The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 18, 1940
Page 6
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Nationals' 2 - 1 Triumpl Produced Surpr i sing Pro-Season'Filching TAMPA, -Pin., March 18 <UP>— Ball gomes that nrc won riml lost In March may not mean much, bin Uio National U-tiguc (eels pretty cocky today over having plastered n defeat on an American league All-Slar team made u|> chiefly ol New York Yankees. Ttmt 2 to 1 victory, won muter a cloudy sky at Plant Field, scut Nnlionnl Lrng'ue fans into the streets boasting Hint the tide bad turned, after all these years, against, the superiority ot the American League. T!ie game was played for the benefit of the Finnish relief fund and it turned Into n surprisingly close contest for «. bunch of ball players who are only lialf way through spring tialiiing.. , •• JUJ..JI .The pitching w.-is light, the field" ing brilliant in spots mid It IVJKII'I until the last or the ninth iraiinu trmt the Nnllonnl League won on a single by Fete Cosenrart, Brooklyn second baseman, who sent Al I.opez, Boston catcher, across with the winning run. Most people had expected a bn)- looii sized score with pitchers being belted out of the box In squads .Much of Die credit for the National League victory goes to the pitchers — Paul Derringer, Kiiby Hlgbe of the Phinics, Hike Ilamlin of the Dodgers,'Ducky Walters of the Reds and Harry Gumbert of the Giants who held the American Leaguers to five .stingy lilts. Such sluggers as Joe DfMaggio' Charlie Keller and Ted Williams spun all afternoon vainly trying to i get a piece of the ball.' Manager Joe McCarthy of the American League club sent seven of his own New York Yankees Into HIE starting line-up. • The Boston- Red Sox contributed Jimmy Posx at first bnsc and Ted Wiliains in right held. Eventually almost everybody on both squads Cot into Uie game. Manager Bill AIcKechnie had only two of his Cincinnati Reds in (he starting • Jlne-iip—Derringer. The pitcher and Frank McCormick at first, base. Best ball player on the field wns Prankie Crosclti, Yankees' shortstop who got two hits and picked up a toll tliat Charlie Huffing knocked down to start n double ploy on what looked like a hit . Hank Gvccnbcrg, former first baseman of the Detroit Tigers and now on mil fielder, looked mighty good in the seventh inning «-hen he went far and deep to his left to drag down Pete Coscnrnrl's lly Goat of the game was Ilnl Trosky Cleveland first baseman, who dropped a perlect throw by Catcher KOIIic Hcmsley to put the"winnin B National League run on third base • • . Ted Williams got the loudest laugh of the day when lie Picked up n ball that had fallen ion] . . , "Throw it here, Ted" n fan in the bleachers- shouted So Williams did while the umpires 8<ipe<l . . . u looked like the opening game of the 1939 world series with Derringer pitching against Ruffing only It ended differently 'Ms time . . . Each team lost a Player because of illness . . Neither Manager Joe Cronln of the Boston Red Sox nor Ernie Lom- Darcii, Cincinnati catcher, was able t° start . . . Half of „,<, sfx ,,,,,. niaue by the National Leaguers were contributed by Neu- York Giants, on, Demaree and Dnrmi,,, getting one apiece ... Blackwell Has Signed Redskins Contracl Gene Blackwell. who was an all- state Yvingman tack ln mg perforniinj for the Blythevillo hl«t, school Chickasaws, has slpncd a contract with the Washington Ked™l ^ ' he Natimal Professional Football association, it was reported here today. Blackwell was a stellar end at the University of Alabama, finishing his grfctlron career there last lall. Injuries handicapped him se - "jeJMne last year of his ' Red-Hot Rookies BLYTHEVILLE (ARX.) COURIER NRWS HAS Jdbolo PlAY o% BRooKiW IS To OUT tf/6 BOSS, i£0 OUf?OCtlEf?