Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 22, 1932 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 22, 1932
Page 3
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r f «,<f CIETY Telephone 821 frlj W* «Mms so little whert life 18 past, Aftd the memorlw of sorrow flee fa fast, And th4 woes which were btltfir to you and. to me, Sh^lt vanish as rain drops which fall in tht aea; . And all that has hurt us shall be made good, And Ute putzles which hindered be undtotOoH, ' And the long hard march thru the mlldefneas bare S*««i but a dsiy'8 )o\irh*y 'when ofiea w« ire Mfs, 1 t. Purklhs of LlUleKocH wfes tht Thursday guest of Mfcf, W. I. PUT. klfts and other retailVe« and frleftids. Mr. and Mfs. 3. Weldori Crawford and little: son, Billy And Mrs, W. E. Potteffleld, who have b«n guetts ot relatives for the past few days left Friday for their homes in Little Rotk. Miss Maude Llpscomb was hostess to NOW SHOWING —On The Stage— RAJAH YOGI ' •' 4 East fndlan Hypnotist See him hypnotise local boys on the Stage •.—On The Screen— John Barrymore -In- 'The Mad Genius' DOBOTHY MacKAILL — Also— Rajah Yogi At* f- "*• the ftiftmberfe <*t "Just q Mere tfWga CtoV' and a few special gutsts on Thursday evening at Rer home oft East Division »tf«t. TM room* Wrffe brfgh With th« Sttlolf s flower* arid bridgfe wat played from three tabfes/ Miss Hotel Arnold scored high. Quests Other than the* club members were Sti'ss Clarice Cannon, Mrs. Harry Shiver aiWl Mrs. JoKarher Lowlhorp. following the glume, thfr Hostess served a most tempting titled plate with h6 tea. : , R. V, Herndan and Mrs. W. E. Porterfield visited with friends and rel atives In Texarkane on Thursday. Mrs. ft. A, Boyett, who has spen the past two weeks visiting with her daughter, Mrs. P. D. Smith and Mr Smith In Dallas, Tex., will arrive horrfe Monday. Trie regular monthly meeting of the Woman's Christian Tempera,; ~<» Union waa held at the home of the President, Mrs. Henry H...Stuart on TTiufa, day afternoon with Mrs. C. B. Tyler as joint hostess; An unusually large crowd was present at the meeting which opened! with the singing 01 "Work for Enforcement Where You Are." Mrs. Cleve Andres conductec the devotionali using "Faith" as her theme, basing her remarks on Mark 11-22-24 and Kpheslans 6:10. During the business session, it was reported that a membership of fifty was now recorded, and that a private subscription' had.been made to the nationa campaign. A collection amounting to $2 was also given *lo be used for the Lillian. Stevens Memorial fund, which maintains a worker in Washington, D. C., (o further the cause of temperance and temperance legislation. Mrs, Stuart'gave a report of the plans for the state work and the financing thereof, together with some of the recommendations of the state and national organizations. It was urged that every mothe* who had a child on the cradel roll, of any Sunday school be urged to become a member of her local union and to enroll the child as a White Ribbon recruit. Optimistic reports were given about L. T. L. work in the city and advocacy of a stricter enforcdment of laws designed to protect the youth of today were recommended. It was voted to memorialize congress against any modification of the Eighteenth amendment and to urge P, T. A. groups and church memberships to do likewise. Mrs. D. B. Thompson presented the program, which emphasized the benefits of prohibition during the twelve years of its existence. Miss Mamie Twichell read Atticus Webb's Dry America: The 'Responsibility of the Church, which has received so much favorable comment since its publication. The program Was concluded with a reading by Little Miss Catherine Franks, entitled "I Opt the-Mumps. 