Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 24, 1954 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 24, 1954
Page 7
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®-?ft <"'"'* ' ' ' T " ' HOP! STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Friday, December 24, 1954 ft -sm^fiM^M*, **¥? V ; I ?4431 ietwe*fl I A. M. «nd 4 P. M. »;<JI fchf&tfflfts" 16 choif I fell ir II s i 8»«,£T, i _ ifeh Wfll en* ith and h«f a dinner on Sun- btf 27 Sf Alton Jones wul be IB rehearsal dinner for ilth wedding party on t December 27 at 8:30 t>f Mr. and Mrs. B. L. signed. q *H Gifts WSf* exchanged" ft-onl a beautifully lighted Chrislfhas thse. The hostess, Mrs. Stone, slrved ¥e- li-eshments after which the club ad' journed to meet in January at the hdme, of Mrs. B. J. Warnken. fine. ' ' Jet Itome Demonstration 17, fof its party at Sweet tkr^nj ^llh '£2 members, ind'Mrs. Lotr'aihe B. demonstration agent ;2a'ck felohe, ores! as cai-ols. The ! by'Mrs. W. T. from Matt 2:1-14 Ptayer .was led ,. During a short |Sflier qtiilt made by 6r ( .the club house y^ay.'Mrs.-Hervcy he'winner. "Mrs. d secrclsfry to Ward who re- TURDAYO CentervlII* Tlie merrtbers of the Centervll!.o Hortie Demonstration Club met Dec. IS'tft the home of Mrs. Vernie Goy- nos Bor their annual Christmas party wfch Mrs. Goyfles, president presiding;, The meeting opsn.ed ' wilh .he singing of Ohristmas Cbvols. Denver Coynes gave the de ,'olionifl followed with prayer by Mrs. Sit Skinner. Mrs. R. C. Snol- grove • gave • the. treasury report. Gamed were conducted. by the ref realionaJ leaders Mrs. -.Johnny McRoy and .Mrs. Prod .Stewart with Mrs. C. Rl Faught and Mrs. Skinner Winning pelzes. • Gifts wero exchanged from at lighted .Christmas tree. The hostess served refreshments to the fJllo*wing: Mmes J. G. Allen t Carl Rfchards, Sr. Carl Richards, Jr., , David \Valdle, Dcwa'rd Collier, CarU Weeks, , Guy Uhaker, Bob Linaker_ Hugh Bearden, Marnie Sfr.ders, W.'CiJ. Beck, P. F. Qamp- bell, Sid Skinner, . R. G.-.Snellg'royft, Jc»hnny McHoy\ Lorraine 'B. Wylle, ' Home. Demonstration. ' Aficnt, and iwo guests, Mrs, F. F. Foster and Mr.s. N. Faught.\ The club will meet at the homo of Mrs. David Wf»ddle in January. • Rocky" Mound \ The Rocky Mound Home Demonstration Club held its annual Christmas Party Dec, l(j at the home of Mrs. Raymond Byeirs with "Mrs. F. J. Bruce, co-hoste$s. The new officers were 'in charge of the meeting. A 'report of 'tHc food donation given to the Lion's club was given by Mrs. Clatfd McCotkle. Mrs. Coy Zumwalt gave a report on Home Grounds. . . The following were- appointed to give a report at the January meeting: Mrs. 'Jim Chambers', How to GrW R6ses; ' Mrs. Coy Zumsvalt, How to 'Grow Bulbs; "and Mrs. G. E. Barwick- Jr., 'How', to Grojyjjn- ar Flowers. ' ffflPPd The hostess t and 'co-hostess presented each' one with la gift, Gifts .were' 'exchanged , from z beautiful lighted tree.- Mrs* Chambers won the . surpiise package. Others attending the pdrty' were! Mmes. Orie Byets," Fred 'Wilson, Earl Dud- 1«VE. V.Murls, H."H. Higgarson, Norman Taylor', Wayne Tiirner, Ray Turner, Lorraine B. , Wylie, Home Demonstration Agent, and' a visitor, Mrs. George Fuller. ' The January meeting will be in the home of Mrs. Wayne Turner with Mrs. Zumwalt, co-hostess. Hpspita) Notes Jul>a Chester Admitted: Mrs. Mattie • Ratcliff. Hope, Mrs. Kenneth. Moody, Emmet, Harry Sinyard, Springdale, Discharged: Mrs. Thurman Ridging, Hope, W. M. Bristow", Fulton, Rt. 1, R. IX. Sharmon. Hope. ' Branch Admitted: Mrs, Wilbur Polndex- (or,- Hope. Branch t Admitted: Mrg. James Erwin, Hope, , -Mr, • and -Mrs. 'James' Erwin of Hope announce the arrival of a baby boy on Dec, 23, 1954. Julia Cheater Admitted: Mrs. D,- M. Collier, Sunday School Lesson 6y WILLIAM 6fLR6Y, 5 v ifl. H thei-e be a Sunday th'at maHts We ydaFs crowning glory, It has always seemed to hie to be the Sun dfty that falls between Christmas and New Years. This, too, seems one happy aspect of, the great historic error, of uncertainty, but for which dhristfflis would be New Years, both falling on the same day. We date our years from the birth of Christ — B. C. But we celebrate the birth of Christ a week earlier than the beginning of the year from which we date His birth. I have often reflected upon these errors, sometimes of great historic significance, sometimes of little •'' importance, which Upset all notions of formal exactness, but Which have little or no bearing upon the essential worths values, facts and truth. the Visitor to Boston, who goes to Charlestown to see the monument to the famous Battle of Bunker's Hill, may be shocked to discover that the battle wasn't fought on'that hill at all, but on Breed's .Hill, which the fortifying officer .had fortified by mistake, thinking it was Bunker's Hill.. What of, it? The important thing was • the battle that was fought there. • In my,home town of Mount Forest,; Ontario, there was a long, wonderful coasting hill that we boys'called the "Maitland" after the. river that ran in the valley. The -settlers who named the river were wrong, as it turned out to be a .branch of the "Saugeen." But to us it was always the "Maitland." What matter? The real thing was that it was a wonderful coasting hill. Such, errors, with their unimportance as to essential facts, have seemed to me to have a direct bearing upon many matters relat- irig to the Bible, as well as upon the matter of the different dates for Christmas and New Years. The uncertainties concerning the Bible are many. We do not have the original manuscripts ' of the books as they were written. Jn some instance, as even in the Epistle to the Hebrews, authorship is uncertain. All manner of these, minor questions have greatly, exercised scholars. But it. h'as been said, I think w|th truth, that we can be more Sure'about the exact text of the Bible than we can be about