~ • STILL A &fi£AT SUozTsTop... i %E£SE STOLE 35 8ASE& FOR LOU1SV/LLG... HE NO DOUBT ULD /JAV£ SHHPED /i\o%is MAD HE BE£N ABIE. ~lb G£.T -/5 F/f?ST BASs... HE BATTso oA/ay .279 Sils Down, lircaks Finger MORGAN HILL, Cal. (UP)-Na•*" e Woodbrldge.. student at Morgan Hill Elementary School is unlucky. While ptoyta, on a bed »t andl i C , 5Sl d ° W " on hpr " a » (l and broke her ring finger. ItciT get relief from tie itchine n« s o?'P-mSl dis . com '«tTand soVc 8 - and'wwl n ? r ' ng ^' orrn ' use B '»ck and While Ointment, the soothine cooling antiseptic dressing that KEYSTONE ALFALFA SEEDS ALL KINDS FIELD SEEDS BABY CHICKS L. K. Ashcraft Co. PURINA FEEDS ' Ph«ne 154 Today's Sport Parade BJ HE^^^^.I MCLEMORX TAMPA, Fla,, March 18. (UP) — The Finnish flag may be at half mast in Helsinki, where the snow lies deep, but It flics bravely in I'ampa today. Against a background of palms, and with the sun lighting its blue cross on a field of white, it gallantly waves n salute to those who control baseball, those who play it, and those who love it. For these three groups combine;! yesterday to make an outstanding success of the all-star game for the benefit of the Finnish relief fund; one didn't need to be a sentimentalist lo i;cl » bung out of (hut game -and •its setting, mid I'm not speaking of the game iLsclf, even though the greatest .stars of base- iMll played it to tliB hilL. uiul gave n performance worthy of a World Series. No, the real thrill of It. the part of it that made (ho funny little feeling go up your back and raise the hackles on your neck, was to be n part of this grand gesture towards the decency and courage of a little nation -J.OOU inile.-i nivay. When the people kept coming In, coining in until they filled all the seats and spilled over into the piny in j field ilsclf, the game became of secondary importance. The paramount thing was the fineness of people—people who asked only lo be given a chance to answer a call for help. Nearly 15,000 persons packed the park, and paid more Ihnn $20.01)0 for the privilege. That's cuiile H turnout for n city of around population, it is even men; remarkable when you remember that the seats were, priced as high as five dollars. And it wasn't a plush crowd like yon see at the horse show at Madison Square Garden or (he polo matches at Mcndovv Brook. There were frav- ed cuffs, cheap suits and run down shoes In abundance. Many a budget will have to be juggled next week to lake care of the money spent to help a country In distress. But that's what made it the game it was. People In Florida haven't (he remotest connection with Pinland. Geographically they arc us far apart as possible. This fsha land of sun and warm waters- flowers and light lie.irts. Bitter cold, snow, skis, and the rigors of the north arc all but .unknown. Uut to their everlasting credit the people of Florida responded to tlie cry of Finland as whole-heartedly as if It were a country just a^ros.-. the bay. The same goes for the players of the two major leagues. For nothing, absolutely nothing they pmyuu (he game us If the ch.impionship of the world depended on the outcome. Feller threiv the fastest ball he knew. DiMnggio look his meanest cut at the ball. Jnrgiv; went for everything in sight. There wasn't a moment In the game when every player didn't drive to the best of his ability. They gladly took clinnce.s of injury, even while knowing that in- Washer Need Tuning Up? JUST (JIVE US A CAI,I, I'OH KXTKRT WASHING MACH1NK SKKVICK —All Makes— PHONE 233 We him' .secured the services of Mr. Phillip Frle. n factory trained Maytag Service Man \ KARDAWAY AI'l'UANCl? CO. Service On All Makes lliidlos—Hcfriscrators 2IW W. Main i-honc 2:« FOR A FASTER TRIP J0 ^. £oJULtL, ami Nc.