1 ; The hostesses assisted';by*'Miss Grace'-Kirk of Dallas, Tex., served delicious refreshments.. Miss Lois Ferguson will present her expression .pupils in recital .on Friday evening at 8 o'clock, in the high *. SPOTLIGHTS QUALITY FOODS—PRICES DOWN Only a Fefr Extra Special Values Luted Below FOR SATURDAY AND MONDAY Sug ar 10 pound Cloth Sack with Order of $1.00 or More 48c Bacon Swift's Premium Breakfast. Pound Box 27c Potatoes Irish—Fancy Red Smooth—10 Lbs. 18c Chee se Best Full Cream American—Lb, 17lc Celery Nice JumUo Bleached Stalk We Lettuce Fancy Iceburg— Large Heads—Each We Gelatin Royal Quick Setting. All Flavors—2 pkgs. 15c Soap P. & G. Laundry—The White Naptha—7 Bars 23c Chases Dirt Special—2 cans I5C Kitchen Tested 24 Pound Sack 64C R. L Patterson's Free Delivery •\t\ STRAW flfitiiff ttBnra AttM ' ««d CBCtLY f U.MA—--^^oj-jg fitfik in nri m D<j ! i n nmrhAOnn And pramlum * " h « wl tetfttm fl ,'f i htm lthn, NOW GO otf nrr-n ma ston* CHAPTER XXXfX "JVOW, now, Kenny. How would ^ yoir flke ft when people came up and asked to meet your mother?" "Boloney! You got too many Inhibitions. Ann. you——" Would Cecily go home to dress and off again to marry Garry without a word to her? Would Cecily do a cruel thing, like ledv- Ing a note? "Angel Ann:'Barry and I have been mdrrled-^-" "Maybe?" Kenny was persisting. "Maybe, Ann?" "No," Ann said. "No, not maybe." Maybe what? 1 "Is that right, or fair,'or anything? How'd you know what may happen In tbe future? You might change,, mightn't you? It wouldn't hurt you to give me a little hope, would It? What Is a man going,to live for If lie can't hope? But you don't care. You don't care how unhappy I am, do you?" "I care, Kenny. But, after all, who Is happy? I don't know anyone who la, esteept,; perhaps, my grandparents. I'm beginning to think tllatyoung people never are. That they havo to'wait until they get through.caring so desperately about everything and come out to tha—well, calm, la It?—on the other side." ".You could tnrfke me nappy. But you woa't. You're beautiful and cruel—that's what you are, Beautiful and cruel. Crueler than you are beautiful." "Because I remember that four aces beat « full house?'' •-• <, "Check. 'But what do you mean —exactly?" "Possibly 1 mean that I can keep my values straight." "And I'm of no value? All right. I may" not be four aces, but I'm no four-flusher, either." Aon-had time to say only, "Of oouffle you aren't. I didn't mean ttfat," before Mr. ftedfeft dame irrto the office. ; He was a thin waft wH& »™- tfudlng eyes and a long stretch of wrinkled peck between bit toff large collar and his nervous chin. He always tapped a pencil when ha talked, and Jiggled bis foot up aid down, and be fretted when he hfld to listen to other persons talk* iBgV tio said to Kenneth i "Don't let in* Saafe you off, young felfow," and to Ann, "Anything new?" "wtft&HSg," said Ann, "except tKat Mr. tsanberg was In to ae« ydtt. about renewing the lease. He solid be'd come In again At 4 olcldck," "I met him down the street. J'ffl waiting for him. You may as well go, if you'd like to, Miss Pen- wick. No reason fof as both sticking around here," Ha reached to* the telephone. Ann said, "May i get the num. btfr for you, Mr. nedferaf" and nodded at Kenny. "I'll wait outside for you," ti said, and went, scowling to th door and out of It. Mr. Redtern.explained that h -,d thought of calling Black A Mauer, but