the exact text of the plays of Shakespeare. . What impresses me about the Bible is its profound certainty in all that pertains to life, here and hereafter, It is the supreme guide to character and conduct, to moral greatness and spiritual strength: and in its 'Christmas story of the life, death and/Resurrection of Jesus Christ its v climax is in the Gospel that offers all that man could hope for. So, to me, ; the Sunday between Christmas and New Years emphasizes all that divine heritage, man's greatest strength and inspiration as - he enters upon a new year. What. could so ennoble that year, and man, as to bring into it all the heritage of Christ mas? •' ' •• ' - Most Appropriate Gift BIBLES Stories of the<Bi|?le in "BIBLE STORIES FOR CHILDREN" John S. Gibson Drug Co* Phone 7*2201 0 SATURDAY * SUNDAY CONTINUOUS SHOWS FROM 12 NOON 8ATURPAY SHIRtSY TIMFU Of CORMS5 ARCHER in "KISS AND TIU" Births FOR THE LOSER — A "good loser's" trophy for New Year's Day Sun Bowl game In El Paso between Texas Western and Florida State has already been awarded to the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce by the El Paso Chamber. "Genuine Texas Adobe Brick," properly Inscribed, could possibly be used for a hurricane anchor as shown by TWO coed Jackie Crysler. — NEA Telephoto DOROTHY DIX Selfish Reason Dear Miss Dix: I am a divorcee of 26, recently engaged to a charming man, who is 27. Marriage, however seems to be rather far in the future. My fiance, is the sole Support of his mother and a younger brother. . . ; His mother has grown so dependent on him, both financially and emotionally, that she becomes hysterical whenever he mentions md- trimony. Consequently he always shies away from the subject. The uncertainty is -making me so nervous, that I have become somewhat responsive to the attentions of an- "* other man on ein the office where I work. He has voiced regret that I am already engaged. He professes love for 'me wishes I could marry him. So my problem is, should I j continue waiting f or. my fiance to reach a marriageable status, or should I break the engagement and marry the other man? I don't love the other one, but he offers security. MABEL F. Serious Complications Boyle Continued from fage One cold water flat to try it out. His courage so touched the l.eai't of a wealthy associate of Bronr. that he has underwritten the cost of & se- cries of operations that may make the boy he's Irish his patron is Jewish-able to walk. The patron won't let his name be mentioned. Broun says he realizes that the concentration of manufacturers Fere makes it easier for : . the "agents for Santa Claus" to operate, but says he foels businessmen rre the same everywhere. "Anybody in America can. , go down to his home town post office and pick up and take core of a few letters to Santa Claus. The postal officials will be nlr.d to help you." Broun, who says his' business V.ICCT began to dry up after he started worrying about how to help children now takes five weeks a ye?r off from his advertising firm foi the Christmas project. He says it is worthwhile. .He and his wits are childless. "You know if a child writes an unanswered letter ot SantS Claus two years in a row, he. is likely to lose his religion" said Broun. "I wish I could make everybody catch fire." 'Answer: convenience' While are "marriages of frowned upon Births in Hempstead last month: White in this romatic age it would certainly be foolish to assert that they never turn out happily. Marriages born of mutual love are naturally more apt to be successful, but would be equally foolish to say that they, as every one knows do not have their failures. It's not uncommon for ideal love to turn into something that heads a couple for a divorce court. So, there being no perfect norm on Robert and .Verha Lynch, Hope- which to judge the future success Rural, girl,, Lena Annette. i or failure of any marital contract, 'Robert and Linda Aylett, Hope-! you "stan'd almost as good a chance Rural, boy, James'Kenneth. Forrest and Loutennie'McGaha, Memphis, Tenn., girl Nancy Sue. James, and Bettie Boyette, Wash- » ALSO 9 GREGORY PECK ANNIBAXTIR RICHARD WIPMARK "YIULOW SKY 1 ' ington, boy, James Daniel. James and Barbara Lattier, Hope-Rural, boy, 'Kenneth Wayne. Charles and Cfarice Caldwell, Columbus, boy,. Douglas Kittrill. Clinton and Myrtle -East, Hope- Eural, girl, Belinda Carol. James and Betty Rowe, Hope) boy Kenneth Dale. Arthiu- and Edna Kidd, Hope-Rural, boy, ' Dennis James. Ambrose • and Maria Robinson, Hope, girl, Debra Ann. Richard and Myrtle Arnold, Hope- Rural, girl Nan Faith. Clifton and Minnie Purtle, Emmet-Rural, girl, Donna Dianne. Carter and Billie Russell, Hope, boy, Thomas Wayne, .. James and Ora Snell, Emmet, girl, Mary Lavern. Carl and Barbara Richards, Hope»Rural, girl, Carla Yvonne. Garland and Edith Johnson, Hope, boy, Mark William. Ulice and Lydia Miller, Stamps, girl, Hilda Elaine. Clifton and Johnnie Evans, Hope, boy, Terry Lee. •Delma and Betty Faris, Hope- Rural, girl. Leah Faye. Henry and Lola EUedge, Patmos- Rural, boy, R/chard Allen. Cecil and Norma Delaney, Hope, girl, Carla Ann. Saner and Mary May, Hope.Ru- ral boy, John Daniel, •Andrew and Lois Neal, Hope. «ural, boy, Jerry Lee. Thomas and Tpni Summer, Hope- Rural, girl, Eunice Pale. NoivWhit* Charlie and Ruby Qgden, Hope, boy, James Alyin. Tftonw ancj Annie Ross. Hope, boy, Hevaj Jerpme- Qinney and Maurice Staggers, zsn, girl, Vanessa palp, Webster and Ljjiian Poindexter, Washington, gjrl, Debqjah, Kay, of happiness with brie or the other of your suitors. Your fiance ,quite probably won't be free while his mother lives, as he has established the pattern of submitting to her tantrums. Her health doesn't permit working, so you would undoubtedly ha^ve to share your home with her, if your fiance could 'bring himself to marry aga.inst her wishes. . These are serious