\t time go Frisco — take "I'iic Simiiyhrxf" arriving St. Louis 3:35 pm connecting ivith f, 1s t trains to Kansas Gly and Cliicago. . . . Low round trip fates make tlic trip economical . . . free pillows, ice water and drinking clips; wash-toom and toilet facilities always UNNYLAND " S> - louis 9:24 am served in tlie Frisco _ ,-_-_-_ Car- ... No ctlicr form Ar. Kansas City--asearjyasjJT30pm of twnsponwion offers so Ar. Chicago—as early as.. 9725~pm muc '' f° r so "ttlel Gel your free copy of tlie new 1 "Coach Booklet" telling o/ llie many "plus votuts" of a Frisco ticket — just call the FRISCO LINES FRISCO T1CKIT ACINT BLYTKEVIUE Jury, with (lie season Just a few J of Joiner won over IR i it n perfect tiny ti )cl c I came one of those almost unbullev. 'able coincidences. Karly | n lnp morning there crcjil Into the port' of Tampa a little •fighter—11 snub-nosed little r"j n . Sweep Bolh Divisions In County Junior Hig] lonnicy The Whitton girls niul boys won wtli championships in the "junior : Iigh School Invitation basketball •oui iKitiienl, heici tit Whltton over Die weekend In which 10 teams uartlclpiLlcd. in addition ta Mississippi County schools, Tiirrell. Tryoiim mid Spear Lake took pan.'. The WlilUaii boys won over i Srmwnoo of joiner, 28-22, to cap- ' nrc honors while the girls down-1 !tl Tun-ell, 22-20, for their title, i In the boys' contest. Dycss won j consolation by Its 32-2G 'win overi lyromn wlille tlie Shawiico girls' n . nlsli fri'ijjlUer. Somebody on- n lf . licut could read English and Ihroti"!; the morning papers learned of Un> game. So,' before game time th captain ol the freighter, in\ late, nmi two of the crew, walked P to the ticket window and boii«'~u five dollar tickets, it was their first buscball game-. The hits, the errors, the pitching the base-running must up and left them pretty cold. IJut the slum of the Pinnisli fhi», standing out in the wiirni broe/e iilonyslcJe the Stars nnd Stripe.';, must have leu them pretty wjinii. I Ii0])e so, anyhow. .., Turrell 1C; Spear Lake M. fUillmau 18; simwncc of Joiner M. Dycss 2Sj' Tyron/n' 43, Wilson Tor (he semi-flnal.s, Whilton won over .Spear t.nke, 39-24. and Shawnee of Joiner over Tyronai, 31. 'ta, to glvo Shawnec of Joiner and Whilton the flyht for champions, In the boys' consolation bracket TuiTcll 22, Slillman 21; Dyess « Wilson 22; Stillman 38, »ye.«s :»•' 32, Tyionxa. 20. ' ! Scores of the first B | r | s > Bamcs were: Dyess 31, Wilson 12; Turrell 20. Slillman 10; WhtLton 17 fihnwnee of Joiner H; Tyronna 29,' In the scmi-linnls, Tiirrell de- |fi-:itcd Dycss, 24-1C, a,,d Whltton j (lev/net! Tyronza, aij.ig, ( o (r|ke I Whltton iind TiirreJl to the finals •I'hc ccinsolation jjame.s resulted !in tlu'.se scores: .Stillman :)2, Wil|M)n 14; Shawnec of Joiner 22 (Spear Ute lij; Shawnec of Joiner 127, Stlllniiin 20; Shawnee of Joiu- jcr 13, Tyronxa 10. Montana, Meyers To Mix Here 'Rcetl Signs Contract With Salisbury Club Clyde 'Spol 1 Reed, It was disclosed today, 1ms signed a contract with the Salisbury club of the North Carolina Stale League <Class D) and will report to that club early in April. Keed, former Ulytheville Giant, who Is a Elytheville boy. had a record of eight wins and two losses when an injury forced his mid- senaon retirement from the Salisbury lineup last season. He has fully recovered and expects to have a B"0<1 season. Montreal onco recorded a 110- m!le-!i»~hour wind. Foi tiniately, it was only a single gust. A steady wind at that sliced would have wrecked the city. Jack Montana, n-ho made his local mat debut here last week, will attempt to score a wit) over rough Lee Meyers in one of tonight's wrestling matches at the LSBlon arena. Last week the Westerner was a little too polite in dealing with Floyd Hyrd and his ethical tHC-lic.s lost him the match If Montana learned his lesson against Byrd he will probably give Meyers sock for so-jk lonluhl and the result should be different for the hoy from Butte, The old Grecion grnppler Joe Dillman, will attempt 10 cm vc another notch in his jj, )3posl toiiigiit at the expense ol diaries Sinkey the barbarous harder, bin if the fatter is in form the big Greek may get a taSlc of his own me-li- ciite. Two >oini(! leather jjtishcrs, Hilly Price