guessed It wouldn't 4o any good. "I called them this morn Hi g They sa'ld they'd hav.a to let the discount go—tbat they dldfl't hav he money to take advantage of I bis month." Mr. Redfern sighed and tapped Is pencil. "By the way, Miss Fen wick, since you brought up the matter of the lease.. I guess : might as well tell you one time as another. Been meaning to tei you for* quite a bit now. I'm noi going to renew." "No?" said Ann. without understanding. "Can't do; It." Mr. Redfer4 jiggled his foot as If he Bad a third riding' on It. "Can't struggle aloig with this overhead. . '.. ." Presently Ann Understood. It was confused with what Ufa. Red- fera had said atod bad been saying for a long time, .and' with the basement in the Redfern bouse, and: with old! customers who were still to be served, but one fact emerged clearly—in August Ann would be out of a Job. h1g hdoie. it tHeanfl I'M out of ft ft'* »6t to hot, bragglfi* .. wfli be, lit August." Speaking of jobs,' , '.'I ka6w of one that I'd like W havefyou caiwWef. The bouw art* long, but the duties are— how d* said, "Gosh, this Is great! Good scout, your boss —though I'd like to choke him. Where'H we go? What'll we do? How about tbe houseboat and a swim?" "No. I have to go home."" 'Smatter?" "Everything." "Gee, Ann, I'm sorry. On the square I am. I'll Just run across the bridge here and back over tbe other one. Rldeiwlll do you good. That old crook say-something to, bother you, In there?" "Yes—he did. He's going out of business, for a time, at least— except what he can carry on from Fa«t~*ab6Ut all you'd ba»e to uv la t>ut,UB with me Httnelag afoutoa and hava your fiarda engraved Mrs. Kenneth Homer smith." for one silly minute Ann had hoped, Tbe disappointment, Ad* ministered suddenly, demanded njfrlsak "That fe simply' absurd," she said. "I've told jtoti *» often, ff you don't stotJ boring and bothering me about It ail th« time I'll stop seeing you. 1 tblnk t shall Anyway. You've agreed over and over to be friends—but you won't try to be. You have n'o conception of friendship*—no'r of anything but having your own way. 1 told you I wished to go straight homer Hera we are, go- Ing across the river." He went down under It. In his wall, "Ann, don't sa* that. Ann, I try. Ann, I'd die for 'yOu this minute. I'd gladly die for you this minute," there was a tragl-comld youthfufness that made Ann Sad and ashamed. "I'm sorry I was mean, Kenny. It Is all right. But I an) 80—so frightfully worrjed today. sfid eo oa-bat t hay* Wftd»,ot It, and It Is »H tut mttg. of coufi*. IB j't everything, la r. ft isn't much et &wt __. ft doerf help, Ann, does helfj-tfots ot tf«^, "Yes," said Ana. "t beftet* it does," "What I mean ls»-you -----hate rue, do "1 Hbe f6if a lot. leva you a bit." t doft'0 . Never taffld rnttbfa(e It • tjw What 1 was going t6 sav w a»-«. outside the fact that 1 lot » yotl enough for two arid ttlli—t&ati Maybe you coulfl sort o£ 166k at 1C unselflfihly. 1 mean— >the>e's youi? sietefs and yotir glrftndpAiffenfs* Not counting yottrself, Aun, the** wouldn't be much of any tiling yotf Oouidn't dd tw jfonf fdlkft. Ifou* little sister, for instance. She's ft peach, You'd ilk* to ptft bet the' best girls' school In the Job?" "Yes. JEiver so many things. I'd rather not talk about them, though. Please." * * * npHEY had crossed the wide A beautiful bridge and had come into the dingy district where shabby men milled about sidewalk blackboards in front of employment offices; where poverty protruded like a bony elbow through a ragged sleeve, and want, desperate, skulked