complications that require much thought and discussion. As for the "other man" what has he to offer besides security? That alone. If he has qualities that have your -respect and admiration now, there's more than an even chance that he could win your love. One thing is definite and certain: if you continue to stay in love with your fiance, don't consider marriage to someone else. On. your part, there would always be regrets and comparisons. As you gave no details as to the character of either man, it would -be presumptuous indeed to hazard which would make the better husband. That you mus,t judge for yourself. As a brief summation however, I might suggest, (1) that as long as your heart belongs to one man marriage to another would be most unwise, and (2) marriage for material reasons will require an extra measure of co-operative ad. justment from you, which sometim? es will be quite difficult as you will lack the strong support of love for you mate. For the present, why not give your fiance a chance to fortify his position. Since your engagement: is of short duration, he is entitled to time for a thorough overhauling of his problems. Pecpla Taylor, Wash. g| r j, FlpyOel. WttUaro §n4 Wiry Munn, WOP«. ll PUJJR, M Washington Dear Miss Pi*: My husband and I have been separated for six month, I have a. married daughter living several hundred miles* from me. She has asked me to come to her p}ty so I can be nea,i- her, SEE - HEAR - You'd never know this young lady is wearing a hearing aid concealed in her horn-rimmed glasses. Called ."Listeners," the unit ,was designed by a Dobbs Ferry, N. Y., company to eliminate unsightly ear plugs, cords and microphones. The Listeners are fitted with plain glass for those who don't need to wear.glasses. Would you advise me to go? JEANEE Answer: If there is no chance of a reconciliation between you and your husband I think the move •would be beneficial to you, as well as a help to your daughter, Alter all, it isn't an irrevocable one. If you find yourself lonesome for your old friends, you can always return even if only for a visit. Tragedy Hits, Housewife Changes Life By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD tf) Mrs. Agnes Goetz spent last Christmas in Frankfurt, Germany. She'll probably be in Casasblanca this; year. She covers a lot of groynd for a woman who spent most of her adult years as a housewife. Three years ago she was a con tented home maker in Dayton, Ohio. Then tragedy struck. Her mother died. Two weeks later her newly married daughter, 19 was struck by bulbar polio. Within five days she was dead. It was a rugged blow to lose lier mother and her only child within such a brief period. Her life aeeroed to lose its purpose. Her husband is Col. Joseph Goetz Air Force officer in charge rf supplying entertainment for all the services. He brought hr-r to Hollywood, whore he was arranging a star junket: to entertain troops ir. Alaska and to premiere "W"r1d In His Arms." "We were the commissary al Universal International" .Mrs. Goetz recalls "Bill Goezt (no re ation) who . was head of the.stu- dio then dropped by and suggested that I go along on the trip as sort of wardrobe mistress for the girls. "At first I didn't think much ol the idea. But then I thought might be good for me. I realized that I had been shunning the company of young people ever since my daughter died I guess it was a subconscious .thing so . I :wouldn r ! remember and be hurt again." She decided to go 'along; The girls Ann Blyth, Lori "Nelson Joyce Holden and others were .11 her daughter's age and she en joyed being with them. She was too busy taking care of their clothes to revive any memories. Last Christmas Mrs. Gcetz hi the global road again. She wen along as manager on one of th many entertainment tours Holly word send to American service Turkeys, Hams Much Cheaper This Year By The Associate! Press The men who run the nation's ood stores figure you ought to en- sy Christmas dinner even more iis year than last prices of oth turkeys and smoked hams re eight to 10 cents cheaper a ound thah a year ago. These two meats needless to ay, are the big features this week, ut food men spy they're selling lot of frying chickens, too. In iis case also, prices are down, round a dime, from a year ago. •if you plan to. break with tratli- on, your best buys in meats will e found in pork .and lamb. Beef rices are still high. Veal roasts also are being ad- ertised as specials by scattered markets. The U. S. Department of Agricul- irc calls your attention to eggs his week. It says lai-ge supples igh quality, and. low. prices make ggs a real bargain. Supplies are o abundant, in fact, that the poul- •y industry and the department | aye designated January &s "egi; month." . • ••'•"; / In ; the ^produce'markets;,' spccia- sis pick eastern'-potatoes, ''onions,-' Id'; crop cabbage ; •-. western lettuce nd; nearby 'carro'ts;,- parr.nips, tur- ips • arid -topped .beets' as y6;jr best uys. of the -week.. Colder weather > has; cut into upples of .cucumbers eggplants eans, escarole/ endive, .ond big 'Oston and" remaine'lettuce. 