neal Walker was their guest last Fri day night. -It all came about over the pumpkin content. L. E. Darwin and family and W. A Walker and son, Thomas, Grandmothc Darwin, son and granddaughter wer dinner guests in the home of Mr. anc Mrs. Edward Gilbert Sunday. W: J. Berguss was the dinner gues in the Early McWilliams home Sun day. Jack Rodgers and wife of El Dorad yisited home folks Saturday nigh and Sunday. ,i4t£J jftpjtoi l^e compSe rff ihe ret—failure or -no, fee '•* as *me %f the ^greatest of! »»nd to occupies a securer position eafh'.yeat. And 5 ^r4fcft^ r i»reof-6f a profound^'irtjtfriant truth.;; 'fcoctJesS or failtete, after all, courit>for very4*ttle,i _4y" Jremember a War-time •cartdon 4n "IPiiiich"'; an kaiser glowering '4bWn ftptti War% tfe>dlatfttti -at Belgium, Wonting him ^Se^foii^ve lost every-! ASbeift replies. "Not-my ^biiili!" '„ i „ aian Albert, "Lee proves the same spdint. -Attd the' •*an make that reply nas not, in the end/realty lost' 1931, by oubleday, Doran and BEGIN, HERB TOD AT .'jam •»« CECTMT We tiny tarn rtflpo*«<r«belji*el- T««, tfcefr yiteMcer -Water, TSXHJ- FRANCES. W«^<!f l *f">%fT«t% «• "K'O S A.I, I E" and Bioiir-! That TVIexican Tomb VM>keen encaged for «l»ht yi CeSll£sa^loVeVBAHajSIcKl nn engineer, "but Wkeii nj EEL,. tar the »nme . ren»o». _ . -Frati««!i. IB. '««• ««" •ctor "breast plates of soli(i«old,. pearls as , w eggs, ja3e-ornaments that are beyond -price, of alabaster-and amethyst,'vases of 'gold and onyx—of the ^fecient totnb 'recently ;tfpe1iea on Monte .Mfefcico, deem-to be the sort of things •arc'hoeol- TKbotrt btrt seldom-see. :edly the discovery will l be'of £reat Mpoi'tance it will shed oti civilization in Mexico before the etfttquest. Even "better, however, as the fact 'that its _ richness will lead many Americans to a new interest toe of the most romantic aT»d colorful ta'les hi 'all hfcrtory titite'of tfncient Mexican civilization. Yet most of us to find out about it. We know that Montezuma *cecs when Cortes came, and that .the Spaniards 'a shipload -of gold out of his realm^but that s The'details of the bizarre civilization that the fount! aiul destroyed are a closed book to us. And JB-weilworth reading. men stumbled into an enchanted land, those con- wds did. Small wonder that^Bernal piaz, ,.. wrote wildly and teft all power of criticism ... Enlightened and superstitious, rich and haif- igfaed and crude, refined and crwJl-MJfie Memican 4 W88 a bundle of riddles, a mass of contradictions iwt even yet entirely unraveled. . did tfcey come from, those ancient Indian civiilz- 'iJB'ABMOirKT. vnndevllle •ke »»• met vrHhont jre of Her_"J»teM. He . ««* ~to lent* 'koto* nnd •«Ann B"5 Pnll qoarrei wnen ilka l»5wI.»TTY KINO. ^M6_wrfrk.ta - , ------ wHn *nde«rmenl«, Ann forget An by fcotar n««nt _ KBXNBTH SMITH, rich •»* •«« to ^o "mMy TMe mmie d Ar^onnt. «n«T»el« with her «w»jr B.rty She to tell you 'I'm crazy about you— see? .And you -ate -about me, and all. Just the same, I'm going to rent you like a pal and a bnddie— see? And it I don't, I bope I get mine, 'Here's another thing. A oving, trusting little sweet io like you- 1s just about going lo be the making of me— ^ee? Just about tbe maklbg of .me, and I'w-^" "Earl," Mary-Frances interrupted, I'd rather you'd go faster. I like to go fast." 'Sure, I. know. But say, listen, mby, you ain't sore at me nor anything, are you?" . "No/ Orily— I want to get to Mendel Springs. I— just want to get there." . . "tittle 'sweeties cutie baby." be said, with, real tenderness, "I wish to gosh we could get married right now, open "rind aboveboard. But I'm telling you, you won't be any , -they leam the arts and sciences that made *$!