like a started cat and mewed and • clawed. -From the door Of a charitable organization a queue bad formed, had crept almost to the corner, and Ann thought of it as tbe gently lashing tall of a monster^ dozing now, iut soon to waken and spring on vu%* tffifftt &«• ID OUUVWk III K110 UUI11C* try—of over In &*ft«e«arid or some place, wouldn't you? And yOu'd like> fof her to have everything just as godd aft other glrlg —pretty clothes, and riiCi place* to go, and travel sod All. 8am«. with Canny, , Barry hasn't nmcbJ and wo could helo them out ta Iota of ways, and they'd neveif knew we were doln'g It. Bar¥y'f 'Something elso besides th*»klnd'of high-hat. 1 taean. Attdi then the old people—we could gi»e them every comfort and la** ury. Ali like that. If you hatell me, Ann, It woold be different. But, since you don't, It seems a«( ite prey Even Kenneth had to drive r.' u*ou AXCUUOlll UUU LU UriYQ partly through this district. He lid not speak until they bad come ;o'the greens of the trees and the ibfldowed grass in the park blocks. .;' "Ann," he pleaded, "I Just want p tell you one or two more little hlngs. and then I'll promise not to open the subject again. Will you listen while I tell you just one or two more little things?" "I suppose so," said Ann. "I know I'm dumb," said Kenney, "and "as honrely as u" hen's oot, but I'm not deaf nor blind, if do say it. I know you have wor- les, Ann. I've known it all along. But what can I do? Nothing." "Of course you can't," Ann said. Forget about It, Kenny. That's 11 right." "No, it's not all right But, stfln, Ann. you said you'd listen. .wubf UBUW. ^uu wu Uf Jb -OC9UJB •*!• If, yon might get a big kick out o« making me happy and doing, things for the family" and mailng them happy. Unselfish, Present*, and opportunities and everything. You'd like It, Ann." • * • ','' . A FTBR a few blOfka Kenny said. ** "You won't even answer 1 We-. Will you?" / "Kenny, you tease so. ton make me nervous. You bother S6. I don't wish to be bothered. "I'm troubled enough. I want- to, go home. I told yon I wanted to go borne. I bave a headache-." "We'll stop at a drug stor» and get a bromo or something." "No. I Qon't want a bromo nor anything. Thank yon." "But what's the use of suffer- Ing when you don't have to?'« : "I don't want a bromo.'' ."'•/;. Kenny sighed and frowned;' "Weil, here's another thing—" Ann put her band on bis arm, "Please. Kenny. Talk about something else. I don't want to hear any more about tbat—please." "Well, of course, it you won't en^refViaan'talk—""^''".•-* Ann did net answer. She had Just given MaryFranees s fnr coat in a big box. "Anyway, answer this one ques* tion. Just one question.- Answer' it yes or no. .Will you think it over?" "No." said Ann, "I won't/* i {To Be Continued) chool auditoHdm. She' will be as- isted by musical members by Miss ilizabeth Daniels of Arfcadelphia and diss Martha Jean Winburn. Mrs. Paul Dudney and son, and Mrs. att Moses and son, of Washington re the guests of Mrs. J. A. Johnson t her home on North Hervey street. We Guess He Will Stop Accommodation Policy CHICAGO.