of Manila and Hilly Thompso:i of Blythcvillc, will slug it out in « curtain raker as u special iidrteil iittriicdon. MARcrr ig, Caruthersville fans Make Decision Tuesday TEAMS— U CAHUTHERSVILLE, Mo.. March — Caruthersville baseball fans will definitely decide Tuesday )ii?hl, March 19. whether or not the bn- riithcrsville Pilots are to remain a member of the Northeast Arkansas Class D League lor the 1040 season, Roy .W. Harper, club secretary and business managar, stated today. On that night a mass meeting will he held at the courthouse circuit court room nt 8:00 o'clock and Harper today urged every fan to 'be pres- ent and express nn opinion on the matter. At a ineelliiif here Friday night, nit ended by League president Jos. R. Herlig of Paragould, Ark., officers and members of the'board of directors of the Carutliersvlllc club and n number of prominent fans, expressed opinion that the Pilots would likely retain their franchise another season, although no definite decision was made. Harper said the local club officers wanted the expression of the town as a A'hole OH the matter before (lie club definitely assured the league officials of panicipntjon for law. Harper said the working agreement with the fit. Jyoui.s Cardinals had been renewed for Ibc 1S10 season, and that already plans were underway to provide the Pilots with n leain strong enough to finish; near the top of the league for 1940. j Ust year the Pilots handily won i the league jiennmu, winning Ijotti j halves of tlie .split season. SAM RAFAEL, Cal. (UP)-l.x)rnl bicycle riders wore considerably stirprised when they learned they were subject to the sume driving regulations as motorists-. The ells' covery was made when a high school student was cited on a charge of reckless delving on U,R grounds that he was riding on the K-ft hand .side of the street, and made a left hand turn. At Mongolian dinners, the eye of a sheep Is n special delicacy offered to honored guests, WaToldlFse AMAZED) FEELS YEARS YOUNGER "1*1/1 f.ft I i.f.:-^ .,... . _ . .. "J»_ij SPECIAL! 1/3 More fcr the same money Johnson's Wax ami (iln-Ciiiit SHOUSK-HBNRY HAKIMVARK CO. riinnc ss QSiBMMcrHiof "otter .ic all Kliby Stores. 'fry Our. of Our Delicious PIG KANmviCHHS Ole Hickory Inn Arrnss From Illirli Scliool I WRESTLING Joe Dillman vs. Charles Sinkey Jack Montana vs. Lee Meyers Special Boxinic Match Uelwcen Billy Thompson, Blylheville and Hilly Price, Manila. American Legion Arena Monday 8 p. m. GENERAL MOTORS' NUMBER ONE CAR IS THE NATION'S NUMBER ONE CAR In Value... In Rood Art/on with Economy... to Sales! *659 MASTER 8 5 BUSINESS COUPE Other models slightly higher All models priced of f\M, Mich. Transporlalfon b«ed on roil rates, state and local taxes (if any), optional equipment and accessories—extra. Prices subject fo change without notice. The. nation looks to General Motors fo motor car leadership! You will find convincing proof of this in the fact thnt General Motors' number one car, Chevrolet for '40, is also the nation's number one car in dollar value and in sales! Chevrolet's New "Roynl Clipper" Styling— Chevrolet's Kxclvisive Vacuum-Power Genrshiftvng— Chevrolet's "Ride Royal"*—-and Chevrolet's thrilling road action with economy—all combine to make it the outstanding car value of 1940. And, of course, it's the sales leader— for the ninth tima in the last ten years! "THE LONGEST OF THE LOT" 181 inthas Irom Ironl ol grille lo loorol body-for l lag ik wtare length counts-Chevrolet k the longeit ol oil lowojl- priced can! Big oulsWe, big i ns ;d e , big in volue! NEW EXCIUS1VE VACUUM-POWER SHIFT The only slesting cotumn gearshift avaifabfa foday on any cor thai rfoes 80% of Ihe wort for you and requires only 20% driver effort! CHEVROLET HAS MORE THAN 175 IMPORTANT MODERN FEATURES, INCLUDING: THE "RIDE ROYAl"_WITH CHEVROLET'S PERFECTED KNEE-ACTION RIDING SYSTEM* . 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