<»'4*zjsle their conquerors? Where did they get that legend of a white god who came out of the Atlantic, ejn for 8 time and then sailed away into the ea»t? came their ornaments of fcile^found nowhere else ysw wwW? Where did they get that old-world emblem, swastika? Why did they have a cross in so many ot : -'-*—'-! carvings? are dozens of similar questions to be answered. wBt inoredibly interesting. The man who is new tele of a rich tomb, to do a little reading " "co wfll find himself richly repaid. Wraith of Gang King* readers in recent years have heard « ArnoW B°thstei», big shot ai«J general, atkroqnd leader tort's power and wealth have been de- are aceepte4 now as part of the ninnr him nnd rt« reft»e>, come* koine to and n note her «knt «<Ornna T ' j nnd «B JUT* font to wend tke dny friend*. Ann In frightened eaiue the *•• *ad no word from Cecllr. Mnrr-Franeei and De Armonnt lenve In «!• ear. NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY CHAPTER XLH M ART-FRANCES sighed and found a pine nut, dedp in t ilaty coraer of her coat pocket, and ate it, A man with a piece of red cloth to bis band stepped out into tbe road and stopped them. Mary Frances, for a minute, was fright ened; 'but it was only that road work was going on and that one- 'way traffic rules were being enforced. Tbey had to wait there for -15 minutes, and then tbe man gave them tbe piece of red cloth to deliver to another man, who took It »t tbe far end of tbe bumpy stretch. •fit la getting late," said Mary- Frances, "and Mendel Springs is so far," I should let her out to sixty, bbn? She can do it, better," Ear! said. "I guess so," said Mary-Frances fbey cftme to a town mdre tfnxious than I arm, "I.et's go faat," said Mary-Frances, "Fast as we can." "She'll flo 70 or 'better. Wanta risk it?" Mary-Frances wished to risk it; so then they went riding along together at 70 miles an hour. Undoubtedly it was more or less dangerous to speed on the highway and in a car with uncertain tires. But -fortune favored them. -In tbe end they arrived safely at Mendel Springs and got out oUhe car near the stone-walled well. While Mary- Frances stood off a bit, and held her handkerchief to ber nose, Earl drank three cups' ot the horrible smelling water. Then- he- rejoined ber, and tbey went together up the steps and across tbe wide veranda and into tbe hotel. * • * C ECILY and Ann, arm 'in arm, were walking up tbe front steps to tbe porch. Barry, in bis car, was circling the turn-around with ;he old broken fountain in its cen- ;er. Cecily and I'm going with aim—ana we're'going to be mafried. Wait— let me tell you. He igot the license In Albany yesterday—just thtak. We've been talking and talking and deciding all day. We either have to marry or give'each other-up entirely. There's 'Vis book—his books, and bis future. Everything. I'll keep on working, of course, and pay what I make, every cent of it, in here at home. It Barry's boolc is a success, and it is bound to be, we can help a lot. We're coming, both of Us, on Sundays to 'clean boUse. Barry says he's a slick • cleaner df houses, and— You said you wanted me to m'arry, Ann. You remember, tbe other day, you saia—" "Sister's sweetheart! Of course I said so, and I do. Dear, I'm glad. Don't think talk so—so anything humbly. else—don't I'm glad. UJ£ 4ay the ad»iw*tPators of Rothstein's and pleaded that they could not meet liquid assets of the estate are fcfvefeMSMM «»liiw»yfc vast Cutter and sped through it like a Streak; but just beyond Cutter there was ft long detour, and tbe road was very bad, and tbey barely moved along for miles and miles, until 8&ally, tbey reached a little place foojiably named India. Here Carl bought gasoline, and reassured Mary-Frances *s to bow straight be «as going to treat ber, and reminded ber again tbat sjifr was going to fbAJik bfm (9 be? dying day. Sary-Frattces answered. She "Yes," twice, and "I know," t ti«e or two; but ber gray eyes were - • - • &Q4 bef sigb« were deep Itbe hlf bway once more, Earl repeated, "Ann, I am sorry," and added, "but why in the world were you frightened, angel? It is only half-past el* right now." "Cissy—t can hardly breathe yet. I've pictured you at tbe bottom of every ravine in