Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 22, 1932 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 22, 1932
Page 2
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Mniterv condittotu fe - - pttmdtftty fW- tnt Ci&itttlCtUHl 6f ft to /of to tftift^ttd) tf : on ttate Fdrtne/ Banker Charge* "Mob Violence" in Ap- p«ftUnt Cimvictkm ^ «*Stel»e* the convlcltoh of,A. ehar« that B. Banks was «ig State Money JLAfcjtet^J^ .1 __..._-^_'' * * fouOioitig ,„ — ^.itcb Cattoti of NEA Service, ! agents of. The Star, and' whose ^tMovtatty appear in this colujnn. J&HtttMr. Cation says dbtiut federal fe, *hey f i^il recoil The Star's attack turnback Fund for the last three years.vt i,H6 attack upon the County Judges as- ^-^^''yds'oime tax in 1931. • trtdatetarfds,, by this time, the urgent rie- -""TtfOut tile deficit in the federal treasury. >, the publicity thi$ deficit has received has '" economy seem to be alffiqsfc exclusively ITillimi'-' TTVytlTf M IrJ O*»dl* W ILfC C*xx£&urowi «rfx%****wi v wj '* fhe part th^t- it shotild play,in'state govern- .-J^oyertoSKed. "lhait,th^sliouldbe so^|or overrspending-at the hit the arerage citizen much BBOre Quickly, wtt -wilt over-spending at Washington. »^.«» rtlatf/fOf instance, «iay* fay Uiicie Saftt $20 ifl(?dfne tittes, and He ^ifl Icfck Ifke^ steer if tliis , y Ka state wfll collect an equal sum from him 'ifa ptaoline taxes atone. *— J 'v itheowrts feia home, his stdte, city and county w<7 ^(, from $100 to $250 a ye%r freni hint. ,i««.g; at the* state capital can add $|0 of $20 a slim very-easifer. Vet he %iH &iy littile-or w> r; What hJa legislature does, while he will groan Gon|fie8» bOflfets his income tax. " ' ' " ti^cis-thevaltieofasaneymadereceht- ^ " 'ItOn lastHote shdwiiig how state ,«^,,—,^.— in the last. fe&: years,,, for instance, the total indebtedness of all the mt» was aj^roximately half a billion dollars. I93«f it was jtist,under two and,'a half bil- "* states' debts amoanted to $5.41 per capita; f20.04< j 1^^*™,* etoiMJfey, in other words,.ia something a^^elt'as national legislators need to think about. "' fes show that ordinarily they fail to do so. If re.«, i£ imfiefativery needed at Washington, the same tfgrue at the- ordinary state capital. The Great Liberal », MM^»^™™« Strange that OKver Wendel Hdlmes should be leav- sflie cotort because of the failing health that ex- bfought him; for here, if anywhere, there ««£ man On whom age had no effect. •. .utism often is the handwork of age^-yet Justice and ha» been for many yefers, one of the nation's Mberals. Nearly 91 years old, he has managed to . t many of as toSe before we reach half that age; an MI«SW, inquiring mind, a forward-looking attitude that is E 'tvasr"re«dy to hail a new horizon, a willingness to recognize £ change aW a desire to meet that change unhampered by too Igrea't reliance on the precedents of the past. P - Cofcld such a. man be called old? In years, of course; he *'* a gone far feeyond the scriptural allotment of three score dfen. But mentally he has been one of the youngest men th^bench, and Us has given the nation's supreme court —"^-Sn oi liberalism that has leavened it for years. *». w «o> he i« retiring; and few Americans of any time a finer record of service to look back upon, If fe startling to realize what a long period his active life *~ Jle served in the Civil war, seeing much of the hottest of that fearfully sanguinary conflict, and being „_,] in- action three times—near Richmond, at Antietam at Frederieksburg. He returned to Mattachusetts, the " jqisbed son of a distinguished father, to finish his edu- f to tench law at Harvard and to serve for 20 years on supreme court, leaving it only when President mw&v elevated him to the United States supreme bench. Ftfc men have compiled so bright a record. And yet it is tthi record stone that has endeared him to his country^ ft iftft thing harder to define, harder to grasp—a thing is fftgst easily summed up in the overworked wotd of v/iffty wRveneation as "personality." It is what he is, tf than what he has done, that