1 ' •As for Christmas items,' the pro- uce men say -yahis are nearly Wice as high as 'vhe dry type w.eet potatoes; but; ''"moderately riced,"- nevertheless. Cranberries ;ill cost a bit more than at'Thanks' iv.ing. ." ' • • Tangerines, a Christmas fruit, re considered a good buy, along ihh avocadoes, limes, oranges nd grapefruit. ; The only grape rriving at Wholesale markets in good volume is the Emperor, and hat is rated a worthwhile pur- h'a'se. • . •'•' ' ' ' . A .few crates of -jtrawberries hqwed up Jn .eastern ^markets this yeek.' .They were : flown from Flor da. The price of .course! is high. Negro Admits to Raping Woman SIDON, Miss. UP/A 22-year old Negro was taken to an undisclosed jail after admitting he raped a white woman, Sheriff George Smith said Leroy Potts admitted rapng the widow and mother of three children in her home near Sidon. Potts was captured early yesterday near the woman's home after her young daughter fled to a neighbor's house for help. • Neighbors phoned the sheriff and he and a deputy arrived at the home while the husky Negro man still was mauling the woman. The fired several shots as the man fled but failed to hit him. Potts was found hiding under a pile of brush in a patch of woods near- the house and surrendered without a fight, the sheriff said. •He was taken to an unidentified jai} because of the high feeling in LeFlore County, where three white women have been raped by Negroes in the past 18 months. Irregularities in Election Charged LITTLE ROCK A petition Rural, b.py William, Jr., '|2arain and L^na Agee, ra.1 girl, Martha M.ae. Arsteen gjr), Edith Hap* Charging irregularities in the Gray township JocaJ option liquor election has Ueen filed with County Clerk R. S. Peters. County Judge Arch Campbell tad today a hearing on the petition would be held some time after Christmas. proponents of a wet township contend that at least 70 votes should be declared vjid. Jacksonville is the copulation center of flrjre. -%s to 47?, in th? Ree- U election. men-everywhere at Christmas time. Her unit wa headed by Maxie Roenbloom' and wen throughout Germany, France Ic-3 land and tho Azore.: This Christmas she again man age the Rosenbloom tour and th group is going , to North Africa Cuba, Bermuda and Pueito Rico Her future trip may take her ti more distant place. One of thi plays is to accompany a long-hai group of classical artist to India Pakistan and other places. GIFT OF A LIFETIME Beautiful Watch to Suit Her Style! t ELGIN t HAMILTON , f 3ULQVA STIWARTS Tornadoes have been reported in every U. S. state and in every month of the year. FKdiiy, December 24, 1954 HOPE STA ARKANSAS PILLOW'S GIFT SHOP Open Every night 'til Christmas 305 S. Laurel HEY! Ben Pearson ARCHERY SETS from $2.50 up MHOON'S JEWELRY NOTICE I have moved my Dental Office from 117* West Second Street to my new location at DR. SAM W. STRONG 514 S. ELM STREET BOB'S CUSHMAN SALES 2016 New Boston Road TEXARKANA U. S. A. Except.- at nesting , time,. Leach's petrels spend ..all their : time ; over he'oceah. : " .' ' SINGER CHRISTMAS GIFTS - 8«wina Machine*, Vacuum Cleaners, 'LHtle Lady machine* Lota of. Glf(« for SINGER SEWING CENTER V 108 S. ElhV .,-.-' Hplidayi") '.~:*i.---^r Special — Through December COLD WAVES $15!anblirV'CJil -$12.50 :$ 12.50 Cream £>il - $8.;50 Give her a perrnanent for .' ' : ' Christmas • • .-. ; • . Hazel's Beauty Shop ; : •;' Phon* 7*2879 Haiti — Vlrolnla —• Auline TO OUR PATRONS Prescription Price When you have a Prescription to be filled, we shall be glad to discuss Its tost; We invite frank discussion because our prescription prices are based upon a formula which is fair to all. We hope that we may fill your next prescription. C Ward & Son DRUGGIST 102 W. Second St. Phone 7-2292 vww^Arvuvwvwwvv^ CAFE ,(A/fetitigement.and Staff) . OUr friends and customers a MERM GWRISTMAS . : . AND NAPPY NEW YEARS Open All Day Christmas For Your Holiday Listening kXAR Presents An All Star Program Begins ot 6 P. M, Christmas Eve .Gregory Peck Bing Crosby Gene Autry Guy Lornbardo Joan Crawford Liberace Fred Waring Mario Lqnja Eddie Arnold and many more star studded shows. Programs of Special Interest Dec, 25 Methodist Cantata . 1 P. M. 1:45 P. M. . 9 P. M. flit N it in Chicago Theatre Worlds Professional , , 1 P. M. . Football Championship Presbyterian Cqntgtci , . § p. M, tuned to 1490 fer SPECIAL DISPLAY Fine New Fabrics • Arriving Every Day TAILORED TO FIT Tom Ward laws Main Street Tailor Shop FOR .... | BULLDOZER WORK Land Clearing — Dirt Moving and Pond Digging. Call TOM DUCKETT 717 W. 6th St. Phone 7-3794 MATTRESSES Rebuilt or Made Into InneraprtoB Work Guaranteed —- One Day Service •—>-' DAVIS Furniture & Maureen Co, 110 8. Elm Street Phone 7-32iZ CROWN WESTERN SHARES of Diversified Income Fund Prospectus available from M.S. BATES AGENT Hope, Ark. Phone 7-4454 H. E. Luck Wlghway 67 West LUCK'S USED FURNITURE CO, Edoe of City Limits West 60 Gallon Water Barrels for Salo , Phone 7-4381 - Hope, Ark. lOANt W U or» nut cat tfi titan fof re* If • ««* tees*. Hope Builder's Supply Co. Phone 7-2381 'Top's Service NEW AND USED GLASS INSTALLED • NEW AND USED PARTS for most cars, see us before you buy. T. O. (TOP) PORTER Owner & Operator. Dial 7-2767 Hope Hy 67 West For Complete Parts and ,, . Service, for New Hoiiontd Be Hers and Ford Tractors Phone or Write FalEin Tractor Co. Magnolia, /;rk. Pho. 882, 689 & 1140-R Get Yours.Now !! Good Used We have a large stock of Used Tires for all trucks and cars. Come in and check our prices. Have That Broken Glass Installed We have just the right glass for your car or truck. Have it installed NOW. Glass & Salvage Co. West 3rd Sfreef Star of HOPO 1899; Press 1927 Consolidated January IB, 1929 CLASSIFIED Ads Must Be In Office Day Before Publication WANT AD RATES All Want Ads are payable In advance but ads will be accepted over the telephone and. accomoda- tion accounts allowed with the understanding the account i6 : 'paydblo when staterrlent is rendered. - : Help Wanted WAITRESSES wanted. Diamond Cafe. Apply at 21-3t umber Words p to 15 to 20 to 25 to 30 to 35 to 40 to 45 to 50 One Day .45, .60 .75 .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 'Three' Pays .90 . 1.20 1.50 -'• .1.80., 2..10 . 2.'40 2.70' 3.00 Si* iDays < 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.003.50 4.00 '•4.50 5.00 One Mdnth 4,50 : 6.00 : 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 -CLASSIFIED >DISPLAY • 1 time' !. .' 