—(/P)—To be accommo- ating is Charles Mansell's business, he believes it can be carried too ar. Mansell is a hotel clerk, "Call me at 5 a. m.," said "George Williams," a guest. Promptly at 5 a. m., he rang the oom assigned to "Mr. Williams" vhereupon "Mr. Williams" came down o the Lobby, accompanied by a friend, nd robbed the hotel till of $90. Archaeologists are organizing an ex- edition to Mt. Ararat to attempt to ocate some traces of Noah's Ark. Card of Thanks To our many friends we express our incere thanks for their kindness and ympathy to us all, in the illness and eath of our husband and father, Sid "aylor. We thin kboth schools and o those for the service of their cars nd 11. the floral offerings. Thanks to Mrs. Sid Taylor and Children. Injured Fatally In Needless Leap Mrs. Frank Johnson of Eg ger Dies in Hospital at Mena MENA, Ark,—Mrs. Frank Johnson, 22, died in a hospital here Wednesday from injuries received Monday when she leaped from her automobile in the belief it was on fire. Physicians attributed her death to a possible skull fracture at the base of the brain. No other injuries were visible with the exception of a slight cut on her chin. She never regained consciousness after being brought to the hospital here. The accident occurred on the highway east of here Monday afternoon while the woman and her husband were en route from Mena to their home in the Egger community. She leaped from the moving machine when smoke billowed from the floor of the car. 666 666 Liquid or Tablets used internally and 666 Salve externally, make a complete and effective treatment for Colds. $5,000 in Cash Prize* Ask Your Druggist for Particulars Baking DARWIN STORE 100% Home Owned. Hearquarters for Savings. Oliv es STUFFED 7 oz. Jar I7c Soap WHITE LAUNDRY 10 Bars 23C Sard! mes DEL MONTE 15 oz. Flat Tin 9c Chilli HYPOWER No. 1 Can lie P'nutButter QuarlJar 29c Pint Jar I7c Carrots Uncle William Brand Diced-No. 2 Can I2c Ol eo KEEN-KO Two Pounds 23c Rasins 15 oz. Package 9c Cleanser—can 5c Peas—3 Ibs, -12c Sorghum 29c Peaches— %Y 2 can....17c Meat Market Savings- HAMS Swift's Premium—Whole or Half—Lb. 18c BACON Swift's Premium, Sliced—Lb- 23c SPARE RIBS Pound 10c BRICK (HILI Pound 14c SlAB BACON G to 8 Lb. Siz»r-Pound 15c PORK STEAK 2 u 25e & .*( to Urged Befoirt Rea. _ f tate Convention > Inflation to bring 'the the woo*," was ad>0c* nte&yjb> Hart? S. ^. flfltf, Ohio, speaking be*, tiSrtaf Alwclation of * ttttf , K*s8ir«ia<fc Ms to opt»M»^ of < B system of federal home ; count banks, Who JuivA, stfch fcfitufiiis An ur», Tha&f as*Mfl before ft>ng»«^ hays ASferted « vWu footer five C6i«trttctii4fi of 3,(KKj,fffr Ufi4 ' ' A program ol tax suggest** change* Hi method of tilling the e*fl«H4itu4s; W<*& furids, their 'coHecffonT Shi reorganf- zation of trie smaller units (^government, Was presented W thi* ittofefetfon. Wednesday by the association's tax adviser, Simeon-E; Letartth-o* Chteaffftr Beat estate, he' said, bore; too heavy I pralsal a tax. burden because cbmmimlfife I starid&dft of feisite^Wtftp ,-^y^siijJ? •Mr ''Obi HowwiHlbuytoatne^ have it—I'll shop *itk Pigfly where price and qiiality predomina soon have enough moriey saved to Spring shopping/' Flo ur CLUB ttfround* Lard 8 Pound Pall Cabbage Green tie«d»,_ Found , Coff CUP OF CHEEB Ri - \ ice FULL HEAD t Pound* Ch ernes No/ 2 Bed Pitfetf Gandy Holly. Boxes 5 Pounds Corn No. 2 Standard Two for Crackers COUNTBt CLUB Tw*. PMinl Box Fig B ars Full of-Fruit 2 Pounds Potatoes BED TRIUMPH 10 Pounds Soap P. & 0. or Crystal White-8 Bars 25c| Oranges FLORIDA—Dozen Oats COUNTRY CLUB • 3 Lbs, 7 oz. IN OUR SANITARY MARKET SALT MEAT Nice Streaked Pepp,ered*Dry SMOKED HAM Half or Whole, U. 141.Q NECK BONES Fresh—Lb. SHANKLESS PICNIC 4 to 6 Lbi, 59p SPARE RIBS Nice an4 Fresh Swift'* Sugar Cured RINDLESS BACON vj LITTLE PIG BACON In the piece Pound 4 B *» IDC SLICED LIVER Pound Full Cream CHEESE PORK CHOPS GROUND MEAT PORKROAST BRISKET ROAST BRICK CHILI KUMP BOAST CHUCK ROAST '*•*

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