Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 25, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 25, 1932
Page 3
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ifo«, Sid Henry Telephone 821 ^ coWie* 10 flettf and glen, And tfif* bravo youth of the spring And.th* sang of Inrush and wren, Andithe tree gay blossomings Pads bBfore the cruel blast Into th* glories of the past. AH things have their whiter time, Toys lie fcroken With the years. Eyes tHatx danced with joys sublime Sodn or late are dimmed with 'tears, Youth Itwlf becomes at last But' a memory of the past ft l»;WBll that Spring should go. And thai summer blooms should fade, Well; that every jpy we know Must pass onward, undelayed. 'fat If pleasure could reYnaln, So could grief and loss and pain. Not alone do spfendors lie JOtoder winter's shroud of sno/w, Every Wind has driven by Many a care, and touch of woe. Where the blasts of winter sweep, By-gone disappointments sleep. -E. A. G. Leads Alabama fe Mrs. Pat Rising and little daughter, Kathleen of Texurkana wore week end guest of Mr. nnd Mrs. J; A. McLarty. C. FV It-win spent-the week,cnd visiting with his daughter.- Mrs. Lell Lockwooy and Mh Lockwood In Little Rock. Mi\ and Mrs. A. E. Wendling and son Junior, of Shrcveport Were week end guests of Mr, and Mrs. E. G. Pbrterfleld and other relatives. The Brookwood P, T. A. will spon son a benefit bridge on Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock and Tuesday even- ing.at 8 o'clock at the home of Mr. anc Mrs. W. L. Carter on'South Bllm street For table reservations,' phone -either Mrs.. Burgher Jones, Mrs. M. M. Mc- Jloughan or Mrs. B. L. Kaufman. Mr.$4nd Mrs. Walter Wright and two little daughters spent the week end visiting, with Mrs Bcttie Farrabee in. Little Rock; Mrs. Turner Lloyd and party of friends from Little • Rock passed through the city on Monday en route to Dallas, Tex., for a short visit. Mrs. R. A. Boyett returned on Sunday night from a two week's visit with her daughter, Mrs. P. D. Smith ,-ind Mr. Smith in Dallas, Tex. Mr. and Mrs. Chns. Han-oil and lit- •tle daughter, Frances, wore -Sunday guests of friends and . relatives in Prescott. Misses Nancy White and Jonie Onstead spent the week end visiting with Misses Snow Whatley and Evelyn Rider in Lewisvillc. Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Harrell had as Sunday guests, Mr. and Mrs. Rock Banski and Hide daughter of Hot Springs,, Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Moody and Mrs, Pattle Shumaker of Prescott. Mrs. Fanny Garrett left Saturday for a visit wtih Major, and Mrs. Chas. GarrcU and Mr, and Mrs, Hosea Garrett in liittle Rock. Ghas. Hnynes was a Monday business visitor in Shreveport, La. Members of the Hope Library are kindly asked, to observe that the Library closes at 5:30. Your cooperation in this will be greatly appreciated by the Librarian in charge. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bndcr and sons, and Mrs. O. L. Bowden and Miss Helen Bowdcn were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Benson in El Dorado. Lovely Mary Montgomery of An- liston and Montgomery, Ala., will lead the mid-term dances at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. She s a senior and is a member of Kap- pn Delta sorority. Cyf Makes No Move to Re- list Acting Governor of Louisiana BAfON'KOtiaE, La.-(yp)-AlvIh 0 King, his authority formally recognized by th» Heads of all subordinate state departments Sunday was acting governor of Louisiana in the absence of Huey P. Long, while police protected state property from possible seizure by Of. Paul N. Cyr, also claming the governorship. Acting Governor King, after the formality of entering the .grounds of the executive mansion and capitol building, officially notified the custodians of the i»rot>erty and all department Heads that he Was chief executive- pro tempore. ' No sign of any supporters of Cyr has been Observed and the doctor himself has been resting- over Sunday at his home in Jeanerette. King, recognised by Long before his departure as lieutenant governor-tend now as- a result the de facto governor scoffed at Cyr's, claims- to-the chief executiveshlp. He said that lawyers all over the state has sent him unsolicited opinions assuring him of the legality of his claim to the governor's 'office. He will sit behind the executive desk. Monday for the first time. Acting Governor King with Mrs> King, and their 16-year-old son, whO joined him Sunday, and Jean M. King, a brother, spent Sunday afternoon automobile riding and visiting '"Old Ironsides," the reconditioned American frigate tied up at the Baton Rouge docks. Long In Atlanta ATUANTA—(;P)— Louisiana's Huey Long passed through Atlanta Sunday en route to Washington to take