75c ' per inch 3 times '60c per inch 6 times 50c per inch Rates quoted above are for consecutive insertions-. Irregular or skip- date ads will take the one-day rate. All daily classified advertising copy will be accepted until 5 p. m. for publication the following day. The publishers reserve the right to revise or edit all advertisements offered for publication and to reject any objectionable advertising submitted Initials of one or more letters, groups or figures such as house or telephone numbers count as one word. • The Hope Star will not be responsible for errors in Want Ads unless errors are called to our attention after FIRST insertion of ad and then for ONLY the ONE incorrect Insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 Funeral Directors OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME .INSURANCE ND & HAZEL AMBULANCE PHONE 7-2123 AD-1 Mo. TF HERNDON CORNELIUS BURIAL ASSOCIATION Largest and Oldest in South Arkansas. Call 7-5505 for our agents A23-1 Mo. Lost TWO black hogs, 70 Ib. In Proving Ground area. See Jamie Russel or Phone 7-9990. 21-3t Services Offered MATTRESS renovation and Innerspring work Cobb Mattress Co 310 South Washington. Phone 7-2622. Mar. 4-tf RALPH Mpntgpmery Market, Cus torn slaughtering. ,Phone 7-3361 ' ••'• '' ' • 10-1 Mo Lost, Strayed or Stolen ONE dark brown Jersey cow. Weighs about 700 Ibs. 8 years old. ' E. W. Copeland, Phone 7-2271. • • • ' ' 22-31 The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-5830 Or bring Items to Wins Turner at Hicks Funeral Homa Mr. and Mrs. Steve Earl Smith o£ San Pueblo, California are visiting their parents Mr. George Smith Sr., and Mr. and Mrs. George Bolen and other relatives. Roscoe and R. D. Smith are spending the holidays' With their parents, Mr. Smith, Jr. and Mrs. George "© 1954, W Edmunds'ClaussSii Prittf Copyright, THE STORY; Although Rtver l;ost Captain Crotch has contracted to haul ore from the Colorado Rlv tr town of La P*z the ore company Tor political reesons has turned Crotch's barges over to his i competitor, Captain Jamison. At i Castle Donve, Crotch has found jtwo of Jamison's boats and the |barges. A fight brews as Captain M;.ddix pilot of one of the boats, moves forward to ram Crotch's ship, General Heath. NAMED—Mamoru Shigcmitsu is Japan's new foreign minister. He pledged cooperation with the free nations of the world, in particular the U. S. Shigemitsu was foreign minister during World War II. Hole I Prepares for Baseball Season XVI The Sc'n Diego struck shallow Her sea-rotted bottom shud- clci'ed ns her thrashing paddles drove her over the bar. Goss was backing away at bis staining lines. Tho last rope parted with !i snap IcU.m; the flat-bottomed General Health shoot backward like a plate skimming the surface. Maddix caught her just aft of her : blunt prow, driving his sharp bow 'deep into Crotch's timber. T h o General Heath shook to her keel heeled toward the low river bank. But the backward power of the KANSAS CITY (if) The- Hotel;Heath's engine was now drawing Mi.chlubaeh will begin construction ! Maddb:'s boat with her. The San asked for this, they "would go all the way and ruin }iJm completely. XVI l" Goss drew up short in fcis tiacks. "They ain't asleep,'' he complained raggedly and' his hand slipped free his pistol. Crotch eyed the gun shrewdly rnd shrugged. Jamison had started this, not he. There was ho law along the length of the river save that which a man enforced with his own will. Tonight he meant to write into the river code a new chapter, and a finish to Jamison's treachery. They stalked forward noise- 18-story, 350 room addition ini — jMonday and an official says two- Mrs.' Matlie Lou Glover of Em-1 thirds of the now unit will be was hard aground with half erson, Arkansas as.the ' guest ready for the 19,'i(i baseball season, dragging her, the gravel tearing her hull. Under frll power Crotch was of her sister, Mrs. George Smith, Jr., and family. The American Legion will hold its monthly meeting Tuesday night, December 28. All members are ask-!to l- r ' 0c) persons making it.- "the ed to be present. Important issues j latest l™tcl between Chicago aufl to be rlisriisspH the Pacific Coast ' A Christmas play "Twas The Ni- The building will bo r.ircondition- cd. ght Before Christmas" will be pre-1 sented Saturday night, December|l :l ' o;|ect 25, at the Church of. God in Christ, 911 Bell St. The public is invited. The Rev. W. R. Leake, pastor of Bethel AME the annual Christmas BeeBee Memorial Saturday, December 25, at 11 a.m. Rev. T. J. Rhone, Host pastor. The public is invited. Allis did not dsclose cost of the for Shooting Wife' Church will preach . „ »ous while iristmas sermon' ati IHVINGTON N. Y. ,P) A 3,- forth acros , . ; /-.nn-Tr, ^.u i ;year-old mcTher was snot It) death r : pf .i c norial CME Church y ... . . . , , . ,, . ;^« • Barney L. Allis, president and; all [he time against her rotten bot- general manauor of the? Trianon| tom . When he fell the pressure of Hotel Co., owners of the Muehl.V; hc hooked ship ease off in deepen- bath, sa'd th- addition would in l ]ng W ater 'he ran? Mslott again crease the Muenlebach's capacity f or s ] OVt , speoc i forwar boih. packets engaged. Goss was now charging across the deck. At his heels rreed the Cocopshs armed with firewood. Some passengers were following, aimed with whatever weapons they could lay hands on. He saw Goss strike the foremost wave of San Diego crewman, swinging his souncUrisj pole against their heads. The battle was fierce and fu- lious while they wove back an-j s Madciix's broken forc- Icssly along the strip. When they reached the tree to which the first barge lines had been snubbed they were perhaps 75 feet from Amador's Flern. Their axes swung back in unison and then the stillness blew up in crocking rifles. Crotch felt the Mg of splintered hickory agair.st iis palms as a ball wizzed off the end of his ax. Instinctively he fell on his stomach, saw Goss already nigging the bank. Lead whined above their heads and drove up ittle geysers of sand about them. Their axes were forgotten as they ore free their guns. Goss got off a flurry of shots towards the Amn- The Melody Five Gospel singers of Magnolia will give a musical in front of her gaily orated Christmas tree. Her hun- FOR water, well service, any size or depth, see • or Clark, Cale, Ark. write O. 19-tf SEPTIC tanks pumped out. Go any where, any time. Phone . Prospect 7-9989. .'