makes his final retirement "[ an unpleasant bit of news. ** *- a, Justice Holmes has earned a rest, and we t to him- We can only regret that it finally liy for him to take it. In the quaint, old' , "he has deserved well of the Republic," Tb« Hawaiian Problem bj0eR&n# evident that the unfortunate situation in I ^9 by 90 meaufl 99 clear-cut an affair as elear^eut an "i'orito ^Pa^hes indicted. | qmW*,Mwrl Fratt is at least partly right in ffi* pr«fd»ftt olih* closed After. icart £*ch1$|fe Ttust aswnpftftjr here wa#«T«de ffl**l*Wtt scapegoaf" in his eorrltoitfon tf having adcepted a de- gcrit lttio\«*)g th« iBstltution WftS in- «6tv«nt on' the 1 last day it was open- IS, 19$. fite was sentenced W 6HT y~£a? tH Jif tsSW. Charging the populace was "Infuriated; 1 be&ufce of "misery" at the closing ol the bank, the brief said Mr Bante wdUld Mate been (Sbnvlcted rff' gardless ot the weigni of the state's ease.' ' "tfnless the court is willing to con stder thW case in the Hght of presen economic ,<S6ndl«ons." the brief re cited, "A. B. Banks will not re«eive a 'fair 1»e«ifl«." It was Cflntended that Mr. Bank was convicted on evidence whicl showed th« value of the bank's assets six months after closing, which the brief argued were considerably less valuable than on fhe day the bank closed., Charges that a v "multitude of ir relevant slurs .and insinuations" wer hurled. against : Mr. BaiJts at the tria were contained in the brief, which ' said "were good newspaper stuff, but that "it is^belieyed the supreme coui!^ in its deliberations in the case wilt 'attempt to separate the whea from the- chaff." The law under \vhich Mr. Banks wa indicted also Was criticized in th brief as "an avenue for persecution and' unjust prosecution," and that i subjected a banker who unsuccessful ly tried to prevent his bank from sue cutnbing to a run to "the wrath of th disgrunteled depositors and the pos sible target of a prosecutor who maj be only too eager to exploit the situa tion." Arguing the point that "mob vio lence" prevailed, the brief said "pub lis exultation followed the indict ment" and that "certain editoria writers and- regrettably, even minister of the gospel, armed with' informatio duly authenticated in the barber shop acclaimed- the indictment." The case probably will not be sub mitted to the court for three or fou weeks, as the state probably will as additional, time to prepare its brief Mr. Banks is at Hberty under tt $5,000 bond he made after his indictment. He is at his home at Fordyce. sfttt A D*partm«it Th* IWStor of The S«« Here's a business tip^-for fa Worth. OasOlIhS tttieVes hnVe been* Ksrul(l hett.ffidet m Hop* ftrf the past yeaf. . fh«s h-otiseh-oltftr whff patks Ms tsst ts he driveway with a full tank of gas at night, comes tfcwn tfee «m tiVWn- ng and finds fie Kit to pfi«n« t* town before he Cett bvidfft Cofnplatfete haV6 Wsme 5ft item all over town—and not only he*e,-.tmt all over the nation, another phenomenon of hard titties. 1 know & home te ftope whftffe three young men who had parked thfir cars at night in th« driveway lost ft total of 80 gallons ht one week. , Srelous? Well, one of the three-*- «o41, one of the other tw&'-stfiyW up all flight on two occasions with, a package of cigwettes and a shotgun, waiting for the marauder* They didn't appear then—they neVef do- but two other fellows lost a night's sleep waiting on a shotgun that never went offf I said this Was a business Up-^l'm getting on to my point. I hunted all over town for a gasoline tank lock, but the automobile men were just as badly stumped as the owners. Yesterday an auto supply man traveling out of Little Rock heard about my complaint from Ira HalUburton, and high-tailed it over to The Star office. He "sold" me.. And how! What he had was a patented twist- top, comprising two disks. When the key is inserted the disks are locked together and can be twisted off. When the key is withdrawn, however, the disks are cut loose from each other— the inner one remaining fast to the tank, while the outer one revolves freely, .giving the. gas thief no purchase with which to open the tank. fm still getting oh to my point about that bush** tffcr I hadn't bought that tank lock 15 minutes tSefoft * ffefK SftVi& stn- tfan man AftftMiitif atonf, aft! to6tctn« at my device, casually remarked he had been selllrtg tfte same thing Himself. I wonder how many people know It. I'm no fariatie about adverting. It's no more of a mlracle-worket then any other good salesmwi. But 1 do know this, that for wisM of advertlslttg itt ft timely moment when auttf-owttftts were beiftf plftgtted by p«tty thl^ I was fore*! W Hay *»ttethl«g If or* an out-of,-town house. 