over his • Senate seat, "I'm going to get an education in Washington," he said. "This is the first time I've really been able to learn anything. "And, say, this is the first time in five years that my blood pressure has been normal. Why, I've been sleeping with four telephones in,my bedroom." He had little to say about his future policies in Washington other than that he might give President Hoover his recipe for corn pone and pot likker. "I did not bring any with me," he said. "I can step into any restaurant and make it." spread) 6 fi Mr Ike 'which had reached, freckle. Mitch, as Dr. Jekyll./one of the two fcc portrays .itt ^amount V;ipr.Jek y U. jmd; 3. S. Richards. National; Chopin, Pre- ude in D -by Miss Harriett Story. Realistic; Liszt, by Mrs. Charles Wll- cin. Piano Duett Fragments from Schubert's Unfinished Symphony by Mrs. W. M. Cantley and Mrs. 6. A, raves.. The Friday Music Club held their regular meeting on January 22nd at the home of Mrs. R. M. LaGrone on North Hervey street and the following interesting study of The Romantic Period, was given: Son Writing; Franz Shubert, illustration by Mrs. J. C. Carlton; The Picturesque; Felix Mendlssohn, On Wings of Song, by Mrs. George Ware and Mrs. John P. Cox. Spring Song by the Chorul Club. Literary; Robert Sucrman, Moonlight, by Mrs. Geo. Ware, Grillen by 'Mrs. Phone 380 The Electric Number BACON ELECTRIC COMPANY Indians Return to Bows; Can't Afford Shotguns WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.—(#)— After 35 years of using tha white man's rifle and shotgun, Seminole Indian hunters are going back to the bow 'and arrow. The reason, said W. Stanley Hanson, friend and adviser of the red men, is because the Indians in many cases no longer have the money to buy ammunition. Continued inroads of sportsmen on their hunting grounds and fires caused by unusually dry weather, have made the life of the Seminole huntsman increasingly difficult the past year. Peru Area Recovering From Earthquake Shock LIMA, Peru.— (ff>) —Inhabitants of Lima, Callao, and the surrounding area, were recovering Wdnesday from a (right of terror caused by an earthr quake which ripped streets and buildings and resulted in at least one death and serious injury to several. The newspaper El Commercio reported one person killed in the crumbling of a house at Huccho. The shock was most severe at Huaraz and Huacho and was felt strongly also at Pisco, Canete, lea and other towns. CAMBRIDGE, Eng.—The cold-faced Mr. Man in the Moon isn't dead. According to V. S. Forbes, of Christ's College, the interior of the moon is rich in radio-active material, and this is continuously generating heat and chemical life on the satellite. LAST TIMES MONDAY The Adored Lover Who Turns Brute FREDRIC MARCH -In- Dr. Jekyll —And— Mr. Hyde -With- Miriam Hopkins Rose Hobart TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY Climax of Climaxes! "THE STAR WITNESS" -With- CHICK SALE WALTEB HUSTON DICKEY MOOBE THURSDAY-FRIDAY The Lovable Scamp of "The Champ" and His Pals —In— "SOOKY -With- JACKIU COOPEB ROBERT CQOGAN BOBEET SEABL 99 Wage Slash Opposed fey Memphis Teachers MEMPHIS, Tenn.— (^P)— A voluntary salary reduction of 15 per cent, suggested as a possible solution to finan. call difficulties of the city schools, was rejected Saturday by the Memphis Teachers' Association, which claims 50 per cent at the teachers as. members. A resolution adopted by the association said the reduction would injure, teacher morale and ' lower teaching standards. Present wage contracts expire, next September. Says President Ought to Dismiss; Secretary WASHINGTON.- (/P) - Considering the condition of. government finances, Chairman Byrns of the house appropriations committee thinks President Hoover might dispense with one of his three secretaries. 'T don't Want- to be personal," he told 'the house, 'but the president has more secretaries than any other chief executive ever had; Third Son of Mahatma Sentenced to Prison BARDOLL, India. — (ff>)— Ramdas Gandhi, third son of the Mahatma, was sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment! at hard labor Thursday for participation, in the nationalist campaign. He was arrest&d last Tuesday. They Found! Work GREEN BAY, Wis.