. Dec. Rrl'.'Mo. REPAIR'.! 'saies''''a'nd7.Service. : Clifford B: Evans. 2112 Junction City Rd. EJ Dorado, Ark. : DEC. 17-lMo. For Rent NEWLY decorated unfurnished apartment. Private bath. Bills paid. Phone 7-9934. After 2 p. m. program at Rising Star Baplirtj Authorities said there apparent- Church Tuesday night December ly ., lad been ' a fa;liny areu mont. 28, December 28, a quilt will be gi- j f rc , n the h- ven away free, sponsored by the I " J Crctch felt, the warm pride of his , osvn battling crew lace through band was bockcd on u chnrge of )ij m _ T i ley had Calhoon.licked, am Jamison and Maddix aloft on tha lexas realized this. The white froth at Clyde Mad dix's. .stern told Crotch San Dieg; had had enough. He yanked his second-degree murder. The victim Veronica Cordeira was' decapitated by the shotgun i AIDE—Nelson Rtx< ofeller'wlll soon be nnmccl .1 \\lnto Hm^e 'administiative i) ri -i !"»t °" ' 0 '' icign policy. At pi fiit ho n i^ccuiniv of llmUh, Ldu- cation and Welfare passed at s6c sfarfes let J, W* fe-'Jr FvnK #aM a ab«.rt five ifeei T'fed in checks. H* iattl ea<-Ti stores £41.00 fot» i od, reeeivfosj , CITY, <frt D. C. Stcphenson, forme K^n Hi and dragon s.lyK'd "low in Indian,'^ K\ nnU d n »jtroi& attetf n 10 •* than J5 y*>ars ot &' lor the rape-murder dor. From the edge of his eye Crotch had caught the muzzle flame of another rifleman; he had heart! the whine of lead ricocheting off his ex and knew in what direction lay their gravest dager. "They're in a gully b eside the- General Keath!" "There's a dozen guns yum- mei-in'at us from back of Amador's paddle box! 4 ' "They're only Cocopahs," Crotch grunted. "Indians can't shoot, especially at night. But yonder 'lies Jamison!" Crotch rose on his haunches whistle cord sharply, called Goss mission band. » ~. .. ...-..., A Christmas drama'"The Inn of ltuy enough food for the children Bethlehem" will.be presented at! .n he Cordoiros -ived in a cai:G Rising Star Baptist Church, Satur- laker's cottage on a large estate day night, December 25, at .7:30 whore 1hey worked The public is invited. . '" Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Forbes and children of Santa Monica, Calif],are visiting Mr. Forbes' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ned Forbes. Phone 7-3696. 15-tf THREE room house, 4 blocks from business section. $35 per month. John-P. Vesey. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Watkins of Chicago, 111., have arrived to Dec-18-1 mo. s P end the Christmas holidays with Mr. Watkins' mother, Mrs. Mary LARGE house located at 622 W. Ella Watkins, and other relatives. Division. Wade Warren, Phone 7-2547 or 7-2065. 23-6t For Sale APPLIANCES • Toasters • Mixers ' • Waffle Ii-ons • Steam and Travel Irons. • Electric Blankets. • Everything in G-E Dormeyer Mirror-matic OKLAHOMA TIRE & SUPPLY COMPANY. ELECTRIC train with track and switches mounted on board with .rollers. Eldon Coffman. Phone 7. 2633.". TWO ton hand wrench. See at Cottrell Noble of Chicago, 111., has arrived to spend the holidays with his mother, Mrs. Lue Noble. Sam Hamilton, a student at Philander Smith College has arrived to spend the Christmas holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hamilton, and other relatives. Miss Eva Pearl Frierson, a student at A. M. & N. College in Pine Bluff is home to spend the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Authur Frierson, and other relati- Charles Patterson, a student at Patronage Moves By JACK BELL WASHINGTON (/T! Sen. Mon- rohey (D-Olda) said today Democrats plan to make e. sweeping investigation of Republican patron- r.ge moves. He bracketed in this field President Eisenhower's order to channel job applicants through (he GOP National. Committee. JVlonroney who may hor^d a Senate Civil Service subcommittee '.ockjns.; into patronage tnrittorrj .said in an interview he believos Republican sclions in handling federal employment matters "won't stand inspection." Tv/o Held for Jev/eS Robbery MEMPHIS Iff) Two brothers from Little Rock, '.vantcd for questioning in the ihei't of $i,0')Q frrn a Little Rock }vvvi:hy store to beach her below the landing. Her bilge was engineer regular taking water badly. Presently Crotch signaled his packet into the channel. By the time he reached the main deck Goss was . heaving fresh lines around the mooring .stumps. "We broke her back. That devil-r-hip will never sail again." "You may have a point there" Crotch grinned. Goss came back caustically, "Crotch, let's you and me climb t-board the other scow and scuttle crawling toward Jamison's nest. A tall from the direction geysered landing strip in his face. He threw a shot in the direction of the muzzle flame. Immediately a second gun answered. Maddni! Jamison's Voice , brought him a taunting anger. ,','Let up, Grotch! We don't aim to • kill, anyone. But you'll stay awry from my barges!'' The two .Navigation captains had chosen a naturajvpit behind the landing strip in wihch it-would be impossible-to reach them with lead. The position which they occupied, virtually . beside-,,... Crotcn.'s o w n steamboat allowed -them the advantage of a dangerous crossfire a?£.:nst Crotch. Melott had opened Crotch's tight eyes held a v/icked gleam as h esaid to Melott "Jim, hold your steam. 