1 think that when inventive genius gives suffering humanity somes real relief, the least that any good merchandising institution can do is to shout the" facf to the sky. When ever will prosperity com* back unless American business men hammer hftine to tita public that here is a new invention, of yondef is a sales-table loaded with goods at prices their grandfathers paid? Maybe I'm a little bit hot about this. Maybe 1 am. Well, what of it? What I'm suspecting is that 1 paid tribute to gasoline thieves severu weeks longer than was necessary. Woman Hiccough Victim Afflicted Ten Month* RUSSELLVlLt-E, Ark.— (JP) —For nearly 10 months Mrs. Ed Price, 30 of Hussellville, has been hiccoughing Mr* Price, who was afflicted Apri 1, has hiccoughed 1 since with the ex- jseption of 11 consecutive days, her physician. Dr. L. D. Berryman, said. She even hiccoughs during her sleep but with the exception of being weak Mrs. Price is suffering no ill effects One of Twin Girls •mory Teams Reported a* Being Aftteftf §f»t In This Sectkmto Meet Three fast basketball' gatftes a** p>om»*# Saturday ntgnf at th* N* ional Guard armory on 5th and Wai. nus SW*ML 'between the folowMt te«n»; WfUWVille and Patmos, Coluflt* bus ahd ( Washinston, and Bodcaw and ftcky MUBrid. All si* of these teams are compostd of expcrleniJed players artd each of them haVt Won many games,in theif pteyJng experience. Those wnff miss this, night of enter« talnrnent will indeed miss a great treat. . frtt , S» f Bttfffli»i8» lor rt*l«ctlitt in the c6tt)in| democratic Miss Lena Martin filings Herself at Home Near ' Parogould PARAGOULD.—The body of Miss Lena Martin, aged 21, one of the twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Wilh'am Martin of Route 5, was foimd hanging to one end of a plow tine, the oth- L er end of which had been 5 fastened to rafter of the barn at the Martin farfrt, eight miles west of Paragould shortly after 8 Wednesday morning. The body was found by her mother, Mrs. Minnie Martin. Search was started for Miss Martin when she did no treturn to the house as soon as members of he family had 1 anticipated. Reports said that she had worried considerably over her brother, Freeman Martin, having been discharged from his job as truck driver arid shipping clerk here several weeks ago, and his present critical condition from pneumonia at the home of his parents. Funeral services will be conducted at U a, m. Thursday at the Fine Knott church by the Rev. G. G. Hope. Miss Martin is survived by two sisters, a twin, Miss Letha Martin, and Mrs. Albert Buchanan of Roue 5; two brothers, Freeman and Jeff Martin, and her Parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Martin all of Route 5. England's only bachelor king was William Rufus, or William It, son and successor of William the Conquerer Edward V and Edward VI were never married, but they died without reach ing their majority. «r «Ml»y °f the tourists who visit Hon- ftddttuKt, it l» well to remember that the city con- close together and often entertain,- j ... f t .. , feire i« the sad but undeniable fact that <ie noi always get alonw well together. Heet visits regularly have f re- and townsmen have see that the ^ eutcome of many IK njjnd we may avoid SATURDAY SPECIALS FANCY HEAD Golden Yellow Bananas POtJND 4c Van Camp's PORK & BEANS 16 ounce can 6c Table SALT 24 oz. package 2c Choice APRICOTS 2 pounds 19c French's MUSTARD Jar—lOc Fancy Triumph Potatoes 10 POUNDS I7|c WELCH'-S ^* vjrapejuice Cheapest Price hi Years Pint Bottle IT'/Jc Quart Bottle 3Sc "Beechnut" CHILI SAUCE Small Bottle— 8c Large Bottle—15c SALT 25 Lb».