Oregon, I've never bad such an hour—I can hardly breathe. Ot course, if you'd been dressed—but la your bathrobe! I telephoned the hospitals. They acted as if they'd never beard of such a thing as an accident. Goodness! Cissy, where bare you You'll be so happy. So happy." • • '• 44"Y" ES ' but— Ann, how shall I ••• break it to Grand and Rosalie? Barry, said Just to say— "They aren't here, thank goodness! They've gone o*ut with the Carralchaels for dinner and the evening. They are cheering Grand up, I know, so they'll probably play euchre and be away late. You can Just go. I would, it I were you. Just go. I'll tell them when tbey come home. They'll fuss, but I don't care. Cissy, after tbe past hour it would take more than a scene to shake me. Now that you are alive and happy, nothing else seems to matter. Really it doesn't. 3ome, let's go in. No one's at borne. Not even Mary-Frances." In the lower hall Cecily Bald, 'Angel, angel, angel Ann!" In tbe upper hall she eaid, "And I was afraid to tell you! Then yX>u don't rthink that I'm frighMully selfish and— all that? You know, you understand that I'm not 'really letting you down?" 'Cissy dear! Ot course I don't —I mean, I do— I mean whatever I do mean, I'm Just glad— tbftt's all. Glad for your pluck and every. thing, Wbat are you going to wear? Oh, Cissy, honey— you ^ must take those lovely undies Penn Johns sent mo last Christmas. Let me see— my gloves are newer iban yours. You take them. And my best stock ings— I haven't worn them. Now, let me see— you'll wear your new tan this evening, won't you? would, it I were you. My beads are sweet with it. I'm so glad you washed your hair yesterday. "Up in tbe bills. Let's stop here ^ minute on the porch, Ann. I— pit) you bave a bad time wltfe Grand after I left this morning?" "Bad? Terrible. He declares tbat you pushes bip over—struck blm down, be says, in tbe ball—" "Ano! I did not! Ob, my word! | suppose I am in lor it. Well—; can last only so long. Wait a mil Ajoa. Angel, |-*I bope yojj forgive me. Barry if in about ball w ajre gotn« to do you want to take, honey? I'll be putting tbe tbipgs out on tbe bed while you're in tbe bathroom." "I suppose I'll bave to take tbat awful oW suitcase, as well as o,y overnight bag. We're going to Al bttpy tomorrow. Later in tba week we'll come down, au<j m pacfc a trunk; but I won't w«jt to bay? to rusb about it. Yes—tba oW wk case and my overnight big. | e«B f M ire the suitcase la tbe car tl- I'll aecido wnnc to -put m thorn later. I suppose tbere isn't any hot water?" "I'll light the gas heater. No, that takes too long. I'll run down and put on the kettle and bring it up—" "You will cot. I'll do it myself." 'I'HEY started for the door and •*• arrived there at the same time, and there was a small tussle. Cecily said, "You get the bags, angel, and I'll put on the kettle. 1 won't have ou running up and down stairs. waiting on me. The suitcase la in he east room closet, I think. My bag is in my closet." "Cissy! I've had an awful bought. It isn't. Mary-Frances went to Ermlntrudo's to spend the night, and I'm sure she has taken your -bag. She always does." "But I must ; have it. I can't, 1 losltively can't take that old wood- in brush and black comb of mine— nor any of my toilet tilings—they're disgraceful." "Don't worry. I'll telephone to ler right away to bring it home. You'd wont to tell her goodby—" "Of course. I'll call her while I'm downstairs. You get the suitcase, dear. But don't fill It with your things. I'm not going to take all your things." Ann found tbe suitcase and sighed because of its scratches and dents and rough spots. She opened the bureau drawers in the east room and tossed through their scented contents. The bureau in tbe east room bad served as her bope chest. So many ot the things she had thought pretty were odd and old-fashioned now. Imagine anyone's wearing a step-in the size of this thing. It was large enough for* Rosalie. Here (was that sweet changeable taffeta breakfast coat that Nella bad given her. Cissy must take It. She wouldn't? Well, it could be tucked in when Cissy wasn't watching. A little pile ot extra bandkercbiets. These fancy garters—" Cecily, kettle in band, came to the door and said, "The line is busy. I've tried and tried. Have you looked in my closet? Perhaps she didn't take it," and rushed away. • It was sot in the closet. Ann went downstairs to tbe telephone and listened to tbe small quick thuds tbat informed ber Ermin- trude was talking to a friend. She waited (or a few minutes, and dialed tbe number again, and then, again, but the thuds continued; so she went to the foot of tbe stairs and called to Cecily: "I'll-run over to tbe Hills' an4 get ber. It's only a few blocks, and it will be easier than fussing at this phone, and quicker. I'll hurry." Cecily answered, "Well—Jl ?«» don't mind. Eralntrude's probably 'Whin We begin oh important work, t is not the time ,to talk about It. When we have accomplished the job, It's not necessary" . , . That was 'the terse interview General Charles D. ->awes gave after he had been named to head 1 the $2,000,06,000 Reconstruction Finance Corporation. Hefe the former vice president is pictured in a characteristic pose after his appointment. For Cfty Clerk FttfiD WEBB Fcrf'dty Attorney PAT CASEY Melrose No. 2 Health Is good at this writing. G. C. Gaines 1$ better, we hope he will soon be up again. We ore sorry that Frank Newberry and family have moved from our com,. mUnlty. Joe Huckeby has moved in the house that Mr. Newberry moved out of. Mr. nnd Mrs. Sid Houston called on Mr. and Mrs. Fred Petree Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. C. 3. Oglesby and son, Arville, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Baker and family of Green Lesater; J F. Newberry of Shover Sphings; F. W. Petre. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Nemberry and Dr. and Mrs. C. P. Zimmerly and family were the dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Gaines Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. 'Ellen and family nnd Miss Opal Byron spent Sunday at Arden. Mr. and Mrs. M. Bonner and children moved from our community- to Sheridan, Ark. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Huckabee and family visited at Spring Hill Sunday. Orville Coleman has returned after a visit with home folks at Arden. Ward One L. C. '(LEX) HELMS BENNIE BENTON ROY ANDERSON Wort two HOY STBPHENSON L. A. KEITH Ward Four CLYDE A. MOtfTS IRA HALLIBURTON A. M. M'KAMEY If g«t town Spring Hill Our little town will soon be immune to measles 'for awhile, for aTl those who havent' 'had' ihmnjt-have . flvenv now. J. C. Porterfield, Hugh Gamer and Eyra McDowell made a business trjp to Fulton recently. Misses Helen Turner and Clara Lou Foster arc victims of measles. Mrs. Clarence Baker and children (were down from Hopt Sunday, visit- ling her sister Mrs. Sid Sinpard, who: has measles. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Clark Was down from Prescdtt Sunday. Connie and John Yocom's children are convalcssing after having measles. Elgin Moses and family are moving to Spring Hill in one of J. C. Porterfield's houses. Frank Turner's children and Master William Smith are victims of measles. Mrs. Joe Huckabee was out from Hope Sunday to Spofford Scoters family, who are sick with 'measles. H. H. Foster was a Monday visitor to Hope. Messcrs Stephens and Lowe of Blevins, were here and spoke to the farmers at the auditorium Saturday night, much interest is being taken in re. gards to growing truck for market. Robert, Selma nnd Lena Turner are victims of measles, though we have many sick, none are dangerous. Miss Clyde Martin, one of our school faculty, was operated on for appendicitis last week. OB the line. Ska (To Be talk Washington Rt, 1 Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Sutton was called to the bedside of their daughttr, Mrs. Carrie Shapley at Smackover, last week. Mr. Sutton returned home Friday and reports she is better. Friends here will be glad to hear of a speedy recovery for her. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Bumpers of near Washington, spent Sunday with thfeir daughter. Mrs. Eddie Sutton. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Hartafield spent a while Tuesday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Hembree. Mrs. Cora Livingston and children motored out from Prescott Thursday night to see her sister, Mrs. Sam Atkins and -family. Everett Morton returned home with them -for the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Sutton visited Henry Morton and family Thursday of last week. The young folks of this community enjoyed a party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clovs Little Saturday all repdrted a good time. •LitTTe Welch Hembree .psent day night with her aunt, Mrs. Sam Atkins. Ben Murphy and family have moved in our community. Georgia Mountain Woman Still Uses "Ash Hopper" CHICKAMAUGA, Ga. - (fP) — Mrs. Amanda Griffin, pioneer resident of Chickamauga, still maintains her "ash hopper," a V-shaped box in which clean hardwood ashes are placed and water filtered through them, to drip as lye, from which soap is made. Mrs. Griffin makes her own soap, as well as her own clothing, all fashioned from a 60-year-old pattern. She doesn't go to church, she said, because the modern style of dress "disgusts" her. Good News For Hope Williams' Laboratories have arranged to have a man in your town who will tell you about W1UJAMS FORMULAE, the New Formulae that those who have been fortunate to get a bottle are so enthusiastic about. This Formulae is available in this community for the first time. Get your bottle now and see for yourself what wonderful results it produces. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money rfeunded. GET BACK YOUR PEP YOU KNOW THAT "WONPEB- FUL FEELING" Recommended lor stomach, liver and kidney disorders covering dyspepsia, biliousness, gassy stomach, distress, chronic constipation, sick headache, neuritis, neuralgia, rheumatism, lame back and general weakness. Keep your stomach, liver and kidneys healthy and nature will do the rest. Get a bottle today from \ WARD & SON, Druggists -Adv. Rent It! Find It! Buy It! Sell It! With WANT ADS .vThe more you tell, The quicker you Bell. 1 insertion, lOc 'per fin* minimum 30c 3 Insertions, '7c per lin* minimum SOc 6 insertions, 6c per line, minimum 51.00 26 'insertions, 5c 'per line, minimum |4.00 (Average 5Mi words to the line) NOTE^-Want advertisements at- j cepted over the telephone may bejj charged with the understanding! that the bill is payable on preaen-| tatlon of statement, the day of first | publication. Phone FOR SALE FOR SALE — Radio — Latest 19 model 5150.00 PIJILCO. 11 tube, au4| tomatic volumne control, 4 point tone! control. Bought in September. Leav-f ing town. J100.00 cash. Phone 221. 22-3tc FOR SALE—Nice meat hog, thirteen } months old, weight about 300 pounds ' gross, three miles south of Hope. Mrs. Susie M. Staggs Route No. 2, Phone 608. 22-3tdh. FOR RENT 'FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms for light housekeeping, down stairs, near bath. Phone 315. Mrs. D. T. Chamberlain, 717 S. Main. 23-6tp. FOR RENT—Four nice houses. Ono close in, just remodeled. Telephone 606 or 607. 26-6tc FOR SALE—Good utility horse, cheap. Also, farm for sale. j. ^0. Cummings, Rt. 2, Hope. 26-St WANTED WANTED— General house work by middle aged woman. Phone Mr». Doris Broadway Hotel. 26-3tp. NOTICE Bargains in dependable used machines. Let us show you the best vacuum cleaner in the world, the new Singer. Singer Shop, W. Secont St. 26-3tp NOTICE: Men's suist, cleaned and pressed, delivered 5Qc. Cash and carry 4flc. Family Jinish laundry service lb. Hope Steam Laundry. Tele- M8.

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