'We'll go r.ftc-r the barges before dawn.' In the furious pace of their bat- Stcvhcnson, Who xtscd am the law n ludian d a favoj-able 3-2 Vote tr-le pilson boatS H V $$$$$—You'd smile too. it you •vveie in WiUnm Wtobloski's shoes. lie's hohhnR 1300 one- dollar bilK, the amount he wdn Jor suggesting a chon rt o In a pioduct at the V/CbtJn,"house Electiic Coropiny pirint in Spiingfleld, Mass. powoifu! Indiana ontonaed to life in. mirdor of i$adg<j Indiana state-house; ais as|o. The girl tjied i)isun, but dq._ to*th.en<3oh'4 tria Hive dfed from a vicioiis Campbell Maid " v o«W not actual* cbout SO " would pro r, r ani l job and .hav^" it SCHOOL BURNS' ' r. f !<; K'« i , building at Bentiit.j trf Ctei-aViHof bar Bario'.t SuperinlSB '1 ^. Jiptlibt'n os the six with rifles from the General Heath's main deck but their firo was ineffectual, passing harmlessly above Jamison's head. At that moment a' remarkable phenomenon took place in Jamison's rifle pit. Crotch lay still, pondering, the violent ad cintin- ued explosives erupting behind the breastwork of the gully. He • heard Maddix's sharp yell of pain. puzzled Crotch, and then he recalled the firecrackers that had made such a din during Chung Wong's funeral procession. Linda Wong, naturally enough would have brought her husband a goodly tie with Maddix he had completely frerh suply from China with which overlooked Linda Wong. Whatever to ward of evil spirits before en- unfastened crates and odds and,terms her new home. Someone on ends were stored o the cargo deck the General Heath's upper decks , , , . . Philander Smith College is home I *™ boon arrested by Mcmp, S . t ospend the hohdays with h,s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ezikel Collins. Frank Walters Garage. 22-2t 1947 JEEP, 4 wheel drive, heater, good top. Phone 7- 5358. 23-3t ONE male Doberman Pincher dog. ,2 years old. Owner leaving for Published cvciy wcokdov afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. V/oshlHirn, Sccy-Tres. at The Star Building 212-14 South Walnut Street Hope, . Arkansas Alex. H. Washburn, Editor & Publisher Foul H. Jones, Mcnciaing Editor Jess M. Davis, Advertising Manager George W. Hosmer, Mccji. Supt. Entered as second class matter ot * the Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, 1 under the Act of March 3, 1897. Member of tho Audit Bureau of Circulations overseas duty. Selling for offer. 906 Diary. best 24-6t Real Estate for Sale FHA approved and available for immediate occupancy this two bedroom home is located on a large corner lot with streets paved. The home is in A-l condition, 5 years old, and ideal for the family wanting a den with real fireplace. Priced to sell. ', . Miss Bobbie Jean Robinson, a student at Dunbar Junior College is home to spend the holidays with her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. R. D. George. Charles Johnson, a student at Philander Smith College is home to spend the holidays with his mother, Mrs, Allene Henry. Miss Dorothy J. Stroughter, a student at A.' M. & N. College is home to spend the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Stroughter. M. A. Kinds Lex Sanderson, had gone careening when the Navigation boat crashed them and he felt disturbing fear for Linda Wong. The pine box of Chung Wong had traveled clear across deck, comig up hard against the 'port rail and breaking open. The corpse had rolled from its casket and now lay face up on the planknig the lantern light, had spread foith ci n's trunk its the 711011 v r.nd Wesley Jackson Sanderson. !!o. j Lex Henderson was; ar n'hon he attempted to pawn rings valued at $2,000, Kinds said. His brother was in-rested later in a downtown cafe. Lex Henderson waived extradition and has been returr.ed to Lttils Rock questioning. Subscription Rate? (payable in advance): By carrier in Hope ana 1 neighboring towns— i Per week ;, .25 Per year 13.00 By mail in Hempstead, Nevada, LaFayette, Howard, and Miller-counties— ' ' One month .85 t-Threc months 1.60 ' : Slx months 2.60 One year 4 50 All other mail— One month 1 10 Three months ,. -.. 3.25 Six months 6 50 One year 13 00 Nar'l Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; 1602 Sterick Bldg., Memphis 2, Tenn.; 505 Texas Bank Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. Michigan Ave, Chicago 1, III, 60 E. 42d $t, New York 17, N Y, 1763 Bldg, Petrolt 2, Mich ; PWg-r Oklahoma City 2, BUY this equity in . i&jiice, attractive two bedroom home and move in by January. 1st. -".G; I. .Loan 4% interest with smajl -rnqnthly payments can. be assum^c}. ' Locatr ed at 1305 South Hervey. ON 16th Street' "'this three bedroom home can be bough|. on FHA or 100%. G. I. financing. Available for occupancy January 1st as owner is being transferred. Attached carport, paved streets. corner lot, fenced backyard and many other .nice features. CALL FOSTER REALTY CO. ?17 S. Main St. 22-3t PR7-4691 BEEBEE MEMORIAL C. M. Rev. T. .J. Rhone, Pastor 9:45 a, m Sunday School Mrs A. B. Rerger, Supt. 11 a. m. . Morning Worship 6 p. m. Epworth League 8 p. m. Evening Worship E. MT. ZION CME CHURCH Rev. .1. M. Manning, Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday School S. J, Johnson, Supt. 11 a. m. Morning Worship 6 p. m. Epworth League 8 p. m. Evening Worship Notice BUY your ai tifical sprays and hou? qucts for cemetery decorations Christmas. Also fresh cut flower at Campbells Flower Shop. 1804 go. Elm. Phone. 7-4426. 