—2Sc That Good Dining Car C O F F E E 1 Lb. Can—29c 2 Lb. Can—-57c SNOWDRIFT 3 Lb. Can—42c 6 Lb. Can—83c A timely trip to the dentist will save much misery. So will a visit to this ageney before the fire. '.We suggest an insurance inventory-now. Roy Anderson& Co, Phone 810 Hope, Arkansas |p53PBMi^p"^*"^*^**^p!^^ Pure Cane Sugar (Umit 20 Founds) 10 POUNDS 45c Armour's Vegetole Lard (Limit 2 Buckets & Pound Bucket 57c "A Saving on Every Purchase" Your Patronage Solicited MARKET SPECIALS BACON Independent English Style, Sliced Rindless—Lb. 17c CHEESE FULL CBEAM-Pound 17c NECK BONES 3 L- 18c BEEF ROAST Any Cut Fore r— Pound 12c BOLOGNA By the Stick—Pound SLAB BACON English Style—Pound 14lc SPAKEKIBS ' Pound 106 Another Woman Attacked in Hawaii Man Hunt Is Started for Escaped Portuguese Murderer HONOLULU-(/P)-Thi9 city was arroused Thursday to a fresh manhunt by another attack on a woman. Mrs. Tokn Okazaki, 29, mothef of two children, complained she was assaulted by a man that she identified through a photograph as Daniel Lyman an escaped Portuguese Hawaiian murderer. Expects Improvement Wife: What do you mean by telling the maid that she and her sweetheart could have meals with us? Husband: I'm tired of her sweetheart always setting the best food.— Passing Show. 't\ i .,*• •Y >J flwt III Find HI HOW WANT ADS I IrtsWUfift, 1«S P« ffltntrmmr Sfc f Insertions, 7c per lift* ' minimum 50o Se pe* 1U», * fettt-.IM*. ~oVer~tK* ttitopnon* <wW .t* cnarfcd with th* unde*8Uct*dlhj( thai th* bill M payable on pr«Mtt» tatton of statement, th* day ot flftt publication. Phone 768 _ Augutt 9, FOR SALE FOR SALE - Radio - Latest. 11- mpctel $150.00 • PHJLCO. U Wb«, automatic vohjrrine control, 4 point to«p control. Bought in September. Leaving town. $UO.lX» cash. Phone 221. 22-3tc FOR SALE—Nice meat hog, thirteen months old, weight about 300 pounds gross, ithree miles south ot Hope. MM Susie M. Stagga Route No. 2, Phone 608. 22-3tdh. COUNTY] For Sheriff SIMON M. Hope ttJWhoctttlc Pffowufy Feb. For City Clerk FRED WEBB City Attorney f AT CASEY For Alderman Wart One L, C. (LUX)«ELMS BBtWBB BtHWON ROX ANDfcBSON Ward Two ROY STSPHfiNSON L. A. .KEITH Wafd Font CLYDE A. MONTS IRA HALLIBURTON WANT TO SAVE MONEY Let A&P assist you to »nve moftey on your foods. Housewives evefywhere retrace their steps daily to their nearest A&P «tore. Making *yery vi«it a pos- itive gain. . ; ....". . .. •' SCGAR-purecane IBLbs. 48c 20 Lfe. 96c DELMONTE PEACHES-2 No. 1 cans Z3c DEL MONTE PEARS-2 No. 1 cans 25c 19c DEL MONTE FRUIT SALAD-smallcan 15c medium can 19c j.M.BEANS-in rich tomato sauce 4 med.cans 25c Beauty Bubble SOAP O Bars 1 I C Brer Rabbit Brown Label Small Cans 15c Crackers Lb. Box 19c|FigBars 2 „, 23c A&P Cleanser 2 c,« 9c I Solar Rice 12 oz. Package 5c Grandmother's Bread 16 oz. Loaf White or Whole Wheat 'PAN ROLLS Sc RAISIN BREAD......10C NUTLEY OLEO MARGERINE 2 Lbs 25c Clothes Pins, 3 doz...l3c A&P COFFEE 8 O'Clock, Ib Red Circle, Ib 2Sc! Bokar, lb< 29c A Coffee to Suit Your Taste Quaker Maid Ketchup Small bot, lOc 14 oz. bot. 15c K. C. Baking Powder 25 ounce can 19c Calumet Baking Powder 1 pound can 25c Pillsbury'sVerigod FLOUR 48 Lb.Bag 75c lona Stringless Beans No. 2 can 9c A&P Cocoanut, 3 oz. pkg 7c Mellow Wheat Cereal, pfcg I5c Rajah Sandwich Spread, 8 oz. Jar 15c Regular Lima Beans, 2 Ib* 15c Table Salt, 3 package* lOc Sour or Dill Pickles, jar 19c Wildwod Spinach, 2 No. 1 can»-..21c Egg Scratch—8 1-3 lb» 19c Prune*-—pound ?c A&P Cocoanut, 6 oz. pkg.... Mackeral, 't^H lean Fruit Cake, pound lona -Pea*—No. 2 pan Quart Muitard Peanut Butter, quart'jar Brown Sugar, 3 pkg*. Rajah Extract—2 oz, bottle. White House Milk—6 can*.. 12c lOc 33e lOc 15c 28c 17c Sliced Breakfast Bacon-Its rindless pound 17c 100% Pure Pork Sausage 2 pounds 15c DRY SALT MEAT 2 pounds 15c Bulk Peanut Butter pound 10c Shankless Picnic Hams-4 to 6 Ib. average-Lb. 15c Pig Liver Pound 12c

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