—Norman Brown, 22, and Albert Dahl, 21, were caught with two bicycles. They explained they had stolen the vehicles to rido out to the sugar plant and look, for work. They found work—but it was 30 days in the workhouse, however. NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION OP PARTNERSHIP Notice is hereby given that the partnership between V. E. Smith and Roy Jones, operating under the firm name of CITY BAKERY has been dissolved. All debts due the said partnership are to be paid and those due from the same discharged, at 216 South Main Street, in the city of Hope, Arkansas, where the business will be continued, under the name of City Bakery, by Roy Jones. This 25th day of January, 1932. V. E. SMITH, W. R. JONES. Jan. 25-Peb. 1-8-15. [Bothered with] Backache? ll May Warn of Kidney or Bladder Irregularities A nagging backache, with bladder irregularities and a tired, nervous, depressed feeling may warn of some disordered kidney or bladder condition. Users everywhere rely on Doan's Pills, Praised for more than 50 years by grateful users the country over. Sold by ill druggists. When Robert Louis Stevenson wrote lis famous story of n man's dual personality, tf'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," he fashioned' into. wor<}S-on-paper the tuff of Ms neurotic dreams. But he never drenrned aylhing so fantastic as he thing that has 'dctt-lally 1 occurred— he phenomenal success of his nfirra- ivc in its play-fbfrtt. ' The history of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Jyde," the play, is a glamorous ns the amazing progress of the theatre itself. Since 1887, this famous drama-rom- nce has been before the p\iblic<almost ontlnuoUsly,; starting with its rema'rk- ible debut in the capable hands of llchadd. Mansfield, onward through, he respective heydays Of the legiti'- mate, the silent movies and-now f[- allyi the talkies, with Fredric Marchs the exponent of thsi latter-day ilay-form in the 'Paramount prbduc- ion now showing nt' the Saenger. Stevenson's biographers tell us that he conceived the story of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" In a dream, tfe wrt>te almost continously for three day/i, Inthe febrile zeal that'was alike his aft fliction and 1 his motivating power. He read the completed »tale to>his wife and his step-s/in, Lloyd Osbotirne. They were enthuWd,. but Stevenson later lapsed into a different mood,.re*, gretted having written the-story, and tore It up. He w t as tfersuad'ed, to're* create it, .and aften'six, weeks of i revising and building anew, He sent'it to L'ongman, the British. publisher. Because of its startlingitneme, L'ong- man hes!|ated to.publish It: as a- serial fn a magazine owned by'him, and so put it' out in book form;as-a "shilling shocker." : •'.; "Dr. Jekyll-and, Mr. Hyde" made'an unobstructive appearance in" the London book stalls during the Christmas season O.M885.,. It received a cold reception, but the London- Times "dls- an Was Intended to direct ihfe ' «ove«i« ment's activities toward that flothi while more serious assault*! wer4 made elsewhere, troopg at, Safdelon* were held in readiness to-protisct thaf city while polled began fotwatng u" suspected bf cdnrKsctliA! wi tent ' I ' it, and rrtade It p«p)jttr oVe« six , month over W.OOQi copi in Englana afont, N 'fitsysc.. as tttftt&f ,wm* nfcTe*alri*S?ei in- pVoiflUaln passages to ferretfoui'ffeo** ihi^ands of insurgents. ; , .. [«tt AUftfeftl ] by Wat* to a blood Vttflr Parfe«y _ a, Wealthy WldfltayF out of atfending pfiyilciAife:said Hlg|ht, 'Hie yoBBg, -WiHttatf, r home early Wresd&y m«rn&i<j, 3ias, paised, the- cri^.BM probably * v , James, & '.Par«er, ! He? Sfive Your Wjhen-you.start'giving.the infant 'food, don't get anything but the best.. , Clapp's Baby Pood Is prescribed by doctors all over the "United States., We _ have a complete line of these strained Vegetable * baby; foods. 'All products are put up In. glass, and do not spoil. Photie 84 p. Cox Druq Co* W'e.GiVe Eagle Stamps tf» DOUM.I SATISFY" Hour/ * Add Chesterfield's New Radio Program to your Kst of favorites V SHItKRET and his 35'piece orchestra For this Chesterfield Program, Mr, Shilkret has assembled and will personally conduct an orchestra of exceptional range and color. Mr. Shilkrel's musical background is impressive—with the Russian Symphony Orchestra, the New York Philharmonic, and as organizer and director of the Victor Salou Orches* Ira, whero his arrangements and recordings of lighter music proved immensely popular. COAST-TO-COAST OVfR THE CQIUMUA NITWORK f.S.T. Six nlehts « w««k; 10(30-10:4* (Eastern Standard Time.) The rich baritone of Alex Cray, r9m«nffc *Hw» of stage and screen...atorqo and fpl«niifdJy*l»alence4 or«he*trq of flMtfVfik, drawing from «H that l« tuneful In today'* mgtlc, ThU i* one of radio 1 * "high spot*" papular toloitt is the universal "How he can sing! A rising star of musical comedy stage an4 WVMp^ ,, and with, rare gifts of personality and Mr, G*«y's stirring baritone is ideal for radio and for the romantic and colorful bajlada which he sings so well. An addition to radio's first-line artists, gnd an important figure in "Music that Satisfies." P O P U I A R MUSIC IIAUIIFUtlY P L A Y C D © 1952, OJACCQ Cg.

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