81-3f Wonted BETHEU A. M. E. CHURCH Rev. W. R. Leake, Pastor 9:45 a, m. Sunday School Mrs, -E. M. Nelson, Supt. 11 a. m. Morning Worship 6 p. m. A. C. E. L. 7:30 p. m. Evening Worship. CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST -Eld. O, ,f)l. Dennis, Pastor p':45 a,%", Sunday Schoo Mrs, Myrtle Riphaids-on, 11 a. m. Morning Worship 6 p. m. • Y. P. W. W. 8 p. m. Evening Woiship contents, and this was spread over I he deck. A few feet from the re-t"'d! C01 'P SC l ;jv Linda Wong. Across her 12 temples stood the ugly welt of a truise. Crotch's eyes skimmed the passengers. "Give me a hand. We'll slip the Chinaman back in his box kef ore she comer to!" Miners were already gathering her clohtes and replacing them in the teakwood trunk. Two prospectors helped lift the corpse into its casket. Then they hammei.ed the nails down win an iron bar one of Two Children Die in House Fiire PARKIN (JP) —A flash fire that! them had swung in the fight, reduced a plantation tenant house] Ee-low the stairs Crotch recog- his Chinese cook still carry?. pick handle which he haj weapon. to ashes in a matter of rninut:;:; iK'-'d killed two young children near hoi-o jins ; yesterday and seriously injured i used their mother. The mother, Mrs. Ethel Bo3an, said hot moals touched off an explosion when she purcd a mixture of kerosene and crude oil into a stove iu an. attempt to rekindli; her kitchen fire. The blast ignited her clolhinrj and that Of the two children, May.) Brencia Ann Mogan, 8 and Winfred Bugan. 1. Five other children cs capi'd uninjured through the front door. The mother, who suffered serious burns, said she ran out the back door, thinking the two children were following. A sheet of flame blocked the doorway when she tried to dash back in to res cue them, she stiid. RISING STAR~iAPTIST Rev, W M. Erby, Pastor 9:43 a. m. Sunday School Ambers Dimlap, Supt. 11 a. m Moiryng 6pm. ^ 5B?<J?» 8 p. m. E.V0fting Worship BAPTIST* "Keep your mouth shut about the way her husband died. If you don't I'll cut off your ears!" Jim Melott had maintained a full head of steam, with his pressur-3 valve ready to pop at any moment. In order to kill most of the glow from the boiler they had hung a blanket around the engine pit. Be- hid this cveen Melutt worked with his Cocopuhs in a drenchig sweat. "They'll have riflemen watching from the Amador" he iaid. "Good luck Irv." Mocred fast as she v/as the Gen- Heath's slashing paddles would lift tons of water against the ort-iadun barges hurling them into the Amadp r's • stern. Foolishly Jamison had allowed those barges to remain between the two steamboats. But success depended chiefly o» \thcther they could hack loose was tssing them into Jamison's Pit. After cons irlerable moving around in the pit Maddix finally L'egan cawling up the bank. He was pressing one hand frantically to his eyes and the sv.-ift thought struck Crotch that one of the firecrackers had exploded directly in front of his face. A heavy blast of powder and dirt in the eyes might well disturb a man, might even destroy his vision. Jamison tried to pull Maddix back into the pit but simply succeeded in himself being drawn into the clear as the other captain fought him violently. Both men had lost their guns in the gully and they were now dependent on their Amador crew for support. "Wnit, Ciot ch! We can make »ome arrangement. The barges" Crotch's balled fist drove the "rest bark between his teeth. He chopped in again with a blow arid the man before him teetered uncertainly on his feet, fell backward into the gully. Now Goss was at bis side, driving Maddix back. But Maddix was a game slugging fighter when aroused. Blinded as he was by ex ploriing powder, fte still put w; heroic resistance. It waa some mp- jnents before Goss knocked him into the pit beside Jamison, Then they leaped in and turned botn me on their faces,' lacing their arms with Ihejr own belts. W. f/l. U. Has Royal Service The monthly r.pjal Sc-v-et. gram of the W. M Baptist Cluu-oh was pru-.unt.C5l by WaUm \VhJt9 tho chxireu on Jr. in charg Monday alUnnoon at S v/as ' Joy to t Tnorhus Duchfttian The opemr-r World." Mrs gave the devotional Let>cc PBill.ps, ac- vkve King 0 Little Town companied by JUi^s at the piano, s.mg the pro- Huw -Far is, it to gram topic on Phillip's, Mit- Chfton. Yam-cy, I.Iis Mrs. J, H Langlfv voiced the closing piviyer Xollfnvcci vitli tho O Come All Yt. Faithful.'' American Legion and Auxiliary Have Chilstmas Party The 'Amei lean Legion and Uu'iv U. <;,f Houston, Christmas pntty A beautilully di'couitoil t \ UiSiu s> to PJ! t ) by Gann, They woio kitchen by Al/ l> >' D. L Mos^lej. I i and Mrs O i. llo p)t the u i ii. -, 1 th« 'ill iwr- parents, Mf,, 9% . l^cCtermdhan, ", ' ,> , r-yHt^n >w T't. •WuTE.d pAVis a|g Alter tnc '>uj>ii r n ''i session v .1 hi. u *u 1 ' Sam V. !-\ jti i Legion rmrul,> i •, i -< and nwaidi.il thi'd -' t ing "><!<-l the as nidiu i -« i' 3 liijec AaH> i Ellis Le'ibetUi, -"J bid Pcachi y, f In Dick Stuv.Mi t j.is >. secured as m i.)f 'i'i and wu ' uv. nUi.v Dr. V L. 1,1-^ley Scottt ' ,, ChiMnuis c.iol- fu* ' i <» w, p ur- and r ;•«]•* i>- wie',1 nujj t'Va V/ho h ij , Un wt vl Wt an4 M in 4 , Sum V, When it was finished Crotch leened bock, breathing heavily "1 figure it'll be safer to haul them (•n board until we get our bavgcs in tow," he ventured. He lifted his voice in an order for his deckhands, While the Heath's deck crew were trotting GARRETT Rev. F. R, ^;45 a. m, s ,&*-^«t£^ ,wf w the so that the mooring lines b floated iiec. lie went over the rail with in silence, Each carried an finch had a pistol thniit hjs wwtbaiyj. Goss's bruised face r,n« rtartc, tapard wore Jjayd,rset,4ri ax, over the landing strip, GPSS asked c ..uriously. "What do you figure blew Jamison out of this gully?" Captain Crotch, gestured with his hand and Goss peered over the bank. What , he saw waa a slim figure in a silt; kimono standing behind the rail topsjde. Besides, her the at the \K4 i. Chs i>r. I) I . , GUt-. \\'ei^' ^l,t gaily fieetvated. ti t( I Iron to all Honors Miss J Latitia of Jiobuit QsH-Qit hwior. 1 J.li*^i ot rtup( , bude ol ut vith a no&w ijt her homa Tue- lav with Ho h«>»oi(-c a.xl weie Mi.- Jim Sfiith o? ami Mrs- W. P Buwstui P£ 'tho Smith v/as the squat figure ol China Boy with JiiS shjrttails ihighs. WWle .Qoss gjamd and .... Arrang^ipents pf poinsetta^ flfcoruted t{j<s' }i room. The' dialog tablj; wa,; i room laid \v»th a-'gee(«a and centered necnery ate,f ' - }t*' 1 FW

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